michellezhuli · a year ago
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artandstarstuff · 2 months ago
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Some fun ideas for warlock pacts. You can see the rest of this series on my Kofi! I appreciate all tips.
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thechekhov · 4 months ago
Me, every other day of the week: I love DnD, I love DMing. :)  Me, 3 hours before my game: why didn’t I prep more, FUCK where’s the the map, no, these stats won’t do, urgh, what if they HATE this, is this puzzle not simple enough? I don’t want to do this, don’t make me do this
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forbiddenseason · a year ago
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sockablock · a year ago
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i was supposed to prep a session today
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thedicepaladin · a month ago
Are you looking for a Dungeon Master?
Do you maybe not have a group and want to get into DND? Or, do you have a group of friends, all geared up to rock through an adventure, but no Dungeon Master to run it? Well, hopefully I can be the one to help fix that!
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Hey all! Like I said before, I’m looking to get into DMing professionally! I finally got around to going through and making an entire Introduction Sheet (includes link to Google Doc with all the proper information) for people to peruse! I got some people telling me they were interested, and would love to talk to anyone who is! Feel free to either send me a DM, an Ask, or an email~! Newcomers and veteran players, LGBTQ+, POC, people of all sorts welcome!
I’m offering to run a first, initial session 0 for 5$ a person to see if I’m a good fit for you or your group! Even if you’re not interested, if you could spread the word, that would be greatly appreciated!
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dungeonhavoc · a month ago
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The magical carp uses flail
A fun weird random encounter
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roll-a-natural-queer · 2 months ago
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outsideallboxes · a year ago
I saw this meme so I edited it about me, an ADHD dm who talks too much
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wearemage · 3 months ago
Me telling my players about the landscape details even if they are not plot-related (yet).
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arsonforcharlie · a year ago
Me: huh, I need a name for an npc. Just a guy, a normal man. Average kinda fella. Regular dude my players won't pay much attention to.
Every name generator:
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artandstarstuff · 2 months ago
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Origin ideas for paladins! See them all and support me here.
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oldschoolfrp · a year ago
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That’s your move? Are you absolutely sure?
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chaotic-gay-is-my-alignment · 6 months ago
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When you're the DM and you have those really dope ideas but can't tell your party about them...
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creativerogues · a year ago
43 Things To Sell To A Fey...
A Wedding Ring meant for a Bride to be.
A Portrait painted by a Familiar.
Three true answers to the Fey's questions.
The Character's clothes.
One of the Character's senses.
The Character's dreams.
A Coin used in a coin flip.
A Favour.
Your Character's dying breath.
Your Character's Luck.
One Year of the Character's Life.
A minute of your Character's time.
A Lasting Scar.
Your Character's shadow.
A story.
A tooth.
A poem or song written by the Character.
The music from a Character's instrument.
A kiss.
A moment of your honour.
A lock of your Character's hair.
A night of good sleep.
Your Character's voice.
The Character's first born child.
The colour of your hair.
The colour of your skin.
The colour of your eyes.
The colour of your blood.
The taste of your favourite ale.
The feel of the ocean wind in your hair.
The pleasant sting of a freshly drawn hot bath.
The names of mortals whom you have at least dined with.
The eyes of an eagle.
The heart of a hero.
The fingers of a thief.
The eggs of birds, young animals, or new-born mortal children.
Permanent permission into your home or place of work.
The key to a castle.
Invitation to a ceremony your are attending.
A strong working animal.
A treasure stolen from a goblin.
A secret.
All your silver pieces.
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thedicepaladin · a month ago
Genuine question for you guys:
if I were to try out paid DMing, would anyone be interested? I’ve been considering becoming a full time DM for a bit now, as I’ve been DMing since like 2016-2017?, and I really would love to try and make a living off of it, if not supplement my income from my day job with it? Anyway, I definitely wouldn’t charge a lot to start since it would be a trial run or something until I got used to it or more comfortable. But yeah I want to gauge how interested people would be in like 10$ a person for a session? Probably start off with one shots or something? Or mini campaigns? I would need to work out the real logistics of it (advice from DMs who actually are in the business of this kind of thing is VERY welcome btw-) I know a lot of people want to get into DND and don’t have people to get into it with, so this might be beneficial that way, too, in a networking sense? Or just getting to play at all too? Let me know what y’all think!
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dungeonhavoc · 7 months ago
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Pick an evil. Learn how it takes root and spreads. Then slay it. Rip and tear til it’s done.
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elfcow · 3 months ago
My partner and I were looking at cleric domains last night and the nerd review of one started with "Ban this Domain. And I don't say this lightly." we laughed pretty hard, but honestly...
I think some DMs are just cowards. Let your players play who they want (especially if it's official content, good grief!) and adjust your difficulty accordingly. Let your lvl 3 players fight an Oni with a whole gang of minions. Let your level 5 players try to save a village being ravaged by an ancient dragon. Make their nemesis a fey archdruid that isn't going to pull punches. Balancing is fake, and you, the DM, are at fault if it gets too easy or too hard on your players.
D&D is a COLLABORATIVE game. The goal is for the party to win in the end and have beautiful roleplaying along the way. The goal is for you and your real-life friends to have fun together. The only reason to ever ban something is to make sure that one player doesn't overshadow another - but a cleric domain that by definition lifts the party up equally doesn't fall into that category.
So let your players play who they want, as long as they all harmonize together, and tailor your balancing in response for maximum fun! And that doesn't mean always hard-countering your players - it means specifically giving each of them a chance to use their specialties to hard counter you. Give your rogue lots of dex saves and locks to pick, your bard or warlock lots of tense situations to disarm, your wizard whole rooms of minions to crisp like it's an easy bake oven, and let your AC 27 eldritch knight stand untouchable against the swarm. Give your players time to shine! And if you have a Nemesis that studies your party and prepares counters, within reason, then that can be a really fun change of pace as well. Remember that the goal is always collaborative fun!
So anyways, yeah play what you want and have fun! And bonus points to anyone who can guess which cleric domain I'm talking about 👀
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charmstonegames · 4 months ago
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Don’t worry. I rolled up some backup characters just in case...
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dungeonqueering · 6 months ago
A Discord servers for DMs
Do you ever feel so excited about your game, but everyone you would talk about it to are in it?
Do you ever struggle with coming up with a puzzle, making a plot element work, naming a place or item, or any other myriad things that make running games hard? Do you enjoy bouncing ideas off of other people, and helping them in kind? There’s now a Discord server geared entirely towards collaboration between DM’s called the DM Round Table The mods (myself included) want to foster an inclusive space just for DMs free of bigotry and hate. (This includes soon-to-be-DMs, DMs between campaigns, and DMs of all experience levels)
We’re accumulating resources, teaching workshops, hosting discussions, and helping each other solve all the problems that come from being a DM.
We are an 18+ server and geared toward adult DMs. There will be mature, respectful discussion of adult themes and topics here so please be aware of that if you join.
There are channels for minis, maps, homebrew content, discussion, naming, and way more!
We would love it if you would join us! https://discord.gg/aHJjHrNvKB
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