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Aladdin (2019, Live Action)

Aladdin (2019, Live Action)

Starring: Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kenzari

Directed by: Guy Ritchie

My Ranking: 4/5 Stars

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 54% Critics, 94% Audience

Amazon Description: “From Disney come the thrilling and vibrant live-action adaption of the animated classic Aladdin, the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous, self-determined Princess Jasmine, and the Genie…


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Originally posted by adventurelandia

In all seriousness, can we talk about how Disney emphasized that Ariel was a fish out of water in her own home (both literally and figuratively)?

She’s the only daughter whose name ends with a consonant

She’s the only one to have a color block scheme in her tail and bra (while her sisters just have various shades of the same color)

She’s the only ginger

She’s the only one who doesn’t wear her hair up (except for some moments in the series where we see it in a braid or a ponytail) like her sisters do

She’s the only one to question things while her sisters obey and follow orders without hesitation

She’s the only one who thinks outside the box

She’s the only one who is more into her idea of modernity rather than tradition

Out of all the sisters, she has the closest resemblance to her mother (think what you want about the prequel, but at least Triton’s bigotry is more understandable rather than just a “because I said so” vibe that we may get from the original)

I didn’t think much about it as a kid, but as an adult.. the symbolism is fucking crazy 

(Feel free to add more)

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Quiz - Design Your Dream Bedroom and We’ll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are.

Quiz – Design Your Dream Bedroom and We’ll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are.

Quiz – Design Your Dream Bedroom and We’ll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are.
Your Highness..


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Untangled Truth💜👑

✨My Edit✨

I was listening to VantaVoid’s new single, Bloodline when I made this. I just have a strong connection with what the mirror says. The voices and faces of the past have made me the person I am today.

This woman has been through so much and I just want her to know that her past doesn’t define her worth. She deserves to be able to express herself and do what makes her happy.💜😊 (You guys also deserved to be happy and accepted for who you are).

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Me: So wait, does Bo Katan count as a Disney Princess?

BF: *10-minute lecture on Mandalorian culture*

Me: Yeah, I knew all that already. But you didn’t answer my question.

BF: I can’t even with you.

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We wish you luck on your journey through the rabbit hole.

Want to learn more or join her?


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All at once, everything looks different…now that I see you.

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My first Disney princess is here!

I chose Snow White as my first because she is also the first Disney princess! Actually there are a few more reasons, this pattern had a lot of firsts from me:

• trying a pattern with such continuous small rounds;

• making a crochet dress;

• making hair like this;

• I tried eye embroidery!

I plan on making all the princesses using the patterns from the same person, I really liked the result!!!

Pattern by Chiara Cremon.

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Okay but like Imagine….. Cinderella…but like in 2020, so like the Prince hasn’t seen her full face because of the mask and all, so the foot thing makes sense….. like that be so funny….

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What really pisses me off is people saying Ariel became human for the d but her first scene is her missing a royal event where she’s the headline cause she rather risk her life and the one of her best friend for some human artefact, she goes to the surface to know more about humans and spend time studying them, she has a WHOLE ASS SONG about how humans are amazing and she’s bored of being a mermaid and ready to stand”, (remember her father Triton The King of the Seven Seas made all of that COMPLETELY ILLEGAL) and all of that before even meeting Eric

So yeah my point is Eric is just a perfectly timed excuse


Originally posted by sami-foxxe-gifs-and-screenshots

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Here is one of the casual outfits that Snow White/ Cure Benevolent would wear outside of school. This one is based on her dress from the movie.

So I’m still working on thinking about Japanese names for the Disney Precure Girls. I do apologize if it is taking some time, it’s just I don’t want to rush researching names from a different language. I want to think things through.  I did think of a name for Snow White/ Cure Benevolent. Her name can be Otome (おとめ) which means maiden. Her full name would be Junsuina Otome ( 純粋な おとめ) which means “Pure maiden”. I thought this name can work because of Snow White’s pure heart and I did give her the name Cure Benevolent to reflect her nature. What do you guys think?

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Modern Disney girls -6🌈

This is the last part, guys😌

➵ 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞

  • rehab for «bad boys»(thanks to the romanticization of this bullshit in most novels)
  • first kiss in the library
  • arrested by police for stealing rare first editions
  • she thinks she’s always right and most often she is
  • can’t move to a big city, cause she feels responsible for her father
  • 10 pairs of jeans and cute sweaters
  • she is often feel lonely, but she will never admit it
  • loves Christmas more than her birthday
  • constantly corrects other people’s grammar mistakes

➵ 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐚 

  • tattoo on the lip and on the foot so her mom wouldn’t notice
  • asexual
  • only if you tie her to a chair and put a gag in her mouth will she stop talking
  • dyes hair every season
  • belts&chains
  • every guy in town knows better than to argue with her
  • quarrels with mother 16 times a day
  • tells mother she loves her 30 times a day
  • burst into tears when her favorite sneakers became too small for her

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I’ve avoided Cinderella because I know I’ve seen it and I remember not liking it.

15/10 for a mean obese cat. Whose attitude is justified. His claws badly need to be trimmed. And he probably needs to be brushed. He doesn’t even get a little jacket and cap.

Everything else was meh.


There’s only one skeleton key in the chateau/mansion. The king was terrifying, in a physically abusive way. I admired the confidence of the step sisters. “I’m so eligible”? That’s a swagger I’d like.

The shoe DID NOT fit Cinderella. It came off twice. A shoe that pops off after dancing in it? For it to just slip in, with no baby powder or anything? I say the shoe was way too big.

Next: Sleeping Beauty.

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