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artandstarstuff · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Some fun ideas for warlock pacts. You can see the rest of this series on my Kofi! I appreciate all tips.
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sarah-k-is-cute · 23 days ago
Hot take: You don't need to be very creative or have unique ideas to play D&D.
I would not care if you approach me with a stereotypical and cliché character. All that matters to me is that you enjoy my campaign and have fun playing your character.
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latenight-dnd · 5 months ago
Character who can see the future, but only tells it in riddle form. Not as a requirement, but because they’re an asshole.
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spaceshmuck · 4 months ago
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My datemate’s dmsona. Pretty crystalline lore baby
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dndaddyissues · a year ago
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[Image ID: A person holding a gun while driving points their weapon labeled “my players, taking the bait” toward a truck with the Target logo on its back labeled “NPC i designed specifically for the players to hate.” End ID.]
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lunar-eclipse-bunnies · 13 days ago
hey, i'm a newbie dm and i need some tips
hey so i'm a newbie dm about to retry my first homebrew campaign for the second time, and while my first time around as well as my knowledge of Several D&D Pocasts and general player experience has informed how i'm dming this time around, i'd still appreciate some tips & tricks other dms (specifically those who do homebrew games) have found useful.
for clarity, i intend to focus mainly on the roleplay/puzzle-solving aspects of D&D rather than combat, and i am modifying D&D 5E and inserting my own mechanics and homebrew world just for my own sake.
literally any advice, no matter how basic it seems, is super appreciated!
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jackzarts · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My friends and I were looking for a DM to master our party since October 2019... but as we didn’t find one... I started to DM back in April 17 2020. Before we had our first session I got the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, the Monster Manual, and a Starter Kit. I acknowledge I made a few mistakes while running the first session and it was actually nerve wrecking cus I was very afraid that my players got bored (4 were first time players, and the other 2 had DMed before)... But right now we’re on session 30 and it’s been a fun journey. Changing from player to DM is interesting and you get to learn a lot of things xD (I’ll talk more under a read more as I don’t want to make this post longer)
More of my art: instagram | twitter | patreon
My group of friends were fairly new to D&D, and I had been a player for almost a year. As we didn’t find a DM, I thought I could do it... after all I was the one that had played DnD the most and I listened to different DnD podcasts (Critical Role, TAZ, Dimension 20, and others)
After our first session I kinda learned what our DM felt and went through when the party didn’t follow the planned events... After 30 sessions I think I can now improvise better and the course of the adventure has seen a bit more natural. I believe I’ve grown as a DM and my group of friends as players. Cus when they began, the roleplay was almost null, they usually talked out of character either bc they had never roleplayed before or because of shyness. But after many sessions that has changed. 
It has also been a challenge, because we started this campaign just a bit after quarantine began. So we have only played online, and we only use a voice channel (no video)... and sometimes is difficult to play because everyone’s talking at the same time... and maaaan, how I miss playing irl. My players are also excited for it, and I do hope that when this pandemic is over and we play irl they like it. 
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captaincleverusernamehere · 26 days ago
Because i couldn’t think of names on the fly, my party is now running around the forest with a group of orcs named Bjork, Mjork, Dork, and and Gjorcomo
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amintyworld · 5 months ago
Alright, time to start writing some DM notes for the session tonight!
As of now, this is my checklist:
- pull up monster stats at the ready
- write out solid dialogue for dramatic scenes
- create new monster stats for home brew creations (this is the hardest one, but I’m gonna try working with DND beyond, though I’m open for any tips if you guys have any!)
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nerdymusician19 · 7 months ago
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blue-writes-things · 5 months ago
Vice, my Gay Rogue in DnD
Vice, to a magic door: Hey door, if you do not open you're homophobic
DM: The doors homophobic I guess because it does not budge
Gork, a Paladin: I'm canceling the door on Twitter, #DoorIsOverParty
DM: The door is canceled now, but does not budge
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artandstarstuff · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Origin ideas for paladins! See them all and support me here.
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themalcman · 4 months ago
Day 1 of LFG
ok so im doing a thing now.
Hi !! I’m a beginner DM and im looking for a group who wants to play with me <: I have a homebrew campaign that im gonna use for it, I honestly will take as many players who wants to join, at this point I just really wanna play. Just some rec’s/stuff:
   > only minors allowed pls (im a minor so-)
   > this is a lgbt friendly campaign
   > i am a beginner, pls dont get on my ass abt rules and stuff if i make a mistake, i promise im trying my best
   > on that note, we may not follow a bunch of the rules too strictly, its a homebrew world and i just want everyone to have fun
   > just dm me or interact if ur interested
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latenight-dnd · 4 months ago
Dnd but the campaign consists of the heads of advertising and PR for a company that is secretly a villainous organization. Your boss is a huge fucking idiot all the goddamn time and it’s your job to try and keep on the good side of the public and conceal your villainous shenanigans, whilst your intellectually challenged boss with negative subtly makes increasingly obvious evil guy decisions.
Bonus points if the boss is another player and it’s THEIR goal to get the public to realize they’re company and them are evil. Whilst still role playing as a I Am Super Sneaky About My Evilness bad guy.
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spaceshmuck · 3 months ago
My own Dmsona. Some of my players think I am scary, while others think im really nice, and i wanted to reflect that.
The puppet wizard guy is what most people see.
Tumblr media
Im also very nb/masc so of coure they look like a space prince object head =D
|| reblogs are appreciated || commissions are open ||
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dr-lemonade-mouth · 2 months ago
I would kill someone to play in a DnD campaign where I was able to use the Modern Magic UA.
I've DMed for a campaign like that before but I wanna be a player.
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lunar-eclipse-bunnies · 18 days ago
dnd mechanics i would use as a dm
The Attitude Scale
A scale that measures a pcs politeness, rudeness, and intentionality. There are intentional polite points, unintentional police points, intentional rude points and unintentional rude points. Depending on a character's placement on the scale, their point count can impact pc-npc interactions and check rolls. (These points can also be used simiarly to inspiration points, based on the context.)
Tumblr media
Dream Sequence
20 questions assigned to the D20, 1-7 being negative/invasive, 8-14 being neutral, and 15+ being positive/informative. The questions relate to a characters background (ie. what's your most embarrassing memory?) During a long rest, the dm will have the players roll a single d20 and ask them the assigned question-- their answer will impact the dream they have.
ideally, you would have multiple questions from each roll to choose from, but here are the ones ive come up with:
No sleep; Take disadvantage on all rolls until your next short/long rest (but still heal from previous encounters).
How does your character think they will die?
What is your character's biggest (tangible/intangible) fear?
Has your character lost anything/anyone?
Who hates your character the most?
What is your characters most embarrassing memory?
What was their mother/father/family like?
Your character is now a different class; how do they react?
What is your character's ideal day?
Why does your character do/act like that?
When your character is happy, what do they look like?
If your character could change anything about themself, what would it be?
Who does your character hate the most?
Your character has 1 day left to live, what do they do?
How does your character want to die? ("Not dying"/immortality is an acceptable answer.)
Your character can save the world; do they?
What is your character's love language? (Words of affirmation, acts of service, gift giving, etc)
Your character is free to go anywhere in the world, in the planes of existence. Where do they go?
What kind of person does your character think they are?
What does your character desire most in the world?
idk, i just think i have funney ideas sometimes.
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jackzarts · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
A Beholder I created for my D&D game...
His name is Derukoskar and he lives in a pocket dimension that is accesible through different planes of existence... He can control how time passes in there, as he hides and hoards magical items. Adventurers, people or creatures that stumble into his dimension, may start forgetting how they got there and their purpose... if they don’t leave in time, they might end up serving Derukoskar for life.
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captaincleverusernamehere · 6 months ago
Y’all I was just looking for my players handbook bc I noticed it wasn’t where I left it, and my mom told me she was reading it to learn more about her class!!!!! It’s open rn on the dining room table to the monk page and I just.
Tumblr media
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poisonhoarder · 10 months ago
D&D DM Ask Meme!
Are you DM out of choice or necessity?
What's your favourite thing about DM'ing?
Least favourite thing?
How long have you been DM'ing? How many ongoing games do you run?
One-shots or campaigns?
Is it better to overprepare or improv wildly?
Opinions on fudging dice rolls? What if it's for cooler story?
What's a great RP moment you've had in game lately?
What's an awesome combat moment from recently?
Do you prefer running social encounters or combat?
Politics-heavy games? Or do you prefer to keep politics out of the story?
Do you have a favourite NPC? Tell us about them!
What about a least favourite? Why?
Tell us about an NPC you wish your party loved and/or interacted with more.
Have you ever run a game where afterwards you think, "This is it. This is why I DM"?
Have you ever had to deal with any problem players? How did you go about it?
What's the best character voice you've done?
Are there any popular DMs you're inspired by?
Favourite monster to throw at a party?
What's your favourite type of villain/antagonist to play?
Do you prefer player backstories that's very fleshed out from the start, or ones that you can work with the player to develop?
Which comes first: worldbuilding, or session planning?
Do you like DMing more than playing?
How do you make puzzles & mysteries for your players without intentionally stumping them?
Which is better to run: dungeon crawls or travel encounters?
How do you deal with unexpected lore questions?
Do you stick close to the rules, or do you bend them to let your players do cool things?
Is there anything your party ever missed that was a vital clue/awesome symbolism?
What's one piece of advice you'd give to a first-time DM?
Free question! AMA
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