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#dnd shenanigans

The Strahd Squahd in the early days, Burne joined our group a little after we started and thus wasn’t exactly used to Sheeree’s antics.

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Riptide, our rogue
(looking for the party's stolen items)
(distracted by rows upon rows of contraband)
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A dnd campaign of only bards but they are all a different style of music, there’s punk bard, pop bard, folk bard, classic rock bard, rap bard, etc

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My D&D character reunited with her parents tonight, after disappearing without a trace six in-game years ago, and the RP was so intense that I actually cried.

It’s incredible to look back on the two-plus years I’ve been playing her and see how much she’s developed as a character, how much better I am at getting inside her psyche, and the level of emotional connection that’s formed.

It’s late and I am gushing to the void of the internet but I just love my poor disaster girl so much and I’m so happy that this reunion went well.

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Introducing Ezmerelda Mereh (aka Eme)

Race: Water Genasi

Class: Cleric

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

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background: we’ve just defeated a dragon. our warlock is dissecting it and going through the loot from its stomach. the rest of us are fucking around in chat, roleplaying a snowball fight and making pine tea.

Warlock, arms full of platinum, gold, and gems: Look what we got!

Me: I throw a snowball at him.

DM: roll to hit.

Me: NAT 20!!!!

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Part 9

1. Player 1: “so…cows.”

DM: “yes”

Player 1: “may I murder them?”

2. Why does there have to be a giant murder cow in the area? Why can’t there be death butterfies that I can one-hit kill?

3. Player 2: “Can I bite it?”

DM: “uuuhhhh. sure?”

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Art for DnD Campaign: Players found this beast sleeping and decided to try and drown it by putting alcohol in its nose…..beast is very angry to be woken up like that….. now they gotta deal with the angry fuzzy 

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<div> —  Ollima, our cleric, after a very bad day. </div><span>Because it’s a bad idea, it can’t go wrong today.</span>
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You know your D&D party has grown when they start by only burning down a bar, but have now learned how to burn down whole cities in minutes. That’s what I call character development! /j

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Morning motivation




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Isla: My life is a little too much panic and not enough disco.

Swin: My life is a little too much fall and not enough boy.

Lamlis: My life is a little too much chemical and not enough romance.

Shaia: My life is a little too much imagination and a shit tonne too much dragons.

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