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#diy storage

Thank you Lord for my OCD and craftiness.

Browsing diy storage ideas rejuvenates me.

Unfortunately there will just be no taming my yarn. I’m doomed.

So how weird would it be to ask my local for sale group for kitty litter bins and/or diaper boxes?

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I think I worked in my room for 4 hours. It looks 10x worse.

The only thing really done is my bookcase. I got rid of a whole box of books, reorganized (even by book order) and cleaned out various little spots of random crap.

Went through my jewelry. Was going to get rid of a lot but then I realized I had a baggie of earrings of tiny jewels I use for crafts. So I’ll have to go through my get-rid-of jewelry again. Sigh.

I have yarn crap shoved into so many corners omfg. That’s gonna be my biggest project. It’s all over the place. I’m going to need to make a master shit-pile so I can sort it and figure out what to do with it.

At least 90% of it is in my room. I have a few drawers downstairs with supplies. I’ll have to get those too..

What am I going to do with all that yarn?

….I think it’s time to browse diy storage

I wonder where you get those little cardboard “shoe cubbies”…. those are the best for storing yarn.

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Velcro Makeup Frame
Make this yourself by getting a cute frame (try Michaels or the Dollar Tree), Velcro sheets, jar clamps, and a few small mason jars (most grocery or craft stores. 
Measure and cut your Velcro sheets to fit the frame. Super glue the Velcro to the center of the frame. Get whatever you want to put on the frame (makeup in this picture) and measure out Velcro to fit the back of these items. I would experiment organizing them on the frame to see how they would fit best. Cut and glue the Velcro to the items. 
Tighten your jar clamps around the top of the mason jars and nail the clamp to the frame. 
Alternatively, attach hooks instead to hang items versus jars.
Tried this DIY? Send me pictures!

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It’s happening. I am building my tea rack.

If you want photos, please message me and I will tag them appropriately when I post them.

Funniest part is, I thought I would have too many teas to fit on it, now I know that I will need to step up my tea Collector’s game. Here Comes My Own Monstrositea!

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