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what’s up friends i’m gonna full-on fist fight sigmund freud
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from your creations, choose gifs and do a split of before + after you coloured them!
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“I guess what I’m saying is, you don’t have to do it alone”
SG1 - Sam and Daniel
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Holy shot holy shot I’m gonna have an aneurysm
Not literally but like
I’m supposed to be working today right?? Then I fell asleep thinking I’ll take a quick nap than woke up three hours later
And I’m here cuz I wanted to see babie and like get a seretonin boost sth
But instead my fingers fookin slipped or sommat and it to me T google page with IT clown face on it
Holy shit what a motivation to get off the internet
I can’t fix the tag for some reasons unknown so
* it’s really really not*
#also I saw babie smoking in a gif and I wanted to smash sth cuz REASONS#HEALTHCARE REASONS#can’t help it both my parents are doctors#I also have asthma and I’m selfish and I wanna randomly meet him somewhere and tell him how much his music means to me#WHIL ALSO BREATHING#but yeah#he a grownass adult and he can do whatever tf he want#and if I cry about it and none of his business aniwey cuz u see?#IM A GROWNASS ADULT TOO#which reminds to get off the internet NOW and get work done so I don’t get a call during babie’s livestream#of babie smokes during livestream IMMA CRY TEARS OF BLOOD and continue watching becuz it’s babie#wait didn’t bby had asthma or was that a debunked rumor did Gemma tweeted sth about it before#sistergoals#protekting bby bro from harm#even tho hilariousbean needs no saving#I mean safing#is that even a word???#if I HATE THAT BABIE SMOKES BECAUSE IM A WORRYWART AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH OK?????#but as per usual there’s nothing I can do about it#louis tomlinson#will be the death of me#why am I so pressed???#IM SOOOOO GONNA REGRET SAYING/typing this thing that sounds like a demand for him to stop smoking#but it’s really really now#this is me pleading and begging the universe to change his mind about smoking being a good idea for coping machanosm or summat#(not only that I’m also worry about the not-hard-drug all of them prolly play with#I CANT HELP IT MY PARENTS ARE DOCTORS I GREW UP THINKING THIS WAY#SMOKING BAD ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE BAD STD BAD#which I can tot see why for all of those#good thing I’m legit allergic to alcohol lol
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i have been awake for all of like two hours and i already begin my day with TUMBLR RAGE
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life’s a nightmare and then your teeth fall out
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Sassy Link
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just reread the post i wrote this morning before work .. what was i on
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Legends of Tomorrow | 3.15
Door’s locked.
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Soft Touches
Steve Harrington x F!Reader
Part 1 of the TOUCH series
Summary: You and Steve Harrington have been friends for so long, and he finds out that you have never once pleasured yourself. He takes it upon himself to help you learn just how to do so.
WARNINGS: 18+ Content (Minors DNI), sexual language, sexual content, masturbation (Female with male assistance), fingering, cursing
Not my GIF
Tumblr media
The hand on the clock seemed to be moving slower and slower the longer you stare at it. There were only a few minutes left until your shift ended, but you had been counting down the seconds the moment you clocked in to work. Did you hate your job? Not necessarily, it gave you money you needed for school and rent, but it wasn’t the greatest. From a not so great manager, to asshole customers, it was hard to actually want to be at the video store.
“Enjoy your movie, have a nice night.” 
You glance over to the counter, seeing your coworker and friend, Steve, hand over some change and a video to a customer. It was actually Steve who helped you get this job. Not that you needed the help since everyone who comes in practically gets hired on the spot, but you still appreciated him doing so. 
The man quickly takes the video from Steve, and you happen to notice the slight flush on his cheeks as he tries keeping the cover of the box hidden against his chest while walking out of the store. Thinking nothing of it, you turn back to your task of reorganizing the shelves.
“Jesus, this is the fourth time that guy has rented that fuckin’ movie.” Steve shakes his head, stretching his arms up.
“What movie was it?” You ask, returning video cases back to their original spots on the shelves.
“A fuckin’ porno, that’s what. He’s come in four times in the last few weeks to renew his rental on that same one!” 
“Gross,” you scoff, finishing up with your task before walking over to the counter. “Remind me to disinfect that when he brings it back.”
“I mean, watch whatever porn you want, but at least broaden your horizons, or whatever shit it is they say.”
“You act like you’ve watched those films before.” 
“Yeah? Haven’t you? Oh, wait–I forgot you’re a little prude,” Steve teases as he ruffles your hair.
“Asshole,” you huff, trying to ignore the comment. 
While you wouldn’t call yourself a prude, you were definitely inexperienced when it came to sexual intimacy. Not that you didn’t want to have sex, you just… never found the right person. It didn’t bother you one bit when people came in to rent those types of films. You just never found any interest in doing so, plus you wouldn’t know what to do while watching one. It just seemed like a waste of time. 
“So what?” You look at Steve as he leans across the counter, now eye level with you. 
“Have you watched porn before?” 
The question catches you off guard a bit. In reality, it shouldn’t because it was coming from Steve, and after knowing him for years he could sometimes be a bit blunt and straight to the point. No, it catches you off guard because of the way Steve looks at you. The way his brown eyes bore into yours as he patiently waits for you to answer the seemingly intimate question. It’s as if he truly wants to know your answer and isn’t just teasing.
It wouldn’t be the first time Steve has asked you questions like this one. He knows that you haven’t had much experience. Knows that you’ve been on a few dates with guys who were total douchebags, but never went any further than a kiss or two, maybe even a feel up here or there. He never fully judged you, though. Teased you, yes a little, but never outright judged you for your lack of experience.
He’s also told you about his past endeavors, however. Never too much detail unless you asked which, sometimes you would. He would answer every single question you had without an ounce of judgment. With Steve, it was easy to talk with him.    
You become nervous, suddenly aware of just how long he’s been staring at you while you try to come up with the words to respond. 
“I, uh… huh?” 
“Have you… watched porn before?” He asks, articulating each word slowly as he repeats the question. 
It takes you a moment to realize how close his face is to yours, his nose mere inches away from your own. If you truly wanted to, you could easily press your lips to his. But you wouldn’t do that.
You couldn’t do that. 
“...No. No, I’ve never watched… porn before.” Your voice comes out almost as quiet as a whisper. 
Steve scans your face and is quiet for another few seconds, before he pushes off the counter. You trail him as he flips the ‘open’ sign over to ‘closed’, before making his way towards you, and taking your hand. The action shocks you, even though it shouldn’t. You’ve held hands with Steve before in a playful manner and it has never once felt strange to you. For some reason, this feels different. “Steve, where–”
“We’re just going for a stroll past the beads,” he answers nonchalantly, pulling you along towards the backroom. 
Your eyes widen, and you try pulling from his grasp. “Steve, seriously–”
“You don’t have to rent any of them. We’re just going to take a look, babe.” 
Babe, honey, sugar… You’ve heard practically every pet name come out of Steve’s mouth. It was just how he talked with you, and you never took any of it seriously. 
The beads lightly clink against each other as Steve pushes them away, and you’re now left standing in the small room with shelves filled up with the raunchy films. It wasn’t as if you hadn’t ever been in here before, it was part of your job to put the films back, take inventory, and make sure that it was organized correctly. 
“Steve, seriously. What are we doing back here?” 
“Just here for a look. 
“I come in here to organize, I know what it looks like–” 
“No, we’re actually going to look, honey. Not just quick glances, and not for work.” 
“But why? I don’t watch any of these–”
“Exactly. Now you’re catching on,” he grins, letting go of your hand as he reaches for two videos. “What do you think you would be into more?”
“Damn it, Steve, we need to get out of here before someone comes in.”
“No one is going to come in here. We’re closed now, remember? I flipped the sign.” He motions with one of the videos in his hands. 
He was right. Technically, you were closed as of… five minutes ago. Plus, it wouldn’t be weird if two employees were in this room. You really just wanted to hurry and leave and not think about how close you are to Steve in this small room and the fact you can smell his shampoo while surrounded by a bunch of porn films. 
But why should those details matter? You’ve definitely been close to Steve multiple times and never have you once felt this awkward. There were nights after a party that Steve would be so drunk you would have to help him get out of his clothes and since he only slept in a single pair of pajama pants, you’ve definitely gotten an idea of what he has to offer to other girls. You’ve shared beds when you would stay the night after those same parties, too. Not to mention, he literally spends most days being clingy with you–keeping his arm around your shoulders or little touches here and there. Big bear hugs and small kisses on the cheek or temple were normal because you were friends, and friends did that sort of thing, didn’t they?
“So? Take a look at these two. Honestly, I feel like this would be right up your alley.”
“And how would you know?”
“Because I know what you like,” he shrugs. 
“That’s bullshit. Even I don’t know what I like, Steve.” 
“Oh, come on,” he places the videos back on the shelf before turning back to face you. “I know you don’t watch porn, but you must have an idea on what you like. Right?” 
You stay quiet for a moment. The truth was, you did not know what you liked. You never once tried getting yourself off, mostly due to the fact you were nervous you would do it all wrong. Steve leans against the shelf with his arms crossed and head tilted slightly as he waits for an answer.
“...Holy shit,” Steve lets out a small laugh. “Seriously? You’ve never masturbated before?”
“I mean, I knew you never had sex, but I at least didn’t think you were that much of a prude to not get yourself off.” Steve snickers, but you don’t react in a way he probably thought you would have. 
Jaw tight, you shake your head as you take a step back. “I’m leaving. You can lock up, Steve.” 
He calls your name as you swing the beads out of your way and storm out of the room. Heading to the back, you grab your bag and keys from your locker before slamming it shut, and leaving. You continue to ignore him as he calls for you, walking straight to your car, and throwing your stuff in the back before getting in and driving off. 
You don’t even know why you’re so upset, you should be used to Steve’s teasing by now. Something just set you off this time, and you weren’t sure what that was. Whatever. You would have a nice relaxing day at home, considering your family just went out of town and you have the day off tomorrow. This would give you time to be alone with your thoughts, and forget about what just happened with Steve Harrington. 
Or, so you thought. 
It felt nice having the house to yourself. While you still lived at home, you agreed with your family to pay rent until you found a place of your own since you were in college now. It seemed a fair trade… you guess, but there were times you would be lucky to have the house to yourself such as tonight. Your plans for tonight consisted of dinner, a good book, and perhaps a movie if you were feeling up for it. 
Your phone kept going off the moment you arrived at home, and you absolutely knew it was Steve trying to get your attention. He hated when you wouldn’t talk with him, and was almost always the first person to cave and vye for your attention, considering you were one of his closest friends. You ignored each and every call, almost deciding to unplug the damn thing just so you could get some peace and quiet. After a while, the ringing eventually stopped, and you were grateful that Steve finally decided to take the hint. 
Lying on your stomach while in bed with your feet propped up, wearing an oversized shirt and pajama shorts, you flipped through the pages one by one through your current book. With your walkman on and music blasting through your headphones, you almost didn’t notice the sound of your window scraping as it lifted, and you quickly gasp as you see a figure standing in the dark. Steve stumbles inside, catching himself before he hits the ground as you stare at him, yanking your headphones off. 
“Steve, what the hell?” You huff, as he fixes your window sill and closes the window. 
“You weren’t answering your phone. I got worried.” He dusts himself off, before looking around your room. He strolls along the carpet, acting as if he had never stepped foot once in his life when in reality, he is here almost every week. “Parents not home?” 
“No, and I didn’t answer the phone because I didn’t want to talk to you.”
“Yeah, yeah,” he waves you off, plopping on the bed next to you as he snatches your book away. “So this is what you are spending your night alone doing, hm?” 
“Give it back–” 
You try reaching for it, only for him to hold it further away. Letting out an annoyed breath, you lightly shove his arm. 
“This is boring. You could be watching a movie or something.”
“I was planning on doing that after I finished this chapter, thank you very much.” You pause, looking at him. “Steve, what are you doing here?” 
“I told you. I got worried when you weren’t answering your phone. Plus, I wanted to hang out. I brought a few things for us to do.”
Before you can ask, he tosses your book onto the floor before reaching down into his backpack. He pulls out a few of your favorite snacks, along with a few movies from Family Video. Frowning, you look at him as he grins. “Movie night.” 
He tosses the movies in front of you as you freeze. You recognize them as the two Steve had picked out from the backroom, along with a third. Glancing up at Steve, you hand them back.
“Very funny, Steve,” you huff, looking away from them.
“Just hear me out before you kick me to the curb, sweetheart,” he kneels in front of you, taking your hands. “Look, I know I was a dick for what I said back at the store. You can hate me all you want, I don’t blame you. But… I had an idea that I think you might like.” 
“If you’re going to suggest watching these films–”
“That’s exactly what I’m suggesting. Damn, you must be a mind reader or something, huh? Get out of my head.” He grins. 
You shake your head. “You’re insane–”
“Look, all I am saying is to just watch at least one. Broaden your horizons and shit, remember? Maybe this will help you get laid or something.” 
“Jesus, Steve.” 
“Listen. You don’t have to do anything. It’s just a movie, and I can sit and watch it with you, okay? Maybe this can help you come up with some fantasies or something later after I’m gone. Get you in the mood.” He bounces his shoulders up and down as he winks.
“Let me get this straight. You want me to just sit and watch one of these movies to… come up with fantasies?” 
“...Yep, exactly!”
“Fantasies to do what, though?”
“To get off, of course. So you can make yourself feel good.” 
Your throat becomes tight, and it’s almost as if you have forgotten how to breathe just for a moment. Steve wanted you to watch a porno just so you could pleasure yourself. The look in his eyes tells you that he is completely serious, and is being sincere. Why he was doing this, you didn’t really know the answer to that yet other than he claims he wants you to feel good.
Clearing your throat, you look away. “And… What are you going to be doing while we watch this?”
“Sit next to you and watch along, eat some popcorn,” he shrugs. “We’ll just be watching it, nothing more.” 
He takes his spot back next to you, as you glance at him. “So? What do you say? I’ll pop the movie in and we can sit back and relax. If you get uncomfortable and don’t want to continue, I’ll turn it right off, and we can do whatever you want. Sound good?”
He’s saying all of this as if he just asked to watch a regular movie instead of a porno. Like it was the most casual thing in the world to ask and that you weren’t absolutely mortified at the idea. 
“…You promise we can turn it off?”
“Scouts honor, babe,” he holds one hand over his heart while raising the other.
Pulling your bottom lip between your teeth, you finally agree with a slight tilt of your head, and Steve grins. 
“Alright, I’ll put it on. You just sit and relax— wait. Which one do you want to watch?” 
The excitement in his voice isn’t hard to miss, and you find yourself biting back a small smile. 
“Whichever one you think looks best, Steve,” you scoot back against your headrest, as Steve grabs one of the videos and fumbles with the VHS player. 
You couldn’t believe you actually agreed to this. What were you thinking? Watching a porno and with Steve, nonetheless. Steve grabs the remote and plops right next to you, your arms brushing together as he gets comfortable. 
The movie starts, and your room soon fills with horrible jazz music that is supposed to be sexy. You scrunch your nose, but lean back as you watch the first scene play out. The main woman comes out wearing nothing but a robe which is left open, revealing her perky breasts, and she bends down to rub lotion along her long legs. You cross your arms across your chest, suddenly realizing that you discarded your bra the moment you came home.
If Steve notices, he doesn’t say anything. He’s kept his eyes on the screen, and you can’t tell if he is just bored or trying to keep his cool. You don’t realize you’re watching him until he looks down at you, and you quickly turn your attention back to the screen. 
“You might want to pay attention to this part,” he comments, as you look back at him.
“What for?”
“Because this is the scene where she touches herself.”
“…Have you seen this?” 
“I mean, just this first part. I wanted to see if you might like it, first.”
He takes his finger and turns your cheek back so you’re facing the screen again. On it, you watch as the woman drops the robe to the ground, settling onto the bed as her manicured hands roam along her body, squeezing her breasts and sliding up and down her torso. After an anticipating few minutes, she finally trails her hand down between her legs, her fingers slowly teasing her folds for a moment before going back up to her neck, while the other hand brushes just under her breasts. 
Your breath hitches slightly, and you find yourself entranced as you watch her pleasure herself with just her hands. Could you really just sit and do that to yourself? Your mind wanders at the possibilities, and you find yourself extremely sensitive to everything surrounding you. The moans released from the woman go straight to your core, sending a shiver throughout your entire body. You are aware of the way your nipples tighten, brushing just barely against the fabric of your shirt– of one of Steve’s shirts that you borrowed long ago and never bothered to return. You try ignoring the slight moisture that builds up between your thighs, and try straightening your legs to cross them over one another, which only seems to heighten the feeling.
Not only that, but it suddenly dawns on you how close Steve is to you. His arm stays pressed against you, a warm and familiar sensation that you never thought anything of before. His breathing stays even, that much you can tell even as he watches this scene play on. The scent of his soap surrounds you both, and you realize he must’ve taken a shower first before coming to see you. 
“See that? See how she uses her fingers?” He says after a moment, and your eyes stay on the screen of your television. “You can do that too, you know. You can do that to figure out what you like.”
“Mmhm…” you respond, not trusting yourself to use actual words. 
“...Do you want to try?” 
You quickly turned to face him, seeing his eyes directly staring into yours. “Wh-what?”
“Do you want to try touching yourself?” He repeats, his voice now a low timbre. 
“...Steve, I don’t think–” 
“I don’t care if you do. This is all for you. So you can make yourself feel good.” He continues looking down at you, and for a moment you think he glances down to your lips before moving back to your eyes. “If you don’t want to, you can say no.”
You swallow thickly, trying to ignore the way his words send tingles throughout your entire body. There he goes again, saying this is to help you feel good. For someone else, they might think that was just a way for Steve to get to see their tits. But to you… you really do believe he is not truly pressuring you and being sincere in trying to help you give yourself some sort of pleasure and excitement. 
So, you only halfway catch yourself by surprise when you agree with a small nod. 
“Alright, come here.” 
Steve shifts over, moving you to sit in front of him, his legs on either side of you as he pulls you to lie back against his firm chest. Again, this isn’t something new to you both. You’ve sat in this position before watching movies, usually with Steve massaging your shoulders or even when you just needed to hug, and he would be willing to hold you close like this. 
This, however, seemed so much more intimate. 
He gently runs his hands soothingly up and down your arms, as if sensing your nerves and trying to help you relax. You feel the rise and fall of his chest as you lean back against him, and the warmth of his breath as he exhales each time. 
“This okay?” He asks, his voice soft, and you respond with a nod. “Good. Whenever you feel like you want to touch yourself, go ahead. I won’t do anything but sit here, okay? I promise.” 
You don’t realize just how dry your mouth is until you try to speak, only for you to find yourself unable to. Trying again, you clear your throat and lick your dry lips. 
“Where, uh… I don’t… what should I do?” 
“Whatever feels good to you, honey.” 
“But, what if I don’t know what feels good to me?” 
Steve pauses for a moment, before he slowly reaches down for your hands, and brings them up. “For starters… you can just run your hands along your body.” 
He takes one of your hands and places it up by your neck, making sure your fingers lightly brush your skin before placing the other along your torso just under your breasts, and pulls his hands away as you leave them there. “Take it nice and slow. Barely brush your skin with your fingers and slowly make your way down.” 
With your throat tight and heavy, slowly begin moving your hands around almost awkwardly. It was almost hard to feel good when you were pretty much touching over your shirt. Sure, with a faint brush against your nipples it did sort of feel good, but it was nothing compared to what the woman on screen was probably feeling. You become almost frustrated, and drop your head back against Steve’s shoulder. 
“It’s not working.” 
“That’s because you’re thinking too much. Don’t think, just touch yourself.” Steve rubs your shoulders, trying to loosen the tension building up. 
“It’s hard to do so when this shirt is in the way,” you huff, closing your eyes. 
“Then take it off.” 
Sometimes, you just cannot understand how Steve’s mind works. The way he suggests taking off your shirt as if it’s not a big deal at all? Mind boggling to you. You look over your shoulder at him, seeing a completely serious expression. 
“Steve, I can’t just take off my shirt.” 
“Why not? You said it’s getting in the way,” he says, as a matter-of-factly. “If it’s not relaxing, then take it off so it can help you relax.”
You hate that he’s right, but still. “I’m not… I mean… I don’t have a bra on.”
“That’s fine. If you’re comfortable being shirtless, then do so. If you want to try and then realize it’s still not helping, then you can put it back on.” 
Steve removes his hands from your shoulders, and you almost find yourself aching for him to put them back. Maybe he was right. Maybe it would help to just take off your shirt. Even if he is here, Steve is your best friend. You trusted Steve. Why were you overthinking things like this? 
Finally, you push yourself up as you discard your shirt and toss it to the floor, before slowly leaning back against Steve. You keep your arms folded across your chest, and you look up at Steve. He simply smiles, before placing his hands over yours. 
“Now… try again.” He moves your hands back in place where they were before, his voice low as he talks just above a whisper in your ear. “Watch what she does on the screen, and copy her. Or don’t. Whatever feels good to you, you’ll know.”
You turn your attention back to the screen, and begin to mimic her movements. If she trailed her hand up to her neck, you did the same. If she brought it down to graze against her nipples, you also did so. You experiment by lightly pinching and rolling each nipple between your fingers, only to find that you really enjoyed the feeling. You find yourself leaning further into Steve, who shifts against you. When he does so, you try not to think about how hard his bulge feels through his jeans against your lower back. 
You try, but ultimately fail.
Feeling him pressed against you only makes your pulse race, and you soon realize he also has his hands back on your shoulders. He doesn’t move them, almost keeps them there as a bit of support as your hands continue to explore your body. 
You decide that you really enjoy the feeling of touching your breasts, so you go back to that. With each squeeze, tug, and feather light brush, you soon feel the dampness begin to grow between your legs. Just like the woman on screen, you begin to slowly trail your hand down to your shorts. You stop just short, realizing that you are about to touch yourself down there. Not only that, you are about to touch yourself down there while Steve sits right behind you, getting a one-man show to all of this. What could possibly be going through his mind as he watches his best friend do all of this?
He places his hand over yours as you try pulling it back. “Don’t stop, baby. I know you were feeling good. Keep going.” 
“But, I… I don’t know what to do.” 
“Sure you do, sweetheart. You were just making yourself feel good all on your own,” his cheek is lightly pressed against yours as he whispers to you, keeping your hand in place just before your waistband. If he really wanted to, he could easily press his lips to your cheek, and you try shoving that fantasy deep down. 
“I just…”
“Do you need some help?” He asks, and it feels like the air has been knocked out of you. Steve was offering to help you touch yourself. Down there. 
“I… are you–I mean, I couldn’t ask you to do that–” 
“Sure you can. Go ahead. I might just say yes,” he chuckles lightly, his thumb brushing along yours as he waits. 
His big hand stays on yours, waiting for permission to continue. You almost forget how to breathe;  imagining that hand a few inches lower, rubbing between your legs while you press yourself back against his chest. His fingers circling around and around before he sticks his fingers–
“Well?” His voice breaks you from your trance, and you let out a shaky breath. 
You look over your shoulder to him, your lips mere centimeters from his own. He doesn’t move, though, and neither do you. Your eyes trail up from his mouth, up to his dark eyes as they stare directly into yours. 
“Okay, what?”
“...I want you to help me. Please.” 
“Help you… what?” The corner of his mouth quirks up in a teasing manner, trying to get you to elaborate more on what exactly it is you want him to do. 
Licking your lips, you look up at him through your lashes, your voice soft and pleading, “I… I want you to help me feel good. Please.” 
A low groan releases from the back of his throat, but he tries to cover it up as he clears it. 
“I can do that. Yep. Totally.” 
He keeps his hand on top of yours, and begins to move them both under the waistband of your shorts. You look down, watching your hands disappear under the piece of clothing– a shiver trailing down your back. 
“Open your legs, baby,” he taps your thigh with his free hand, and you bring your legs up, feet flat on the mattress, and knees bent as you slowly bring them apart. The pads of your fingertips move lower and lower, and you release a breath at the soft graze against your most sensitive part. 
“Oh…” you sigh softly, feeling Steve shift behind you, his hard cock more evident against you.
“Feel that?” He whispers, and the low husk of his voice practically sends your thoughts into haywire. “That’s where you want to try to touch the most. But not just yet…” 
He slowly circles your fingers, barely applying any pressure as he guides you before soon moving your fingers down even further, until they meet the wetness of your pussy. He runs your fingers up and down, having you carefully explore yourself. 
“You want to tease yourself. This is how you make yourself more wet.” 
A shaky breath escapes you, and you find yourself relaxing more and more against Steve. There’s a throbbing between your legs that almost hurts in the most delicious way, and you’re not sure if it’s due to the fact that you’re being touched there, or that it’s because Steve is the one helping you. He has your fingers teasing your wet hole, not quite pushing inside, but enough to let you know that you wanted more.
“You can even stick your fingers inside. Since you haven’t done this before, do just one,” his lips brush against your cheek. “I can feel how wet you are, so it should slide right in. Might feel a little awkward at first, though… but it’ll feel good the more you do it, baby.” 
You let out a barely there whimper, and you’re not sure if Steve heard you or not, considering the moaning of the woman on screen slowly begins to fill the room. But the movie was long forgotten, all you could think of was the way Steve’s lips felt as they brushed against your skin when he whispered directions to you and how much you just wanted this ache between your legs to relieve itself.  
Steve maneuvers your hand so that you are now slowly pushing one finger into your pussy. He was right, it did feel uncomfortable right away. It wasn’t a sensation you were used to, and part of you wondered if sex always felt like this and you were slowly starting to second guess yourself. But Steve made sure you kept your finger there, moving it in and out slowly with whispers of praises. 
I got you, baby.
It’ll feel so good, watch.
You’ll love this.
The words coming out of Steve’s mouth only make the sensation between your legs practically unbearable and before you know it, you’re automatically curling your finger as you try to ease the ache. A soft moan escapes, and you’re quick to cover your mouth but it’s too late. Steve had heard. 
He lets out a breathy laugh, keeping his hand in place while the other keeps hold of your shoulder. “Oh, that felt good, didn’t it?” 
Nodding, you feel him lower his head until his lips brush against your jaw, and you find yourself tilting your head. 
“Keep going, then,” he presses a light kiss to your jaw. “Go on, honey. Make yourself feel good. Let me hear you moan.”
“Fuck, Steve…” you whine as you close your eyes, moving your finger again at a smooth rhythm. You find your hips trying to lift up to meet with your finger each time you push it inside, and you slowly begin to lose yourself that you don’t realize the way Steve is watching you. 
With his hand still on top of yours, he has you pull your finger out, and moves your fingertips to your clit, swollen with the need to be touched. 
You gasp, following along with the movements of his fingers. Steve presses closer against you at the same time you push back against him, and he lets out a deep groan, which only sets you off even more. You feel so fucking good– you never knew that this was what you were missing out on. 
“You make such pretty noises,” Steve whispers. “Do you feel good?”
“Yes– God, Steve,” you mewl, starting to move your fingers faster. 
“I can tell. You are fucking dripping all over my fingers, sweetheart,” he pants softly, his lips parted against your cheek. “Want me to keep helping you out?” 
At this point, you don’t even question if this is what should be happening between you and Steve, because suddenly he brings the hand off your shoulder to grab one of your breasts, and you feel like you could explode from pleasure right then and there. He massages it, first soft and then a little firmer, and all you can do is moan because fuck, you like the way his big hand feels on you this way. His thumb brushes against your nipple, and all the thoughts in your head are just gone because he is touching you just like you were earlier, as if he watched you do so the entire time. You didn’t even mind that Steve was touching you like this–his warm hand was tranquil and soothing, his touch a drug you were slowly becoming addicted to. 
The movements of your fingers circling your clit, Steve’s hand doing wonderous things to your tits, and the feel of his lips against your skin causes a wonderful feeling to build up within you. 
“Oh, Steve… I-I… oh fuck–”
“I got you, baby. Just let go, fuck… listen to how wet you are.” 
Steve starts to move both of your hands even faster, and you hear the wet sounds of your fingers moving around your pussy. The sound is practically erotic. His other hand pinches your nipple, and you’re not sure if you’re just lost in the lust of everything but you swear you feel him sloppily kissing your neck. Even the image of him doing so is stuck in your mind, and you feel yourself tipping over the edge of the precipice as you finally come undone. 
Moaning loudly, your back arches against his chest as your legs begin to shake, and your pussy clenches onto nothing. White flashes behind your eyelids and you swear you see stars and feel them rattling down your spine. Steve keeps hold of you, still playing with your chest while making sure your fingers still move. This time, you’re certain he is kissing your neck between soft praises. 
Yes, there you go.
Fuck, your moans are so pretty.
I got you, baby. 
Falling slack against him, Steve soon sits back against the headboard, pulling you with him. His chest also rises along with yours, and you stay against him as you slowly come down from your high. Foggy brained, you slowly blink your eyes open and take in your room. The ridiculous jazz music from the porno plays again, and you completely forgot it was even on, too lost in your own lust-filled event that just took place. 
You finally realize that Steve’s hands are still in place, and it seems he does as well because he suddenly pulls them away. You become aware of your naked chest, and even though Steve was literally touching your chest mere minutes ago, you find yourself suddenly shy and cover up with your arms. 
“Oh, here,” Steve reaches down, grabbing your shirt as he holds it to you. 
Slipping on your shirt, you move from between Steve’s legs to sit next to him as he clicks the remote, and the tv turns off. The silence hits both of you like a wave, and you feel as if you are stuck underwater as you both try coming up with something to say. 
“So, what’d you think?”
“Huh?” You look over at him as he motions to the tv. 
“The movie. Did you like it?” 
“Oh, um… I mean… it was okay.” 
“Yeah, it was actually pretty shitty,” he shrugs. “This shit isn’t nearly as real as it seems. Or as good as the real shit.” 
He looks down at you, his cheeks slightly flushed and pupils blown. You happen to glance down, and see the way his dick presses against his jeans, begging to be let out and touched. While you had no idea really what would feel good for Steve, part of you was dying to try to make him feel the same way he had helped you. 
“Um… do you… I mean, do you want–”
“Nah, don’t worry about it. I can take care of that when I leave. Which…” he looks at your clock, stretching his arms over his head. “It is kinda late. I should probably get going. I know you have to open tomorrow.” 
“Oh, right,” the disappointment in your voice confuses you. You weren’t sure if you wanted Steve to go or not. 
He stands up, fixing the front of his pants before running one hand through his hair. He looks around, grabbing the different tapes he brought before getting the one out of your VHS player. 
“I could leave these here for you if you want. You could use them before you go to bed, help you relax,” he smirks. 
You roll your eyes, before shaking your head. “I’ll be fine. Thanks, Steve.” 
He lifts his shoulders up before he grabs his bag and shoves them inside. Before he walks to your bedroom door, however, he leans across your bed, and presses a quick kiss to your cheek. 
You freeze, only to remember that Steve was always one to depart with a kiss on the cheek, temple, or forehead. He’s done this to you plenty of times. It doesn’t mean anything different. But… you can’t help but think maybe this one kiss is just a little different than the rest. 
“See ya, sweetheart.” 
With a final grin, Steve departs from your room, and you wait until you hear the closing of the front door to finally let out the breath you’ve been holding. Your mind races–recalling the events that just occurred on your bed moments ago. 
You just had your first ever orgasm.
With Steve Harrington helping urge you on. 
You think about the soft touch from his otherwise rough hands, and how they guided you through your pleasure. How his lips felt against your skin, and the way his breathing sounded as it fanned against your ear. While thinking about this, your hand soon begins to trail right back down under your waistband.
That same night, you had your second ever orgasm. 
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wysteria-clad · 2 months ago
Our little thing
paring: Marc, Steven, Jake x fem! reader; established relationship.
warnings: none, domestic fluff.
a/n: soft moon bois <3
summary: you have a specific thing with each of them. It's not like you don't do it with other two, but you do enjoy a little act of intimacy that is special to each of them.
a/n: Can we appreciate Oscar in the first gif? I'm looking disrespectfully Also, I believe the third one is Jake.
gif credits: @nightofthecreeps @kingjackless @waititi
Tumblr media
Shaving his beard.
"So serious" he smiled at the sincerity on your face. Your eyebrows furrowed in pure concentration, your fingers slowly glided the razor down his left cheek with one hand, your other hand cupping the other side of his face for support and fingers casually resting on his neck. You were sitting on his lap, facing him.
You stopped, glancing at his playful eyes with a glare. "Stop, smiling" you chided him playfully. "What if i cut you accidentally?", you asked, putting down the razor.
When you playfully asked him if you could shave his face one day, he nodded sincerely, warming your heart in a new way you didn't know was possible. It was a subtle act of trust, the way he trusted you with a sharp blade near his throat. And it implied 'I want your touch even when I'm doing mundane things'. Your heart fluttered at the thought of sweet intimacy. Soon enough, it became a little routine for you and him. Everytime he wanted to shave his face, you did it for him.
A sweet little gesture between you and Marc.
"I can't help it, baby. The serious pout on your lips is cute"
"Yeah, yeah. If you don't stop talking, I'm gonna cut your handsome face" you carefully swiped a dollop of shaving cream off his cheek and smeared on his nose.
He wasn't a very playful guy but around you, he couldn't help it. With you, happiness came easily. Every laugh of him was unrestrained, so natural and carefree. You brought out that side in him often.
Few seconds passed. Marc's eyes glinted with mischief. Already knowing him, you tried to move back and get off his lap, but he had faster reflexes. He grabbed your face and pressed his cheek all over face, smearing the shaving cream on your nose, cheek and forehead from his face.
"Marc!" you laughed. You grabbed his chin pulling him closer for a kiss. One, two. And you went back to work. "That's your bribe, now stay still" you fixed him with 'I'm serious, now, babe'
"Yes, ma'am"
You couldn't help but smile at that. You managed to finish shaving his face, but not without exchanging few more kisses inbetween as bribe.
Tumblr media
Him sleeping on your chest.
The moment he walked into the bedroom, you knew something was up. You watched the gloomy expression on his face, which made your heart sink.
"Hey, what happened?" you lowered the book you were reading, closing it and placing it on the table next to you.
"I'll talk about it later. Y/n, love, can I have a hug?"
The way he asked you was soft. His voice was painfully soft.
"Come here, honey" you adjusted your back into the pillows for a better and comfortable position. Your open arms invited him, which he gratefully accepted.
His legs made way to the bed, he lied down next to you, burying his face between your breasts.
You wrapped your arms tightly around him, your fingers stroking his back in comforting manner. "It's alright, it's alright, darling" you began to gently run your fingers into his soft curls. "I've got you" you pressed a light kiss on his head.
You felt him relax under your touch and comforting word. His grip around your waist tightened, you felt him shake and shudder.
Is he crying?
Your heart hammered faster. "Steven, honey...hey, it's alright, it's alright, baby", you threaded your fingers into his hair. You hated seeing him like this.
Whatever made him feel like this...you wanted to rip it off and shred it.
"Bullocks, I must be some sight to see, huh?" he tried to joke but his voice was strained, threating to let out a cry.
Gently taking his face between your soft palms, you placed a kiss between his eyes. Another one on his nose, and one on his lips, shushing him and wiping his tears away with a gentle swipe of your thumb.
His breathing became regular, his body once again relaxed in your warm presence and gentle couch.
You continued whispering sweet nothings in his ear, playing with his hair, until you could hear his steady breathing. He fell asleep. You smiled down at him. You didn't dare to get up with him sleeping on your chest. Very carefully and slowly, you moved one arm to grab the book on the table.
With him finally calmed down from his breakdown, you resumed playing with his hair and continued your reading, occasionally pressing a soft feather kiss on his forehead.
Tumblr media
Showering together.
The particular mission was rough.
Jake Lockley wanted nothing more than to run into your arms, have a couple drinks and sleep.
He wasn't the one to openly admit his needs and wants. You were aware of that.
Tonight you wanted to take care of him and make him feel extra special and loved.
You decided to have a warm shower.
"Jake" you kissed his lips. "Walk with me?" you took his hand, leading into bathroom.
A tiny smile eased into his face.
Victory. You cheered mentally. Keeping your eyes fixed on his dark ones, you slowly discarded your clothes. When he wanted to do the same, you grabbed his hand. "Let me take care of you tonight" you whispered in his ear.
"Princesa, I-" you cut him off with a passionate kiss. And began to undress him. "You always make sure I'm adored and taken care of, let me do this for you tonight, yeah?"
He reached out his calloused hand to touch your cheek. You smiled, leaning into his touch.
"Whatever you say, mi corazón"
How can he say no to you?
Your hands rested behind his neck. "Come here"
At your command, he craned his neck, his face hovering centimetres away from yours. "You are cute when you are bossy, Y/n/n"
"Gods, you are so damn handsome"
The hot steam from the water and the water droplets dripping off his hair, face only confirmed your statement.
You leaned closer, brushing tip of your nose against his.
Many men shuddered at the mere sight of him. But with you, he melted. The very source of his love, his sweet, sweet love.
He wasn't used to being taken care of. When you uttered those sentence, it felt strange to him, alien even. But he trusted you. He would do anything for you. He would move the stars if you asked him to.
You squeezed the shampoo bottle into your palm, lathering the shampoo into nice foamy texture. You moved your hands into his hair, slowly and gently massaging his scalp and washing his hair.
He repeated the same to you.
The hot water was soothing to his sore muscles.
"I want to kiss every part of you" you admitted, moving your hands down reaching his chest, peering at him through lashes laden with water drops.
"What's stopping you, mi amor?", with a wanton smirk plastered on his face, he picked you up bridal style and carried you out of the shower and towards bed.
Jack Lockley did not have drinks that night, but he got something way better—you.
Sometimes it was baths, sometimes it was showers, but quickly it became your little thing with him.
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mechecolomar-archive · 4 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You’re quite the romantic, Phelps. Stick with the percentages. Broken hearts are for chumps.
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maraczeks · a year ago
tww s5 thread pt 2
#i haven't taken a single full breath this whole ep i can't believe the turmoil and i still have ten minutes i hate everything#june 30 2021#i cant stop crying leaking tears#and the way donnas the only one that can get his attention and get him to leave oh my god#and the hymn or whatever playing over the bartlett's gojng to mass i literally cant stop crying#them at the vigil for zoey og my gif#sobbing so hard#one of the tvtime comments said no sorkin????#god i read mary louise guest star and i felt so relieved idk familiar faces#actually cannot believe jed stepped down og my god#oh my gOD cj having to give that press conference i'm cryjng for her#this is so painful to watch#WHO THE FRICK DECIDED TO DO THIS BEFORE THEY CHOSE A VP THO like this would all be avoided if they had chosen a vp or not kicked out hoynes#toby having to write the second speech makes me insanely depressed#yeah i feel the worst for leo oh my god#they have to find or announce something abt zoey soon right ????????? and jed get back in office???:)$;&( like how long is this gonna last#WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SMOOTHSAILING DONNA JOSH 🙁🙁🙁🤣🥺🥺🙁🥺🙁🥺#OH MT GOD#KG NYGOD#this is more stressful than chuck#well every ep of chuck is stressful but these first two eps are the same level#wait they never said if sam won the 47th or not LMAOO#sam should be here.#IH MY GOD PLEASE PELADE PLEASE ZOEY COME HOME IN SO SERISIYDHCBCNDJFJFJCNCOH MT GOD#this the most intense come home#OH MY GOD SHES ALIVETEHY FOUND HERTHEY FOUND HER OH NTGOD#THANJ GOOD#IM SO RELIEVED OH MT GOD#what the frick is the rest of the season then#crying
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myfeetkeepdancing · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
gif credit: @fassbender
NSFW 18+ NSFW 18+ NSFW 18+
Nathan Drake x Male Reader
Watching someone sleep is an odd experience. When it's a loved one, it's often relaxing, enticing, or a mix of both. An enemy is something different. That element of surprise and growing anticipation of their reaction. That look on their face. A plan finally bearing its fruit. With Nathan, it's a bit of both. Love and hate. An unusual blend. Yet since that last encounter was an exhilarating one. A sort of cat and mouse game. But with different stakes. And strange traditions to grow.
Nathan wasn't easy to find. False names, untraceable transactions, phone calls, and IP addresses. You name it. It took a great deal of your resources and time. But revenge is a dish best served unsuspected.
Nathan sure had spent his money well. The luxurious villa beside the sea was spacious and comfortable. Large windows open up to an ocean-wide view—sunrise over a clear blue sea. The curtains sway with the slightest breeze coming from the windows. While you slowly opened the wooden blinds, rays of sunshine poured into the bedroom. You can already feel the warmth glowing in the room. From a chair far on the opposite side of the room you watch.
Observe the beams of sunlight shining upon the contours of Nathan's body. You can hear him breathing. And yourself. The ruffle of palm trees. The crashing of waves on the beach. For a brief moment, you feel at ease. Calmed by the sounds. But the slightest motion of Nathan keeps you sharp. This was one of the more pleasant ways to wake up, you remind yourself as you recount all the other options.
It takes a good moment for Nathan to awake from his slumber. His brown hair sat curly and ruffled. Classic case of bed hair. You hear him mumble something. And your heart begins racing. Whatever happens next is crucial. Nathan lay on his back. Snoring a little, licking his lips. As he slowly began to wake up. The sun shone directly in his eyes. He seemed at ease and at peace. His chest rose and fell as he breathed slowly. Planting both arms beside him, Nathan pulled himself up, revealing that muscled naked torso. Eyes staring at the blinds. "Morning Nathan." You announce yourself. And his eyes shoot wide open in your direction.
"Wh-...?!" Nathan rocked forward. But a rope on his right hand tightened and yanked him back as viciously as he tried to jump you. "(Y/N)?!" Looking back and forth between the rope and you. "How the hell did you find me?" Nathan desperately searched for the end of the rope which he found tied to the bed. "What's going on? W-What… are you doing here?" Each pull he gave on the rope tightened the knot further and pulled his arm up towards the backboard.
"Good morning to you too, Nathan." And get up from the chair. You take a slow walk to the bed. Stretch out the inevitable. Let Nathan give a false idea of hope. That he has options. "You're not easy to find." Eyeing the views for a moment. "Nice place, though. Shoulda… send a card." Giving him a wink.
"Haha… Yeah. I… eh, I will." He rolled from one side of the bed to the other. Trying to reach anything. "So… eh, to what do I owe this visit?"
"I was thinking how I would call that on my way here. Seeing that we… owe our lives to each other-..." You stand in the middle of the room. Watching Nathan effortlessly fail and try everything. "...-I wanted to introduce a tradition… something which you started."
"Oh no…" He chuckles nervously. "Is that why I'm bound by rope?"
"Certainly." Rubbing your hands together eagerly. "I learned a few tricks since our last encounter."
Nathan's right hand now sat flush against the headboard of the bed. Knot completely locked up. "For a second I thought you were here for a share of my treasure." He said, tilting his head to the side. "I heard you… blew quite the sum."
"I'm still baffled that you could press that button. Knowing I was in there." Crossing your arms, thinking back about that last encounter. Shaking your head in disbelief. "And people keep thinking I blew up my 'brand new' house for insurance money."
"I knew you'd survive." Nathan shrugged and smiled thinly.
"That may be the kindest thing you have ever said to me."
"I'm full of surprises." He winks back. "How about you? What'd you have planned for me?" Scanning the room carefully and thoroughly. "Is there a bomb…?"
"Nah… I'll leave something for next time." The steel watch on your wrist, one size too large on the bracelet gets Nathan's attention quite quickly. "Wouldn't wanna risk blowing it all in one encounter. I like a good… build-up."
"C'mon (Y/N)!" Nathan darted up but was reminded by the knot as he was pulled back again. "Nnngh-Not the watch! Please!"
"Good taste." Flaunting the steel sports watch in the light. It looked expensive and sure was. With a bit of play on the bracelet, you discard it to the table aside. A sigh of relief was heard from Nathan. That wouldn't be the first this morning you chuckle to yourself.
"I'll warn you." He held up a finger to you as you approached the bed. "Even with one arm bound, I can still take you."
"I believe you. I have bruises that prove that much." You say and take seat at the far end of the bed. "You know, you really get to know someone once you've been in their bedroom." With a finger, you slowly peel back the sheets. Taking a peek underneath. You've already seen it. But the theatrical aspect of it all was worth it so much. "Somehow, I imagined you to sleep naked, Nathan."
"I think you're confused between imagining and fantasizing." He sniffled, leaning a bit towards you. This smirk on his face. "Let me guess, you took your chance and nicked one of my undies, didn't you?" Whispering in his hushed voice. Smirk ever-growing.
"I don't know until what time morning wood is a valid excuse…" The slow reveal of what was underneath the sheets was ruined by Nathan. Rolling onto his hip. Trying to occupy himself with the ever-tightening knot. Giving you the rear view. The black shorts masked a beautifully full-shaped pair of buttocks. His back still showed vague hints of bruises. "But I think that ship has sailed. Damn…"
"Shut up… At least gimme a hint." He said with a hint of challenge in his voice and a playful glint in his eyes. Meanwhile, he was trying to pry loose the knot on his wrist, to no avail. Its purpose is to restrain and keep hold. "How does it work? What's the game here?"
"Spare your energy." And pull a blade from your backpocket. "The only way out of that knot is with a knife. Trust me on that." A sense of calm returned to Nathan as he let that sink in.
"How's the head?" He asked after a moment of silence. "Still having trouble sleeping?"
You nod and face away. Nathan's clothes lay draped over the chair. His gun nearby. You emptied it beforehand. As far as you're aware, there weren't any bullets around. Nor knives. Except for the one you were holding. "Your bomb was one of the reasons."
"I'm sorry. I saw the reports." He said quietly. "Want me to put a kiss to it… if you… untie me that is."
"Something that shuts you up wouldn't hurt for the next part… or any really." And move to the other side of his bed. The one free arm still fighting to free the other. Nathan watches you with distrust. Eyes widening as the second knot came into view. "Pretty please…" And command rather than ask. "Your hand."
"What are y-…" Nathan chuckled and let his head hang in defeat as he didn't finish his sentence. Accepting whatever came next as he offered his hand. With quick work you slip the not over and tighten it. Pulling Nathan up against the headboard. Both arms restrained. "Fuckin' hell…" A red blush shot over his cheeks. "W-What… What are you going to do…?"
"I believe you're familiar with these kinds of situations." Patting him playfully on the cheek. "Don't worry." Giving a small kiss to his lips. "It's going to be fun."
"You're such a fucking tease." He scoffs playfully as you pull back just in time for him to kiss you back. "If I'd known…"
"Oh, I know..." Slowly feeling up those thick muscly thighs of his. "Surprise is… part of the fun… we're about to have."
"I could strangle you with those." He offers, not resisting your teasing temptations along his thighs. "If you're into that."
"And I once again believe you." Patting his thighs. "For now, put it on your list. Who knows when… and… if we might run into each other…" Slowly letting your hands glide along his thighs and up to his pelvis. The black shorts didn't lie. A forceful strain was working against it. A cock bulged in all its glory into the fabric.
"You bet we will..." He breathed heavily. "You bet…." Chest rising and falling as he watched eagerly with anticipation.
"I… already… look… forward… to… it." With each word you pressed a kiss to his thigh, gently working inwards. Finishing the last kiss on his stomach. Inches above his underwear while keeping intimate eye contact.
With a sudden move, he throws his legs around your neck. It's rather violent as his feet skid against the back of your head. The motion pulls you in further. Locking you inside his powerful muscles and his pelvis. You anticipated it, and let it happen. "No shoes... on the bed." Nathan smiles as he struggles to maintain the hold on you. The blood he needed so desperately in the muscles was clearly pumped somewhere else. His strength faltered with each fleeting second. If you'd let him, he could flip you over. Seat himself on top of you. And work from there on out.
But his body didn't cooperate. The pressure his muscles exerted on you began to slip. His situation was lost the moment he realized you still have your hands free. He eyes your movement, as one hand cradles his hips. The other reaches behind your back. "Careful now…" And slowly reveal a knife. "This'll set you free."
"Don't you-…" Nathan stuttered and sucked in this nervous breath. Loosening the strain in his muscles. Giving you more freedom of movement. But still close. Very close. "Hold on!" He exclaimed as he breathed heavily, watching you glide the knife's edge along the ridges of his abs. Trying to control his breathing as the point slid from hill to valley across his six-pack. "F-F-Fuck." With little to no pressure on it, you only leave Nathan shuddering and hairs rising on his body. "Y-You know what you're doing…? Right?"
Nathan tried to stay still, control himself as much as possible, as you let the blade bite into the fabric of his underwear. "Do you…?"
The band of his underwear is tight. The blade sharp. The point lethal. Cautiously you let it dance across the fabric. Small strands already began to tear and rip with the slightest pressure. His legs merely dangle across your back. Nathan had surrendered his position to you. Watching you. "C-Carefull… with the… j-jewels." He stammered as he watched the blade slide along his length. The tense and dense strained fabric being the only protection. Small holes begin to tear and from on places where you had stroked the blade along.
"Stay still." With a further warning, you slip the point under the sleeve on his right leg. Nathan froze as the cold steel picked his skin. Wedged between his skin and the black underwear, you begin to work upwards. With each inch you move upwards the bigger Nathan's eyes grow. Holding his breath. A mix of fear and anticipation washed over his face as the blade moved up. Separating the fabric on the sharpest edge. Revealing more skin. More of his cock.
What remains is the band at the top, holding it all together. With the slightest pressure on the inside, the tight band gives way. With a snap it and a sigh of relief it pops into view. Long and girthy. Tall and proud. Nathan's cock.
"You're already breathless." And grin to yourself at your success. Gently putting the knife aside on the mattress. Nathan's eyes dart back and forth. There's not a chance he's able to use it. And he knows it. "Safety first." Mouthing the words as you went down.
Slow and tantalizingly, you let your tongue connect to the underside. Nathan's attention is all yours as you feel the rippling veins glide along your tongue. All the way to the top. His cockhead glistened in anticipation. The look on Nathan's face. His eyes begging you. "-...and I haven't even started."
Tilting your head sideways, you begin kissing the underside again. Slowly letting your lips catch the ridges and wet the deeper crevices. It twitches at your careful touches. Hardening even further. Skin tight and hard under your lips. He's yours, you have to remind yourself. Working up and down several times makes Nathan weak. His legs, as muscled and rugged as they are, you lower them to the mattress. "At… least take something off." Nathan pleaded. "Let me have that."
You love the tone Nathan pleaded. That submissive tone as he hung tied to the bed. Cock rock hard. Pleading for you. Rather than taking in the image of his muscled figure, bound and begging. You let your lips and tongue explore. Feel it. Caress it. Worship almost. That heaving chest rose and fell as you began your journey on the highs and lows of his sixpack. Nustling your nose along the lines as well as your lips. Your tongue tasting it. The discolored skin, the bruises, the groan and moans as you felt it all. With his firm round pecs, those nipples. Hard and ready. This high up already, you feel your body pressed into his. Cock to cock. Trailing the lines of his chest and pecs up to his collarbone. Nathan won't stop you. Won't fight you. Working your way along his neck and up, meeting you with his lips. Fierce and wanting. "It's already warm enough for you… isn't it?"
"You… really upped the game." He grinned, watching you move back to where you began—surprised by the feel of a pillow being propped under his ass.
"Walking the line between life and death changes you..." Reinforcing your words with a lick along the length of his cock. "It's really something..."
"I feel honored to have changed you."
"I feel the same." And with that warning, you bend downwards to his asscheeks—hands cupping the underside of his thighs, spreading them wide open. His beautiful round ass converges into this small puckered hole. It's neat. Small. And looks tight. Your eyes glance up and over for a brief moment, past his cock and along his muscles. Connecting your eyes as you move in. Your nose meets the skin under his balls, lips touching his hole. It's super tense. Nathan's shocks in place as you kiss his hole. His asscheeks fighting back. And the muscles in his legs tensing. But your tongue smooths the resistance out.
It's a simple stroke with pressure on the tip that you work into the hole. Tight is an understatement. His hole doesn't give way. The tip barely goes in. Resistance to strong. You give it your full attention and begin lapping the entire entrance with your tongue. Feeling Nathan shudder under your touch. Heavier and heavier. So much his body gives in to the feeling, legs go dumb, and his asscheeks relax. So does his hole. An incredible moan vibrates through the room as you slather your tongue into his hole. Sucking and wetting it again. Fighting against the resistance. You maul away, eating and suckling away at his hole.
"J-J..-Just fucking go for it." Nathan cursing your name repeatedly. The tough man slowly began to sink into submission. It's only a matter of time. More curses spilled from his lips as he fought against his restraints and conflicted feelings.
Slow and sensual laps of your tongue along and around his hole calmed him down eventually. Just watching and waiting. Wanting. You test the resistance again—this time with your middle finger. Nails short and hands clean. You gently push. Just softly. "Fuck Yeah…" Nathan whimpered immediately as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. His hole tensed on the visitor violating the entrance. Nathan found great pleasure as he lay there moaning. Muscled chest heaving.
But it's just the tip. Your nail was still visible. And you try to push again. Into the resistance. At least deep enough for your nail to disappear. But it won't. Nathan shuddered and moaned from the increasing pressure. Quivering asscheeks and a twitching cock told you more than enough. You pull back and circle his hole with your finger. Tracing along with your tongue. "Again… d-do that… ag-...a-again."
A firm and steady push against his hole let your finger sink in further. It tightened and gripped your finger. Unable to move. You help him ease into it by sending trembles through your finger. That doesn't take long. It loses its tension and accepts you. But you don't stop. Pushing in further. You find enough depth to start penetration. Back and forth, you move your finger. The motion is tense and rugged at first but becomes easier and faster. To mention deeper. All the way up to your knuckle. It's slick and wet. And Nathan loses himself in the motion. Urging you to go faster. Deeper. More. All of it. Everything.
A gaping hole the size of your finger contracts on itself slowly as you pull out. It's mesmerizing to gaze upon. You wait for a few moments, before testing the resistance again. It's become softer. It slides in easier. You don't comment. You just listen to his pleas and curses. In fairness, more pleas turned to begs. The words are half slurred and muttered. But the message is clear. You feel and fill his hole up again. This time your tongue. It's surprisingly wide and accepting from just one finger. You're able to penetrate deep and get in there good.
Nathan's toes curled in on themselves, groaning, losing himself to the sensation. Especially after you push in your thumb. The size does it. The girth rubbing him just the right way. "I'm… cumming." Nathan uttered. "Fuck…"
But no cum came, his cock trembled, and a line of clear substance drooled down his cockhead. His entire body clenched on your motions. That thumb just rubbing him the right way. You can't move it further. But you knew you were close to it—your goal. "Don't break my fingers, Nate."
"I… I don't-…" He muttered through labored breaths. "But… I didn't cum." Gasping for air as he felt your thumb leave.
"Know your body, Nathan." Teasing his hole with your wet fingers, drawing circles around it. "I'm here to show you." Your turn your hand upside down, and with your index and middle finger, you push in. Resistance was futile. They're slick and wet within moments. It only takes Nathan a breath of fresh air to accommodate your fingers. Pushing in further. Curving your finger upwards, you feel him up on the inside. It's somewhere there. You know it.
"Fuck me." Nathan cried out in a curse. "Please…" Turning it into a plea. He lost himself so much, that he rolled his hips into the motion. Wanting it to feel deeper. Fucking himself onto your fingers. Until a sudden burst of cum shot from his slit. Nathan froze and watched himself burst large dollops of cum onto his stomach. This time was a real climax.
You think you got it. You think you found it. It may have brushed your index finger briefly. And it may have cannoned Nathan immediately far over the edge. Again your fingers are locked in that convulsing hole. Tight and warm. Helping him pulse and climax like never before. More exploration was necessary.
"That's… fucking amazing." Nathan sputtered as he came to his senses again. Sucking in the air that he so badly needed. The veins of his cock were swollen and looked ready to burst again. Standing half-mast, but still clearly aroused. You massaged his hole gently with your fingers, letting him come down from this explosive high.
"I think I found it..." And push in. Drilling both your fingers into his violated hole. Wide, gaping, and accepting. Nathan looked at you bewildered. His whole body accepts the next round. Wanting to. As you fingers find purchase within. It's slick and slides easily back and forth. Nathan watches in amazement, and you can see and feel him harden again. The muscles around your fingers tighten and his cock begins to rise again. It's not fully up and running again.
"F-Found… what?" He seems surprised and overwhelmed by his own feelings coming back again. As he stifled a groan from ecstasy. You angle for the right spot. That little spot. A first incidental push pushes sends Nathan shaking again. Just a second later, a substance leaks from his cock. With the muscles contorting on your fingers, it's hard to reach it again. You push again, this time rubbing it. With gentle and well-placed strokes, Nathan locks up again. "I'm cumming… again…" He breathed out with a moan. A milky white substance seeps from his cockhead. In streaks in runs down, seemingly never to end. Pooling on his stomach. As his cock softened. The strings of substance still stuck. His hips were one big mess. Not to mention all the sweat. His body glistened all over. It's gorgeous to look at.
"That's it…." You watch him breathe and gather himself again. His hole was stretched and accepting, yet it pushed your fingers out on its own. "Breathe in… and out." Waiting for him to get down from his high again. You could see the robes had burned into his wrists. The excitement and pleasure were taking their toll on him. His eyes were big. And breathing heavier than before. You could almost see his heart hammering against his chest.
Nathan was consumed by lust and pleasure. Another round was more than welcome, you sensed. You could feel it as you pushed one finger in again. A smile of contentment crept on his face. Groaning through his clenched jaw. Hair stained with sweat, sticking to his forehead. His cock lay soft in the pool of white milky substance. The cum he shot the first round lay still in the crevices of his sixpack. "God… Y-Yes…" He murmured as you moved one finger in and out. Stirring his body into the motion. Rolling his hips with it. "Another finger… p-please…"
You didn't need to do anything. He gasped for air as he rolled his hips onto your finger. Adding the other made him even more happier. Licking his lips, it's almost as if he forgot he was bound. His cock was done for. It hardened a little and grew in length. Rubbing the stain further along his body. But it didn't reach full mast again. You curl your finger into the spot again. And gently rub. "Y-You're making me cum again."
Finding it immediately. The little spot feels firmer than the rest. Stroking it gently again. Making Nathan shudder and shake. He launches himself upwards, but held in place by the ropes, watching his cock twitch. His eyes grow twice the size. Lost in a gaze of pure ecstasy. No cum. Just fluids. His cock pulsed on the spot. Staining little. But not to Nathan. For him, it felt like another orgasm. The air stocked in his throat for a few seconds. Watching his seeming to be orgasm. But then collapses backwards into the mattress. Sucking in the air again.
"I saw… fucking stars…" He stammered. "Dancing… in front of… my eyes." His body looked like a wreck. Short of air. Bodily fluids and life. "Holy shit…"
"You came four times in three minutes." Rubbing your fingers around his hole as Nathan lay there wasted and spet. Staring at the ceiling. "How about the fifth and final?"
"F-u... I don't think I-I.. can take that." He protested, hanging in the restrains. Pulling in the air as fast as he could. Chest rising and falling, the sweat glistening in the sunlight.
"These were only my fingers, Nathan." You lean in and over him, kissing him on the lips. "Can you imagine… Nathan-..." Trialing your finger along his spend body as you left the lingering kiss. His eyes follow you as you return back to your position. "...-what a …cock must feel like?" And massage his entrance again. Your fingers slide in with ease. His eyes flutter for a moment as you massage his insides. Closing his eyes for a moment, you can see him imagining. Relish the thought. And turn to an aggressive drill. Adding your second finger along. "Pounding you… deep inside you…"
"Yes… p-please…" He hampered through his labored breathing, his butt rising from the pillow as you feel another release coming. Nathan shakes, freezes, muscles locked into place. And his prostate was stimulated beyond belief. Again. "I'm… cummin…" And Nathan shakes again. Cock twitches and spurts a bit of fluid onto his stomach. Where it's coming from, you don't know. But it's another streak of fluid added to the mess. Nathan collapses to the mattress with one final moan. His hole pushes out your fingers in the motion. You feel the cramps and pain seeping in. It's numb, and your fingers twitch a little. Their slicked with fluids and stunk a little.
"I don't think you'll be able to walk for the next few hours." You poke his calves and thighs, but find no response whatsoever. Nathan is conscious but somewhere on a different plane of existence. With one of his shirts lying around, you rub your hand clean of wetness. With the knife, you cut the ropes around his wrist. His arms fall spend beside him. "Consider yourself a changed man, Nathan." You whisper in his ear. "That itch down there… it's never going to be the same ever again."
Nathan groaned and protested as the life slowly came back to him. Stars faded away from his vision. And color returned. Mouth sore and dry, a throat like sandpaper. His body tired and worn. Every joint on his body ached. Rubbing his wrists and shoulders, he slowly came to be himself again. "(Y/N)..." Nathan said, his head still spinning. "I w-will find you-…" He sputtered as he fought to get himself on his feet again. At least sit up. His vision somewhat blurry. A shimmer of steel caught his eye, and he saw your smile and the watch disappear on your wrist. "You f-fucker…" But his strength was gone. His legs had given in. His balance was gone. The moment Nathan got himself up to the edge of the mattress, he straight up tumbled forward onto the floor. Smacking face-first into the wooden floor. "I will find… you (Y/N)." He limped onto his back. Watching your contours disappear into the sunlight. "And scratch… e-everything off my list."
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