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#disney twisted wonderland
curryandbread · 2 days ago
Hi! Can I request for Twisted Wonderland dorm leader find out that their s/o usually taking a bath near the lake of ramshackle dorm because the water inside the dorm sometimes not working.
Thank you.
Taking a bath at a lake near Ramshackle
Hello anon! so sorry if my posts have been really slow. Hope you enjoy!
And yes! I’m back! I was sick for a very long time, the virus hasnt been faring well for me. ><
Gender neutral pronouns!
Riddle Rosehearts
Just so it happened that Riddle was coming to visit you. When he called out to you in the dorm, no one responded.
He went outside to check, until he heard water splashing. His head whipped towards the direction of the sound. He sneaks to see your back. I mean, your bare back.
He hissed as his face grew red before hiding elsewhere and covering his mouth. “Did they always bathe out here…?!??”
He wouldn’t tell you that he’s spotted you in that position. In fact, if he ever brought that up, only red will come out of his face. Blush?? nose bleed??? I don’t know which one exactly.
Leona Kingscholar
Maybe Leona just slacks off and took an idea to walk around campus.
Let’s say the lake can be seen from a certain radius once you’re in the area of Ramshackle Dorm. His ears perked up when he saw a certain head pop out from the small body of water by the dorm.
He sighed, approaching you. “Oi, herbivore. If you’re going to expose yourself, don’t do it in broad daylight.” he called out, in which you flinched, flustered from what he said.
He smirked to himself, however he probably drank his Respect Juice, so he wouldn’t spread this information elsewhere.
Azul Ashengrotto
My, if he saw how beautiful your form was he’d be awed (or, probably jealous.)
However, he’d realize soon enough that he was basically invading your quarters, especially if you’re like that.
He clears his throat as he politely looks away. He’ll stand there until you call out to him.
He’d be a little mad, how careless can you be?! He found it daring, next time what if someone sees you and harm befalls on you?!
Kalim Al-Asim
He wouldn’t realize that you’d do such a thing, despite the poor plumbing at your dorm (as he had mentioned already.)
He sees your figure, then taking a few seconds to process what he had just seen.
At first he would try to call out to you if he WAS accompanied by Jamil. Of course, it’s Jamil’s turn to do whatever just to discipline Kalim.
If Jamil WASN’T there with Kalim, he’d just go for it and call for your name. You only yelped in surprise as soon as you saw Kalim waving from a distance.
Vil Schoenheit
“Doesn’t that look unsanitary?” He thinks to himself, as he saw your figure bathing in the water.
As soon as he found out you live like this, he won’t hesitate to treat you like actual royalty.
Hello? He literally saw you bathe at such an intolerable place, let him lead you to use the Pomefiore bathrooms for a better hygiene.
Idia Shroud
I can see him flaring up as 23 different emotions came across his face within five seconds.
“Do you live like you’re pretending to be in an onsen or something? That is so long ago.” He remarks to himself, hiding behind a wall as his head peeked out.
It did seem like fun to him, imagining that this could be what you both would do as you bonded together.
He shook his head in total embarrassment, walking away as he let you be.
Malleus Draconia
Malleus must’ve seen something like this before, as he had heard from Lilia as to how people have lived before.
Seeing you do the same thing had left him fascinated, it made him want to ask you thousands of questions.
However, he can only watch you from afar, for now.
When the time comes, he wouldn’t hesitate to point this out to you in the next time you both see each other again.
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Azul, Rook, Idia, Riddle playing with S/O in snow headcanons if youcan please!! tyvm Raven!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
The cold doesn’t bother Azul (he’s dealt with worse in the chilly waters of the Coral Sea), but he’s reluctant to do anything that requires exerting a lot of stamina. It won’t be long before he’s wheezing and and pink-faced, and needs to stop to catch his breath. Because of this, he insists on slower paced activities with more emphasis on planning than vigorous movements.
After some back and forth, you come to a mutual agreement: you’ll pick one activity, and Azul will pick another. He’ll do his best to honor his end of the bargain with you, but it won’t be without some grumbling, depending on what your choice is. Azul doesn’t very much enjoy being pelted with snowballs or having blistering wind chills tearing at his face as he sleds down a steep hill—but he’ll grit his teeth and endure it for you.
His glasses fog up terribly in the winter weather! He has to take them off and wipe them on his coat or on his scarf every so often just to keep his vision clear. It’s one of the few moments when you can glimpse him without his glasses (though he’s quick to replace them and smugly ask if you ‘see something on his face’).
When it’s his turn to choose something to do, Azul takes the reins of command and announces his plans to build a snow sculpture. He starts by etching a large circle on the ground and, as a stickler for interior design, mumbles to himself about potential furniture. Block by block, you and Azul carefully construct a spacious igloo, complete with little snow stools and a low, flat mound resembling a coffee table.
Once your new shelter is complete, of course you’ve got to crawl inside to test it out! It’s a little cramped and dark, but the igloo is surprisingly warm and cozy, especially squished so closely with Azul. (Is this what it’s like in his octopot? you wonder.) “For what it is, it’s adequate,” he remarks with a vague blush, “... but it’s certainly not what I had in mind for the home we’d one day share. When the time comes, I ensure you that it will be nicer than an igloo.”
Tumblr media
Rook’s ecstatic to join you for a day of fun in the snow. So ecstatic, in fact, that he skips ringing your doorbell or knocking the door (you know, like any rational person would) and instead heads to right below your window. Forming a snowball in his hands, he chucks it at the glass panes to grab your attention—and shoots a smile, and a morning greeting, from below.
He’s open to any and all winter time activities! Rook’s not that picky; he’ll happily follow along with whatever you’re in the mood to do. If you happen to choose something competitive (say, a snow all fight), he’s good about restraining his physical prowess to allow you a reasonable chance of defeating him. (... Though if you accuse him of “taking it easy” on you, he’ll throw his hands up and deny it, instead attributing his loss to your skillful play.)
His artistic abilities can be put on full display, with snow as his medium! While you work on making a standard snowman (even if its head is more narrow than round), Rook whips up fantastical sculptures with his bare hands—a deer family and a cheeky rabbit, a boy playing with a bear, a llama (eating... spinach puffs?), and finally, a pair of strikingly familiar people, happily embracing one another.
Rook shows you how to identify animals by their tracks! Together, you crouch low to the ground and exchange hushed whispers over the shapes in the snow, sometimes coming across dens in a forest of barren trees. He warns you not to disturb the hibernating animals—but should you come across one that is awake and well, he’ll coax it closer so you can run a hand along its fur.
You decide to make snow angels to leave your own mark in the area. Side by side, you collapse with Rook onto your backs, spreading your arms and legs out to form glorious wings. You get back up and brush off the snow, Rook chuckling as he helps pluck out particularly large chunks from your coat. “When all the snow melts away, there is only an angel left behind,” he croons, fingers weaving through your hair. “What a lucky man I am, to have an ange before me.”
Tumblr media
It must be a Christmas miracle that you managed to coax Idia out of his room and out into a winter wonderland. He looks so awkward standing there, sharp teeth chattering, shrinking in on himself in the middle of a flurry of white, snow fizzling away as soon as it makes contact with his scorching hair. His enthusiasm is at an all-time low, and it’s up to you to lift his spirits!
Idia’s clumsy—not that he usually is, but this otaku’s definitely not used to treading on slippery ground! Every other step is a dare with death itself, with Idia stumbling over his own feet to correct his balance. It’s even worse for him when he attempts (re: attempts) to join you on a frozen lake for ice-skating. He has to cling onto you for dear life as you slowly make your way around the rink, praying that his trembling legs won’t double over and make him look lame.
Idia’s like a walking furnace. Whenever you’re too cold, all you need to do is lean a little into him to get an instant surge of warmth. He’s especially warm when his emotions are running high—from your touch or from your words. And if you ask to hold his hand, or for his breath to thaw your fingers, it’s game over for Idia. That boy’s overheating, his brain is crashing, and it will take one looong debriefing before he reboots again.
He’s not a fan of normie activities, but he’ll gladly augment sports with his various inventions, just to make it feel more like a video game! Idia’s got a snowball shaping machine, and a snowball launchers for faster and more precise aim—one for you, and one for himself. But don’t think he’ll go easy on you just because he tried to even the playing field! Idia’s playing to win and come out on top, getting so swept up in the match that his cackling carries well across the silent snow.
Once the FRZN status has really started to eat away at him, Idia packs up his gadgets and begs you to go back inside. Even with the whirring machines scattered throughout Ignihyde generating warmth, it’s not quite enough to keep you comfy. A hesitant glance, a nervous bite of his lip—and Idia awkwardly extends both arms, his eyes lowered to the ground. “I-If you want... I could also warm you up... w-with a spare hoodie or something!! D-Don’t assume this is a high level love flag...!”
Tumblr media
Riddle has always wanted to frolic in the snow, even if he may not always express it. He rarely had the chance to play outside as a child, but his curiosity has never died out. You’ll often catch him staring out of the window during a study session, his eyes fixated on the blanketed landscape, and the drifting bales of white—so when you finally suggest that Riddle experience it for himself, he agrees.
Riddle’s unsure of how you properly “play” in the snow, so he asks you to demonstrate for him. For a while, he shuffles after you, hands stuffed into his pockets, and watches as you show off the snow’s qualities—how fluffy it is, how cold it is against your skin, how quickly it melts at your touch. He listens and observes with rapt attention, eventually bringing himself to scoop up some snow for himself, and allow a few falling flecks to hit his tongue.
Since he has the chance, Riddle wants to try a little bit of everything. He trusts you to be his guide as he stumbles on ice, shapes the snow, and decorates with sticks and stones and uneaten vegetables... It’s a joy to watch him slowly open up and familiarize himself with it all. Riddle laughs and smiles like he hasn’t been able to in a long time. (... Is that a tear in the corner of his eye, or it that just melted snow?)
As much as he enjoys catching up on aspects of his childhood that he missed out on, Riddle’s resilience (or lack thereof) soon catches up to him. Like a rose, he can’t take ice and frost for too long before wilting. You shelter Riddle and his bright red nose, huddling close as you lead him inside and throw a thick blanket over his small form.
You prepare mugs of hot chocolate, piled high with whipped cream and marshmallows—one for you and one for Riddle. Together, you snuggle by the fireplace as you sip at your drinks, warming you from the inside out. “I’ve never had this much fun before,” Riddle softly confides in you. His fingers slowly trace the rim of his cup, his image reflected back to him in the chocolate. “... Thank you for sharing this with me.”
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kio-may · a day ago
Ok ok ok… this is my first time asking so could you do Riddle, Azul and Malleus finding out the Fem!Reader is secretly a Supreme Deity? Like a god above all gods or smth.. sorry—
Hello!! Ah i feel a bit honored <3 thank you for sending in the request :) i hope you enjoy
Tumblr media
And if he happened to yell at you before his overblot?
Hes unsettled for a while, and it depends on who is actually telling him the news
If it's one of your friends or someone else, he'll just become very distant and wonder if they are also someone like you
His mind is just clouded with questions he can't understand
Just kinda zones out for a while
If it's you that's telling him
He excuses himself to take in the news but isn't as distant
He appreciates that you yourself told him
Mans like 3 seconds away from deflating 😭😭
When he returns he's got all his thoughts in order, albeit he still stumbles over them a bit
It's gonna be a while before he learns to treat you normally again
He just suddenly has this high respect for you, and asks you tons of questions about yourself, where you hail from, your kind and whatnot
He's trying 😭
At some point he'll approach you for help <3 very cute
Still a bit terrified tho
So thats that
Tumblr media
Swears he would've probably pissed his pants
Terrified 2.0
Kinda blanks out for 3-4 days but unlike Riddle he bounces back somewhat swiftly
He's stumbling on his words, his hands are a bit shakey, he's cursing himself in his head
But he's suddenly gotten a myriad of ideas
Becomes so wary of you
Really has like, no idea what to do. He realizes the huge gap between you and him and if you're both friends,he'll just forget how to function for a while
Regrets trying to rope you into a contract but brushes the thought aside quickly
"I-is that so? I see I see"
^his entire desk is shaking
Later on he becomes more shady with you at some points of the day, offering contracts and whatnot, even if he knows ultimately theyre probably useless to you
Shaking crying
Ultimately the shock wears off in about 2 weeks, then he's back to normal, despite having "bounced back" in 3-5 days, the shock still took some time for him to absorb
Tumblr media
He wonders how powerful you are
If it's from someone else he's hearing this, he'll ask you about it
If it's from you, he'll start asking questions straight away
Where are you from? Are your kind the same? Do you plan to stay? Do you want to have a quick match? How far do your abilities go?
He's been craving a good sparring match with someone for a while, and quickly realizes how fun it is when both of you do decide to and he finds it challenging for the first time in probably a long long time
He'll often ask you if you're free to have a sparring match with him
His interest in you was already high, but now it's peaked
He'll often ask about and even try to test your abilities
Overall? He's missed having sparring matches with magic, he likes it
He also thinks of some more.. controversial questions
What do the lifeforms on this world mean to you? Do you plan to stay? Is there really something more powerful out there that isn't letting you go back home or do you stay out of your own will?
He never dares to ask you these though
After sparring matches he'll talk about techniques and whatnot
He also asks about your wisdom and the like
Thinks you're fun and the best person he's ever met aside from his grandma
Partners in crime
I mean pop off u guys
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miraclebeliver · 2 days ago
After all, I am just a Mortal
summery: you try to end your relationship with Malleus, being well aware of you mortality. but little did you know that a dragon's love is far stronger than you anticipated.
warnings: angst, talk of death
genre: angst, fluff
A/n: credit for the idea goes to @halseyhatter. Permission to use this was granted by them, if anyone has queries regarding this PM me!
[Pt: 1] - you are here
[Pt: 2]- coming soon
Tumblr media
I...I think we should end this." your voice wavered, you were feeling hesitant about your decision. Its not like you wanted to do this, but it would probably be better for the both parties.
"End what, love?" Malleus was alarmed, he really hoped this isn't going where he thinks it is. They are his world. His child of man.
Both you and Malleus were on one of your weekly dates. It was sunday, sun was bright, there was large spread of food on the blanket and your were laying on soft green grass. It was a perfect picnic date. It wasn't supposed to go like this.
"You and me, I am talking about us. We can't keep doing this, Malleus." your voice was slightly more firm than before but you couldn't help the line of unshead tears that appeared in your eyes whenever you think about your future together, because you probably will have none.
the weather suddenly changed and you think you might have heard lightning somewhere close.
"but why?" Malleus's was upset, your change from Tsunotaro to his name didn't go unnoticed to him. Had he done something wrong? do they not feel loved enough? were...were they scared of him now? that was his greatest fear, he didn't want them to be scared of him. Not them, anyone but them.
The weather was getting bad to worse. You could feel the black clouds gathering above you, in a previously sunny day.
" I-I wont be with you in few decades," You started, your heart was beating loudly, your heart telling you to not to go on. But in the race of your brain and heart, this time, your brain won.
"You'll move on, you'll forget me, I don't want you to forget me. You'll have someone else, you'll be happy with them, then what about me? I'll grow old, I'll have have wrinkle, I'll have white hair, will you still love me? You'll live on forever, tsunotaro, I wont. After all I am just a mortal." You couldn't keep your tears at bay, letting them stream down your face. You feel your heart ripping at the hurt look on his face. You never want to hurt him, but you had to think about yourself too.
You love malleus, You do, but you can't keep doing this to yourself. You can't see him with someone else. Can anyone blame you for being a little selfish?
"My love, please don't cry, I hate to see you cry," Malleus whispered leaning close to you, wiping the tears on your cheeks with his thumb. "I promise you we will figure out a way, just....just don't leave me, please." that was the first time you had heard a crack in his usually velvety smooth voice. Malleus had similar red lined eyes as you, as he tried to keep his tears at bay.
He can't lose his child of man, he won't lose his child of man. He refuses to let that happen. They were his first friend and now they are his lover. They are the most important person in his life and he refuses to let them go like this.
What's the point of being this powerful when he can't even keep the one he loves close to him.
Suddenly, his eyes lit up, as if remembering something.
"I-I might have read something about that...ah yes. child of man, I might have an answer to our problems."
You looked curiously, Malleus face contorted into that of thinking hard.
Because if there was a solution, you were willing to give it a try. You were aware that there was only one, but you decided to stay here for Malleus and if you weren't there with him forever then what was the point of choosing to stay here, choosing him.
"I have to write to my grandmother, give me sometime, my child of man," he rested on of his hand on your waist, pulling you close to him. "I promise I won't let this, or anything, break us. I love you and I am going to find the solution. Then you and me, we won't have to part." Malleus muttered, his eyes hooded. He caressed your cheek lovingly, leaving a soft peck there.
" I love you too. Also that does sounds sounds nice." You nodded, gazing into his glowing green eyes.
He gave you one last kiss on forehead before bursting into familiar green firflies you've come to adore so much.
You really hoped that he wouldn't do something reckless. You want to be with him of course, but you wanted him to be safe too.
You returned to your dorm, tired- emotionally and physically.
You found grim sleeping peacefully on the couch with bunch of empty tuna cans around him. You smiled at the scene before you. Who knew Grim can look so cute when isn't ordering you around. Grim was your best friend, he had been there with you and for you since day one. He and Malleus got along great, actually, since the feline-monster isn't scared of him as well.
Days flew by, you and Malleus didn't talk at all for those seemingly long days. Only when you were starting to worry, a letter came you with a valley of thorns seal and a familiar handwriting of your lover. It said to go to the Diasomnia dorm in thirty minutes.
You sighed in relief, he maybe one of the top five magicians in this word but even he isn't invincible. Nonetheless, you were glad that be was safe.
You walked to the mirror room, leaving Grim in the dorm.
You stepped into the Diasomnia dorm to see Malleus, Lilia, Sebek and Silver waiting for you. Usually, either Silver, Sebek or someone other from his dorm would escort you to his room, even when you turn up unannounced, but everyone was present this time.
Everyone from Malleus' dorm knew you and were pretty sweet towards you, with you being their dorm leader's lover.
Unsurpisingly, they were all knight in the shining armour types, having grown up in the Valley of Thorns, which takes you back to the medival era.
Malleus extended his hand to you and smiled.
"Welcome, my treasure." You took his hand in yours, caressing back of it gently with your thumb and he shot you a small smirk in return. You gave a small wave to silver, sebek and lilia, the latter waved back cheerfully while the other two nodded in acknowledgement.
Malleus thinks that you didn't see the thin sheet of sweat covering his forehead or the blatant nervous look in his eyes.
Okay, you'll admit that it won't be noticeable to a stranger, but you weren't one. He was nervous. And him being nervous made you nervous.
"Thank you, Malleus. I think we should talk first." You muttered. You just wanted for him get whatever that was eating him away, out the way first .
"Indeed, follow me, my child of man." Malleus you his arm which you gladly took and lead you to his dorm room. He opened the door for you and closed it behind him when he entered.
You took a look at the form you had spent much time in, you loved his room because it was so him. You took a seat on his highly comfortable bed, patting the empty space next to, an indication for him to join in.
"First, tell me are you okay? I didn't hear from you for days." that was the first thing you asked him.
"Of course, love. Many rumors may be absurd but they surely do my strength justice ." he let you an amused chuckle, which quickly turned into a sad smile
"Y/n, I....looked for a solution and I found it but I fear you are not ready," Malleus whispered sitting next to you on his bed and took both of your hands in his. When he said your name, you knew that something was wrong.
"Tell me, I am ready, Malleus. If I wasn't I wouldn't have stayed." You said in equally low voice, with a soft smile, cupping his cheek in your palm. Closinng his eyes, Malleus, leaned in to your touch. Taking in a deep breath he continued.
"Thought you would say that," he gave you a slight smirk. Malleus took the your hand which rested on his cheek and held it tightly in his.
"I talked to my Grandmother, you've met her before, yes?" How could you ever forget that day. It was most nerve wreaking day for you, meeting queen of The Valley of Thorns, The famed Witch of Thorns, but most importantly Malleus' grandmother, Maleficent.
She was not as scary as stories say her to be, quite nice actually. But she had this wall of thorns around her heart that distances her from the rest of the world.
She had talked to you for about two hours, which was a lot considering her very busy schedule, but she really does loves her grandson and only wants best for him. When she had approved of you, both you and Malleus were overjoyed and you had let out a sigh of relief.
You never told Malleus that she threatened you a little to not to break her grandson's heart.
But you would never, you'll have him for as long as he'll have you. You loved him more than words could ever express. Word 'Boyfriend' seems so casual to you, not feeling fit for the relationship the two of you have.
Fae nobility had tried to oppose Malleus' relationship with you but he had already ressured you Maleficent has already taken care of them.
You didn't know what she had done and you are pretty sure that you don't want to.
"Yes, I have, of course." You replied nodding your head, smiling. You liked Maleficent, she had been very supportive of two of you. Lilia says that she's your biggest shipper. You had to laugh at absurd but maybe true accusation.
"So I talked to her and she came up with this. Grandmother says that there is this spell that can enchant food, fae food specifically. The spell is powerful, powerful enough that even I cannot do it, but Grandmother says she might be able to do it." Malleus explained, threading your fingers together. Patient waiting for your answer.
He doesn't have to explain further, you know what the spell does. After all, there is only one solution to your problems
"I'll do it."
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emyluwinter · 2 days ago
If someone insults a gang of freshmen.
Ace - tries to make a joke or calm down the conflict without wanting to get into a fight.
Deuce - holds on so as not to start a fight and tries to bring the conflict to a peaceful course. He really tries, but after that he can break down and start pouring threats at high speed.
Jack - is a "menacing look" and an attempt not to start a fight. Jack is a good boy, but his sense of justice sometimes puts a rake under his feet.
Sebek - stunning him with a loud voice. Minus the ears and hearing of those who wanted to unleash a conflict.
Epel is a little aggressive, wants but can't fight. Because otherwise he will get a reprimand from Vil. "I'm not going to break my damn manicure on your stupid face!"
Yuu tries to reduce the conflict to zero by all means. Anyway. They don't want fights and quarrels. But they also have patience and they start using their "sharp tongue"
Grimm is ready to burn everyone's trousers down to their underpants at any moment.
Someone starts insulting or humiliating, or God forbid to hit the Prefect. ..
Oooooh boy..
None of the first-year students are holding back.
They take out their pens, clench their hands into fists and, in full combat readiness, knock out and break every bone in this person.
Deuce pulls out a Bat out of nowhere.
Ace was taken aback for a second. - WHERE DID YOU GET THE BAT?!
Sebek makes a sword out of his "magic pen".
Epel takes out an apple-cutting knife.
Jack kneads his fists and grins, baring his bestial wolf fangs.
Grimm angrily snorts smoke and small sparks of blue flame.
Yuu is rapidly turning gray knowing that a very brutal murder is about to happen - no, no, no. BOYS NO!!
No one dares to touch their Prefect. They don't care who the opponent is. They will never tolerate such an attitude towards Yuu.
The offender will not even have time to finish before his jaw is broken.
But if.....
One of the leaders dorm will see it. Rest in peace, man.
Those who want to burn / curse / drown / use the offender for fertilizers
Malleus, Vil, Azul, Riddle.
Those who break their legs a little later. And in the beginning they will knock out all their teeth and jaw
Just hit the tablet from a great height in the head.
(just imagine how a flying tablet rises to the ceiling and sharply falls sideways into the head)
Idia that only presses a button - Up, down..up.. down..and one more time. Stupid NPC
When Yuu is out of sorts and someone offends someone from the first-year students. Even they have limits of patience.
"Yes, yes, you are such a pretentious, proud turkey here, with an arrogant ass, who is trying to boost his ego by bullying others. I have neither the desire nor the time to deal with this"
- eh?!What did you say??
- I said "shut the f8ck up" until I stuck a pencil in your throat and you choked on your own blood. I have enough strength to push the pencil through the lower jaw under the tongue into your skull, but I won't get to the brains because they are not there...
Ace and Deuce are very afraid of Yuu at such moments, even more than Riddle is in anger.
Epel sincerely admires their bravery, but is terrified of how scary they can be.
Jack and Grimm are tucking their ears and tail feeling like Yuu is furious.
Sebek is confused because he doesn't know where to start the lecture, with Yuu swearing or there were death threats.
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minteasketches · a day ago
Tumblr media
Peonies are linked to romance, marriage, and even bashfulness.
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alextheoreo · 18 hours ago
Twisted Wonderland Actor AU Bloopers : Heartslabyul
bloopers and behind the scenes of the crimson tyrant arc
*filming a serious scene*
Ace, mouthing: don't fucking laugh, don't-
Trey: *laughs*
Riddle, drinking tea: mmm... BLEH, hot...
Everyone: *laughing*
*they're filming Overblot Riddle's fight, Trey easily picks up Riddle by the armpits and holds him up*
Yuu: Grim, get back here!
Yuu: It's weird when there's no one there o-o
Ace: I want a chocolate criossant.
Deuce: And I want an iced latte
Yuu: ...I hope your pillows are cold, and your toilet seats are warm
Leona, in the back: What the hell-?
Everyone, eating the tart: *nom*
Also everyone: BLEH SALTY!!!!
*there was actual oyster sauce in the tart*
Yuu, in interview: There actually wasn't meant to be Oyster Sauce in the tart, but the producers added it in as a prank
Riddle: It was all impromptu.
Cater: That tart was disgusting ;-;
Lilia, hanging upside down: Hello- AH!
*the cord snapped and he fell*
*video shows Deuce actually attempting punch out the seniors on main street, Malleus holds him back*
Che'nya, in full greenscreen costume: ...I'm green Slenderman.
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squidwen · 2 days ago
Match-Up Commission #6: 🦇Lilia Vanrouge🦇
This is for the lovely @zephypearl thank you so much for your support!
My commission info can be found here.
Tumblr media
This fae has lived for hundreds of years; through the peaks and troughs of history time and time again. You’d think he’d be able to predict what would come next in his life. So how come you were such a wonderful surprise?
Firstly, I think that your adventurous nature would be a welcome feature in your relationship. Even though Lilia is partial to travelling by himself, he’s more than happy to show his beloved all the places he’s been to in the past. Revisiting with a companion would likely change his view on them, and if he hasn’t visited certain locations in a few centuries, he would be eager to see how things have changed while he’s been away. Seeing you want to try everything, things that are completely new to you yet so old to him, will give your trips a degree of freshness he hasn’t felt in likely centuries. You remind him of what it feels to be young and carefree, and your presence is something he savours every second of.
What’s more, your liking of bats is perfect. Lilia has plenty of the little creatures fluttering around him. I’m sure they would be more than happy to carry light luggage for you, and convey messages from their master. Lilia’s an old soul, so his style of courting you would be old-fashioned with letters and flowers. Don’t be surprised if one day you’re just minding your own business when a bat flies in through your window, hooks itself under your arm, and flashes a rolled note attached to its leg. And if you want to keep a bat as a pet, that’s no problem. Lilia might joke and tease you about how you would be its mother, and he its father. Expect to have ‘bats in your hair’ from then on!
Music and fairy tales are things Lilia wouldn’t hesitate to try and impress you with, too. Lilia is a strong musician, often taking to the guitar and rocking out until the sun comes up, and if you like that sort of thing, do head-bang until you’re dizzy. However, softer ballads aren’t an unknown concept to him. You can’t seriously expect an ancient being like Lilia to not try and serenade you at least once with a piece he’s written especially for you! As for your keenness for fairy stories, it’s only a matter of seconds before Lilia is wracking his brains for every memory he owns after you tell him. Be it from the war, raising Malleus, life in the Valley of Thorns, Lilia will spare no detail. He would pinch your cheeks with flattered delight if you were to coo and gasp at what he was telling you. And if you stumble across that portrait of him in the school history textbook, expect him to flash you a coy grin and start telling you all about it. If you ask if it truly is him in the textbook, he’ll ask who anyone truly is~
Before the two of you get close, Lilia would have already known much about you from how keen his eyes and ears are. He’s picked up on the fact you tend to be cautious around others in the beginning, and then open up to them. Like a lily after the first thaw of spring. Seeing your bubbly side, even from a distance, makes him want to experience it all for himself. He’ll try and coax it out of you gently; offering sound advice and playing gentle tricks on you so that you’ll gradually warm up to him. And, if at any time, you feel flustered or anxious expect to be wrapped in his over-sized coat and spirited off somewhere to calm down. Lilia’s a war veteran and knows just how gentle you need to be with people whom are going through the motions. He’d offer to cook you something to cheer you up. SAY NO! But a nice glass of tomato juice wouldn’t go amiss, eh?
Finally, your helpful nature is a joy for the fae to behold. Rigorous training ingrained into most of the Diasomnia boys the importance of selflessness and helpfulness, but you seem to do it of your own volition. What a sweet and fair thing you are! Lilia will hang from the ceiling beams as you toil away, sending down his bats to aid while your back is turned. Oh? You ended up finishing far earlier than you expected? How bizarre. Be careful though. If Lilia offers you help, do not accept it. It’s one thing for a fae to give help freely, and another to offer it. You don’t want to be bound by the law of mutual-exchange, do you? If Lilia helps you move a dozen boxes, whose to say atonement for that wouldn’t be sampling his new recipes? A fae is a fae, after all~
In short, you and Lilia are like an hourglass. On the bottom, is him, with all the time in the world, while your time is running out on top. But that only means he has to cherish you twice as much. It’s been years since he’s felt romantic for anyone. Things always prevented him from falling in love, but now he’s finally free to, and his mischievous little heart chose you.
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azuls-octobussy · 2 days ago
Hi, there! Can I request a fluff/angst scenario in which Leona suddenly becomes blind trying to protect his fem! s/o from a horrible monster and she takes good care of him until he gets his sight back? Thanks a bunch!
Your request has been received!
Oh, I don't do much hurt/comfort! Moving outside of my comfort zone is always a good thing, though. Hope you like it~
Rated T for Teen
CW: Strong Language, Mentions of Violence, Kissing
Guilt. You were consumed by it. Because it was all your fault. Because of you, Leona got hurt, saving you from that monster. Now here he was, bandages over his damaged eyes. The doctors said he would most likely regain full use of his eyes, but the point remained that if it wasn’t for you, Leona wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.
So, in order to make it up to him, you decided you were going to devote yourself to nursing him back to health. Luckily, this whole thing hadn’t affected Leona’s attitude, however. He would boss you around, demanding this, that, and the other. You didn’t mind, even as you sat by his bed, spooning soup into his mouth.
“I’m really sorry, Leona.” you said, for what had to be the millionth time. Leona scowled, his brow furrowing under the bandages.
“Enough of that crap!” he snapped.
“But-” You were grabbed and pulled close to Leona’s face, the soup falling to the floor.
“I said enough! My eyes will be fine. You, on the other hand, would’ve been turned into a red stain on the grass! So enough of the bullshit already!” The next thing you knew your lips were pressed firmly against Leona’s. After a minute, he released you, and you just sat back, stunned.
“Alright, back at with the soup.”
“I’m, uh, I’m gonna have to go get some more…”
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foxy-princess · a day ago
Idk if this still open but may I request with Leona, Idia and Malleus as reader family is royal (I'm not good in describing but I want it to be marriage topic or sort) @eterna25
If you're wondering why Leona calls you little birdie, it's the nickname he gives you after herbivore no longer suits you. Because your personality is a bit like a Disney princess', I thought it would fit considering that they're always surrounded by birds.
Link to Malleus' part:
Link to Idia's part: scheduled for next week
Link to Kalim's part: scheduled for this weekend
Link to ************'s part: scheduled for next week
Twisted Wonderland
(not so) Arranged marriage
Rating: SFW, genderless MC, romantic relationship, ace-friendly, 16+ (usage of the word f*ck)
Leona Kingscholar
(So I've got two possible scenarios in my head where with one you both get to choose who you'll marry and with the other you're in an arranged marriage)
Leona Kingscholar, the infamous second-born, the second son, the younger brother of king Farena, the second-in-line, uncle to the crownprince, the forever prince
He had so many names, so many names that added to his inferiority complex
Then there was you
Oh, where do I start you?
You, just like him, have many names, but each single one of them is a compliment
Prince/princess/royalty, the beautiful, the wise, the strong, the powerful, the cunning
Heir to the crown, destined to rule over a powerful and wealthy country, located on very fertile soil
Although the two of you are so very different, you have one thing in common
You're free to choose someone of your liking to marry
"free", you do have to marry someone though
But that's about that what you have in common, because even the reasoning for that choice differs
You are free to choose because your parents trust you to make the right decision, and so that they won't have to deal with the absurdly long list of suitors
Leona is free to choose because, well, it doesn't really matter who he marries
It doesn't matter if they bring shame to his family, he already does so who cares if there's another one
And as second-born, the fate of the kingdom doesn't depend on it
To be honest, Farena questions whether Leona will ever marry
Especially because Leona hates children and most people he knows, want to have children
So although he loves his brother unconditionally, he has completely given up on him
Until his brother meets you, the most wanted bachelor on the world
Even Draconia can't compare, as unlike him, you weren't isolated from the world
The world knows very well who you are
At the start of Leona's third year, Crowley makes a surprising announcement
There will be an exchange between Night Raven College and Eve's College for the Blessed, a "we don't care what gender you are, you're here to study" school with a formidable reputation
The school you go to and the moment you signed up for the exchange program, you were allowed to partake in it
So among some nobodies, defenseless herbivores, was you, the born true ruler
Although you were in some of his classes, he didn't even bother getting to know you
No way he was going to chase some stuck-up royalty (look who's talking Leona)
Although it was nowhere near his hate for Malleus, he was quite envious of you, of your birthright, of your undeniable succes
So no, he would have never thought he'd ever fall for you
But you, from the moment you met him, you knew you wanted to get to know him better
'Cause he was the only bachelor prince who wasn't after your hand in marriage
Well, neither is Malleus', but Malleus would be a political nightmare to try and marry, with his own kingdom and all, so you know he's off limits and he know you're as well
But then there's stubborn little Kingscholar
The only one who doesn't want to see your true colours, your heart
Which you are willing to show him, if he lets you come closer
But the damned soul won't fricking let you
It's so frustrating, you're so used to people allowing you to help them, for some to even beg for help
And you're used to everyone around you falling in love with you
But then there's this fellow, and he just straight up rejects you, or worse, ignores you
Which annoys the hell out of you
But you're no quitter, so you bet that you'll do anything to catch his attention
But after he didn't even say so much of a thank you after you crocheted a hammock for him, you realised that kindness wasn't going to do it
Trust me, he is pushing you away
On purpose, because he's scared of what'll happen if gets to know you
So you decide to casually insult him, just to piss him off and finally get what you want
Leona happens to overhear you asking Malleus if you can train with him and his Magical Shift team
So he asks you with a cocky smile why you won't train at Savanaclaw, as they have a whole field to train
"No thanks, Leona, I don't practice with losers."
A day later, you and Malleus happen to be talking near Leona in the botanical garden, when you turn to look at him and then suggest sitting somewhere else
Leona is about to say something along the lines of "Finally, I can sleep without having to hear your voice."
When you say "Sorry kitten, this conversation is meant for first-borns."
Your insults do not only make Leona quite annoyed at you, they also confuse Malleus, because it's very unlike you to be mean to someone
But after two weeks of pestering the sleeping lion, he wakes up
After yet another insult, he snaps
"What the fuck do you want? Do you really think you can get away with looking down on people like that, you stuck-up royal bastard." he snarls
Although you thought you'd be happy that he finally talked to you, you are actually a little bit pissed
Scrap little bit, you're livid
"Stuck-up? Look who's talking you arrogant sloth! You can't even see what's happening around 'cause your head is so far up your ass. I try to be nice to you, help you and all I get is the cold shoulder? Even after I tried giving you a second, third, fourth and fifth chance! Don't you see? I want to get to know you better and you push me away. I am genuinely interested, yet you could not care less. Seriously, you threw my kindness back into my face so many times, that all I really want now is a simple fucking apology so I can turn around and leave."
You relaxed, realising how bad you just lost your temper, realising your mistakes
With your tail between your legs, you walked toward Leona, ashamed of your actions
"I'm sorry for losing my temper. I'm sorry for insulting you."
He looks at you, so quick to apologize, yet it's still so sincere
Maybe you aren't so bad at all
Although your temper was as bad as Malleus' when it came to insults
"So, you did all of this, just to get to know me better, herbivore?"
You let out an awkward laugh
"Yeah, I really did."
"Well then, your wish is my command, highness." the last words was drenched in so much sarcasm, you could taste it
But he did really let you get to know him
And now you really couldn't turn around and let him get away
Not now that you were so close
He let you ask tons of questions for about an hour, because that's how long it took for him to get tired and fall asleep
You were quite frustrated, as you had many more questions, you barely knew anything about him because, well, he's not really important as a second-born
You're a quick learner though, and soon you get used to him always being asleep, so whenever you spend time together (basically every hour of the day), you just let him sleep while you do some homework, study, read or draw
It's unsusual for you to be so interested in one person, but it's also unusual for someone not to like you
And who could resist the adorable lion?
One time he opened his eyes while you were drawing while his head was on your lap
He took the piece of paper and was ready to criticize you, when he realized that the drawing of the flower you made, was actually pretty good
So instead he just looks at it and hands it back, muttering a compliment, while you pet his head until he falls back asleep
Which becomes a routine
Whenever you're drawing when he wakes up, he looks at the drawing and compliments you and you sush him back to sleep
It doesn't take long for not only you being the one to look for the other to spend some time together
Leona often sits down underneath a tree when you're training on the field, watching you until he falls asleep
Or he sits down next to you in the library while you study, using your bag as a pillow
You're still fairly close with Malleus though, which scares him
Malleus is of course a far better match for you, and Leona does not want to waste his time on something that'll never happen
And he thinks his chances are absolute zero as long as you're involved with that bastard, but he can't let go of you just yet
He also mentions it during his overblot
Speaking of which
It was you who stopped him during his overblot
It was you who saved him
It was you who pulled him out
You, the cold, calculating, arrogant, condescending, selfish, slick royalty he thought you to be
The one who never cared for anyone but themself, who would do anything to end up in first place, who would not even hestitate to trample on others
You, you saved him
You want to know how much it took for him to change his stubborn little mind?
One conversation
One conversation is what he took for him to realize you weren't the villain he had made you to be
For him to open his eyes, to see who you really were
Because during the conversation, you mentioned details about him, that no one had ever noticed before
Small things, like how he likes his meals, his favourite cloths, which lessons interest him more than others, how he scoffs whenever he sees Malleus, how he cares for some people, although he'll never say it out loud, how fond he is of Ruggi, who's always by his side, no matter how mean he is, but isn't afraid to call him out occassionaly either
But also big things, like you know in what mood he is just by the way he sleeps, how you know that he feels like he isn't worthy, isn't good enough
How he hides his insecurities behind his huge ego
How he feels like nothing matters, because the thing he wants the most, will never come true
How his dreams are hopeless phantasies, illusions
How he sleeps, not because he's so tired or lazy, but because he just lacks the energy
You see, people drain their energy from their hopes and dreams
And Leona has given up on all of them, since the day Cheka was born
You had noticed he was sleeping less lately, and was already wondering what got his hopes up
How you now knew that it was the idea of being victorious for once, how you were too late to find out that the wrong things were motivating him
"You don't need to win, to be a victor, Leona. There's more to life than those who win and those who lose. Life is about those who give up, and those who don't. And it breaks my heart to see you give up on things, to see you give up on yourself. Please, I beg you, don't give up. Don't give up, for me, my sweet prince."
And boy, did that surprise him
It made him feel things he had never felt before, see you like he never had
He remembers noticing small things about you, things he never really gave a second thought about, but things that somehow did stick with him
Picking up a pen a classmate dropped, helping a first-year carry his books after he bumped into you, cutting Jamil's meat for him when you join him for lunch, helping Jade grow his mushrooms when you happen to be in the botanical garden, running laps with Jack at the break of dawn, sparring with Sebek, cleaning stables with Riddle and Silver, joining Malleus when you catch him gawking at gargoyles, helping Deuce his homework, discretely fixing Vil's makeup on the rare occasion that it is required
You spent most of your free time helping others, no matter how boring the task is
And the little free time you have left, you spend studying, very obviously surpassing the level of most third-years at NRC
Geez, are you trying to pass as some sort of saint? Get over yourself
No way that the stubborn is going to admit that your benevolence is quite compelling to him
Why would you help others if there's nothing gain?
It goes against his values, against the person he wants to be
Why is the selfish cat not going to rule, but selfless deer is?
But don't worry, you're not stupid
Or a deer, like he thinks you are
You bet your ass you're a tiger, ruler of the jungle
He just has to look a little bit closer
And trust me, he will
After his overblot, you visit him in the infirmary
His brother and sister-in-law are already there, which makes you hestitate
Do you really want them to see you, worried for Leona? How much will it harm his reputation?
But when you see his tired face, you can't help but to feel very worried, so you go to see him anyway
Farena is surprised to see you, he knows who you are and despite knowing that you're an exchange student, he is surprised to see you
Especially because Leona never mentioned you on the rare occasion that he would text
You formally greet him as a king, but when he tries to greet you back, you're quick to tell him he doesn't have to
You're not here as royal, you're here as a friend
"Hey you, how are you feeling?"
"Things could be better, little birdie."
Not calling you herbivore? That's a nice change
"Most people feel like that after I've handed their ass to them." you joke, and he laughs before whincing in pain and you feel sorry for making him laugh, so you lovingly and soothingly carress his cheek
"I'm sorry I couldn't prevent the overblot from happening, I know I should have and I tried, I really tried but-"
"Hey, it's not your fault." he gently sushes you, but you still feel guilty
You're a ruler in the making for God's sake, you should have stopped something as simple and as predictable as an overblot from happening
It really makes you feel like you failed, like you failed him
When that's from the truth, for you saved him
He whipes away a single tear that managed to escape with his thumb, and although his hand is rough and course, his touch is the opposite
His brother interrupts the moment between the of you, telling you that he needs to talk to his brother, in private
You hestitate, but do follow his orders, although you can't help but look back at Leona, as the queen leaves the infirmary with you
Leona prepares himself for some serious scolding, although he absolutely won't change no matter what his brother says, he does not fancy being yelled at, especially not by his kin
"You don't meet a person like that every lion's reign, Leona. You better ask her out before I do in your name." and that was all that Farena had to say
Leona scratches his head, annoyed, his brother got him all nervous for nothing
Does Farena really think that Leona is stupid enough to ask you out?
You've got hundreds of people wanting to marry you, hell, even Malleus is probably interested in you
There's no way you'll ever fall in love with a mere second-born, a throneless prince
You may care about him, but you care about everyone
He's just too scared you'll reject him and break his heart, confirming his suspicion that he isn't good enough for loving you
Wait, whose voice does he hear outside the door, don't tell him it's-
The doors are slammed open and a young boy with bright red hair runs into the room, running for Leona's bed
Ah fuck it's Cheka
You laugh as you chase the boy, who jumps on Leona which makes you feel very bad for the poor wounded lion, who whinces in pain once more
"Uncle Leona, you never told me you met a pretty girl!" Cheka complains, upset that his uncle never told him that he met you, whom immediately started playing with Cheka the moment you met him
He really liked you, you were so nice and funny! And you weren't tired and grumpy like Leona
"Y/N Y/N!" Cheka exclaims as he jumps over to you, and you skillfully catch him, raising him into the air with an exaggerated sigh
You let Cheka sit on your arm, with his head a little above yours, so he can properly see everything
It surprises Leona, that seeing someone care for such an annoying little brat made his heart melt
"Y/N, when are you two getting married?" Cheka asks, which causes his parents to say his name in disbelieve (they swear they didn't raise him like that)
You immediately blush and expect Leona to look away too with very red cheeks, but instead he's smirking at you (still blushing though)
I shouldn't say, I really shouldn't say it, I should not say it-
"Yeah, when are we getting married, little birdie?"
Fuck I said it
You're shocked for a second (is he courting you?!), but you're quick to answer
"I'll consider it if you ask me out, kitty."
Farena is shocked, did you just call his brother "kitty" and you got away with it?! Boy, he must really like you
"Alright, Thursday night, 7 PM."
"I said ask."
"It's the best I can do."
Both of you are smiling uncontrolably like idiots, but you just can't help it
The first date was wonderful
Although Leona can't stand Floyd, he did give him great advice on where to take you: the lake, on a rowing boat
Which is very romantic at first, with lots of lanterns surrounding you on the calm, dark water
Until Jade and Floyd knock you over, right before the two of you are about to kiss
But their prank doesn't stop the lovebirds, while laughing in the water, both of course completely drenched, you kiss him, before chasing after the eels and tying them to a tree as revenge
Although Leona will never admit it, he is a bit of a romantic, and will often take you on very special and romantic dates, which always manage to take away your breath
The evenings the two of you spend together are always filled with love and magic, something worth to remember
During the Winter Holidays, he takes you to the Savanna to have dinner with his family and you take him to meet your family, which scared the living cat out of him
But he got all dressed up, looking like a gentleman and although he was very nervous, he really impressed your family
See, Leona is lazy, but absolutely not dumb, and no matter what topic your family brought up, he knew just enough about it to be able to join the conversation
He was also very well-mannered throughout the whole evening
It was very unlike him though, which you disliked, but the sheer willpower of his that he was showing by doing his absolute best to impress your family, it made your heart flutter
At the end of the evening he asks your father for his blessing, which he gladly gives him
Not because Leona is such a great guy, but because he noticed the way you look at him, and the way he looks at you
True love, magic in its purest form
There was no way he could deny his child such happiness
Leona proposes to you on New Year's Eve in private, while you were turned to look at the fireworks, a few seconds before the new year starts
And you say yes with tears in your eyes, just as the clock strikes midnight
But when Malleus asks you about it, Leona joins your side to inform him that it was him who gave you the ring
People at school start to notice the small ring on your ring finger, and at first you just tell them it was a gift from your betrothed, not telling them their name, which already provided enough gossip for the school to let it spread like a fire
And it breaks a great many hearts from the people who have secret crushes on you, the oh so sweet royal
He's quite surprised, he did not expect his child of man to marry Kingscholar of all people
Yes, he should absolutely not be underestimated or forgotten, but you could do better if you wanted to
Yet he still managed to steal your heart, he turned out to be the One, the prince without a kingdom
Well, that's about to change
Considering the fact that he's about to marry you
And that you are about to take the throne, which would make him a king, and although it's your kingdom, your parents will of course give him some land as a wedding gift
Some land meaning a piece of land so big you literally can't see the end of it
Leona really was right all that time though, he really was meant to rule, to be a king
And his dream finally came true
He was so happy during the coronation, with a crown on his proud head, a big dark blue cloak around his strong shoulders
He really loved it, loved how he was crowned king, with his family watching (Farena was closing to crying, so proud of his little brother and his sibling-in-law)
In your country, the spouse is always crowned too, no matter if they're a man
Because in your country a king isn't the highest in command, it's always the king's firstborn, which is you
But I must say, Leona was even happier to see you crowned, with your beautiful coronation outfit that accented the curved of your body, whether they were strong or soft, the crown making your face look even more beautiful, your hair shiny and your eyes sparkly
And the heavy purple cloak around your shoulders
Not as happy as on the day of your wedding though, nothing can top that
With your beautiful white clothes, that gorgeous smile of yours
And you danced all night long, setting his heart ablaze, that's how wonderful it was
(Request for wedding headcanons are always accepted)
So to be honest, although he doesn't mind being king, he really wouldn't have cared if you hadn't been a royal
He would have loved you just as much, perhaps also sooner
As you don't need a crown for him to know you're his royal highness
And he doesn't need a throne for him to be your king
Although the two of you made great rulers, your relationship was far better than your rule could ever be
Because no man had ever loved someone before, like Leona loved you
Or perhaps, none of this happened
Perhaps you're just a nobody, a royalty with too many siblings to be of any actual importance, like Kalim, instead you're the youngest
A nobody, forced to marry the second prince of the Afterglow Savanna
And instead of you chasing him, you're chasing eachother
But at first, the two of you really don't care, and especially you, you don't mind anything at all
You're not intimidated by his arrogance
You don't call him senpai, even though he's older
You don't care for his social status as prince
How dare you?
You really don't care
And it infuriates him
How dare you, a nobody, show no respect to him?
How could you not care about your husband-to-be?
How could you not care about him being a prince?
Do you not care about him being a second-born?
Do you not care about the one who will never get the throne?
Do you not care about a failure?
Or do you not care about him being a failure?
Yes, you managed to spark his interest
So he decides to get to know you, his spouse-to-be, and often appears in places where you happen to be
And you, an open-minded soul, don't mind
You don't mind getting to know him, or him getting to know you
Like about many other things, you don't care
Not about the way you look, the way other people think about you, of how they speak of you
But you do care about your school, you are determined to do well, yet you don't care about sports and competitions, as long as you're having fun
You care about others, but not about yourself
You are literally the opposite of him, although he cares more about others than he'll ever admit
And you just open his eyes, when he asks you why you care so much yet so little at the same time
"Why not? I've got nothing to lose."
The sentence he had always used as an excuse for his lazy behavior, you used for your hardworking attitude
Maybe you weren't so different at all
Although it took a long time for the two of you to say it, everyone already knew for a long time that there was something playing between the two of you, and it grew with each day
It grew with each lesson you learned him
"Why shouldn't I care?"
"Why should I care, we're having fun, right?"
Which always makes him laugh, yeah he's having fun
Whether it's because he's tickling you, or playing hide and seek, with the occasional nap, or because you're snuggling
You two were having fun
And with each fun activity, his love for you grew
And with each smile, your heart fluttered inside your chest
So of course you could not resist for much longer
One day, a miracle happened
You got Leona to go to swimming class
Surprise, the big cat knew how to swim
Not so much of a surprise, he hates it
But he's finally in the water, and that's all that matters
And while you two should be practicing laps to improve your personal record, you're only playing around
Diving to the bottom, doing handstands, doing a role in the water, jumping into the water in all the weird ways you could think of
You two are so carefree, so caught up in eachother, that the teacher has given up on trying to get the two of you to actually swim
At the end of the lesson, he climbs out of the water first, water dripping from his long hair which you braided, grabbing a towel to dry himself and his surprisingly muscular body
And you just can't resist
He offers you a hand to help you get out of the pool, and you use it to pull him back into the water
When he resurfaces, he starts growling, but you shut him up
By kissing him
At first he just melts into your embrace, fully enjoying the sweetness of your soft lips, but then he reluctantly pulls away, still not able to stop looking at your pink lips, gesturing at your classmates, looking at the two of you
"Why should you care, you love me, don't you?"
The shocked, yet so resolute look in his eyes said more than enough and you kissed him again, as if nobody was watching
Perhaps, dear reader, fairy tales do exist
Because after the two of you graduated, he proposed to you at the graduation party, outside
And after announcing the betrothal to your parents, they reveal a very pleasant suprise
The dowry they're giving Leona, is a fairly large piece of land, and for you they'll build a small house on top of a hill on that land
All the two of you have to do is look at each other, to know that you're thinking the same thing
Dreams do come true
He finally gets what he wants
He already ruled the world, because you told him he was ruling yours, and your world was all that mattered to him
"Why should I care, you're my world, aren't you?"
But now he finally has the thing he so deeply desired, he had longed so long for
His own kingdom, with everything he'll ever need in it:
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Rook, Kalim: Let there be Light
Did anyone else notice that the big R on Union Birthday Rook’s cap makes him look like he’s repping Pokémon’s Team Rocket--
Also, yes, I am pushing the “Kalim is not stupid” agenda again, so sue me 😤 (It actually ties in well with where I go with this piece!)
Imagine this...
Tumblr media
“If I were to be in a different dorm, I would like to be in Heartslabyul.”
“Ooh, Heartslabyul What made you pick that one over the others?”
“It was a difficult choice!” Rook confessed with a deep, dramatic sigh. “Every dorm has its unique charms! However, Heartslabyul was the one that called out to me the loudest.”
“Like, it vibed with you the best?”
“Oui.” Rook nodded, a radiant smile spreading across his face. “Though I am content with following our beautiful Vil, I feel that I could also serve well under the leadership of Heartslabyul’s queen. Roi des Roses is a very particular individual, so my eye for detail may be of value to him. Heartslabyul also keeps for flamingos and hedgehogs—and I would be able to lend my animal expertise in caring for them. I would be more than happy to support him however I can.”
“Whoa, it’s nice that you’re thinking of how you can help others, Rook!” Kalim beamed. “Come to think of it, Riddle and Vil are similar. They’re both kind of strict, but they’re also really hard working and smart!”
“Roi d’Or...! You understand!!” Rook happily clasped his hands together. “Truly, they are deserving of their titles, of carrying on the spirits of Queen of Hearts and the Beautiful Queen themselves!”
“It’s cuz those two are really amazing. I can see just how much they shine. It’s prettier than any gold or jewels my family has.” Suddenly, Kalim’s smile faltered. “Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re all Dorm Leaders.”
“... Whatever do you mean?” Sensing the shift in Kalim’s mood, Rook adopted a more serious tone.
“Riddle and Vil have done a lot of great things. They’re also really great students and leaders! Compared to that, I’m entire worlds apart. I have average grades, and I have trouble paying attention in class, and waking up on time. I just want everyone to be happy and have fun, but I don’t always know the best way to lead them.”
Kalim laughed—but instead of boisterous, it came out weak. “It feels like I’ll never be able to catch up.”
“Kalim-kun... I don’t believe that’s true at all. You are a Dorm Leader that stands on the same level as any other. You sparkle in your own way—so don’t compare yourself to others. Look within yourself, find your own light, and cultivate it.” Rook playfully tapped a fist against Kalim’s arm. “Then you find that beautiful shine that you seek.”
“My shine...”
“Just like at our VDC training camp, Roi d’Or. All it takes is polish, and anyone can become a precious stone.” Rook slipped a hand over his heart, allowing his voice to rise and reverberate. “I’ll definitely give you that brilliant shine🎵 The power to make others kneel, you will have it too🎵”
“Ah...! That song is...” Kalim’s face flooded with recognition. “It was a really fun time. I loved rehearsing with everyone, and performing on stage. If I keep trying hard and practicing, do you really think I can shine even brighter?”
“Certainement. Why, I can see your spirit shining as we speak. Your kindness, your boundless optimism... They are a few of the things that make you stand out!”
Kalim burst out laughing. “Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better!! But you know something, Rook? I can see yours too.”
“Your spirit shining.”
“Fufu. Is that so? I’m very fortunate to find myself where I am, surrounded by such beauty day after day! Perhaps that makes me selfish—I want to see others sparkle so that I may be dazzled by their blinding light. There is no greater joy in my life.”
“Gahahah! I don’t really get all of that, but if it makes you happy, then I’m happy for you too! If there’s anything I can do to help you out, just say the word. I want to make you sparkle, too!”
“If I may, there is one thing... The matter of the birthday blessing!”
“Oh yeah! I’ve still got to pie you! Hang on, I’ll go grab them real quick...!” Kalim scrambled to a table, digging through elaborate platters of appetizers to retrieve two clouds of whipped cream.
“I will warn you,” Rook called after him, “the first hit will be free. After that, there is no promising that I will not dodge or retaliate.”
He wasn’t quite sure if his words ever fully reached Kalim’s ears. The Scarabia student was a blur of cheer and movement, a pie hitting Rook square in the shoulder as he finished his sentence. Whipped cream scattered across Rook’s jacket—like petals haphazardly plucked from a rose.
Sweet and fleeting, all at once.
“Happy birthday, Rook!” Kalim chirped, brandishing a second pie. “I hope the next year’s full of lots of beauty for you!”
“My thanks for the well wishes, Roi d’Or.” Rook stealthily stepped back, hitting another table. A hand snaked behind him, seizing his own pie. “But, if you will indulge me for one last time for this special occasion... Let us duel!!”
“You got it! Let’s dance...!”
Following their declarations, lies went sailing through the air. Flying from all directions and accompanied by howling and shrieks of laughter, it was, at times, difficult to tell who was throwing which. Still...
No matter how much whipped cream coated their skin or their clothes, their shining never once dimmed.
Yes, Rook was very fortunate indeed to be in the midst of it all.
Tumblr media
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pomefiore-flower · 2 days ago
Just a small fic I wrote on a whim. I didn't read any translations yet so it might not be lore accurate. Also might be a tad cringe/edgy. And might contain a lot of grammatical errors.
Endless Halloween Night: Jack Howl
Words: 1033
It's still here. Halloween. Why hasn't it ended?
Black and white backgrounds flash before your eyes. You found yourself in the winding staircase, clutching a pouch of 'magic powder' as Sam calls it.
You feel dizzy, it makes you sick. All of this feels so wrong. You need to find Jack as soon as you can.
Silver and Jamil are nowhere to be found. A lone lantern lights your way, you move forward.
You hold onto your bat. Gripping tightly on its wooden handle, it feels heavy in your hands.
Walk. Walk
Distant screams and groans echo in the air, bringing chills down your spine. The cold air of the endless night grows colder with each step further. The howling wind becomes even louder.
Walk. Walk
There's a thumping in your chest, your head feels light. Your ears feel muffled, you hear a ringing noise.
Shadows move in your peripherals. Your breath hitches. You see a lone figure standing amidst the dark. It disappeared as soon as you saw it.
Walk. Walk
Gleams of silver flood your vision, you fall to your knees. You hear the taunting voices of the ghosts. This dimension makes you sick, this whole ordeal turns your guts inside out. You grip your bat tightly, you are filled with rage.
There were no ghosts. What? You feel your head spinning. What the hell is happening? You look around the winding staircase.
Walk. Walk.
You think of Jack, how you wish to be cradled in his arms right now. Jack. Jack, sweet Jack. You'll find him. The thought of meeting him again fills you with a familiar power.
Walk. Walk
There it is, the figure again. Standing alone in the open, lit by nothing more than the pale glow of the Other Dimension.
Walk. Walk.
Bronze shells gleam faintly. You walk faster. Filled with hope you almost run.
You found him.
The air smells like expensive perfume. Your nose hurts by its strong scent.
Your heart is pounding, your head is spinning, your vision is blurring and your grip is loosening.
Ghostly gray eyes stare you down, as if a monarch eyeing a mere commoner.
Cacophanous music plays in the background. It hurts your ears.
Cold sweat forms on your forehead. It's him, it's definitely Jack. But his eyes don't radiate of golden passion anymore. Eyes clouded with the delusion of grandeur pierce right through your very soul.
You call out his name.
"Hm? I am not acquainted with that moniker. Perhaps you are looking for another gentleman." He replies, voice composed and confident. It reminds you of Pomefiore.
Regal laughter fills the air.
You were close to spilling your guts out. It all feels so surreal. But you're sure that it's Jack. You know it's him.
You call out his name.
"They say that once is enough for a wise man. Yet, clearly I overestimated your competence. Please allow me to repeat myself. I am not who you are looking for." He speaks, voice laced with poison.
You call out his name.
Sparks of purple energy come out of his sword. He shot at you, barely missing by an inch.
"Please see that as a warning. I will not tolerate you any further." He now grips his sword, pointing the blade at you.
You sprinkled the powder, but he blocked it using his wind magic.
The air is heavy with malice. You call out his name.
He looks at you with an enraged expression.
"My patience is running out. Please prepare yourself if you try something like that again." He warned, a few octaves lower than usual.
You call out his name.
"Please pull yourself together!" His voice booms.
He charged, firing bolts of tree magic. You managed to evade.
It smells like freshly cut grass. You call out his name.
"Hoh!" He swings his blade dashing swiftly towards you. You managed to block the incoming attack, though he dealt a blow to your bat.
Eerie silence fills your ears.
You call his name.
"Such a nuisance." He holds the blade tightly, summoning a large bolt of magic, it was too fast to be avoided. The impact left a lingering ringing in your ears.
You struggle for balance. You call his name.
He surpresses a growl. Striking against your bat again.
Fog covers the area. You call his name.
"Cease this nonsense!" He growls, attacks being more brash than before.
Your bat is severely damaged, one more hit and it's done for. You call him.
Intense bolts of energy strike the ground, causing cracks on the concrete. You evaded the attack.
The air is crackling with magic. He lunged forward, slashing your left shoulder swiftly. You had no time to react.
The pain was hot. Warm blood started seeping out, staining the surrounding area a dark crimson.
You were exhausted and panting. Your vision was darkening and your hand was trembling.
You struck him hard, causing him to reel back, and struck him again on the side. The wind was blowing against Jack's hair.
You thought about exorcising ghosts. And remembered the powder Sam gave you.
You spread the glowing powder all over. Without any time to block, he was covered in the powder. You hear screeching noises coming from Jack.
"Burns...stop burns...!"
You were trembling, you've lost a lot of strength and you're still bleeding. Your vision darkens and you feel light-headed.
You dropped to ground. Vision turning black.
".....alright....? ....can...hear.....?" Muffled voices reached your ears.
You whisper his name.
"MC, I'm here..." You hear him.
Relief washes over you. You faintly feel his hands holding you. He lifts you up without any effort. Causing you to look at him.
Though blurred you can see the worried look on his face. With tiredness kicking in, you kissed him.
Oh how you waited for this, his lips against yours. It filled you with a feeling of happiness.
He kissed you back. Your heart is beating loudly.
"" Your voice was barely above a whisper. But you knew he can hear you. He planted a light kiss on your forehead.
"I missed you too baby... Let's go home."
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deceitful-darlings · 15 hours ago
Hiiii. If this ask makes you uncomfortable, please ignore it, but recently I've been enamoured with the idea of yandere platonic diasomnia and footbinding. Just the level of dependency that would be needed-
Lilia knows all about it anyway, he was out and about when footbinding was popular among nobility a long, long time ago, it wasn’t around for long mainly, but it was undeniablity part of history, and the implications of it very much work in their favour! So why not bring back the old tradition of beauty for you?
Of course, you turn it down, horrified at the prospect of deliberately allowing yourself to be mutilated, but Lilia gets what he wants. Sebek holding you down while Lilia grabs your feet, small fingers disturbingly strong as your bones begin to creak under the pressure of his hold. Your screams are muffled by Sebek’s hand as multiple bones in your feet snap, Lilia cooing over your tears as he wraps your feet up. Don’t worry, he has shoes from back then that’ll fit your new feet perfectly well! He knows it hurts, but they’ll look after you so it’ll be ok! This process’ll take a while and require a few more breaks over time, but it’s fine, they’ll help you through the pain!
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emyluwinter · 14 hours ago
I really want this scene to be in chapter 6.
Yuu when he comes for a Grimm in the "lair" of Idia.
- I'm just executing law No. 53..
Riddle feels his face starting to burn with pride and he breathes as much air into his lungs as possible.
He didn't hear it, did he??No, it's true!! They really are!!
He proudly straightens his shoulders and stands up straight. He can't believe his own ears!! The student is not from his dorm!! Executes the laws that he respects and honors so much!
- According to the law of the Queen of Hearts.. "Stolen goods must be returned."
After thinking for a second, Yuu hurriedly added. They clearly did not intend to leave empty-handed.
- A-And you still owe a complete overhaul of the Onboro....and another Cherry cake.. and.. and Mont Blanc....a-and cans of tuna for Grimm.
Everyone looks at the rapidly blushing Riddle. Other "abduction victims" really want to hear explanations of what is happening now.
But Riddle is now too carried away by sincere admiration and awe of Yuu. He feels so proud and so elated because of the Prefect's words.
They tried to remember the laws of the Queen of Hearts!!For his sake!!
Azul quietly whispers to Yuu to ask no, no, he demands that the Prefect tear off STYX and Idia to the last madol!
- Wh... what...what kind of nonsense is this?? You're not from this dorm!!
- That's right. Because the Onboro Dorm is an "exception" to all the existing rules. And the residents of this hostel are "exceptional". So it doesn't stop me from using the laws of other dormitories if I need to. In addition, the Red Queen was abducted from the dorm!! And I am their dear guest of honor!!And a friend!!
Riddle almost burst into tears at these words. It was too much. Friend!!
He made even more friends!! He's really changed since his overblot!!
Although he felt extremely uncomfortable that he was being rescued like a princess in distress.
Actually, he wasn't against helping now. Any help.
Leona growls - this place looks like a damn maze!!
Riddle is trying to analyze the situation and find clues - there must be some kind of pattern so that we can find a way out.
Yuu awkwardly raises his palm to attract attention to himself.
- Um... I know where the exit is.
Everyone immediately looks at the Prefect, not understanding how a non-magical student could even figure out where to look for a way out.
- Eh...?
Yuu takes out a spool of thread from an inner pocket on his chest, from which a thin thread stretches somewhere along the corridor
- The other end of the thread is tied to the place from where we came with Rook...It won't break, and it won't get tangled.
Rook are delighted, quickly connecting all the dots - So this thing was needed not so that we would get lost, but to get out!!Oh !!That's brilliant, Prefect!!!
Jamil - But where did you get this?!
Wil quickly realizing what kind of thing it is and where it comes from. He turns pale. - Wait....this Thread...she's from...
Yuu shyly lowering his gaze - Tsunotaro gave it to me...he said that this thread would lead me back...Wherever I go.
Leona and Azul look at the others in complete confusion and do not understand. - Who..???
Riddle vaguely understands who Yuu talking about - Why you're calling him so strangely..
Vil wearily rubs his forehead with his fingers - Why does this man appear where you don't expect him at all.
Rook gently takes the Prefect's hands in his - are our blessing. For all of us. Please, lead us to the exit...
A moment of explanation.
Here is a reference to the Knossos labyrinth. The legend of the Minotaur, if you like.
I would like to think that Malleus will be like Ariadne to save his beloved from death - Theseus.
She gave him a ball of thread so he wouldn't get lost and could find a way out.
Therefore, Yuu - Theseus is like a brave hero who goes to STYX to save Grimm and the others. In the legend there were 7 Young Men to sacrifice to the Minotaur (and 7 girls)
Malleus has a detail like a Spinning wheel on his staff in a dorm uniform-he's like Ariadne. He wants Yuu to come back to him.
So other students of Diasomnia have a spool with threads.
Threads that bind people together~
Forgive me for my drama and romance. ~
But it would be so cool and charming.
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minteasketches · a day ago
Tumblr media
White Clover
They frequently pop up in the yard, reminding you that others are always thinking of you.
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hmtaniwha · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hair 1 2 Panel 1-
Ghost 1: "Of course not! It's just a bit...unusual" Ghost 2: "It's not everyday we see anyone with around 30 Feet of hair!" Ghost 3: Sorry if we offended you Eridan: Oh! Its okay guys. Panel 2 - Eridan: Well, My mother always said that my hair was 'special' and that I shouldn't ever cut it. Ever since I was a baby, she just let my hair grow out and I just....sort of let it happen as I grew older. Ghost 3: Really? (Wait, did we ever get these ghost names or do we really just....not care? I may need to rewatch the previous eps again)
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tsukikoayanosuke · 20 hours ago
"As the prince, my kingdom always comes first." - Jonah Argentum (Twisted Wonderland OC) Royalty AU
Tumblr media
Prince Jonah Argentum, the prince and sole heir to the throne of Radiant Haven, a small human kingdom by the sea.
If you think Jonah would hate being a prince, think again. Surprisingly, he likes it.
That’s the reason he was born, right? To lead a kingdom one day. That means, he’s willing to learn everything to be the perfect ruler, from etiquette to war strategies. He has been a curious lad since he was younger, so this is nothing for him.
Of course, since he wasn’t the smartest prince you’ve ever seen, he would need to take lots of time to learn. He still can’t play chess or any musical instrument or even the most graceful dance, but he does have dedication.
He’s also not the best fighter. But he still has a weapon of choice: a rapier and a bow. Flaming arrows for some reason is his favorite as well. He never uses a shield because it’ll mess with his balance when holding his rapier.
Late-night studies are pretty common for him and the staff knows it. That’s why there will be some cooks who will make him some late-night snacks and tea.
Speaking of staff, everyone seems to adore the prince, which comes to no surprise. Jonah has always been quite a charmer. He’s polite and kind toward anyone he meets no matter the status.
There will be times when he would get to stressed, so he'll go on a small adventure. Grabs his cape, sneaks from the guards, and wanders around the marketplace, maybe even buying some snacks.
Despite his kindness, that doesn’t mean Jonah has no bad bones in him. He’s still a prince and he’ll be expecting everyone to bow down to him. He’s a silvertounge who will make you regret ever thinking of betraying him. With a snap of his fingers, you can be dead or exiled. He would use threat and guilt-tripping to get what he wants for the best in the kingdom.
“So, bow down to me.”
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