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lafamilia-madrigal · 2 days ago
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They all look so good like this! 🥺.
Artist: @zhukong24 on Pinterest :) and @itohaku on Tumblr :))
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echo-bleu · 2 days ago
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I think the triplets’ 50th birthday was a particularly hard one… Bruno watches his sisters blow their candles from his peephole in the walls, and his only companion on his birthday is a rat 😭
[ID: Two digital paintings of Encanto characters. In the first, the whole family except Bruno is gathered around a table, watching Pepa and Julieta blow candles that say “50″ on a birthday cake. Mirabel is a little to the side, with her arms crossed, looking unhappy. We can see that this is viewed through the planks in the wall. In the second drawing, Bruno is sitting at his little table just on the other side of the wall, holding a candle, looking down, and a rat is sitting on the table.]
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clwnstim · 2 days ago
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encanto icons! (part one of three)
free to use without credit
-madrigalcest, proship, anti-anti dni-
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rivedraw · 19 hours ago
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✨ Gift Swap AU Part 3✨ This is my design if Julieta had Bruno’s gift of the future ⏳ a bit more on it on my tik tok @rivecreates !
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honeymilkbubbletea · 2 days ago
✨ it's finished ✨
I based this on one of Alphonse Mucha's posters
I wanted to make Pepa and Bruno as well but we'll see about that
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lariskapargitay · a day ago
So in one of the trailers Pepa is reading a book and she’s making it storm. Mind you this wasn’t a scene in the movie, it was literally JUST for the trailer.
Tumblr media
If you look at the cover you’ll see the title, ‘María’ which, okay, a generic name, generic photo, obviously we’re supposed to gather it’s a tragic romance by the way she’s crying, no further detail needed
Yeah, apparently there’s a more to it than that
Tumblr media Tumblr media
They literally gave her a book that’s super important and famous in Colombian history, just for a bit gag in the trailer. That’s how detailed the animators for regarding the movie and the history of Colombia. That is legit amazing
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never-ending-fanfic · 2 days ago
Isa and Abuela Alma
So obviously Isabela is Abuela's favourite grandkid, it's clear that while she doesn't show her irritation with other grandkids (except Mira, my beloved), she favours Isa. But why?
The easy answer is that Isabela behaves in that perfect manner, always does as she's told and really, who wouldn't want such a kid? However, quoting Pepa's famous:
Tumblr media
Have any of you noticed that Isa looks identical to young Alma?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Same lips, face shape, eyes, ears, hair (not hairstyle), Isa only has slightly thicker eyebrows and smaller nose and her skin is darker. Even in Bruno's vision, when he still had a problem to see who Mirabel was hugging, the person looked like young Alma.
It might have been that Abuela wanted to direct Isa's life like it was her own, if she and Pedro didn't have to leave their house, hence if Pedro lived.
Also notice that while Pepa's side of the family all wears the shades of yellow, oranges and reds (ignore the fact that Antonio's clothes are white here)
Tumblr media
And while Julieta's side of the family dresses in blues and teals, Isabela does not exactly match
Tumblr media
Isabela wears a pastel purple/pink dress and it doesn't exactly match her side of the family, if anything, it matches Abuela's magenta dress more (plus notoce how similar their earrings are)
Tumblr media
And when she finally breaks the spell of forced perfection and gets her dress all dirty and wild in "What Else Can I Do", it turns that deep navy color, that matches her with her family
Tumblr media
Do with this whatever you want
(Side note, notice how Félix's face is all serious in the gif but brightens up with an exited smile when Pepa mentions their wedding day, too cute)
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cheesy-cryptid · 2 days ago
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The Bruno Madrigal family out and about under the sun 💕💕💕
Ngl i didn’t expect requests asking for more fanart of these cuties together in my askbox but im always happy to deliver what i can ☺️ Besides this i also made an edit that made the artwork look like an old photograph
The triplets Beatriz, Manuel, and Oscar belong to @madjazzhatter ‘s incredible Bruno madrigal x reader family fanfics that you should totally show some love to 😍
The lady in the middle there is my oc Evalina 🌿
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vesrin · 23 hours ago
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Have you met Dolores~?
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smudgeandfrank · a day ago
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26 year old Camilo Madrigal! 🧡 I’m having fun aging up or down the Madrigals🧡
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lafamilia-madrigal · 2 days ago
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camileeon · 2 days ago
hii! idk if your requests are open but if they areee
could i get camilo x fem!reader who acts like meg from hercules ? tysm ❤️
🍵- “this is too cliche, I won't say i'm in love..”
🦋- FemReader! X Camilo
“Not so pretty after all huh? You'll never be one of us.”
A young girl exclaims before shoving another down to the pavement which happened to be y/n being picked on by some spoiled brat and her underlings. They had been messing with her because she wasn't like them, didn't have looks and wasn't good enough. Though honestly, she was the type to care less about how other people seemed of her, but was just a little bit too careless to let people like them pick on her.
“who said you three were pretty to begin with anyway?” a boy in yellow stepped up to the center in between them both, crossing his arms in defense as he eyed the group as they fled after getting the message he was trying to give before turning to the girl on the cobblestone
“are you okay? They didn't treat you very well did they..” he spoke with concern before helping her up “i'm good actually.. you didn't need to. Unless you're supposed to be my hero or something mister...?”
she answers before giving a glance at him, expecting a answer and was responded with a fumble of words. “o-oh me? I'm u-uh uhm..”
“you don't look very fluent in.. speaking your own name?” she jokingly retorted, before being answered with a rushed response
“Camilo! y-yeah yes yes.. A madrigal you know? The shapeshifter!” demonstrating proudly using his gift, trying to impress her as he shifted into many familiars.
“Mhm mhm, don't worry i know you.. It's y/n by the way. See you around wonder boy.”
She gave him a small smile and a wave before turning around to leave. She never had forgotten him since then, neither did he.
As the years pass, she stayed away and maybe avoided him a little bit. She matured as so did he but nothing ever changed, admiring from the shapeshifter afar and was tempted several times but never had any gut to just talk to him. She's held how she felt for so long and the regret never failed to hit her once in awhile..
Not until the first gifting after the one that received none, the whole town of encanto was invited for the newest and youngest boy in the family. During preperations, camilo had heard from his mother and father of the guest list and had heard the name of who his heart desired for oh so long, the name of the person who he could never get sick of even if it was repeated in his head for a billion times. Picking an outfit to impress and to show well for the occation, bugging her sister a few times too much just to get some tips on how to "be more attractive as if you were trying to impress someone but not make it obvious" well, you get it. She knows. And her primas too because she can hardly keep something like this only to herself. They knew y/n through non other than camilo, he practically yipped yapped about her 24/7 and already knew how much he loved her from the very beginning.
As the night of the celebration commenced, his gaze just looking for that familiar pretty face that he had fallen head over heels with “Camilo, your eyes look like their about to pop out of your skull.” His sister, Dolores the super hearing gifted spoke up as she nudged his side
“You still looking for her?”
“what do you think I'm doing?- ” before beginnibg once more, he gets shaken by her sister with her finger pointed at the figure in the crowd. Seeing her once again after a few years, reliefs his heart that thumped loudly against his chest.
“Oooooooooouuuu mi hermanoooo's so in looovve” Dolores exclaims as she practically watched the boy's pure happiness walk through the crowd “Hermana shhhhhh! Agh.. she's something else isn't she..?” he bashfully responded, his ears turning a shade of bright red. Quickly thinking up a plan before pulling him aside once more
“All right listen well, if you're gonna get her, here's what we're doing...”
Camilo shuffled his way through the crowd to near her, clearing his throat before facing her with an akward-ish smile “hola princesa, anyone bothering you this evening? Hopefully i'm not one of them.” Camilo states as y/n looked his way with a bright expression, the way the shapeshifter's smile never changed and how the ruffle of his curls tried it's best not to cover his eyes made her heart squeal internally. The loud thumping of both their heartbeats assured dolores the plan seemed to hit it off more than perfectly.
“You have some nerve to call yourself a bother in the first place.” She lets out a little chuckle before placing a hand in the boy's hair to give it a slight ruffle. Sending camilo's heartbeat even increasingly faster, lightly clutching his chest to try to calm himself down a little “it's been too long.. well a few years just pass b-but you know, maybe you'd like to come over tomorrow..? For lunch? O-only if you're free of course!” he stammers slightly, a noticable amount of a crimson shade burnt up his cheeks while he admired her features while expectantly waiting for an answer.
“wonder boy, when do you ever think I'm busy? I'll be happy to.” She answers, finding the brightest expression of the boy in yellow so adorable it made her feel so soft and vulnerable just seeing him.
Camilo listens to their response with the biggest smile to ever cross his face, reaching out to the pillar behind her that was grown with flowers before plucking a velvet red camellia to hand to her. Hearing his abuela's calling for him to tend to something, he quickly gave her a peck on the cheek “Then, I'll be gladly waiting y/n.”
It stunned her almost immediately, a smile just permanently carved on her lips. She snapped out of her thoughts. No no no no no no, am I in love? Surely not right? Jeez emotions are confusing, just a phase?? Clearly not.
She walks through the hallway which didn't seem to flood unlike the other places she wandered through, quietly twirling the red camellia between her fingers before hearing a few steps following her as well
“ Ahh mi primo, y/n yes? I think you and I have the same thing in mind right about now.. you like him don't you?” Mirabel emerges from a corner along with Dolores, Isabela, and Luisa surprisingly.
“Aren't you supposed to be with them?”
“Not when you're on about this no, stop denying it! I can hear your heart beat faster than lightning a mile away!”
“i don't like him!”
“Exactly! Because you've loved him. Ever since!”
"Who d'you think you're kidding
He's the earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden,
Honey we can see right through you
Girl you can't conceal it
We know how you're feeling
Who you thinking of!"
“No chance no way! I won't say it, no no”
"You swoon you sigh why deny it oh oh"
“It's too cliche I won't say I'm in love..”
"Girl you can't deny it
Who you are is how you're feeling
Baby we're not buying
Hon we saw you hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When you gonna own up that you got got got it bad"
“No chance no way I won't say it, no no”
"Give up, give in, check the grin you're in love"
“This scene won't play I won't say I'm in love”
"We'll do it until you admit you're in love"
“You're way off base I won't say it
Get off my case I won't say it”
“Girl don't be proud it's okay you're in love” They all finally started to leave her alone one by one, giving her the glance of "see you tomorrow"
She hummed softly before, stroking the flowers petals as she pondered on casita's railings, watching the boy from afar.
“At least out loud I won't say I'm in love..”
@destinydrawssometimes @camilolovesroxiie @i-more-need-books @aphrodicts-imagination @s1mpysstuff @yoursimpingfan
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clwnstim · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
encanto icons! (part three of three)
free to use without credit
-madrigalcest, proship, anti-anti dni-
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myohmyimanxious · a day ago
Encanto headcanons part 2!
- Camilo has to sleep with a weighted blanket so he doesn't shapeshift in the night
- Camilo also eats loads more bc his gift takes a lot of his energy, if he doesn't he'll crash completely and be found sleeping somewhere weirdly in the casita
- Luisa and Antonio always make time to watch films together
- Bruno reminds abuela of her husband sometimes and when he does she won't look at him
- When Camilo is anxious or stressed he shapeshifts rapidly and it can be both tiring and painful
- It also happens if he drinks coffee
- Mirabel made little stuffed toys for everyone in the casita based on animals or things they like
- Antonio acts as a translator for Bruno's rats
- Bruno and Camilo put on shows together in camilo's room as it has a stage and perform said shows for the family
- When Camilo has a she/her day she has to get Dolores or Isabela to do her makeup bc she just pokes herself in the eye and it takes forever
- Camilo once shifted to look like Pedro to surprise abuela but it made her mad and upset and it's the first time his gift made someone cry and he felt very guilty afterwards
- Antonio loves the muppets
- Bruno has always been extremely anxious and his gift exacerbated that tenfold
- When doing visions with Bruno, the other person can only make out foggy details, the finer details are only clear for them if Bruno is also looking at them essentially the can only clearly see what Bruno is looking at in the point of time, and if his attention shifts to another detail that's what the person will also see
- When trying to de-stress, camilo, Dolores and Antonio also tend to mumble "clear skies, clear skies" like their mother
- If Bruno does too many visions at once he goes temporarily blind
- Shapeshifting has left camilo with incurable chronic pain
- Much like their mother, Antonio and Camilo have a quick temper
- Agustín and Félix are the pun masters and it drives everyone crazy (except for maybe Luisa and Antonio)
- Antonio is actually a massive trouble maker too, but gets away with it all the time much to camilo's annoyance
- Like it's okay when Antonio is singing defying gravity at the top of his lungs at midnight bc it's cute but camilo ends up with extra chores as punishment? Nah not fair man
- Agustín, Félix and Bruno are best mates, like ride or die
- Agustín, Félix and Bruno have a secret handshake bc of this
- Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel do as well
- But no handshake is more complex than the one Camilo and Mirabel have
- Either Camilo or Antonio have bruno as a middle name in honour of their uncle
- Something that Bruno cries about every time it's mentioned or he thinks about it
- Pepa, Juileta and Bruno have designated sibling days for them to make up for all the missed memories
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justanothercamilofan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ito na, part two of Kultura
i have some free time rn so im gonna write this
Part 1
Tumblr media
Your mga tito and tita stare at you once you step foot in your home, glancing at the boy next to you. They all shared looks with each other, whispering something that you couldn't here. "Nay, I'm home! I brought Camilo, is it alright if he stays over for dinner?" You call out and your mother rushes out of the kitchen. She holds out her hand to the both of you, you take it and gently place it to your forehead. Camilo does the same and a wide smile appears on your mom's face.
"Wow... Magalang siya... (He's polite)." She says, staring at your friend with awe. "Go now, magmano ka rin sa mga tito at tita mo."
You motion over to Camilo to greet your other family members the same way as he did with your mom. They were all giggling when the two of you did so.
"Ay, (name), ang laki mo na... Nobyo mo? Napakagwapo niya, ah. (You're growing up so fast, (name). Is he your boyfriend? He's really handsome.)" Your Tito says. His words make you and Camilo blush. Crap, you forgot about those loanwords. What is it with your family and their habit of asking every guy you're with if they're your boyfriend anyway?
You shake your head. "Hindi po, kaibigan lang. (No, he's just a friend.)"
You bring Camilo up to your room, dinner wasn't ready yet. Hopefully none of your cousins nor siblings would barge in and disturb the two of you.
"So... your family thinks I'm attractive, huh?" He asks, grinning.
With a roll of your eyes, you respond. "Don't let it get to your head, they say that to every guy they see me with."
"You've been around other guys?" He crosses his arms over his chest.
"Sometimes, while I do my chores, they help me out." You answer.
Camilo sits on the edge of your bed, observing the decorations in your room. "Tell me more about your language, the basics and all that." He says, you turn to him with an excited look on your face.
You spend fifteen minutes teaching your friend the basics of your language. He learns the words easily and when he says it, it rolls smoothly off his tongue. Then again, some of the words you've taught him originated from Spanish words.
"So, you use 'po' and 'opo' to be polite? If I remember correctly, you used that earlier to your Tío." Camilo points out.
"Yup. I said 'hindi po' which means 'no'. If I didn't include 'po' I would've been smacked right in front of you."
"Okay, so what does 'opo' mean?" He asks.
"It's just a polite way of saying yes."
The boy nods his head, "This doesn't seem too difficult to learn. I could probably be fluent by tomorrow!" He exclaims and it makes you laugh. "Whatever you say, Camilo."
"Ate/Kuya (Name)! Kain na raw! (It's time to eat!) " Your younger sibling calls out. "Ate means older sister and Kuya means older brother."
Camilo nods his head in understanding. "What about the other thing they said?" He asks.
"It's time to eat, so let's head downstairs."
The two of you sat next to each other a the dining table. Your family engages in friendly conversation with Camilo. In his native language, of course. You've been living in Colombia for a few years now, all of you were fluent in Spanish.
To say that Camilo loved the food was an understatement. It was so delicious, he thought of asking for the recipe so his Tia Julieta could make it, but that might be asking for too much. What did you call this dish again? Adobong manok, was it? His taste buds will never be the same again after this meal.
Once he finishes his plate, your lola speaks. "Oh, iho, you should eat more. Don't be shy, we have plenty." She says.
Not only did you have amazing meals, but you could get seconds? Of course, he gladly took more food. Who was he to pass up on seconds anyway? Your family has been so nice to him the whole time he was there.
By the time you were all finished eating, you and Camilo insisted on washing the dishes.
"So, what did you think?" You ask him. "Did the food taste great?"
"Great? It was fantastic! I think someone finally beat Tía's cooking!" He exclaims, rinsing the soap off of the plate.
You let out a chuckle at his words. "Is that so? Dolores is probably telling your family about this."
Two kids enter the kitchen, grabbing on to the boy's yellow poncho. "Ate/Kuya (name)... Can Kuya Camilo come back here some other time? We want to play with him! He told us earlier that he wants to as well!" Your younger cousin asks.
You smile at them, "That's your kuya's decision to make, not mine."
The two of them turn to your friend. "Of course I'll come back, we can all play together when I do. (Name) can join too."
The children cheered, running out of the kitchen afterwards.
It was starting to get pretty late, Camilo knew he had to go now. He didn't want his Mami to get worried about him after all. But before he left, he needed to do something first.
"Leaving already, Camilo?" Your mom asks, just the person he was looking for. "I'll walk you home if you are." You said, appearing next to your mother.
The boy shook his head. "No need, (name). But before I go, I just wanted to say..." He trails off. What was that word again? Sela— No. Salemet? Not quite right either.
Ah, now he remembers.
"Salamat po, for the letting me stay over. The food was really delicious."
He leaves after that, hopefully he didn't mispronounce the word. That would've been embarrasing.
"Pakasalan mo na siya, parang awa mo na. (Please marry him.)"
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lnter-net · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
half bun, in white, disheveled hair and his lipstick stained face
I drew fanart of chapter 15 of this young adult bruno x reader ao3 fic, larger than life by pathetic_fallacy
Send them love and let them know i made this! That chapter made me feel all kinds of 💓🥵
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gravityfallsrockz · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Exact same energy
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thedarkromance · 2 days ago
Dating Headcanons
Bruno Madrigal x GN! Reader - no pronouns used
Tumblr media
What dating Bruno Madrigal from Encanto would be like, according to me.
-Bruno wasn’t exactly treated well by the majority of people for most of his life.
-Having someone who loves him unconditionally is one thing he has to get used to.
-He’d just be your cute little cinnamon roll with family trauma.
-Is always smiling like an idiot when with you.
-He’s afraid he’ll lose you someday so he follows you anywhere you go like a lost puppy.
“Bruno, I said I’ll be right back, why are you coming with me?”
“Because… What if you lose your way around Casita?”
“I’m just going to the kitchen.”
-He has such doe eyes that it’s impossible for you get annoyed by anything he does.
-Sometimes, Bruno doubts why you love him of all people. He wasn’t exposed to affection in a very long time so he doesn’t see why you fell for specifically him.
-All his thoughts of him being undeserving of love are always washed away after talking to you.
“My dear, I only love you, okay? I am only yours.”
“But what? You’re so kind and handsome and perfect and loving and…”
-Gets very shy at the slightest affection you give to him and hides his face.
-Bruno never ever wants to use his gift to have visions about you because he’s afraid he’ll see something bad.
-Would learn cheesy pickup lines from his nieces and nephews to use on you.
“I'm not a photographer, but I can picture us together.”
“We’ve literally been married for years now, Bruno.”
-He absolutely adores it when you play with his hair. Just becomes a cat whenever you do it.
-Doesn't like PDA because he's scared his bad reputation will rub onto you.
-Dinner dates? Yes! Picnic dates? Yes! Staying at home and cuddling while reading a book dates? Yes!
“Are you paying attention to the story, Bruno?”
“No… I’ve just been staring at your face for the last few chapters.”
“Do you want me to go back for you?”
“No, I think I’ll just keep admiring you for a while.”
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yoursweetdenial · a day ago
Pepa: Why aren’t you sleeping?
Y/N: I’m to busy plotting a murder to sleep, Pepa.
Y/N: ...the nightmares.
Pepa: *wrapping her arms around Y/N* Awwww, sweetie-
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oku-eysa · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
🎶 The beauty and the brawn do no wrong 🎶
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