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luuma-makes-games · 5 months ago
running rpgs with shia labeouf
When it comes to kicking off a TTRPG oneshot, or session I always use The Shia LaBeouf Technique. It's a simple little rule that helps get the ball rolling.
When you start a oneshot, I kind of think you really need to do three things, in this order:
Set the scene they're in, clearly, so they can picture it
State, or hint at, the overarching issue that they'll resolve by the end of the oneshot
Introduce something immediate that they have to respond to, pulling them right into the action.
e.g you might say "it's a warm midday, and you're heading to the homely, bustling village of Helmsford, where you recently heard about a spate of unusual unsolved murders. You're all approaching the town square, but as you near it, a flustered looking guard walks up to you and tells you to halt"
So how do I remember these rules? With a good example! And in my mind, the best example is:
You're walking in the woods
There's no-one around and your phone is dead
Out of the corner of your eye, you spot him shia labeouf
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terrisha-of-the-abyss · a year ago
Hi! So my PC's just finished a really hard quest and I decided to reward their hard work with an in game celebration in the form of a carnival/country fete! I ran it yesterday and we all had a tone of fun and they loved it, so I thought I'd share what I set up with everyone 😁
Carnival and celebrations
Chance for players to practice role playing a bit.
Inn- Arm wrestling, eating and drinking contests
Town square/centre- Find the coin, ring toss, knock over the bottles
Town Green-Target shot, ring the bell, log toss, checkers
Food Ideas
• Candy apples, sweet and crunchy 10 silver
• Shush kabobs, lamb&haloumi, chicken&mushroom, beef&capsicum, halloumi, mushroom&capsicum 10 copper
• Apple pie and other sweet pastries 5 copper
• Hand pulled candy floss 10 silver
• Raspberry/strawberry taffy 10 silver
Drink Ideas
Main price Per Bottle(per cup is 1/4 price)
• Ale 20 copper(5 copper)
• Wine 20 silver(5 silver)
• Spirits 20 gold(5 gold)
• Fruit juice 20 copper(5 copper)
• Sarsaparilla 20 silver(5 silver)
• Sparkling fruit juice 20 gold(5 gold)
Town Square
• Knock over the Bottles: Dex DC13, 3 balls for 25 copper knock down the milk bottles. 3 times in a row to get spell scroll animal friendship, 2 wins gets an animal plush and 1 win gets a lolliepop Run by a young halfling girl with blond pigtails and freckles, she has a sweet and cheery disposition and appearance, wearing a simple blue dress, her name is Lizzy.
• Find the coin: Int/perception Dc15. 10 silver per game, watch the cups and find the coin. If you find the coin you win an item from the Magic Item Table A. held at the shrine of luck and run by Sister Ashling, a zealous young elf who worships Tymora
• Ring Toss: Dex Dc18, 3 rings/hoops for 50 copper Throw hoops onto bottles. Win a dagger worth 25 gold. Run by a shady old man named Rowland, who is wearing a rough spun tunic, dc13 insight/perception reveals that this game is rigged and he's very sure no one will win
• Ring the Bell: Dc20. 25 silver for 1 try. Hit the bell and win an item from Magic Item Table B. Run by Falmire a tall human male with huge muscles and and a rough beard, showing off his muscled arms by previously tearing off his sleeves.
Town Green
• Target Shot: Dex DC10-20, 3 bolts for 50 silver. Hit the bulls eye of the targets to win a prize. Easy target Dc10-redbrand ruffian dog toy. Medium Target Dc13 candied apple. Hard target Dc16, bronze engraved light cossbow. Impossible Target Dc20, win 10 special +3 Crossbow bolts/arrows . This game is run by a sharp-tongued human woman Lillian Greyjoy, she seems to be advertising her weaponry and armour.
• Checkers: Int vs opponent, minimum 10 copper to enter, winner takes all. Seems to just be a friendly game set up by a few older townsfolk. 1d4 for opponents.
• Log Toss: Str vs 1d6 opponent dc 15 to succeed. 25 gold to enter. 1st place gets an item from the 250gp art object table. 2nd place prize Morningstar. 3rd place prize decorated iron flask. Run by Torin a lean and balding human male shopkeeper of fifty years with a kindly manner
• Arm Wrestle: Str vs opponent, minimum 25 silver to enter competition.Prize = total coin added to pot.1d6 for number of opponents. Not run by anyone in specific just a congregation of burly men drunkenly having a go
• Eating Contest: Dc10 first to 5 successes wins, 5 fails you're out of the running, 10 silver to play. Prize is 25 gp Art Objects Table and the total of the all participant's entry fee minus 10% for the proprieter. 1d6 opponents. Organised by the innkeeper/bartender
• Drinking contest: Dc15 first to 5 successes wins, 5 fails you're out of the running 10 gold to play. Prize is an itdm from the Magic Item table A and the total of the all participant's entry fee minus 20% for the proprieter. 1d6 opponents. Organized by the innkeeper/bartender.
Feel free to use and change whatever you would like, but I thought this was a good template for any DMs who want to run something similar
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pinnithin · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
When she collapsed, he pulled her into a tight embrace, one hand on the back of her head to hold her steady. He tried to tell himself that it was practical inclination and not sympathy that made him do this, but then again, he'd never been a very good liar.
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christinasketch · a year ago
Some designs for my drow from Baldur's Gate 3! Can't wait for the full game to come out 🙌🏻
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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drcreatureflix · a year ago
A Small follow up: Signs of a Curse.
This more background effects rather than the effect of a curse, that will be saved for a later day. So may I present a grab bag of signs or effects to present the inclination of a curse on someone/something/somewhere. (Of course you don’t need to use for curses, it can be use just to describe something)
A feeling unnatural uneasiness while in close promixity.
Animals winch and try to back away.
Water sources have turned cloudy and a more greyish hue.
Metals seem to rust at an accerated rate.
The humid smell of dampness permiates the air.
Livestock appear guant and their corpses don’t seem to stay fresh long.
Children act more callous and rude, almost violent in some cases.
A fog rolls in that feels close to choking while breathing in it.
At night, the sounds of laughter follow from no apparant source.
Phyiscally you feel fine, mentally you seem tired more than you should.
Dreams seem to be reported cut sort into horrendous nightmares.
Local predatory animals seem to be acting more brash or desperate.
The mud underneath steams under foot almost like you stepped onto acid.
Crops produce blood when they rot or are mulched.
Newborns seem to possess strange marks on them, like they have been raked by long claws.
Hallucinations feel more real with some seeming to bear scars and wounds from aparant aperations.
Everyone’s possess cysts or blisters yet they carry no illness.
Brand like marks can be seen on people’s skins while they sleep.
The air seems to carry a frostbitten wind unatural for this part of the world.
The season is changed yet the stifling heat does not die down.
The sounds of whispers radiate from *insert thing here*.
The flesh of dead festers and draws the rats all too soon.
In palm *insert thing here* feels like it’s pulsating, akin to a heartbeat.
Food satisfys hunger but feasting merely gives you a sickening sense.
Vision seems to blacken at first not for seconds but later for what feels like hours.
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rousart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Master thief and master assasin having a stare down. I love my players so much. Ellis the half elf thief is my Beanstalk NPC and Dusk the tiefling is my players character.
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t0r-torasaurous · 2 months ago
SELF DISCOVERY (dnd homebrew ideas)
You start with a pre-determined young adult character. (you can ask the dm for background and history checks on yourself to learn more, a players choice). You spend the time in the quest figuring out who you are and what you are good at or bad at. The mystery of life is the main campaign goal and how your character develops through challenges determines level ups and skill attributes etc. The DM or GM has your character notes in front of them, managing the numbers and making notes on your achievement’s to determine your skill point gains.
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pinnithin · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
text post memes but its ur dnd squad pt 2
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blackk-onyxx · 4 months ago
Melted Ice
Tumblr media
Crystal: The 100 year war.
Not much is said, but the once calm monk became consumed within the flames over 100 years.
Only a shadow of herself..... or it would seem..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Threat: Boss Level..... rest.... unknown...
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alivardic · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
The hardest thing about falling wasnt the falling itself. It was losing what made sariel sariel. Losing their wings was the biggest change they didn't know they would have to go through.
Via Instagram
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dmsden · a year ago
The End Was Just the Beginning – Why are all these dungeons sitting around, anyway?
Tumblr media
Hullo, Gentle Readers. As I write these words, my state is in a state of emergency, and, unless you’re someplace incredibly remote, I imagine you’ve been affected by COVID-19 in some way, as well. I’m hoping all of you stay healthy and safe through this rather bleak time.
As I set out on my occasional forays into the world outside my home, I’m struck by how eerie it can be. Traffic is vastly reduced, and I see far fewer people out and about. As I often do, I try to process this odd new environment through the lens of the RPGs I love. This may seem dark, and it is a bit, but stories are what I often turn to as a coping mechanism. So I let my imagination run free, and I try to let the current situation inspire ideas, rather than letting it terrify me.
Many fantasy settings have some kind of apocalyptic event that explains why things are not the same “now” (whenever we’re telling the story) as they were “then” (back in some amazing prior era.) The Forgotten Realms has the Fall of the Netheril Empire, amongst other events. Dragonlance’s Krynn has the Cataclysm. Eberron has the Day of Mourning. I use this idea myself with my own campaign, which has seen the fall of ancient empires leaving devastation in their wake. Often, this gives us an explanation for two things – why people aren’t making magic-items constantly, and why all these dungeons are kicking around, waiting for monsters to inhabit them.
The general conceit is that one of these fallen civilizations was far more advanced in some way (perhaps knowing magics far beyond those that modern peoples have access to – level 10 spells, perhaps). Their ruins are the source of a lot of magic-items and dungeons, and their fall is why these things are lying around, waiting for adventurers to plunder them. You could also use these fallen civilizations to explain some of D&D’s wackier monsters. “Owlbears? Oh, yeah…it’s believed that the Kingdom of Lophrygia used magic to create all manner of hybrid creatures – owlbears, manticores, chimeras…all sorts of things.”
So how can you use this in your own campaign? Well, the first thing to do is to bake one of these kinds of empires into the fabric of your setting’s history. My own campaign’s most prevalent nod in this direction is the concept of “The Old Ones”. The Old Ones were a civilization of strange, six-armed beings who apparently had mastery of magic far beyond that of most modern peoples. They created the Warforged in my setting, for example, as well as the Tarrasque. I recently introduced the idea that one of the last living Old Ones, known as Simic, was experimenting in making adaptable, hybrid entities out of these new-fangled humans (thus giving a place to the Simic Hybrid race from Ravnica in my campaign).
Once you have your civilization, you create a reason for them to not be around any more. The Old Ones, for example, disappeared mysteriously around the time that the Tarrasque appeared for the first time, and it’s believed that they sacrificed their own existence to bring it to life in an act meant to punish the Gods and their creations – humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, etc.  
I recommend that you create some distinctive features of the architecture and art of your lost civilization. The Old Ones, for example, were six-armed, so their architecture often features six-sided columns, hexagonal doorways, and the like. They also used a spiral design in much of their art. As a result, when I begin describing such features in a dungeon, the players quickly catch on that it’s of Old Ones make, which they know means this dungeon could contain almost anything – teleport traps, weird puzzles, powerful magical effects, and esoteric treasures.
As an example of how you could use this, let’s say you’re running an adventure where the PCs are rescuing prisoners from a hobgoblin outpost. Maybe the hobgoblins have built a fort on top of a hill that’s actually an Old Ones complex, buried over time. They dug down into it to build the foundations of their own structure, found a tunnel with a door that was magically sealed, and essentially posted a guard on it, but otherwise ignored it, tunnels elsewhere to dig out dungeons for their prisoners and slaves.
Your players at first will be experiencing a typical hobgoblin lair. They fight, they sneak, they parley, or what have you. Eventually, when they get down into the dungeon area, they rescue the prisoners, but they’ll also encounter the magically sealed door. Your description of this door should be markedly different from other things they’ve discovered Maybe it’s in a partially crumbled tunnel of worked stone, while the hobgoblin dungeons are packed earth reinforced with timbers. Immediately, your players will realize they’re dealing with something different, and, once they breach that door, you can run something entirely new. Undead, construct guardians, and curious treasures should await them.
I hope this has inspired you, as it has me, to consider the nature of “What went before” in your own campaign. If your history has such an event or people in it, let us know!
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meadowwo · 4 months ago
searching for a new discord server? community? idk guys i’ve gone through a breakup and lost a lot of friends and i like to rp and play dnd. looking for new people to rp with
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thorin-amber-hammer-dnd · 2 months ago
Another YouTube video from A Crap Guide To DnD about barbarians.
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sheepydrawrs · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A finished commission of a College of Satire bard. She was really fun to draw! A formal court jester dipped in Mardi Gras.
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