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Cater, Vil, Trey, Leona and Malleus go to a wedding, taking their s/o with them as a plus one. How do the guys react to their s/o catching the bouquet?
Catching the Bouquet - Cater, Vil, Trey, Leona, & Malleus
Well, isn't that interesting.
Knows all about the catching the bouquet myth, and he can't say he likes it so much. Yes, it's cute, but at the last wedding Cater went to, his sister caught it, but it turned out that one of the bridesmaids were getting married the next week. So....catching the bouquet to be the next married isn't always accurate.
Awkwardly laughs at all the jokes the guests are making about the two of you getting married next.
Cater loves you, but he isn't ready for marriage.
Also, the thought is relevant that you might get married next, but not to him.
Kisses you and doesn't let go of your hand while you're there.
Is glad when the wedding is over, and you still have the bouquet.
Is jealous you caught the bouquet instead of him.
Thinks it's cute that you're smiling about the flowers.
Vil doesn't believe in these silly things. Catching a bouquet doesn't mean you'll be the next married. Sure, you might get married at some point, but not necessarily next.
And if you want to get married, don't wish on a bouquet. Find someone you love, cherish them, then spend your life together.
And Vil knows you love him. Next doesn't always mean soon, but he can't help wonder if you'll get married to him.
You are together. And Vil hopes it stays that way. For a long time.
But he doesn't believe in silly traditions like throwing a bouquet, or wishing on a star.
Catching the bouquet is cute, and he's just happy you didn't get shoved. (He's seen bridesmaids be very vicious when it comes to the bouquet., and he's glad none of them hurt you.)
Smiles at the people commenting on how it might be him and you, and is awkward about it considering he doesn't know them very well.
Also, this brings back memories of the dishrag line to Eliza, so in the event that he does propose to you down the line, the pressure to do wayyy better is there. (Not that you would put him on the spot, and make him resort to a dishrag line).
But doesn't mind so much, considering he's with you and he knows you're in no rush to get married.
Trey is also aware it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll marry him next, but he doesn't give the whole marriage thing so much thought.
Keeps you happy through the time you are together, because if you get married, it would be pretty nice if it was to him.
Doesn't see the point in catching a stupid bouquet.
Knows that whoever catches it will supposedly get married next, but he doesn't give much thought to it. It doesn't mean it will happen, and marriage isn't a competition to see who gets there first.
But at the same time, Leona is like- "It better not be anyone else but me."
Isn't ready for marriage, but will still mess with you about it. Little comments here and there. How you'd look lovely in a ___, things like that.
Doesn't give the idea much thought, and just wants the wedding to be over and go home.
Is happy to be more familiar with the concept, and thinks it's adorable how humans have these silly things.
Malleus really likes how you smiled when you caught it. It was such a pretty smile.
"Hm, maybe it will happen sometime in the future."
The fact that it may not be him does not occur to Malleus, because despite not giving much thought to marriage, he has no intent of ever leaving you.
As long as you love him, he isn't leaving. And he loves you, so he doesn't want to go.
Before the wedding, Malleus had wanted to bring you back to his home, and so the wedding being for one of his relatives was the perfect excuse to bring you along.
He does hope you like his homeland, because you might very well be living here with him one day.
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In which Leona forces (Y/n) to sing him to sleep after catching wind of the prefect's beautiful voice.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"Leona, why did you take me here—"
The botanical garden was peaceful on this uneventful Thursday, the birds chirping in their little nests, and the smaller branches of the trees playfully dancing beneath the soft sunlight. Yet, the peace was interrupted by a pair of students seated beneath an especially large tree that provided a cool shadow to bask in.
You had been forced here against your will, pushed down to sit beneath that tree with your back leaning against its stump. And to prevent you from moving even an inch, Leona had put his head into your lap, the rest of his body sprawled out on the floor leisurely.
"Go on, start singing," he grumbled, glaring at you when you wouldn't cease your thrashing.
His request, which was more of an order, got you to freeze in confusion. With your eyes finally looking into his, you tilted your head to the side. "Why—"
Leona waved you off easily and lowered his head into your lap again. "I heard you sing your raccoon to sleep yesterday, so I want to try it out, too," he explained, his voice muffled due to his face being turned away from you lazily. Although you couldn't see it, his lips soon turned into a little grin, and his tail flickered in anticipation. "No need to be embarrassed, you singing bird. You can clearly sing well."
His compliment caught you off-guard, causing your face to heat up in embarrassment. "Oh... thank you, Leona—" you began sheepishly, only to be interrupted by another growl.
"And now hurry up and sing me to sleep..."
The smile on your lips slipped off your face again at the tone of his voice, and you couldn't help but let a growl slip past your lips, as well. Yet, when he didn't react at all, you merely grumbled a string of curses under your breath before you concurred, "Fine, you impatient lion..." A wistful sigh escaped your lips while you looked for a fitting song to sing, your fingers all the while playing with his messy locks.
Leona didn't seem to mind, but he didn't react to your touch, either. He continued to lay there, as still as if he had already fallen asleep, his eyes closed and his chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm. For a moment, you thought that your lullaby wouldn't be necessary anymore — until he forced an eye open and turned his head to glare at you. "Go on, I don't hear you singing..." he mocked impatiently.
You narrowed your eyes at him while he returned to his previous position. Then, after having taken a deep breath, you began to sing, "There's a calm surrender to the rush of day~" Although your voice was shaky at first, you soon managed to steady yourself, growing more confident. "When the heat of a rolling wind can be turned away— An enchanted moment, and it sees me through." Eventually, the birds started joining your singing, too.
Leona hummed in satisfaction and closed his eyes. "Yeah... just like that..."
"It's enough for this restless warrior, just to be with you. And can you feel the love tonight~?"
"Oi— what are you singing—" His eyes snapped open in horror, and he jolted upright to face you in a condescending manner — or, he would have if it weren't for the way you pushed him down again with unexpected strength. In his moment of surprise, he simply lowered himself into your lap again and lay there quietly.
A smile blossomed on your face again, and you raked your fingers through his hair. "It is where we are. It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer— that we got this far~" you sang softly, and yet full of passion. "And can you feel the love tonight. How it's laid to rest?"
Leona rolled his eyes. "You're one strange human..." And yet, he didn't protest much more, and instead opted to close his eyes and drift off to slumber again.
His words fell on deaf ears, and you merely continued, "It's enough to make kings and vagabonds... believe the very best. There's a time for everyone, if they only learn— that the twisting kaleidoscope— moves us all in turn~
"There's a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors. When the heart of this star-crossed voyager... beats in time with yours~"
A little bit breathless, you looked down at the beastman in your lap.
"Leona? You asleep?"
However, you received no reply.
A sigh of relief escaped your lips at the realisation that he had already fallen asleep. And yet, when you tried to push his head off your lap, you only received a threatening growl that shook you to your bones. The relief on your face soon turned into annoyance, then despair. "Great, now how do I get this overgrown cat off my lap?"
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Tumblr media
you like me, don't you?
heartslabyul : savanaclaw : octavinelle : scarabia : pomefiore : ignihyde : diasomnia :
woooo the long awaited diasomnia part! it took a little longer since I got busy the last few days + my booster shot 😭
Tumblr media
"my child of man. have you not realized earlier?"
malleus smiles at you fondly. there's not a smidge of irritation on his voice, and when you look into his eyes there's nothing other than clear satisfaction. you wonder how much patience he had to deal with you remaining oblivious to his 'courting'.
well it was fae culture so you had no idea he was trying to woo you until lilia commented about it so you can't exactly blame yourself for your ignorance.
though it doesn't seem like malleus minds either way, he even looks like he'd wait a thousand years till you'd realize his love for you.
still. you can't get rid of that embarrassment so you smile sheepishly. your "sorry. but dont you know that as a human I can't tell that you're courting me with your ways?" he blinks. ah, he really did miss the human part. you can't help but smile at his innocent pause.
he looks away slowly. "my apologies. it appears that I have failed to take that into account." he sighs. looking a little gloomy. "but I believe—"
malleus kneels right at your feet while you still in suprise. he places a languid kiss at the back of your palm, then settling it right under the side of his face. he looks serene, and certainly relaxed. "—that this works for humans as well." he finishes.
you wonder what his people would think if they saw their prince kneeling to the likes of you, a human.
lilia gives you one of his charming smiles. a little unsettling on first glance but you've grown to like his smiles."heh, wouldn't you like to know." there's a mocking tilt to his tone, still. you know it's more on the lighthearted side rather than of those with negative intentions.
from his previous position. which was doing his usual 'hanging from the ceiling' he leaps down skillfully, swiftfully. but you ought yourself to be less suprised when he's probably done it more than a hundred times.
he lands right next to you, and smiles a little more genuinely. "truth to be told you really have charmed me, my dear. so I suppose your words hold the truth." for instance lilia leans in, holding a sly grin.
perhaps it's his cheeky behavior at time that drew you in. or the surprisingly deep voice in contrast of his appearance. either way you really adore lilia but... sometimes he has no filter, and you don't know if you should appreciate it or not.
you cover the bottom of your face with a hand, a bit stupefied at his direct confession. "my hearts racing." you clutch your chest. if it wasn't out of your usual character you'd start smiling in giddiness.
oh wait.. or not. you hope your friends really just don't see the times you'd actually do that unconsciously..
with surprising care despite how easily he was able to. lilia removes your hand from your face, and gazes into your eyes with a somewhat triumphant look. "don't hide your pleasing face to me."
as usual. you look to the side when silence is the only response you get, the only sight you see is silver leaning against the tree. his breathing is slow, at ease. along with the fact that he's leaning to the side due to him forgetting he's putting too much weight. it's an indication that he was fast asleep.
you blink, and sigh. not really sure if you'd get another chance to get the courage to say those risky words again. "oh.. he fell asleep." you murmur to yourself more than anyone in particular.
the grass always looked comfortable so you just plop down next to silver as you see nothing else to really do, plus.. it was starting to get boring staring at nothing. you lay there for a couple of seconds before turning your head to look at silver.
coincidentally his little future accident already happened. the weight on one side made silver fall, luckily for you it was opposite the direction you turned which meant you got a front seat at silver's face.
you don't know how much time passed while you admired silver's features shamelessly, from his unfairly long, and curly lashes, the random shifts whenever he was asleep.. you could do this all day, he was beautiful when he slept like this.
he kind of reminded you of sleeping beauty. you pause, didn't sleeping beauty wake up from a true love's kiss? you might as well be named the world's biggest clown for thinking this is gonna work.
the intrusive thoughts just won. this is wrong. you think as you lean over silver's sleeping face. he isn't consenting to this.. you grumble, stare in conflicted, and close your eyes to pretend he doesn't just exist.
but still his face pops up in your mind. curse you silv— you open your eyes immediately at the sensation of a flutter on your lips.
you stare confusedly as you rise up on your knees, and look around. what the heck? seriously freaked out you stand up to take a further scour on your surroundings.
but then there's a firm grip on your wrist. silver is staring at you when you look back, the sleep still evident in his eyes. "hey don't leave. I like you too so don't leave okay?"
"you humans are getting too full of yourselves."
alike lilia. with no filter whatsoever sebek practically spat the sentence looking eerily calm. if there's something scarier than a prominent angry sebek screaming around in rage it's this one.
probably cause you can't get a read on him from his scarily cold eyes. you think you'd rather have your yelling sebek back in exchange for this out of character one cause it's making you think that everything you did was a literal mistake.
you put up a forced smile before it drops, and comes back up the second later. "uh well it was—" you instantly silence yourself when the space between sebek's brows starts to dwindle.
you can't believe if you're hallucinating it but you swear there's a big, fat, pink blush right on sebek's whole face. there's literally a nerve that he popped seemingly trying to contain the vicious blush he was fighting against.
oh. so that's where his spirit went, it was fighting the blush.
"BESIDES! I can't say that your words are a... half!.. lie..."
save it for sebek to somehow squeeze in a fraction of denial for the fact that he actually does like you as well. if he hates you so much like he had previously claimed then even you don't know where his feelings appeared from.
... if you could go back to the past and tell sebek his previous self your predicament he'll probably blow a fuse.
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TWST Incorrect quotes#73 So he went...
Ortho: You're scheduled to go to Kalim's party, big brother! Idia: What? No! I don't wanna do that! Ortho: You're going to have a good time. Idia: No, no, no, no! Ortho: You might meet some new people! Idia: No, no, no, no! Ortho: Even make some new friends! Idia: No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no! *to the tune of the Adam West theme song*No-no, no-no, no-no, no-no! *beatboxes* No!!
Ortho: And before you go, I should tell you...Yuu is Going! It will make me and them so happy if you come!*Using his secret weapon the sad big eyes* Idia:...
Tumblr media
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Mmm can I request Leona with an s/o who is a beastmen and tries to hide during heat cycles? <///<
NSFW Below the cut!
GN! Reader, they/them pronouns
Tumblr media
Let’s set something straight right off the bat. If, for any reason, you were hiding because you didn’t want him to be around during your heat, Leona would respect that. He may be a beastman, but he’s not a complete animal. If you were uncomfortable, or insecure, or not ready for any reason, he isn’t going to seek you out and put pressure on you at a moment where you’re already feeling noticeably more vulnerable than usual.
All that being said, if you were hiding from other people but not specifically from him, he’d be happy to play your little game. It’s not like it’s hard for him to find you either, there aren’t many places you’d feel content hiding out and once he gets a whiff of your scent he can track you down in an instant.
“You really wanted me to work for it this time, didn’t you? Troublemaker...~” He’s delightfully cocky when he finds your nest, quickly making himself comfortable and shedding his own clothes for you to add to the pile. Then when you’re on him in a flurry of grasping hands and hushed whimpers of desperation, who is he to deny you?
Male lions are typically more submissive than their partners, and while Leona isn’t a total pushover, he doesn’t necessarily mind you taking the lead in this case. It leads to you doing most of the work anyway, so he has no qualms with you laying him out and using him like a toy simply for your pleasure. Besides, you paint a pretty picture straddling his lap, curled over him as you bounce on his cock, face twisted in euphoric bliss as you finally get what you’ve been so desperately craving.
Your stamina vastly outweighs his though, so eventually when you’ve wrung him out he’ll flip the two of you over, laying you out on your back as he services you with his tongue and fingers, wringing orgasm after orgasm out of you until you’re finally satisfied... For now.
“You’d better be ready for when it’s my turn...” He mumbles sleepily into the back of your neck, your two sweat-sticky bodies curled together in your nest as big and small spoon. “Gonna make a mess of ya’, and I��m not gonna let up no matter how much you’re beggin’.” Be ready to repay the favor when his rut finally rolls around.
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forgwater · a day ago
Tumblr media
He's here!
Riddle "Goldfishie" Rosehearts
@porcelain-animatronic @adultish-momma
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Idia: How did it come to this?
Idia: Where did I make a mistake?
Idia: What kind of a hero am I if I can't even protect my own brother!?
Yuu: Do you want me to answer as a friend or as a therapist?
Idia: As a friend.
Yuu: Go see a therapist.
Yuu: Oh, and take Tsunotarou with you just in case.
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twstmemories · 2 days ago
I love your writing so much! The softness just… ah it’s a balm after a long day. Congratulations on 1k! Well deserved! I didn’t realize you had an event open so I’m going to speed run a few requests.💖💖💖💖💖
❛ keep it. it looks better on you. ❜ with Vil?
drabble for 1k event
a/n: hello, i live. ;-; i'm so sorry you had to wait so long, but re-reading this request paired with the couple of anon messages i got recently makes me incredibly happy that my writing still leaves such a nice impression on you all. i hope you enjoy this, as short as it is ;-;
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vil's beauty is scary at times. It's the type of terrifying beauty that roots someone in their place whenever he passes by to just stare at his back in awe. It's the type of beauty that leaves you speechless whenever his gaze is directed at you.
It's the type of beauty that directs all attention on him, whether or not you know him or not.
And his looks plays a huge role in that yes, but it's the way he carries himself, how every detail of his appearance from his hair, to his makeup, to his outfit and even to the polish of his shoes is done that screams perfection.
You wonder if you can even achieve a percentage of that perfection.
"Of course you can," Vil says, almost flabbergasted at the question you thought you hadn't said out loud, your lover foregoing looking through the new magazine issue to beckon you towards him. "My, how can you even ask something as silly as that," he huffs, seating you down in front of his vanity. "Now close your eyes and don't open them before I say you can, alright?"
And like the obedient lover you are, you obey. You can feel the slight pressure of various brushes against your face, and then Vil's fingers threading through your hair, the soft gesture almost making you doze off. "Ah, don't fall asleep on me, dear. I'm not even halfway done proving you how beautiful you truly can become," Vil whispers into your ears, briefly pressing his lips to them to make you jolt away. "That's more like it, now stand up a bit, and don't! Open your eyes."
You can hear Vil shuffle through some fabric in the background, before you feel his fingers undo the buttons of your jacket. His hands brushing against your shirt to brush the jacket off your form. Then there's another material being draped over you - and your curious mind can't help, but brush your fingers against the material, feeling the velvet fabric of the attire.
Wait, the only other thing you felt a familiar texture was from Vil's dorm outfit. "Opening your eyes, you glance at yourself in the mirror in front of you, seeing Vil's uniform outfit on your own form. "Hold on- Vil? This is your-"
"When did I say you could open your eyes?" the model doesn't even glance at you, instead adjusting the uniform so it better fits your form, but the long robe still reaches to the ground and pools at your feet unlike when Vil wears it.
"But I'm not even a part of-" Vil merely ignores your complaints, instead standing up again from his knelt position to hook a finger underneath your chin, briefly pressing his lips to your own to silence you. "Oh, be quiet. Look at the mirror, don't you look beautiful?" he murmurs against your lips before he moves to stand before you, staring proudly at your dumbfounded expression on the mirror.
"See, even you're dumbfounded at how beautiful you can be, not that I had to do much," Vil reassures, before he looks over at your complete look with a confident smile. "You know what, it's just a spare uniform, so it will need some new measurements and a bit more adjusting to fully show off your beauty, but keep it. It looks better on you."
Vil can only laugh at your surprised expression from hearing that compliment from his own mouth.
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yakoko · 2 days ago
Sleeping With The First Years<3
Ace trappola,Deuce spade,Jack howl,Epel felmier and Sebek zigvolt
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hello everyone ^^ so I'm trying something new and I swear I'm working on the epel fic;; but enjoy this while yall wait~yako♡ Tw:sebek slander fluff/crack
Tumblr media
Happy- that's it he is just super happy!
plops on the bed and lays down on the side he knows you sleep on, oh you sleep on the right side of the bed?
A cuddler
Like he will latch on you like it's the end of the world.
hope you don't need pee y/n 
he looks like he has been knocked 
OMG Is he breathing?!
you don't need to call the police he's fine that's just how he sleeps
If you do somehow wake him up he will let you do what you need too
won't stop complaining that you're taking too long😒
holds your hand when you come back and cuddles you when you’re sleeping💜
"I would never cuddle you gross you probably got cooties"
"I don't"
"and plus you seemed cold so I just wrapped my Arms around you"
"It was hot last night?"
he got quite real quick
that was the conversation yall had the next morning
call the ambulance/or room service 
going through the 5 stages of grief in 10 seconds 
the only woman he slept with was his mom when he was a kid
you're just knocked out since being ramshackle prefect is hard 
hesitantly. VERY hesitantly climbs in bed with you
doesn't want to wake you up for the life of him 
You know that careful SpongeBob meme that's him.
poor boy is so stiff 🤧
would try to get out of bed to sleep on the floor.
woke you up in the process 
apologizes, maybe even start getting upset
Comfort him y/nnie right now
you would tell him to go to sleep or at least try to sleep while you're in the bathroom
you're just playing on your phone waiting for him to sleep
"Carter deuce won't sleep how do you make him sleep"
"idk lol"
he's asleep when you come back
you are a cuddler now I don't make the rules
very light sleeper
he will feel you cuddling him but will try to go back to sleep.
when he wakes up he thinks you look pretty 
wakes you up gently 
100% tells his mom about it
he doesn't mind
his tail is swaying pretty fast tho??🤨🤨
asks you if you want him to sleep on the floor
tail speeds up when you say no
you sit on the bed to watch TV and he comes out of the bathroom with silk pajamas?
your sleepy so you're sleeping first 
turns off the TV for you 
he's the type to read before bed ill die on this hill
he's reading his book when you just rested your head on his man boobs chest.
On the outside he's like (・・ ) ?
but it's a lie he is throwing a party in his head
Puts his book down and turns off the side lamp
puts his arms around you💜💜💜
it's like a free heater
his tail rests on your side as he cuddles you
You're smug cause your a lil faker you ain't really asleep huh
You rn:<( ̄︶ ̄)>
you thought you ate huh? Well you did. Left no crumbs🥲
would wake up before you and when you ask if he cuddled you he would be like 
"uhhh no????"
but he did enjoy that little moment when you used his chest as a pillow.
Source:trust me bro
Kicking crying screaming/j
he would be a bit upset since he would hope he would be a bit more buff so if you cuddle together you can feel safe💙
eyebrows immediately go straight down. But stops because he knows vil or Rook is about to lecture how he would get wrinkles 
wears silk pajamas but hates it (vil made him wear it
but if you like them he loves them
Has grandma feet
orders pizza and watches TV with you *it's a horror movie*
yall went to sleep at like 2am cause yall were scared lol
tries to say something romantic but fails terribly 
Naw it probably was like 
"epel I'm scared to sleep with if I lose my toes😭"
"Its okay mah wittle cotton swab I'll protect ya"
"Room service 😊" 
He screamed like a dying bird, the poor room service was so upset you had to reassure the woman that you watched a horror movie and that she did nothing wrong.
he latched to you like a leech when he fell asleep
his hands are so cold like??? Did you just come back from Antarctica? Why tf are you so cold
you tried to wiggle out his grasp but it was hard cause he was strong in his sleep.
you eventually fell asleep and cuddled him back
He wasn't even asleep he was faking it like you did with Jack
texts Jack about it 
tries to act tough in the morning 
failed again lol
"Huh why am I so cold?"
"You felt safe?...lol as you should"
"Wait no I'm sorry y/n"
why? Why would you do this to yourself?
You know what's gonna happen,Yet you still gonna do it?
you're getting your license revoked and blocked/j
he tries to sleep on the floor but you were like no 👹 
talks about how his waka Sama is so peaceful at night and how you can't compare.
Grandpa feet
He snores loud af😒
how does he know how tf mallues is at night does he watch him sleep???😭
Wears grandpa pajamas
after changing he lays on the bed
he is like a plank😭😭 his whole body is straight like doesn't that hurt???
You fall asleep and cuddle him
is about to wake you up but he see your quote on quote cute-ish face so calmly sleeping
blushes he thinks your kinda ugly but one..….ONE percent cute
take that as a compliment
low-key when you saw him sleeping the next morning with one arm around your waist you lost your bet with Ace
The Bet was that if he sleeped or not
pay your money y/nnie or else you about to be in debt 💜
denies that he ever had his arm around your waist
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artsyco3xist · a day ago
"I have a proposition for you, Jamil-san."
Tumblr media
God this boy is so slimy. 🤢🤮🤮🤮 Come after me Azul stans, I fear no man.
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gensinigang · 2 days ago
I feel like cuddling with Leona would be nice, he’d let you lay on him while you draw soft circles on his chest, hearing his soft breaths on your temples while he naps, with the rumble of some random song playing on his phone in the background like white noise, he’d grumble before shifting you slightly so his head is buried in your hair before he calms once again and you can feel him smile slightly in his sleep, a soft breeze blows through the room and you look up at him and smile back.
Cuddling with Leona is very nice.
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tezret · 2 days ago
Don’t Question It
Lilia: I’m not a regular dad, im a cool dad.
Malleus: Lilia, you aren’t a real father.
Lilia: You’re grounded
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kkalimarii · a day ago
Tumblr media
should i make a twitter lol
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vaa-sya · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
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luxthestrange · 2 days ago
TWST!Memes #27
Tumblr media
Lux @ Jamil:
Tumblr media
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pinkanonwrites · a day ago
i wanted to rq something similar to the malleus and leona sharing the same crush hcs but with leona and ace instead? :0
[extra info at the bottom hehe bc i love ur writing and would love to spill:
leona ace jamil and malleus are my top boys but i feel adding jamil to the mix is excessive/unfair for the poor boy 😭 i actually feel for him so bad that i just ship him with my mc in their own universe where he doesnt have to compete for/or barely competes with ace for her]
No problem! Here's the previous request for anyone who is looking for it!
GN! Reader, no pronouns
Tumblr media
Ace isn't the type of guy to back down for nothing or nobody, so if he picks up on the fact that the Savanaclaw Housewarden has a bit of affection for you, it only spurs him to try even harder to win your heart. He may not have the riches or brains that Leona has, but he's already got a leg up on the competition with one simple fact...
Ace is your best friend in Twisted Wonderland. He spends the most time with you, knows the most about you, hell, he was one of the first people you actually met! Ace doesn't have to do the legwork to figure out your favorite things, what you like to do in your free time, what kind of guys you like. He's able to sneak that info out of you with casual conversation, filing it away to be used for later.
Ace also has no problems getting all over you. Draping an arm over your shoulders, leaning into your space, making himself comfy with his head laying in your lap, he'll gladly cozy himself up to you too. Plus, even if Leona is an upperclassman, you and Ace have classes together. Asking you to share your lesson notes with him, passing you little folded-up letters in class, sneaking in snacks for the two of you to split under the table, he gets to do it all.
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On one hand, Leona is pretty used to the idea of coming in second-place, so we all know he isn't the type to try too hard when it comes to getting something he wants, just so he doesn't end up disappointed. On the other hand though... Is he really going to sit by and lose to a first-year? From Heartslabyul? Yeah right.
He's not going to outwardly challenge Ace, but that's because he doesn't really consider Ace to be someone worth openly challenging. At the very least he isn't going to give the first-year the satisfaction of knowing he got under his skin. He'll keep his cards close to his chest on this one (pun not intended) and focus more on you than his "competition."
Other than that it's a lot of the same as from the other post! Monopolizing your free time, giving you the occasional gift, using you as his human body pillow. But he's got the distinct advantage over Ace in the fact that he's a very smart upperclassman, so he'll help you out with your assignments if you're struggling. As long as you're willing to pay him back later, at least. What exactly that payment will be, he never specifies.
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your average day in Pomefiore
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