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Yesterday was my second habitversary. I can’t believe it has already been two years! In this last year I ran an overnight relay race, proposed my dissertation and wrote my first paper, read 17 books, and have been working out more consistently. I still struggle with meditation and cleaning but I’m doing better. I can’t wait to see what I accomplish this year.

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Dissertation Lecture:

-Formally speaking a dissertation is a 10,000 word written project on a freely formulated topic in/on photography

-They should be structured into chapters, have an introduction and a conclusion. Could have 2-5 chapters.

Intro: 1000 words

Conc: 1000 words

Chapters: 8000 words

8000 divided by 3 =2666 words per chapter

The dissertation we write is ours.

-I get the opportunity to make my mark, say whatever I want to say

-I can develop an idea

-My interests are what matters

-Will remain in contact with a supervisor in tutorials once a fortnight 

-The dissertation needs to be the most accomplished piece of writing I’ve ever written

The topic needs to be defined, focused, carefully drafted. Attention to grammar and punctuation. Focus on specific images.

Things I wont be able to do:

-Address a very long period in history 

-Address numerous photographers

-Cover everything there is to say on a topic

-Write a biography on an artist

-Write a summary of a topic

I must: Write on photography, Write analytically, whatever we write has to be an entirely new piece of text.

Start Researching- After reading week we need to prepare for seminar presentations that we will then give in person on our chosen subject.  After the presentation we will then write a dissertation proposal. 

  • We must do some research over summer. Look at related images, read, go to libraries + galleries+ exhibitions 
  • V & A Photographic Collection
  • British Library
  • Tate Archives
  • Senate House Library UoL

You need to begin to write to help your research 

When we come back from summer break I need:

-fundamental research done 

-understand theoretical material on my subject

-gathered basics facts

-gathered central visual materials 


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And then came COVID-19…

I’m at the stage where I have completed all of my coursework and qualifying exams and literally the only thing standing between me and this doctorate is my ability to buckle down and write. 

The process of writing for my dissertation has been extremely challenging. I am still at the stage of drafting my proposal and, as of today, have only completed Chapter 1. My advisor is such a supportive person and I have really appreciated her continuing to check-in and encourage me throughout this time period. 

I was off to a strong start right after the new year. I was able to narrow down my topic, complete my one-pager, and draft Chapter 1. Then, unexpectedly, COVID-19 occurred and everything got off track. I was suddenly facing major changes at work as we quickly moved to operating remotely. All of my focus and energy was committed to supporting my students during this challenging time. I am still trying to mentally catch-up with how quickly things changed. 

As I began to settle into this new way of life under COVID-19, I would face another life altering tragedy as my sister lost her battle with cancer and passed away on May 12, 2020. I was hundreds of miles away from my family and could only connect with them through phone and FaceTime. This was, and continues to be, one of the most challenging moments in my life. 

When I decided to revisit my dissertation proposal and start trying to tie together the pieces of what was suppose to become Chapter 2, I felt completely uninspired. I felt that it was a waste of time to try focusing on my writing. I felt guilty that I would even attempt to write in the middle of a crisis. The crisis of the COVID-19 world around me and the personal crisis of losing my sister. 

I then began to reflect on time and how drastically things can change in only a matter of moments. We never know what the next day will bring and that is both exciting and terrifying. Because of this ambiguity about the future, I became more determined to push forward. I want to get this done, not just for myself, but for all of the people who have witnessed my journey. I want them to be able to join me in finishing this process. So much can change along the way and I want to enjoy the moments that I still can. 

I have revisited this blog to reflect on my earlier examination of knowledge about the field and my ability to synthesize scholarship. I was able to demonstrate this to the faculty which allowed me to progress in my program. Now, I must shift the focus to overcoming my own personal barriers that are getting in the way.

I’m shifting this blog toward being a space of personal accountability. It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 words or 1,000 words but I need to make the commitment of writing something each and everyday. Instead of waiting until after “work” is done, I must take a pause to write. I must dedicate the time to myself. 

I don’t know what my new timeline is going to be and, believe it or not, I’m actually okay with that. I am more interested in the process and my ability to remain disciplined with my writing. I’m not saying that tomorrow everything will click and I will be on a writing streak or that I won’t face another challenge that will ultimately pull me away from this work but I know I must not allow my writing to be lost. 

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Awww thanx so much love!❤ You are so freaken sweet❤hehe now way i don’t mind telling ya❤🥰🔥🌼 Yeah i am freaking out😱 hehehe so im doing it in children’s nutrition ❤🌻🌈 the topic is basically primary school tuckshop owners nutrition competencies and its influences on the school food environment 🥺😂 ❤🌻 hehe so if u ever need to know anything about school tuckshops, food literacy or childrens nutrition im ya gal❤😂🌻

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genre fluff, domestic, established relationship 

words 3.1k

summary many people doubted your union, how exactly an artist with as much influence as yoongi be a husband to a wife that is still studying. 

warning that side of adulthood, lockdown because of pandemic, mentions of anemia

song kodaline ‘saving grace’


It was a thunderstorm that night, when Yoongi laid in bed alone. Face shone by the light on his phone and he was squinting to see the news article clearer. He ran his fingers through his hair, scratching his scalp gently– a habit he had. He glanced at the time mark on the top right corner of his phone, then to your side of the bed that remained empty. It’s 2:34 AM. Rolling several times over the width of the bed, Yoongi set his foot on the floor and made his way out the opened door where the light from the hall was still on. The ash blue hallway hall, and the wooden floor that creaks under his weight would not guarantee a smooth entry, but his concern was that you might have fallen asleep on the desk, although this was highly unlikely. He just wanted to check.

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May 24 | 34 days left

Still writing my dissertation. I need some social control. So even though you didn’t ask for it: congrats! You’re now part of my thesis writing journey until June 27.

Current word count: 1309

What I did today: I wrote an introduction explaining my research question and its relevance. The part I wrote already is now chapter one. I emailed my supervisor I need more time before I send my first draft of chapter 2. I hope he isn’t mad because I don’t make enough progress.

Current mood: I feel like I should feel stressed about this but I don’t feel it. It would sure help me if I did.

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the fact that i spend most of my life speaking franglais peppered with 10 other languages that i speak less fluently cause it’s really hard to speak just one language has actually turned out to be useful ; it developed a vital skill in being able to seamlessly mend 2 different syntactical structures together in order to make a coherent sentence which is VERY IMPORTANT for me to be able to do in my dissertation, which i’m writing in french but for which i pull & quote sources in at least 7 different languages. 

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