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self-isolation may mean that you have a lack of resources or even energy to celebrate the full moon in the way you normally would. i think most of us are feeling a bit run-down, so here are some more easy rituals to complete to connect with Her tonight.

divination. even if you’re asking just one yes or no question, divination is perfect for making connections with the moon’s psychic energies. our intuition is often strongest at this time of the month. if you don’t have access to divination tools such as oracle cards or a pendulum, you can meditate under the moon with a question in mind. you may be surprised by the answers that come to you.

charging crystals and other tools. you don’t have to use your own energy for this. simply leaving your tools in the moonlight is a perfect way to charge them with intention. i leave some selenite on my windowsill along with my tools so i can cleanse and charge them all in one go.

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Hi! I hope all is well with you! May I have a tarot reading? Since the events that have been happening and having school moved to online, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. May I ask how will my semester go from now till the middle of May? Im Em, a leo sun + rising, aries moon 馃尰鈽锔弔hank you!

Hey , hun! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling.

I see that this has put quite a mental strain/ burden on you. The good news is I do see you rising above this situation. You have much inner strength and mental stamina. Being organized and detail oriented will help a lot during this time. As I sense you are someone who is quite responsible ,I don’t feel this will be too difficult for you once you truly put your mind to it and stick to it. Keep your eye on the prize and the goal, which is graduating , earning your degree , and obtaining a great Education that you will carry with you through life. As long as you don’t lose sight of your end goal, and buckle down, I believe you will succeed this semester.

🌹10 of wands

🌹Daughter of pentacles

🌹6 of wands

🌹3 of wands

I hope this helps ! Best of luck to you and I hope everything becomes easier for you soon!as always , feel free to leave feedback.

Blessings and love🌙🌹🔮✨🧿

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🔮Daily Tarot🔮

This one’s a bit late, but it’s been a long day so what the heck.

Queen of Shells reversed


“Do not repress your feelings.”

In times when we’re feeling down, unmotivated, or insecure, we tend to try and block those feelings. That’s completely fair too, because they aren’t comfortable things to deal with. However, the only real way to deal with them is by confronting them and feel them completely. The more we understand and accept our feelings, the better we are at moving past them.

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Reading for life path 5?



I am also a lifepath 5!

1 Strength- There may be a Leo in your life who you are connecting with, be that romantically or platonically. Leo is also the 5th sign, so it is directly connected to you. Some of you may have Leo placements. I feel as though any Leo friends or lovers in your life right now have the role of reflecting something back to you that you’re not seeing in yourself. Find out what that is with an open mind. This experience is meant to teach you what strength is. Are you the type who sees strength in someone stern and cold or in someone gentle and vulnerable? Why is that?

2 2 of Cups reversed- First of all, take note of the 2 in the second place. A lifepath 2 may be playing a significant role in your life. Regardless of their lifepath number, the number 2 signifies that there is a lesson of balance to be learned here. The universe/God is asking you to reach the next level of balance because it believes you are ready for it. Taking note of the reversed position, there may be a degree of toxicity with the connection to the Leo on varying degrees. What role do you play in this? What role do they play? Is there a way for you to fix this or is it better off dissolving completely?

3 The Fool- Not only is the universe intending to balance you out, but also humble you. It wants to provide you with some new blessings, new connections, and new money, some of you just need to open your mind, heart, and energy to become receptive to that. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Some of you may be in a bad situation where you feel like you have no resources to get out of it. This card is telling you to get out anyway. Leave that toxic relationship, that job which has no appreciation for you. Make room for the new.

4 The Hanged Man- A lot of you are being asked to look more internally at yourself. Do you feel like you’re lacking something in your life? Where does that feeling of lack come from? How can you eradicate it? Is that a lack in which your soul truly feels or is it something that others have made you feel that you’re lacking? There is a lot of major arcana here, so I see this as being a big few months for you in terms of personal growth and where you’re going to take your life next. For those of you in quarantine, you’re going to have to turn that adventurous energy inwards and explore yourself for those of you affected by this quarantine. Lifepath 5’s are probably the most adaptable Lifepath number, so know that you will get through this quarantine and whatever else is going on.

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Hello guys! I’ll be offering two types of paid personal readings for the time being. 

The first reading: This reading is one in which you can choose the size of your reading. Each dollar you pay me buys you a card. Any and all questions/topics are welcome as well as completely general readings. Multiple questions and topics are also fine. For example: $1= 1 card. $12 = 12 cards.

The second reading: This one some of you may know as the Tarot Calendar. This will be a special for the month of May and will be available until May 1st. The cost of this reading will be $3 for 31 cards. Each card will correspond with a day of the month. The reading will be pretty open to general messages, but we can focus more upon your love life, career, etc. as well. 

Please direct message me if you have any interest. I accept PayPal and CashApp. Tips are accepted but certainly not neccessary! 

Thank you all, and I hope you’re enjoying Aries and Taurus season!

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Feeling a little tired tonight! Here is my short video on Eihwaz. Be back soon, possibly with a part two, a seperate video, or more. Maybe all the above! 🤣 #runes, #divination, #aruneaday, #gods, #goals, #emeraldbirch, #biggerthanyourbody, #disability, #lifechallenge, #beyondthebumps, Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment! Would love to hear your rune wisdom!

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Hello!! I dont know if you answer questions like this or if it is even possible to be answered But I had a dream where 2 tarot cards played a big role. One was of a tall golden building with a blue sky and the other one had a wooden ship (sort of like a pirate ship) with a purple sky in the background on it. Does this mean anything? It has been playing in my head all morning I'm sorry if this is not something you do!

Hey love. Please DM me so we can speak more in depth about it !

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May I request a pendulum to see if I kin 馃崐, 馃挮, 馃崚, or 馃導 and to see if 馃挋 and 馃寵 are kins or IDs

gracie (my pendulum, oops) says:

unsure for 🍊, 🍒, and 🌧

weak no for 💫

yes to 💙 being a kin and not an id

strong yes to 🌙 being a kin and not an id

remember, this is just gracie’s interpretation! it is up to you whether you believe her or not!


-mod shuichi (tetsu shift)

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The Forest Provides.

Follow your light in the darkness. Art. Music. Dance. Work. Love. Happiness. Peace. Surrender to the darkness. Wrap yourself in it and close your eyes, but follow your feet.

Stay true to your compass, but bring all of your friends along with you. (If you don’t have any friends, store bought is fine!!!)

Unity is here, my friends. Unity Has Been Born.

The strong shall survive.

We saved the world on the internet.

matthew 22:32-40

We will not burn these witches. We will treat our slaves as equals. We will find water in this dry land; just go downhill.

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Hot witch tip: take your tarot deck in the shower to cleanse it. A space dedicated to cleaning and cleansing. Your intent in there is to clean just spread that intent to your deck too

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