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General Tarot Love Reading for next few days♥️🌹♥️🌹

These messages may not resonates with everyone, take what applies to your situation. If you’re a female you’ll be more in touch with your feminine side and could be feeling very sensitive and emotional. Some of you maybe pregnant or have children.

If you’re a male this could be someone in your life. I see you’re feeling sad and regretting over something happened recently or something/someone you lost recently.

Some of you is very intutive and secretive. And you will get lot of intutive downloads in upcoming days, pay attention to those and take enough time to observe and analyse the situation from different perspectives. And be aware whether there are any patterns or mistakes that you’re keep repeating in your love life. I see you’ll feel bit stagnant with your love life in upcoming days. If you genuinely don’t know what to do about particular situation in your love life. Take a step back and wait until things get cleared.

Overall energy for next few days, in terms of love..I see stagnation, lack of movements and some worries. Don’t focus on what you lost, focus on what you already have and count your blessings.

Hope this helps.🌠

Dm for personal Readings 🙏

Donation based mini love readings 🌹

Indepth relationship readings $10 ♥️

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Like it says on the tin, I am opening tip-based tarot readings! They aren’t free, but there will not be a set price (at least not for the time being) meaning you can simply pay what you wish, be it $1 or $10. 
I won’t be doing specialised readings, such as Past Life Readings, because they take too much time and energy to do, but any general readings, basic questions and spreads I will happily do. 

Please DM me for details or email me @ “”. 

I will not be answering any free readings in my inbox, so please don’t send me asks with your questions anonymously. 

Search the tag #reviews #tarot reviews or #review on my blog to see past feedback concerning my services! 

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Monday morning reading 😁

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New magick ritual divination altar cloth

#魔法#儀式 #占卜#祭壇#占卜布#魔法陣#magick#ritual#altarcloth#divination#seal# (at Autumn Moon Divine)

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25th of January 2021

You stand alone today. Your self-esteem may very well be battered and bruised but the fighting spirit within you is still intact. You may not bring about reconciliation today with the events that transpired and this seemingly lingering feeling of segregation. At some future stage there is a possibility that you will be able to turn today’s disagreement around but for now rest in the assurance that tomorrow is going to be a new and glorious day for you to shine brightly.

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Special offer💫 Limited spaces 🔮 $5 Reading package

3 months love🌹 or Career 💰 reading + Free Angel Guidance + Free Numerology predictions + Free life purpose Reading 🌠

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Blessings 💫

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So here’s what I have for you…

 Messiah + King + Angel Rx

So I heard “Benevolent”, I think you may have a son with him or a daughter cuz I saw a kid with blonde hair and a bowl cut. The Lana del Rey song popped up 

“ I’m on the run with you, my sweet love
There’s nothing wrong contemplating God
Under the chemtrails over the country club
Wearing our jewels in the swimming pool”

So I actually feel that he’s rather spiritual, he may even be a water sign. He has leader qualities and I feel that he goes for those retreats or even leads those spiritual retreats. I also heard “tour guide” so I think he may be a tour guide like in those forrest areas while people jungle trek or go hiking with their huge backpacks. I see those guys with a tank top and a brunette man bun and beard. I also think he may go fishing or likes going to the lake when it’s dark out and probably catch fireflies. I think he may even do photography, or astrophotography or aurora borealis kinda pictures. If it’s photography, it’s probably night photography mostly. And I think I see him preserving like insect remains or has a basement/workplace that he works with wood and chemicals to preserve like old moths or even artifacts like old pages of a book that has became brown. I think he may also do pottery on the side. I think he has a favorite inflatable ring for swimming, probably when he was younger, and may have done skinny dipping before in the lake. I think he may also be a physiotherapist or a chiropractitioner or has been to a chiropractitioner before for his back. I think he may also like fixing home things like those old small televisions by himself or has helped a lot with doing things like that. Probably he was a bit of mechanic or someone who likes figuring out how to fix home tech as in… like fixing the TV or changing the light or the door etc. Paints his own house or has been a house painter before. Probably did acting before (like those plays on pretending to be King with the crown and cape) and does oil paint a few times. And probably does a bit of basketball. 

What your connection is gonna be like…

I got Visionary

So I heard “dream” so I think in a way it would feel like a dreamy connection or a connection where you guys create things or even invent things or a spiritual connection. 

Hope it resonates/makes sense to you and hope it works out for the best! :)

Thank you! 

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Hi! ah yes, another refreshing question other than love lmao for the time being

So what I have for you is…

Meditation Brings Answers + Reconsider Rx + Perfect Timing

The message I’m getting here is that I feel that you tend to keep to yourself a lot and I think you should try to reach out/talk to some of your colleagues or someone you trust about your situation. Probably try to manage your stress and breathe, take it a step at a time… focus on the bite sized things to help you get through it and then the next. cuz I feel like there was or is an important decision for you to make that I believe you’ve firmly told yourself that you’d do it/commit yourself to it. Remind yourself that, and why you came there in the first place, the confidence/firmness you had in the beginning of the job. In a way, I think readjusting to that vibe/reminding yourself to embody that person that you were… could help. I think you may be surprised that there are a few people (2 or 3 people I’m seeing) who you could actually ask for help with especially if its a task/job that’s kinda tight on time. I’m also feeling that whoever is your supervisor/senior that’s a woman. I think even if they seem intimidating but has the friendly vibe of someone who’s assertive, I think if you ask her for someone to team up with you with getting a task done, she’ll allow it. or I think she’ll give you good advice/reconsideration for you if you expressed yourself… correctly. They’re quite encouraging as well. You’re gonna be fine, also perhaps if you take care of your physical health, maybe reduce on drinking or take care of your diet… cuz I’m seeing you probably tend to not eat enough or tend to not be aware that you haven’t been eating as much/healthily when you get stressed or so focused on your work. 

I also took out some other oracle cards (that’s pretty blunt and is supposed to also be humourous) that I felt like should use it, that says

1. Laugh Rx : Where the fuck is your sense of humour?

2. Shit is going down with your job: Reevaluate, change your perspective or fucking quit

3. Don’t believe every shitty thought you have Rx: Thoughts can be sneaky, lying bastards

4. What the hell are you waiting for? Get that shit done: If you are waiting for a sign – well, here it fucking is 

5. Detox Rx: Drink a smoothie, unfriend that asshole and throw some shit out

I’m getting the feeling like you probably took something personally with someone when they were joking around with you… hence made you felt intimidated/caused you to overanalyze/overthink. So… yeah the cards say it like it is.  

Hope it makes sense and resonates with you! Let me know in with some feedback :) 

We all have control in our hands, so take a pinch of salt with this reading. 

Thank you! 

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Guess who’s back, back again

(Be advised of CW further down the post)

So, yeah, haven’t been sharing in a long ass time. I just have felt the need to practice on my own and just kind of keep it to myself for a while. That’s one explanation, anyway. Another, possibly more accurate one, is that i am still practicing but the spells and the readings have been pretty vanilla. Nothing fun or exciting to share.

So, Becky, what’s changed? Why share now? I’m glad you asked! So I was scrolling through my favorite witchy shitposting group when someone mentioned a haunted reading. I’m like wtf is a haunted reading? And like every other time i stumble across something i don’t know, i go straight to Google and search it up. Still don’t know what a haunted reading is, but whatever, it was more of a side note for how i got to my reading. Anyway, the first thing i click on was the haunted tarot spread. And let me tell you, things got spooky, and definitely not in a fun way. But like a necessary way.

Ok here’s the spread i found:


So i figure this sounds fun, I’m still dealing with my anxiety and depression and maybe giving names to the shit bogging me down could help? I figured it would go much like all my readings have been doing lately, asking questions i already know the answers to, getting the answers i already expected. Yeah, no, didn’t go like that at all.

So i used my literary witches Oracle deck because it was my haunted reading and this deck seems spooky to me. Honestly, the deck is really hit or miss, so I had next to no expectations. However, the reading kind of freaked me out because the answers were all true, and not one of them had i thought of.


So what follows me and how to leave it behind are the top left 2 cards. Tbh i had to think about it because i couldn’t make the connection. At first I thought the flowers represented youth/spring something along those lines but it didn’t fit. So i moved on to the the skull, which seemed pretty obvious, let it die. Then i realized the flowers were for a grave, my grandma’s death, over 8 years later, still is a heavy one. How to leave it behind, stop trying to resurrect her in everything i do, let her Rest In Peace.

Ok, 3 & 4 what troubles me and how to resolve it? This one came quick, growing old troubles me, how to resolve it? Slow down. Easy, thanks!

5&6 what keeps me up at night, and how to rest easy. So to me this is calling out my late night thoughts, as frogs are most vocal at night, so too are my thoughts loudest as I’m lying in bed. And the teacup made me laugh as i have been using tea to relax my mind enough for bed at night.

7&8 this one actually freaked me out. Like legit gave me goosebumps and scared the shit out of me. Honestly, it’s not a topic i even allow myself to think about. What frightened me, love, that’s totally and completely true. How to face it is the doll, it’s calling me out to finally figure out a way to come to terms with whatever happened to me as a kid.

CW: child abuse, loss of memories

So I can’t remember anything prior to the age of 11, but it’s spotty until maybe my freshman year of high school. Obviously something happened to me to make me repress that many memories. Part of me has always wondered if i was abused as a child. To see those cards together gave a voice to something i have spent a lot of time burying very deep.

Maybe it is time to try to figure it all out. I had this nightmare once that still hurts to think about. My daughter and i are at a mall or something, it’s the holidays i think, and she’s running around in her pajamas. She finally gets where i can’t find her, and yet i know where she is at the same time. So i frantically begin making my way up to what looks like an attic door, like a half door looking thing in a wall the shape of a roof. Idk but a man comes out of the door, and i feel sick to my stomach because i know my daughter is in there. I open the door and it’s me as a little girl in Christmas jammies and I’m crushed, I’m sickened, I’m devastated, and i start screaming at the man and running at him. I want to kill him but i can’t and i can just scream in anguish.

It was one of the most upsetting dreams I’ve ever had. And maybe the closest I’ll ever get to figuring out what happened to me.

So anyway, it was a super creepy and upsetting tarot card reading that i needed to share because it was way too much to keep to myself. None of the answers were what i was expecting, and yeah, gave me loads to think about.

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Oh yeah for sure. Mainly tarot and dream interpretation. I’ll do a tarot reading for a friend as a favor, some friends even request them regularly. I get messages a lot with people who don’t understand their own readings too and help out as best as I can. I’d love to do some free practice readings for you guys eventually and maybe even some paid ones. 

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Hi! It’s refreshing to see questions other than love once in a while lmao

So this is what I have for you… 

Page of Swords + The High Priestess + Temperance + Knight of Swords Rx + 2 of Cups 

So I actually heard “Talk of the School”, I think it’s pretty refreshing time for you like you wanna explore, get to know a bunch of new people. I believe people are gonna be watching you or in general they’re just on an eye out whenever freshies enter uni if you know what I mean. I’m getting the feeling that people are gonna notice you or even be impressed by you. Perhaps your lecturers or some people see you as a good potential. Like they just feel that vibe from you. I also feel like you may feel pressured to be a certain way or even get into an argument because I feel like you may need to take things slow with how you do your work cuz I heard “hasty nature” so I feel like you have this bossy side of you that you may not be aware of which could affect your studies/work and you also prolly you tend to rush things that could get a lil messy with how you want things done. Try to cooperate with people and know how to delegate tasks. or try to manage your stress since I also feel that maybe you’ll be given a lot of work at once. I actually see that you’re gonna be talking and meeting and having new connections/friends. And actually I think you may meet someone you may have a romantic interest with! or get into relationship or maybe you’ll have people who crushes on you or have love brewing for you (cuz I literally have the Lovers in the front deck). Or you may enter the same uni as your crush, or if you do have boyfriend/girlfriend, they seem to be going to the same uni as you. But I feel that you’re gonna be trying to take initiative in a lot of things. I get the inkling of sports as well. Cuz I heard a subtle “sports” in my head. I think in terms of connecting with people, you’ll be more excited in that area. Other than that, since I also understand that most uni’s/colleges right now are all online, it may be a bit of a low blow with how you expect getting into college would be like. But seems like a chill, trying to balance things out kinda vibe I’m getting with how you may feel about uni.

Hope it resonates with you! Let me know with some feedback :) 

 All the best! stay safe, 

Thank you! 

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𝐐𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐲𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐫 𝐧𝐨 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚 𝐛𝐢𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐨 𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐧 𝐧𝐨𝐰. 𝐈'𝐦 𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝟐𝟎. 𝐆𝐎! 𝐆𝐎! 𝐆𝐎! (𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐳𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐜 𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐧 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞)

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Before you can move forward, you’ve got to reckon with your faults. It’s possible that you may develop a non-platonic relationship with this person in the long run but first, you’ve got to work on yourself. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you’ll keep making them. Have you learned your lesson? Look at things from an outside perspective. Look deep and be honest. Then you will be able to move forward into rebirth. 

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Have a real sit-down with yourself. soul-search. What are your weaknesses? Where do you need harmony? Be utterly and completely brutally honest with yourself. Find what you don’t want to think about and think about it. Sit with it. I like to think about the 4th step of the AA program: A Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory. This is what you need. This is how you grow. 

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Hi! So what I have for you is…

Child: Eternal + Guide + Engineer + Mediator

So I feel like they see you as someone who can come up with solutions or someone who knows how to mediate conflicts/bring people together in diplomacy. Perhaps someone who knows quite a number of people but also likes their space. I think they’re also trying to figure you out about what you mean by saying certain things. I think they enjoy talking with you in the late night like those 3AM talks or he notices that you’re always awake really late at night because he is too. I also heard “out for a run”, cuz I’m seeing like someone who goes out for a run in the dark when people aren’t awake maybe at “8 o clock” is what I heard.  That’s either in the really early hours of the morning/when the sun hasn’t came up or just at night. Do you post in social media of you working out or going out for runs? Maybe you go with a friend and that friend takes a vid of you running/ being beside you and you’re wearing a grey workout outfit and your long ponytail up high. I feel like he sees you as someone who encourages/inspires him to become a better person/to change. Like I think your hustle or just your discipline/tendency to go after your goals inspires him to do better as well. It’s the kinda vibe that’s like “she’s out doing runs? damn” and I feel like he kinda takes that a bit of a challenge. Although I feel that aspect is a mutual thing between the both. Like I think he sees you as someone that people tend to go to for advice or what to do in certain situations or what to say to someone, as though people gravitate to you. Also, I think he somehow sees you’ve got nice luscious lips (sorry if that’s really strange) haha. And maybe you kinda look younger than your age, like someone who looks young. Probably he notices that you’re always comfortable in your bedroom and posting selfies at night while you’re Netflix-ing. You know those snapchat stories or ig stories and he kinda wonders how are you single or not the type to hook up/have casual sexual relations with even if you look like it. Is the vibe I’m getting.

Hope it resonates with you! Let me know with some feedback :) 

Thank you! 

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Making my first ogham set!

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How to Tell If a Spell Has Been Cast On You

No question is a stupid question, especially when someone is just beginning to learn about something and genuinely wants to learn! Here are three common methods for determining if a spell has been cast on you.

Method 1: Oomancy

This is done by using magic to ask a question and receive your answer by cracking an egg into a bowl. If the yolk is dark brown or black, you have been cursed. If there is a blood spot, then usually there is something else wrong that has nothing to do with witchcraft, but it is worth double checking. If there are shapes in the egg whites or yolk, then interpret them to see if they indicate a spell has been cast on you.

Method 2: Divination

This is done by asking tarot or whatever other form of divination you practice to get an answer. The cards or items will be able to tell you if you have been put under a spell, and often even who has done the casting and why. This is probably the simplest and clearest way to determine if a spell is on you.

Method 3: Senses

If you notice that some of your things have gone missing, they may have been used in a taglock. If you are having unexplainable visions, or hearing things that aren’t there, someone may have cast a spell on you. If you are having obsessive, repeating, or intrusive thoughts then a spell might be on you. If you keep noticing strings of incidents happening that would be coincidence alone but a pattern together, then there may be a spell on you. If you are receiving omens about it or are having sudden health problems or difficulty sleeping then there may be a spell on you. If you are sensing someone else’s magic or intentions around you, then you may have a spell on you.

Best wishes, and hope this helps!

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Hello, Lovelies! Please Read Before Scrolling🔮

I’m going to be opening up tarot readings again! I took a bit of a hiatus, but I’m ready to do them again, and hopefully on a regular basis. I will be doing readings for tips(the amount will be up to you). I’m working towards starting a business out of it, so any requests would be appreciated. Please send me a message or an ask if you’re interested! 😊🖤

Paypal: aphroditestears

Venmo: queenofnothing07

Thanks for reading! Here’s a meme for your time!

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Alternate Universe - Solomon Empire(Ancient Rome)

God!Amon x Augur!Klein

This art is for my friend Aspasia, who wrote the awesome fanfic about ravens and divinations and the priest who cut open his god’s palm.

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🐛 feedback, thank you!! I’ve been getting universal signs I’m in seed mode. So to see that I’ll soon be sprouting feels all the more worth it!

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