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Evening folks! So the revamp is here and we are back in action! How is everyone liking the new theme/graphics and the updated plot? Exciting stuff all around. I’ll be lingering for a little bit so if you have any questions come and send them in i’ll be happy to answer them - Hannah x 

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We welcome Pinocchio Caruso to the city. He’s 26 years old and is a Theatre Teacher. Pin is often mistaken for Chris Colfer. He’s open.

Background Information

Pinocchio had always been somewhat of a miracle child to his parents. They weren’t able to conceive for the longest time so when Pin made it to the world, he was more than celebrated. His parents had wished for a child since the day they fell in love and Pin has always been one to show that. As whimsical as he may seen he’s always had a great deal of love and passion for the life he lives. From a young age he found a love for acting and dancing on a stage and his parents had been supportive from the start, eager to support their son. In high school he helped begin a summer drama camp for children, while he was in college he assisted one of his professors with an after school theatre arts education outreach program. It was then Pin’s professor recognized his talent for working with the youth and Pin studied to become a teacher in a craft he loves so much.

Relocation Explanation

In need of a bit of a change of pace from his usual quiet life away from it all, working in a small school system in the countryside, once Pin got wind of Libertas he was intrigued. There was something exciting about the thought of moving to a new city to expand on his career. Things were even better when he discovered the need for a drama teacher at the city’s high school.

Living Situation

Growing up Pin had loved his little life with his parents in their tiny cottage. Alongside his mother he found a love for interior design, helping her decorate and fix up every room in their house, and having lived in the same house for nearly his entire young life he was there to help her make changes every couple of years. Upon his relocation to Libertas, Pin and his best friend Blair found a little two bedroom townhouse, perfect for just the two of them.

His Personality

Pinocchio has always had a whimsical and what some might describe as a childlike quality to him and though it may be seen in a negative light to some, Pin has always found a way to have it work in his favor, teaching and working with children from a younger age. It was those summer drama camps and after school programs which helped Pin channel his energy somewhere helpful. It was those summer camps and after school programs where Pin truly flourished.  

His Qualities

  • Enthusiastic, Passionate, Tactical
  • Over-trusting, Sensitive, Insecure

His Relationships

  • Blair ‘Blue’ Fairfield (Best Friend & Roommate): Blair has always been a huge grounding factor in Pin’s life. Pin has always been a big happy-go-lucky and big dreamer type of person so to have someone like Blair in his life, well it’s been very helpful. At one point early on Pin joked with Blair about her being his ‘fairy godmother’ and its stuck.
  • Jiminy Croquet (Best Friend): Where Blair hasn’t been there, Jim has - which honestly Blair has been there a lot, but Jim likes to claim he covers when she cannot. Jim is always there to support Pin and his shows, and though Jim focuses on cinema, he offers the best support anytime that he can.
  • Daisy Day (Colleague & Good Friend): Pin has been absolutely elated to connect with Daisy, first on instagram and later in real life. He’s been in awe of her designs and for her knack for taking something so simple and bringing great life to it. He’s even reached out to her to design a few pieces for shows he’s working on, so to know that he’ll be close by in Libertas has been music to his ears.
  • Minnie Morris (Friend): Minnie is someone who Pin looks up to. Of course he is merely a teacher but somewhere inside of him he knows he’s a director and more importantly an artist so he loves her drive and the work she does. He’s even used some of her accessories in his shows.

Possible Connections

  • John Worthington (Former ‘friend’ & Now Enemy): Pin first met John and Gideon back in college before landing his perfect job. John caught wind of Pin’s desire to be a theatre teacher and claimed to know of a prestigious theatre company school that was looking for someone ‘just like’ Pinocchio. Of course Pin fell for it and applied for the job posting John had sent, but soon Pin found out it was fake and was absolutely heartbroken as it had been the perfect job. So instead he cut himself off from him, wanting nothing to do with him.
  • Gideon Godfrey (Probably Enemy & Fake Friend): Gideon put on his best face to befriend Pin back in college, Gideon being the performer himself, he was drawn to Pin. Gideon’s specialty was magic though he could only use that on the side but when he did he learned how to trick people into thinking someone else had stolen from them, even though Gideon was the one making the profit. When Pin caught wind of this he tried to report him but it didn’t work and instead Gideon tried to get back at Pin by working with John on the fake job posting. It’s safe to say Pin isn’t interested in being friends with him any longer.

→ Faceclaim Change:

Allowed | Not allowed | POC must | Discuss with admin

Suggestions: TBA

Pin is based on Pinocchio from Pinocchio.

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so, because our attina said it would be okay for ariel to either be adopted, a half-sibling, or blood-related I’ll be giving fc recs based on each relation. blood:  hunter schafer, sydney sweeney, liv hewson, hari nef, aimee lou wood, olivia holt, laura berlin, katherine mcnamara, halston sage, and marlo kelly.  half-sibling:  vanessa morgan,  zendaya, naomi scott, quintessa swindell, chloe bridges, alisha boe, and aisha dee.  adopted: herizen guardiola, nana, camila queiroz,  lana condor, melissa barrera, and kaylee bryant.  as an aside: please note I listed some nonbinary and trans fcs as well.  feel free to make the character your own.

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Enter Matthew Manning. He’s a 30 year old Philanthropist and is the spitting image of Marlon Texiera. Lucky for you, he’s open.

→ Once Upon A Time.

Growing up Matthew’s life was laid out for him. Coming from a wealthy Beverly Hills family, who had a reputation for using their fortune for good it was assumed that Matthew would take over the family business and continue giving back to the community like his parents. Known to be at the level of Ellen Degeneres and other celebrity philanthropists the Mannings have been in the public eye for their generosity and good deeds. Growing up Matthew loved to participate in the charity events and donations that his family did for everyone. Matthew was America’s Sweetheart and he was happy to be that. Taking in all the fame and the love he was the face of of the Manning Family and a household name, everyone loved him and everyone expected him to always do good.

All of this pressure really started to weigh on Matthew however. As he grew up and went into his college years he realized that every aspect of his life was controlled by what his parents, or what society wanted him to do. Being one of America’s Sweethearts meant that he wasn’t allowed to get rowdy with his college buddies or join a fraternity and go to crazy wild parties. Matthew was expected to be a good kid and do good things and he never really got to have experiences that other people around him did. So Matthew started to rebel. Soon instead of America’s Sweetheart Matthew became the playboy philanthropist. Always going to wild parties with different girls getting into Prince Harry level trouble. His parents were devastated and the rest of the world wasn’t sure what to think, but Matthew felt like himself for the first time in years.

→ The Road So Far.

Matthew has been finding a balance between keeping up with the company and the good deeds he still loves, and having all the fun that he feels is deserved of the man who never got to have any. He’s quieted down his crazy partying ways. Matthew still goes out often and still has a slew of women around but it’s more of an on the down low part of his lifestyle. He’s begun helping out more with his family business especially after his brother took over, and needed his help. Matthew doesn’t necessarily want to stay with the family company but he figures he can train his brother show him the ropes and in the mean time figure out what he wants to do. It kills two birds with one stone as he gets back in his parents good graces so he can keep his trust fund and have them help fund his life all while giving his the space to still do all of the reckless things he wanted without the punishment. Matthew isn’t anywhere closer to knowing what he wants to do with his life but for the time being he figures things don’t have to change.

→ Behind The Mask.

Matthew is the definition of a lost soul. A bit of a mess one minute he can be on top of his game and the next minute he’s having an existential crisis. He can be a bit of an ego maniac and hot shot, but when he’s not Matthew is actually pretty easy to get along with. Because he’s not really sure who he is a lot of people seem to find him quite shallow as he doesn’t let anyone in past the surface level to see the mess that is his life. Matthew is a bit all over the place and can sort fo have a Jekyll-Hyde way about him in which you never know which Matthew you’re going to get the top of his game put together or the messy existential crisis guy.

The Vices & Virtues.

  • + Charming, Quick-Thinking, Compassionate
  • - Egocentric, Messy, Frazzled

Are You A Friend or Foe?

  • Martin Manning (Brother): With the large age gap between the brothers they were not very close growing up in fact they more often than not fought. It didn’t help that their parents pit them against each other giving the keys to the kingdom to Matthew and leaving Martin to the wayside. It created resentment on both sides and it wasn’t until Matthew’s mental breakdown that the two became close.
  • Hal Stewart (Family Rival): The Stewart family and the Manning family go way back, however the Stewart’s were not as good natured as the Mannings. Due to this their son Hal was quick to take advantage of his parents wealth and use it to better his own life and not those less fortunate. The two families have never really gotten along and this has made Hal a rival of both the Manning brothers.
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Libertas - The latin word for liberty, freedom. It was also the name of a new city being born.

It’s builders and owners wanted it to be exactly that, a sanctuary. They advertised it as a place to escape, a city to start fresh. And from an on looker it would appear to be exactly that. However moving to Libertas isn’t as simple as just picking a house and moving in.

A mystery ‘Panel’ were willing to waive the application fee in return for one small simple thing… Secrets.

Nobody ever knew why the Panel asked for their secrets at the time, but they start to realize why eventually. The illusive group of strangers are known to hold the information over the inhabitants head, threatening to expose them if they don’t follow their orders. While you’d hope that venomous people pulling strings would stop there, it alas does not. People’s idealistic hopes for a new city formed on liberty are quickly turning out to be just that, a mere fantasy.  

Welcome to Libertas.

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