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mosqa · a year ago
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Just a lil recap of my favorite creations during the inktober challenge… WHICH I FINISHED FOR THE FIRST TIME. I’ll go back to drawing monsters and characters too, but I am having a lot of fun making this magic items for DnD 5e. If you like them, it would help me greatly making it a viable project if I gain more followers on the dedicated instagram. Anyway, tumblr is still my fav hell circle of the internet, I wanted to thank all of you, I love you all, my little cursed followers, and thank you all for the love, likes and reblogs <3 https://www.instagram.com/luca_emporium
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artandstarstuff · 11 months ago
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Hey all! The Kofi goal for my holidays tables is complete, and here they are. What do you guys think the next goal should be? Put a suggestion in my inbox if you have any ideas. Shoutout to @sagenfrom7-11 for fulfilling this goal!
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dungeon-apprentice · 5 months ago
Book Titles for Your D&D Bookshop
Players exploring a bookstore, library, or snooping in the shelves of someone's house? Need a quick bit of flavor to describe their findings? Roll as many d10 as you like!
The content of these books is totally up to the individual, of course. Take them as a bit of inspiration if you're put on the spot!
Francis the Flumph Finds a Friend
Trees of Green, Red Roses Blue
The ABCs of Elvish (or any other language as you prefer!)
The Tower That Struck the Clouds
Collected Fairy Tales of the Sisters Cheer
A Dance of Fairy Dragons
The Tale of the Witchwood
Fair Prince Elim
I Wish, I Wish
Roundleaf and Redbark
Tenth Hell
The Day the Sky Moved Closer
The Puppetmaster
The Bell Signals Death
End of the Road
Drums in the Deep
The Flightless Dark
The Bloodless Dagger
The Shadow Behind the Sun
Trap Door Vampire
Instructional books
Turnips Twenty Ways
Mushrooms: Should You Eat Those, and if Yes, Would It Be Funny?
Field Guide to Cool Rocks
Tinker, Tailor, Cobbler, Smith
Understanding the Pauper's Gambit
Sand, Mud, Ice: Tracking Animals Through the Seasons (with illustrations)
Healing Cuts & Curing Pains
Accords: Music as a Tool for Diplomacy
Angling for Success
Donning and Doffing Armor on Your Own
Basic Principles of Transmutation
Mirrors, Puddles, and Archways: Gates to the Unknown
Warding Your Home
Magical Properties of Common Herbs
The Perils of Force
Ethical Concerns about Coercive Magic
Cosmology of the Inner Planes
Identifying Enchantments
Magical Venom & Poisons
Cautionary Tales of Magical Experimentation
The Golden Reign of [ruler]
Tales of the [name of ocean]
Memoir of the Dragonborn
The Road to [famous city]
Visitable Inns, Taverns, & Holes-In-the-Walls of [country]
Exploring the [cardinal direction] Wilds
Conversations with the [people] of [location]
Inventions of [name of person]
A History of Gnomish Cuisine
Fallout of the [descriptor] War
Pardon the lack of specifics here, but I feel that non-fiction titles should be tailored to each individual setting, otherwise they might seem very out of place! See similar entries for the 'Spirituality/Religion' category at the bottom.
The Collected Works of Troels F. Treebor
Dark Side of the Stars
The Final Waltz
Impatience of the Hungering Soul
Tell Me No More Stories And I'll Tell You No Lies
Eighty Kinds of Gold
The Epic of the Alabaster Queen
Winter's Night, Summer's Morn
Sleepless Among the Fair Folk
Sweet Little Lies
Fathomless Passion: Captured by the Drow
Fly Me to the Fourth Moon
Perky Peaks
Desperate Measures
Frigid Touches: Melting the Heart of the Ice Maiden
Blessed Curse
Rose Red
The Moon's Love
Houses of Healing
Temples of [location or divinity]
Night Embrace You
Channeling the Divine
Symbology of [popular deity]
Three Times Are A Sign
A Treatise on Good & Evil
Communion with [deity]
Principles of the [group descriptor] Belief System
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artguycharlie · a year ago
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Kobold Swarmkeeper Ranger with a swarm of velociraptors. That’s it, that’s the post.
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fortethebard · a year ago
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madammaddy · a year ago
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𝒘𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒘𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒚 𝒂𝒅𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆𝒔 ✨
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frowningfox · 4 months ago
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I drew myself a little treat for my holiday break... my DnD character’s instrument!  It’s a Tlanztahre, a three stringed traditional dark elf instrument that has a deep spiritual significance to them.
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undeadspectreoflight · 6 months ago
A new witch coven has grown roots in the city, pushing a wave of powerful potions and natural hand-made amulets.
But if you follow the foggy trail of rumors to their source, you will find yourself meeting with a small gang of little girls, who learned witchcraft in the furthest spot of the playground
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thunderpowered · 8 months ago
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Swordtember is right around the corner! Here are some of last year's designs as Dnd item cards with some silly abilities.
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jesspendley · 2 years ago
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artandstarstuff · 6 months ago
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Origin ideas for the wizard! Get the full series and support me here!
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handmade--ghost · a year ago
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pinterest series i. screw this i want to be a traveling apothecary
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vaguelyephemeralbuck · 8 months ago
On a whim I created a story of a house in dnd which was built with the wood from trees attuned to the feywild.
After being built, time went on and the house started to warp and make little sense as doors lead to impossible corridors, stairs, and rooms.
Tales of many women living there. Only for it to be the same woman at different ages, trapped within the distorted time of the otherworldly house.
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fortethebard · a year ago
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fastepp · 8 months ago
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the file for this is called whalegod.png
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badcharacterconcepts · a year ago
A satin bowerbird inspired Kenku who is absolutely OBSESSED with the color blue. Must roll a wisdom saving roll any time he sees a blue object to master his overpowering urge to obtain/steal that object (a robe, a gem, a flower, etc.) Australian accent encouraged.
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alli-takes-photos · 7 months ago
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The historic streets of Norwich
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baelpenrose · 5 months ago
Under Avandra's Eyes XXVIII: What's In Your Heart
@canyouhearthelight once again kicked ass with organizing my thoughts about the argument here, with the way this couple would argue. @drbibliophile, @ladyhavocinc, @1978sah, @dierotenixe, @quantumizedinsanity, thank you very much for your reading and writing, and hopefully you enjoy this conversation - don't worry, this isn't quite the end of the questions about ethics between these two. Also this is an Iris chapter and if you couldn't tell, yes, this is Marcus and Iris arguing about what we'll call Marcus's problematic attitudes towards war crimes.
Iris It had been three weeks since the conversation during which they’d argued over what to do about the betrayal of Irwin Aegir. Three weeks to process that her lover, the tawny-haired man with the three swords and the mad grin who had made her feel so incredible so often was also a bloody maniac who apparently thought nothing of laying waste to villages not so dissimilar to her own provided they were full of dragonkin.
In that time, Iris had attempted to reason with herself on the subject, and knew Marcus had been doing the same to wrestle with his morals, and struggle with what he had been taught. She’d tried to convince herself that he’d also been riding the panic of having just seen his blood father and that most people went to dark places in their head and reverted to what they’d been taught when they were exposed to traumatic situations. She also sought to remind herself of what he wrestled with and the horrible lessons he’d learned from his blood parents, and as she sighted down her long arrow at the courier Thomas warned them about, riding down the road towards Zammorea, she sighed.
She was still absolutely furious with Marcus, and as she sighed and let go of the arrow, dropping the courier off his horse with the sharp twang of her bowstring. The man didn’t suffer. He didn’t have time - he’d simply fallen dead, dropped cold and as Marcus raced over to recover any useful evidence, she wondered if she even needed to bother mentioning the feeling of rising bile that she’d just killed a man in cold blood - one who hadn’t even been carrying more than a dagger, one who hadn’t known she was there, who hadn’t had a chance against her, not because he was going to kill anyone, simply for carrying a message, if Marcus would even care that she was bothered.
“Good shooting!” He waved at her, picking over the body. He bounced the corpses’s coin purse in his hand, noting the weight. “Decent inn tonight, maybe some good food.” he started going through the other pouch, “Nothing with a good seal. No real evidence. We’ll read the rest of these later to see if there’s any useful intelligence. Maybe bring it to Liza if any of it is in any ciphers I don’t know. Back to ca-” He trailed off, abruptly.
“Thought I Sensed something. But let’s get to the camp for now.” The two of them moved, Marcus keeping his Sense up, paranoid of being followed.
When they arrived back, Iris finally said what had been stewing on her mind. “Should I even bother mentioning how little I like murdering from ambush?”
Marcus looked taken aback. “I...what? I mean. Would you rather fight them fair? Also, you’re an archer, if you’re fighting anything but another archer isn’t it almost inherently an unfair fight? Also, even if you’re fighting another archer, it’s you, so much like me fighting most other swordsmen, it’s not as though it's an even match.”
She blinked and took a deep breath, because apparently after three weeks to cool down and get space he actually hadn’t quite grasped the problem. “What in the name of Pelor’s shining balls, Marcus? There is a big difference between me shooting someone who is a clear and direct threat to someone who happens to be at a distance and me killing someone who does not know we are there and would only run away if he did because his goal is to deliver a message. Also, by the way, let’s not pretend that us being much, much better than most other fighters makes every fight we’ve ever been in completely the same as cold-blooded murder. Either of us can still get unlucky. People who choose to carry weapons are still agreeing, by being on a battlefield, to the risk of running into hopelessly mismatched odds like they’ll face running into us. A courier just carrying a message isn’t. Also, that was not the point of what I’m bringing up. You know it.”
Marcus looked up from the papers he was starting to look over. “Oh we’re doing this now?” He looked more than mildly nervous, but...did he look a bit annoyed.
“Yeah, yeah we are. What was that about, Marcus? When we were talking about a war breaking out and you began advocating for out and out mass slaughter? When Baldor spoke of the horrors of war we all wanted to avoid and you immediately began talking about how eager you were to actively inflict them as quickly as possible on Zammorea - and started referring to them as Scales? Just curious, do I need to ask how you speak to elves, drow, orcs, goblins, beastkin? I mean I’ve never met any of the fae races but I have to ask now apparently if they piss you off enough if you’ll start throwing around cold iron and shouting “knife ear” or similar.”
“Iris. You’ve only ever actually fought in a few battles and in ALL OF THEM you were either with the defenders or it was a field battle. You have never actually been in a long campaign for territorial control and you have never seen what happens to civilians when such campaigns are lost. You have seen the results of fires, I assume. People who died in them. Dragonkin? Belch flame into formations to disrupt mass ranks and then charge in armored wedges and break the lines to hack apart men who are rolling on the ground trying to put themselves out. They’ll light buildings ablaze and seize villagers for slaves as they try to flee, or burn granaries to create refugees to try to strain a city in order to make a siege easier. Would I prefer “their land, their blood” to them cutting loose on Imperial land and burning your home? Or any of the other towns we’ve stayed in? Yes, I would.” his eyes were proud, but his tone was feral.
Iris felt her temper roar. She knew the images he was picking were designed to enrage her. That the idea of Ithor in flames was going to make her reach for an arrow. That for Marcus the decision to carry the fight to the enemy was a practical one, not a moral one. “So it’s better to burn their homes and slaughter their families? That my arrows and your swords take apart their children? That their wells are poisoned and their fields burned? Yes, it’s war, but does that make any hideous act that comes to mind acceptable as long as its happening to someone who isn’t “us?”
Marcus opened his mouth, then closed it again. “There’s a part of me that wants to say no. There’s a part of me that wants to say yes. There’s a part of me that wants to say “it makes anything okay as long as it keeps us safe.” I don’t really know. I’m…” He sighed, and Iris took a deep breath.
“You’ve spent most of your life on battlefields of some kind or another. Your response to fear is to destroy whatever makes you afraid. The thing is, those villagers aren’t what’s frightening you. Have you ever done that kind of war before?” She felt her heart race, terrified of the answer. Dreading knowing.
“No. No I haven’t.” Marcus admitted, heavily. Iris hoped he was telling the truth. Believed him.
She started to simmer down slightly, but watched him carefully. “Marcus. I need you to understand. I am completely, heart balanced by Bahamut, alright with fighting. I will fight if there are Zammorean soldiers. I won’t throw a single arrow towards an unarmed dragonkin. That’s the problem with military nobles. You say you want to protect villages like mine. And maybe you do, in your way. I believe you, for example, when you say you’d do just about anything to keep Ithor from the torch. But you don’t think about how non-combatants in anyone else’s territory end up. You just want to use homeless villagers as another way to “stretch the enemy’s resources for a siege” and “mow down starving, confused, enemy soldiers too sick to stand” because it’s easier than fighting them fresh. You don’t care what happens to the people who wind up on the sharp end of whatever happens. And you know what, I could almost get it with your father or your mother who never actually slow down long enough to see what they’re doing before they pass on at the head of their army, but you’ve actually lived and worked among normal people like me long enough to put a face on the fields and houses you’re talking about lighting on fire for a strategic advantage and the people who’s entire lives you’d be uprooting for a quick victory.”
She could see him reeling, and she pushed harder. “And you know what else? If it was about the slavers? If that was what really made the Dragonkin so evil it made them worth wiping out? You’d have maybe, just maybe, paused to think about the fact that it’d be the slaves whose rations would be cut first when you and whatever band of mercenaries you gathered burned the fields. Unless you think that when a siege starts the nobles or soldiers go hungry first. No, of course it’s the peasants. And in that society, it’s the slaves. You’re afraid and like always, when you’re afraid, your impulse is to go on a rampage over whatever’s frightening you. And when that thing is Pikar or a troll, I’m all for it, but when it’s people, it’s a fucking problem. You say you’re so different from your father, and you are in some ways but in other ways you act like a Margrave without a title.”
Marcus paused. “Am...I really like my father? Or my mother? But…” He looked down. “You’re right. I...was wrong about...all of that. Let’s get back to the inn. Have Thomas look over the papers we got. But...you’re right. I needed to hear it.” He was shaking slightly, head hung as they headed back to the town they had been staying in. Iris wondered what was going through his head. She hoped he’d listen. Hopefully Thomas had made some progress with local thieving crews or would be able to get some information out of the papers they’d recovered.
“Whether you’re more like your father or Baldor is up to you.” She knew he wanted comfort but she knew she needed to be firm with him about this. It was important not to let him think this sort of insanity was okay. “I hope you’re more like Baldor. But you have to decide that for yourself.” He nodded, quietly.
In the meantime. She’d gotten Marcus to realize what her limits were. What she expected of him. What she hoped he would be.
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meotris-blog · a year ago
So, Indulge me for a moment. Who would be interested in buying a dnd campaign that is designed for beginners and useable by experienced DMs?
I’m talking the full story in addition to, printed maps, areas, rooms, dungeons.
Multiple NPC characters sheets with bio and personality traits, magical items(weapons, armor, accessories), new classes and the spells that go along with them.
This would be inspired by Dungeons and Dragons 5e edition. Using most of its rules but dismissing the original lore with added rules, classes, races and a new world.
This campaign would be used at your discretion, if you just want the new races and classes and add it into a different campaign? Have at it. If you want original dnd 5e rules for the campaign? Have at it. How you use it is would be up to you.
Let me know what you think and if you’re interested!
(Second part) so this post blew up some! o.o so I am now currently in the works of making this project! Follow me to see more updates on this! Thank you all for the notes!
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nina-scribbles · 4 months ago
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Drawing new body types is always a fun time :) Also very happy with how the glowey eye turned out!! lots of fun all around!!
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