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#disney descendants 2

headcanon that any villians who got a sequel / any villians who only appeared in sequels took longer to round up on the isle

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I’m going to re-read all the descendants books I own and then make an analysis on Mal with all my opinions that I will write while going through the books.

I currently own;

Isle of the lost (the first book basically)

Return to the isle of the lost

Rise of the isle of the lost

Escape from the isle of the lost

CJ’s treasure chase

Carlos’s scavenger hunt

Uma’s wicked book

Mal’s spell book 2

Evie’s fashion book

Descendants 3 novel

The Villain kids guide

Audrey’s Diary

The Magic of friendship

I’ve got like 7 more that I ordered with my Christmas money so I’ll have those arrive soon and they’ll be added to the list.

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So one of my old friends was watching a video of someone listing Disney characters they tried to tell us were straight & cis but are definitely not and apparently it started with literally all the descendants characters I-

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okay i hate descendants so i’m rewriting it a little;

  • first of all mal and maelficent are poc bc any character who is green / purple whatever is poc and i will not take arguments
  • the story is similar only ben is not becoming king is becoming like duke or sm and he puts the idea forward to the council and they agree to give it a trial hence why the VK’s come over
  • the abusive nature of the VK’s parents is addressed and hinted at throughout, PTSD, conversations, cuts / bruises / scars, not just for angst but for genuine traumatized character building and discussions and stuff on how they work through that in Auradon and learn to trust adults because in the beginning they don’t
  • they aren’t picked by ben instead the isle’s representatives must choose, the ones that go are Uma, Evie, Jay and Gil each chosen for a reason - Uma as her mother rules the isle and she is an isle representative, Evie because of her knowledge on royalty and customs in Auradon, Jay because of his stealth and cunning, and Gil as protection (and also as a middle finger to Adam)
  • Also the USA does still exist but its more like Europe rather than a kingdom and has representatives from each, the isle is still sorely neglected though
  • when they cross the border their magic comes like fast amd hard, its been contained for 16 years and is flowing through them all at once its bound to be noticeable
  • ben and mal are not the focus, evie and ben are bc that couple is *chefs kiss*, evie finally got what she wanted - a prince, using powers she inherited from her mother (bc her mother is magic dammit) her and Uma cast a spell, not a love spell but a likeability one because despite his big heart ben does not entirely trust them in the beginning so they do spell him just differently
  • evie learns she is more than a prince and has actual goals beyond just marrying into money
  • they are still looking for the wand to break the barrier except its not as hard because magic has not been outlawed but is encouraged because they loterally live in a fairytale world
  • the problem arises in that fairy godmother keeps it on her at all times and only she can summon it therefore they need an occasion when she does (this would be the coronation but i’m thinking its more like a ceremony where Ben officially joins the royal council as a Duke and they take it then)
  • Audrey is not Bens girlfriend and so its easy for Evie to jump in before realising thats not what she wants
  • Uma and Ben get along well and she tells him of the trouble on the isle in passing
  • they take the wand and all aside from Gil use their magical powers they inherited to begin to bring chaos to Auradon, enjoying their newfound power freezing people in stone etc but hesitate when they realize they have to bring their parents because of the abuse they would endure
  • Ben notices and talks to them, reminding them of the things they love about Auradon and their freedom
  • Eventually they give the wand back reversing their damage and Uma and Ben work together to help rebuild the isle and help it not be so neglected anymore starting a regime to bring over new kids as soon as possible
  • the focus of this movie is not love but a found family and escaping the abusive parents they had and restructuring the isle, like a “family is those you surround yoruself with not blood” message
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Omfg I just tried to reblog the gift exchange gift I got and I spent like 20 minutes typing out how much I loved it and how I was sorry for taking so long to respond And Tumblr decided to hate me and say posting failed and got rid of all of it I’ll try again in a little

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