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deckofmanyposts · 8 months ago
Hey hey hey I'm working on a google drive with free PDF versions of every Dungeons & Dragons book I can find for anyone who wants them! Right now there's close to 100 different ones including the trusty Player Handbook, Volo's Monster Guide, 100 Plosions & Their Effects & Explorers Guide to Wildmount (cough Critical Role cough)
There's also the official d&d cook book & some character creation guides & a whole bunch of adventure modules for one shots or to spice up any campaign!
The link is here
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artandstarstuff · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hey all! The Kofi goal for my holidays tables is complete, and here they are. What do you guys think the next goal should be? Put a suggestion in my inbox if you have any ideas. Shoutout to @sagenfrom7-11 for fulfilling this goal!
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thesevenumbrellas · 17 days ago
Anyone have any alternative DND sheets? When all the important components are spread out I forget everything I have. I'm a level 7 sorcerer and I have never used a sorcery point because I keep forgetting they exist.
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mayeetjim · a month ago
I need help
I am applying to be in a dnd podcast, and i need help deciding on what to play
The theme is acting and here is the premise
Tumblr media
So far my ideas are
Wizard that does puppets with magehand
Ranger that works with animal actors
Emo hamlet actor, constant holding a skull, the fringe and all, is a healing cleric or paladin
I would love more ideas, please lemme know if yall have any, thanks!
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nightwingisasuperfan · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Finally sharing my DnD character here cuz I just think they’re neat.
This is Fae, my eladrin warlock. His patron is an archfey turned god of death who immediately betrayed their warlock pact and turned Fae into a sentient sword for centuries. Fae finally broke out and his one goal is to kill his patron and avenge himself and the time that he lost.
My DM and I are in talks of how to handle what happens AFTER Fae kills their patron, and godhood is on the table apparently, so we’re trying to figure out how to balance that cuz my guy Fae is already broken at level 7 and desperately needs to be nerfed. If anybody has any ideas how to balance that, please share lol!
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what-are-even-humans · 10 months ago
I need help with some ideas please
I'm starting my first ever campaign of dnd on Monday and I'm playing a lvl 3 air genasi warlock with a genie patron and my DM gives us one "fluff feat" each. Basically something it makes sense for our character to know/be able to do based on their backstory that we couldn't get from their class/race/background. Which is great, only I can't come up with anything good. It should be rp driven and not too op but homebrew is generally allowed in the campaign (subject to approval from the DM)
I'm putting a summary of my guys backstory under a read more so it's easily skippable for those who want, but I'd really appreciate some ideas!
So I'm playing an air genasi warlock with a background as an urchin. Basically my character happened to overhear a couple of travelers talking about how they met this amazing and powerful wizard who also happened to have bound a djinni. My guy goes "oh shit that's got to be my parent (though it probably isn't) that's why I've been left on my own. I need to find this wizard and free my parent. Only hang on. I'm just some dude" and spends a couple of years trying to find a clever plan and to figure out who this wizard dude even is. Eventually my guy finds a way to contact a noble genie and enters into a deal with them to get stronger and free this djinni (and then probably go looking for more and also if someone binds or summons or mistreat an air elemental in any way fight them)
oh and he’s got pact of the chain so it can be something to do with his familiar (either a pseudodragon or a sprite, haven’t really decided yet) but my dm used the example of how he in his last campaign had a familiar that had more forms and also could turn into a hat, and i really don’t want to just copy his work for this.
my guy is also proficient with sleight of hand, stealth, arcana, and investigation (i’ll probably add deception and persuasion as an eldritch invocation, if not now, then maybe at lvl 5?) and really doesn’t like rich people and has a history of stealing. His binding mark is also one of his eyes being clouded over (though not affecting his sight) so I was thinking it might be cool if it had something to do with that, but the only thing I could come up with was a proficiency in perception, which seems a bit meh
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anxiety-and-fandoms · 4 days ago
hhnnnng who wants to help me design a town for dnd
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astralbulldragon13 · 23 days ago
Changeling Character Build
I’m trying to write a Changeling Rogue, should I ever join a campaign or my own independent story writing. I’m still trying to figure out the numbers, but I need some assistance with her bio. She was taken from her evil mother by one of her mother’s Ratfolk servants because her mother was going to sacrifice her in some kind of evil ritual (Her mom is like a mix of the Other Mother from Coraline, and Bavmorda from Willow). Her father is, like, a super-powerful, but a nice infernal creature, I’m thinking a Tiefling. But, I’m not sure what her mom would be, like a Doppelganger/Changeling witch or something... can anyone give me a hand here? I can’t find a lot of information on Doppelgangers, or, evil classes. Please help a poor newbie oh wise friends of this hellsite 
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baseofthings · a year ago
DnD people that are smarter than me,
How would you make a Dr. Frankenstein type character, less Universal and more original book/Penny Dreadful.
Would they be a Necromancer Wizard or a Battlesmith Artificer with a reflavored Steel Defender?
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ithinkthiswasabadidea · 7 months ago
D&D friends!
I need some advice!
One of the players/characters in the party, a Warlock named Delilah, is constantly arrogant and goading enemies into fights. Not only that, she's somewhat antagonistic towards the rest of the party too, and in person, she's not much better. She has a huge attitude and it comes across whenever she's talking in the party group chat.
In character, she instigates arguments with enemies, putting herself and the rest of our party in danger numerous times. Our DM has told her multiple times out of game, that if she continues, she's going to get herself killed.
The rest of the party has had to step in or clean up the messes that Delilah instigated because she is too arrogant and selfish to consider the repercussions. The DM has purposefully pulled back on and cut short encounters that were meant to be talking only (bc a fight would be deadly), because Delilah goaded the NPC or enemy into a confrontation.
Our DM doesn't want to purposefully put us/her into a fight where her death is inevitable, but he is very new to DMing and is unsure what else he can do since he has already warned her to tone it down multiple times.
He's also concerned that even if he kills off Delilah, the player will just come back with a new character that has the exact same personality.
Our DM is really struggling to find a way to fix this, and kicking out the player would be a last ditch thing because they work together and he doesn't want it to come back to hurt him in his personal life.
Can anyone offer some words of advice?
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smpsys · 4 months ago
Advice for handling a system switching during dnd?
Wanting to get back into it but im worried about the gane beingvon pause for a long ass time or someone taking a break or something and accidentally switching
I almost wanna treat it like a "You're a new player, make a character" but then the what happens to the character of the person who switched out?
I was considering having a gimmick that woukd explain switching without it being "oh character is a system" because that makes it so people cant be as creative with their characters.
I want something where characters dont get stunted because of players switching without sacrificing the creativity of the players.
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prince-tips · 3 months ago
If anyone has some easy-to-read DnD resources, particularly about spells, I’d really like to find a good way to remember my spells/mana. (ADHD) I might even make my own cards at this point.
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artandstarstuff · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
New plot hooks are here! We start off with the tundra.
To commission me, or leave a tip and get access to some premium content, my Kofi is here!
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isa-sketches · 2 months ago
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Trying to come up with a new dnd character for a one-shot we are going to have in a months time. I'm not very good at dnd lol. So I think ill play either Rogue or Ranger since Im fairly familiar with it from before. Thank god for the option to use digital dice and automatic rolling and results. I have math anxiety, and it peaks when I have to do it in front of people. Even small dumb numbers I can do in my head lol. If anyone with any good tips for an easier way to play dnd or any other tips let me know <3
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enbybutchbottom · 3 months ago
Im trying to get into playing DnD and I am very much so a beginner. Do any of yall have any advice on how to get started or where to find a LGBTQ+ friendly game?
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olvine-and-tea · 19 days ago
What is a funky quirky thing you do for your campaign? (Totally not asking cuz im running low on ideas)...
The places in my campaign are named after biology terms... (Ex. Palisade, Stomata, Mesophyll, Sepals. Pistil, Antheridia)
Most of my homebrew items are my cooking experiments IRL!!!! (Ex. Mint Stew, mushroom tarts, custard pie) AND THEY GIVE RANDOM POWER UPS CUZ I SAID SO. (Custard Pies can heal cuz yummy and my lemon bars give night vision) (The lemon bar thing was inspired by quincy's tavern on tiktok w/ his Lumi Bars)!!
My NPCs are named after songs/artists. (My players caught on to this one hahaha) I named one of my NPC September cuz I was listening to September the day before.
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dndbeginner · 9 months ago
Decided to try my hand at making a d&d one shot , but I’m extremely inexperienced due to playing half an hour of dnd before without actually playing it properly an now I want to try make a one shot🤦🏽‍♀️
Has anyone any ideas, help or advice on where to start?
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base-the-dm · 7 months ago
Dnd people,
Which is the better race option for a Draconic Sorcerer/Hexblade Warlock multiclass?
Tiefling, Elf, Yuan-Ti Pureblood
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tiffanyblews666 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tiny hiest Justin is completely unhinged
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lord-raccoon · a month ago
so im doing a dnd campaign very loosely based on doom but kinda in reverse ei the humans are invading hell and the group plays as demons trying to fend them off and i need some ideas for important plot points so if anyone has any ideas feel free to tell me them
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