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artandstarstuff · a year ago
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Hey all! The Kofi goal for my holidays tables is complete, and here they are. What do you guys think the next goal should be? Put a suggestion in my inbox if you have any ideas. Shoutout to @sagenfrom7-11 for fulfilling this goal!
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checkfortraps · 11 months ago
D&D 5e PTSD Table
A while ago, I decided that I want to play a character with PTSD. Unfortunately, published D&D offers little in the way of mechanics for this beyond the infamous Madness table, so I sat down and made a simple d6 table myself. And because I figured this might be useful to someone else, I’m now sharing it with y’all.
Disclaimer: These reactions are not exhaustive nor universal, and might not fit every character with PTSD. I specifically drew on PTSD seen in war veterans for this. If your character went through some other traumatic event, they may only display some of these reactions.
How to use: I personally use a Wisdom saving throw that can be repeated at the end of the character’s turn for this, but Intelligence or Charisma would work just as well. Also, I recommend creating a list of triggers sorted by severity to inform the DC of the saving throw to use in conjunction with this. If the player explains a coping mechanism the character has learned, or the character has in-game aid by an ally, you could award advantage on this saving throw. It’s really up to DM and player discretion.
Anyway, without much further ado, the table in question (click here to view on Homebrewery):
Tumblr media
[ID: A random rolling table for D&D 5e, titled “PTSD Effects Table”. The table has three columns: “d6″, “reaction”, and “effect”.
1. Grief: Crushing grief overwhelms you as you relive painful memories. You are incapacitated.
2: Fear. You are overcome by fear. You must use your full movement to flee from the source of your trigger. You have disadvantage on attack rolls, but advantage on ability checks using Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution. 
3: Rage. Rage fuels your attacks. You have advantage on melee weapon attack rolls, but because you neglect your defense, enemies have advantage on all attack rolls against you. 
4: Tunnel Vision. You zero in on a specific task or goal, ignoring all other events around you. You have disadvantage on ability checks and saving throws using Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma, but gain advantage on Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution ability checks related to your goal. 
5: Paranoia. Worry about hidden threats makes you anxious. You have disadvantage on all ability checks as you become jittery, but advantage on Perception checks used to detect threats. 
6: Confusion. You have difficulty telling friend from foe as hallucinations haunt you. You must use your turn to attack the nearest creature to you.
End ID.]
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acheaa · 3 months ago
DM Resources Masterpost
So I’ve been DMing D&D 5e for a couple years now, and that means I’ve collected a ton of free online resources to help the whole process! Without further ado, here’s all of the websites I’ve collected over the years.
Xanathar’s Missing Pages: Hundreds of surnames for any characters you’re writing! There’s sections for different regions, such as Polynesia, India, and France!
This Reddit thread is a goldmine of shop names! There’s tons of variety for a bunch of different kinds of shops!
This website has a TON of diverse names! Like, seriously, I’ve been using this for two years and I haven’t had to use another website for first names. 
5th Edition SRD has a list of NPC statblocks! There’s some based on classes, existing monsters, character archetypes and more!
Outclassed is a compendium of statblocks based on almost every published subclass! It’s pay what you want with a recommended price of 10 USD. I use this CONSTANTLY, and imo it’s one of the best DM resources out there. 
This Subreddit is purely for battle map creators to post their work!  They’re even categorized by genre and location!
This is a post from that subreddit that has a big list of free, semi-free, and paid mapmaking tools.
CityGenerator is a website that generates city maps down to the tiny details. It generates the names and descriptions of important locations in the city, holidays, people, travelers, and more! 
 DungeonFog is a mapmaking website that you can use for all kinds of maps! I’ve used it for combat maps primarily. There is a premium membership, but it’s useable as the free version. 
Owlbear.rodeo is an extremely easy to use interactive online battlemap. I’ve used it a TON as a DM that plays online and hates using roll20. It’s really easy to get the hang of, and there’s nothing to purchase! I can’t recommend this one enough!
Goblin Punch has this amazing d100 list of minor magical items for any high-rolling pick pocket rogues out there! 
 Donjon has a great Random Magic Shop Generator! You can customize it a bit, and it gives you some interesting details and magic items to give your players.
This dndbeyond thread is a d100 non-combat random encounter table. Great for any non-planned areas your players go into! 
Nerdsonearth have a d100 table of city encounters that’s perfect for writing plot hooks!
This one is a bit weird, but if you have to come up with an NPC on the fly, here’s a Character Voice Generator!
The Thieves Guild is an all-around amazing resource for anything D&D. Like, seriously, they have anything you would need .
This is absolutely not a PDF of the Modern Magic Unearthed Arcana. You should not download it because it is not at all useful for modern settings.
This is a giant Google Drive just chock full of oneshots. Some are better than others, but they’re all one page and free, so go at it! 
And, finally, a reminder that even though it is easy and free, you should not google a WOTC official d&d book PDF because it will show up as the first result and you can just download it instead of buying a 30 dollar book. This is bad and illegal and you should not do it <3
This is a living document, so check back on the original post every now and then to see if I’ve added anything. mwah mwah have fun you crazy kids
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demartinidesigns · 13 days ago
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New Map on Roll20!
AKA: The Manor That Leapt Through Time. Tons of revisiting potential for your party! Find it abandoned, clean it up, rebuild, and relax. Options include day and night for versions that are abandoned to nature in fall or spring, a hideout, in the midst of being repaired, or newly furnished. Find this map at: A Manor Through Time by DeMartini Designs on Roll20
Help pick new map topics and receive early Roll20 and printable files, and now $5+ levels receive exclusive map variations over on Patron.
| patreon.com/demartinidesigns |
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the-goblin-dm · 9 months ago
Here's the homebrewery template I use for adventures (To edit, click on Source > Clone to New) It's a combination of official WotC products and some really smart design choices I've seen in 3rd party modules.
I've organized it as a combination template/prompt tool. If you have a vague idea for a villain or a setting or an item you want to use, you should be able to use this to turn that idea into an adventure :)
RB with anything you make in this, I'd love to shower you with praise for it <3
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highlybread · a month ago
Fantasy Generators (D&D-ish)
Here are some of the random generators that I use for my dnd games, mostly as inspiration when im looking for some new ideas:
Fantasy Encounters
What do you find on your travels?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is honestly my personal favorite, Im really proud of it and I find it very useful. I had a lot of fun with the combination space.
Fantasy Characters
Roll for a quick new person 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rolls up a name and a some rough character traits to get you inspired. It find it very helpful to drum up some quick starts for NPC’s
Fantasy Monuments
What do you find on your travels?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rolls evocative locations and landmarks to sprinkle into your travels or as backdrops for fights, or maybe to be explored as dungeons.
Fantasy Artifacts
What do you find in the chest?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gives inspiration for unique and new magic items and ancient artifacts.
Fantasy Epithets
What do they call you?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was mostly just a fun little extra one to make fun evocative titles like in Beowulf or in Elden Ring, but I find it very fun.
Some of these are a bit tailored to the game im running (the Monument and Artifact ones mostly), but I feel they arent as useful if they are too generic. The good part is that the site allows you to very easily make a copy that you can edit to fit your setting, just switch out the terms for countries and so on so they fit your things :D
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tehjleck · 6 months ago
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Based solely on how much these images have helped me as a DM, I felt sharing them with you is only right.
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ittybittytatertot · 9 months ago
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Expanding on Tiefling culture: a quick guide to cornugnomy
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dungeon-apprentice · 2 months ago
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Link to the artist in the source of this post. Image description in the alt text.
A special episode of the podcast 'Monster Man' was centered on monsters that are associated with a season - winter, specifically. And I thought the idea of having seasonal monsters would be genuinely interesting. We associate plenty of flora, fauna, and nebulous concepts with particular seasons, so condensing these to traits we can apply to creatures in a TTRPG world seems to me like a way to support these assumptions and your world's inherent folklore. So here are my ideas for spring. Entries marked with * are traits or actions that already exist in 5e, and which I thought were thematically appropriate.
Below the cut is a list of things I associate with spring, and thus what I've based the traits on this list on. I should also note that this is meant for D&D 5e, but please adapt and change anything you like for your game.
Spring Monster Traits
Breezy. The creature can cast the Blur spell without having to maintain concentration on it. Definitely should be a (1/day) or otherwise restricted.
Chameleon Skin. The creature can change the color of its skin at will, giving it advantage on Stealth checks.
Early Frost. The creature is vulnerable to cold damage.
Dancer. When engaged in melee combat with only one other creature (a dance partner, if you will), this creature can use its reaction to attempt to "dance" out of the way of an incoming attack by rolling 1d6 and adding its to its AC for that turn only. The creature then moves 5 ft in any direction, provoking attacks of opportunity as normal.
Fickle. The creature can cast Mirror Image as a reaction. Use with caution - you may want to make this a rechargeable ability, similar to a dragon's breath weapon.
Intoxicating Touch. When your bare skin makes contact with this creature, you must roll a Constitution saving throw or be poisoned (or charmed, DM's discretion!). You can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of your turns, ending the effect on a successful save.
Jokester. The creature can cast Tasha's Hideous Laughter as a bonus action. Perhaps make this a (3/day) thing, or otherwise restrict your use of it.
*Magic Resistance. The creature has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.
Naïve. This creature is not yet wise in the ways of the world. Unless you are openly hostile to it, it has disadvantage on Insight checks against and Wisdom saving throws it is made to do by you or your companions.
Nesting. The creature has young nearby. It will try to lure attackers away from them, and fight to the death if necessary.
Powdery. When this creature is hit with an attack that deals bludgeoning damage, other creatures within 10 ft. must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or spend their next turn violently sneezing (= unable to take actions or speak/cast spells with verbal components). Any creature that also has the Powdery trait, or doesn't need to breathe, is immune to this effect.
*Regeneration. The creature regains 10 hit points at the start of its turn. If the creature takes acid or fire damage, this trait doesn't function until the end of its next turn. The creature dies only if its starts its turn with 0 hit points and doesn't regenerate.
Secretive. The area around the creature's lair or nest is changed to suit its whims, as per the Hallucinatory Terrain spell. This effect cannot be dispelled. It ends a week after the creature has moved away from the area, or is slain.
*Split. When a creature that is medium or larger is subjected to lightning or slashing damage, it splits into two new creatures if it has at least 10 hit points. Each new creature has hit points equal to half the original creature's. Each of them are a size smaller than the original creature.
Associations with Spring
This is definitely not an exhaustive list, just what I've taken inspiration from for the traits above. Your experience may vary depending on your culture/where you're from! I'm from Scandinavia, if that matters to you.
Regeneration/rebirth: Spring is without a doubt associated with new life for many people.
Fickle weather: At least where I'm from, the weather in spring changes wildly from day to day. You can't quite trust the sunlight yet.
Vulnerability to cold weather: In the same vein, we really think that as soon as the sun is out, it's time for t-shirts and shorts! Not so. Animals as well may lose vulnerable young due to it becoming warm very early, and then suddenly a cold snap hits.
Procreation: Many animals spend the spring season finding a mate and a secure place to have their young.
Disguises: Inspired by the Catholic carnival in its many forms, I associate spring (moreso than Halloween) with getting into a funky getup and having fun! We also begin to see more colors after a gray winter, both from flowers and animals.
Cheer: See above.
Pollen: Allergies are now in season again (pun fully intended).
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aboleth-eye · a month ago
Help yourselves to all my D&D Homebrew!  For all the 3.5 classes, races, monsters, etc!  This is my masterpost that from now on I’ll be collecting and linking everything I work on!
Have an idea for a class, race, monster, etc?  Want to share a headcanon about your setting’s lore or seek advice on pulling off a unique setting?  Send me an ask here or at @aboleth-workshop​ !  I’ll do my best to answer questions as they come in!
Want to be a part of the ​creative process and/or share your thoughts and memes about slightly old-school D&D (and other games)?  Check out the Aboleth-Eye discord!
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artandstarstuff · a year ago
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Last of the little folk. Support me here!
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fanonical · a year ago
hey if any of you are DMs or like worldbuilders or whatevs you should check out Humble Bundle's virtual tabletop maps collection. it's full of loads of different digital maps fit for different purposes and genres that can help you spice up your RPG/worldbuilding. also! it's pay what you want, and i also get a percentage of the money (a percentage you get to decide, by the way! make sure to check out the sliders under the "Adjust Donation" tab so you can choose where all your money goes) so it'll help support your local LGBT content creator too! it's only available until the end of June, so act fast and signal boost B) <3
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just-your-dnd-things · 5 months ago
I am (THIS) close to writing a massive post about how climate and geography influences the function and position of civilizations and cities. For the benefit of Game Masters who are as insane as me to consider these things
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checkfortraps · 4 months ago
Since I got quite a few requests to share the survey I’m using as application form for my games, it’s this one from Reddit! There’s an option to copy it to your Google Drive, which is what I did, and then I modified it a bit to suit my needs.
I added an entire new section called “hypothetical situations”, which I designed to gauge how players react to stuff that might cause issues. These are the questions:
The DM makes a ruling you don't agree with or that you know is wrong. How do you react?
A situation is turning very stressful - e.g. a combat is going bad, there's time restraints, or interparty conflict is happening. How do you handle it?
A player character dies, and your party might not be able to bring them back. How do you feel about that? 
The DM cancels the session shortly before starting time. How do you react? 
A piece of information you found many sessions ago is revealed to be important to a quest. Do you remember it (or have it in your notes), or are you completely lost? 
You encounter someone who holds different beliefs to you, e.g. regarding religion or moral questions. How do you react? 
An NPC has a negative opinion about your character, or the party at large. How do you feel about that? 
A fellow player role-plays their character in a way you don't agree with, or makes decisions that you think are bad. What do you do? 
The party votes on a course of action you don't agree with. Do you go along with it regardless, or do you argue with them? 
BONUS: This isn't really a hypothetical situation, but I didn't know where else to put it - how do you feel about changes Wizards of the Coast made to D&D, e.g. removing racial alignments and negative ability scores, rewriting the Vistani lore, adding spell-like abilities to monster stat blocks?
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demartinidesigns · 5 months ago
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New Map on Roll20!
There's always trouble at the city docks. It's a given. If there's not be trouble now, the party will create some. Just try to not damage too much property while you're at it. Options include day, evening, fog, lamp night, or midnight. Extra variations of evening include magically blood and ichor-filled water, while fog and night include mysterious glowing water. | City Docks Battlemaps |
Help pick new map topics and receive early Roll20 and printable files over on Patron. We’re currently doing single large maps with more details and versions! | patreon.com/demartinidesigns |
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autumnalblogger · a year ago
If anyone is in need of the stereotypical 'four generals' characters then I offer these guys up as on the house. They've been bouncing around my head as part of a campaign that does not have particularly high odds of ever happening.
Tumblr media
I've been thinking about Armour Astir Advent but since a big part of the game is that you're supposed to come up with the villains, antagonist and setting together with the players these guys existing is a bit contradictory to that. Whoops!
The plot would be that these guys are leading the occupation on your magic rich island nation as part of the imperial expansion of a technologically developed nation. The intention is to take the island's magic for their own with the end result being a fusion of magic and tech.
Tumblr media
Leading the charge would be Alfonse the Lance, head of Imperial Scouting Division IV. The youngest son of a noble house Alfonse was a celebrity for his fencing prowess but has applied his quick wits, keen eye and penchant for risky but decisive action to military ends.
Alfonse has a reputation as a braggart due to his celebrity back in the empire and achievements in leading the initial strikes on the island. His tendancy towards dandyism also rubs others the wrong way but his swordsmanship and prowess for high speed attacks makes up for this.
Tumblr media
Of course, Alfonse's job would have been much harder without support from Felipe the artillery. Leader of Imperial Artillery Division II. A veteran from multiple campaigns Felipe's preferred approach is to saturate any battlefield with ordnance leaving the enemy in tatters.
Gruff and proud, Felipe oversees these strikes from his airship Jacinta which itself is one of the empire's most advanced long range weapons platforms. His ability with a rifle is legendary and he wields a custom, triple barreled anti-astir rifle.
Tumblr media
Maintaining control over the island is Caterina the grapple who commands Imperial territory security force VIII. The only one of the four who is common born, Caterina is also the only one not born in the empire's home nation instead coming from a subjugated territory.
Caterina grew up as part of a group of urchins who robbed and stole to survive. As they grew older the group's activities evolved turned into organised crime with Catherina putting her formidable skill with her fists towards enforcing territory boundaries.
Eventually even the empire's garrison troops knew not to get too involved with the gang activities going on but a series of raids on empire stockpiles led to Caterina's arrest. Thanks to Bernat, who had paid close attention to the criminal empire, Caterina was spared death.
Instead, her abilities to inspire confidence in the rank and file as well as her willingness to go to extreme lengths to hold territory led to Bernat sponsoring her through the empire's military academy.
Tumblr media
Lastly, Bernat the scholar. From the family whose name is synonymous with the technological development of the empire Bernat turned his intellect towards the research of magical energy and it was on his recommendation the island was invaded.
Magic is a force that is in thin supply in the home nation but Bernat is hoping that study of the island will allow him to either change this situation or at the least let him find a way to fully harness it for use throughout the empire.
Tumblr media
Despite the decisive victories of the initial invasion and Caterina's iron grip the island would have been extremely difficult territory to hold were it not for the capitulation of Crown Princess Milyaruu who signed the island's formal declaration of surrender.
With the majority of the royal family killed the princess serves as the island's figurehead. As evidenced by her imperial attire the Crown Princess is firmly under the control of the empire with Caterina maintaining close guard over her.
Tumblr media
There are rumours that Princess Milyaruu is actually an important figure within the island's resistance and has taken part in multiple missions. Some believe the empire has an impersonator, others think the rebel is a fraud. Other theories include magical double or automaton.
The truth is, of course, whichever revelation would cause the biggest shock to your players at the most dramatic moment.
Throughout the campaign which would be focussed on rebellious activity to destabilise the empire the players would continually run into these four. With each consecutive defeat their pride would drive them to take on Bernat's offer of experimental magitech enhancements.
Tumblr media
Each 'enhancement' would drive them further and further away from humanity. Eventually they'd be able to take on airship and Astir (fantasy mecha) by themselves but they'd all become increasingly erratic and driven by revenge.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Their enhancements would be complementary of their talents but would eventually push into monstrous territory. Alfonse would replace his legs with four artificial boosters, Felipe would become a barely mobile weapons platform, Caterina would sport collosal Astir busting arms.
This would all be driven by Bernat's emotional manipulation as he becomes increasingly obsessed with combining man and machine through magic. His final form would basically be a CPU to allow him to control almost all the island's mechanised forces at once.
As I said, I'll likely never do anything with any of this but if you're looking for a group of villains to prop up your evil emperor or feel like you want to add a bit of organisational structure to whatever tyrannical system your heroes are facing feel free to lift as much or as little from this as you want. If it ever turns into anything fun give me a shout out and let me know, it'll be good to know that my brain gremlins have found a good home.
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bluberreymaps · 11 months ago
My new modular elven tiles will be out in 10 days for free! If you want them now, check out my patreon! 117 free tiles are available, just search "free"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
A look inside the “comfort ship” map you can find by following the link to me free map pack.
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princeandreis · a year ago
gm side of tumblr help me out here
i need to find ways to make traveling days interesting as the characters journey toward the place they’re looking for (i have about 5 days’ worth of travel left)
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aboleth-eye · 3 months ago
what do you think about character ideas and how they would change homebrew. example. Friend made an aroace character and a demon tried seducing him. Of course it didn't work. Now, there isn't a rule in any book saying that this can/can't happen
Hmmm. That's quite an interesting example, but it makes me think quite a bit. I'm assuming this is for D&D, but these sorts of quandaries plague a lot of games because the designers can't comprehend every possible interaction and choice players make (despite playtesting in any amount).
In this specific interaction, because the player chose aromantic and asexual as the identity for their character the host/DM needs to think on how they want this to play out. In a fun low-stakes game group, it could be lighthearted like a comedy of errors or a way to defeat the demon in a way they didn't expect. In a more high-stakes/serious game, a good host/DM would go with "rule of cool" to determine how this would play out despite any rules-as-written.
But Beware! If the player has determined that as their character's sexual/romantic identity, the DM should not defy that hard limit by "forcing" the situation to play out as written in the rulebooks. that's how you get players leaving groups (and even ttrpgs as a whole sometimes) because they are uncomfortable and/or railroaded.
In terms of homebrew, I'd say this sparks a lot of ideas for me at least. If this is D&D, demons are evil fiends born of chaotic evil--each "species" a manifestation of a specific form of that alignment. Seduction does not have to always be a sexual/romantic thing; people can be lured into forgetting their better natures and empathy by all sorts of things. 
Demons inspire bad actions through the horrors of unreasoned murder, corruption and temptation (morals/promises/sex/etc), preying on fears/weaknesses, possessing people in power, etc.  The 3.5 book Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss puts demonic fiends into five major roles: Assassins, Brutes, Corruptors, Manipulators and Overlords.  
Some fiends like incubi/succubi/sex demons are often manipulators in terms of how they use their abilities (typically shapeshifting and charming), but they could easily be given goals as assassins, corruptors and even overlords.  Temptation isn’t limited to just sex, but of betraying what one knows is right.  Demons, even the lowest rungs among their elastic castes, all seek to prevent good from happening in the world or to cancel it out entirely.
As a fiendish antagonist for the example aro/ace friend, perhaps the manipulator demon changes tactics and attempts to charm someone else in the group to hold them hostage.  Or the demon possess an important npc to send the players on wild goose chases while the fiend abuses their host’s societal power (wealth/armies/etc).  Or the demon attempts to escape, swearing vengeance, and stalks the group to undermine/undo their good works?
These unconventional questions/asks for tabletop roleplaying games always relight the homebrew furnace deep in my brain.  I got inspired to start writing a manipulator demon of self-worship from a tangent I almost added to this response.  The fiend haunts someone and acts like their own personal Evil Kermit, filling their head with thoughts of unethical and self-indulgent behavior at the expense of others’ wellbeing.  I'm definitely going to try adding that to my homebrew bestiary.
Hopefully this little ramble answers your question! I always appreciate you messaging @vibing-with-trashy-trolls! And the ask box is always open for anyone to propose questions and ideas for tabletop rpgs (all systems and not just D&D).
Thanks again!  Looking forward to whatever comes into my inbox!  -- Aboleth-Eye 3/24/22
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