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Instead of trying to find loopholes in God’s commandment or trying to convince ourselves that our spouse is not a Christian or is at least not behaving as one and therefore divorceable, we ought to be shouting the holiness of marriage from the housetops. It is better to endure much personal unhappiness than to treat as expendable the solemn vows of the wedding service.
James Montgomery Boice
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theanarchistscookbook · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
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zazzalils-arms · a day ago
my mom psychoanalyzes df’s immediate hatred of tiff and is completely right
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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clowntv · 29 days ago
no hate to my fellow children of divorced parents who wish they would get back together but i think we need more representation in media for people who learned their parents were getting divorced and were like. "god, finally"
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I usually don’t give a shit when celebrities divorce, it’s their life and they need to do what they need to do. But I am genuinely so sad that John Mulaney and Anna are divorcing. He always talked about her with so much love and admiration in his standups, it just seemed like a such a solid relationship.
I hope they’ll both be ok.
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catchymemes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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shiftythrifting · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I dont even have a caption for this.
Monroe WA goodwill
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yesterdaysprint · 4 months ago
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The Tampa Tribune, Florida, October 12, 1940
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nostxlgia18 · 16 days ago
Queen of his heart
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad!Chris Evans × ExWife!Reader
Summary: You doubt your relationship to high extents but Chris makes sure to clear all your doubts.
Warning: Sad :( leads to Fluff
A/n: sorry it's a long chapter....🥺
Chris and you have been separated for the past year now. The divorce was heartbreaking and painful for the both of you, from spending 8 whole years in love with each other to suddenly staying in separate houses, having conversations only related to your four-year-old son.
Eventually, Chris moved on. He now has a girlfriend but you on the other hand were still devastated. Chris will always be the love of your life no matter what. He would always keep his girlfriend away from you and never talk about her when with you. You both had a hard time trying to adjust your son to your situation, he would always cry asking why you weren't coming with them to Chris's house. But, whenever Mason spent time with his dad, she would be there. Your son would always tell you how cool and fun Aunty Lily is. Your heart would break every time you heard her name but you had no other choice but to deal with it.
Mason was spending the weekend with his father and you called your best friend over for a sleepover. "So...Mason seems pretty excited" Y/b/f/n radiantly said. "Yeah, he is always excited. They are going to build some toy together I guess" you chuckled while checking everything in Mason's bag.
"Mason!" you heard a voice yell from the living room, you could recognize that voice anywhere. Chris was here.
"Hey" you greeted him. "Mason's changing he'll be out quick" you continued. "Oh okay, hey Y/b/f/n!" Chris acknowledged your friend. Y/b/f/n waved back without giving him much attention. "Umm do you want something to drink?" you offered. "No that's fine, I actually wanted to talk to you about something" Chris murmured. "Okay?" you took your seats on the couch.
"I wanted to plan a trip to Palm Springs with Mason" he declared not wanting to look into your eye for some reason. "Umm...I don't know, he's never been that far without me" you hesitated to send your baby alone to trip without you. "He'll be fine, just ask him. please?" Chris pleaded. "Oka---".
"Dada!!!!" Mason's excited yell stopped you mid-sentence. "Hey buddy, you excited for the weekend?" Chris picked him up making Mason sequel "Yess yes yes I am".
"Mommy, Daddy's going to give me so many toys" Mason came running to you. "Yes baby, I know" you pecked his cheek and your eyes shifted to Chris. 'Ask him' he mouth you. As much as you hated the idea of Mason spending time with Chris's girlfriend, you had to ask him once.
"Sweetie" you called a preoccupied Mason, "Umm do you want to go on a long trip with Dada? without mommy" you made sure to mention the last part. "Will aunty Lily be there too?" Mason asked. "I don't know buddy...maybe" Chris replied immediately. "Then I will go with Dada" Mason exclaimed. You were stunned at his response. Chris could see the colour draining of your face as soon as Mason asked whether Lily would be there. He knew something was wrong but wasn't sure what.
"Umm, I think we should leave!" Chris picked up Mason's bag. "Yay! Bye, mommy, I love you" Mason pecked your check and ran out of the door without waiting for your reply. Chris kept looking at your face for some response but got nothing. He smiled at Y/b/f/n and left the house.
"Y/n, you okay?" Your best friend shook you by the shoulders. Tears started to well up in your eyes and made their way out too. "Oh my god, Y/N! What's wrong?" Y/b/f/n held onto you tight. You sobbed uncontrollably. "Y/n?" you could hear the confusion in Y/b/f/n's voice.
"It's happening. It's happening!".
"What...what's happening?".
"I'm going to be all alone" Your voice cracked. "Y/n, please speak clearly what are you talking about?" your friend asked. "She's pulling Mason away from me too!" you sobbed. "Jesus Y/n! It's nothing like that" your friend assured.
"It is! Mason would never ever go out without me even with Chris. Now look at him, he agreed to go to Palm Springs cause she was going to come. The other day he asked while going to sleep if Lily was his new mommy" you fell on the couch with your hands on your face.
"What!! what did you say?".
"Nothing, before I could reply he dozed off. I'm telling you I'll be all alone. Chris left me and Mason will too" you whispered.
"Bullshit Y/n, Mason is your son. You mean so much to him, he wouldn't even last a day without you in Palm Springs, I'm telling you. Chris is going to call to inform you that they are on their way back, this is what's going to happen" Y/b/f/n claimed and hugged you tight, trying to tell you that you have all her support and love no matter what.
Someone's phone went off by the door, leaving both of you in shock. "Chris! Mason!" you heard your friend say. You wiped all your tears trying to look presentable. "Mason let's go get some snacks," Y/b/f/n said leaving with your son who was confused thinking why his mommy was crying. You knew Y/b/f/n would take care of Mason's state.
You still haven't glanced towards him, just heard footsteps come your way and the couch dipped beside you.
"Y/n!" Chris mumbled, you tried your best not to burst into tears again but failed miserably. Chris wrapped his arms around you tightly. Your tears destroying his shirt but his only concern was to make sure the women he loves to be okay. He kept kissing the side of your head again and again. "shh here look at me!" he cupped your face in his hands wiping the tears off your cheeks.
"Mason just has one mommy, that's you, darling. Nobody else can ever take that place. And as to the place in my heart, the queen of that territory can only be you" Chris confessed gazing deeply into your eyes. "But--".
"No, let me finish. I have loved you all along, I thought maybe dating someone else can distract me from the biggest mistake I made in life. Divorcing you. But, nothing will ever work I know. I love you so much Y/n. Please don't cry, I feel so bad to be the reason for them. I --".
You cut him off pulling his face near yours, pressing your lips together in a passionate kiss.
"I love you too" you whispered pulling away from the kiss.
"Mommy!" Mason came running to you guys and took a seat on your lap nuzzling his face in your neck "I love you" you heard him say.
"Aww baby, I love you too!" you replied back, embracing him.
"Dada, will mommy come with us on the long trip?" Mason asked his father. "Mommy?" Chris looked at you for a reply. Your eyes shifted to your best friend who was standing by the door, smiling and nodding her head.
"Yeah baby, Mommy will join you guys too" you stated.
"Yayy!" Mason stretched his little hands once again, hugging yours and Chris's neck both. Chris chuckled at his little boy's reaction. He then looked at you and grasped your hand into his tightly.
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shiftythrifting · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Divorce cups
Found in the Habitat ReStore, Denver, NC
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