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ll Slow Jams ll
(Reader x Steven Grant) SMUT
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: You teach Steven how to dance..
Subject: soft angst, mommy kink, sexual intercourse, unprotected sex, riding the fuck out of this cutie, tongue play, hand jobs, fingering, foreplay EVERY WHERE
Characters: Reader (y/n) x Steven Grant
Side notes: Any situation that makes Steve Grant very awkward is adorable, let’s be really honest here.. in reality Steven wouldn’t know what to do with a girl, so in all actuality he would have a major mommy kink. But hey what do I know I’m just a amateur writer lmao…that’s just me and what I think. Btw this smut is mostly going off of episode 1 & 2, I’m still catching up on the show, but I had to put something out to keep yall fed.
“Just look at her, she never does anything..” You watched your manager lazily walk around the exhibits for any so called "minor issues" you lean over Steven’s shoulder and also get a weft of his scent.
“You know you should be a manager, I think you would do great. Way better job than that bitch” you hated your manager guts but only because of how she treated Steven. Any other time you saw her interact with you or anyone else who worked here, it wasn’t nothing but pleasant fake smiles.
“I think it’s quite alright as long as she doesn’t fire me” he adjusted the miniature toys on the counter while you dusted off the countertops. One thing you have come to love about this man was his nonchalant demeanor and innocence. As long as he was surrounded by the things that he loved he would forever be his true self.
It was getting late in the night and the museum was way past closing hours. The only people left was us two.
The dark museum was barely dim with night light lit across the auditorium. Today wasn’t a very busy day and you still had energy to spare for the rest of the night. You pickled up any ideas for after work but the only person who crossed your mind was Mr. Steven Grant. A little laugh escaped your mouth studying his demeanor. The way his black curls fall across his face and his chisel jawline. He was so precious to you, and adorable that you knew for certain that you wanted him to be yours.
“May I ask what’s so bloody funny” he did a quick glance over his shoulder.
“You like to dance??” You blurted out.
“Umm that’s not really one of my-“
“I can show you, it’ll be fun” you pulled out your phone and looked for a slow tempo song. Steven nervously gave you a look.
“Really (y/n) you don’t want to dance with me trust me I have two left-“ You sat down your phone and grabbed his hand and led him from around the cashier desk.
“Just relax..” your soft dress hugged your body just right to make Steven’s face turn a flush red.
“So one hand goes around the woman’s waist.” You take his rough hand and place it on the small of your back. “And then this one you just hold up here” you closed the distance between your two a little more that your chest brushed over his shirt.
“Just follow my steps” you slowly glide side to side in a rhythm that he could keep up with.
“You smell really nice by the way” Steven throat tighten trying to keep his composure. He felt his pants tighten every time your breasts pressed just close enough to his. His hand that caress your back slowly began to slide down to your ass.
You smirk and thank him even though he tells you that a million times a day.
Steven quickly adjusted his hand back and frantically apologized. “I’m so sorry, it’s just your dress is so silk”
“It’s okay if it happens” you paused for second before reaching your lips closer to his. “Because I like it” You reached on top of your tippy toes to give him a kiss. Steven’s grip tightens around your dress while deepening the kiss. You broke the kiss and
Trailed a finger down his chest. “I want you to be mine” you looked up at him with nothing but lustful thinking. Between your thighs grew warm at the sensation of his bare hand on your ass.
“I-I’m all yours” he kissed you back not knowing what else to do. You moan feeling his tongue dominant inside your mouth. His hands traveled to the front of your v neck dress and aggressively groped your breasts. “Please take this off” he panted.
“Not so fast” you pushed his hands away leaving him pleading.
“This mama gotta have fun with you first” you unbutton his shirt to expose the kiss crooked of his neck. You kiss and sucked your favorite part of your man while hearing him growl from your grazed teeth. You helped him undress his shirt before. You slide off just your bare thong under your dress. His eyes were no longer big but full of some kind of lust. The wetness of your pussy throbbed wanting for this very moment. Steven raised his eyebrow realizing you slide off your underwear. You giggled and tuck them in his pocket.
“Keep these for later” you took his hand and guided it under your dress to feel the wet core that was aching for him.
“I’ll promise I will take good care of this precious thing” Steven curled his finger around your clit and slowly massaged it in circular motions. You grab hold of your wrist feeling your legs nearly give in. His two fingers tortured you with only slow pressing motions over and over until each pleasure wave made your hips move in the same rhythm as his. Little moans echoed in the museum walls. You didn’t want to fill your orgasm just yet.
“I think it’s my turn to take care of your now baby” you slid his fingers off your core and sucked his fingers dry of your juices. You kept his fingers inside your mouth as your other hand grazed against the outside of his pants. Steven growled and moaned from the sensation of your wet mouth sucking his fingers. He couldn’t decide from which pleasurable moment he loved the most. He bucked his hips from the torture of your hand grinding his dick up against your hand.
“please (y/n)” Steven grabbed your wrist to want more. You pulled his digits out of your mouth and slowly pulled his pants down exposing his throbbing pre cum member.
“If you say so” you sweetly replied before giving his twitching member a sweet kiss to let him know how much you wanted him. You clean the tip before gradually taking the rest of him in your mouth. Steven let out a Sharp moan. You swirl your tongue around it making sure each such was a harder grip. Your eyes locked with him watching this sweet man enjoy pleasuring him.
“(Y/n) please keep going” You let out a moan before parting your mouth away from his now rock hard wetness.
“Not yet Stevie, I still have to finish you the right way” Steven gave you a confused look before watching you rise back up.
“Lay on the floor” you instructed him. You went behind the gift shop to retrieve the soft fur mat.
“Wait lay on this” you watch him lay on his back as he was told. You feel your pussy get wetter as you climb over Steven.
“Are you ready for this?” You hoist your dress up a bit to tease his entrance between your wet pussy.
“Whenever you are” he could barely form words. You position his thick member in your entrance and slowly push down until he is fully inside you. A whimper escapes your throat, feeling him fill you up perfectly. You undid the top part of your dress to reveal your breasts. Steven threw his head back feeling your soft grip around him. You smirk watching him as you lower yourself down to press both of our bare chests together as you gradually rode him up and down feeling your tightness stroke him. Steven gripped your waist wanting your to Deeping the strokes.
“Fuck” you panted feeling Steven rose himself up enough to suck own of your soft nipples. You fasten the pace wanting to feel him hit your spot as deep as possible. You place your hands on his chest to harden the strokes. Steven bucked his hips more meeting your tight grip on your dick.
“Just a little closer” you moan. Steven grabbed your head and gave your passionate kiss. You paused yourself from riding him and continued to tongue kiss him. You never realized how good of a kisser he was. Without even realizing Steven burst his seed into you from just this last kiss alone. “I think we should go now,” he advised.
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Working on something!! 💪
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In this pose he is looking like an action figure in the packaging
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Compilation of Raine and eda because im a sucker for the whole "kids who don't make friends easily and are kind of outcasts meet,
Tumblr media
become friends,
Tumblr media
then become best friends,
Tumblr media
then over the course of several years fall in love,
Tumblr media
then for some tragic reason break up,
Tumblr media
then reunite several years later,
Tumblr media
only to be tragically separated again,
Tumblr media
to then have it be revealed that they still love eachother and care about eachother and are doing all of this to protect eachother" trope
Tumblr media
very specific, but it's my favourite type of romance story when done right
Also, I love eda and Raine specifically, like the two are so confident, so witty, so sarcastic, so funny, clever and intelligent, badasses like yes, just yes
Like I don't like romances that are purely cutsey blushing nonsense, I like a bit of blush and flusterness and cuteness but I love when the two can be kind of assholes towards eachother and be confident in themselves and sarcastic and be cocky little shits, I fucking love eda and Raine and their dynamic
Tumblr media
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Here Comes The Sun (MITM Pt 2)
Tumblr media
(Steven Grant x Fem!reader x Marc Spector) XXX fic
Part 1
I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for this for like weeks, 
but I think I’ve finally gotten there.
I stg if this gets no interaction I’m going to cry.
also like omfg I’m so sorry this took so long.
Summary: As to be expected, Steven wasn’t exactly thrilled with fronting at the aftermath of you fucking one of his alters, or maybe he was? Too many new feelings for him to tell, but now that the revelation of you also being an avatar had come to the surface, you were all too quickly pulled into their shenanigans, though you didn’t mind, they did. A lot.
Warnings: Self doubt, verbal arguments, fighting (combat), mentions of injuries/blood, NSFW (+18), Oral (m/receiving), clitorial stimulation, vaginal penetration, unprotected sex (Don’t be a joker, wrap your poker kids), Fem!Domme if you squint.
Once again, if you see any formatting/grammatical errors, please let me know!
Enjoy <3
Everything had gone to shit between you and Steven, and you knew, painful as it was to admit, it was majorly your fault. 
Or, you assumed it had at least, you weren’t actually sure. After the... ‘incident’ so to speak between you and Marc, you hadn’t seen Steven front in a few days. Wether it was due to Marc suppressing him, or him electing to stay hidden you weren’t sure, but it induced your anxiety all the the same. 
As you sat at some hole in the wall bar in the middle of the tourist district of Cairo, stirring some shitty attempt at a sex on the beach, you couldn’t deny,
You felt like a giant asshole.
It had taken so long to get Steven to warm up to you, to build the immense amount of trust you two had shared. And you threw it all away in a matter of minutes, and for what? Why? Because you were horny for some guy you had just met? Because you were so desperate and touch starved you were willing to let a stranger (albeit an extremely handsome one) take you on your own damn kitchen counter? You felt pathetic. 
And now, your friendship and what had the potential to be more with Steven was gone because of your rashness. You huffed out a breath and practically let your face fall into your palm, the crook of your elbow resting across the bar counter shamelessly. You resisted the urge to outwardly cringe, as you let the memory of a few days ago swim around in your head. 
Steven blinked up at you, finally able to tear his eyes away from the floor. His flustered stare met your eyes, your tits, your everything really, in a fumble. And then all at once, it seemed that the realization that you weren’t the only one indecent had just hit him. 
He damn near choked and spun around to tuck himself quickly back into his trousers, as you decided it was time to attempt some decency of your own. You grabbed a near by paper towel and quickly whipped Marc’s cum off your thighs, and then made a reach for your shorts and underwear. You were going to grab your shirt, and then your eyes laid on the remnants of it strewn about your floor.
Right, you thought, Marc had literally torn it off your body in the midst of everything, you had somehow forgotten. When you cautiously drew your gaze back to Steven, he was still stood there, back turned to you, hands stuffed in his pockets awkwardly. You resisted the urge to smile, even after he had literally seen you coved with cum that came from his body, he attempted to give you at least a little bit of respect.
You cleared your throat, “Steven?” you chirped. Your voice was crackly and nervous, as if you were waiting for him to lash out at you at any moment. Steven stiffened upon hearing your voice, his shoulders tensed and you could imagined the way his face must’ve been scrunched up in embarrassment. “Uh, yeah?” he responded, even more nervous sounding than you. 
You bit your lip, “I um, don't exactly have a shirt on me right now, would it be okay if I grabbed one really quick and then we could talk?” You felt so stupid being this embarrassed, realistically he had watched the whole thing take place between you and Marc, why should a bit of nudity be so scandalous? Still you knew Steven, and you knew it would be unfair to subject him to your pride, you needed to remind yourself, he wasn’t Marc. 
And there was nothing wrong with that.
Steven after a while dropped his head, and removed a hand from his pocket to rub the back of his neck bashfully, “Yeah sure- right then, I'll be waiting, no rush.” 
And with that you gave him nod you knew he couldn’t see, and dashed off to your bedroom, formulating in your head a million different words to say when you returned. 
But unfortunately, you weren’t granted the privilege of saying those words to him, because when you returned he was no where to be seen. And all you could do, was stare pitifully at the breezy open window in your living room, and reconcile with the fact that you had just fucked up, big time. 
And now here you were in Cairo, chasing down a man who most likely wanted nothing to do with you, and his even more intimidating alter who wanted you nowhere near the lines of combat. Even better, having to dread their reaction when they realized you were here, because as of now they still had no idea. 
You had followed them to Egypt with no hesitation the second you realized they were leaving. It wasn’t that hard to stay unnoticed, you just kept your head down, strayed not too close, and avoided them during night time when they were hyper aware. Honestly it might’ve been a little obsessive, but there was no way you were letting them take on whatever the hell they were facing alone, they were getting hurt only over your dead body.
And to be fair, it wasn’t entirely up to you. You served a goddess after all, and it all really came down to her divine opinion. Which in this case, was falling into line with your own.
She had no qualms with you protecting the men you cared about, it was what she had planned for all along. The reason she had put you on the path to meeting them in the first place. 
Though you couldn’t see her all of the time, you could easily visualize Sol’s smug smirk when you would drag some thug following Marc into an alleyway to take care of him, or when you would tip some cultists off in the wrong direction.
You weren’t sure if Marc was actually oblivious to your presence, or if he was choosing to ignore you, but you protected him all the same. You were only temporarily lurking in the shadows, you were waiting for Steven to front, when he did you would reveal yourself. You just wanted to talk to him, to at least see if he was mad at you or not. Despite that though, you couldn’t deny the anxiety that surrounded you at the thought of seeing him again.
You knew you owed Steven an explanation, but truthfully you were still wrapping your head around the whole situation yourself. You had mulled over it millions of times at this point, but you still had no idea what possessed you to fuck Marc. 
Was it his charisma? His confidence? Or was it that he looked like Steven and you had already craved him for so long. You still weren’t sure. You weren’t usually like that, though you had no problem expressing your sexuality and you certainly weren’t a prude, you had never been so desperate before. And it scared you, how was Marc capable of bringing that side of you out? Could he do it again? Did you want him to?
You had chalked it up to some weird spiritual connection between two avatars at first, perhaps that was just what happened when two celestial beings around the same age and preference came into contact? Far weirder things had happened in mythology. 
Still though, you knew deep down it was more than that. You wanted Marc, in a way you hadn’t quite wanted anyone before. You wanted to feel his rough hands around your throat, you relished in the dirty things he grunted into your ears, and you had no issue in how he used your body so deliciously.
You had felt guilt for Steven at first, it was his body also, should you had asked him for consent as well? I mean yes, Marc was his own person, but you weren’t really sure of the dynamic the two had, would Steven be okay with Marc using their shared body for such acts? Did he even have a say?
You groaned suddenly, all the thoughts swarming your brain were starting to give you a headache. It was around midday, and the bar was relatively empty. You would usually be out trailing Marc, but you had lost him, annoyingly. You weren’t too worried about it though, from what you could see he could very well hold his own. You decided to take a break, and resume your duties when the sun set, at which point, he would become increasingly easy to spot.
It wasn’t every night a figure cloaked in white bondage flew through the air.
You chuckled at the thought, and at this point had given up on trying to enjoy your drink all together, in favor of blowing bubbles into it thoughtlessly instead. Perhaps if you were paying attention you would’ve noticed the chatter of other patrons die down at the new figure who had just stepped through the entrance. Or how they angrily stomped over to you with a fury like no other.
You half noticed someone sit down next to you, not even bothering to look up. You were examining your nails, thinking off about how you were in desperate need of some self care, your train of thought interrupted by a voice that practically cut through the air. 
“You wanna tell me what the fuck you’re doing here?” 
You froze, not even bothering to hide your widening eyes, you slowly wrenched your head to the side, praying to Sol that somehow you weren’t about to see who you thought you were.
And yet, there he was in all of his disheveled, pissed off glory, Marc Spector. Looking about ready to bend you over his lap at any given moment. 
You cleared your throat, and averted eye contact. You tried to muster a witty comeback, something petty. “You’re not the only avatar in town.”
You wanted to punch yourself.
You could see Marc’s jaw tick.
He breathed in through his nose, his withering restraint ever present. “Did me and Steven not make it clear enough to you that your safety is our number one priority?” His voice was reprimanding, scolding. There was a suggestion of evenness to it, you hadn’t pushed him off the edge just yet. But you were close, and you could tell.
“Perhaps Steven did, the last and only time you had talked to me before this you were too busy shoving your tongue down my throat.” Not that you minded.
It was a low blow bringing Steven into this, but you were pissed, at either them or yourself, you weren’t sure. 
You watched a vain pop out of Marc’s neck, and the next thing you knew, a hand was around you forearm, and you were being dragged out of the bar. 
“Wha- HEY?!” you yelped as Marc strung you down the hot, busy street. He was looking ahead, eyebrows furrowed slightly, jaw set with practically no regard for the girl he was currently manhandling. He grip was firm, and only hurt enough for you to like it. Your eyes were wide and disbelieving, who the hell told him he could treat you like a child? Certainly not you.
In one fluid movement, you pulled your arm out of his grasp, causing him to stumble back slightly. You stood firm, and watched him regain his footing, his annoyance present on his expression. “I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but you are not going to manhandle me.” You bit, disregarding the passerbys who watched the exchange with a hint of concern. Marc scoffed, and pinched the bridge of his nose, inhaling for a second before looking back up at you and pointing his finger at you face.
“You have no business here, you’re leaving right the fuck now, before you end up doing something stupid, and getting yourself killed” He chided, he went to grab you again but you ducked out of his reach and pushed him back by the chest. As he quickly recovered and stood straight, he looked you dead in the eyes, his stare daring you the push him any further. You gazed over his shoulder, and were met with a reassuring sight. 
There stood Sol in all her divinity, leaning against a shop’s pillar, watching the interaction with amusement. Her perfectly smooth and decorated arms crossed, she met your gaze and nodded in encouragement. You knew what that meant, if you considered backing down before, that consideration was thrown out the window now. 
You snapped your focus back to Marc, his glare hadn’t wavered. You took a strong step forward, “I can protect myself, more so than you right now. The daytime is my domain, and if you think I'm going to let you push me around, you have another thing coming, Spector.”
Marc gridded his teeth, and opened his mouth to reply, but before he could he was interrupted by a startling sound.
A deafening scream broke through the tension. Your heads both shot towards the sound, your eyes registered the threat in tandem. A girl, no older than 15 was being mugged by a group of five older men, only about 50 feet away. As you looked closer, you examined a scale tattoo on one of their arms, so much for ‘balance’, you thought. You watched the one closest to her grab her wrist, and it was as if your avatar mode locked into place in an instant. Before you could even register you had done it, you recognized the light weight of you golden nordic armor, and the feeling of your endless golden whip in your hand. 
You surged forward at rapid pace, not giving any of them time to react as you shot your whip forward with unnatural accuracy, and it coiled around the man’s arm, pulling the young girl out of his grasp, and tugging him forward intensely. You felt no remorse as his body slammed into the ground, and the air in his lungs swiftly abandoned him. 
By the time the others had noticed and began to run at you, you were already knocking them off their feet with a sharp woosh. You marched forward and punched the nearest standing one, relishing in the wet crack that sounded from his nose under the impact of your fist.
As he stumbled back and groaned, you kicked him flat in the chest, causing him to fall back and hit his head, rendering him unconscious. You ignored the surging ache in your hand, it would be healed tomorrow. 
You clocked in your peripheral one of the men regaining his standing and moving towards you, but before you could defend yourself, you saw him get tugged away from you and promptly decked square in the jaw. You had forgotten for some moment that Marc was still here.
You were about to rush into the fight and help him, but found yourself otherwise distracted. You couldn’t lie, watching Marc’s quick weaving form and heavy handed combat skills, was like watching a machine. “Seem’s like the bed is not his only area of expertise.” Sol remarked. You found yourself nodding absentmindedly. 
He had already pummeled the lot of them, and was currently working on the last standing idiot who hadn’t just fled. He landed a sift jab into the guys rib, and didn’t ease up as the man screamed in agony, he just kept going, beating him into the nearest wall. Only did he stop when the man laid unmoving on the ground. 
You crossed your arms and leaned against a food cart as Marc eased up and took in deep breaths, rotating his neck and shoulders. The girl was nowhere to be seen, and the street was completely cleared out expect for a few who stood behind dusty shop windows watching the fight. Marc heaved slowly, the sight causing your thighs to press together. He had a look of aloofness present as he turned to regard you. Then as he looked down, his eyes widened with urgency.
“FUCK, Y/N LOOK OUT!” he shouted, but you had no time to process it, as you felt an extreme jabbing pain in the side of your leg. You released a sharp scream of agony, and as you stumbled to the side you saw him, the guy you had pulled down initially was partially recovered, and sat on his knees, with a bloody knife gripped tightly in his hand.
It was covered in blood all the way up to the hilt, he had got you good. You landed against a wall, and slumped down, hissing in pure pain, it was nothing you hadn’t felt before but it was deep, and the jagged edges of the knife left a wound that was sure to scar, despite of super natural healing. 
You screwed your eyes shut and winced, gridding teeth on full display as you tried not to scream again. You could faintly hear a heavy noise of impact and a thud, but didn’t dare open your eyes, too busy focusing on trying to contain the liquid gushing out of your leg.
You felt a soft hand close around your shoulder, and you hoped one eye open to see Marc kneeling in front of you, frantically looking over your figure. Wait, you internally questioned. His eyes were wide and unsure, and his eyebrows were tightly knitted, his hands were moving around wildly, and though your hearing was muffled from the adrenaline rushing your veins you could see his mouth opening and shutting quickly. 
It wasn’t until he hoisted you up, and began jogging towards the direction of what you assumed to be were they were holed up that you were able to hear his voice.
“Fuck-shit-oh bugger, bugger- don’t you worry love, it’s gonna be okay, you’re gonna be okay,”
Your breath caught in your lungs, Steven, it was Steven. You craned your neck to look at him, and observed his familiar stuttering worry, and the urgency in his expression, he was back, he came back when he realized you need him. The thought would've had you smiling if not for the burning pain you were experiencing. 
You didn’t say anything, you simply closed your eyes, and dropped you head against his chest, content with listening to his ramblings all the way to his and Marc’s motel. 
You were currently in one of Steven’s oversized museum t-shirts he had purchased from the gift shop, leaning against a creaky headboard, on a stuffy bed, in a motel room that was most certainly not worth whatever Marc and Steven were paying.
Your hair was messy and mused, and your eyes were somewhat bloodshot. No doubt, the half empty bottle of bourbon you were currently nursing against your lips failed to help in that case.
You tried not to, but you once again glanced down at your leg. It had been disinfected and stitched, the professionality of Steven’s stitch job was arguable, but with your guidance he tried his best, and to you that was all that mattered.
With Sol’s consultancy, you determined you would be okay. It would scar, but based on the angle the guy jabbed it in at, and with the help of some much deserved healing on Sol’s part, you’d be good as new within a few days.
The pain had dulled to a tremoring ache, lessened by the aforementioned bourbon that became your muse as Steven repeatedly jabbed a needle through your leg with no anesthesia. 
The man of question was currently in the bathroom washing your blood off his hands, apparently it took a lot of scrubbing, because he had already been in there for about ten minutes at this point. Which made you wonder, if it was even going to be Steven that walked out.
If it was Steven, a very awkward conversation was about to take place. 
You knew that an apology on your part was in order, but frankly you weren’t even sure to what extent you need to apologize. 
Definitely for blatantly lying to him about who you were for so long, and for not telling him about Marc, but there was some uncharted territory you had yet to mentally cover.
You had fucked one of his alters, and you weren’t really sure if that was something you needed to apologize for. 
What would you even say? “Sorry it wasn’t you first?” He didn’t even know you liked him. Not to mention, you still weren’t really sure how their dynamic worked. For all you knew, Steven could have been completely okay with it, perhaps he didn’t care about you that way in the slightest. Where you being conceited thinking he’d care? You earnestly didn’t know.
You were broken out of the construction your cognitive strategy by the sound of the bathroom door slowly clicking open.Your head drifted to the side, and you couldn’t help your pupils dilating to take in the sight in front of you.
Steven was leant against the door frame, watching you with a nervous sense of worry, but you were more so focused on the muscle tee and sweat pants that clothed his person.
You didn’t need to ask, there wasn’t a chance in hell that Marc would’ve brought many of Stevens clothes to wear. It was interesting to you to see stuff like that, the little differences that only made themselves present to those who looked closer.
You let Steven approach you, slowly, almost pattering towards you, fiddling his thumbs in a simmering distress. When he finally sat down on the bed, you remained quiet, being smart, letting him make the first move.
He took a deep, reaffirming breath, and spoke. “Hey, so, um- we probably have a few things we need to talk about, yeah?” he said, his voice soft. He hadn’t elected to make eye contact with you yet, and you wouldn't force him.
Your eyes softened, and you regarded him with an uneasy smile. “Yeah...” you responded, equally as soft.
He didn’t reply, which meant it fell on you to take the lead. You sighed, “I guess I should start off by telling you the truth,” You begun, “I initially moved to London under Sol’s guidance, I've been her avatar for a while now. I met you, because she asked me to, I became friends with you naturally, which wasn’t really what I anticipated but oh well you know?” You tried to laugh but it came out more sad than you intended.
Steven still hadn’t said anything, still hadn’t looked at you. 
You cleared your throat, “I started to notice... signs of Marc after a while, and so I did something in hindsight I really shouldn’t have, I did some snooping, and found the storage locker.” Steven stiffened, but didn’t tell you to stop. “I wasn’t sure if you were lying, if you had some dark past you didn’t want me to know about, if any of it was real... And I didn’t ask, probably because I was afraid of the answer.”
“I realized you- or rather, Marc was Khonshu’s avatar that night, and that’s kind of when everything shifted. I started to wonder if this was all some ploy orchestrated by Khonshu and Sol to set us up, if I would be in danger if I confronted it, I just- there’s not really any excuse, I was sort of just... scared.” Stevens thumbs stopped moving, and finally he turned his head and looked at you. He didn’t cry, didn't scream, he just looked disappointed. 
You bit your lip, “But I'm sorry, for not telling you who I was sooner, for lying, I’m  sorry for all of it, and I'm not sure if things can ever go back to before, but you need to know, that I'm not leaving you to deal with this on your own, and that every step of the way, I’m right there with both of you.” your voice was even, assured.
Steven’s expression softened, and he nodded. “Okay,” he said, “I forgive you.” you looked at him, startled. “Just like that?” you asked, disbelieving. And finally after, days of yearning to hear it, you heard Steven laugh. “Yeah love, just like that.” he smiled, you smiled back.
All of a sudden, it seemed an air of idiotic confidence over to took you, because you said,
“also i’m like really, super sorry about fucking Marc but it kinda just happened, and I was horny and you’re both just insanely attractive and it’s like, I've liked you for so long and I sort of just-”
Steven clamped his hand over your mouth before you could embarrass yourself any further. You were panting into his and by the time he did, eyes wide and anxious, his just as much. Only he was blushing like a maniac, and you were in the process of getting there.
Steven sputtered, he was utterly perplexed, unsure of how to even start. The girl he’s literally been hopelessly in love with for months just confessed to liking him in the most chaotic way possible. Everything was calm, everything was settled, and then you just threw that in there like an axe to his face. Better late than never to dress the elephant in the room he guessed. 
He looked into your eyes, and the first thing he saw was fear, most likely, fear of rejection. 
“You like me...” Steven stated, you nodded slowly unsure. Steven breathed sharply through his nose, and removed his hand from your mouth. Trying to focus on the matter at hand, and not on how close you were to him right now.
Your lips were clamped together, in favor of keeping any other idiotic from words flying out. Steven nodded, “Okay, well... That’s good then, because I've been bloody mental about you from the moment we met.” 
You swore you could feel your brain short circuit right there. You had waited so long to hear those words, so long that it was painful. Steven Grant liked you, and you felt like a fucking higschooler, because fuck, if the thought alone didn't make your heart flutter...
Steven’s tongue prodded against the inside of his cheek, he debated saying the words that were swimming around in his head at the moment, and he really wouldn’t had said them, if not for Marc’s chiding tone in the back of his head.
“If you don’t fucking man up and take her, I will, gladly.”
If there was one thing Marc Spector knew how to do, it was how to push Steven Grant too far.
“And if I'm being honest, I wasn’t really upset about the fact that Marc slept with you, I was more so upset that he beat me to it.”
Oh? you internally thrummed.
It was with that, that Steven had unknowingly released an entirely new side of you. You quirked one eye brow, and sat up, nervous attitude nowhere to be seen. A slow smirk was beginning to form on your lips.
You leaned forward, “is that so?” you purred, Steven practically coughed, as you placed both hands on his shoulder and pushed him back. He almost went into cardiac arrest, as you straddled him and begun to slowly grind your core against his.
“Y-yeah...” he whispered, all he could think as he observed your tussled hair and lazy smile, was how incomparably gorgeous you looked.
You tutted lowly, and let your head fall the side, as you looked him up and down affectionately. “Well then, I hope you’re prepared to finish what you started.”
I was with that, you pushed forward, and finally captured his lips with your own. 
From the get go, kissing Steven was different from kissing Marc. Steven was sweet, unsure. His lips almost seemed softer at how they nervously chased after you, in contrast to how Marc’s lips bruised and tugged. You didn’t prefer either, it was the best of both worlds.
Steven whimpered into you mouth as your hands tangled in his hair, and your tongue slipped between his lips. Steven may not have been experienced, but he appeared to be a quick learner, because within minutes he had you panting and mewling in want.
His arms encircled your middle, and his thumbs messaged your sides as you pushed you head against his in a needy fashion.
You experimentally decided to remove one hand from his hair, and pivot more to the side, in order to slip it down his pants. Steven’s mouth detached from your own, and he moaned feverishly, as your hand softly stroked the base of his cock.
His eyes fluttered shut, as you rested you hand against his shoulder and whispered, “Is this okay, baby?” 
He groaned at the sweetness that dripped from your tone, “Fuck, it’s more than okay love.”
He leaned back on his elbows, and watched as you tugged Marc’s sweatpants down completely. He couldn't help but moan at the sight in front of him. 
There you were, on your stomach, Steven’s throbbing cock in your hand, gazing up at him with the prettiest pair of eyes he had ever seen. And nothing could prepare him, for the utter bliss that he experienced when you popped the length of him in your mouth, in one fluid motion.
His head fell back and he let out a strangled moan. You begun to bob your head up and down, cheeks hallowing, spit dribbling. You honestly weren’t sure what came over you, there was just something about Steven that made you want to take care of him. He was just so pretty.
You swirled your tongue around his swollen tip, drowning yourself in every breath he would hitch, every sigh and moan he would admit. 
Meanwhile, Steven was trying to hold on for dear life. The feeling of the velvety walls of your mouth, your soft hands around his base, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He should’ve been embarrassed at how quick he was about to be finished, but he was more focused on the tears building on your waterline as you looked up at him, and how simply sexy they made you.
You resisted the urge to gag as Steven’s cock brushed against the back of your throat, though this wasn’t your first experience with Steven’s body, you couldn’t help but almost laugh. For all his shyness and self doubt, he wasn’t exactly small. You could still manage to fit your hands around him even as you took in as much of him as possible. It was so completely erotic, and you loved every second of it.
Steven couldn’t even form coherent sentences, just babbling strings of words that consisted of your name and every swear he could muster.
It was when your fingers brushed and closed around his balls, that he lost his ability to hold on.
He tried to move back, but you didn’t let him. Gripping his thighs, you simply allowed his cum the flow into the back of your throat, humming happily at the sensation without a care in the world.
You released this length with a pop, and breathed slowly, licking your lips without quite meaning to. Steven’s breath was heavy and uneven as he gazed at you, he looked like he still couldn’t quite believe that any of this was happening, that he would be blessed to have you in the way he did.
“Ah- um, I-i’m sorry I just,” Steven rambled, you shot forward and silenced him with a peck, smiling fully at his innocence.
Steven practically melted against you as migrated north and kissed the tip of his nose. You stared into his eyes, which were blown and misty, as you wrapped a hand around his wrist, and begun to guide it towards your clothed heat.
Steven practically jolted as his fingers cupped your sex, and his eyes widened as he registered, how completely wet and hot you were, soaked through your underwear. Your lips hovered against his as you whispered, “You feel that? That, is what you do to me Steven Grant.” Steven gulped, he was glad.
He brushed the side of his nose against your cheek and sighed, “I wanna make you feel good, but I don’t- I’ve never,” You cut him off, “It’s okay baby, I can show you.” You practically cooed at him, Steven could almost feel Marc’s judgement. He would never let him live this down, but at the moment, he didn’t care. Right now, all there was was you, and he was completely okay with that.
Steven nodded dumbly, and you held that same gentle smile, as you shuffled back, and tugged off his shirt in one quick motion, unhooking your bra in the same playful manor. You then brought your knees to your chest and begun to slide down your drenched panties. Steven could barely contain his arousal, and had to clench the sheets beneath him to stay calm, as you slid your underwear down your thighs, and completely bared your pussy to him. 
He wanted to cry, god, you were just so pretty, every part of you. His stare lingers on your tits, of which he couldn’t wait to explore, to figure out the exact spots to suck and tug on to make you squeal, he would learn all of it, and would have the time of his life doing so. His eyes ran over your glistening folds shamelessly, it would be an image he would burn into his brain forever. Admittedly he had watched the situation between you and Marc take place, but that was different, almost like watching some porno that somehow managed to replicate his exact fantasy, this was real, this was raw.
You examined Steven’s reaction to your bareness, and in that moment you couldn’t decide what you liked more, his pretty big pupils, or his delicate parted lips. You couldn’t help yourself from grinning as you brought your legs down, and spread them in front of him, at this point, your underwear had long been discarded, tossed about the room most likely somewhere inconvenient. 
Steven’s tongue jotted out to quickly drag across his lips as you laid yourself out in front of him, he had to admit, there was something about the control that you were giving him in that moment that turned him on, that ignited something he had never felt before. “Bloody hell, you’re so fucking beautiful….” He murmured. You chuckled, and nodded at him, giving him the go ahead to crawl over you, rest his hands on either sides of your head, and press a sweet kiss on your lips. There was no stopping the weak moan that left his mouth as he felt his cock brush against your bare folds, he could already tell, you felt divine. 
He pulled back, and looked at you like you were the air in his lungs, like every breath he took, every second he lived, was you, completely. “Show me how to make you cum, Love.” You smiled, you had never been so ready to oblige. You held his wrist again, and took it from the side of you, causing him to shift his weight to the other. You guided him down, letting him drag his fingers down the swell of your breasts and the whole of your torso as you brought him to your pelvis, Steven couldn’t help but notice the small sigh you made as you brought him down the valley of your tits initially, he would remember that, and surely use it to his advantage later.
Finally, you brought his hand to your core. You picked up one of his fingers, and pressed it against your clit. Steven bit his lip as you sighed at the sensation, “You feel that, that little bead?” You asked breathlessly, Steven nodded. “That’s my clit, keep circling it, change directions when you feel like it, add pressure when I tell you to, and then we can go from there.” You let go of Steven’s wrist, and let him take the lead. The second he added pressure, you let your head fall back, and moaned. Steven took that as encouragement, and began to apply slow circles to your little bundle of nerves, causing you to hum and whimper accordingly. 
After about a minute, you instructed him to add a second finger, and speed up, he did so, applying a moderately higher amount of pressure, causing you to feel the effects of euphoria even more. You didn’t know how long it had been since you had been in a position where a man had actually listened to you during sex, and applied your words to his actions to make you feel good. With Marc, there was a level of experience that caused you to give him the reins completely, with other men you had been with though, they had taken the lead without even asking, and for the most part did a shit job at it.
Steven on the other hand, was all too eager to please you, and took your criticism as constructively as one could, causing you to grip the bed sheets and moan lewdly like a bitch in heat. Meanwhile Steven was possibly the most focused he had been in his life, he watched your reactions carefully, and truthfully couldn’t fathom how he was pleasing you so proficiently. He had taken to repeating actions that seemed to garner the most positive reaction out of you, and so far, it was working in a way he couldn’t even being to understand.
“Oh, fuck, Steven, shit- just like that sweetie, just like that…” You whined, eyes closed, mouth parted in bliss. You hair created a halo around you as you sunk into the pillows, the backs of you hands where flat against the bed, your palms opening and closing depending on every move Steven would make. Nothing could prepare you however, for Steven changing directions suddenly, and pressing his fingers down hard, causing you to cum out of nowhere. Steven watched your legs subtly shake and how you threw you head back, the sound of you crying out playing In his head like a symphony he never wished to end. 
You panted heavily as you reconciled with the after glow of your orgasm, Steven watching you with an affectionate attentiveness. He waited patiently for you to recover, his delicate, scared hands massaging your bare thighs. After a minute, you sat up, immediately smiling at him. “You did so good baby, that was amazing.” You hummed, Steven smiled back at you, a new sense of determination crossed over his face. 
“I… I want to…” He trailed off, unsure how to phrase it, he felt like a knob. You understood, you got the message. “You want to fuck me?” Steven’s face beat red at your use of graphic language, but he nodded all the same. “Well, I probably would’ve said “make love” but I mean that works too I guess-“ “Steven,” “…Yeah?” “Shut up.” “Right- yeah got it.”
You crawled over to him once more, and within seconds positioned yourself on his lap, taking the lead. Steven nearly hissed as you rubbed your slickness against his throbbing member, you brushed your lips against his, and stared deeply into his beautiful brown eyes. You had waited for this moment for what felt like forever, you wanted to savor it. Which was why instead of immediately taking him, you decided to message his shoulders and gyrate your hips in a circle, relishing in the way his hands clasped your sides in restraint. 
You buried your face in his neck, and without thinking bit down, hard. Steven tensed and damn near yelped, from either pain or pleasure, he had trouble deciding. You pulled back and admired your handy work, the outline of your teeth faint yet still noticeable. As your hips increased the friction you shared, you couldn’t help but beam at the fact that everyone who would look at that specific spot, would from now on know he was yours.
Eventually, Steven whimpered desperately, causing you to smirk and press a kiss to his forehead, “Do you want me honey?” you cooed, Steven gridded his teeth in impatience, and nodded. You smiled patronizingly at the poor man, “I need words, Steven.” You maniacally purred, at this point you were just being plain mean. Steven released a shaky sigh against your forehead, 
“I’m begging you, please let me fuck you...” 
He quietly pleaded, and that you decided, was enough. You raised your hips, and positioned his cock, which was slick with your wetness, in your hands. You placed his tip at your entrance and couldn’t help the adoring smile that graced your face at his soft, anticipating gasps. “I really, really like you Steven...” 
And with that, you plunged yourself down. 
There was a collective groan that flooded through the room from both of you at the sensation, your’s from the absolute fullness that penetrated you, and Steven’s from the warm walls that encased his length. Steven threw his head back, his eyes screwed shut as you sat there, mounted on him with a half lidded gaze. You allowed yourself to adjust to the sensation, to the hard and deep angle that he was positioned inside of you. You could already feel your legs starting to shake. 
Finally, you began to move, raising your hips and dropping them slowly in a repetitive motion. Steven had never felt anything like this before, you felt like heaven wrapped around his throbbing cock. He basked in the feeling of your nails digging into his shoulder blades, as you sped up ever so slightly. All the while you couldn’t help the whines that kept leaking out of your mouth, the smooth prodding sensation hurt so good. 
You just kept going, rolling and rolling your hips up and down, tangling your fingers in his hair, biting your lips hard enough to draw blood. You expertly pressed your hands against his chest, pushing him back far enough to plant your thighs down and take him deeper than you could have ever thought possible, drawing a sharp moan out of the man under you. Steven’s hands clasped the bed sheets, as he felt every muscle in his body tense, and his senses practically go blank. All he could focus on was you. 
There was a foggy, warm feeling building up in his gut, something he had never felt before, something only you could create. Your hands that moved from his hair, to his shoulders, to neck continuously were so warm. Every part of you felt like you were made for him, and he had never experienced such pleasure. 
He cracked his eyes open to see a beautifully erotic sight, your tits bounced up and down with each movement, your head was dipped backward, leaving your pretty neck completely exposed. It was then Steven tried something he had never tried before, as your thrusts increased to a rough pace, he lifted one hand closed it around one breast, pinching and tweaking your nipple.
This action alone, causing you to cry out in pleasure. Steven liked the sound, more accurately, he loved it. He leaned forward in one swift motion, and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you to his front. He enjoyed watching your hips sputter in delight, he enjoyed even more the feeling of your supple tits dragging against his chest. 
You were in nirvana above him, the all familiar sounds of skin slapping together greeted your ears with every thrust, accompanied by your screams and Steven’s groans. Your nails damn near broke skin when you felt Steven lay a wet kiss against your throat. He mouthed and nicked all over your chest and neck, all while mumbling, “now we match...”
Steven loved the noises you made as you fucked yourself hard on his cock, “Fuck, shit, god, ah, oh,” were all now some of his favorite words. You were now set at maddening pace, your pelvis brushed against his roughly, the carnal drive to milk Steven fully corrupting and shaping your intentions. You voice was high and warped, your vision was starting to blur. 
It was then, that you started to feel the all too familiar sensation of a rope tightening in your core. “Steven...” you cried desperately, “I-I’m gonna cum...” Steven nodded against your neck, and inhaled deeply, before deciding to take what you had taught him and put it to good use. He secured you with one arm, before moving the other the to bring his hand to your clit, it was then he pressed down a finger in the same rough fashion as once before. “Please, cum for me darling...”
And you did, hard. You gripped onto his shoulders for dear life as your legs gave out and you felt heat rip through your body, as you came with a scream. You were caught off guard however, as you suddenly fell back against the bed, and the same rough pace begun again. It was then you realized, as your vision cleared up, and you let out a desperate overstimulated cry, that Steven Grant was fucking you. Like actually, fucking you
Your eyes became glassy and mesmerized as you looked up at Steven, who’s angelic face was scrunched up in complete pleasure. You were overwhelmed with gratification, as he fucked into you in a crazed and hurried tempo. You couldn’t even make anymore noise, you could only allow yourself to let your mouth fall open in a silent scream. Well fuck, you thought, didn’t know he had it in him...
Steven gasped and grunted, “F-fuck... I’m almost there love... almost... Fuck!” And with that Steven pulled out swiftly, and came all over your stomach, the hot liquid spurting across you. 
The room fell silent, as you both panted and heaved in unison. Steven rolled off you, sweat gliding down his body. He stared up at the ceiling, processing what just happened. You watched him for a minute or two, evening your breathing, memorizing the lines that made up the most beautiful face you had ever seen. 
Steven then wordlessly pushed off of the bed, and walked to the bathroom. You began to slightly panic as you looked away, fuck, was he going to regret this?
You really hoped not, because you sure didn’t, not by a long shot. You heard the faint sound of water running, still forcing yourself to stare at the ceiling as Steven once was. Perhaps you’d find the answer to your worries in the cracked paint and water spots. You whipped your head to the side, as you felt the bed dip with a newly added weight.
There Steven was, with a slightly damp wash cloth, and a sweetly bashful smile. “Sorry if I got a bit ahead of myself at the end...” he trailed off shyly as he gently wiped the cloth down your torso, cunt, and thighs. For what felt like the millionth time, you smiled at him, all your doubts dissolving in one moment. Your voice was tired and sweet as you responded, “You didn't, I liked it a lot Steven...” 
Steven smiled at that as he discarded the cloth in a hamper, and pulled the comforter out from under the both of you. Raising it once more to cover you. You instinctively cuddled to his side, as you basked in the coolness that admitted from his body. 
No words were exchanged as you allowed your eyes to flutter closed, and Steven stared happily at nothing, only being able to think one thing. This was paradise, this was joy in the purest form. 
“Damn, didn't think you had it in you buddy...”
Steven’s eyes closed in annoyance, 
“Spector, I swear to god-”
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silveme · a day ago
Tumblr media
Post credit scene repaint 🌙
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as-artrat-racik · a day ago
Catch this little Khonshu doodle I might or might now have bigger plans for 👀
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dcmarvelmultiverse · 4 hours ago
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New photos of Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch and Christine Palmer in Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
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kayloren · 11 hours ago
okay but the making of moonknight is literally everyone praising Oscar Isaac for an hour
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itsteddydarling · 2 days ago
Steven: *gushing at the fish tank* Don’t our goldfishes look absolutely darling in their little aquarium together?
Marc: Yup, bet you they’re little aquarium buddies.
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Tumblr media
Just a little Zootopia x The Bad Guys fanart. Long story short: Judy arrested Mr Wolf for stealing and now he’s trying to charm his way out 🤣
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Didn't Really like the Trailer much but i am sure i will love the Film BUT FELLAS FELLAS FELLAS , ARE YOU SEEING WHAT I AM SEEING ?
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THAT HITS REALLY HARD , Coz this is what happened the last time when they both met each other :(((
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So Far in Mcu all we did see was them Fighting with each other and Loki back Stabbing his brother and all that and ofcourse its a Sibling thing but they love each other so much and have such an pure hearted and whole some bond and i just finally want them to meet again and hug each other and appreciate each other and express their love 😭❤ I am done with their silly ass fights and once this is done they can get back to fighting is it too much to ask for ? Ik its impossible but i just wish i could see sth like this thor love and thunder:/
Ps : Thorkis pls stay away this post is about me admiring their brotherly bond and wanting them to be happy and Stop Hurting a little
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Steven totally has a fear of sand now after the Duat
I imagine he would panic if he suddenly found himself on like a beach or desert without planning to be there.
One day he is fronting and fighting something and gets smashed out of a building onto the nearby beach or some area covered in sand. He just starts freaking the fuck out and Jake has to handle the rest of the fight while Marc struggles to calm Steven down in their head space. 
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literally must be soooo boring to be in a marvel show/movie like just acting at a couple tennis balls with only half an idea of what the plot even is to avoid spoilers while they cgi in your weapons and outfit in post
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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness New Official Poster
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I’m in this weird position where even though I’ve been more critical towards Star Wars, I’m way more excited to watch the Obi-Wan Kenobi show over Stranger Things season 4. Maybe it’s a combination of the loss of enthusiasm due to the three-year gap between seasons and that I didn’t think season 3 was that great. Like, I’m eager to watch Obi-Wan whereas it feels more like an obligation to watch Stranger Things 4 since I’ve watched the previous three seasons.
It doesn’t help that the runtime of some of ST4′s episodes are movie-length. Maybe this is just me, but that sounds absolutely exhausting.
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