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#do i need like trigger warning tags
stardustsroses · a year ago
The hypocrisy of parents dissing their child to someone else for “always being locked up in that room” without ever acknowledging that they might just be the very reason that their child’s door is shut in the first place just astounds me to think about.
Think about all the times your child tried to bond with you by sharing something they were passionate about and were treated with silence or an exasperated sigh that they will learn to associate with you being annoyed and thinking they’re a burden. Think about all the times your child caught the middle of a conversation you didn’t even try to muffle where you mock their overly enthusiastic behaviour. Think about all the times your child attempted to bring up how all the above hurt them and your reaction was one or all of the following: a) get angry; b) turn the blame on them; c) make that wide-eyed expression that says “I never did such a thing” or d) take their attempt to talk to you and twist it into them “talking back” or “being disrespectful”, so then you can have one more topic to bring up to a stranger or in a family gathering to make your child look like the bad guy.
Kids aren’t stupid. Kids learn to read you early. If your child sees you scoffing or rolling your eyes everytime they talk about a book they love, a favourite hobby, a band they adore, a victory they’re proud of - whatever it may be - you can be sure your child will begin to share less and less over time. If you ignore them everytime they speak, you can be sure your child will be less likely to open their mouth around you. If you dismiss them, mock them, ignore them, you can be sure your child’s trust in you will crack and eventually shatter. You can’t expect your child to keep jumping over a line that you blatantly drew between you. Jumping gets tiring after a while. 
You can’t expect to turn your back on certain things of your child’s life and then expect them to keep tugging at your sleeve.
You don’t have to like their interests, but you’re the parent. If you demand respect, then show some in return. Show encouragement. Let your child know, politely and kindly, that even if you don’t click with their likes and dislikes, they are still valid. Show patience. It’s not that difficult. 
Don’t even get me started on how this will impact future relationships. Don’t even get me started on how difficult it will become to open up to someone and erase that voice from their mind telling them that their interests don’t matter, that their interests are not good enough - that they’re not good enough. You will teach your child to hide their enthusiasm, their passion, their liveliness, and they will learn to keep it all locked inside their chest and hide away the key where no one can find it because if you, the most important person in their lives, doesn’t care, then why would anyone else? 
It’s not rocket science.
If you close the door on your child, then you best believe they will close their door on you.
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angrybirdcr · 4 months ago
Things that a writer shouldn't have to tell you
I'm deeply sad and concerned over the constant online harassing and bullying that many wonderful writers on this platform have recently experienced. And I'm really worried about how they're feeling after being exposed to so much unncessary and unwarranted hatred. This is what motivates me to unapologetically make this post.
We're all imperfect human beings and as such we all make mistakes. This too applies to story telling. But NOTHING will ever grant readers the right to be abusive in their speech against a writer.
Let's dig in then and see a few different scenarios about this.
🔞Only 18+ Blog! Minors do not interact! We request this out of utter respect towards you and ourselves. When we issue this warning is because we are responsible adults and we dont want minors (underage) to be unnecessarily exposed to topics containing adult situations beyond their understanding and maturity. Neither do we want to become tangled in any legal repercussions it could cause to omit this. It is not our obligation to educate you on these topics nor to teach you about the dangers of the irresponsible use of the internet, yet we still take the time to warn you and beg of you to respect our boundaries.
If you don't like something, then just keep scrolling. It makes absolutely NO SENSE that you read the title or summary of something, that you immediately recognize will make you feel offended or uncomfortable, and for you to STILL going ahead and read it just to later on attack the writer over your own lack of common sense.
If the warnings of a writing upset you, DO NOT PROCEED! It's extremely easy to keep scrolling and/or to block tags and blogs that contain information that you find triggering to you. Once again, DO NOT COME BULLYING A WRITER because you willingly chose to step over your own boundaries and kept on reading.
If you didn't like something you read, then move on! There's no need to fill the writer's inbox with unwarranted negativity over your broken expectations. Feedback is not the same as trashing. Is not the same to say "I hated what you wrote, how could you! (Insert insult here)" as if you said "Oh, No! It was such an unexpected ending!" Or just don't say anything at all. No insults nor passive aggresive comments necessary.
If there is a missing warning that should be considered, then be polite about it! Like I said, we are imperfect, maybe we wrote it late at night, maybe we didn't use a BETA to check over it or maybe we just forgot about it. If you noticed something needs to be added you are more than welcome to properly address the issue. Many have their DMs and inbox open to approach them. But please do not make wrong assumptions and be aggressive about it!! No need to say "(Insert insults and every known expletive know to humanity here)" than saying "Hey! I noticed that you didnt add this X warning on your fic and it made me upset. Could you please make sure to add so others know beforehand? Thank you!" We don't charge for politeness.
If you're confused over the use of a specific term in a fic, please kindly ask about it! We all live in different places around the world and definitions might vary accordingly even if it's the same language. How so? I'll use my own experience as an example. I used the expression "porcelain skin" in one of my reader insert fics, yet I received strong comments that it was a slur and not inclusive enough because apparently it's used to describe "white skin". However, where I live it's an expression commonly used to describe "smooth and soft skin regardless of color". Do you where I'm going with this? Needless to say nor only did I have a nice civilized conversation with the one who approached me about this (despite their original comment, and they even apologized to me for it) but I also proceeded to remove said expression from my fic as to avoid any further confusions about it. To ask a question or to make a simple observation is completely free
If you don't particularly enjoy a writers works and/or blog in general then don't follow them. We won't feel bad or offended if at any given time you stopped enjoying what we share in our blogs, if you think that unfollowing us is the best for you then you can freely do so. BUT why coming into the writers DMs/Inbox with nasty remarks against them? I fail to see the logic in that.
Please DO NOT PRESSURE FOR UPDATES! We all have lives outside this platform, we write for fun and we're not getting paid for it. Although we really appreciate the love and the support, there are better ways to let us know that you still think of that one story we wrote a long time ago. I've received some really sweet requests about it including remarks about their favorite parts of the story. It’s those really encouraging comments what motivates us to get pass writers block to get back to those fics.
Some behaviors are indeed wrong and must be addressed. But again, to go as far as to tell someone to kill themselves over it will never be the answer or solution to it. We all deserve the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to rectify our mistakes. Wishing someone to die is reproachable, as you don't know the state of that person's mental health.
DO NOT PIN US against each other. It's perfectly fine if you have a favorite blogger/writer but please do not go around comparing us with each other or even worse, to fill our inbox with unncessary remarks about it. This too applies if you by any reason have an issue with someone else, it's really disrespectful and uncomfortable to be requested to "have an issue" with them just because you do.
Plagiarism is not nice. We are flattered that you're inspired by our work but it doesn't feel nice to see you being praised over OUR words. It's note worthy, though, that is not the same if we used the same "trope", "kink" and/or "phrase" (language is a universal thing) into our works as taking word by word out of someone else's work and just to stamp your name under it. If you’re ever in doubt about any similarities with other writers work you can always talk about it too, there’s nothing better than a tight knit community where we can all support each other.
Please give credit where is due! Once again, we're really happy that you enjoy our works but if you're gonna use them in your own (an edit into a moodboard, a divider into your fic...) Then please give the due credit to the creators. Any kind of artwork requires time and effort.
I could probably turn this post into a detailed essay but I think that those above-mentioned points cover the main issues thar I felt the need to adress right now. Last but not least, I think that I could summarize this by using the words of Dra. Ana Maria Polo ("Caso Cerrado", Telemundo)
“Be courteous, be careful, educate yourself as much as you can, respect so that you are respected and may God protect us” //
Tumblr media
Pic source here (X)
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gem-femme · 3 months ago
I swear people on this site don’t know what “guilt tripping” means anymore and y’all use it in the worst contexts. It’s also a prime example of how unconscious bias can express itself in people on this site.
Y’all will act like a donation post that consists of someone genuinely and honestly talking about their situation and what their needs are is guilt tripping and that’s so fucked up. I’ve had people tell me I’m guilt tripping when I tell them why they should stop being racist or anti black. It’s another one of those terms tumblr has distorted and bastardized, just like y’all did with “gaslighting” and “abusive”. Just because something someone does or says makes you feel guilty, doesn’t mean they are literally guilt tripping you.
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freedom-of-fanfic · 3 years ago
It doesn't matter if it's reclaimed, it's still A Slur. People need it tagged for various reasons, I need fucking butterflies tagged because otherwise I have panic attacks, like 99% of people don't mind doing that, but as soon as someone says they need q/eer tagged (even though it makes much more sense and is much more widespread in both its use and its negative effects) people throw up in arms
Okay, hold up. This ask is conflating trigger tags/content warning tags with reclaiming slurs and using them as a personal label.
Triggers don’t have to be logical. If someone needs the word ‘queer’ to be tagged for because it gives them panic attacks/flashbacks/other trigger reactions - or even just because it’s an upsetting word to them - they are within their rights to ask for someone to tag it.
But ‘this word is upsetting/triggers me’ is a valid reason to ask for a tag all on its own. ‘Queer’ being Schrodinger’s Slur doesn’t ever have to come into the equation if you need it tagged for emotional/mental health reasons, and it doesn’t have to be remotely reasonable. Brains are weird and pick their hangups at seeming random sometimes.
Otoh, if you want ‘queer’ tagged or censored by someone else *because* you define it as a slur, you should probably be ready for a fight - especially if the person identifies as queer. because consider: you’re functionally telling them ‘that word is only for your oppressors to use against you. trying to take away their power to hurt you with this slur by taking it for yourself is not allowed because I - an unrelated third party - have not chosen to reclaim it myself or feel the word as a reclaimed label does not apply to me. As such, anyone whose experiences may be adjacent to mine should also not use this word in a positive way.’ It’s just invasive. And, if you’re not personally reclaiming ‘queer’, not really your business!
(On that note, I’m curious if you’d feel comfortable telling people who call themselves these other reclaimed or partially-reclaimed slurs that they can’t call themselves that/they need to tag for it/they need to censor the word in their posts because it’s a slur: Dyke. Slut. Whore. Bitch. Even Gay (which, incidentally, was the ubiquitous insult of my youth, treated as synonymous with ‘stupid’.) and this list is far from exhaustive.
I think the reason ppl are primarily going after queer as a reclaimed slur is because of a deliberate effort to ignore & erase the reclamation history of ‘queer’ - a reclamation that was so near-complete (in the US) that college classes were named ‘queer studies’ - so that a label with purposefully fuzzy edges and definition would pass out of common, unquestioned use, making it easier to determine who is ‘allowed’ to be LGBT+ and who isn’t. But that doesn’t mean everyone has to claim queer as an identity or that it hasn’t been used to hurt anyone. I just want people who accept ‘the q word is an unreclaimed slur and always has been’ narratives to think critically about where they got it from.)
The point is: identities are messy, and a lot of minority identities (and ppl in widely denigrated employments, like sex work, and/or nonmonogamous sexually active women and/or ppl misgendered as women in general, etc) have names that are or were slurs. Some people choose to reclaim and own those slurs, and telling them ‘it makes me uncomfortable so please censor your label’ is kinda shitty.
So if someone uses a word as a label that you cannot stand to see, even in the context of being reclaimed as a self-identifier/proud label, you should probably just block that person so you can’t see it anymore. You can also use blacklist functions and tumblr’s tag filtering features to help you avoid slurs being used as reclaimed labels. (And This is also where I remind people - including myself - to carefully consider what to censor with asterisks or slashes b/c doing so can put triggers past blacklist functions. and remember to tag if you do choose to censor certain words.)
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losingmymindtonight · a year ago
Tumblr media
@tonystarkstan & I keep a Google Doc of our headcanons. was scrolling back through it today. I despise us.
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pro-heroes-month · 3 years ago
Pro-Heroes Month! Sept, 2018
Tumblr media
Hello! I would like to extend the invitation for many of the BNHA fandom to participate in a fun-filled, and possibly challenging, event.
When: September, 2018
Who: Everyone who would like to make content 
This can be done via any media- drawing, graphics, cosplay, fanfic, etc. 
Skill level is of no importance. Please remember to be kind to yourself and to try your best.
Why: I have noticed there has been a lot of hate and drama going around in the BNHA fandom. This is to be expected in any large fandom, but it has been growing as of late. I would like to try and spark something more positive for others who have been overwhelmed, and to have others connect who would have never been able to previously. So what better way than to praise the pro-heroes of BNHA that we respect, admire, love, and try to emulate? 
Please make sure to check out this main blog, as it has important information regarding: 
The specifics of the dates, 
Rules of the event,
Tags that I have already planned, 
(some will, of course, be added to keep all content organized) 
Questions you may have that are already answered. 
The ask box is open, as well as the messenger, if you have any questions.
If you would like to participate, all you need to do is make content for the day(s) you would like. I ask of you to tag your posts with the following:
“pro heroes month”
So that I can find and reblog your work, and others can also view it.
This tag is for SFW content ONLY!
The characters of this content, so others can find it regardless of event.
Any ship that it may involve so I can know what to tag it as appropriately.
Trigger warnings for anyone who may need them.
“pro heroes off duty”
This tag is specifically for N-SF.W content, and will go to our other blog.
I don’t want to stifle anyone’s creativity, so I understand that things of this nature may be made, and that’s okay- but please, be tasteful.
Please do NOT tag a post with both pro heroes tags, only the one corresponding to the content!
The basic calendar of the event is under the read more.
Thank you so much! I hope to see your work in September, as well as the fun you’ve had and growth you’ve made at the end! 
Tumblr media
These are the prompts I have come up with for each day- I hope you enjoy them! 
They are vague ideas because I want people to be able to be as creative as they would like. There is no wrong way to incorporate your work into the themes of a specific day- just have fun!
For more information about these prompts, or for further examples if you need more structure, please go to the “calendar” tab of our blog!
I implore you to look at the other tabs of this blog, as there is important information regarding what triggers I will tag, the rules of the event, any questions you may have that are already answered, as well as the askbox.
Mobile links are also provided if you’re not a big fan of the tab system incorporated into this theme.
Thank you for your further interest!
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fictober-event · 2 years ago
For all the new people following the blog, here are the prompts again for 2018.
Tag your posts with #fictober18. Please state if your entry is original fiction or fanfiction and what fandom at the top. State common warnings and triggers at the top and tag accordingly. I reserve the right to not reblog fics that I find inappropriate. 
“Can you feel this?”
“People like you have no imagination.”
“How can I trust you?”
“Will that be all?”
“Take what you need.”
“I heard enough, this ends now.”
“No worries, we still have time.”
“I know you do.”
“You shouldn’t have come here.”
“You think this troubles me?”
“But I will never forget!”
“Who could do this?”
“Try harder, next time.”
“Some people call this wisdom.”
“I thought you had forgotten.”
“This is gonna be so much fun!”
“I’ll tell you but you’re not gonna like it.”
“You should have seen it.”
“Oh please, like this is the worst I have done.”
“I hope you have a speech prepared.”
“Impressive, truly.”
“I know how you love to play games.”
“This is not new, it only feels like it.”
“You knows this, you know this to be true.”
“Go forward, do not stray.”
“But if you cannot see it, is it really there?”
“Remember, you have to remember.”
“I felt it. You know what I mean.”
“At least it can’t get any worse.”
“Do we really have to do this again?”
“I’ve waited so long for this.”
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twelveclara · 2 years ago
okay this is the last i wanna talk about this but this shit with hitting the pavement is the literal reason wlw are wary of men in our spaces. like. this dude wrote a somewhat popular (or at least followed) fic, billed as just a college au where blake and yang sort of overcome their demons and fall in love and whatever. he put zero warning tags, ensuring plenty of people would read it who otherwise might’ve avoided it. and then he apparently 2 chapters - the first of which was blake and yang finally escaping, saying they loved each other, thinking they were free (and ending it with a small author’s note saying “all the warnings” for next chapter, which was vague and completely unhelpful, especially if you did what i did which was not realize that two chapters were posted back to back and go immediately to the latest one) - and the last of which was adam brutally murdering yang, blake giving in 100% to her abuser without a fight despite spending the fic up until that point attempting to heal, and blake leaving yang’s body and going with adam because “it was what she deserved.” 
with zero. warning. tags.
i don’t know what this dude was thinking. my top theories at the moment are that he really fucking hates wlw, is an adam sympathizer or at the very least has quite the hard-on for him, and just didn’t give a fuck about the atrocity he was committing with his ending. likely all three. he didn’t care about what it would do to wlw who read it, didn’t care about triggering people, just wanted the widest possible audience.
i’m hoping i don’t need to explain all the fucked up things about that ending, or about what the author did. i’m hoping y’all are smart enough to recognize that showcasing an f/f couple as happy and in love before brutally murdering one of them immediately after and saying it’s impossible to overcome abuse is extremely damaging. i’m hoping y’all understand that this is a male issue because actual wlw aren’t writing this shit, untagged, and likely don’t want to see themselves fucking murdered anyway. and even if they did write something like it, i’m confident it would’ve been gone about in a wildly different manner.
the bumbleby tag is full of men writing abuse porn. it doesn’t even have to be actual porn. it’s torture, it’s abuse, it’s men who have no business writing this shit writing it anyway because there’s just something they love about destroying f/f ships and queer female characters. so i don’t care if you’re a straight man and your feelings are hurt because a wlw in this fandom says “ugh straight men at the worst/leave us alone/you don’t belong here/etc.” we have reasons for wanting that and thinking it, and it’s because people like you literally make us unsafe. y’all want to consume us but you don’t want to respect or protect us and i’ve had enough. so until you decide to police yourselves, until you police each other and call each other out for sick behavior, i just don’t want to hear it and i don’t want to waste my time having to comfort you. look at the shit we face every day here and think. is it really all the wlw you should be complaining to for sympathy or should you maybe go find someone like you who’s spouting damaging rhetoric, writing, content, and say, hey, one straight man to another, this isn’t your fucking place. 
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justsomewritingprompts · 2 years ago
Justsomewritingprompts’s Writing Challenge!!
Hello and welcome to this years writing challenge! Following are a few rules for the challenge but feel free to send in any questions after reading through!
1. Due Date January 1, 2019
2. From the lists below, pick 1 object, 1 setting, and 1 quote
          - More than 1 of each may be chosen but you must have at least 1 from each category!
          - You must use the quote in your story
3. Please send in an ask or message with your choices
          - Do not use anon unless you include a blog name!
4. Tell me what fandom you will be writing for or if you will be using OCs
5. When posting, please tag @justsomewritingprompts 
          - If you are not sure if I have received your submission feel free to message me or send me an ask
6. Your story may be any genre and does not have to be romantic but if your story contains smut or triggering content please tag it accordingly so when I make the masterlist post I can put warnings in!
          - You may do any pairing, character x reader, character x character, OC x OC, character x OC. Any of those or any other type of pairing you can think of
7. Can be as long as you would like, please just aim for over 200 words total
8. Please let me know if you need a time extension!
9. This is not a competition!
10. Have fun! Happy Writing!
(Prompt lists below the cut)
1. “Don’t touch me!”
2. “You’ve got a little something right there... on your nose”
3. “I can’t believe how good you look right now”
4. Stop... Go, you’re sleeping on the couch tonight”
5. “You should wear my clothes more often”
6. “Look! I bought a puppy!”
7. “Your hands are so cold!”
8. “Shh, I’m sleeping”
9. “That looks cute on you”
10. “This hot chocolate is sweet, but not as sweet as you”
11. “Can we just take a nap instead?”
12. “Let’s dance”
13. “I’ll make popcorn, you start the movie”
14. “Hey! Give me my sweatshirt back!”
15. “How about we order take out instead?”
16. “I’m done waiting on you!”
17. “Let’s just stay in and relax tonight”
18. “Please don’t cry”
19. “It’s about time you answered your phone!”
20. “You can do better than that!”
21. “I cannot begin to tell you how much you mean to me”
22. “I’m going to freeze to death”
23. “I can’t believe I fell in love with you”
24. “You’re too good to me”
25. “I really need a hug right now”
26. “I just think we could make each other happy”
27. “Can we just watch movies and cuddle?”
28. “Let’s make snow angels!”
29. “Go buy me coffee and then I’ll forgive you”
30. “I love you more than you’ll ever know”
1. Flowers
2. Perfume
3. Ring
4. Camera
5. Scrapbook
6. Blankets
7. Pillow Fort
8. Sweaters
9. Fire Works
10. Video Games
11. Hand Written Notes
12. Candles
13. Stuffed Animals
14. Ice Cream
15. Dog Collar
16. Movies
17. Popcorn
18. Winter Coats
19. Necklace
20. Hot Chocolate
21. Whipped Cream
22. Popsicles
23. Holiday Cookies
24. Chocolate Sauce
25. Pregnancy Test
26. Guitar
27. Pumpkins
28. Paper Airplanes
29. Pajamas
30. Bracelet
1. Study Date
2. Pumpkin Carving
3. Coffee Date
4. Carnival
5. Movie Night
6. Hot Summer Day
7. Ski Trip
8. Holiday Decorating
9. Long Walks
10. Playing in the Snow
11. Lazy Mornings
12. Family Dinner
13. Halloween Party
14. Christmas Morning
15. New Year’s Kiss
16. Proposal in the Rain
17. Date Night
18. House Hunting
19. First Kiss
20. Birthday Party
21. Game Night
22. Moving in Together
23. Late Night Talks
24. Babysitting
25. Anniversary Dinner Date
26. Thanksgiving Day
27. Haunted House
28. Summer Vacation
29. Hiking/Camping
30. Meeting the Parents
Tagging: @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester, @waytooinlovewithharrypotter, @drewharddrive, @trumpetsaretheworst, @renee561, @non-the-patient, @thewackywriter 
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netheritenugget · 5 months ago
How To Fandom
Okay I’ve been really really wanting to write a masterpost about how to stay sane on this website for a while now, and I think it’s time.
So You Joined The Dream SMP Fandom/Basically Any Fandom.  You Feel Like You Are In Hell.  How Do You Keep Sane?
The block button is your friend.  Unless the person who has been blocked tries messaging you or interacting with your posts, then they’ll never find out they’ve been blocked.  You can also do something called “softblocking,” which is blocking and then unblocking them to make them unfollow you.  Chances are they might not even notice you’re no longer on their feed.  Block people who annoy you.  Block people who give you bad vibes.  Block everyone and anyone who makes you uncomfy.  It’s worth it.
Tag filter tag filter tag filter.  Tumblr has its own tag filtering option.  If you block the word “gore” it won’t block “gore tw” but it’s good to use because it will synch all your filtered tags between mobile and desktop.
If you use Chrome, you should install the New Xkit extension.  It has lots of different filtering options, like the option to block individual posts and all variations of them, blacklist words, hide advertisements, and more.  There’s also additional accessibility options.  Seriously I cannot reccomend being able to block posts enough, it’s extremely helpful for clearing your feed of the same annoying rants that keep popping up over and over again.
Turn off anon unless you’re comfortable with having it on.  Anon is a nice way for friendly shy people to message you, yes, but it’s not worth it if there’s people flooding your inbox with hate.  You are not a coward for wanting to see the faces of the people who felt the need to take the time out of their day to bait and harass you.  Anons harassing you this way want you to post their answers for others to see, because if it was just about making you feel bad, they’d PM you directly to tell you how much they hate you.  No, it’s about the fact that they can do it with zero repercussions.  Don’t let them get the chance.
Take breaks.  Log out of the app and have some food and water.
If you see a post that makes you angry, ask yourself if seeing the same topic in a week will make you just as angry.  Ask yourself if it’s worth it to spread that anger to others.  Is the information in the post verifiable?  Does it need repeating?  If the answer to any of these questions is “no” I suggest not spreading it.
If you’re about to argue with someone over their stupid opinions, ask yourself...  “Will this argument die out after five minutes?  Am I prepared if it goes on longer than that?  Is this person probably too stupid to comprehend that they’re a moron?” and if the answer is “yes” then just take the moral high ground and leave.
If you have a post you’re not sure about (maybe it’s controversial, or maybe you’re just feeling extra anxious today), save it to your drafts and come back to it later.  It may also help you find typos.
Posts that have already been made can be changed to “private” which will allow you to see them, but nobody else.
Alright Those Are Cool Tips!  How Do You Make Tumblr Better For Others?
Be respectful of other’s boundaries.  Unless you’re friends with a blog, do not assume they’re comfortable talking about absolutely everything with you.  The big blogs on this site don’t have social media managers, they’re not therapists, they’re just normal people who didn’t need to wake up to requests for feet pics.  Please be nice to them.
Don’t put unrelated character tags on your posts, it’s especially rude when I’m scrolling through the Eret tag and see unrelated fanart of different characters entirely.
Leave the “#m*neblr” and “#m*necraft” tags alone.  It’s not for us.  Use “#mcyt.”
When you trigger tag things like seizure warnings make sure you’re actually using the correct tag for such things.  For example if you’re tagging gifs for epilepsy warnings, “#epilepsy warning” is better than “#epilepsy” since the first tag is a warning, and the second tag is just the name of the medical condition itself. (Don’t have epilepsy, it’s just a good example)
I love it when people leave nice things on my posts!!  I love it so much!!!!! Putting things in the tags is nice if you think your comment might be cluttering, but you want others to see it don’t be shy about slapping it into the reblogs :)
Remember that there is a myriad of reasons someone might not have answered an ask you sent!  Tumblr really does eat asks sometimes for unknown reasons, the contents might not have made the recipient comfy, or they might have cleaned the inbox out, or they just might not have wanted to answer it.  The recipient might not be comfortable with you sending an ask about where the first one went, but if they are, please be polite and know they don’t have to answer you if they don’t want to!!
Sometimes fandom drama can get out of hand.  You know the author of the Dream Apologist Manifesto?  They got death threats.  Don’t contribute to harassment, no matter how much you think it’s deserved.  Don’t be that guy.
If anyone else has anything useful to add, feel free!
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mossofthewoodsjewelry · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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Experimented for the first time this week with electroplating organic stuff - which is half the reason I decided to learn how to do this in the first place! I thought it was fitting to start with some of the dried Yarrow stalks I’ve had sitting on my shelf for a year.
I’m going to keep this one because the bail isn’t affixed with anything and I suspect a stiff breeze will break it off the stem, but I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to incorporate these elements into future pieces, when I feel like making more elaborate art pieces!
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devildomsexting · 3 months ago
Okay so this is kinda dark and tooooootally wasn’t a venting comfort chat for me when I was asked to pack up my stuff and leave before my two weeks was up....
Belphie has always got your back 🥰
Warnings; murder planning, mentions of racism and homophobia, mentions of physical and psychological torture (see tags for notes)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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laketaj24 · 3 years ago
Loaded: Dark!Ivar
A/N: Another Thirst💦👅Day Request!!This fic is dark. If I tagged you in this and you don’t want to be tagged in dark fics as such, I sincerely apologize. Triggers in tags and listed below.
Warnings: Gunplay
Request: Okay for your thirsty day, what about gun kink + Ivar? I mean, Ivar notices that his girl got a bit too excited seeing him holding a gun and then he fucks her while the gun in pointed to her head and/or make her suck the gun like if it was his cock. This is weird, I know you don't need to do it, if you don't feel comfortable to. 🤐- @akamaiden
Tumblr media
“I say we should rob this place next Saturday evening. The guard sleeps at two in the morning which means that we will be able to get in no questions asked.” Ivar says with a certainty that kind of makes yu squirm. You knew what you had got into with the Lothbroks. They weren’t known for being a good family and that was fine.
Bjorn shakes his head in agreement peering out of Ivar’s apartment window. “Alright, that works for me, Ubbe, Sig, Hvit?”
“Yeah,” They all say at the same time. Ubbe stands sliding his coat onto his arms. “We have a few things to do tonight. You two rest up and make sure that you get the rent from the tenants tomorrow. You’re not living here fucking rent free.” He pushes his younger brother’s head and leaves the apartment with the rest of them.
Ivar locks the door behind him. “They really get on my damn nerves.” He gripes retrieving his gun from his middle back and putting on the safety. He watches as you push your legs together and your lips part slightly. “Hmmm.” He smiles walking closer to you. “You like my gun?”
“Yeah, guns are intriguing.”
“They are weapons.” He pulls you up from your seat. “Shall we play?”
He takes he barrel of the gun and traces it across your jawline and with his other hand he’s wrapped your hair around his finger pulling you closer to him. “I want to make you come with it.” He breathes into your ear. He peppers kisses down your cheek drawing the gun down your chest. The cold of the barrel sends a chill through your body causing your heart flutter. “I think it would be nice to fuck you with it hmm?”
Your heart is drowning out your thoughts and you don’t even realize you’re not in the living room anymore your on your bed watching your own chest rise and fall as he hovers over you. Ivar had always been dark, but with this gun he seemed darker. His eyes twinkling with excitement while fear poured from you in waves. You’re naked before him and he once again drags the gun from cheek to neck down the middle of your chest to your cli. He starts slow allowing you to get used to the tinge of the cold metal. You buckle from the bed nervous and awakened.
“How does it feel?” He whispers tossing the gun beside you on the bed as he strokes himself a few times biting his lip then swiping is tongue over them. You didn’t want to admit you were soaked and could feel your excitement pooling in you. Ivar climbs over you kissing your lips. “You liked it didn’t you? Tell me.” His initial thrust n you is sharp and planned. You rock under him twisting your hips. “You’re a minx.” He breathes with flickering eyes and then you see him reaching for the gun and you yelp as the barrel is pointed to your head and his space increases.
“You like it?” He slammed into you. “Knowing I could end it all at any time.” Your walls clutch around him and you can’t believe it, perhaps it was the rush of adrenaline but your there already whimpering and screaming in his ear as your orgasm rains over you. Ivar drops the gun smiling at you as if everything is a game and you realize the man you love fears nothing, including death. He pushes your legs back next to your head fucking you deeper and your arms are locked beneath him. Ivar roars in your ear pulsating inside of you until he’s flaccid and you shake trying decide if it’s from the sex or him in general.
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ao3commentoftheday · a year ago
What is your opinion on writers who only use the compulsory ao3 warnings but never warn for triggers in the tags?
They’re well within the terms of service to do just that. They might end up losing some readers by doing that, but that’s their choice and I’m not about to try to make it for them.
I’m perfectly alright with not clicking into their works unless someone else reads it first and tells me I’ll be okay. I might miss out on stories I’d like, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take in order to take care of myself.
If I need tags and they don’t use tags then they’re not the writer for me and I’m not the audience they’re aiming at. No need to go any deeper than that. 
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promptioweek · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Promptio Week 2018! June 25 - July 1
Prompts: Day 1 - Cooking/Crownsguard Day 2 - Lost and Found/Beach Day 3 - Lullaby/Lesson Day 4 - Verse 2 AU*/Flowers Day 5 - Putting on a Show/Frozen Day 6 - Breaking Point/Gunpowder Day 7 - Better Together/Free Day/Catch Up Day
*verse 2 au refers to the alternate ending we learn about in Episode Ignis
Like before, these are just to help you get ideas so interpret however you wish. You can pick one, combine them, make any an AU, whatever you wish to do! Have an idea that’s not really related to the prompts or got behind and want to do a previous day? Post on free day!
This time I ask that we tag as Promptioweek18 and also that you please @ me that way I don’t miss anything :)
- Please tag your work if it is nsfw or if it needs any trigger warnings and put things under the cut if needed.
- New works only, please! (If it is a new chapter to an already existing story/comic/etc that is okay)
- All works are welcome! Fanfiction, art, edits, playlists, etc!
- Have fun!
Can’t wait to share the Promptio love this year! Thank you all for participating! ^_^
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serizawaweek2021 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Hello Mob Psycho fandom! Whether you follow the anime only or know the manga, we welcome everyone to celebrate the 30-year-old esper who just wants to have friends and be good to people - Serizawa Katsuya! The character week will run from August 1 - 7, 2019.
The daily prompts are:
Day 1 (Aug 1) - Comfort | Bonds Day 2 (Aug 2) - Power | Emotions Day 3 (Aug 3) - Fashion | Transformation Day 4 (Aug 4) - Past | Future Day 5 (Aug 5) - Elemental | Weather Day 6 (Aug 6) - Values | Secrets Day 7 (Aug 7) - AUs | Free Day
And importantly, here are the rules and guidelines.
Please tag all entries with #serizawaweek or #serizawaweek2019 in the first five (5) tags so we can find it and reblog it here.
All kind of contents - art, fanfic, playlists, amv, cosplay, graphics, etc. - are accepted, but they must be your own creation.
The prompts are there to provide inspiration. Feel free to create something outside of the prompts.
Any other MP100 characters are allowed, but keep content Serizawa focused.
Shipping content are allowed. We like seeing Serizawa happy and being loved! Ship hates and ship bashing will not be tolerated.
Absolutely no romantic ships featuring underage w/ a canon minor (i.e. Shou or Mob), incest, or abuse (i.e. SeriTou) will be permitted. No exceptions.
To keep the event all age friendly, please do not submit NSFW content.
If needed, please tag for content warnings such as excessive violence, abuse/manipulation, or other triggering materials.
Have fun! Let’s celebrate everyone’s beloved strong and kindhearted esper.
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