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Sbi&Co d&d AU: Fundy & Niki

AKA: Tibi’s MCYT WritingTober, day 23!

SURPRISE!! As for @spout1nk and @awebo ’s lovely requests, here is the chapter where we get to meet Fundy and Niki!!

This is also, once again, a fill for @the-only-gamer-gost ’s list of prompts!! I got myself another free day aahahah

I do hope you’ll like it! And as always, make sure you check out @whatimevendoinhere ’s stunning drawings!!! They made art of Fundy and it is so good yall.

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Aka: Tibi’s MCYT WritingTober, day 20!

From @the-only-gamer-gost ‘s list of prompts, another entry for “Fanmade AU” ahahah And as requested by a super cool anon: “ i’d love to see more of tommy’s backstory in the d&d au! especially if we can meet tubbo?” :D

Ask and you shall receive! You can also find Tubbo’s reference sheet made by the wonderful @whatimevendoinhere here!

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In honour of reaching 200 followers, I’m filling out prompts from the lovely people that have chosen to support me!

Today, I’m going to give an analysis on my personal headcanon for Hbomb in the d&d au, as requested by the amazing @octopus-defence-squad <3

Thank you so much for requesting this, it’s been super cool to write AND there’s a fic coming for his POV! I hope you’ll like it!

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finally.,, hermit d&d au.,,

these were rushed but!!! etho is a half-tabaxi monk, false is an aasimar ranger, and joe is a funky lil bard/writer fae!! i’ll add more about everyone when i finish all the refs :]

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So in case y’all haven’t realized already, there’s gonna be an entire chapter dedicated to Lina giving birth because obviously. But I don’t know if I want her to be angry and yelling things or just make it completely angsty and have her sobbing and crying in pain, saying she doesn’t want to die and whimpering about how much it hurts while Kat soothes her and Joan tries to help. Because both are good.

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