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mostrovskaa · 8 months ago
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little bard with a mask design 
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pinklemonfruit · a month ago
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Redesign of my dnd char/selfinsert
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pigeon-princess · 11 months ago
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A vampire bard and a werewolf druid walk into a bar, they are both tiefling siblings and they’re going to be arguing until they get kicked out. Mordred and Lyrus are two PCs for our upcoming Wild West themed DnD campaign that we have lovingly nicknamed YEEHAW! campaign. My wonderful big brother Mordred belongs to @nicomclaughlan 
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Florence, the college of spirits bard! a weird girl from a small town who is doing her best all the time 
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chloerozo · a year ago
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Tiefling bard
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spring-forth-from-my-mind · 6 months ago
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new campaign new hot boi
Commission Info
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mathildedraws · 2 months ago
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D&D birds stickers
Commissions are open!
[ID: Drawings of birds, with armor and equipment, each representing a different dungeons and dragons class, in order, a bard goldfinch, a druid robin, a ranger swallow, a figther hawk, a paladin jay, a warlock crow, a wizard european roller, a rogue magpie, a barbarian eagle and finally a cleric barn owl.]
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50der · 2 months ago
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Turning my boy into a teifling, and his flamecat Dudley.
Specifical thanks for Azu for letting me use their cat as reference.🥺💕💕 and Nohra for designing Leo’s outfit!
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artandstarstuff · 6 months ago
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Hey guys, my goal got funded! A new series of tables for player characters is up on my Kofi and will be posted here!
First up is ideas for a bard!
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taruolentow · 2 months ago
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Another d&d collection!! A commission I did for a friend of her curse of stradh character, a birthday present to an another friend (the outfit is very heavily inspired from this cool piece by kiikiibee, go check it out!!), a pc from a short campaign I’m running in a very cool shirt thing, Desire, Eliel (I love him sm what the heck 😭😭) and Naseeka’s new outfit for the winter!!!! Like I honest to god tried to design a new outfit for her for at least FOUR months and I’m finally happy with it 😭💖💕
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vicky-pandora · 3 months ago
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🌿 The Alicante Siblings 🌿
The Vestrales are guardians of Peace and lover of nature created to guard the Blooming Court ruled by the Archfey Vestra, sister of the Archfey Majora ~
This family are all Bards.
More information on this Homebrew origin coming soon 🌿
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thedivinefive · a year ago
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Totally not us.
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dndaddyissues · a year ago
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[Image ID: Five images of the bugs bunny “I wish all blank a very pleasant blank” meme, edited to read: “I wish all barbarians a very pleasant anger management classes,” “I wish all bards a very pleasant scenes where they’re the center of attention,” “I wish all bloodhunters a very pleasant edgelord aesthetic,” “I wish all clerics a very pleasant mom friend support group,” and “I wish all druids a very pleasant enviro-anarchism.” End ID.]
fighters, rangers, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers, your necks are next
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missypena · 4 months ago
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2022 character sheet of my beloved OC bard, Gildor.
Btw, we are banning all, "your character looks like [ insert other character / celebrity / cosplayer / etc here ]!!!" comments in 2022. <3
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mynqzo · a year ago
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my sunshine mersi (he/him) !! - a hellfire tiefling / whisper bard
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eldritch-bard · 2 months ago
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Black Tentacles
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pisharpart · 3 months ago
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sir please this is my emotional support murderbard
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pigeon-princess · a year ago
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I thought that my Half-Orc Tybalt needed an outfit update to fit his soon to be Captain status! And to show off his tattoo of course.
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thefoldedcranedice · 5 months ago
To my fellow DnD friends, I propose to you:
Bards don't need to seduce for the sake of sex.
Bards are charismatic by nature and, therefore, shouldn't have to rely on their (most likely) gorgeous exteriors to persuade people to see it the bard's way. If a bard is worth her salt, she shouldn't have to rely on her pretty face to get things done; she can- and will- sweet talk you out of your greatest treasure just by being charming and clever.
As an ace individual who has been accused by many of being sweet, loving, charming, and winning, I can tell you, dear Tumblr lurkers, I am none of those things. I learned early on that I could convince anyone to like me so they wouldn't bully me and would leave me alone and I have continued this streak for 32 years and perfected it and that, my dear friends, is what makes up the true mettle of a bard.
I've convinced teachers that I LOATHED that I loved them and they had to love me back. One teacher in my Master's program failed me because she didn't think I was trying hard enough in her neuroscience class. I decided my best revenge was to begrudgingly retake the class and MAKE her love me SO MUCH that she had no choice to actually (fairly) pass me. And I succeeded. This woman praised me to all the professors and hugged me when I graduated.
People that I fear, whether they are harsh or just not nice people, if I must work with them, I have a strategy. I find something that I like about them. Are they soft in any way? Are they kind? Do they have a modicum of talent? And then, they become that to me. I simplify their whole horrid personalities to a single trait I can stand and then treat that trait with admiration. Within a few days, the person in question is weirdly fond of me and cannot, for the life of them, figure out why. The best part is, I never lied. I always found something real and true I liked about them and never lied at all about my feelings. The fewer lies you tell, the fewer you have to keep up with.
Bards manipulate the situations they are in. They smooth talk and make people think it was their own idea to let you and your friends pass through the dungeon unharmed. They use their force of will to make something happen. Yes, most people are shallow and only see a pretty face. I have a pretty face, that is true. It's this cherubic face, which really helps a lot when dealing with men because how could that face be calculating and deceitful?
I suppose the world is lucky I have no ambition to do anything but help the causes dear to my heart, be left alone by the people I don't like (which is frighteningly a longer list than most people who know me suspect), and perform on film because with the right personality, a bard could take over the world.
I'm tired of bards and their cliched sexual behavior. Give me some layered character arcs, please and thank you.
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flora-fauna-and-fae · 18 days ago
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todays chara designs!
Ascella, Olly and Merrin
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