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Hey guys, I know it’s been a rough month for all of us. Hopefully this post finds all of you safe and healthy. Although I am not a doctor or a specialist, let me take a moment to reassure you all that things will get better. Maybe this won’t be over today or tomorrow, but at some point in the near future, it will be over. In the meantime, I’m sure we could all use a break from the news. So I’m going to make a series of photosets featuring posts that have made me laugh over the years. Please enjoy and may you all stay well. You are viewing Part 1. ^_^

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for anyone who’s flailing around unable to concentrate these are very specific recommendations but i find they are working for me:

pluto tv: nick and afterschool cartoons are my jam; also it crowd on the tech channel

jenn mckinlay cupcake bakery mysteries and library lovers mysteries

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I’m lost in coloring books these days

Like I’m lost at McKay Dee Hospital,

Except they had crayons and colored pencils there

And I only own markers,

So I guess the coloring options in the behavioral unit

Are better than the ones I’ve got in quarantine.

When my mom came during visiting hours,

I made her color with me -

Not much else you are allowed to do.

She put it up on the fridge at her house -

A gesture that more to me at 23

Than it ever did when I was a kid in school.

I’ve got to believe everything will be okay one day.

I’ve got to believe I didn’t just get my dream taken away.

I’ve got to focus on the page

And coloring in the lines

So that I’m focusing on anything other than the fear of the unknown -

Just fill in the lines.

Just breathe.

Just choose the next color.

Just make something pretty.

Just give my hands something to do.

Just give my mind a task.

Just keep breathing

In the hopes that one day,

We will all get our lives back.

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but I’m here for you. Personally, I have been concerned with the virus and anxious about what the future may look like. It is okay to be worried. People with mental health issues may be struggling the most right now. Not being able to do much but stay in the house doesn’t increase your mood. I noticed that I am starting to get a little down from being cooped in my house for so long. Here are some things that you could do to make yourself feel at least a little better

-complete a puzzle, I’ve been using an app called jigsaw puzzles and it’s pretty relaxing

-read a book, call me basic but I love John Green.I run a true crime account so maybe do some research on stuff like that, I find it pretty amusing

-listen to music, probably not sad music but something that will motivate you and put you in a better mood

-rearrange your room/house

-try to write some stuff. Maybe poetry, a short story, or just vent to yourself

-pick up a new hobby, I bought guitars and I’m slowly starting to learn how to play bass. A little stressful but still fun

These are just things that have made quarantine bearable for me. I hope that if you’re reading this right now you have been motivated to try something new or do an activity to clear your head. If things get too bad you can call resolve just to have a professional to talk you through this mess. Download apps made for helping reduce anxiety and depression. Message me if you need to, much love to everyone reading this and everyone struggling!

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I was tagged by @thecynical-idealist to make a moodboard for my spring aspirations and fashion inspirations. I’m adding inspirations of all kinds and just going to town on it. I’m trying to create a version that I can share. I want you all to do it too. Spring might feel like a bust, but I live my life inside my head already, in my imagination so this is fun for me.

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I finally got to writing and now it is midnight, I still have to my wind down to sleep, and I have three classes in the morning. Urgh writer life it hard! However the scene I wrote made me smile, and filled my soul with light. Maybe the morning sucking out my soul will balance everything out, and a coffee will make me awake enough to pay attention.

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Hi! I present to you #artfromhomeapril 

I made this challenge like an early Inktober style but to make all of you enjoy the quarantine time and keep our mind focused on something we like with some help inspiration and being thematic because no one can ignore reality but we still can search for the positive side and make it enjoyable.

It can be digital or traditional drawing or just a craft made by you, anything you wish to create!

PD: this is also on Instagram by the same tag if you want to post it here, there or on twitter.

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