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D&D Character Concept: Classroom Skeleton

A necromancer is seeking to revive someone at a school (a medical cadaver, former professor, whatever) but the spell doesn’t revive the correct person, and instead revives a classroom skeleton hanging on a stand. The skeleton’s last memory is of being murdered by a mysterious assailant, who evidently sold their cadaver for money. Thus, they embark on an adventure to discover who killed them, all the while being chased by the necromancer trying to reverse the spell and correct their error in revival. Potentially ends in a romance between the necromancer and their unintentional resurrect-y, though it’s not earned without strife.

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Make your big bad a grouping of liches/demons based on the seven sins.

Pride: The best magic user. There is NO ONE better than them. No one will EVER be better than them.

Envy: A man turned lich out of fear after his elven wife left him so she wouldn’t watch him die. He terrorizes all her lovers.

Gluttony: Consumed by their constant hunger from their former life they now devour the souls of lost and weary travelers and children.

Sloth: once a lazy king who ruled a great floating kingdom, he turned lich after he refused to put out the effort to stop a sorceress from destroying everything. She cursed him to a life of being bound by his soul to the very throne he would sink with. He saps life from the ocean without even lifting a finger.

Lust: A lich who lusts after bodies. They are constantly jumping from body to body. Trying to sate their lust for the next best looking body.

Greed: A lich who collects parts. He collects as many parts as he can to build horrible monsters in his lab. He will stop at nothing to get the best parts.

Wrath: A former man who died in his prime. Death turned him hateful and twisted. He believes that life is pointless and that death will always win out. He wishes greatly to see the flame of life sniffed out entirely.

(Disclaimer: these versions are just my ideas feel free to modify them and come up with your own!)

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me, sleep deprived and hyped up on sugar: what if i made tiamat a lich?
my friend, sugar sober: …i don’t think you can?
me: deities and demi gods says i can.
friend: she doesn’t have outsider hit dice or traits?
me: nope! also no frightful presence…
friend: cause shes a bitch.

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D is for Demi Lich!

When a Lich chooses not to feed souls to its phylactry, it will become a Demi Lich. Consisting of a skull and dust, this creature hold only a fraction of the power the Lich once held.

Some powerful Lich will purposefully allow themselves to become a Demi Lich to be able to traverse the various planes of existence in spirit only. They will embed gems into their skulls to act as vessels to trap the souls of unwary victims for later consumption by the Lich.


  • Check out that bling


  • Dusty af
  • Will probably just eat your soul
  • Incoporeal except for the skull

Monster Rating

The Demi Lich gets a 1/10. They really don’t have any redeeming features that would make them a good friend or lover. My advice, stay clear of the gems.

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