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Tumblr is turning me into a Huma shipper I used to not ship Harry with anyone but damn Huma is such a good ship

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Okay let’s talk about this.

Do you guys think that Audrey tried to help Ben from the love spell?

..Let me explain;

As we know from Audrey’s diary she was really hurt about the breakup. And I think after awhile she would be heard that Mal spelled Ben and so she might’ve thought that she could save him because she probably still thought he loved her. So what if she kissed him and it was like what Evie was supposed to feel after “One Kiss” When Doug pretended to keep sleeping? That would cause her to be very hurt and either believe he’s still under the spell or that he just truly loves Mal even after what she did.

Idk why I’m bringing this up but it came to my mind while I was listening to Queen Of Mean

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I’m going to re-read all the descendants books I own and then make an analysis on Mal with all my opinions that I will write while going through the books.

I currently own;

Isle of the lost (the first book basically)

Return to the isle of the lost

Rise of the isle of the lost

Escape from the isle of the lost

CJ’s treasure chase

Carlos’s scavenger hunt

Uma’s wicked book

Mal’s spell book 2

Evie’s fashion book

Descendants 3 novel

The Villain kids guide

Audrey’s Diary

The Magic of friendship

I’ve got like 7 more that I ordered with my Christmas money so I’ll have those arrive soon and they’ll be added to the list.

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So one of my old friends was watching a video of someone listing Disney characters they tried to tell us were straight & cis but are definitely not and apparently it started with literally all the descendants characters I-

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Warning: Mal hate

Every time I watch Descendants 3 I get very annoyed when I hear “My Once Upon A Time” Cause as I’ve seen and reblogged some posts from people analyzing it- it is a very self centered and self victimizing song. In the beginning she started out well (kind of) saying that it was her fault. She was finally taking the blame. But then she started to boost her ego and act like she didn’t bully Uma and her crew all those times. Like she didn’t almost kill Evie in the books and had evil plans to hurt Evie. Like she didn’t manipulate and control Carlos. Like her friendship with Jay wasn’t literally described as toxic before. Like she didn’t fucking spell Ben to get him to fall for her and then have him do so much for her before she even fell for him a little bit. Like she didn’t lie to them all and hurt them because she crushed all their dreams when she wouldn’t see past the villain facade that she literally had and honestly hers isn’t a facade. They try to make us love her but honestly? She isn’t a good person.

Don’t even get me STARTED on when she finally decides to free the isle. She all but blatantly says “I can’t just rule one giant kingdom, I have to rule the place and people I grew up with and betrayed.”

Uma should have been queen of the isle and honestly she is. Fuck no will I ever consider Mal a queen of the Isle.

Her entire story in D3 is her being in denial about her actions and getting everything when she doesn’t deserve it

In D2 it was showing how horrible of a person she was and how her and Ben don’t belong together

In D1 it was setting it all up. I used to love Mal then Descendants 2 & 3 happened and I truly realized how evil she is.

She didn’t deserve to be the protagonist and later on I’ll make a list of the other characters who I think should’ve been the lead (and honestly we need a sea three spin off or just something with one of the pirates)

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Warning for stuff below; Abuse

You know what I think? I think there is no way Captain Hook didn’t abuse his kids

Now most of my reasoning is me probably reading too much into how the characters act but there is one line that all but confirms it which I will say later

First I wanna start off with how they act. With all the a I’ve seen, the kids kinda worship their dad. Which people might say that means he’s not abusive but the sad thing is a lot of kids who are abused still look up to and love their parents.

Harry carries his hook around proudly and won’t hesitate to make it clear that he is the son of Hook. None of the kids avoid mentioning that. But Harry spends all his time with Uma and the crew instead of literally any time at home.

But then the thing I might’ve read too much into was this; In “Return to the isle of the lost” Jay says Captain Hook invited Jay to be on his crew. Which means we know Hook has a crew, and Harry wasn’t a part of it. He didn’t join any crew till Uma made hers in the third book. Which in my mind makes me think that Harry is jealous of Jay so that’s why he immediately goes to antagonize Jay out of all the core four. “Aw, Jay, seems like you’ve lost your touch” “*laughing* Tourney?! That’s a wee boy’s game!” “Think I’m scared of you Jay?” And also in the fight during “It’s goin Down” Harry chose to go after Jay. If you watch him after he finds out the wand was fake, he grabs a board and puts it to connect to the spot Jay is at and they just seem to have a rivalry. I know Jay was invited to join the crew and with the way Harry acts I think he found out somehow (possibly Jay bragging to him) and Harry wasn’t asked to join. And him worshipping his father, he definitely would have.

Harry implies in the third book “Rise of the isle of the lost” That his father doesn’t really care about what his kids want or anything like that, he just wants money. I say that cause Harry was defending his father to himself and said that his dad obviously couldn’t give him the ship cause his dad wanted to make the money off of it. That I probably read too much into as well but still.

And in Uma’s book that she, Gil, and Harry wrote for Harry mentioned when he got punished for stealing Cruella De Vil’s car and had to sit locked up for several day (I believe that’s how long it was) now yes Captain Hook did get him out but after literal days of letting Harry sit there he finally went to help.

But then there’s that line. A line in CJ’s book, “CJ’s treasure chase” Where it says “But CJ felt confident. After all, she’d been avoiding getting accidentally stabbed by her father’s fake hand her entire life. And with all the flailing about he did when he lost his temper (which was pretty much daily), it wasn’t always easy.” … Uh excuse me??? It literally says she has to avoid getting hurt by her father when he’s angry. Every day. And I’m pretty sure we’ve been told Hook prefers Harriet, then CJ, and has basically no hope for Harry. Which might be more to Harry’s character of always trying to get the approval of his father. So if Hook is abusive towards CJ someone who he’s meant to be known to at least have hope for, how would he be towards Harry?

Hook has never liked kids either which is why it would add up for that, too.

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