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bitatulipa · an hour ago
heck yeah !!
Lesbians are awesome !!
i love being a Lesbian,
a disabled , dyspraxic , transfem , biracial , queer , aroace , polyalterous , dissociative , chronically ill , chronically fatigued , nonbinary Lesbian ;3
i could be even more specific but i am very tired of typing.
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etherealvirgo0 · 2 hours ago
really hating my body rn
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susiron · 3 hours ago
God I’m super disoriented again today idk what is going onnn
I it’s prob just bad sleep.... I only got like 4-5 hours last night
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seance · 3 hours ago
› gif maker appreciation tag
rules: answer the first half of the questions with gifsets of your own, then answer the second half by tagging gif makers you love!
in honor of dia’s wonderful two years gif-iversary ♡ i was tagged by a bunch of cuties: @iridescentides / @flynncarter / @molinareggie / @miriammaisel / @juliesdahlia / @madeline-kahn / @malikjavaddzayn / @faeryglass / @winterfrosted
Link a gifset you’re really proud of:
on this old ass five gifset, i don’t know there’s something about it i guess, the fact that i managed to keep it simple (i have a problem with overcomplicating things, making them way too messy) but still got the point and the feeling i was going for across › NEVER FINISH A WAR WITHOUT STARTING ANOTHER
Link a gifset where you tried something new:
I WANTED TO BE STRONGER › this was one of the first gifsets where i really went all the way with the style experimentation and where i had the idea of the ‘blubble frame’ as i like to call it, which i love using from time to time
SHADOW AND BONE MAIN CAST › i actually first used this particular style in one of my assassin’s creed edit (NO BOOKS, NO WISDOM) but that never on my main so!
THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY EDITORIAL › i still like this edit a lot, completely different from my usual style but it came out neat!
JATP SCRAPBOOK › experimenting with textures and blending modes!
Link a gifset that features your favorite character or celebrity:
WICKER PEOPLE › my favorite chaotic disasters and special mention to THE RAIN WILL EVENTUALLY COME because this poem just kills me.
Link a gifset that you want more people to see:
i think maybe my last shadow and bone one? HERE COMES JUDGMENT DAY just because it took forever and i’m kinda proud of that first gif + i made it feeling super ill so it’s double the value agsgs- 
Link a gifset that you had fun making:
this JATP + BODIES OF WATER one, cause i absolute love finding things to associate characters to and i’m very happy how the blending turned out in the end!
Link a gifset that you created as part of a meme, challenge, or series:
FAVORITE S1 EPISODE › when i still used to gif somehow normally ahah 
Link a gifset of yours that makes you smile:
YOU WERE ALWAYS GOLD TO ME › this song and these characters just mean a lot to me and i poured my whole heart in this gifset!
Link a gifset that you made for someone else:
the love i feel for my friends is stored in the random gifsets
READY OR NOT for @overzonen
ON LOVE AND ANGER for @evakant
Tag someone who inspired you to start making gifs:
Oh gosh, I think I started around 2011 so I really can’t remember. I never really stopped but I had some kind of renaissance last summer, in july and I owe that to all the amazing creators in the Umbrella Academy fandom.
Tag someone who makes great vibrant gifs:
@captainheroism @meliorn @ughmerlin and @nina-zenyk all make such unique use of colors, in their own personalized styles but with such consistency and I never fail to recognize their edits on my dash, they stand out in the best of ways!
Tag someone who makes great pale/pastel gifs:
I’m not really a fan of pale or bw gifs, I live and breathe colors but! @ciriofcintras is the only one I follow who edits  like that and the only one I need because everything she makes is amazing, neat, and sharp. Always the right balance of shades. special mention to my girl @mariathorpe use of muted colors that always fit the mood so well!
Tag someone who gifs for a fandom you love:
Well, too many to count I think. If we’re mutuals, there’s a good 90% chance that’s because you’re gifmaker too and we share fandoms! To name a few, @number5theboy you already know I’m ride or die for lizzie but the thoughtfulness she puts in each gifset makes it extra special! @andyoudoctor myra is constantly improving and dishing out amazing content
Tag someone who uses text/typography really well in their gifsets:
becca @inejz-ghafa engy @alina-mal and ava @anya-chalotra are my go to for this particular type of inspiration! their careful placements and gradient and font work is always lovely, you can feel the effort behind it. typhography is the thing i waste more time on when i gif so i can really appreciate their art!
Tag someone who motivates you to step up your game:
miss ava for sure, becca again, @ogaferoga is a artist in their own right and no one does it like them. honestly ALL the people i’ve tagged here are the reason why i always strive to try new things and experiment more, i feel like we’re all learning together, at our own pace but together nevertheless and that’s so inspiring and comforting ♥
Tag someone who you have taken inspiration from:
again, i won’t ever deny the huge impact @anya-chalotra had on my current style. i try not to go with the exact type of edits of other gifmakers, unless it’s a particularly popular trend that doesn’t involve a particular attention to composition both out of respect and because i like to experiment on my own. but that’s exactly what ava pushed me to do, her edits showed me how much potential photoshop had that i wasn’t really exploiting so i got down to learn more about it! she remains my # editing goals for sure ♥
Tag gif makers who you admire and appreciate!: i love you guys so much, keep doing your thing and being awesome! @arnos @alethiometry @milkovivhs @allisonshargreeve @rockyblue @evakant @dykejaskiers @arthurpendragonns @starkkov @jessiemeili 
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sidetongue · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
contrary to the terrifying expressions, this is dizzy having fun 
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sour-brainzzz · 4 hours ago
getting covid vaccine be like :passes out:
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vamp-wave · 5 hours ago
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dysfunctionalcrab · 5 hours ago
i love my oldest sister but frik my middle sister getting involved and my mother (if she even is that) who called me a tramp and threaten to throw me out if she gets rats cuz of my messy room
but like my oldest sister is a gem cuz i was having a panic attack when i was out cuz of it and so i rang her and she calmed me down and said “if you ever need anything at all just ring or text me and if you ever need anything , cuz i know mum doesn’t get you anything hardly, just show me what it is and if i have money for it i’ll give you it and if not then i’ll save up” -dizzy
Aww! siblings like them are so precious, you’re so lucky <3 but i do hope you’re okay now lovely! ❤️❤️
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etherealvirgo0 · 7 hours ago
everyone - eating mother’s day lunch
me - vibin with my diet coke
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vegetarianbisexual · 8 hours ago
I went a little crazy and went to look for my earphones in my car (they weren’t there 🙃 they were in my room the whole time) but I closed the door on my own head
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the-invisible-king · 9 hours ago
First Time (Sun Wukong x Jìngyi (OC) Fanfic)
Summary: How Wukong and Jìngyi met and fell in love
Chapter 1
“Of course he left. He never remembers to pick me up...” Jìngyi mumbled to himself, annoyed at the fact that his friend— who just finished a race— drove home without him. “Why the hell do I still expect him to take me home?”
He was suddenly shoved pretty hard against the metal railing as a man and possibly his girlfriend passed him with a scowl.
“Move outta the way!” The man yelled.
Jìngyi huffed, stood back up and mumbled. “Have a little patience. Asshole.”
He was suddenly grabbed by his shirt and yanked forward roughly. Jìngyi looked up at the man with wide eyes.
“What the hell did you say to me!? I’ll break your goddamn skull!!”
“Woah! Calm down—!”
Jìngyi was suddenly knocked over onto the ground, blood dripping onto the metal beneath him. He felt a wave of pain shoot through his face as another punch hit his jaw. By the third punch, felt his vision go blurry. He looked at the man and although he couldn’t see it very well, he knew he was going for another punch. Before he can even feel it, he blacked out.
“Hey! Give him some space, guys!” Jìngyi heard an unfamiliar man’s voice said sternly.
Jìngyi opened his eyes and slowly sat up, his head hurting like crazy. He groaned and held his head.
“I think it’s better if you just keep resting.”
Jìngyi looked up to the man talking to him. He then jumped and screamed, backing away quickly.
The man talking to him had a golden mask. It had wide eyes, fangs and goggles on the top of it. His hair was white and stuck up almost wildly. He wore a pink suit with golden chains, necklaces and bracelets.
The man just sighed and put down a glass of water on the table next to him. Jìngyi looked around, obviously not recognizing the place.
“Oh god, did I get kidnapped...?” He whispered to himself.
He heard the man let out a laugh. “That’s funny but no. Some guy beat you up but I stopped him before he broke anything. You’re in my house now because I didn’t know where you lived.”
“Oh... um—“
“Now drink. You threw up when he kicked you in the stomach.”
“I don’t remember that.”
“Yeah, you blacked out. You looked like those rag dolls.”
Jìngyi looked at the glass of water then at the man. He was pretty tall and walked in strides. The lack of his face showing made Jìngyi uncomfortable.
“Who are you...?” He asked hesitantly.
The man stopped walking and stood there as if thinking of what to say.
“I’m the owner of this place. Specifically where you got beaten up.”
“You own the race track?”
“Wow, took you awhile to figure that out, huh?.”
Jìngyi rolled his eyes and took as careful sip of his water. He didn’t realize how dehydrated he was but he did lose a lot of fluids. As the room stood silent, Jìngyi suddenly remembered something.
“SHIT!! I’m late for work!!” He put his water down and stood up. He suddenly felt a wave of dizziness hit him, making him stumble and fall over onto the table.
“Jeez—!” The man rushed over and helped him up. “Is it that serious...?”
“Yes! My boss is very strict! He’ll be so mad—!”
“Okay okay wait! You just got your ass kicked and you’re worried about work?”
“It doesn’t matter if I got beaten up! My boss needs me to be at work!”
The man stood silent for a moment. Jìngyi couldn’t see his face but he knew he was thinking.
“Does your boss make you go to work even when you’re sick or something?”
“I mean... yeah...? It’s fine, really—“
“Okay, sit back down.” The man pushed him back down on the couch. “You’re calling in sick.”
“... You’re not making me stay here...” Jìngyi said with wide eyes.
“Calm down, I’m still not kidnapping you. Just letting you know that what your boss is doing is... fucked up.”
Jìngyi groan and rubbed his eyes. “Please, I don’t need a lecture from a random dude that took me into his home without permission—“
“Oh yeah! Silly me. I should’ve left you on the ground bleeding out in the cold! Sorry, I’ll remember to not be a decent human again.”
Jìngyi scowled before grabbing his jacket and getting ready to leave. The man watched him get up slowly and leave. The room was silent until Jìngyi was stopped. “Hold on. Let me drive you to work.”
Jìngyi didn’t know why he said yes to his offer but it was a good thing because it was terribly chilly and walking in the cold is the WORST. He clung onto the stranger’s thin waist, feeling uncomfortable by how quiet the ride was.
“Why do you wear that mask?” Jìngyi blurted out. “You’re not part of a mafia, are you?”
The stranger just chuckled. “No... I mean... kinda.”
“I do things for a certain group of people but I wouldn’t say it’s a mafia. It’s a clan.”
“... That’s not any better...”
“Mhm... By the way, what’s your name?” The stranger turned to him once they stopped at a red light.
“I don’t tell people I don’t know.”
“Sheesh. Then I’ll go first. I’m Sun Wukong.”
Jìngyi looked at him with an unamused look. “And I’m the Jade Emperor.”
The man then let out a laugh that sounded like a clown’s. It startled him a bit but also made him smile in amusement.
“Whew! You’re hilarious.” The stranger sighed.
“Apparently it doesn’t take much to make YOU laugh, huh?”
“Maybe.” He replied before driving again.
Once they got to Jìngyi’s workplace, the stranger helped him off.
“Thank you,” Jìngyi said almost reluctantly. “Sorry I was rude... I just... um...”
“Never met anyone who wears some weird mask and takes you into their house after you were beaten up?”
“That’s one way to put it... but also... I never had someone help me before... so... thanks...”
The stranger looked at him for a moment, almost in thought before nodding. He then reached to the side of the mask, twisting something, making the eyes spin for a moment, and land on a different set of eyes that looked happy. It caught Jìngyi off guard for a moment.
“Don’t mention it! I maybe a weirdo but I help people occasionally! Anyway, I put my number in your pocket! Just in case you need a ride home or something which after your friend ditched you, seems like you do—“
“How’d you know that?”
“He’s one of the the racers and I saw you guys arrive together.”
“Oh...” Jìngyi just looked down and sighed.
The stranger tilted his head a bit. “Sheesh, are you okay? I was just—“
“I’m fine! It’s not you... it’s... him... my stupid friend.”
“... Seems like an ex friend now...”
“Yeah... look, are you done trying to learn about my personal life or...?”
The stranger started up his bike. “You know where to find me and how to call me.”
“See you around, handsome!”
Before he can react to the compliment, the man drove off, leaving Jìngyi a blushing mess on the sidewalk.
Jìngyi stared at the number that was left in his pocket by the strange man. All day he had been contemplating on calling the man or just walking home. He felt stupid for even thinking about getting a ride from the man. Besides, Jìngyi was working late after the boss cussed him out for being a few minutes late for work. The stranger probably wouldn’t want to pick him up so late.
“Hello?” Jìngyi heard a cheery voice through the telephone. Jìngyi cringed at himself before taking a deep breath.
“H-Hi... It’s—“
“The handsome man I saved last night. I recognize that nervous voice anywhere.”
Jìngyi felt his pale face turn a bright red at the compliment.
“U-Um... I... I guess...?”
“I’m guessing you need a ride?”
Jìngyi hesitated for a moment.
“You okay?” The stranger asked after the long seconds of stuttering. “Are you having a stroke?”
“N-No! No... I’m... uh... look, I do need a ride but... Um...”
“Yikes... did I scare you that bad?”
“No! You didn’t scare me! You just... threw me off guard...”
“Sorry... it’s not all you... I get nervous easily...”
“Eh, you’re fine. Soooo... do you want me to pick you up?”
“Yes but I leave work around 12 and I don’t know if you’re okay with—“
“Okay! I’ll meet you there. I know where to find you... that sounded creepy.” The stranger chuckled. “Sorry. I gotta go. Bye~!”
The stranger hung up and Jìngyi stood there in surprise. He didn’t think he’d actually agree to it.
“If he wanted to kidnap or kill you, he would’ve done in last night when you where beaten half to death.” Jìngyi mumbled under his breath, lighting a cigarette. “He’s a weirdo and probably has some mental illness but that’s not a reason to judge someone— mental illness... you’re such an asshole, Jìngyi...”
Jìngyi has been living on his out for a long time and it made him develop a weird habit where he just scolds himself a lot. He felt like a freak for it but he couldn’t help it sometimes.
He leaned against the building of his workplace as he smoked and kept an eye out for a very distinct looking man.
“He’s been nothing but nice to you since you’ve met! But... he could be pretending so he can kidnap you— no! What? Shut up Jìngyi, my god...”
“Who’re you talking to?”
Jìngyi jumped and screamed, dropping his cigarette and looking up at whoever asked him that question. It was the masked man. Jìngyi didn’t even hear or see the bike due to being in his own little world.
“U-Um... m-my— myself...?” Jìngyi stuttered in embarrassment.
The man chuckled. “And I’m the weird one, huh?”
Jìngyi opened his mouth to say something but for whatever reason, he couldn’t thing if anything. To be fair, how does one respond to that?
“Can you just take me home...? Please...?” Jìngyi mumbled, looking down shyly.
The man tilted his head. “Okay. What’s your address?”
“Yikes...” The man said as he looked up at Jìngyi’s apartment building.
“What do you mean ‘yikes’?”
“You live HERE?”
“... Wow, you’re so nice...” Jìngyi rolled his eyes and got off the bike.
The building itself looked like it hasn’t been used in years. There were people on their porches smoking or doing laundry. Some windows where cracked, the brick on the building looked like bullets had hit it before and the building itself looked like it was going to collapse if one more person stepped into it.
“It’s the only place I can afford to live in...” Jìngyi said in a weak and embarrassed tone.
The man tilted his head. Jìngyi didn’t look at the man as he went to the door of the building.
“Wait. How about you stay with me for a bit?”
Jìngyi looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Huh?”
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dizzydancingdreamer · 10 hours ago
I’m just gonna’ say it cause it’s been on my mind for a few days— why the fuck would I have a baby when I could actually just be happy and go on forty+ vacations with the same money it would take?
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voidmade · 11 hours ago
Warm weather in Amsterdam is not only a rare occurrence but the most cursed blessing one can get here, it’s so humid and suffocating i almost passed out after 1 hour of cycling
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bigbang74 · 14 hours ago
(Different Drumz Radio Hub (Sy High))
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some-scrupulous-moron · 16 hours ago
i had two teeth extracted last friday and have recently taken oxycodone and i am NEVER taking it again.
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