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antoninko · 7 months ago
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Happy 2022! Decided to redo one of my first major cc collections: Together Lipsticks! Looking back on them and my lack of photoshop editing skills i really hate how inconsistent they turned out, so i decided to remake them with my new knowledge! Comes as Non-defaults and defaults!!! This time it has Open for Business defaults too :)
OFB Defaults:
Tumblr media
Basegame Defaults:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Download HERE!!!!
Credits: @lilith-sims
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gryning · 5 months ago
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A Group of Sims + BodyShop Extras
Making sims is fun.
Below you’ll find some of the sims I’ve made through the years and a number of unreleased cas projects.
Tumblr media
      - Nik -                    - Chiara -                    - Lisa -                 - Maryam -
Tumblr media
Permafrost Eyes
Fourteen colours, genetic but not townified. Base texture by Ripplesims. Check the pictures of the sims above for better previews.
Download Eyes
Tumblr media
Cold Nose + Defined Eyeliners
Five layerable blushes for all sims
Download blushes
Tumblr media
Kiruna Dress + Yuxi suit recolour
Dress is a mix of Maxis + @serabiet​ ‘s skirt, suit is a simple alteration of Yuxi’s original, mesh included.
The texture for the dress has issues, I’ll update it at a later date.
Download dress | Dowload suit
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mdpthatsme · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This was something I made for @holleyberry a long time ago and I realized I never put up for download.
It is just macthekat bruises switched to the left side of the face.
Credits: macthekat
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simtanico · a year ago
Tumblr media
Lower Lip Line 1 makeup
In the "squint and you'll see it" brand of cc, a lower lip line that you can use to highlight or darken the bottom of your sims' lips.
Personally felt like i just needed this to draw a line for my sims. If anyone else has use for this, cool! If not, cool!
under Makeup > Lipstick
Male & Female ~ Teen - Elder // Disabled for Random // Thumbnail included
1 channel, see photo
2048px texture, 512px mask (resize at your disrection)
0.1 MB, Compressorized
Disabled for random, enabled for most categories
Credits: TSRW, Photoshop's pen tool
Please adhere to my TOU (emphasis on NO REUPLOADING)
Download at Sim File Share: https://simfileshare.net/download/2516592/
Mirror [x]
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quigsilver · a year ago
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hello everybody! ✨
i've been going through my downloads once again, and i realised that i have sooo many eyeliners in my cc folder, but none i really like. so i made my own!
these are definitely not perfect lol, but they do have custom thumbnails :)
also these are defaults, because i don't use the bg ones anyway and it saves space, but i might make some non default ones.
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aehklnt · a year ago
Tumblr media
Recolors of Lilith-Sims Blush Hairline 2 
Request #4! I wasn't able to download the original (box never works for me) but thankfully I had a few random colors already downloaded somehow. So these are recolored to my colors as well as the pooklets that I'm personally missing! Sorry the preview picture isn’t very great at showing them- 
20 Swatches Toddler - Elder Female - Male Custom Thumbnails
download: sfs | drive (Blush Hairline  2)
credits: lilith-sims - pooklet - digi - adara - aehklnt
Recolors of  Lilith-Sims Blush Hairline 1 
Update: I’ve added the other hairline that was made. I’m not able to get a preview picture but you can look at the original which is linked above!
download: sfs | drive (Blush Hairline 1)
credits: lilith-sims - pooklet - digi - adara - aehklnt
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gryning · a year ago
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Space Kitty CC Set + Sim Miuku
Meet Miuku, the half werecat, half alien hybrid who loves video game competitions, cats, and practical jokes (3/6/4/10/2).
Preview without CC. | List of included CC
She’s looking for a new home and friends, feel free to do whatever you like with her :)
Download Miuku Only | You need the meshes for the ears + tail here
Download Miuku + All CC | Check below the cut for previews!
Download links for individual CC can be found below.
Tumblr media
Dress on a new mesh for AF. Shoe texture by @misomoso-no​ | Download
Tumblr media
Three layerable blushes | Download
Tumblr media
Edits of @lilith-sims ’s Alien Bunny skins.
The only thing I did was to remove the dots below the nose, so they’re using the same packages as the original ones | Download
Tumblr media
Five recolours(alien, black, red, brown, and silver) of Sizz’s Cat Ears & Tails for F+M of all ages. Mesh not included, get it in the original post! | Download
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mistysensation · a year ago
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4t2 Beetle Eyes edited and JELLY! eyeshadow recolors
Hi all! I’m offering up some of the first cc I’ve made in a while, thanks to the amazing @falkii.
First we have an edited version of the 21 additional Beetle Eyes recolors. You should most definitely download the originals here.
I noticed that the recolors were looking a bit flat, so I added some shine and detail. Comparison of the color “apple” here:
Tumblr media
And a swatch:
Tumblr media
This download only includes the 21 recolors, so grab the originals from the link above. Let them overwrite the files (you can’t have mine and falkii’s at the same time because they’re the same .packages).
Credits: falkii, @squeamishsims, @dreadpirate
And we have recolors of the JELLY! eyeshadow in @kiinuu’s kosmik color palette. Camila (left) is wearing the color xenobiology, and Annie (right) is wearing milky star.
Tumblr media
A lot of these colors are extremely similar to falkii’s (here) and @vidcunds’ (here), but I really wanted them in the kosmik palette specifically and I hope you will enjoy them too!
Credits: falkii, kinu, @uglysim​
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serawis · a month ago
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[ SERAWIS ] bad makeup set
Here's a set no one asked for! A variety of bad makeup, from failed overlined lips to smeared and slept-in paint, or perhaps your sim let your child paint their face, or mayyybe they had too much to drink - you decide! Some are more subtle than others and all are slider compatible! HQ, T-E all genders tagged feminine.
@maxismatchccworld @emilyccfinds​
Download under the cut! (free, no ads)
payhip || SFS
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episims · 6 months ago
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Subtle wrinkles as a layerable makeup
I needed some wrinkles subtler than anything I managed to find, and I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out!
This set consists of four different wrinkles: worry lines (on forehead), frown lines (between eyebrows), smile lines (on mouth corners), and crows feet (on eye corners). Two color variants of each, lighter and darker. The forehead ones are based on some extracted TS4 wrinkles, the others I made from scratch.
I used the darker variant on the preview to show clearly how they look like. The different colors are also layerable with each other so it's possible to combine them to get a more dramatic effect.
Download (SFS) (alternate) - files are compressed. Binned under blushes.
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