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the-fluffy-folio · 2 months ago
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Though I’d share the artwork of some of the potions I’ve created ♥ Appearance and effects are based on my monsters’ lore – can you guess which potion belongs to which monster?
🔮 If you like my work, kindly consider to support me on Patreon to gain access to monster pages, tokens & artwork of dozens of quirky creatures as well as potion cards based on the monsters’ lore.
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jackzarts · 2 months ago
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F.C.G. wishing you all a smiley day!! Second character in my chibi series.
You can get this and the Ashton chibies as stickers if you subscribe to my Patreon or Ko-fi in the d10 tier before December!
Chibies: Ashton // F.C.G. // Imogen // Laudna
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jesspendley · a year ago
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reece-alex-burton · 4 months ago
I hope you enjoy your vampire elves with a golden shine and a broken spirit!
Jander Sunstar is a character by Christie Golden for the Vampire of the Mists book.
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uukipi · 5 months ago
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team healer stickers :'D i love being able to just loo k over and see cad calling w/e it is im doing nice
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creativerogues · 11 months ago
33 Pieces of Weird Dungeon Dressing...
The perfectly preserved body of a humanoid, tied to a throne of charred wood.
The dungeon entrance is a large magical gate that will shut and seal, and not open again until seven days have passed.
Poisonous gas seeps out from nearly invisible cracks in the dungeon’s walls.
A 6-foot-tall, beautifully sculpted man made of crystal and glass.
A circle of obelisks, with a hole in the ground at its centre.
Shelves stocked with rotting food.
The strange powers of this Dungeon Room change Spell Scrolls into other, random Scrolls of the same level.
Scatterings of hay and grass cover the room, building into larger clumps towards the next chamber.
The hallway is lined with mirrors in various states of vandalism, the one at the very end however seems too pristine.
A room slowly flooding with a highly flammable oil.
A gate inside a sarcophagus that takes you to a random location.
A constant feeling of something watching you...
Cracks in the walls seem to suck in the cold air of the dungeon room, almost like the walls breathe...
The walls are literally closing in. the dungeon is getting smaller and smaller the longer the Party stays in there...
Strange bulbous flowers with faces screaming as they come into full bloom.
Coins coated in grime and contact poison!
In the darkness of the underground dungeon room, there exists shadows that should not be...
A fire is spreading from a random room in a lower level of the dungeon, causing smoke to rise up into the higher floors.
A statue hangs from chains, dangling from the ceiling.
All words echo, even a whisper...
It's almost impossible to breathe here. 
The floor is slanted and covered in a translucent oil.
Two talking goat skulls hang over the door, one speaks of a magical giant, while the other speaks of a dragon large enough to swallow the world...
The items found here spring to life, becoming Animate Objects and trying to harm their new owners.
This hallway is decorated with rows upon rows of granite statues. One of which is alive and begs to be released from "The Stony Shell".
The Dungeon itself is scorching hot. As you adventure further in, all metals soon melts like candlewax.
Coconuts hang from a large tree. If a Creature breaks open even one of these Coconuts, it releases a screaming white Spectre!
A large withered tree grows in the room, the fruits of this tree are dozens and dozens of identical heads!
A gateway that, when a Creature steps through it, separates their body and soul as if by an Astral Projection Spell.
A room with an enormous mirror that depicts any creature that looks at it as hideously gaunt and emaciated. 
The entire dungeon is slowly sinking into the ocean, causing the lower levels to slowly flood with cold dark seawater.
Food troughs with poisonous mould and fungi growing within.
A large jewel is embedded within the ceiling, if removed, this causes the roof to collapse in, crushing any would be robbers.
This random list was made with help from Members of the CreativeRogue’s Discord Server. If you’re interested and want to contribute, join HERE!
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scorbunnyvllgr · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Kree the aarakocra, I designed her for a dnd campaign and I'm so happy with the result, I really enjoyed drawing her clothes and weapon😙
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theelizabethroseemily · 5 months ago
One day I will get all my ideas for dnd content completed and complete a campaign.
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tromkehra · a month ago
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Fiziham the orc barbarian, she is my brother James’ character and I’m super hyped to be goin back into dnd.
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eliot-wolfgirl-spencer · 18 days ago
I think the most important thing for a DM/GM to learn is that if you build a puzzle with a specific solution in mind and your players, midgame, come up with a different feasible one - especially if it's epic and/or funny and/or clever - it's not only a-okay but in fact ideal for you to treat that solution as The Solution.
It's not babying your players, it's not cheating/lowering the difficulty. It's going 'oh shit that's really fucking cool/that actually has a shot at working' and then rewarding your players for thinking outside of the box. You don't even have to necessarily make it the exact answer, you could have a roll out something to just give it a chance at working. Or, sometimes, you might just be willing to outright recognize that their solution is more fun. That's okay.
It's about "what can my players come up with to overcome these obstacles," not "can my players figure out how I want them to do this."
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dungeons-are-too-cold · 4 months ago
Considering how much I watch dnd, I do not play neeeeeaarly enough and I have too many character ideas and campaign settings. I’m gonna turn into like a black hole from imploding with all my ideas. Someone send help lol
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the-fluffy-folio · 5 months ago
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Fungus-Furred Flounder Ferret
Living in humid and dense woodlands, the fungus-furred flounder ferret spends most of its day pressed flat against the forest floor or overgrown trees. While doing so, the little mammal is nearly impossible to spot among the vegetation and lies in ambush to feed on insects, frogs or smaller-sized lizards. The most peculiar feature of this cunning creature is its symbiotic relationship with a likewise wondrous type of lichen densely growing in its fur: the Pluvia Licheri – an ingredient highly praised by thieves and sinister alchemists.
🔮 If you like my work, kindly consider to support me on Patreon and gain access to an ever-growing compendium of tiny monsters and quirky potions.
This creature was made in collaboration with Quenn makes Art & Arcanum Dice.
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jackzarts · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Nephreus, my Divination Wizard... an NPC that maybe will appear in the campaign I DM or not... He comes from a noble family, is a prodigy, and not a nice person 😬
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jesspendley · 10 months ago
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reece-alex-burton · 9 months ago
My group have heard about the new bag-man cryptid concept in the Guide to Ravenloft and have already told me that if they find one they are going to adopt it and name it Charlie instead of fighting it.
Honestly I would be mad but I find the concept so funny I might just let them do it if they roll good enough 😂😂
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rinalllin · 2 months ago
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Now it`s our turn to open the cards
My bard is not a good player, but pretty good liar
  Firbolg Brian belongs to @artmadval Adele belongs to @adelaiy  and tiefling El is mine
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creativerogues · 4 months ago
Mini-Post: What Dangers Does Arc 3 Contain...?
With Arc 2 of the World’s narrative coming to its grand finale and the next Story Arc of the World to soon begin, I thought that it’s about time to catch the newer Readers up on the events in the Story so far, and where the Story could be going in the future...
So without further interruption, let’s start, as most stories do, at the beginning...
Arc 1: The Raging Tides
In this first chapter of the World’s Story, the Heroes of Vaire discovered the existence of a secretive Cult to an Old and Powerful Demon Lord. 
The Cult was so devoted in their efforts that they were willing to drown the World of Vaire in saltwater and blood, in order to keep all lands under the control of their Dark and Demonic Master, Dagon...
Arc 2: The Red Star
During the second Arc, the World of Vaire is still recovering from the massive damages done to the lands and people at the hands of Dagon's Cult, but a sickly Red Star, forged by Dagon's Cult during a ritual-gone-wrong, still hangs in the sky.
And with it, the fragmented remnants of Dagon's Cult form again under a new name: The Cult of the Red Star.
Arc 3: The Clarion’s Call
In the upcoming 3rd Chapter of the World's Story (scheduled to start soon), the World of Vaire seems to be finally rid of The Cult of the Red Star, and with it they destroy the last parts of Dagon's influence.
However, a greater threat from the demon-filled Infinite Abyss rises, and a New Cult known only as “The Unchained” arrives to attack Vaire once again, with the hopes of breaking their Chained Mad God free from the walls of his Prison at the very bottom of the Infinite Abyss, and using his "Gifts" to set him upon the World of Vaire and send the Multiverse itself into a spiral of chaos and oblivion!
I hope this short and sweet summary of the World of Vaire and its Story is helpful to both new Readers or veteran Game-Masters.
This world is a fascinating place full of both mystery and secrets waiting to be uncovered!
We have a long history behind us and a vast amount of history that’s about to start; The coming adventures of the World of Vaire are about to begin, and we can’t wait for you to hear all about it and get involved!
And if this little post has peaked your interest in the World of Vaire and its many tales, you can always join the rest of us by joining our Discord Server (Link Here!), where we'd be delighted to help you get involved in our stories! 
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abomasalwizard7 · 6 months ago
Comm for a dear friend!!
Tumblr media
My best friend wanted a character design reference for her jester oc!!
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tromkehra · a month ago
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My sister in laws Tiefling Rogue.
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olivemaree · 6 months ago
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in the eye of the beholder 👁
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