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#dnd oc

new campaign!!!! new party!!!!!!!! they look gnc as fuck!!!!!!!!

left to right, rajani belongs to my friend abby, alessa to emery, and gavri’el to me!!

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My DnD character… I’m so excited to finally be playing! I’m now part of two games

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im gonna be trying out dming a dnd campaign for the first time and im very excited and preparing a lot, the theme is the greek underworld and so i’ve been making all the npcs and side characters, hope i can play soon and upload more stuff <3 

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I’ve had this OC for about a year. She’s a human paladin in DND as well as in my Legacies verse.

If you like what you see here and want to see more, please consider following me and/or donating to my Ko-Fi!

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This is Erris. My trifling Sorcerer. Subclass Shadow magic. I love him and i just made him yesterday.

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comission for my friend Misha, his dnd character Arden
this armor was such a pain in the butt, i love it

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I spend my weekends redrawing Fe into memes..

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Costello w his gf, Honey

Havin a little nap, while a pixie looks into the scene

He’s a half Minotaur/orc raised by saytrs, and she’s a Thorny Honeylocust Dryad

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Another one of my OCs 🥺 The most pure little angel baby, enjoy 💕 And if anyone ever wants to interact with any of my OCs done hesitate to ask, I’ll always be happy to! 😊

Name: Unaek Seveer

Nicknames: Una

Age: 22

Birthday: 9/2

Date of Death: Still alive :)

Gender: Female

Height: 6'1

Weight: 150

Hair Colour: ranges from strawberry blonde to blonde

Eye Colour: Green

Physical Description: Unaek is still tall, but a bit shorter than her other companions. She is very grounded in nature and especially likes to weave flowers into her hair. Her hair is long and Strawberry blonde, usually in a braid to the side. She tries to fill as much of her hair with flowers as she can, and makes flower crowns for herself and others often. Out in the sun all day, Unaek is very freckled on her cheeks, nose, forehead, and shoulders. She also has a fair amount of piercings on her ears and one on her lip.

Clothing Description: Una is known to be a bit of a stoner, so she dresses for comfort and finds great joy in all things flowers. She much prefers flowery gowns, often green or pink, adorned with vines, buds, or flowers. In a more pressing situation, she does wear earth toned corsets and something along the lines of a loin cloth the looks more like vines.

Personality: Unaek is the definition of “lover, not a fighter.” Born to strict parents, Unaek grew up knowing a lot of fighting, hence the last name Seveer. It was well known her parents wanted her to be a fighter, so at a young age, they put her in a ring with with wolf and told her to kill it. Not wanting to hurt it, Una refused and tried to tame it. Her parents were furious. She found her love through music and nature, and tried to find her way into the music community, but the local college turned her down because she simply wasn’t smart enough. Not wanting to go back home, she befriended a few of the hippie outsider musicians, who introduced her to naturally grown drugs. She then decided to spend her time growing things recreationally, often growing things like shrooms and weed to sell, and enjoys a laid-back, music filled life.

Flaw(s): It is no secret that Unaek is not as smart as some would think. She is a near perfect definition of an 80s stoner type (Think Wayne’s World or Bill and Ted). She means very well, but she is slow on the uptake and does not grasp seemingly easy concepts. She also listens to her heart far more than she should, and often likes to try the moral high ground before fighting, not realizing that not all disagreements can be settled with words. She is a peacemaker, and has a painfully obvious soft spot for animals.

Talent(s): Una, while not smart in the traditional sense, is very in tune with nature and music. She is very creative, enjoying experimenting with different sounds and often loses herself in her work. She also has the greenest thumb imaginable, using her skill to grow flowers, fruits, veggies, and of course, ~recreational items.~ She is also very good with animals, usually able to befriend them easily. And on the off chance the animal is not friendly, she is usually able to persuade it to not attack.

“Every mushroom is edible if you put it in your mouth and eat it.”
2). “Be excellent to each other.”
3). “Lets be reasonable here. We don’t have to fight, right?”
4). “Dont call me dumb. I’m not dumb. Nobody is really dumb, people just have different areas of smartness.”

Hamon User: No
Stand User: Yes. Just Like Heaven is a relaxed stand much like its user. It takes the shape of vines and flowers and seems to “grow” from behind her. The vines provide minor healing to whoever it touches, and leaves the person feeling good, calm, happy, and relieved of pain. In a more defensive manner, Just Like Heaven can use its vines to produce poison, or even get physical by whipping or throwing an enemy.

Swordsmanship: 4.5/10 (She does not like using swords)

Hand-to-Hand Combat: 6.5/10

Ranged Attack: 8/10

Defense: 7.5/10

Offense: 5/10

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~drawing of human zelly 2021~

Still trying watercolor painting but struggling a bit. This was meant to be human zelly drinking Boba tea. Any advice you can give to me?

#artist #2021 #anime #oc #originalwork #illustration #bobatea ,#tomboy #watercolourpainting

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Meet our resident chaotic teen triton twins, Nehres and Kavas!

Whether your needs lie in something being stolen, an octopus in your bed as a good luck charm for love (yes, it really does work), or just a good laugh, you can trust these two to pop up when you least expect it.


Like this style?

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2 drawings in one day, now that’s a unicorn.

Been getting into DND, so i decided to draw my halfling Rosebay Angalia, a Lightfoot halfling Druid.

My IG: @glitter_bat666

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Fight me I’m going to make this

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I wanted to try and post these, zumbs sheet! Slightly altered backstory to account for backstories lol

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I died for a while but now I’m back with elf brain rot

Here’s my DND OC Eros he’s a fabulous little moon man✨🌙✨

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Some concept sketches of a tiefling warlock for my next campaign. What should I name her?

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