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boy, i wish i would get 90+ tumblr notifications when minchanbin does Something :/

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somebody brought back power ksoo on the dash and i felt my soul ascend

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That moment when your own father forgets the things you had to go through and tells you it wasn’t real. Wow.

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Kinda getting out of control with my hoarding because I have…10 edits in my drafts o_____o thats like. stuff that might get posted 3 months from now o__o

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I just love it when my car gets too cold and refuses to start 💖

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Giveaway winners:

1st place: @ask-meowstic-bros

2nd place: @heartsart

3rd place: @mews–journal

4th place: @mod-april

I’ll be sending a DM to each winner so they can choose which design they’d like. If anyone doesn’t reply within 48 hours it’s likely that their place will be given to someone else.

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no more calling haruhiko stupid society has moved on from it

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oh also not to be tmi but i have such a pretty lingerie piece n nobody to show it off to ://

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i have the urge to get back to playing the sims 2 again but the idea of setting everything up, figuring out how to make reshade n shit work, building up mods folder before i can get to actually play the game is terrifying. honestly i know i’ll get burned out halfway :/

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wait maybe i should post my edits on minchanbin sjsnndkd

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I was tagged by @dontdowhatisayandnobodygetshurt matt idk why I’m surprised your aesthetic made my day a million times brighter and happier, but its actually the cutest thing in the whole world!!!! It’s happy and playful and bright and I love it, just like youuuuu!!!!!!!! 💕 this was so fun and I wish on a million stars my life could look exactly like this :) y'all I’m a sucker for pastel green so much!!!!!

  • favorite color + aesthetic
  • favorite color + outfit + aesthetic
  • favorite color + shoes and choose one that goes with your style
  • favorite color + an accesory you like
  • type a word that identifies you + “quote” and choose one that goes with you
  • favorite celebrity + favorite color (if you don’t find, search favorite cartoon)
  • type your favorite hobby
  • favorite color + aesthetic again
  • favorite color + favorite word + aesthetic

Tagging @tiannawashere @fangirlsarah16 @locke-writes @randomfandomimagine @moonlit-imagines @emcon-imagines @cactiem @imaginesbymk @imaginesbyella + anyone else!!! This is a really fun tag and if you see this and do it, please tag me! I’d love to see!!!!! 💜💖💜💖💜💖💜

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I haven’t made like. An official decision yet and I’m open to other ideas but I kinda want Xochitl Gomez as the FC for Izzy and Ben Andrusco-Daon as the FC for Felix

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