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#disney quotes
ratld-sideblog · 32 minutes ago
Raya: Are you a small town girl living in a lonely world?
Namaari: Just trying to find a purpose in life, yeah
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ratld-sideblog · 42 minutes ago
Namaari: Remember, never break someone's heart. They only have the one : )
Raya: Break their bones. They have 206.
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ratld-sideblog · 48 minutes ago
Namaari: I think Raya may have dyslexia.
Virana, used to her daughter being oblivious: Is that so?
Namaari: She said, "Happiness starts with H, but mine starts with U." I'm a bit worried.
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ratld-sideblog · 50 minutes ago
Namaari: hey, you wanna come over?
Raya: it's 3am
Namaari: and
Raya: why do you want me to come over
Namaari: why do you think?
Raya: murder me?
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ratld-sideblog · 54 minutes ago
Raya: Did it hurt?
Namaari: Did what hurt?
Raya: When you fell from heaven:)
Namaari: I dug my way up from hell.
Raya: I-
Sisu: It's all fun and games until one of them flirts back.
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ratld-sideblog · 59 minutes ago
Raya: Your legs look great in those pants.
Namaari: You should see me without them.
Raya, loading: Why would you take off your legs..?
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ratld-sideblog · 3 hours ago
Raya, running:
Namaari: Someone stop her!
Random person: Why are you chasing your girlfriend?
Namaari: She stole my favorite hoodie and I will spill blood to get it back.
Raya: Oh, you were serious-
Namaari with a knife: dead serious, babe.
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ratld-sideblog · 3 hours ago
Raya, rummaging through drawers: Do you have any shirts with sleeves?
Namaari: ...Why?
Raya: Because I'm going to steal them and wear them and I can't do that if they don't have sleeves.
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dizzydizney · 6 hours ago
Cop: We got a call that you had pot in your car
Jay: *takes out flower pot* You mean this?
Cop: My mistake. What are you growing?
Jay: Weed
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dizzydizney · 8 hours ago
Fairy Godmother: The way I see it, unless we each conform, unless we obey orders, unless we follow our leaders blindly, there is no possible way we can remain free.
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johnwalker-the-newcap · 10 hours ago
Olivia: I have very high standards, I'd never date anyone clu-
John walking in, tripping & falling face first on the floor: Ouch,damn it! Oh hi guys!
Olivia: I want him.
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ratld-sideblog · 11 hours ago
Raya: watch this
Raya: Mom!
Virana, without hesitation: Yes, Raya?
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ratld-sideblog · 11 hours ago
Namaari: What are you drinking?
Raya, sipping: A Capri-sun.
Namaari: Isn't that-
Raya: The number one drink for kids? Yes, yes it is, Namaari. Get your own>:(
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*Trying to figure out why the car won’t start*
Star: Can you tell what the problem is, Marco?
Marco: You see that hole there? 
Star: *nods*
Marco: That should be an engine. 
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