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waywardfaerie555 · 2 days ago
What advice do you need to hear right now?
Pick a Card
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Choose the waterfall which resonates more with you.
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Card 1
Four of Cups Reversed
You are craving a new beginning. Shedding old habits and starting to change your mindset to align with who you want to be. This is a transformative moment in your life, you get to control how you live and how you will perceive it. 
This sudden awareness of the transient beauty of life may strike you now, while previously you may have been too deeply disconnected from yourself to see it. You are coming to the understanding that though life is not perfect, there is beauty in it, and joy comes from choosing to see this beauty.
Embrace new ideas, new people and new places; because you never know where these adventures can take you. Many may miss these chances because they are too confined in their own beliefs and ambitions. This will span all areas of your life, be open to new things and allow yourself to live in the moment by remaining grounded and connecting to your true self.
Card 2:
Judgment Reversed
The reversed Judgment card can mean that you doubt and judge yourself too harshly. This could be causing you to miss opportunities that were awaiting you. The lost momentum causes you to fall behind in your plans, which can make it difficult to move forward. There is no need to be overly cautious especially when life and the universe is giving you signs to keep moving forward. 
Another reading of the Judgment reversal card can be a push to take time out of your busy routine to reflect upon your life to this point, and what you have learned so far. You are most likely not giving yourself the time or space to fully think about the matter and learn the lessons you need to to be able to progress with awareness. You could also be too critical of your past actions, so you are not giving yourself the forgiveness to move forward. The mistakes that we have made in the past are learning tools, so they help us move though life. Focusing too hard on these mistakes can cause us to trip and fall.
Card 3: 
Six of Cups Reversed
The Six of Cups reversed can mean that you are clinging to the past. You should explore your memories, but you should not allow yourself to remain there. While you may find it comforting to be in the security of home, you must also learn to forge your own path. The past should be used as a guide for the future. Learn to focus on the present, and truly be aware. 
Another reading of the Six of Cups reversed is that you may feel as though you are disconnected from your childhood self, and that child's dreams, which may sometimes be unrealistic. Not reaching these goals can be painful, but sometimes reality carves a path for you that you must follow, and you shouldn't blame yourself for your choices. Take the time to think about where you want to be now and how you can reach your goals, instead of just dreaming about them.
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baddie-drip · 2 days ago
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vistorille · 2 days ago
Great Venus, aphrodite, keep her of secrets and Teller of the truth and the one who strips away lies.
Shining Pearl at the center of the world whose heart is the sea and whose water flows through all of our veins,
Salt of the earth, the one who gives and defines life, most radiant and desired Queen,
Grant us your strength. Allow us to spread love and strength and take power away from those who hoard it and to give it to those who need it.
You are the red flame in the dark. You destroy evil and bring peace.
Ave Venus.
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diormp4 · 2 days ago
i know im meant to live on lots of open land with a cottage & live off of food i grow in my garden & walk around outside naked with maybe a super cool boyfriend who calls me pretti everyday & i'll befriend all the squirrels & deer & ride a horse around my big open land eating strawberries i'll name my horse azula & my best friend will also live here with me & she will have a horse named peep & we will sit in the grass naked on our periods & bleed on mother earth & let her recharge us also we have super long hair past our butt n we braid flowers in our hair for fun & go swim in the lake at sunset & climb trees & there's also a pink bunni that follows us everywhere it's naturally pink & we are the only ppl with a pink bunni in the history of ever. amen.
my destiny is to get out of the work force and join the wild force
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sugarbaee · 5 months ago
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raspb3rrycake · 2 months ago
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oh my lord have mercy
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urtoospoiled · 4 months ago
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Ok, I’m not playing any(more) games with myself. I’m buckling down and finalizing a body upgrade plan that I can bring into 3D fruition.
Im going to write down whatever resonates with the temple itself.
Mind. Body. Soul.
Reprogrammed thoughts
Ability to still the mind
Negative talk towards self is immediately dismissed by positive reassurance
Subliminal music
Visualizing current reality
Yoga infused with womb healing/divine feminine meditation
Cosmetic surgery upgrades
Practice intimacy magic (IYKYK)
Regular workout routine
Thorough body skin care routine (including waxes, exfoliating, healing habits, etc.)
Communicating with inner voice
Actively attracting soon reality of desired body by writing, visualizing & researching.
Breast massages with proper herbs and oils
Commit to self education of spiritual research, dating back to African royalty
Live life moving based on faith & trust
Daily gratitude
Music more (lyrical/favorite artists/instrumental)
Healing inner child
Deep shadow work
Reading, rereading and annotating
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divinekisses444 · 3 months ago
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financeprincess · 7 months ago
✨ Currently Manifesting... ✨
Regular facials, manis, pedis, massages, Brazilian waxes, lash lifts. Glowing skin. Glowy makeup. Fluffy curls. Microshaded brows. Laser hair removal. Veneers. Subtle plastic surgery. Intoxicating perfumes. Shopping. Diamonds. Designer bags. Credit card rewards. International travel. Networking. Career certifications. Investing more. Brunch with the girls. Picnics. Farmers markets. Art galleries. Museums. Fresh flowers. Silk scarves. Big sunglasses. Beautiful lingerie. Silk robes. Receiving lots of gifts. Lots of sunlight. Hot yoga. Incredible sex. Nature hikes. Tennis lessons. Green smoothies. Matcha lattes. Candles that smell expensive. Sleeping 8+ hours a night. Bubble baths. Studying foreign languages. Absorbing as much knowledge as I can. Book clubs. Pottery classes. Jazz & classical music. Cooking with fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices. Champagne. Charcuterie & bruschetta. Gelato. Fresh bread. Ocean air. Hugging my loved ones. Petting dogs. Giving lots of gifts. Journaling. Meditating. Gratitude. Volunteering. Donating to charity. Manners. Etiquette. Charisma. Therapy. Healthy boundaries. Radical personal responsibility. Positivity. Self care. Abundant love.
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baddie-drip · 2 days ago
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nftwife · 2 months ago
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high life
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carmensapientia · 14 days ago
disciplining your mind includes
-stop over consuming and start creating your own rules
-flipping negative thoughts and preventing them
-not reacting to the 3D and old story
-revising past negative experiences
-focusing only on the positives and saturating your mind
-removing all forms of doubt and working on your self concept
-persisting through everything and ignoring circumstances
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callmeprincesatonight · 2 months ago
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Sculptures by Louise Bourgeois
“The spider is my mother, believe it or not.” — Bourgeois
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sugarbaee · 4 months ago
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dvnfemme · 2 months ago
April Concept: Early mornings, soft and sweet musical accompaniment to mundane activities, keeping my spaces clean and clear, floral scents, comfy clothing, candlelight in my bedroom, protecting my energy and privacy, yoga and gym, tuning in spiritually, keeping myself sacred and regulating my interactions, womb and skin healing, practicing habits that set me up for success, working smart and practicing discernment, romantic date nights, choosing peace, evening study sessions in the library, processing through journaling, staying hydrated and remaining soft.
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arichblessingtoyourlife · 10 months ago
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This is your sign💕
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urtoospoiled · 4 months ago
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My Knowledge Is My Power
Scholar first, seductress immediately after.
The more I invest in my knowledge, the more I evolve into a bundle of abundance.
I prioritize my daily reading goal of an hour
I prioritize my schoolwork
I prioritize my self care
The more I direct the focus on improving self, all of my external desires will gradually manifest
Ph.D me please!
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