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creativerogues · 5 months ago
1d20 Feywild Gifts...
You leave a trail of mushrooms in your footsteps.
You have thorns growing out of your skin where the bone is close to the surface.
You have long hooked fingernails.
You are always followed by birds and forest creatures, they deeply disapprove of most of your life choices.
You cause all creatures within five feet to hear faint whispers of bizarre and alien things.
You have the horns of a ram growing from your head.
You are always followed and surrounded by a low glittering mist.
Your eyes - pupils and irises - become entirely white.
You constantly surrounded by swarming butterflies.
You have flower petals for hair.
You can crudely mimic others, like a raven or a jackdaw.
You have mushrooms which grow out of any scars or wounds. They are psychedelic, of course.
You can sing like a bird almost perfectly.
You have golden or amber eyes.
You are covered in a sleek coat of fur, like a hunting hound or a deer.
You have seven-inch-long fingers.
You have pair of elegant and delicate butterfly wings. They are functionally useless and will require clothing to be specially tailored.
Your skin changes colour with mood, like an octopus or a chameleon.
You leave a trail of flowers, growing in your footsteps.
You have the tail of a fox and will require clothing to be specially tailored.
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christinasketch · 6 months ago
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An art dump of Manon, my dnd oc from Baldur’s Gate 🌙
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artandstarstuff · 2 months ago
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Origin ideas for paladins! See them all and support me here.
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sablingart · 3 months ago
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My bard is very ready for level 15
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sepezzz · 4 months ago
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pls drop name suggestions for my drow elf barbarian, my campaign starts in 2 days audfvdhf
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gin-draws · 3 months ago
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Borealis, aka Rea, the Circle of Stars Druid-
getting ready for the the Witchlight Carnival
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dungeon-strugglers · 8 days ago
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✨New item!✨ Greataxe of Unbridled Fury Weapon (greataxe), very rare (requires attunement)
You have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magical weapon. While holding the axe you can use a bonus action to enter a state of fury. While furious you gain the following benefits:
You have resistance to psychic damage.
You have immunity to the charmed and frightened conditions. If you are charmed or frightened when you enter your fury, the effect is suspended for the duration of the fury.
Magic can’t put you to sleep or detect your thoughts.
The axe gains an additional +3 bonus to melee damage rolls.
If you are able to cast spells, you can't cast them or concentrate on them while furious. Your fury lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you are knocked unconscious, if you drop the axe or if your turn ends and you haven't attacked a hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then. You can also end your fury on your turn as a bonus action. The axe can't be used this way again until the next dawn. The first time you are reduced to less than half your total hit points and you have already entered a state of fury today, there is a 50% chance you regain 1 use of it.
Curse. The first time you enter a fury, make a DC 1 Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, you lose control and go on a murderous rampage. The rampage lasts 2d4 hours. Each subsequent time you enter a fury, the DC increases by 1, to a maximum of 20. Once a rampage is triggered, the DC resets to 5. If you trigger a murderous rampage, you become hostile to all creatures and your fury lasts for the entire duration of the rampage. The DM may take control of your character and use any of your abilities to their discretion. This rampage can be ended early if you are targeted with the remove curse spell or you begin your turn on a different plane from the axe. When the rampage ends, you gain 1 level of exhaustion.
“The fury of Daughter could not be stopped! Her rage burned hotter with each head she lopped! Her will was unshakeable, her bloodlust, unslakeable! Their last resort: a cage made unbreakable! They trapped her soul inside of an axe! Oh no here she comes, quick! Cover your tracks!” - 🖌🎨 Like our work? Consider supporting us on Patreon and gain access to the hi-resolution art for over 125 magic items, item cards and card packs, beautiful monster art and stat blocks, monthly setting pdfs with narrative hooks and unique lore, and vote for the content you want to see!🧙‍♂️
📜 Credit. Art and design by us: the Dungeon Strugglers. Please credit us if you repost elsewhere.
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taruolentow · 2 months ago
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some more d&d content! :D
the first gal is my newest d&d character, her concept is that she used to work at a strip club for quite a few years before she became an adventurer! she’s a bard, most likely. her design is actually ripped off from a npc i created for a mini campaign i’m dm:ing currently, the one in the very last picture haha. those two are in a high position at a big city’s thieve’s guild. the elves in the middle are my friends’ pcs for that campaign!
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maysworkshop · a month ago
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Commission for the very sweet @bonjibean of their lovely drow character and their partner's very cute high elf character! Tysm for the commission, it was very fun working with you!
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therealpaperghost · 9 days ago
Haha funny dnd stuff :)
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enulib · 7 months ago
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‣ sometimes i yearn for the days that could’ve been.
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creativerogues · 5 months ago
50 Magical Origins...
You touched a strange rune-covered stone and was engulfed by its glowing energies.
You were bitten by a strange creature that then disappeared into the wilderness.
You hugged a tree that was attuned to a place of great power.
You ate a immortal insect that still sits in your stomach.
You accidentally transported yourself to the Astral Plane after consuming a strange magical substance.
You spoke to a phantasmal being while you slept.
You accidentally entered the ceremonial chambers of a lost temple.
Your ancestor claimed to be a powerful medicine man, but in fact worked with otherworldly magics to heal others.
Your skin became fused with a strange alloy metal dust, which was actually the ground up scales of a metallic dragon!
You found an ancient idol of unknown origins buried in an old field.
You took part in an arcane military experiment to develop a humanoid war machine.
You were exposed the strange energies of a glowing meteorite.
You breathed the magical spores of a prehistoric mould recovered from an amber chunk.
You fell ill from a mysterious illness that rode to earth on the surface of an alien space capsule.
You discovered a cave filled with giant crystals that released pulsating, glowing energies.
You were stung by several transmuted wasps that had been warped with a new form of magic.
Your father or mother was secretly an inter-dimensional traveller.
You were born of a failed cloning experiment and escaped the grounds before being destroyed.
Your grand-father was a performer who made some dark deals to gain fame and fortune.
You survived a magical explosion!
You were exposed to wild cosmic powers while picking through the remains of fallen space junk.
You accidentally breathed in the dust of a King’s tomb while exploring a ruined structure.
Your body was transformed after breathing in a toxic alchemical smog.
You consumed some unknown fruit found deep in a savage jungle.
You came into contact with a strange sludge flowing out of a flooded ditch near an old alchemist’s shop.
You participated in a strange experiment involving man-made magical fields.
You performed a magical ritual found in a strange, dusty old book.
You drank the waters of a mystical fountain.
You had a strange, almost allergic reaction to an experimental magical potion.
You consumed a strange tasting herbal tea while visiting an cackling old fortune teller.
You great grand-mother was the high priestess of a savage tribe.
You were taught ancient secrets of mind over matter by an elderly mage.
You survived a fall into a vat containing a strange new alchemical substance.
You were struck by lightning while visiting a historical site during a brewing storm.
You were bitten by a lizard while visiting a series of old magically ruined towns located far away from any modern civilization.
You were exposed to a previously unknown mineral ore during a mining accident.
You were kidnapped by strange creatures and forced to participate in bizarre experiments.
Your latent magical powers activated when you were accidentally electrocuted.
You snorted a bizarre looking ash while getting high on street drugs at a dive bar.
You consumed a bizarre tasting elixir purchased from an old alchemist’s shop.
You fell into a bizarre, dream-filled trance when visiting an old medieval tower.
You rode in a boat that was in engulfed with strange energies from a magical sea storm.
You survived the accidental release of a magical modified disease.
You purchased a mysterious ancient war mask from a back alley antique store.
You survived being struck by a falling crystalline meteor, with a shard still buried in your back.
You were once an Imp, but a strange surge of magic during your "Promotion" trapped your Soul in a Mortal Humanoid body.
You were once part of an illegal gambling ring, winning a Wizard's Spellbook in a Game of Chance. Sometimes you find yourself writing in that old Wizard's hand-writing.
You were grievously wounded by a powerful Dragon, but not before landing a blow on the creature. Your bloods mingled and some of its powers were shunted into you!
Your Soul wandered the depths of the Shadowfell, before arriving at the Fortress of Memories, where pity was taken upon you and you were reincarnated as a second chance at life.
You worked at an old clock tower. One day time seemed to stop for just a moment while you stood before the gears, but then it ticked along once more...
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lustyargonianmaid · 8 months ago
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maeve moonsong ♡ 
thank you @mooreaux​ for another stunning commission!!!
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artandstarstuff · 2 months ago
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Hey guys, my goal got funded! A new series of tables for player characters is up on my Kofi and will be posted here!
First up is ideas for a bard!
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sablingart · 8 months ago
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The D&D campaign I'm in entered a new arc, which means new wardrobe for my bard!
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halfpast-contrast · 7 months ago
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Meet Spleckle! A Kobold Sorcerer that sincerely believes she is a wizard. She’s seen some use in the Candlekeep Mysteries one shots
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aireosart · 6 months ago
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my disaster bard, rath, updated for artfight! (im aireos on there👀)
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solariads-special-hell · 6 months ago
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A sketch of the character I'm using for a Ravenloft table I'm playing. Is a really feral and chaotic goblin. It's super fun to play with her!
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snacobie · 2 months ago
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Wanted to draw
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gin-draws · 3 months ago
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what’s a better bedroom for a child raised by hags, than a root cellar filled with all the plant life they don’t want near the house?
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