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dndaddyissues · a year ago
I pass one of my players a folded note. She reads it. Her eyebrows raise, and her peers heckle her, trying to take the paper from her. She insists it is nothing. The gnome is now cursing. My player curses back. The fighter calls her a traitor and declares an Insight check. I allow it. My player attempts a Deception check. I allow it. It is a dead tie. The table erupts in hoarse accusations. The note falls to the ground, forgotten. It says: “Read this; raise your eyebrows; say nothing to the others; and I will give you a +3 longsword.” I lean back behind my DM screen and watch the fireworks implode. This is my design.
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artandstarstuff · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey all! The Kofi goal for my holidays tables is complete, and here they are. What do you guys think the next goal should be? Put a suggestion in my inbox if you have any ideas. Shoutout to @sagenfrom7-11 for fulfilling this goal!
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luuma-makes-games · a month ago
Today I've got a very specific set of little hand-wrapped presents for you. Presents I have acquired over a very long career.
This set of rules below converts the Monk class into a long-ranged trick shooter with exceptional close combat capabilities. Go Full Liam Neeson (In Taken). Become Neo Matrix . Put a hit out on the monster who killed your dog.
When you make a character using this kit, you gain all of the normal features of monk as normal (such as the martial arts die and stunning strike). However, you also replace certain features with new ones, as specified below.
Tumblr media
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eaterofdice · a year ago
What the dnd class you main says about what kind of dm you are
My opinion but I’m frequently right
Edit: I’ve been called out for forgetting to include paladins so I’ve added them very sorry! Also please tag what dm you are and if I’m right I love to read them ❤️
Barbarian- not always a rules lawyer but you know every goddamn combat stat. What weapon hit die? Got it. Spell radius? Got it. Modifiers and prone rules? Got it all babey who needs a players handbook with you around
Bard- your npcs have really in-depth fleshed out backstories that you really love! You might be ok with it if your party makes this campaign a dating sim. Also, you’re the most likely to allow joke characters
Cleric- you like to give your party a travel buddy! A companion npc to help out, fill out the party and provide some banter. You know these npcs are your best chance at steering your idiot players in the right direction and probably aren’t secretly evil
Druid- your settings and maps are PHENOMENAL! Listening to you describe the playing field sounds like the beginning of an ancient epic. You probably home brew a lot as well, and are pretty ok with mounts and familiars (many DMs aren’t!)
Paladin- you’re a slut for minis and the classic table set up, even if you dont typically play that way. Most likely to use actual battle strategies in combat. also the story you build is the most important thing to you, you’ll let players get away with weird asks in the name of a dope ass tale
Fighter- theres nothing is sexier to you than a complex villain. Your favorite part of DMing is the villain, dropping hints about who they are, tossing in some minions. The drama babey
Monk- WORLDBUILDING! Whether it’s the 5e material or homespun, the planes and the worlds are so fun. This makes for really overarching stories that are really fun! You’re in it for the long-con but it’s so worth it
Ranger- your maps are amazing and boy oh boy do you love a forest setting. You’re overall balanced in terms of getting to combat, quests and Rp!
Rogue- calm down edgelord not every backstory needs to be tragic. You LOVE tormenting your players. BBEG reveal BOOM! That friendly NPC betrayed you BOOM! You live for the drama. who said DND couldn’t be a soap opera?
Sorcerer- does the least session prep but can improv like a legend so nobody can tell. You like to roll random dice and go “hm. Interesting” just to freak your players out and home brew your own monsters
Warlocks- dream sequences sure are fun, huh? You love to give your players ultimatums, magical or not. The most likely to turn their players against one another for the fun of it.
Wizard- you own every dnd book, and also might be a bit of a rules lawyer. You know absolutely everything about magic but always have to look and see what weapon uses which dice. However, you love to make physical copies of in-game letters and props to give your players at the table which is really sexy of you.
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fantasynamesbymeforyou · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi guys! I'm working on my first big list! Names for barbarian class characters in D&D. This post is a mini list of my personal favorite barbarian names. If you don't find one you like here, I'll be posting the very long complete list soon. Thanks :-)
Alana - f (Breton) little rock
Boudicca - f (Brythonic) victory. The name of an ancient Iceni warrior queen
Fiera - f (Esperanto) proud
Ji-Won - f (Korean) willful, ambitious, beautiful woman
Lyssa - f (Greek) rage, fury, anger. The Greek goddess of uncontrolled rage.
Morrigan - f (Irish) great queen, phantom queen. The Irish goddess of war, death, and fate, who took the form of a crow to feed on fallen soldiers. Also: Mór Ríoghain
Nemesis - f (Greek) distribution of what is due, righteous anger. She is the Greek goddess of vengeance and justice.
Philomena - f (English) strong friend, power of friendship
Sigrid - f (Old Norse) beautiful victory
Sigrún - f (Old Norse) secret victory. A Norse Valkyrie.
Agnar - m (Old Norse) terrifying warrior / sword warrior
Berkant - m (Turkish) solid oath
Brutus - m (Latin) heavy
Drupada - m (Sanskrit) wooden pillar, firm footed
Einar - m (Old Norse) lone warrior
Hartwin - m (German) brave friend
Kai - m (Chinese) music of triumph
Kallikrates - m (Greek) beautiful power
Naranbaatar - m (Mongolian) hero of the sun
Vatroslav - m (Croatian) glory of fire
----------GENDER NEUTRAL NAMES ---------- no gender only rage
Anzansi - m/f (Dagbani) courage, persistence
Chanda - m/f (Sanskrit) fierce, hot, passionate
Honor - m/f (English) high respect
Ire - m/f (English) anger, wrath, keen resentment
Intisar - m/f (Arabic) victory, triumph, revenge
Ji-Su - m/f (Korean) beautiful purpose, beautiful will, beautiful ambition
Ju - m/f (Chinese) enormous
Özgür - m/f (Turkish) free
Retsu - m/f (Japanese) violent, furious, extreme, intense
Tutku - m/f (Turkish) passionate
Zeal - m/f (English) passion / enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal / passionate ardor in the pursuit of anything, intense interest or endeavor / eagerness to accomplish or obtain some object / earnestness, enthusiasm, warmth, fervor, heartiness, energy
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meotris-blog · 11 months ago
So, Indulge me for a moment. Who would be interested in buying a dnd campaign that is designed for beginners and useable by experienced DMs?
I’m talking the full story in addition to, printed maps, areas, rooms, dungeons.
Multiple NPC characters sheets with bio and personality traits, magical items(weapons, armor, accessories), new classes and the spells that go along with them.
This would be inspired by Dungeons and Dragons 5e edition. Using most of its rules but dismissing the original lore with added rules, classes, races and a new world.
This campaign would be used at your discretion, if you just want the new races and classes and add it into a different campaign? Have at it. If you want original dnd 5e rules for the campaign? Have at it. How you use it is would be up to you.
Let me know what you think and if you’re interested!
(Second part) so this post blew up some! o.o so I am now currently in the works of making this project! Follow me to see more updates on this! Thank you all for the notes!
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wolftabard · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maybe I spend too much time coming up with character ideas on Heroforge. I dunno - what do you think? Have I played any of these ladies? Only Freckle. But I want to play all of them. Help.
In Order:
Ardith Baen - Half-elf Pact of the Tome / Archfey Warlock
Darien Boreas - Half-elf Cavalier Fighter
Seventh Tiger - Dawn Caste Solar Exalted
Fayne Woodwhisper - Half-elf Circle of the Land Druid / Life Domain Cleric
Bephrona "Freckle" Freckenritz - Gnome BattleSmith Artificer
Quinn Abernathy - Human Armorer Artificer
Mageird Wayheart - Firbolg Horizonwalker Ranger
Acasta Gneiss Grim - Tiefling / Earth Genasi Zealot Barbarian
Sifka Oked - Half-orc/Half-elf Path of the Beast Barbarian
Kip Greenbottle - Hexblood Alchemist Artificer
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transplanarrpg · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
[Image ID: Øka, Manaia, Vee, and Dewey from Transplanar RPG stand in a line. End ID.]
Do you wish TAZ, CR, and D20 were more queer and had more BIMPOC? ✨
Do you like dramatic RP, a strong story, and energetic GMing? ✨
Then listen to Arc One, Episode 1 of our ALL-TRANS, POC-led D&D show on Spotify and Apple Podcasts today! ✨
Album art by @pisharpart, a trans and nonbinary artist. Commissions open!
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just-your-dnd-things · 10 months ago
It’s 2 am. Ideas that might make your combat encounters spicier.
1. Damage control. Force your players between choosing to fighting and keeping their environment intact. Make them fight in a crowded area and make them chose between putting out fires, rescuing people, or keeping peace versus attacking or following enemies.
2. Shooting the messenger. Make your initiative a chase scene. Have one or a few enemies high-tail it for backup, and if the messengers succeed, the tables turn hard against the players. Make them race through crowds, through difficult terrain, across rooftops, through other enemy forces, to get to the messenger.
3. Silence. Put both the enemy force and the players into a spot where they have to stay quiet or they both get hurt. Ex, sleeping monster nearby, avalanche, alerting guards, ect. bonus points if you enforce no talking even OOC.
4. Hide and Seek. Make the players hide from or fight a creature, monster, or enemy that relies on hearing alone. Bonus points if it’s incredibly dark or the player’s perception senses are also significantly hindered in some way. EXTRA bonus points if they’re already weakened or injured so they can’t fight directly or through brute force.
5. Creative workaround. Take away usual player resources (spells, weapons, usual playstyle, ect) and put them somewhere they have to try something new. Ex, melee fighters without their weapons at a fancy gathering. Casters in an anti-magic zone or magic immune / magic eating enemies. players who like to use movement in tight quarters. the min-max player gets outnumbered. the shy player gets the focus. ect.
6. Enemies to friends. Have the enemy force and the player party work together so they don’t all perish- but for how long? ex. sinking ship, burning or collapsing building, common enemy, ect.
7. Air combat. If you don’t already have griffins, birds, Pegasuses, dragons, airships or other sky mounts / vehicles in you game, wtf are you doing?? Take the fight to the sky.
8. Delivery. Similar to shooting the messenger, but the player party has to reach their destination before they get caught or downed. Useful if they’re escaping with valuable information, person / hostage, item, ect.
9. Switcharoo. Body-swap your players and have them switch their sheets, or polymorph them into other creatures. Preferably impose a time-constraint so that they’re pressured to move faster rather than read and entirely understand new sheets. Maximum chaos.
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dndaddyissues · a year ago
the DM: and then the reigning champion emerges from a cloud of dust. the four of you stare up at...
the players:
Tumblr media
the DM: ...her...
the players:
Tumblr media
[Image ID: The first picture is of a cartoon cat, staring attentively at something off screen. The second picture is the same cat, except their pupils are blown wide to a ridiculous and adorable amount. End ID.]
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starchild-of-the-sea · 10 months ago
I had a dream last night that I ran a cinderbrush type game  for some Critical role cast members and a few of my friends, but it was based around my old high school. And now I really want to write one, cuz my high school was built in the 60′s, so it has a bomb shelter. Secret meeting place, stranger things-esque lab, portal to another dimension? the possibilities are endless
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fantasynamesbymeforyou · a month ago
Tumblr media
I've got some names for all my barbs out there!
Okay so this list ended up being way longer than I thought it would be. Turns out there are a lot of things related to the Barbarian class and if I included all of them this list would be endless. So I'm going to make individual lists for these themes and post this one as is. Look out in the future for themes of rage, fire, warriors, etc.
As always, my sources are and google translate. Let me know if there are any mistakes. Feel free to send in requests for the next theme :-) I hope this helps!
GENDER NEUTRAL NAMES ---- no gender only rage
Alexis - m/f (Greek) helper, defender. Also: Alexus, Aleix, Aliaksei, Aleksi, Alexej, Aleksei, Aleksey, Alexey
Amarjeet - m/f (Sanskrit) immortal victory
Anh - m/f (Vietnamese) flower, petal, brave, hero
Beren - m/f (Turkish) strong, smart
Chanda - m/f (Hindi, Sanskrit) fierce, hot, passionate
Chea - m/f (Khmer) healthy
Chibuike - m/f (Igbo) God is strength
Chike - m/f (Igbo) God's power
Da - m/f (Chinese) big, great, vast, high
Hadar - m/f (Hebrew) splendor, glory
Hóng - m/f (Chinese) wild swan, great, vast
Honor - m/f (English) High respect
Hu - m/f (Korean) thick
Itoro - m/f (Ibibio) praise, glory
Jaya - m/f (Sanskrit) victory
Jian - m/f (Chinese) strong, healthy
Jù - m/f (Chinese) enormous
Maacah - m/f (Hebrew) to press, to crush
Meredith - m/f (Welsh) great lord, sea lord. Also: Maredudd, Meredydd
Michel - m/f (Middle English) big, large
Nikephoros - m/f (Greek) carrying victory
Rong - m/f (Chinese) glory, honor, flourish, prosper
Samppa - m/f (Finnish) defending men
Santeri - m/f (Finnish) defending men
Santtu - m/f (Finnish) defending men
Sasha - m/f (French) defending men. Also: Sasho, Saša, Sacha
Seung - m/f (Korean) rise, ascent, victory, excel
Shura - m/f (Russian) defending men
Sigi - m/f (German) victory
Slava - m/f (Slavic) glory
Valere - m/f (Latin) to be strong
Vinh - m/f (Vietnamese) glory
Wangchuk - m/f (Tibetan, Bhutanese) mighty
Wēi - m/f (Chinese) power, pomp / high lofty, towering / great, robust, extraordinary
Xande - m/f (Portuguese) defending men. Also: Xandinho
Yeong - m/f (Korean) flower, petal, brave, hero
Aintza - f (Basque) glory
Alana - f (Breton) little rock
Alcmene - f (Greek) strength of the moon / strength of wrath. In greek mythology, the wife of Amphityon.
Alexandra - f (English) defending men. Also: Alexandrea, Alexandra, Alexina, Alexia, Lexi, Lexia, Lexie, Lexine, Lexus, Lexy
Aristomache - f (Greek) best battle
Bellatrix - f (Latin) female warrior
Berenice - f (Greek) bringing victory. Also: Berenike, Pherenike
Bontu - f (Oromo) proud
Boudicca - f (Brythonic) victory. The name of an ancient Iceni warrior queen
Brava - f (Esperanto) valiant, brave
Brígh - f (Irish) high power
Elfreda - f (English) elf strength
Heilwig - f (German) happy war
Héloïse - f (English) hale, healthy, wide. Also: Eloise, Helewidis, Heilwid
Ermendrud - f (German) universal strength
Erna - f (Old Norse) brisk, vigorous, hale
Eun-Yeong - f (Korean) kind, merciful, charitable, brave hero, flower petal
Eunice - f (Latin) good victory. Also: Eunike
Fia - f (Irish) wild, untamed
Fianna - f (Irish) band of warriors
Fiera - f (Esperanto) proud
Furiosa - f (Latin) full of rage, furious
Gerthrud - f (English) spear of strength
Gloria - f (English) glory. Also: Glória
Gloriana - f (English) glory
Glorinda - f (Esperanto) worthy of glory
Gugulethu - f (Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele) our treasure, our pride
Haduwid - f (German) wide battle. Also: Hadewidis
Heilwig - f (German) happy war
Hiltrud - f (German) strength in battle
Jayashri - f (Sanskrit) goddess of victory
Ji-Won - f (Korean) willful, ambitious, beautiful woman
Latoya - f (English) victory
Limbani - m/f (Chewa) be strong
Lyssa - f (Greek) rage, fury, anger. She is the Greek goddess of uncontrolled rage.
Maia - f (Latin) greater. The Roman goddess of spring.
Makeda - f (Ethiopic) greatness
Mathildis - f (German) strength in battle. Also: Matilda
Maura - f (Gaelic) great
Meja - f (Swedish) strength
Millicent - f (English) strong work. Also: Amalasuintha, Melisent, Melisende
Mòr - f (Gaelic) great
Morana - f (Slavic) death, plague. The Slavic goddess of winter and death.
Morrigan - f (Irish) great queen, phantom queen. The Irish goddess of war, death, and fate, who took the form of a crow to feed on fallen soldiers. Also: Mór Ríoghain
Nani - f (Hawaiian) beauty and glory
Neilina - f (Scottish) champion, cloud
Nemesis - f (Greek) distribution of what is due, righteous anger. She is the Greek goddess of vengeance and justice.
Nicola - f (English) victory of the people. Also: Nichola
Nike - f (Greek) victory. The greek goddess of victory
Nkiruka - f (Igbo) the future is greater
Philomena - f (English) strong friend, power of friendship
Roswitha - f (German) famous strength
Rae - f (English) advice, protector
Raylene - f (English) advice, protector
Raymonde - f (French) advice, protector
Sana - f (Latin) healthy
Sanela - f (Croatian, Slovene) healthy
Selvaggia - f (Italian) wild
Sieghild - f (German) victory in battle
Sieglinde - f (German) victory, soft, tender, flexible
Shamira - f (Hebrew) guardian, protector
Shreya - f (Sanskrit) superior, best
Signy - f (Old Norse) new victory
Sigrid - f (Old Norse) beautiful victory
Sigrún - f (Old Norse) secret victory. A Norse valkyrie.
Slavena - f (Czech) glory
Slavica - f (Slavic) glory
Slávka - f (Slavic) glory
Tahmina - f (Persian) strong, brave, valiant
Thrud - f (Old Norse) strength
Tori - f (English) victory. Also: Tory
Toria - f (English) victory
Treasa - f (Irish) strength
Urvi - f (Sanskrit, Marathi, Gujarati) wide
Uzma - f (Arabic) supreme, greatest
Valencia - f (Latin) strength, vigor. Also: Valentia
Velda - f (German) power, rule
Venka - f (Esperanto) victorious
Victoria - f (English) victory. Also: Viktoria, Vic, Vicki, Vickie, Vicky, Vikki, Viktoriya, Victorie, Victòria, Viktorija, Viktorie, Victoire, Vittoria, Wiktoria, Vitória, Viktoriia
Vita - f (Belarusian) victory
Wikola - f (Hawaiian) victory
Wiltrud - f (German) will, strength. Also: Wilthrud
Yeong-Hui - f (Korean) beautiful hero
Yeong-Ja - f (Korean) brave child
Yeong-Suk - f (Korean) good, pure, virtuous, charming hero
Abhijit - m (Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali) victorious
Adalhard - m (German) noble and brave
Adamas - m (Latin) invincible, untamed
Aelfsige - m (Old English) elf victory
Agnar - m (Old Norse) terrifying warrior / sword warrior
Agung - m (Indonesian) great, large
Ajay - m (Sanskrit) unconquered
Akbar - m (Arabic) greatest
Akio - m (Japanese) bright man, bright hero
Alastar - m (Irish) defending men. Also: Alastair, Alistair, Alister
Alberich - m (German) mighty elf ruler
Aldhard - m (German) old, brave, hardy
Aldric - m (German) mighty old ruler
Alec - m (English) defending men. Also: Alex, Aleks, Ales, Ale, Alejo
Alexander - m (English) defending men. Also: Aleksander, Aleksandër, Aleksandar, Alexandr, Alexandre, Alexandros Aleksandro, Aleksanteri, Alessandro, Aleksandras, Alexandru
Alfhard - m (German) brave elf
Alfher - m (German) elf army, elf warrior
Alp - m (Turkish) hero
Alperen - m (Turkish) holy hero
Alvar - m (Old Norse) elf warrior
Alyosha - m (Russian) defending men. Also: Lyosha, Aljosa
Amyntas - m (Greek) defender
Andebert - m (German) bright zeal, bright wrath
Ante - m (Frisian) wrath, zeal
Androcles - m (Greek) glory of a man. Also: Androkles
Andronicus - m (Greek) victory of a man. Also: Andronikos
Anzo - m (German) giant
Areli - m (Hebrew) lion of God, hero
Aristides - m (Greek) best
Aristocles - m (Greek) the best glory
Ariston - m (Greek) the best
Arnar - m (Icelandic) eagle warrior, eagle army
Asim - m (Arabic) protector
Aslan - m (Turkish) lion
Athanasius - m (Greek) undying. Also: Athanasios
Atlas - m (Greek) enduring. In Greek mythology, he is a Titan forced to hold the heavens on his shoulders.
Aziz - m (Arabic) powerful, respected, beloved
Azubuike - m (Igbo) the past is your strength
Bahadur - m (Persian, Arabic) hero, warrior
Bahram - m (Persian) victory over resistance. The Zoroastrian god of victory and war
Baldo - m (German) bold, brave
Baldomero - m (Spanish) bold, brave, famous
Baldric - m (English) brave ruler
Baldwin - m (English) brave friend
Bat-Erdene - m (Mongolian) strong jewel
Batbayar - m (Mongolian) strong joy
Batraz - m (Turkish) hero, warrior, brave
Batu - m (Mongolian) strong, firm
Batyr - m (Turkmen) hero, warrior
Bayani - m (Fillipino, Tagalog) hero
Berislav - m (Croatian) taking glory
Berk - m (Turkish) solid, firm, strong
Berkant - m (Turkish) solid oath
Berker - m (Turkish) strong man
Bidziil - m (Navajo) he is strong
Bjørnar - m (Norwegian) bear warrior, bear army
Blahoslav - m (Czech) good glory
Bolesław - m (Polish) greater glory. Also: Bolyeslava
Borislav - m (Slavic) battle glory
Bronisław - m (Polish) protection and glory
Brutus - m (Latin) heavy
Brynjar - m (Old Norse) armored warrior
Brynmor - m (Welsh) great hill
Burkhard - m (German) brave protection
Cadwgan - m (Welsh) glory in battle
Cai - m (Swedish) victory of the people. Also: Kai, Kaj, Kay
Cairo - m (Arabic) the victorious. Also: Al-Qahirah
Celsus - m (Latin) tall
Čestmír - m (Czech) great honor
Charles - m (English) man / army, warrior
Chidike - m (Igbo) God is strong
Clancy - m (Irish) son of the red warrior
Claus - m (Danish) victory of the people. Also: Klaus, Klaas, Klaes, Klaos, Klas, Klāvs
Cleisthenes - m (Greek) glory and strength
Cleon - m (Greek) glory. Also: Kleon, Kleos
Colin - m (English) victory of the people. Also: Collin, Collyn, Col
Conall - m (Irish) strong wolf. The name of several characters in Irish legend
Cynesige - m (Old English) royal victory
Cynwrig - m (Welsh) like a heroic chief
Dae-Seong - m (Korean) great, big, succeeded
Daichi - m (Japanese) great earth
Daiki - m (Japanese) great tree
Daisuke - m (Japanese) great help
Dakila - m (Filipino, Tagalog) great
Daler - m (Tajik) courage, brave, valiant. Also: Daleri, Delaver
Damocles - m (Greek) glory to the people
Dieter - m (German) warrior of the people
Dobroslav - m (Slavic) good glory
Dragoslav - m (Slavic) precious glory
Drupada - m (Sanskrit) wooden pillar, firm footed
Durante - m (Italian) enduring
Earl - m (English) nobleman, warrior
Ebur - m (German) wild boar
Efe - m (Turkish) brave older brother
Eitan - m (Hebrew) solid, enduring, firm. Also: Ethan
Einar - m (Old Norse) lone warrior
Ekkehard - m (German) brave blade
Ellanher - m (German) strong army, powerful warrior
Elek - m (Hungarian) defender, helper
Erasyl - m (Kazakh) noble hero
Ercan - m (Turkish) brave soul
Erhan - m (Turkish) brave leader
Erhard - m (German) brave honor
Erkan - m (Turkish) brave blood
Euclid -m (Greek) good glory. Also: Eukleides
Euryalus - m (Greek) broad. Also: Euryalos
Eskender - m (Amharic) defending men. Also: Iskander, Iskandar, Skender, Skander, Skandar, Sikandar, Eskandar
Everard - m (English) brave boar
Eyal - m (Hebrew) might, strength
Faiz - m (Arabic) victorious
Fawzi - m (Arabic) triumph
Fayiz - m (Arabic) victor
Ferdinand - m (German) brave journey
Fionnlagh - m (Gaelic) white warrior
Firouz - m (Persian) victorious
Firmin - m (French) firm
Ganbaatar - m (Mongolian) steel hero
Ganzorig - m (Mongolian) steel courage
Garaile - m (Basque) victor
Gebhard - m (German) gift of bravery
Gerard - m (English) brave spear
Gernot - m (German) spear crusher
Gilgamesh - m (Sumerian) the ancestor is a hero. The main character of the ancient poem, the Epic of Gilgamesh
Grant - m (English) great, large
Grosvenor - m (English) great hunter
Guiscard - m (French) wise and brave
Gunnar - m (Old Norse) war, warrior
Günther - m (German) war, warrior
Gunvald - m (Norwegian) war leader
Gyözö - m (Hungarian) victor
Haidar - m (Arabic) lion warrior
Hào - m (Vietnamese) brave, heroic
Hashim - m (Arabic) crusher, breaker
Hartmann - m (German) brave man
Hartmut - m (German) brave spirit
Hartwig - m (German) brave battle
Hartwin - m (German) brave friend
Hatim - m (Arabic) determined, decisive
Hazma - m (Arabic) strong, steadfast
Heard - m (Old English) brave, hardy
Helmut - m (German) healthy spirit
Herod - m (Greek) song of the hero
Heron - m (Greek) hero
Hildingr - m (Old Norse) chief, warrior
Hiro - m (Japanese) big, great
Hiroki - m (Japanese) great tree
Hiroto - m (Japanese) greatly esteemed person
Hjalmar - m (Old Norse) helmeted warrior
Hughard - m (German) brave heart
Hùng - m (Vietnamese) brave, manly
Iapetos - m (Greek) to wound, to pierce
Ikaika - m (Hawaiian) strong
Ivor - m (Old Norse) yew bow warrior
Jae-Seong - m (Korean) successful kill / true rule
Jalal - m (Arabic) greatness
Jarek - m (Polish, Czech) fierce, strong
Jarmil - m (Czech) fierce, energetic, gracious, dear
Jaromír - m (Czech) fierce world
Jarosław - m (Polish) fierce and glorious
Jasur - m (Uzbek) brave
Jayadeva - m (Sanskrit) divine victory
Jayendra - m (Sanskrit) lord of victory
Jayesh - m (Sanskrit) lord of victory
Jaywant - m (Sanskrit) possessing victory
Jiāháo - m (Chinese) brave home, heroic family
Jimmu - m (Japanese) divine warrior
Kai - m (Chinese) music of triumph
Kallikrates - m (Greek) beautiful power
Kallinikos - m (Greek) beautiful victory
Kamau - m (Kikuyu) quiet warrior
Katashi - m (Japanese) hard, firm
Katsu - m (Japanese) victory
Katsuhito - m (Japanese) victorious person, overcoming person
Katsuo - m (Japanese) victorious hero
Katsurō - m (Japanese) victorious son
Kekoa - m (Hawaiian) the warrior
Kemen - m (Basque) courage, vigor
Kemp - m (English) champion, athlete, warrior
Kendrick - m (English) royal power, bold power, chief hero. Also: Cyneric
Kenta - m (Japanese) healthy, strong, thick, big, great
Kentarō - m (Japanese) healthy, strong, big son
Kian - m (Persian) king, foundation, symbol of pride
Kivanç - m (Turkish) pride and joy
Klahan - m (Thai) brave
Koa - m (Hawaiian) warrior, koa tree
Kolos - m (Hungarian) victory of the people
Koppány - m (Hungarian) great, tall
Krunoslav - m (Croatian) glory to the crown
Kuwat - m (Javanese) strong
Launo - m (Finnish) victory of the people
Leofsige - m (Old English) beloved victory
Leonard - m (English) brave lion
Lex - m (English) defending men
Lorcán - m (Irish) little fierce one
Magnus - m (Latin) great
Mahatma - m (Sanskrit) great soul
Mahavira - m (Sanskrit) great hero
Majdi - m (Arabic) glorious. Also: Majid
Mandlenkosi - m (Zulu, Ndebele) strong king, powerful chief
Mansur - m (Arabic) victorious
Masao - m (Japanese) proper hero, manly hero
Masaru - m (Japanese) victory and excellence
Maxence - m (French) greatest
Maximus - m (Latin) greatest
Mayrbek - m (Chechen, Nakh) brave chieftain
Meginhard - m (German) brave strength
Mert - m (Turkish) manly, brave
Mikalai - m (Belarusian) victory of the people. Also: Mikalay
Miloslav - m (Slavic) gracious glory, dear glory
Mislav - m (Slavic) my glory
Mistislav - m (Slavic) vengeance and glory. Also: Mstislav
Mitchell - m (English) big, large. Also: Michel
Modu - m (Middle Chinese) hero, warrior
Moncho - m (Spanish) advice, protector
Mot - m (Ugaritic) death. The Ugaritic god of death and lord of the netherworld.
Murchadh - m (Gaelic) sea warrior
Naranbaatar - m (Mongolian) hero of the sun
Nels - m (Danish) victory of the people. Also: Nils, Niels
Nelson - m (English) son of the champion. Also: Nielson
Niall - m (Gaelic) champion, cloud. Also: Neil, Neal
Nicanor - m (Greek) victorious man. Also: Nikanor
Nicholas - m (English) victory of the people. Also: Nickolas, Nikolas, Nic, Nick, Nicky, Nik, Nicolaus, Nikolaos, Niklas, Nicklas, Niclas, Nicolaas, Nikolaas, Nikolao, Niek, Nikoloz, Nikusha, Miklós, Nioclás, Niccolò, Nicolò, Niklāvs, Nikolche, Nikora, Nichol, Nicol, Mikolaj, Mykola
Nico - m (Dutch) victory of the people. Also: Niko, Nicjo, Niilo, Nica
Nicodemus - m (Greek) victory of the people. Also: Nikodemos
Nicolai - m (Danish) victory of the people. Also: Nikollë, Nikola, Nikolay, Nikolau, Nikolaj, Nikica, Mikuláš, Mikoláš, Mikula
Nigel - m (English) champion, cloud. Also: Nigellus
Nigul - m (Estonian) victory of the people
Nikandros - m (Greek) victory of a man
Niketas - m (Greek) winner, victor
Nikias - m (Greek) victory
Nikomachos - m (Greek) battle of victory
Nikomedes - m (Greek) cunning victory, plan for victory
Nikon - m (Greek) victory
Nikostratos - m (Greek) army of victory
Nikša - m (Croatian) victory of the people. Also: Miksa
Niles - m (English) champion, cloud
Nis - m (Danish) victory of the people
Olek - m (Polish) defending men. Also: Oles
Olve - m (Norwegian) defending warrior, lucky warrior
Orhan - m (Turkish) great leader
Othniel - m (Hebrew) strength of God
Øyvind - m (Norwegian) fortunate victor
Pan - m (Greek) shepherd, protector. The Greek god of shepherds, flocks, and pastures.
Patroclus - m (Greek) glory of the father
Percerval - m (French) to pierce the valley
Pericles - m (Greek) exceeding glory
Pratap - m (Sanskrit) heat, splendor, glory
Qadir - m (Arabic) capable, powerful
Raimo - m (Finnish) advice, protector. Also: Reima
Raivo - m (Estonian) fury, rage
Ramon - m (Catalan) advice, protector. Also: Raimon, Ramón
Radosław - m (Polish) happy glory
Ratislav - m (Slavic) battle glory
Raymond - m (English) advice, protector. Also: Raymund, Ray, Raginmund, Raimund, Reimond, Rajmund, Réamann, Redmond, Redmund, Raimondo, Raimonds, Raimondas, Raimundo, Raymundo
Reidar - m (Norwegian) home warrior
Reynard - m (English) brave advice
Richard - m (English) brave ruler
Rostislav - m (Slavic) growing glory
Runar - m (Norwegian) rune warrior
Ryder - m (English) mounted warrior, messenger
Ryōta - m (Japanese) good, big
Sakchai - m (Thai) power, honor, victory
Sakhr - m (Arabic) solid rock
Sándor - m (Hungarian) defending men
Sandro - m (Georgian) defending men
Sanjaya - m (Sanskrit) completely victorious, triumphant
Sanjit - m (Sanskrit) complete victory
Sanyi - m (Hungarian) defending men. Also: Sanya
Sashok - m (Russian) defending men
Sendoa - m (Basque) strong
Sener - m (Turkish) happy, brave man
Shresth - m (Sanskrit) most excellent, best
Siegbert - m (German) bright victory
Sieger - m (Dutch) victorious army
Sieghard - m (German) brave victory
Siegmar - m (German) famous victory
Siet - m (German) victory
Sigdag - m (German) day of victory
Sigeweard - m (Old English) victorious guardian
Sigge - m (Swedish) victory
Sigivald - m (German) ruler's victory
Sigmund - m (German) victorious protector
Sikke - m (Frisian) victory
Sixten - m (Swedish) victory stone
Sisu - m (Finnish) willpower, determination, strength
Slaven - m (Slavic) glory
Slavko - m (Slavic) glory
Sławomir - m (Polish) famous glory, great glory
Sobiesław - m (Polish) glory for oneself
Somchai - m (Thai) worthy victory
Somsak - m (Thai) worthy of power, worthy of honor
Sophocles - m (Greek) skilled glory, clever glory. Also: Sophokles
Sōta - m (Japanese) great wind
Stanislav - m (Slavic) will become glorious
Steinar - m (Norwegian) stone warrior
Sujay - m (Sanskrit) great victory
Sukhbir - m (Sanskrit) pleasant hero, happy, brave
Sulisław - m (Polish) good glory
Sverre - m (Norwegian) wild, swinging, spinning
Szilárd - m (Hungarian) solid, firm
Tahmasp - m (Persian) strong horse
Tahmuras - m (Persian) strong body
Taiki - m (Japanese) great tree
Takeshi - m (Japanese) strong, healthy
Tamatoa - m (Tahitian) warrior child
Tamir - m (Hebrew) tall
Tarō - m (Japanese) big son
Taylan - m (Turkish) tall
Tomislav - m (Slavic) glory of torture
Tömörbaatar - m (Mongolian) iron hero
Tōru - m (Japanese) pierce, penetrate
Trajan - m (Slavic) enduring, permanent
Ulrich - m (German) prosperity and power
Urho - m (Finnish) brave
Utku - m (Turkish) victory
Uzzi - m (Hebrew) my power
Václav - m (Czech) more glorious
Vahagn - m (Armenian) breaking of defense, victory. The Armenian heroic god of war.
Valerius - m (Latin) to be strong
Vatroslav - m (Croatian) glory of fire
Velibor - m (Slavic) great battle
Velichko - m (Bulgarian) great
Veroslav - m (Czech) glory of faith
Victor - m (English) victor, conqueror
Vidar - m (Old Norse) wide warrior
Viljar - m (Norwegian) warrior's will
Vishal - m (Sanskrit) wide, broad, spacious
Vítezslav - m (Czech) lord's glory
Vjekoslav - m (Croatian) age of glory
Vladimir - m (Slavic) great rule, famous rule
Vladislav - m (Slavic) ruling with glory
Vlastislav - m (Slavic) ruling with glory, glory to the homeland
Voitto - m (Finnish) victory
Vojislav - m (Serbian) glorious warrior, famous soldier
Vratislav - m (Slavic) returning glory
Wido - m (German) wide
Wielisław - m (Slavic) great glory
Wigheard - m (English) brave battle
Willihard - m (German) brave will
Willric - m (German) will to rule, mighty ruler
Wira - m (Indonesian, Malay) hero
Wojciech - m (Polish) warrior's joy, soldier's comfort
Wulfsige - m (Old English) wolf victory
Wymond - m (Middle English) battle protector. Also: Wigmund
Xander - m (English) defending men. Also: Zander, Sander
Yash - m (Sanskrit) fame, praise, glory
Yeong-Gi - m (Korean) rising to glory
Yeong-Ho - m (Korean) bright hero
Yōta - m (Japanese) big man
Yūdai - m (Japanese) big, manly hero
Yūta - m (Japanese) brave, thick, big, great
Zafar - m (Arabic) victory
Žarko - m (Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian) ember, zeal, fervor
Zhirayr - m (Armenian) strong, active
Zoticus - m (Greek) full of life. Also: Zotikos
Zviad - m (Georgian) proud, arrogant
Zuberi - m (Swahili) strong
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luuma-makes-games · 3 months ago
Arcane Runes
Tumblr media
I've quickly whipped up a second puzzlescript game called Arcane Runes, where you turn crystals on and off to match a colourful pattern. It comes with a few quick brainteasers, so try the tutorial and give it a shot ;) Why's this tagged for ttrpgs, I hear you asking?? well, it's designed as a GM tool. I added an in-built level editor which creates solvable puzzles every time! Once you've cracked a few runes and you understand the rules, press x four times to activate the editor. If you want to whip up a quick, easy puzzle on the fly, and you want it to be in the exact shape of any shape (be it a unique divine symbol, a nefarious rune, or a classic dick-n'-balls) this might just be the game for you!
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dyingroses · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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