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#dnd quotes
cinnamon-dragon · 6 months ago
My favourite metaphor of character playing has always been that characters are translucent and not opaque - where they’re like stained glass.
You, the person are the light behind the stained glass.
And what the character is - it is always still you, but the colors and shapes and the way the things are arranged changes and the light shines through differently.
- Brennan Lee Mulligan in Adventuring Academy: Giving Yourself Permission to Play (with Marisha Ray)
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dnd-on-a-budget · 9 days ago
BBEG: (about to use psychic scream)
Ollima, our cleric: (banishes our fighter, Korinn, who has low HP so she won't take the damage)
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starberrykiwi · 8 days ago
can we PLEASE start saying femmeboss to be more inclusive
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dykes-for-dnd · 8 months ago
If you’re ever bored, I can suggest turning quotes from your dnd sessions into inspirational posts. I’ll drop a few for examples
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fancynancyrenee · a year ago
some of the best things about dimension 20
- brennan breaking when he's roleplaying a truly ridiculous character
- ally's giggle
- the way murph looks at emily sometimes when she does pretty much anything (this one has been pointed out many times but it's still amazing)
- the parent friend energy from the sokhbar/lillith duo
- how every single party gets very attached to either a minor NPC or an NPC brennan had to fully pull out of nowhere and now he has to develop them cause the party keeps bringing them (examples: Gilear, John Feathers, Avanash sort of)
- emily & lou having their little conferences during unsleeping city about how their dice children are doing
- they always sit ally & murph next to each other and it seems so sweet cause murph helps ally figure dnd shit out all the time
- ally & lou's characters almost always have some sort of connection and i love it (this is especially true with pete & kingston)
- telemaine lumenelda
- murph taking absolutely every opportunity to do shenanigans despite his frustration with shenanigans when he's a dm
- "ready to get slammed down, big style!"
- the found family!!! in every season!!!
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a-photo-of-a-ghost · 4 months ago
DM: Shadow versions of yourselves take form-
Me, the bard: Can I seduce myself?
DM: ...I- I mean- yes ? I guess?
Bloodhunter: She’s very gay and very horny, so, I feel like the DC should be pretty low for this
DM: ...Roll for charisma.
Bard: *rolls a 19 +3 charisma* I take out my bagpipes and begin to plan careless whisper... “hey sexy😏”
DM: The shadow-you stops and is transfixed until your next turn
Rogue: Jesus christ, she gay-panicked herself
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emeraldrain55 · 17 days ago
In my DnD elective
Me, in DND: *tries to flirt with a goblin to get information*
My ally, Luvera: RINN (my character) ARE YOU FLIRTING WITH A GOBLIN AGAIN?
Phy'reth: she is
Gingeroot: Yup
My teacher, the DM: ...why.
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cinnamon-dragon · 6 months ago
Taliesin Jaffe on Mollymauk Tealeaf
(from Taliesin Jaffe On Mollymauk Tealeaf and Critical Role video on D&D Beyond YouTube Channel)
“I wanted a character that was charming, but not charming. I wanted to try to recreate the carnival worker experiences as tightly as I could, which are people who are very, very charming, but also very used to having people... there’s a wonderful thing about characters who are comfortable with people making assumptions about them.
It’s a great superpower and I have friends who use it all the time. Instantly you can take a look at somebody and know they know one thing about you and you take one look at them and instantly know everything about them.
You can walk into a room as a tiefling and how you see someone react... You instantly know all you need to know about them. It’s fun for a travelling character like that to just have this... nice instant filter for the world. It’s like, there is 80% of people I don’t need to talk to and that so nice, I’m just here to steal their shit.
Percy was really a character, whereas Molly I’m definitely delving into a little bit of my own self. Not entirely obviously. He’s a little bit of me, a little bit of older friends of mine from Ren Faire life and carnival performers and Burning Man world and some artist friends of mine who are talented and charming, but kind of a mess, and moral, but not trustworthy...
It’s nice playing a happy person. I wanted someone happy, I wanted someone who is not that bright. He’s emotionally intelligent, but he’s world-dumb. He’s just literate to a point that one can call oneself literate. He’s never read a book. Doesn’t know the names of anything, doesn’t know the town, doesn’t know anything about the world... doesn’t really care, he’s not really interested in things.
[interviewer: Very much an elemental character, really ?] Oh, yeah. Essentialist, a libertine - for as much as a D&D character can be - really just there for a ride. A good sense of getting when it’s time to leave town.
He’s not the smart one, he’s not the strong one, he’s not the charismatic one, he’s... if anything, he’s just the one to know how to take care of people that are not used to being taken care of. And how to kind of wrangle screw-ups, which is anybody who works at the carnival knows how to wrangle a screw-up, it’s keeping shitty, vicious, snarky, tired people on track doing what they need to do.
I had this notion of making a character with a completely clean slate. There’s aspect that I won’t really be able to get into until he’s either dead and buried or the game is over. I had this notion of a character who could come from a place of nothing, no baggage.
It [a blood hunter] was a good build for a character like that. There’s all this knowledge that’s just innate in him and all this power that is... whatever happened to him before he lost his memory... all that information is just keyed in physically, it’s such a physically based archetype with the idea of blood having all this power.
I thought it would be a good way of giving him all the clues to what he is and letting them experiment with them and slowly... is he gaining more powers or is he discovering things he could do before that he can’t do now and... I don’t know, but I made sure that Matt knows that I don’t know. I laid out everything I thought might be possible and Matt just nods like, “okay, I’ll figure something out” and... God only knows.
I’m very big on having a little bit of a narrative metaphor for any character. Percy was this notion of redemption versus the irredeemable which was really fun to play with... This one is somebody who has earned the right to not be responsible for anything that happened before.
This is somebody who owes nothing and is owed nothing and what that means and what that means and the things that are indivisible from that... Somebody that still has these things that came from a life that he had nothing to do with, but is still kind of wandered out and tried to redefine themselves and taken on an identity that is completely separate from anything that came before.
Whether or not he owes anything to that previous life and if he does, what are those things and what kind of hold does this previous life still have or does it not.
He dresses the way I wish I would dress all the time if I had my druthers and the unlimited closet of doom.
He’s a character who is certainly following a path that I thought about for my life of... I could just go and work backstage at these things for the rest of my life and be perfectly content or other versions of that, of just... there is a great phrase for it - disappearing into the oblivion of base pleasure that is drink and drugs and sex and working one gig after another. The endless gig. He’s definitely the other aspect of the endless-gig-human which was definitely me for many, many years.
I don’t know what is in Molly’s box of terrible and Molly has NO interest at all, so thats gonna be interesting, he’s gonna fight kicking and screaming into that door.
He’s pretty much with this group because he’s literally never experienced the act of being alone for more than 24 hours in his concious life. He only knows how to function in a group dynamic - and only in a group of not healthy people.
He literally hopped from a group of unhealthy people to another group of unhealthy people. He’s really good at kind of managing that when it needs managing and that’s it.”
[- i made a bunch of posts with quotes from it but here’s the most about Molly’s character concept from that video]
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dnd-on-a-budget · a month ago
Riptide, our rogue/warlock: On a scale of 1-20 how poerful is he?
DM: His spell list is exclusively explode couch
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helmsgarde · 26 days ago
"I thought I was eating some bread but I just ate a cigarette"
-A Rat (bad & evil)
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silveredkobold · 7 months ago
Bardbarian: I would like to rave.
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themosticonicseveredhead · 8 months ago
“Any window can become door with a large enough brick,”
-talking cloud from my campaign
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just-your-dnd-things · a month ago
Cleric: ok... man, what can I even do at this range [in combat]??
Dungeon Master: Encourage violence.
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outofcontextdnd · a year ago
"as my new adopted son he is now legally entitled to see me get my ass kicked by other dad's in increasingly funny ways"
-"just like my real dad"
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