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artandstarstuff · 6 months ago
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Mountain plot hooks! Some may say I’ve peaked. Support or commission me here.
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theonewiththesoks · 7 months ago
My fiancé, describing an RPG item to me: I’m gonna give this knife the lingering attribute. That means when you stab someone with it they feel the pain for a long time
Me: Again, that’s just a normal knife
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shamelessinnerbeast · 4 months ago
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Colored version - Finished gift for a friend playing Solasta with their favorite orc leader Brok and their elf green mage.
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chiagiiart · 3 months ago
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Some D&D commissioned art
1. Varisian Tiger boi with cool clothes 2. Angry Dwarf is out to get you 3. Varisian Tiger boi but something happened and now has platinum hair and a step sister
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rapha3liii · 10 months ago
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pokemon rpg :))) we’re playing as ourselves ! things have been rough since school started, so take this personal art for now!
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hiddenwashington · 3 months ago
Anonymous asked: faceclaim suggestions for vax'ildan (critical role)?
sure thing! for vax, we can definitely see ben barnes, kit harrington, richard madden, brant daugherty, daniel sharman, or joe keery!
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texdesouza · 9 months ago
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mimti · a year ago
Dnd classes as shit i've said
"ya but ur evil powers can't do shit if I knock u unconscious w my staff"
"like Obviously she's pissed but"
"the hygiene thing was a joke she's just shitty with social interactions"
"I'm just a chaotic bastard"
"Very avoidant"
"not 2 sound straight but ya lol"
"he was getting groceries and they ran into eachother"
"shes done with so much bullshit"
"Aight so avoid the hands, Got it"
"BAD avatar!!! BAD!!!"
"I got a dumb helmet that I might sell idk lol"
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pile-ofbones · a year ago
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a commission
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ranikamikazi · 2 years ago
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My lovely tiefling bard, Azzaleth~!  Artist: P.Veg
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artandstarstuff · 7 months ago
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Shoutout to @DanielGarcia on Kofi who funded my goal! Here’s the village table, and the other premium ones can be found here.
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theonewiththesoks · 7 months ago
My fiancé, talking very animatedly about an RPG he’s excited about: And if you hit them with this certain staff it has a chance to silence them!
Me: Literally any object can do that
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npc-queen · 2 years ago
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Forbidden candy. I feel like if somebody made Dice Candies they would make so much money.
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mapsminismonsters · a year ago
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The Lea Valley
A map inspired by home...
I'm from East London, and I was lucky enough to grow up near a nature reserve. I've used its current style, its history, my memories to create this area map...
Including canal boats turned into a village on the water, a old water mill turned ancient ruins. I'm still working on it... but I like it :)
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monicole-art · 2 years ago
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Shes gonna shoot you
My human ranger for a one shot I'm doing!
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beanbinary · 3 years ago
The Bootycall Pin
Our party crossed paths with a Changeling NPC, and it attempted to flirt with my character. Being the lonely piece of shit that he is, I rolled to flirt back. I got a 19.
DM: Yeah so you flirt so well that this bitch basically falls head over heels for you, and she gives you a gold-plated pin. It says “tap this three times and I will come.”
Me: ... How is “come” spelled?
Mixed groans and laughs come from the party.
DM: Christ. C-O-M-E.
Me: Okay that’s what I thought. 
Me: ... but wait since it fell for me is this a bootycall pin?
DM: It’s not meant to be a bootycall pin but you can use it as a bootycall pin.
Me: I’m using it as a bootycall pin.
       I tap this three times and it taps me. 
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stargayart · 2 years ago
New boyo! Meet my newest dnd character, Indrid Mortem, he's a bloodhunter and edgy af and I love him
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romera-rp · 2 years ago
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LABEL: Australien. NAME: Up to player. AGE: Between the age of 30-45. RACE: Tabaxi. CLASS: Swashbuckler Rogue. RELIGION: Up to player, if any. ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good, true neutral or chaotic neutral. GENDER: Trans Female. FACECLAIM: Jamie Clayton. STATUS: Australien is currently OPEN for applications.
Tumblr media
Working as a chef on a pirate ship did have its perks. For example, when the ship is attacked by merrows close to harbor the stove is a perfect place to hide. When Australien finally emerged she found everyone dead, including her respected but infamous Captain. In an impulsive decision, she decided to steal the Captain’s identity and row into the port where she would make her new life telling pirate stories from an inn they owned. Unfortunately, the consequences of her decision quickly caught up to her as rival pirates who the Captain owed a debt came looking for her and she was forced on the run.
Daring, Humorous, Sociable, Impulsive, Weak-willed, Thievish
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epicdndmemes · 8 months ago
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artandstarstuff · 7 months ago
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New Kofi goal DMs and dungeoneers!
Working on your own DND map? Looking for city and settlement names? Look no further! Once this goal is complete I’ll post a set of city and village name tables. Plus, if you donate you’ll get access to three extra tables and all the other premium content on my Kofi (Like my exclusive plot hooks.)
Leave a tip and get all this cool stuff here!
I make these resources all by myself with my own spare time, so I really appreciate every tip. They make me want to keep coming up with cool stuff for you all. Thanks for tipping, or reblogging if you can’t. Happy DMing and playing to you all! 💘
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