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#dissasociative identity disorder
thezahhaksystem · 14 hours ago
Every just refuse to start a new media because you don't want to form new alters
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pastel-panta · 2 days ago
Last night Misty made us lose our virginity
Lamb and I feel fucking disgusted. Especially me. I thought we were saving it for someone special. I feel like throwing up. There's hickeys and scratches all over this body and it makes me want to tear off the skin.
I hate it here.
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Tumblr media
It’s just been that sort of week
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thezahhaksystem · 7 days ago
our systems polyam relationship
Janus Sanders, 30, She/her
Tumblr media
Edited by Bad to look more like her
Philza Minecraft, Ageless, He/It
Tumblr media
Bad/Mama Halo, Ageless, She/They
Tumblr media
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voidcrushart · 7 days ago
hi if you’re okay with systems/are a system yourself (not endogenic) then please message us, we wanna make new friends
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thezahhaksystem · 8 days ago
I want to post but I can't even tell if I'm fronting
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wyrdunicorn11-blog · 10 days ago
Differences of Opinion
I tell him: I would follow you into the next life. I love you.
He says: There’s nothing after this.
It is hard being both older in body and younger in spirit. 
I wish he could just take the compliment.
Maybe he doesn’t realize what it means if I am right?
I would love to know that if there was an after, someone would be impatiently waiting at the door for me to come home.
I am not afraid of dying, but I am afraid of the pain it will cause. Not just to me, but to those around me. 
It’s the only reason I really care about living. Because I don’t want to hurt anyone else. It’s better if I keep as much of the pain to myself as possible.
And so I will live my life as best I can, causing the least amount of violence possible. 
Now, it’s time to realize that I count among the number who are to be protected from the violence. Also that I get to grieve that it has taken this long to get here and be angry because people who supposedly cared for me were part of the reason it did take so long.
I just hope that while I am healing, I can maybe help some other people feel less alone. Because for me, Loneliness, is the thing worse than Death.
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wyrdunicorn11-blog · 10 days ago
Today I Learned...
So here goes nothing. I am in the middle of a journey of self discovery at 34 frikkin years old. Sorting through trauma and learning about myself because I've never had a healthy relationship for pretty much my entire life. Until recently and now I am the one who needs to be better and unlearn many years worth of Maladaptive behaviours.
I'm trying to work hard on this self discovery by really reading and studying about why I am the way I am. Today I decided I would go down the road of #astrology and my mind was suddenly blown after having my natal chart done and finding out the Lilith is in my 11th house.
"But what does that mean?"
Well, my friend, it means that there is a whole 'nother way to describe what a crapshoot my emotions have been in......
Ever since I can remember?
I feel as if I have spent quite a lot of time searching for a way to fit in only to realize that, when I started fitting in, I didn't like it. Constantly feeling like anytime I tried to learn more and be better I ended up leaving behind huge groups of people.
You know if someone could have just said to me: "It's because your 11th house is in Lilith" SHEESH!
Here go find out "What's wrong with you" because of Astrology!
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chaotic-systemm · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Hiya! I’m Milo, I’m number 8, I’m 13, and I use he/they pronouns! This is the chaos system. I’m the host and kinda am still figuring out everything and still doing research. So if I get terms wrong please forgive me. I like playing Minecraft, twitch streaming, watching twitch (especially ranboo, tommyinnt, and tubbo), and my dogs!
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thezahhaksystem · 11 days ago
Our DSMP fictives as of 04.26.21
🕓Alice (Karl Jacobs) - She/Time/It - 23
😈Bad / Momma Halo - She/They - Ageless
😃Dream - It/Its - Ageless
❎DreamXD - It/Lord/Halo - Ageless
👑Eret - He/She/They/King/Queen - 20s
🔵Friend - All Pronouns - 13-17(?)
🦊Fundy(1) - He/Him - 20s
🦊-Fundy(2)/Dy - She/Her - 20s
🍷Glatt - He/Ghost/Baa/They - 20
🗯️Jschlatt - He/Him - 21
🇲🇽Mexican Dream(Mex) - He/Him - Ageless
🐷Michael - He/They/Oink - 10
🐦Philza - He/It - Ageless
🕊️Philza(2)/Birdza - Caw/Cawself - 30
🌓Ranboo(1) - He/She - 17
⚪Ranboo(2)/Ran - He/Him - 17
🐼Sapnap - He/Bear/Fire - 23
🐏Schlatt - They/He/Baa - Ageless
🔷Skeppy - He/Him - 8
🥓Technoblade - Oink/They - Ageless
📀Tommy - They/He - 17
🐝Tubbo - He/They - 16
💙Wilbur - He/Blue - 23
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liminalweirdo · 17 days ago
Neurodivergence, disability, and horror films
Hey folks!
I'm writing an article for @madnessandmonsters and would love to hear anyone’s experiences where your own neurodivergence/disability/mental illness etc. was depicted onscreen in a way that negatively (or positively) affected you in a horror movie/horror book/scary story etc.
DMs are okay! Anons are okay! Your information will NOT be used in the article without your permission. Not all information is guaranteed to be published.
ALSO! Other non-horror media is okay, i.e. books, non-horror flims, songs if you’d like to share, but I am specifically looking at horror atm.
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thezahhaksystem · 17 days ago
ever just feel like nobody is fronting
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Big Updates!
Grettings ladies and gentlemen, and all other configurations of being! Recently our system has taken on many host changes. First from El Will, then Will to Big Q, and finally from Big Q to me! My name is Wilford Warfstache! I am pleased to greet you all as the new host of the SystemOfChaos! Thank you all for reading this little shoeil and I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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colors-and-details · 19 days ago
Why when someone has DID in the movie, one of their personalities has to be an evil murderer?
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thezahhaksystem · 21 days ago
Systems of tumblr, what're some of the most ridiculous ways you've found out about an alters existence?
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