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artandstarstuff · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Some fun ideas for warlock pacts. You can see the rest of this series on my Kofi! I appreciate all tips.
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tolkien-fantasy · 4 days ago
DnD Character Idea: Robot werewolf who turns into one of these bad boys under ultraviolet light
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thealyssa4life · 3 months ago
Idea for how to destroy the fourth wall in a D&D Campaign:
The Warlock's Patron is you, the player.
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badcharacterconcepts · 3 months ago
A bard with who can speak with the dead. Instead of helping spirits find peace, they listen to their stories and turn them into songs to further their career. The songs absolutely crush though.
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merchantziro · 6 months ago
Probably bad D&D character concept.
A futuristic android, who can think, act, and feel like a human can, that thought they were finally returning to Earth after being gone for a millennium or two on a mission, only to find themself in a fantasy (or whatever genre the DM was planning for besides Sci-Fi) world.
Any magic or spells they use can be written off as them using technology or weapons built into their systems but they run on a fuel system with limited uses before needing to recharge over time in place of their spell slots.
Examples: A flamethrower from their palm for most fire spells with a lighter in their finger for creating bonfires, Mending is them their lighter finger for welding a metal object back together or using an appropriate device like a sewing machine for cloaks, Gust is used via an above average leaf blower, you get the idea.
However nobody believes them and they're seen as a knight and/or wizard in strange armor, maybe the party could somewhat believe them but even they could be somewhat skeptical. The android themself also doesn't believe in magic and believes all magic users are secretly cyborgs and all magical creatures like dragons are mutated lizards, and they could secretly be right if the DM wants.
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cohaemic-theorem · 2 months ago
DnD character who's prophetic and can predict the future but in the same way an ETA message on a loading bar predicts the future; not very accurately and wildly swinging between conflicting messages as the data comes in. "Your mother will perish before overmorrow’s sunset if we do not act fast!" "A mother, maybe not yours- No, yeah, it's your mother." "Sunrise- Dusk- Dawn- Sunset- Look, it's sometime overmorrow." "Forcefully, not fast. Yeah, forcefully."
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arcaneknickknacks · 3 months ago
terrible dnd character ideas:
a druid or just an aspiring alchemist who will stop to taste every plant they come across to learn their properties, regardless of the countless of times they’ve poisoned themself.
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anarchy-and-asexuality · 7 months ago
Dnd character idea
A changeling illusion wizard with DID
Each alter has a different class and can shuffle the stat array and racial bonuses, and each one has a specific look that the changeling body can change to upon switching
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sonic255656 · a month ago
kenku alchemist who uses a plague doctor mask to hide the fact that they're a kenku and just sold you wine instead of a potion of healing
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dungeonsndamnation · 3 months ago
Character idea:
Object that was true polymorphed into a person, and everyone just thinks they have amnesia.
What even are the implications of turning an object into a sentient being?
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towerlesskey · 5 months ago
Current character ideas for if my Artificer dies but described badly:
•Gay alcoholic who can stop anytime but you have to deal with the consequences if she does.
•Aang from ATLA but genderbent and formally apart of a cult.
•Elle Woods with wings and a gun
•Sad Warlock who wants to fight the king and find her sister
•"They were gonna kill people?? In a war??? The audacity."
•Caduceus but a teifling and angry
•Citrus is 6 years older so she's definitely gonna be responsible and not try to turn Asmodai's horns into a dreamcatcher
•Angsty ranger
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artandstarstuff · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Origin ideas for paladins! See them all and support me here.
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tolkien-fantasy · 2 months ago
DND Character Ideas: Artificer
(All these ideas are free to use because I really want to see them happen. If you draw any of these, please tag me)
Tumblr media
Best Races for Artificers: Gnomes, Warforged, Dwarf, Halfling, High Elf, Human or Half-Human Hybrids
💡 An Artificer with robotic Doc Ock arms
💡 An Artificer designed after Tony Stark
💡 Short Race (Gnome, Halfling, Dwarf, Goblin, etc.) Artificer who built themself robotic stilts
💡 Artificers who builds magical prosthetics
💡 An Artificer who built a time-traveling car or motorcycle, Back to the Future style
💡 A pair of Artificers designed after Phineas and Ferb
💡 An Artificer and their Warforged companion designed after Edward and Alphonse Elric
💡 An Artificer with Magic-Powered electric Gauntlets
💡 Cursed magical Jewelry, Lord of the Rings style
💡 An Artificer who’s a robot, or has a robot, designed after Megaman
💡 A Robot or Cyborg Artificer who is continuously upgrading themself throughout the campaign
💡 Artificer and Cleric Mutliclass for really cool healing and damage output.
💡 Artificer and Paladin Mutliclass for some truly sick-looking armor that gets major buffs
💡 Artificer and Rogue Multiclass for the extra skills on campaigns. Can make a lock and break it too.
💡 An Artificer who’s special weapon is designed after Thor’s Hammer
💡 Artificer and Wizard Multiclass for the ultimate ‘nerd who can kill you’ combo
💡 Star-trek Themed Artificer
💡 An Artificer set in a post-apocalyptic themed campaign
💡 Disabled Artificers who create their own mobility aids
💡 Artificer and Warlock or Cleric Multiclass whose patron is some sort of Smith God like Hephaestus
💡 Artificer who starts out an a Blacksmith NPC but ends up going on this epic quest
💡 Artificers who specialize in more than just tinkering, like Leatherworking, Metalsmithing, Robotics, etc.
💡 Hacker Artificer set in a modern-style or steampunk campaign
💡 Undead Artificer
💡 Chaotic Neutral Artificer designed after Doctor Doofenshmirtz
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captaincleverusernamehere · 6 months ago
tiefling rogue with the virtue name ‘Secret’ who’s birth name was Victoria
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badcharacterconcepts · 8 months ago
A character who knows the day that they are going to die as foretold by a prophecy. However, the seer only told them the month and day of death, and not the year. The character now knows/believes that for 364 days of the year, they cannot die. This makes them super annoying. 
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owlsinleatherjackets · a year ago
backup D&D characters to terrorize my DM with if he ever kills off my current character
Sorcerer who doesn’t believe in magic
Elf but like, from Santa’s workshop
Gnome who was turned to stone and kept in a garden for a hundred years: recently reanimated, very confused, and thoroughly pissed off
Grandma with an unusually high constitution, uses knitting needles and a walking stick as weapons
Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove (ranger with a squirrel companion, low intelligence but high strength and charisma)
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learnyourlessonswell · 7 months ago
her name is clover she’s a cowfolk druid
it’s a race i homebrewed basically just think cow satyrs
she lives in The Pasture
that’s all the cowfolk know it as
on maps it’s called Dappled Pasture and it’s in the Wandering Wood
it’s called that because whenever a child is born, the herd goes to the easternmost side of the forest and plants a tree for the child
then when a person dies, they’re buried at the base of their tree
and there’s a human settlement on the western side of the forest and they log the trees
so the forest is gradually moving eastward
clover’s druidic focus is her flower crown
the family structure of the pasture is very similar to a wild herd
many women, not many men, LOTS of kids
so clover has a lot of cousins and younger siblings
also in The Pasture they speak a dialect of minotaur as their native language so common is actually clover’s second language
actually third bc druidic
so because of the structure of The Pasture there’s a lot of words in common that clover doesn’t know
like the word “thief”
cowfolk share everything so the concept of stealing doesn’t exist
so she gets in trouble a lot for just taking what she needs
but she also doesn’t do frivolities
and she doesn’t GET money which is helpful because i don’t understand dnd money
anyway i imagine the impetus for the adventure is something’s wrong in The Pasture whether it’s illness or the trees are being cut down too fast or something
ALSO the humans don’t know about the cowfolk
the Wandering Woods is known to be a magical place with a very thin separation from the feywild and so people generally avoid it
so the cowfolk are pretty much unknown
and clover is going out having never before seen anyone not from her herd
also i like to imagine the party has to sneak in somewhere and make it look like clover’s a human
but she has literal cow ears and legs and a cow tail and little horns and brown splotches all over her skin
i have concept art somewhere i think but it’s not good.
they have to pass her off as human and so she winds up wearing a giant long skirt to cover her legs and tail and they make her tie her ears up and wear a hood or a bonnet or something idk it’s just a really funny idea to me
why is this tiny little cow satyr filling so much of my brain i love her
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spookynonbeenary · 3 months ago
DND Character Idea #3
A 3ft aarakocra rogue who didn’t want to steal but now does it for the thrill but everything they steal goes to their family. 
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aoeability · 4 months ago
My (highly overthought) Idea For My First D&D Character (and how an obsession over an old video game inspired me to make them): Part 1
Several months ago, @martuline had introduced me to D&D, and I became obsessed with it. I got myself the player handbook, watched a ton of videos related to the subject, and as a result, started getting a ton of ideas for characters, even though I haven't even joined a campaign yet. I had tons of interesting ideas for characters, all coming from some sort of question I asked myself about pop culture, (has this idea been done yet?), or a cool concept (i.e. a warlock more directly inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's works), but only one of them actually became my first completed character. It took me quite a while to make him, but I'm really proud. Now, by standards of first-ever characters, this one is quite complex, dare I say it, a bit overthought. So strap in - It'll be quite a ride.
Before I get on with my idea, I have some stuff to share. You see, there is this video game series I remember playing a lot, which, despite being released before I was even born, I feel very nostalgic for - Heroes of Might and Magic.
Tumblr media
Never heard, huh? Well, who can blame ya - it's an European game. And it's not really that popular outside of Eastern Europe.
Anyways, titles in the HOMM cycle are widely considered to be among the best in my favorite video game genre - turn-based strategy. They have neat music, engaging gameplay, and many, many factions of fantasy creatures to command and build strategies on. No wonder the series became one of my all-time favorites, inspiring me even today.
Now, for those who have played the games, you'll hate me for this, but my favorite installment of the series is not the 3rd one. I agree that H3 is the best installment, but I distinctly remember growing up with the 4th game.
Tumblr media
Big shocker, considering it's the most divisive entry in the franchise. I, for one, consider the playable and highly customizable heroes as one of the game's best aspects. In addition, I like how the game deviates from conventional fantasy, in which the rest of the series is rooted, as well as from the series itself.
Now, you might be asking - what does this niche series have to do with the subject of matter? Well, hold your damn horses, I'm gonna get there.
So, one thing to note is how the factions are built. Instead of representing groups of related fantasy creatures, like in Heroes 3, the factions in Heroes 4 embody concepts: Life, Order, Death, Chaos, Nature, and Might, all together forming a wheel which shows the relationships between them.
Tumblr media
Now, I have a question for you:
Tumblr media
To be fair, I actually didn't notice the glaring similarities between Heroes 4 factions and the Magic: The Gathering Color Pie until I actually began playing the latter. MTG predates H4 by about 9 years, so, I assume it was an inspiration - and a pretty damn good one at that. I think the Magic Color Pie could act as an interesting alignment chart. The colors, however, don't represent morality, but philosophy and values. No color on the wheel is inherently good or evil, not even Black or White - they all just have conflicting worldviews. Now, how does the Heroes of Might and Magic handle a system like this...?
Tumblr media
It misses the entire goddamn point.
As much as I like Heroes of Might and Magic as a whole, and especially the 4th game, I have to admit that the series is deeply rooted in black-and-white morality. Not even going into the irony of all the previous games encouraging combination of creatures and heroes of various, even opposing factions, The entire idea of portraying some factions as "good" and "evil" in this balanced faction lineup is infuriating to say the least. At the very least, I am kinda willing to forgive the Death faction being the bad guys, as, being a faction of the undead and demons, it is sorta understandable. But I'm never gonna forgive the creators for making the Chaos faction evil, especially when we consider the implications of that faction being a parallel to the Red magic from MTG. Some positive aspects of the color in its source game include its emphasis on individuality, passion, and freedom, and it really stings that the creators threw it all out of the window. Even when I was a kid playing the game, I didn't see them as the bad guys. All this leaves a bad taste in my mouth...
...and thus, my idea sparks.
I thought that D&D could be my way of "redeeming" the Chaos faction from its supposed "villainy", and showing it from a more positive angle. I started reading into the in-game lore to find out about the faction, and most of what I stated about Red magic applies to Chaos faction as well - they value freedom, independence, as well as might making right, and despise conformity, self-righteousness, and structure of any kind - all of which are hallmarks of the Chaotic alignments. I eventually settled for Chaotic Good as an alignment for the character.
Then, I had to pick a class. I looked at what the game had to offer - there were two hero classes associated with the Chaos faction - Sorcerer and Thief. After some careful consideration, I picked Sorcerer, as I wanted to utilize the faction's most prominent mechanic - powerful damaging spells.
After coming up with this outline to build on, though, I began thinking that I need some more ideas to make the character in question interesting. So, I began looking for inspiration elsewhere...
End of Part 1
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sock-ness-monster · 8 months ago
I've never played DnD but I think if I were to my lil guy would be a Paladin and I would call him Buddy :)
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