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I Just Missed You - Riddle
Author Notes: This one is a touch indulgent. As soon as I thought about Riddle having to go home and face his mom after overblotting I wanted him to have some sort of escape. So I gave him one. An easy chat with the Prefect. This one is female-reader simply because I felt like it and it was written to "Far Away" by Nickelback
Type: Angst/Comfort/Fluff/ Platonic or Romantic you choose.
Warning: Riddle's Mom... that's it.
Tumblr media
Riddle inhaled deeply, resting his head back against the door of his room and letting his hand lay limply in his lap, cradling his phone. He’d known visiting home was going to be a test worse than anything he’d ever faced before.
He’d come quite a ways since his overblot. Y/n, the Prefect, had helped him to better himself. To change his ways and not become a tyrant fit to overtake his mother. But it was still hard. Returning home to the place where it had all started. 
Everyone had told him he shouldn’t have been treated that way. Even Ace, who’d held Riddle accountable for his oppressive actions, agreed that his mother had been in the wrong. And yet Riddle wasn’t comfortable blaming her.
 It was true, she’d been tyrannical about her rules and had, in many ways, treated him horribly. But she’d also raised him. Without her there was no telling who he’d be now.
He looked down at his phone, already feeling drained. It hadn’t taken his mother long at all to discover the changes in him.
“I thought you were in Heartslabyul? What about the rules?!” Her astonished and evident agitation had made him cringe and want to burst into apologies. But he knew he shouldn’t. He couldn’t really help the overblot nor the Heartslabyul rules. The worst part was he didn’t know what she was upset about.
“Having cake each day at the Unbirthday Parties is a rule Mother.” She’d pursed her lips at his surprisingly calm statement. But rules were reliable. They were a way he and his mother could communicate.
“And your grades?” Riddle had offered a sheet on which he’d carefully monitored his progress, doing his best not to tense as she scanned the neat line of top-notch scores.
“Perfect as always Mother.” She’d hummed as she scanned her way down the sheet of perfect attendance and grades. When she’d given an approving nod and returned the sheet to him, Riddle had almost beamed. It had felt like a pressure had been lifted from his chest and could breathe again. From now on this visit would be smooth sailing.
Or so he had thought.
“And you aren’t making any… unsuitable friends? The sort that would lead you astray? I heard that Clover boy was going there and when you were young-”
“Of course not Mother.” The lie had fallen from his lips like a defense mechanism. Too fast and desperate. A condemnation.
Her eyes had narrowed at his irretrievable reply. It had sounded too urgent even to his ears. She hadn’t said anything but Riddle knew it was coming. That was why he’d sealed himself in his room with the excuse of studying.
The moment she’d questioned his choice in friends, Y/n had come to mind. A wonderful person and a loyal friend, but definitely not what his mother would deem suitable. Not with their light-hearted teasing and easy going nature. Y/n wasn't strict enough about rules and didn’t have high enough grades.
Mother didn’t even view Trey as trustworthy and only barely accepted that he was the vice-housewarden when Riddle had explained how well he knew and obeyed the rules. There was no way she’d accept Y/n… Much less Ace or Cater.
Riddle’s fingers itched to tap in the number that the Prefect had given him just before he’d left on break. She’d donned such a bright smile as she’d handed him a tiny slip of paper, “I haven't ever given you my number so, here! If you get bored or… need anything, I’m just a call away and I’m not going to be doing anything anyway.”
It was like she’d known he would need someone to get him through this ordeal. Sure, he could leave the house and go visit Trey but….
Trey would doubtless be busy with customers and catching up with his family. After all, his siblings and parents adored him and their bakery was always busy.
If Riddle were to be totally honest, he missed the Prefect who’d turned his life upside down. She’d done far more than just save him from overblotting and then work with him to figure out the Spelldrive situation. She’d worked with him and helped him to overcome his obsession with rules. She’d shown him he didn’t have to punish every single slight infraction and could relax at times. And he missed her.
His fingers hovered tentatively over the screen. She was a single tap away and even though it’d only been a few days it already felt like it had been far too long since he’d heard her calm but friendly voice.
What would she say? Probably something along the lines of knowing he could face this and that everything would turn out alright in the end. And then she would ask him mundane questions about his home and he would humor her. Calming down at the sound of her quiet voice that always ensured he relaxed. That ensured he didn’t melt into a ball of stress and frustration.
Riddle had hardly realized what he was doing until he heard the beep at the end of the line and her familiar voice sounded from far away, “Hello?”
He exhaled, strangely relieved to hear her voice, “Hey, It’s me.” He could hear the smile in her voice when she responded, immediately chipper.
“Riddle! What’s up?” He smiled despite himself at her casual words. No, Mother definitely wouldn’t like them. But he did.
“I just…” He hesitated and she waited, ever patient with his hesitations and unsureness. “I just missed you.”
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I love you every second of everyday
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Quote by Alex Elle
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Tumblr media
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[W]e would sit in the dark, not saying anything, until the distance / between us became a living thing.
Joanna Acevedo, from “self portrait that is a pact with loneliness,” Up the Staircase Quarterly (no. 53, 2021)
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Lanes | bends, endings and remoteness
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Tumblr media
Being close has nothing to do with distance or time. Some people living oceans away can touch you in ways a person sitting right next to you never will. Someone you've known for a short time whom you've physically never met, can know you better than someone you've lived with for decades. Because for some, "love" is merely physical. Others can go deeper and touch your very soul.
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Distance doesn’t separate people. Silence does.
Jeff Hood
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…the closeness between them, even though they're not looking at each other? The way that they aren't looking at each other. The distance. It's very powerful, don't you think?
Jonathan Safran Foer, from ‘Everything Is Illuminated’
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Tumblr media
Carolyn Kizer, From Yin; “Postcards from Rotterdam”
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I need distance and solitude to sort through the recovered debris of memory and recapture what I can of my lost past. It’s when I’m gone that the details, like segments of a mosaic, come together and turn into images, scenes, narratives. Being away, I can smell the smoke from fall fires and the wet odor of the soil in the fields, and conjure up in their totality the days when my school went to a collective farm to dig potatoes. I can feel the frosty air biting my cheeks when I pull my sled up the hill and keep riding it down until it gets dark, and my toes feel cold and numb in the thick woolen red and blue socks my grandmother knitted whose tops stuck out of my ungainly dark brown boots polished each Sunday morning by my father
Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough, from “A Non-Sentimental Journey,” AGNI Online (June 2014)
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Person A is always asleep when Person B is awake which makes calling/video chatting with them nearly impossible so Person A switches to the night shift at their job so that their sleep schedule lines up with the time zone that Person B is in.
Person A photoshops themself into a bunch of Person B's photos from moments throughout their life that Person A couldn't be there for because of the distance (birthdays, holidays, fun nights out, etc) and gives them to Person B as a gift.
Person A and Person B live so far away from each other that neither of them can afford to travel to visit the other, so they decide to meet somewhere half-way between them and explore a place that neither of them have been to together.
Person A writes Person B a letter every day, but they never send them. Instead, they put them into a folder to give to Person B to read when they're finally together.
Person A's time zone is east of Person B's which means that new movies, music, and tv shows are released in Person A's time zone first. Even when Person A is really anticipating a new release, they wait a few hours for it to come out in Person B's time zone so they can experience it for the first time together over video chat.
Person A and Person B have both moved away from the places they grew up and one day they meet each other online. As they're getting to know each other, they realize that they're both originally from the same city. They both correlate their schedules and each plan a trip back home to visit family at the same time so they can finally meet up with each other in person.
Person A starts their day by texting person B "good night" and Person B ends their day by texting Person A "good morning.”
Person A and Person B using video games like Minecraft to virtually hang out, build a house that they can live in together, etc until they can do those things together in real life.
Person A is on vacation (at a place that is not where Person B lives.) One day during their trip, they see another tourist who looks very familiar and seems to be looking at them too. It turns out to be Person B, who is also coincidentally on vacation at the same location.
Person A throws a message in a bottle into the ocean, knowing that it's highly unlikely that it will ever actually make it to Person B. A few months later, Person B is walking along the beach when they happen to notice a little bottle poking out of the sand with a note inside.
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Distance is irrelevant when they live inside your heart.❤️
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Distance (2001) // dir. Hirokazu Kore-eda
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“I wish I could tell you how much l love you without ruining everything”
-Day 564
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Tumblr media
Closeness is rarely physical. It is the magic of collision of minds and a recognition of hearts.
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