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#disney world
i learned that DisneyWorld was designed to be inhospitable to mosquitoes. Disney also stocks its ponds with mosquitofish that eat mosquito larvae in the water (x)
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antsysocialite · a year ago
Disney’s reopening set to an A24 horror trailer.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 months ago
I was in Disney World and I met Mickey Mouse and he told me he wanted a Mariah Carey tattoo.
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mysharona1987 · a year ago
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midnightbikeride · a year ago
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i did multiple pieces during george’s love or host stream, so i’ll be uploaded them once a day :) keep on the lookout for that!
context: for minx’s perfect date she said she would go to disney world with george and then hand him over to dream because “dont they have a thing together?”
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mmdisney200 · 12 days ago
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Illustrations from the Frozen 2 book “A unicorn for Olaf” ❄️ I just got this book digitally and wanted to share the artwork 😍
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duplexide · a month ago
Footage has finally surfaced from the inside of SPACE 220, the orbital restaurant opening at EPCOT! Really hope I can check it out in the near future.  (video source) 
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one-time-i-dreamt · a month ago
I was driving with a friend from Disney World to Las Vegas but before we could get there we ran into the ocean and had to sit on the beach wondering where the whole west coast went.
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rmtndew · 2 months ago
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Taking Sy to Disney World 
Summary: You and Sy go to Disney World for the day
Pairing: Sy and reader 
Rating: G. This is just a bunch of fluff. 
A/N: Big shout out to @offroadinjandals for this idea! Talking about going to theme parks with Sy and especially going to Disney with him sparked something in me! I miss going to Disney World with my family and I would loooove to go with him! 
This is my first *true* drabble (some stories started that way and kept growing), and my first reader insert story so I don’t know how successful either one is. 
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If you’d like to be added/removed from the list, just let me know! 
You weren’t a morning person, never had been, but mornings at Disney World were different. For that, you could be a morning person a few times a year. And this year was even more exciting than usual. Your man, your soldier, was home for good and going with you. 
At first you worried he might think your love of the theme park was childish and when you mentioned that you’d like to go for a day at the end of your work trip in Florida, you tried not to sound too enthusiastic about it. But the moment you saw his face light up like a little kid, you knew that that man really was your soulmate. 
In the weeks leading up to your trip, you were cautiously optimistic about what to suggest to Sy, but one morning you woke up to Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes - or at least Sy’s strong attempt at a Mickey shape - and a surprise gift: matching shirts that said ‘Her Beast’ and ‘His Beauty’. You had no idea that your big hulk of a man could be so mushy. 
After the three days of training your job had sent you to take, you were done adulting. You wanted to have fun. 
Cue the five A.M. alarm. 
Sy groaned and threw his arm over his eyes but you peeled it back, peppering kisses all over his face. “Five more minutes, darlin’,” he insisted. 
“Five more minutes of sleep or five more minutes of kisses?” you asked. 
He smiled. “Either one.” 
You kissed his cheek then hopped out of bed to start your morning. When you emerged from the bathroom, you expected Sy to still be in bed. You were pleasantly surprised to find him up and making coffee in the hotel coffee pot, faint Disney music playing from his phone. 
“Here’s the game plan,” he said. “We’re going to drink this sludge until we can get some good stuff. Once we get the good stuff, we’ll chug it down while we’re eating some breakfast in the car and we’ve got A/C. Then, once we get in the park, I’m following your lead. Got it?”
“Sure thing, Captain.” 
He looked at you and smiled. “Are you excited?” 
“Me, too, darlin’. We earned this.” 
You both sipped the gross hotel coffee as you got ready, donning your matching shirts. Once in the car, you grabbed better coffee and some breakfast burritos, per Sy’s plan, and headed to the Magic Kingdom. Your scheduling had you arriving before it opened and so you were able to get a good parking spot that was close to the entrance. After getting out of the car, you both put your ears on and took the first selfie of the day. You loved how adorable your big bear looked wearing Mickey Mouse ears, but more than that, you loved how happy he looked to indulge you. 
You didn’t wait long for a tram to come along and take you to the park entrance where the two of you made it to the front of the line to be the first to get let in when the park opened. When it did, you made your way quickly down to Main Street where you got your first glimpse of the castle. It didn’t matter how old you were or how many times you saw it, it never failed to make you feel like a giddy little kid every time. You stopped to take another selfie in front of it, but it was Sy’s idea that time. 
After the picture, he kissed your cheek. “Alright, you’re the Captain now,” he said with a wink. “Where to first?” 
Your friends thought you were crazy but you had a system. The first couple of hours right after rope drop were devoted to the most popular rides. Peter Pan, The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain were your top four. Space Mountain was your favorite but you’d never considered the amount of legroom someone like Sy would need. You didn’t mind what seat you were in but you were grateful to the Cast Member that recommended Sy sit in the front seat to have more legroom. He was still crunched up but it worked and it must not have bothered him too bad because he suggested getting back in line right after it was over. 
By the time you had hit up all of the big rides, the crowds had started getting thicker. It was still early and in the middle of the week, so the crowds wouldn’t be as bad as they would be on a weekend, but you both decided to take a snack break. You bought a couple of Mickey ice cream bars and found a bit of shade to sit and eat them, people watching as you did. 
Afterwards you went land by land, riding each of the rides before moving on. You did that until the heat started getting worse, then you cheated a little bit, skipping lands to watch all of the indoor shows for their air conditioning. You’d always liked The Country Bear Jamboree but it had never been your favorite. Not until Sy. You were sitting in the delightfully cool auditorium when you looked at him and grinned. 
“What?” he asked, smiling back. 
“You’re my country bear,” you said. 
He rolled his eyes but laughed. “How long have you been waiting on that one?”
“Believe it or not it just came to me.” 
He shook his head but slung his arm around your shoulders, pulling you in closer to his side. “I’ll show you a jamboree when we get back to the hotel,” he whispered, trying to keep the family in front of you from hearing him. 
You laughed. “I can’t tell if that’s a promise or a threat.”
He kissed your forehead. “I haven’t figured it out yet, either. I’ll let you know.” 
When the show let out, you decided to get lunch. Sy wanted a turkey leg and you wanted nachos. You both were able to find what you wanted and sat on a bench under a tree to eat. It was messy and you made a bigger mess by feeding each other bits of your own food, but it did the job. 
The rest of the day was spent riding rides and eating snacks. You shared cupcakes and Dole Whips and pretzels. He kissed you while you rode Dumbo together and sang along - albeit quietly - to it’s a small world. As the sun started setting, you made your way towards the front of the park. Sy used his giant frame and southern gentleman manners to bulldoze and ‘excuse me’ ‘pardon me’ his way through the crowd. He managed to get you spots right in front of the castle so you could see the firework show without anyone in front of you. When it started, he wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you to him as you both watched it. Disney World always held a spark of magic in your heart but sharing it with Sy just made it so much stronger. 
When it ended, most of the people around you began leaving, pushing their way to the exit. But you two stayed right where you were. 
“Did you have a good day, darlin’?” Sy asked, still holding you to him. 
“It was perfect. Thank you.” 
“Thank you for asking me to come with you.” He kissed your neck. “Maybe we should come here for our honeymoon.” You looked at him over your shoulder. You had talked about getting married before but nothing serious. Nothing to warrant honeymoon talk. He saw the look on your face and started laughing. “I’m not proposing. Not yet,” he said. “Although now that I’m thinking about it, this would’ve been a pretty great backdrop.” 
You shoved his shoulder playfully. “Yes it would have,” you agreed. “You’ll just have to bring me back again when you finally do.” 
He nodded. “Agreed.” 
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animatronicappreciation · 3 months ago
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Those of you who follow the Disney animatronic scene closely might be aware that, after a long absence, the Three Caballeros were returned to their proper stage in the Gran Fiesta Tour ride in EPCOT on May 19th, following a renovation described as a “complete overhaul”!  It’s super cool to get a look at what they look like beneath all those feathers.  Some behind-the-scenes information and a brief history was posted by Imagineer Zach Riddley on Instagram (here’s the whole post itself!).
¿Dónde están los Tres Caballeros? Our favorite three feathered friends have once again made their way back to The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros in the Mexico pavilion! A shout-out to our @waltdisneyimagineering team who lovingly restored these historic Audio-Animatronic figures from the ground up using the latest technology. A big congrats on their install at EPCOT last night! These figures have a special place in @WaltDisneyWorld history – having been part of the original opening day attraction “Mickey Mouse Revue” at Magic Kingdom. This show – filled with nearly 100 Disney characters singing iconic songs – closed in 1980 and the crew went on tour to Tokyo Disneyland as part of that park’s opening day attractions in 1983. Donald, Panchito and Jose performed abroad for 26 years until the Mickey Mouse Revue played its last show to make way for Mickey’s PhilharMagic. It was then that our design teams hatched the plan to bring these figures back home to Florida where their tour started, joining the Gran Fiesta Tour in 2015. It’s been quite a migratory journey for this fun-loving trio, and it’s great to have them back performing for our Guests in EPCOT. Stop by and say ¡Hola!
We’re glad to say goodbye to those pesky cardboard cutouts that replaced these beautiful birds for a while, and hopefully we’ll get a peek at them in all their updated glory some time in the near future!
- Mod Dragon 🐉
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