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5ecardaday · 2 days ago
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So begins the Era of the Wilds...
So I’m aware it’s been forever since I shared anything on this tumblr but I’ve spent the past few months collecting feedback about Era of the Wilds, a new 100-page 5e compendium I made to let you play D&D in the world of Breath of the Wild. I can’t post the link here or tumblr will eat this post, but if you wanna see the full thing, it’s free to download on my patreon (which should still be linked in my tumblr page)
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leidensygdom · 2 days ago
WOTC finally understood that drow needed a rewrite...
Except, well, they got Salvatore to do it. You know, the same guy who had a character (Zaknafein) giving a monologue about how he despises his black skin. Or had IncestOrgyParty because what else would powerful women do?
All of this is also tied to their attempts to make drow suddenly not dark skinned but grey, and way paler. “We finally made drow not evil as a whole- But it comes with a surprise whitewash!”
Maybe they could’ve hired anything but a white dude to write a society of dark skinned elves with a matriarchal society, but hey, what do I know
(Maybe this is the reason why any person I’ve known that has some attachment to drow as a race, have actually rewritten the entire lore and pretended whatever clusterfuck exists officially is just not there. It’s the best solution)
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lizzorasaurus · a day ago
A WILD request for tumblr. I need a new pressure pot for resin casting as mine is awaiting a replacement part. I found smaller replacement pot for about $275 on amazon and it ships to Canada. Half the money is covered already, but I’m still looking to make up the other half! SO HERE’S THE PITCH: I’m looking for people who would be interested in pre-ordering custom 10 piece, handmade resin dice sets (usual value of about $65-75) To be mailed out as soon as the pressure pot is in hand and I am able to do resin casts again!
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(some samples of dice we’ve made!!!)
Three slots --- $50 each! *discounted for the wait and as a thank you for getting us out of a bind!* Please DM if interested!
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characterbabble · 2 days ago
Does your character swear? How foul do they get?
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dr3c0mix · a day ago
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A little animation i did
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rpgnonsense · a day ago
Flavour text
When an enemy stepped on a landmine that one of the players threw on the floor.
DM - "Okay, describe the explosion."
Player - "...Boom?"
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resolart · a day ago
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new girl coming soon 💖
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raeynbowboi · 2 days ago
How to Play as Gaara in DnD 5e
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Gaara is perhaps one of the hardest characters to adapt to DnD simply because it requires a lot of reflavoring to make work, but today, I want to prove that it is possible to play as Gaara in DnD 5e, and more than just one way too.
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Usually, my rule for Anime Characters is that they are Variant Humans due to their ability to do things normal humans can’t, and while Variant Human or Custom Lineage are viable, I will also be throwing out another possible choice for Gaara. Fallen Aasimars can effectively activate “dark mode” where they become stronger for a brief period, dealing more damage, and potentially scaring anyone nearby when they transform. So, if you go with Variant Human or Custom Lineage, take Eldritch Adept and pick up Armor of Shadows to make his AC 13+Dex. But if you want to make Shukaku Possessed Gaara part of the build, you’ll have to drop an ASI and pick up Armor of Shadows later in the build.
For his background, Gaara is a ninja trained in stealth and espionage. I’d make him a Spy for Stealth and Sleight of Hand.
Gaara’s alignment is a bit iffy, but I’d say he starts the series between Neutral Evil and Chaotic Evil, but by Shippuden, had evolved to be Lawful Good or Neutral Good.
I also want to take a moment to talk about Gaara’s stats. Yes, Gaara is slow, but that’s because he’s carrying a heavy gourd full of dense sand on his back. So while Gaara canonically walks very slowly, it’s because of the weight of carrying around all that sand. When he does demonstrate actual feats of dexterity, he’s actually somewhat nimble. He has good hand-eye coordination and is good at sneaking up on professionally trained ninjas.
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Gaara’s biggest strength is his defenses. One of the first things we learn about him is that he’s come back from some pretty high-level missions without so much as a scratch. In fact, Rock Lee is one of the first (if not THE first) person to land a hit on Gaara, not just in the show, but in his life. As such, the School of Abjuration puts heavy emphasis on defensive spells and protective barriers. Gaara’s sand can act as his Arcane Ward, blocking incoming damage from reaching him. And once Naruto has kicked the value of friendship into him, he can use his sand to guard others as well. As a Wizard, we’ll pick two skills from the Wizard skill list, and make Gaara proficient in Investigation and History.
It’s not as good as the Abjuration Wizard, but if you’re looking for a more funky build option, this is technically viable. The Swarmkeeper plays as though they’re being aided by a swarm of things: bugs, pixies, cats. Who’s to say you can’t be a Ranger aided by a swarm of semi-sentient bloodthirsty grains of sand? The Swarmkeeper can make a Gathered Swarm as Gaara pulls many grains of sand into a dense mass, and his final Swarmkeeper ability will cause Gaara to be swallowed and moved by his sand when he’s hurt, with the sand even absorbing some of the damage that triggered the sand to rush to his defense in the first place.
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Race: Fallen Aasimar Background: Spy Class: School of Abjuration Wizard (20)
STATS STR 10 DEX 20 CON 14 INT 20 WIS 8 CHA 10
FEATS Eldritch Adept - Armor of Shadows
HP 122 AC 18 SAB: +11 SDC: 19
SKILLS History (+11) Investigation (+11) Stealth (+11) Sleight of Hand (+11)
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Something to keep in mind with Gaara is that a lot of his spells are going to require to be reflavored, which may also mean changing the damage type. Speak with your DM about how best to alter these spells to fit Gaara’s abilities and that all of his spells are made out of sand.
C Blade Ward, Infestation, Mage Hand, Mold Earth, Ray of Frost 1 Color Spray, Ice Knife, False Life, Feather Fall, Magic Missile, Shield, Snare, Tenser’s Floating Disk 2 Blur, Cloud of Daggers, Dust Devil, Hold Person, Max’s Earthen Grasp, Mirror Image, Rime’s Binding Ice, Scorching Ray, Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm 3 Erupting Earth, Fireball, Fly, Melf’s Minute Meteors, Protection from Energy, Sleet Storm, Slow, Tidal Wave, Wall of Sand 4 Arcane Eye, Edvard’s Black Tentacles, Ice Storm, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, Stoneskin,  5 Bigby’s Hand, Hold Monster, Wall of Force 6 Fizban’s Platinum Shield, Globe of Invulnerability, Investiture of Ice, Tasha’s Otherworldly Guise 7 Forecage, Simulacrum 8 Incendiary Cloud 9 Invulnerability, Meteor Swarm
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Celestial Resistance Gaara resists Radiant and Necrotic Damage Darkvision Gaara gains Darkvision to a distance of 60 feet Healing Hands Gaara can restore up to 20 hit points to another creature with his touch. Light Bearer Gaara knows the Light Cantrip, which he casts with CHA. Arcane Recovery After Gaara completes a short rest, he can restore up to 10 spell slots of 5th level or lower. Abjuration Savant Time and Gold spent adding Abjuration spells to Gaara’s spellbook are reduced by half. Arcane Ward When Gaara casts an Abjuration spell, he creates a Ward with HP equal to 2x his Wizard Level + his INT mod. (max 45). Any time he would take damage, the ward takes the damage first. The Ward gains HP when Gaara casts an Abjuration spell equal to 2x the spell level cast (max 18). Gaara can only create his arcane ward once per long rest. Necrotic Shroud Gaara calls forth Shukaku for 1 minute. Creatures within 10 feet must pass a CHA saving throw against 8+ Proficiency + CHA mod (max 15) or be Frightened of Gaara until the end of their next turn. While transformed, Gaara deals additional Necrotic damage equal to his level once per turn. Projected Ward Gaara can use a reaction to send his Arcane Ward to protect an ally within 30 feet that he can see. Improved Abjuration Abjuration spells that require an ability check can add his proficiency bonus to the roll. Spell Resistance Gaara resists all spell damage and has advantage on all saving throws against spells. Spell Mastery Gaara can cast a 1st and 2nd level spell of his choosing at their lowest levels without using a spell slot for them. Signature Spells Gaara can cast two 3rd level spells of his choosing at 3rd level once per long rest without using a spell slot.
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Ultimately, how good Gaara can be will depend on your DM and how willing they are to bend the spells to be flavored as Gaara’s sand. However, Gaara’s ability to create temp HP with both his ward and False Life plus his eventual spell resistance and the ability to cast Shield every turn with Spell Mastery means that Gaara will be at least somewhat tanky for a Wizard. It’s not perfect, but at least for now, I can think of no better way to build the Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure.
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jackzarts · a day ago
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Some really cool tiefling chibies I did a while back for WaldisJPena @ twitter a while back!! These are Esosco and Pierro 🥺
instagram - twitter - patreon - more
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ichimakesart · a day ago
Ace up their sleeve
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Showcase of some very useful abilities.
Lia - mvp thunderball
Samir - sneak attack with fire wielding rapier
Kalian - being an archmage
Tanit - dispel magic ♡
Monkey King - being unbothered by exploding hell hound
Viktora - dissonant whispers (with insults in nowalian)
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ruhianna · 2 days ago
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I’m playing in a DnD campaign btw, and this is my muppet born Mimsy. She’s a ex-criminal turned cleric who is the only lady of her group and is a sleepy chaotic gremlin. She also is only 3ft tall and is constantly shoved into bags. Her mace is shaped like a star wand and ribbon.  She also collects cursed skulls.
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goblinwitchhut · a day ago
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So are we not going to talk about how Slowpoke got so many forms? Because I wasn't expecting it at all. I guess it's hard to talk much about them, what you see is pretty much what you get. Slowpoke move in herds, but are so slow to react the only benefit t is "maybe they'll attack someone else." They turn into slowbro accidentally, where they acquire a spikey club on thier tail. That or a megaman-style launcher. They are dumber than that int score lets on, there is nothing going on behind those eyes. Except slowking, but one of them just sits by the shore philosophizing and the other is a shellfish piloting a flesh mech. Anyway, encounter ideas! - Locals have gathered by the river each spring to collect dislodged slowpoke tails for generations. Over the last few nights however, the slowpoke have started to go missing. No tracks to show them leaving downstream or blood to show a struggle. The party is asked to find out what's happening. (kidnapping, giant bird, dragged into water, plenty of options)
- Wisdom states that if you have a trouble, ask a slowking. The village slowking, however, has reverted to a slowpoke! Signs of a struggle, but the slowpoke seems fine...someone took its crown. But who? - A shoal of shelder swam further upstream than usual, causing an unexpected wave of slowbro. That makes food scarce however, and one is just too hungry or stupid to swim downstream. It has begun to hunt anything approaching the water to drink... -A galarian slowking has begun to form a small band of its other forms, even going so far as to catch and attach shellder to its kin. Its experiments have taken a deadly turn, as local wildlife and people are now being captured in the night... - Pity the mega slowbro, it must keep hunting and fuel its regeneration lest its shell consume it entirely. Don't stop swimming while you pity though, because it IS coming for you, slow yet inevitable as the rising tide.
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doomydain · 2 months ago
A flail-axe?
By @jacobwitzling on TikTok
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everlightdice · 6 months ago
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Forgotten Treasure: bits of rose gold leaf sinking to the bottom of crystal turquoise waters. Inked in white pearl.
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characterbabble · a day ago
What kind of earrings does your character wear?
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rachelmcewanart · 10 months ago
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Thought it was about time I drew my own DND character so meet Iris a Tiefling Grave Cleric of the Raven Queen!
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genericdndpun · 24 days ago
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“So you remember that tragic part of your backstory?”
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officialfist · 11 months ago
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i-hate-it-here-lmao · 4 months ago
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vivtanner · 19 days ago
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He Who Endures 🩸
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