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videogayymer · 3 years ago
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I think I'm gonna turn into a dbh sitposting sideblog
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catshmacc · a year ago
Why has it taken me so long to realize that
Scout can draw
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x-exol · 3 years ago
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sehun's 1st tattoo
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spitblaze · 2 years ago
Yall: Nintendo is just as untrustworthy as any other major company. Just because they have a friendly facade doesn’t mean they ARE your friend. They’re just as insidious as any other major game developer out there.
Me: heeheehee i like to pet my peekachoo
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frimpfuck · a year ago
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it's been a good minute ye fuckers
@incorrectcapedbaldy also hi I know this isnt one of your quotes but-- I need to start drawing more for you again--- LMAO
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ilovemyfos · 2 years ago
I can't stop imagining my 4 main f/os (707, Vash, Luffy and Saiki) conniving together jdsjfjdu.
707 and Vash would joke and be bff wile Luffy screams and talks loud and Saiki while he's eating desserts alone fjdj
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powedd · a year ago
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Tumblr media
redraw !! first is new. second is old.
djdhd i dont know when i made the second imagine but wowzie !! look at how my style has changed !! thats call improvement babeyyyyy !!! im so happy
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simsgonewrong · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
Im pretty sure this wasnt a glitch and my baby Sim was out to get me. Ernie here, was born alongside his two brothers “Salvatore” and “djdhdj”. I decided to delete Salvatore and djdhdj because I didnt want three babies. So when I put Ernie in his crib he decided it would be the right time to square up and probably get his revenge. So yeah, Im pretty sure my child is out for blood
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ayano-vs-dev · 3 years ago
for the ship meme: ayano x happiness
Unrealistic. Blocked.
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studiorwby · 2 years ago
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(apathy voice) nothin like a fresh cup every mornin'
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tscampfireau · a year ago
Sorry but every time i read the name of the blog i gotta ask: any more campfire shenanigans?
Oh boy lets see
I always image Dee and Remus drive there earlier than everyone else to get everything ready and cozy because theyre literally the only ones who are actually able to do it gsjdgdj
Roman picks up Patton, Logan, and Virgil and off they go
These four idiots have a playlist called "songs to yell in Roman's car" and they usually start playing it whenever they run out of things to talk about
Patton is always in the passenger seat because hes the only one in the gremlin gang who knows how to drive
Once they arrive they always eat smth, usually junk food lmao
They just vibe there for a litol while until they get bored and start exploring
At one point they got to a big ol cliff and down there was a lake
Patton and Virgil wanted to jump but both of them were too scared to do so. So it was a constant "You go first" "No, YOU go first" back and forth gshdhdj
Then Logan tackles both of them making all three of them fall
Remus jumps as well with the excuse to "make sure theyre okay" but in reality he just wanted to jump from a cliff
So Roman and Dee calmly go down there with all the stuff djdhdj
Roman got a binder for swimming and now he can join the fun!!!!!!!! Yay Roman!!!!
They also play board games as well. Catch an intense game of uno between all of em
They also play cards against humanity so you can imagine how that goes GDJDHDKD
Roman, Dee, and Remus like playing cards sm. But Patton, Logan, and Virgil not so much. So they go out to explore and find some bugs instead
Virgil actively looks for Bigfoot evidence
Logan rlly likes picking out berries!!
Patton takes lots of pictures of his friends when theyre not watching bc They Cute
When it gets dark Logan and Virgil like playing with shadows
Patton look a picture of both of them pretending to have antlers by using their hands and its Pat's favorite picture so far because they looked so happy
They also play hide and seek in the dark
There end up being a lot of scrapped knees but they have fun and thats whats important
After a while of playing around its guitar and s'mores times, babey
They always end up singing and dancing around the fire and its v wholesome
Once Logan picks his guitar he just doesnt let it go. He isnt constantly playing full length songs tho. He just picks it up, plays a little tune for a while, then stops, and then does it again after a while
When most of the energy runs out, they take turns telling ghost stories
Dee and Patton are little shits and they stand up to "stretch" or to "get something" but they always walk up behind someone to scare them
Those are usually Roman and Virgil lmao
When its late they just sit there vibing and snuggling until they decide to go to sleep
Remus somehow managed to convince Dee to go skinny dipping so theyre the last ones to go to sleep HDJDHKDSJJS
But once they get out they just sit there watching the stars or skipping stones
There might be a small chance of a heart-to-heart chat happening between them. There might
They just make tons of very good memories, its great, they have lots of fun
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zackcrazyvalentine · 3 months ago
I can't get over this stupid idea my brain just conjured:
A gen z MC who's an empath and doesn't know it.
It takes them mentioning stuff like 'Oh that person (Kalim) seems like they have good vibes' or 'The vibes are unpleasant' (in the prologue mines or something) multiple times for it to click with the cast maybe...
Idk I just feel like it's a somewhat entertaining idea (although it probably makes more sense in my head lol)
(additional tidbit, an MC with fatalistic humour only to be met with concern when they make those sorts of jokes around the twst cast)
I'm not an empath myself, so this is a little hard for me to make sense of, but I can see what you mean
Imagine MC categorizing each boy into "vibe categories" on their first meeting djdhdj
Kalim, Trey and Silver being the only ones in Good Vibes
Them feeling so uneasy and anxious whenever Idia comes close bc the poor boy is very anxious about people
Cater gets found out by them quickly, MC debating of they should bring it up since he appears to have found a way to work around his depression/indifference
OCTAVINELLE IMMEDIATELY MAKES THEM SHIVER BC OF THEIR SHADY AURA 😭 "OH NO, they are Shady vibes!! The worst!! 😣" On that note, their mock helpfulness never works on MC (and perhaps their empath senses prevent Jade's UM from working on them)
MC sees Pome Trio and can IMMEDIATELY detects that something's wrong with Epel being there
Out of everyone, Lilia probably has the WILDEST mix of vibes in NRC
An overblot happens and MC's like "THAT'S why I felt so icky when with them! Makes sense, makes sense"
Idk if I interpreted correctly what being an empath is like, but hope this is somewhat enjoyable still!
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channoticedmeuwu · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
p : donghyuck × fem!reader | g : fluff, slight humor, ever after high!au, son of beauty and the beast!hyuck, royal!hyuck, daughter of the evil queen!reader, rebel!reader, e2l!au, fantasy!au, magic!au | w : none? uh ever after high terms used ehe :>
a/n : OOF THATS A HELLA LOT OF AUS DJDHDJ also I really needed to get a ever after high au out if my system I've been thinking about it before I even started this blog JAKSHSKDH I'll make more if this gets good feedback! So lemme know pls!
— [18 : 12 HRS] and finally, y/n closed the pages of the spell book, spilling purple fog through the cracks of the pages as she looked around. she sat on the bleachers at school, watching the evening red sunlight bleed into the orange sky as the bookball team practiced, and y/n caught the curious eyes of hyuck, giving her a wickedly charming grin.
she rolled her eyes as she groaned, raising an eyebrow as he came closer and leaned on the seats with his little smirk, just like he always did whenever he found her silently minding her business.
"well, well, if it isn't the royal pain, prince donghyuck."
"call me prince again, y/n."
"in your dreams," she scoffed, standing up and snapping the spell book to her dorm, leaving nothing but colored particles behind. Donghyuck thrust his tongue into his cheek, giving a sharp look to his teeth. he looked away as he muttered, knowing he couldn't mimic whatever magic she had.
"show off."
Tumblr media
main taglist (hmu to get added!) : @yunntext @navyhyuck @allegxdly @stayctday  @yunntext  @neotism  @jungwon-luv-bot-pt3-deactivated  @bluejaem  @radiorenjun  @sleepylixie @oifelixcmerebrou  @coffeevddict @mrkcore @imdamnconfused  @sicluvz @hyuckefi @lovleelixie  @isaac-newton-catboy  @cafe-jeno
I’d appreciate if you’d give me a little feedback on the drabble if you read, whether it’s an ask, a reply or in the tags of the rb! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
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