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#dnd prompt
superbeans89 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
An ostrich obviously got into a fight with a wizard.
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pickle-pancakes · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Agnes redesign :D!
after the whole kerfuffle with Skadi I wanted to change her design to incorporate a more Nordic style and acc fit with her background/new God
will draw her champion belt at some point
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wanderingineden · 25 days ago
His head came dangerously close to her neck. She could feel his breath on her skin. “What you’re smelling is yourself going in to heat. You can tell me I stink all day and comment about my appearance. But I can smell your lie.”
This time she shoved him hard and stepped away from the tree. “Okay green man, enough with the weird smelling shit. Answer my question. Why were you running down the mountain? Is there danger ahead? I need to get over them and would appreciate some insight.”
He stood his full height, roughly 7’ tall and all lean muscle. “I came across an owlbear and some goblins, nothing a sorcerer like yourself can’t handle.” She appreciated the compliment but kept a blank look on her face.
“So why were you running?” he started to walk past her, back on the trail. “Just wanted to scare a human. Pesky creatures need to be reminded they aren’t superior.” The asshole kept walking away.
“What!?!” she walked next to him. “You saw me?”
“No, I smelled your scent. You must have used your powers recently. The smell of electricity is coming off of your skin. Till I got closer, then I could smell the lust. You know,” he slowed his pace “I could help relieve some of that pent up sexual frustration.”
She smacked his arm. He didn’t flinch, just looked down at his arm. “If you want it rough, I just need your safe word.”
“Oh, my goddess! You’re an ass.” She turned in place, pulled up her hood and headed back towards the mountain path.
“I know you’re thinking about it. I saw you looking at my hands. Curious how big the green monster is.”
She was so caught off guard that she couldn’t hold back her laugh. “Your arrogancy rivals a high elf.” She laughed a bit more. “And NO! I was not thinking about your dick.”
“Pity, I was certainly thinking about how deliciously tight the fit would be.”
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ithecrystaldragonheart · 11 months ago
D&D Setting Prompt
The Feywild has merged/leaked into the normal world.Its magic is not fatal but the more something comes into contact with it the more they become one of the fey.
Archfey have started claiming territories and other fey creatures as well, manipulating the world around them as they do.
Who are the players,how are they affected by this and what do they do?
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raggydraws · a year ago
Oo! How about 🎃🦷🧶?
Oh no, only the pumpkin is showing up! Could you tell me the other two emojis Sauce-jp3?
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bella-donna-prompts · a year ago
“Dude, when were you gonna tell me that you can sing?”
“I’m a knight, not a bard. It’s not important.”
“Maybe not in battle, but I think it’s pretty cool. Your voice is very soothing.”
“You think so?”
“Yeah- it’s really nice.”
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thespiantherepist · a year ago
Innkeeper Iida based off that one really sweet guy from tiktok.
I think this is the guy.
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ollieopossums-revenge · a year ago
Writing/ DnD idea!
Your village temple is the Temple of Gathering Hands
Every day the acolytes and clerics of the temple accept sacrifices from the villagers. Then, the sacrifices are taken and put in a bowl
And every day, without fail, a large phantasmal pair of hands gathers up the sacrifices and they all vanish into the aether. Soon after, those who have sacrifices experience blessings proportional to that which was sacrificed
You are obsessed with these hands. You saw them first as a small child and have spent every day vying for a closer look. The clerics tend to keep the temple-goers from getting to close to the Gathering Bowl, but you've still managed to watch the Gathering Ceremony from every angle
Once you were of age, you joined the Temple so that you could gain the clerics' trust and be allowed more access to the Gathering Ceremony. It's taken years, but finally it's your turn to put the Gatherings into The Bowl
You approach The Bowl. The Gatherings weigh down you arms, but it's nothing compared to the weight of your anxiety.
At the last moment, instead of placing the Gatherings into the bowl, you throw it all to the side. Before the clerics or acolytes can stop you, you place your hand in the bowl
The Gathering Hands grab your arm and you, too, are pulled into the aether
What happens next?
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dnd-oneshot-prompts · a year ago
The party comes to rest at a small town for the night. However, mid-harassment, the town watch disappears.
As the day (or night) goes on, once all of the people in town flash out of existence, more signs of life disappear. Names from graves and mail boxes, any differences between one house and the next.
Perhaps certain villagers last longer than others, or perhaps old tomes hidden away under the alchemist’s house may explain what is causing space to rewrite, or repurpose, the residents, residence, and history of the town.
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xxvictusxx · 2 years ago
They spent their entrie life with their nose in a book and head in the clouds, dreaming of living in one of those fantasy books they once read. There, they would be the hero who saved the world, loved by everyone around! However, one day it occurred to them that in reality, they could never be this hero. They would be instead be doomed to a status of unremarkablity for forever. Rather than accepting this fate however, they vowed instead to become the villain of the story, offering the chance for a set of heroes to rise up and stop them.
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superbeans89 · 2 months ago
A DnD themed bakery called Rolls for Initiative
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pickle-pancakes · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
literally my favourite fucking thing ever rn
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Writing Prompt #725
As I hid behind a rock from searing flames and ear-splitting shrieks, I vowed to vet my party members a bit more thoroughly if I’d get a next time. But, in my defense, how was I supposed to assume the bard’s ex was a hellacious sorceress with a vendetta that could get the whole party killed?
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D&D prompt
Your party hears of a white dragon.At the end,they find it is actually an albino metallic dragon.
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raggydraws · a year ago
What do you think of 🐺🔥🌋, which is also wolf, fire, volcano
Oooo immediately thinking of a Dragonborn or a Genasi. A red/gold Dragonborn or if you wanna push it, a black Dragonborn who's acid breathe is more like poisonous volcanic ash plumes? For the Genasi, fire obviously (but you could also stretch it a little with an earth Genasi), but more resembling a volcano with black skin with Lava cracks and long, flowing magma hair? Or perhaps a Genasi who runs a little hotter and their flames burn blue instead? Which ever you'd like anon!
The volcano makes me think blacksmith but the wolf makes me think outlander or ranger, but I think a blacksmith would be very interesting even if it is kind of obvious for a fire based player character. But that dose leave the class open, blacksmith makes me think of someone who made their armour or weapons but that doesn't really incorporate the wolf in anyway.
I think the classes that would best fit would be the Knight (as a class, not the background) because at lv1 you can spend 8 hours bonding with your 'favored mount' and it can be a dire wolf so long as it's at least a size class larger than you are. As a knight you could have them as a blacksmith who was shipped out to war, possibly just from being the eligible age or just from not being able to keep up with the other blacksmiths. They can either desert and join their adventuring party to escape the war or they can be a lone survivor of a battle and join the party to get back home and relay the news back to their kingdom. Or you can have them as a knight who is just sent out to do a lot of odd tasks and meets their adventuring party along the way, whichever you prefer. If you go with a deserter, you can make them an egotistical coward or maybe an ashamed washout, I could see the Genasi purposefully burning low to keep any attention away from them only to get really 'fired' up in battle. Hehe. If you go with a lone survivor, they probably have PTSD from it and will be very hard to through to at first but eventually open up and become very protective of their party, possibly falling into the 'sacrifice yourself to protect your friends' trope, which isn't a bad thing but can be an abrupt arc ender. Or you can be a knight sent out on ridiculous task after task who's getting fed up being bossed around with barely any pay or recognition, and you could possibly have the noble they work for in the party as well for interesting character interactions!
Another class I think would fit is the Artificer, again playing into the building things with your hands and creation, plus if you and your dm agree they can also have a proficiency in firearms and that can perhaps play out in your backstory! Like, your blacksmith pulls a Percy de Rolo and accidentally invents guns and are on the run trying to keep it out of the wrong hands or they're trying to perfect their design before they paton it. You call your firearms "The Wolves of the Mountain" or something along those lines to keep thhe wolf motif as well! Also a big Ole Dragonborn being very careful with their hands and creating intricate machinery sounds really cool and can play into their personality as well. Big, burly and kind of scary looking but kind and eccentric, gentle and precise with their hands. Probably a big Ole softy with a pension for shooting people on sight cause they're excited about their new toys and can't help themselves.
And finally, a Beast Wrangler Ranger is the finally class I think would fit, you can have a dire wolf companion and still have the blacksmith background in the form of making your own bows and arrows, and making your own armour as well! Plus your favored terrain could be mountains, volcanic or otherwise. Although I think this one might not as interesting just from this little drabble, you could make the ranger and their wolf the lone survivors of a volcanic eruption and now they go around the world to warn others of impending doom from unsuspecting mountains. This could be a hardier character, possibly one who's very familiar how cruel nature can be but still hopeful that they can help other people, plus they're probably a dog person!
Name: Sometimes along the lines of Forge, Kinder, or Spark something that's not a regular name but feels like someone who works with fire and metal. Or you can name them after a famous Volcano or Lupus/Lupin for more wolf imagery.
Race: Dragonborn (Red, Gold or Black) or Genasi (Fire or Earth)
Class: Knight (Order of Honor best fits I thinks), Artificer (Either Battle Smith or Forge Adept) or Ranger (Beast Wrangler)
Background: Blacksmith
(Also I'll be linking the Knight as a class and the blacksmith background in the replies of this post in case you want to acutal build these characters!)
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crankydungeonmaster · 2 years ago
Modern DnD AU player character concept: an obnoxious kenku who talks exclusively in pop culture quotes of the player’s choice
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bella-donna-prompts · a year ago
Character A and their friends have a long running DnD campaign. One day, Character A is told by their parents that they’re moving. This devistates A and their friends. To try and get their minds off things, they continue their campaign, knowing it may be the last time they play together. As Character A throws the dice, they are transported somewhere so familiar yet foreign- their world of DnD.
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ecwritingprompts · 2 years ago
Prompt #620
DnD Bake Off
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seaside-sadnesss · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
WIP of a dwarf merchant with a dwarven robotic chest that is her shop
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