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!!!!Thank you for thinking of me that’s lovely!!! 

Tbh I’m fairly liberal with homebrew, I really don’t mind that much as long as everyone is having fun! And to be honest I don’t really find that regular DnD balancing works too much for my campaign anyway cause I have 6 very smart players who can always figure out creative ways to make any encounter go their way! 

I have a google drive which is a basis for most of the things I allow in my world (I have a homebrew setting) which is what most of my players end up working from - however 4 of my players are DMs themselves so they like bringing their own new content to the table! 

I’m lucky enough that I don’t have to worry too much about everything being exact/balanced/running smoothly cause I DM for a bunch of players that have respect for each other and the story we’re collectively telling - and don’t mind when someone has to quickly look up a spell etc. -  so most of the derailment that happens in my campaign is actively encouraged by me cause it’s my players doing something interesting and fun! They even spent an entire session holding a combined house warming party for themselves/undeath day for their friend which was awesome 

I always tend to embrace the shenanigans/chaos cause I’m excited to see where they go!!!

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"Cure Wounds" cures wounds... THIS IS A WOUND!
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Omg amazing!!!!! DnD is truly endless potential of silly funny things happening!!!

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Are you using divine smite?
You can bet I'm using divine smite.
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Would you please make a dex save?
No, the guillotine.
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Is the floor prone?
What is the floor going to do? Evade?
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I'm too dummy thick, I won't fit in the dumbwaiter...
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should I murder Fighter for roleplay purposes?
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Good... this is all going according to plan
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Stop acting like a barbarian.
I am a barbarian.
wait... are you?
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Warlock, Fighter, and Paladin fight a animated pile of refuse in the basement of the Death House.

The House then tries to - and almost succeeds at - killing the party.

Fighter chops an arm off the corpse of Monk outside the Death House to replace the arm he lost escaping.

Paladin realizes that Monk is his adopted brother and in a blind rage kills Fighter for desecrating his corpse.

Paladin and Warlock then talk to “Mad Mary” and meet Wizard and Ranger in the tavern.

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Omg thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog!!!!

I love her already!!!!!! Sounds like an amazing character that you’ve put a lot of thought into!!!!! 

hmmmmmm in terms of motivation for characters like this I tend to find that a really good motivation is them wanting to make sure that what happened to them never happens to anybody else? It can lead to some really good RP moments if your character is normally a bit abrasive but also wildly protective of people that she sees going through similar things to what she went through?  

You could also add in the motivation that maybe one day she’d like to dismantle the cult that she was raised in

Either way she sounds like a fun character to play as!!!!

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that seems like peak unexpected consequences! and also the kind of situation i’d get myself into as a DM - so funny 

I hope they appreciated all that time your character waited!

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okay so since my first session as a dm went well we’re doing another session and i asked my players what they wanted from it and it wasn’t what i had planned so i’ve been brainstorming and i think i have a good idea!!

but i want someone to bounce some ideas off of who isn’t in my party lol if you’re open to that and wanna hear me talk about my ideas message me!

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Wordpainter’s Diary Entry 36

Talos. Again one of the Gods. I’m not really sure if that half-orc had nothing to do with Ovak. The Orcs were quickly defeated, I had no chance to interrogate them. At least I got a necklace made out of boar teeth from the half-orc. Well, I took it from him. But that’s the same thing, isn’t it? I’m curious about that necklace, it felt like magic when I took it.

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Long story short: in my current dnd game, the players ended up charming the half devil leading the attack of the armies of hell on their town, deceiving him by convincing that he needed to go back to hell to deliver an important message. They also convinced him to take his pack of hellhounds with him, as he would need them to protect him. Confused, but determined, he vanished, taking all his dogs but one with him.

Instead of fighting the one remaining hellhound, they tried to befriend him…

Several successful animal handling checks later, the party managed to adopted the giant firebreathing hellhound…

They named him Mouse…

It was later communaly decided by the players that Mouse was non binary…

Since then, I can’t get the image of Mouse holding a non-binary pride flag out of my head, so here it is:

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I just remembered something from my JoJo DND campaign a few months back. I had my players fight a literal train stand (Locomotive Chase)…

“So how long is this fight supposed to take??”

“Well, you’ve already taken out 3 of the 8 wheels, and that alone took you fifteen minutes. And nearly lost two NPCs in the process.”

“Wait guys. Guys. What if we just. Attack the stand user?”


[The party proceeds to throw one of the players onto the train with sheer force]

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