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Tumblr media
“Then Maedhros alone stood aside, but Fëanor caused fire to be set to the white ships of the Teleri.”
I’m experiencing Silmarillion feels again somebody help
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Worth The Wait
Pairings: Rook X Reader
Warnings/Tags: Y/N is a virgin, loss of virginity, friends to lovers
“Yo, Kells. Can I talk to you for a minute, man?” Rook asks, walking into the kitchen where Colson’s getting himself a snack from the fruit bowl on the counter. 
“Of course dawg, what’s up?” He answers, picking up an orange. “Want one?”
Rook holds up his hand and Colson tosses it to him. He catches it but instead of peeling it to enjoy as Colson is, he just places it in front of him on the counter; he has something on his mind.
“So you know my friend Y/N?” Rook starts.
“The one you have a thing for.” Colson states it as fact, popping an orange segment into his mouth. He knows Rook way too well. 
“You’re not helping!” Rook snaps. “But yeah that plays into my predicament,” he admits.
“I fucking knew it!” Colson boasts proudly. “Wait, what predicament?”
“If you’d shut the fuck up for five seconds, I’m trying to tell you!” 
“Damn, dawg, alright.” Colson hops up to sit on the edge of the counter to listen to his friend.
“Well, apparently she’s a virgin and —“
“Like an Anal virgin?” Kells interrupts.
“For the love of God, can you think with your brain and not your dick for once!” Rook exclaims, getting frustrated; his face twisting up into an annoyed expression. “No dude, a regular-ass, virgin!”
“Heeehee you said ‘ass virgin’,” Colson snickers immaturely. “But seriously, there’s no way! She’s fucking smokin’! How? Why?” Colson asks, in disbelief.
“ I dunno, I froze when she told me …. she said she wants ME to be the one to take her virginity!”
“Oh shit! That’s tight dude.” Colson puts his hand up for a high-five.
“I’m not tryna celebrate here, I’m trying to ask for advice.” Rook admits, smacking Colson’s hand down.
 “What do you need advice for? You know how to fuck! She's the virgin here, not you, dawg,” Colson laughs. “So when you doing it?”
“When?!” Rook exclaims in frustration. “I haven’t even decided if I am yet, and you’re not helping!”
“I’m sorry man, but, you lost me at, trying to decide.. if you ..should... fuck a.. hott girl.. who.. literally.. asked you to fuck her?” Colson says, confused, tracing a finger through the air as if he’s trying to solve an invisible math equation.
“Forget it dude, I should've known you were the wrong person to talk about this with,” Rook scoffs. “Where’s Mod?” 
“Aww that’s so sweet, she trusts you bro,” Mod says, placing a hand on Rook's shoulder, after Rook found him and explained the situation to him. 
“Thank you, that’s the point I was trying to get to with Kells; she obviously trusts me and I don’t want to like betray her or whatever by not admitting my feelings first, but I also don’t want to fuck up our friendship, by telling her my feelings.”
“I think you gotta tell her, dude.” Mod suggests “Even if it means she changes her mind about you taking her virginity. But I think your friendship will be okay; like I said she obviously trusts you and has an important connection with you or she wouldn’t have even asked for you to be the one. She chose you for a reason.”
“ Yeah, man, you’re right. It’s the right thing to do.” Rook agrees. “We’re supposed to go out for dinner tonight and then go back to her place. I still wanna take her out though. I’ll tell her during dinner.”
“ Hey, you alright? You seem unusually quiet.” You ask Rook over dinner. “Nervous,” you tease him playfully, poking him in the arm. “If anyone should be nervous it’s me, silly! But I know I’m in good hands, you're the only person I feel I can trust my body with. It’s like ever since I went through puberty yearsss ago, every guy I’ve ever interacted with since had just been trying to get into my pants — every guy but you. I can see through all their intentions, with their lavish gifts, sweet talk, swindling and manipulation. I know they’re only after one thing, so I’ve never let myself trust a single man with my body. But you —  you’re different. You’ve always been there for me, always respected me, listened to me, hung out with me ; and not because you expected my body in return, but because you're genuinely a good guy. But—“  you stop to take a deep breath. “I have to be honest with you — and I completely understand if you change your mind about tonight after I say this — but I think I’ve fallen for you.”
“Oh, thank god!” Rook sighs, almost laughing with relief; a huge weight lifted off his chest. “I’ve been so quiet because I’ve been trying to come up with a way to tell you that I’ve fallen for you,” he reaches out for your hand “and I didn’t want to go through with tonight unless I told you first— I couldn’t betray your trust like that, and the more you talked me up, the more guilty I felt about having not told you yet—“
“Hey—“ you smile, breaking  him from his ramblings. “You wanna get out of here?” 
“Hell yes,” he stands, opening his wallet to throw a hundred dollar bill on the table as you tug him towards the exit. “That should cover it.”
His lips on your neck feel like heaven, each tender kiss a ‘little death’ of its own. “Is this okay?” He breathes against your flesh as one of his tattooed hands slips under your bra— both of your shirts lost long before the two of you even made it to your bed.
“Mmm, perfect,” you respond breathily, with your head tipped  back and chest arching off the bed into his touch as you reach behind you removing your bra. 
“No, these are perfect!” He smiles, cupping both your breasts— one in each tatted up hand.  He kisses down your chest, pausing momentarily to lick between the valley of your fleshy mounds his hands are encompassing, before continuing downward, stopping only when he gets to the waistband of your pants. “Did you .. um want me to— “ he swallows thickly the words ‘eat you out’ caught in his throat.
“Let’s save that for another day,” you smirk, sitting up and fumbling with his belt . “You have a condom? You ask, unzipping his pants. “Sorry,” you laugh, apologizing  for your eagerness. “I’ve waited way too long for this.”
“No worries at all,” he smirks with a slight chuckle. “Yeah, I got one, he reaches into his back pocket pulling out his wallet. He opens it, retrieving the gold foil packet and brings it to his mouth. Gently he takes hold of the edge with his teeth as he quickly sheds his pants and boxers, tossing them both to the floor along with his wallet. He blushes, noticing you taking in the sight just below his Marilyn Monroe tattoo, as you quickly strip out of your remaining clothing as well. 
“Let me—” you boldly reach for the condom packet, plucking it from between his teeth. Cautiously you tear it open, and remove the slippery sheath, silently berating yourself as you struggle to remember the right orientation to roll it on. 
“Other way,” he corrects you, as you bring it to his tip. “Turn it around.”
“Sorry,” your face flushes red. “I’ve only done this once and it was on a banana in like 9th grade health class,” you laugh, flipping it over.
“That’s perfectly fine,” he cracks a smile,  looking down at you. “Mmmm, shit!” he hums under his breath, feeling you roll it down his hardened  length with a few quick strokes. With his ink adorned fingers he parts your shy legs, getting a good look at you for the first time. “Fuck, look at you all ready for me,” he admires your wetness while softly stroking your already engorged clit with his thumb; the excited bud peeking out past your folds. You let out a small whine at the sensation and Rook’s eyes flick to yours, watching as they flutter with every swipe of his thumb. “Ready? He pauses to ask.
“Yeah,” you coyly pull your bottom lip between your teeth. 
There’s a split second before either of you make the next move where you’re lost in each other’s eyes; your entire friendship having led you two to this very moment. The trance is broken when you both quickly go in for a kiss at the same time, bumping heads.
“Sorry!” You echo each other with a laugh, rubbing at your heads.
“Let’s try this again,” he snickers. 
With his cock in his hand, his bottom lip ghosts against yours in a breathy kiss while he slowly enters you. Your tongues write unspoken words in each other’s mouths as he sets an unhurried and gentle rhythm, remembering it was your first time.
“I appreciate you being gentle with me but, you won’t hurt me I promise. I may be a virgin but I definitely own my fair share of toys,” You whisper seductively in his ear before allowing your tongue to slither amongst the serpents of his Medusa tattoo.
“Oh. Oh shit, okay” he smirks, quickening his pace to match his rapid heartbeat.
“Fuck, John, just like that!” You wrap your legs around him, your heels digging into the flesh of his ass, briefly anchoring him deep inside you.
“God!” he lets out a shrill whine. “I never thought in a million years I’d get to hear you say my name like that.”
“And I never thought I would ever hear whine like that,” you tease. 
“Shut up,” he laughs, kissing you before you can notice the embarrassed hue of his cheeks; the playful banter so typical of your friendship. 
Your lips and bodies smack against each other,  hungrily chasing the sweet peak of release that’s starting to mount up in you both. You arch your hips off the bed, meeting his thrusts half-way, increasing the depth of his penetration.
Using his neck as leverage you pull yourself up; your nails leaving halfmoon tracks on his nape. “So close, John. Don’t stop.” You press your forehead to his.
“I’m not stopping ‘til you cum,” he huffs into your mouth as he kisses you with the passion and focus of an Olympian.
“Almost — oh shit, yes! Yes! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” You cry out in euphoric bliss; the orgasm far more intense than the ones you’ve had solo.
It’s not long before his own fluid desire surges down the length of his shaft, filling the condom. You momentarily ride out your highs together before he pulls out and disposes of the condom in the small waste basket beside your bed.
“I hope that lived up to your expectations,” he says out of breath with a smile, as he flops back down next to you. 
“It was perfect,” you return the smile as you settle into an embrace. “Definitely worth the wait.”
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stay (just stay) | fleabagnatural part five | 4.1k | rated: M | ao3 link
previous parts
as always, a huge thank you to @cowboydiaz for enabling this whole thing and just being an awesome friend. this is the penultimate part so buckle in folks
“But...dude, it’s perfect!”
"It's perfect. I've only said four things in life were perfect. Star Trek Voyager, David Tennant as Doctor Who, the cherry pie you bake every year for Thanksgiving and this."
"Fine, stick it on the wall.” Dean said with a sigh as Charlie ‘whooped’ loudly. He watched with bemusement as she dragged a chair over to the crowded wall, climbed up, took a moment then hung a framed print on a ready nail.
“See? Perfect.” She said smugly.
“I’d say I can’t believe you ordered a picture of Dorothy dressed as Princess Leia but I can believe it,” Dean said with a shake of his head as he returned to cleaning the coffee machine. Moments later Charlie returned and hopped up onto the counter. “Hey, ass off.”
“Shut up, I showered this morning.” Charlie retorted as she looked around the cafe. “I don’t care what people say, this place has the best theme in all of Kansas.”
“You know, Sam says it’s weird.”
“Sam married Ruby, his opinion doesn’t matter. Is he gonna be at the barbecue on Sunday?”
(more under cut + tag list)
“Yeah, he’s had his orders from Mom. Apparently, she’s got ‘Big News’”
“Big news? Sounds...important.”
“Yeah, and she wants the whole family there.”
“She knows I’m gonna be there, right?”
“Shut up, you’re family.”
“You get sappy when cleaning the coffee machine. All this work is making me hungry, want me to run down the street to the diner? Double cheeseburgers, extra pickles?” Charlie said, hopping down from the counter and grabbing her beaten up messenger bag. “It’s on me.”
“You’re the most awesome best friend a guy could ask for. What would I do without you?”
“Spiral into an endless pit of depression, lock yourself away from the world for two years, ruin every single relationship in your life then fall in love with an Irish priest. Face it, Dean, your life is fucked.”
“What did you say?” Dean asked, turning to Charlie and almost recoiling when he saw the window glass embedded in her skin. “Charlie?”
“Your life is fucked. You’ve got me for another two months tops then I’m gone. Dust. You’ll be all alone.” Charlie said as Dean’s ears began to buzz.
“No, please Charlie. Don’t...just, don’t.”
“Dean, your phone.”
“Your phone. It’s ringing. Answer it.”
“Dean! Answer the phone.” Charlie said, whacking Dean on the arm as he jolted awake.
Just a dream. Just a dream. It was just a dream. Just memories wrapped up in a shitty dream.  
The warm looking bedroom was quiet save for the buzz coming from the floor. Dean groaned before realising he wasn’t in his own room. He wasn’t in his own room and there was a very naked Irish priest lying next to him, tan and muscular arm slung across Dean’s middle. Cas looked peaceful as he slept, though his hair looked even more unmanageable than usual.
The buzzing from Dean's phone stopped then started up again. Careful to not wake Cas, Dean climbed out of the bed and rummaged through his jeans until he found his phone. The screen flashed with Mary's name.
She knows. Somehow she knows I had sex with Cas and she's going to kill me.
"Finally, I've been calling you for at least five minutes. Can you let me in?"
"Mom? Let you in where?" Dean said in a low voice. He glanced over to the sleeping Cas next to him.
"Inside. I'm standing outside your door, buzzing away and you’re ignoring me."
"Outside. I am outside your door. Can you let me in?"
"I'm not home "
"It's seven in the morning. Where the hell are you?"
"At the suppliers, picking up some stuff for the cafe.” Dean lied, hoping his mom’s creepy lying radar didn’t work over the phone. “Are you ok?"
“Why do you always think something is wrong when I call you?”
“Because you only ever call me when something is wrong or you’re inviting me someplace that ends up in disaster.”
“Name one time that’s happened, Dean,” Mary asked, sounding thoroughly annoyed.
“The last time you called me was to invite me to that dinner.”
Ha! Point to Dean.
“So, are you ok?” Dean pressed.
"I’m fine. I just needed to ask you a favour."
"Next Saturday, could you make a cake? The cake you made for Sam’s birthday a few years ago was really good."
You bet your ass it was good. There were about 15 pounds of chocolate-covered espresso beans in the frosting.
"A cake? For what?"
"Very funny Dean." A beat. "Oh for f...you forgot? Seriously?"
"The wedding. My wedding."
"Oh. Sorry, had a lot on my mind."
"Why are you talking so loud?" Cas mumbled, not even opening his eyes as he nuzzled into Dean’s side.
"Who was that?" Mary asked.
"The cashier. I gotta go."
"So will you-"
"Yeah, yeah. Sure. Gotta go mom." Dean said, quickly hanging up the phone. "Hey, sorry about that."
"It's ok. Hello Dean." Cas said sleepily. He finally opened those damn blue eyes of his and looked up at Dean with a smile.
Holy shit. He might be the most perfect thing I've ever seen.
"Hey there Cas."
"What's wrong?"
"Huh? Nothing is wrong."
"You sure? You looked...troubled."
"Um...weird dream last night." Dean settled on that, not really wanting to elaborate.
“You sure?” Dean nodded at Cas’ question. “Who was on the phone?”
“My mom. Asking if I could make her a cake for next weekend.” Dean said, wrapping an arm around Cas and bringing him in even closer. Cas’ stumble tickled his chest but Dean was way past caring.
“Ah bollocks, the wedding. I still need to work on my fucking homily.”
“Sexy,” Dean said with a snort. He glanced down just in time to see Cas rolling his eyes. “So, wanna grab some coffee?"
"Yes but I want to do this first," Cas said, moving with grace so he could straddle Dean’s hip, Cas’ strong, naked thighs caging him in. “Hello Dean,” he said, his smile bright and beautiful.
“Hey there Father.” Dean could barely fight against his grin as Cas pulled him in for a long and yearning kiss. They exchanged deep kisses for a long time, Cas helping Dean forget all about the dream, the phone call and the damn wedding. Dean could feel that familiar pull in his stomach as Cas kissed him and made him feel...fuck, it made him feel so free.
“I feel free. Dean...you make me feel free.”
"Hey, Cas…"
"Yes, Dean?"
I think I could really love you. Fuck. I think I love you.
"You got the stuff to make pancakes?"
“Probably, I need to take a shower before breakfast though,” Cas said, smiling as he slid off the bed, holding out his hand for Dean to take. “Join me?” he asked, cocking one eyebrow expectantly.
Who could say no to that?
The shower brings on round two. Cas crowding Dean against the tiled wall of his shower, kissing him until Dean was breathless, painfully hard again and his lips almost bruised. Cas worked him open with skilled fingers and fucked into him almost tenderly. Dean's legs wrapped around Cas' tapered waist, strong arms holding him up against the wall as Cas drove him into. It was hot and messy, the glass of the shower door steaming quickly which seemed to have nothing to do with the heat from the shower. It wasn't long before they were both coming, Dean burying his face into Cas' neck and kissing him so hard it would leave marks.
They were back in the kitchen. This time it was without gin but Cas was back in those damn bumblebee print pyjama pants. Thankfully, he’d forgone a shirt.
Seriously, does he do press-ups between sermons or something? The dude is jacked.
Cas set about making coffee, which seemed to consist of him whacking the coffee machine and sending out a little prayer. Dean watched with a fond look before he rummaged through Cas’ cupboards and fridge, scrounging up the ingredients to make his famous pancakes.
“What exactly makes...Our Lord in Heaven, please make this coffee machine work...them famous?”
“The pancakes?” Dean asked. Cas nodded as he whacked the coffee machine again and it whirred into life. “Well done Father. They’re the famous Dean Winchester pancakes. I used to make them all the time for Sammy before he got all weird and drank blended fruit at breakfast. Charlie used to say that these pancakes were the only thing that cured her hangovers in college.”
“So you’re saying these can perform miracles?” Cas said, smirking slightly as he handed over a mug of coffee.
“Hey, don’t mock the famous magic, miracle performing pancakes.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t dare,” Cas said between sips of his own coffee as Dean looked around the kitchen. His eyes fell onto a cluster of photos sitting on the thick window frame above the sink.  
"This your family?" Dean asked, nodding at the nearest photo.
"Huh? Oh. Yes. The whole Ryan family. That's my parents, siblings and cousins."
"Big family." Dean commented, his gaze finding out Cas' within in the photo. He looked about seventeen or eighteen.
High school me would have been obsessed with him.
"Irish and Catholic." Cas pointed out
"Who's who?" Dean asked. Cas glanced over to the photo.
"Oh. From left to right we have my brothers Michael, Raphael and Lucifer. Yes, my crazy parents actually named a child Lucifer. Next to them are my sisters Anna and Rachel. Then there's my other brother Gabriel and I. Next to us are my cousins Balthazar, Hannah, Uriel and Bartholomew."
"Wow...do you keep in touch with any of them?"
"Just Gabriel, Anna, Balthazar and Hannah. Gabriel splits his time between New York and LA. Anna lives in London. She works at the V&A museum. Balthazar is travelling the world and sends amusing postcards every other week. Hannah is still back home in Belfast but she's planning on moving to London soon."
"So the rest?"
"Have different views to me." Cas' tone was light but from his words, Dean could tell there was a lot more to it. He wanted to tell Cas that he got it, how he'd never seen eye to eye with his father or how, sometimes, he didn't feel like a part of his family anymore. Instead, he said:
"They're missing out."
The smile Cas gave him in return could have set the whole world on fire.
“Dean…” Cas’ smile faltered. “Do we need to talk about last night?”
“Last night?”
Fuck. Now, this is where shit goes sideways. Because what else was to be expected by sleeping with Cas.
“I...I thought I would regret it come morning but-”
“I don’t,” Cas said and Dean’s stomach gave a violent lurch.
"I...I don't either," Dean said but he still waited. He waited for the other shoe to drop. No matter what he was beginning to feel for Cas, there was still the giant, God-shaped elephant in the room.
"I don't know how to navigate myself through this. I haven't allowed myself to feel this way since I was at university and I'm finding myself at a loss here."
"Um...do you like cowboy films?"
"Films. Cowboy films. We could...shit... Wednesday night, if you're free. You could come over. We could watch a film."
"That sounds like a date."
"It's whatever you want it to be," Dean said. "Listen, I'm kinda in the same boat here. You know, just without the God guilt and all. I haven't let myself get close to anyone since Charlie died. This is weird territory for me too."
"I like cowboy films."
"Cool...so... Wednesday night?"
By Wednesday night, Dean was close to a nervous breakdown. He had cleaned the apartment five times, cleared Dorothy's hutch and filled it with fresh bedding. He'd even vacuumed his goddamn couch.
Cas was going to be there any moment.
Cas would be in his apartment, with its mismatch of furniture and vintage Star Wars posters on the wall. The record player in the corner and the shelves upon shelves of records. The scorch mark in the kitchen from when Charlie and Sam tried to make pancakes and the scuff marks on the coffee table from an impromptu night of karaoke. This was his home.
Good. He wanted Cas in his home.
When the buzzer rang not five minutes later Dean nearly jumped out of his skin. With a hammering heart, he hurried down to the main door, practically ripping it open to see Cas stood there.
"Good evening. You never told me that you lived above the cafe."
"Didn't I? Yeah...lived here since the place opened. World's shortest commute." Dean said as he let Cas inside, both men climbed up the stairs to Dean's apartment.
"It's nice."
"It's a dump."
"No, I like it. It's homey." Cas said, looking around as he shucked off his jacket. Dean placed it on a hanger instead of just throwing it onto the nearest available surface, which is what he normally did when he got home.
As if on cue, probably realising there was someone else in the apartment and not just Dean, Dorothy started squeaking in her hutch. At once, Cas’ eyes lit up.
“Is that the famous Dorothy?” he asked.
“Don’t say that, it’ll inflate her ego,” Dean said, already opening the door to the hutch and picking up the still squeaking Dorothy. “Want to hold her?” Dean asked.
“Of course,” Cas said, grinning from ear to ear as Dean passed Dorothy over. "How old is she?”
“Nearly three now and still a pain in my ass.”
“Don’t say that, she’s your best friend,” Cas said, only half-jokingly because that was probably true. That damn rodent really was the only constant in Dean’s life.
That’s so fucked up.
“Want a drink? I grabbed some of the gin you said you liked.”
“Gin and a gorgeous guinea pig, you really know how to treat a guy,” Cas said before his attention went back to Dorothy and he began to practically coo at her.
I’m a simple guy with simple needs and apparently one of those needs is for people to love a damn guinea pig. Go figure.
“I can’t believe you’ve never seen this film. It’s a classic!”
“I’d probably be able to watch more of it if you didn’t talk all the way through.”
“I’m pointing out the good scenes!”
“Dean, you’ve said that for nearly every scene.”
“But it’s a really good film!”
“Ok, that’s it. I’m shutting you up now.” Cas said, sighing loudly. Before Dean could even say something witty, Cas leaned in and pressed his lips against Dean’s.
Ok, that was pretty fucking smooth.
Within seconds the film was all but forgotten about as Cas deepened the kiss, cradling Dean’s cheek in his hand. For all the doubt and inner turmoil that was going on inside his brain, Dean really fucking enjoyed this. He enjoyed just how easy it was being himself around Cas without the fear of judgment. He also really liked kissing Cas.
With Cas pulling him in closer, Dean soon found himself straddling Cas’ hips. The kisses they exchanged grew more and more heated, with Cas’ hands soon finding their way to the hem of Dean’s t-shirt. Without giving it a second thought, Dean pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it onto the floor and Cas’ soon followed.
Fuck the movie, this is so much better.  
Dean was just working on a pretty sweet mark on Cas' collarbone when the buzzer for his apartment sounded.
"Do you-"
"Ignore it."
"It could be-"
"Not as important as this," Dean said, kissing along Cas' neck with more concentration than he's ever given anything.
After a moment his phone, thrown discarded on his scuffed up coffee table, burst into life. With a frustrated groan, Dean pulled away as the buzzer sounded again.
"Shit. If that's not Jesus himself coming to kick my ass then I'm gonna be pissed "
"He could probably do it," Cas said nonchalantly.
Dean swatted him playfully as he untangled himself from their embrace. He grabbed his discarded shirt and moved across the small space to his front door. Cas pulled his own shirt back over his head.
"Sam?" Dean asked when he opened the door downstairs.  
"Hey, I just tried calling.”
“Yeah...sorry, I was kind of busy.” Understatement of the century. “You ok? You look...tweaked.”
“Um, can I come in for a sec?”
“It really won’t take long.”
Fuck it all to hell.
“Sure, come on,” Dean said, letting Sam in and walking back up the stairs to his apartment.
“Sorry to come over like this but I kind of need to talk to you. I wasn't sure if-" Sam stopped when he spotted Cas on the couch, the two half-empty glasses on the coffee table and the paused film on the TV. "Did I interrupt something?"
"No, just watching a movie," Dean said. Casual. Think casual. "You remember Cas?"
"Yeah, hey there."
"Good evening Sam. I hope you're well."
"Yeah...good, thanks."
"You want a beer or something?" Dean asked.
"Um...yeah, sure," Sam said, still giving Cas a strange look.
"One beer coming up. Cas, you want anything?"
"I'm good."
"Ok. What did you do?" Sam asked as soon as they were in the kitchen and out of earshot.
Where to start? Prayed to Charlie. Went to confession. Cas kissed me. Got fucked boneless by a priest...  
"Nothing. Why do you think I did something?" Dean asked as he grabbed two beers from the fridge.
"Because I know you? You have that look." Sam accepted his beer and took a generous swig.
I swear he is a fucking mind-reader.
"What look?"
"The 'Dean did something stupid' look. What did you do?"
Went to confession. Spilt my guts. Got fucked by a priest and now I think I love him.
"Whatever you say, Pinocchio," Sam said. "Seriously, what did you do? I know you did something because it's written all over your face and there's a priest sitting on your couch watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. "
"Do not tell mom or Arthur." Dean as Sam raised his beer bottle to his lips. Sam gave him a wary look as he lowered the bottle.
"Oh fuck. What did you do?"
"You can't tell mom or Arthur. Swear on your marriage."
"Well, my marriage is over. I can't really swear on that."
"What the fuck do you mean by that?"
"Don't change the subject. What did you do?"
"What do you mean your marriage is over?"
And is it too early and crass to celebrate?
"Dean, what did you do?"
"Ok, putting a pin in that. Swear on the stupidly big office."
"You tried to sleep with him didn't you?"
"Swear on your office, Sam."
"You're obsessed with my office."
"Sam, swear on-"
“Ok, I swear on my office.”
“I slept with Cas.”
“As in…” Dean nodded. “Oh, you are so fucked. Mom is going to kill you.”
“Bigger things to worry about than Mom killing me because I got boned by her priest. What do you mean your marriage is over?”
“You were right. I’m in love with Eileen.”
“And you were right. I was trying to fuck a priest. Or, you know, get fucked by a priest.”
“I really don’t need to know the details, Dean,” Sam said with a look of disgust. “You’re so going to hell for this.”
“Worth it.”
"Seriously, I don't need the details." Prude. "I was offered a promotion."
"With the firm. They offered me a promotion. That's why I came over."
"That's great Sammy, really great."
"It would mean moving to Seattle. I think I'm going to take it."
"And live in Seattle?"
"Full time?"
"Without Ruby?" Dean guessed.
Whoah...holy fuck
"Ok...what brought this on? The other night you were saying how you couldn't leave her and now you're moving to Seattle and your marriage is over. What the fuck happened?"
"I didn't think I could but I was sitting in Adler's office and he was offering me the promotion. It's better money-"
"Bigger office?"
"Stop talking about the size of my office "
It's really fucking big. I could live in it and Sam probably wouldn’t even notice I was there.
"It's better money and I'd be on the track to being a partner, maybe even a named partner in five years. A named partner, Dean. It's huge. The only thing holding me back is Ruby."
"Who is a bitch "
"Who can't leave the state." Sam pointed out.
"Because she's a bitch "
Also the string of drug offences but we're not supposed to talk about that.
"Sorry, go on."
"The only thing holding me back is Ruby then I realised I shouldn't think of her as holding me back because she's my wife. Then that got me thinking even more of the shit she's put me and the whole family through, especially you and then-"
"Sam, breathe." He’s going to order so many fucking ties off the internet when he gets home.
"Sorry. I just kept thinking and thinking then I talked to Eileen about the promotion and she was so happy for me. Genuinely happy and I realised you were right."
"It happens sometimes."
"I should be with someone who makes me happy. I should be somewhere that makes me happy."
"And that's in Seattle with Eileen?"
"Well, in Seattle. I don't know how Eileen feels."
And he says I’m a moron.
"Want my opinion?"
"That depends, I just found out you had sex with a priest."
"Shut up. I think she cares about you. Definitely seemed like it at the party. You're a bitch at times but you deserve happiness. If being in Seattle without your hellspawn of a wife makes you happy, well I say go for it."
"Does Cas make you happy?" Sam asked, almost out of the blue.
Happier than I want to admit.
"Where did that come from?"
"I don't know. You've been through some shit over the past few years and you deserve some happiness too."
Do I? Cause it doesn't feel like it.
"I...I don't know."
"As in, you don't know if Cas makes you happy or you don't know if you deserve happiness?" Sam asked before sighing. "Ruby...she told me what she said to you, at the bake sale."
Dean stilled.
"What happened….it was not your fault and I'm sorry that she made you think that. You...you didn't-"
Don't say it.
"Dean, you didn't kill Charlie."
The kitchen suddenly felt too small. The air was too thick as it pressed down on Dean's shoulders. Ruby's words, Cas' words and now Sam's words screamed at each other in Dean's mind.
"Sam, just-"
"Maybe you should go back and see Pamela because you really need a therapist."
"You need a therapist."
"Yes, that's why I'm in therapy."
"This isn't a conversation on who needs to see a therapist, Dean," Sam said with a sigh. "Ruby shouldn't have said that to you."
"No fucking shit."
"And I can't keep defending her to you or to mom. To anyone." Sam said with a sigh. "I'm sorry for interrupting your date."
"It's not-"
"Dude, it's a date," Sam said. "I should go, I've got work that needs doing and a wife to avoid."
"I've got some great ideas, been avoiding her for years "
"Gee, thanks. I'll say goodbye to Cas."
"Sam, wait."
"Are you going to tell Eileen? You know...that you love her?"
"Dean...tell him. It's fucking scary but just tell him."
"This isn't about me and Cas. It’s about you and Eileen."
"Stop saying my name in that tone."
"Tell him. He's risking a lot here so...just tell him."
"What...what if he doesn't?"
"You're such a moron at times. Why would he risk so much if he didn't?"
What if...what if I'm not good enough for his love? What if he wakes up and realises he sacrificed everything for some fuck up? What then Sam?
Sam gave him this pitying look, like he just knew what Dean was thinking before walking out the kitchen. Dean could hear him and Cas exchanging niceties, then the door opening and closing.
Dean let out a sigh as he walked back into the den. He stopped when Cas looked over, his face breaking out into the smile that could have knocked Dean sideways.
"Is everything alright with Sam?"
"What? Oh yeah...just work stuff." Dean stammered out. "Cas…"
"Yes, Dean?"
I love you. I love you and I am so fucking scared that I'm not worth all of this. Please, just love me back.
"Stay here tonight?"
"Thought you'd never ask," Cas said, holding out his hand as if to invite Dean back to the couch, back to him.
Stay. Stay. Please just stay.
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bobohu4eva · a year ago
Pink Lace - Chapter 2
Characters: Baekhyun x Reader
Genre: College AU, stripper AU, fluff, smut, slow burn
Summary: Baekhyun, a philosophy professor with mysterious wealth, got himself completely fucked over a girl who can’t let him into her life.
Word count: 6.2k
Warnings: sex work, mentions of sexual assault, adult themes/situations, eventual smut
Tag list: @smolbeanmika @leave-me-in-the-summertime @totallynerdstuff @bbhmystar @nana-banan @kimyhappy @thegreatandi @geniusloey​ @deligxt​ 
Tumblr media
“God I’m so fucking sick of this semester and it hasn’t even started yet.” You complained, lying on your roommates bed flipping through one of your textbooks for the upcoming semester.
“Relax, at least you have money and you’re smart y/n, you’ll be fine.”
“Easy for you to say, you’re an arts major, not an architecture student.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?!”
“Nothing! It’s just different!”
“Mhm sure I’d love to see you paint a landscape or sculpt something.”
You gave your best friend a dirty look before focusing your attention back to the textbook.
Mia had been your best friend since 2nd grade and she had lived with you since you were 18. She had always been the more artistic one, doing dance from a young age and taking all sorts of art classes whenever she could. Her overall view on life was quite different from yours. She saw the world through the lens of an artist, and an optimist. 
Her views on relationships were very different from yours as well, with quite the laundry list of exes, each one more thrilling than the last. You honestly loved hearing all her stories and found it impressive how well she seemed to have the dating game figured out. You on the other hand, could count the men you’d slept with on one hand, and aren’t one for parties or anything like that, preferring to stay home and study or watch a drama.
With your dislike for parties and dating apps, you stayed pretty single. Not that you minded, being too swamped with schoolwork to make time for a real boyfriend anyway. Sometimes you thought about going out to parties and trying to find yourself a hookup but you never followed through, not wanting that kind of intimacy with a stranger.
“Did you see Baekhyun again last night?” She asked casually, knowing all about your work. Although for her, asking if he was there really meant ‘are you going to buy me my lunches again this week’.
“Yeah...” You contemplated for a second if you should tell her, but you quickly decided to just say it, not wanting to keep things from your best friend. “I told him my name. Like my real name.”
Her eyes went wide, definitely surprised by your confession. “Wait seriously? Why?”
“He asked and I just couldn’t tell him no.” You replied, much quieter now.
“Well it’s your choice but that really wasn’t a good idea, he’s already way too into you and now he’s just gonna think he actually has a shot with you.”
“Yeah I know I just.. I can’t explain it but it felt different.”
“He’s just another pervy dude who wants tits in his face! There’s a reason he pays you.” 
“He’s not a perv! He’s still a guy of course, but he’s sweet.” You felt a twinge of embarrassment at how quick you were to defend him. 
“All that matters about this guy is that he gives you nearly a thousand dollars every night he sees you, right?” You nodded. “You don’t want him thinking he doesn’t have to pay you anymore do you?”
You stayed quiet, because you knew she was right. This was the nature of your relationship with Baekhyun, and straying from what you had with him now just meant opening yourself up to the possibility of losing a lot of money, money you needed.
You were kind of surprised by how opposite you and Mia seemed to be in this situation. Usually it was you talking to her about boys, telling her not to make reckless decisions.
“Yeah you’re right. I’m gonna go to bed. I have classes starting pretty early tomorrow.” You told her as you left her room for yours.
You needed to sleep, but your conversation with her left you with the same uneasy feeling you’d had after last seeing Baekhyun. The longer you stared at your ceiling, the more you felt like you did the right thing telling him your name. He really liked you and it probably made his day, and you knew he wouldn’t use it against you in any way. He was too nice for that.  What’s the worst that could happen, right?
The first few classes of the day had gone okay. Your physics and statics professors didn’t seem like complete assholes, and you only had one class left for the day, philosophy. Part of you was annoyed you even needed to take the class, since you wouldn’t exactly consider yourself a very “deep” person, but you figured it would be easy enough.
Being the good student you are, you decided to get there early to get a seat close to the front to make a good impression on the professor. When you arrived the previous class hadn’t finished yet, so you sat down on a bench nearby and opened a book.
“Hey, are you waiting for philosophy class too?”
You looked up to see a rather cute boy, books in hand, looking down at you with a smile on his face.
“Yeah, do I know you?”
“I’m Lucas.” He sticks his hand out for you to shake, so you do and he sits down next to you. “Are you a philosophy major?”
“No, architecture. And I’m y/n.”
“Damn you must be really smart then! I’m a business major.”
“You also just have to take this for the humanities credit?”
“Yeah, but I’m excited, the professor seems cool I met him earlier today.”
“Really? What’s he like?”
“Super cool and smart, kind of young, but like a genius.”
“Yeah well hopefully he’s nice too. Especially with grading”
Lucas laughed and you noticed the previous class leaving the lecture hall so you got up and made your way in, sitting down in the second row, Lucas sitting down next to you. The professor hadn’t showed up yet so you turned to Lucas again, making small talk to pass the time. As you talked to him you realized he was actually fairly funny, although not the smartest. You had to admit though, he was pretty damn handsome. He had to be an entire foot taller than you, with beautifully tanned skin and a smile that would make any girl weak in the knees. 
“Are you going to any parties this weekend? I’m going to one at my buddies frat Friday night if you wanna be my date.”
You frowned “Sorry, I don’t really do parties.”
You could see the disappointment on his face. “Damn really? Well if ever change your mind you can text me.” He said as he scribbled something down and slid a piece of paper with his number on it across the table to you.
You internally cringed, but took the paper anyway and give him a small thank you. You weren’t lying when you said you didn’t do parties, but you still felt bad shooting him down, especially since he was actually pretty cute. That was the problem with you and dating in college. No matter how cute a guy was, what they wanted and what you wanted rarely added up well.
You’d bought your textbook already so you decide to get back to looking through it before class started. You also just wanted an excuse to stop talking to Lucas. You got lost in the book, finding yourself surprisingly interested in different moral theories and types of ethical arguments.
You heard who you assumed to be your professor and looked up, not expecting to see Baekhyun of all people smirking back at you. Fucking smirking.
You almost choked on air when you realized who you were looking at. Not only was it Baekhyun of all people standing in front of you, but he was wearing a fitted white button down and slacks with his hair styled out of his face, and glasses abandoned on his podium. He looked hot. You felt your face getting warmer and warmer.
“Hey you ok?” Lucas asked, having seen your reaction to Professor Byun.
“What? Yeah I’m totally fine why wouldn’t I be?” You responded, too loudly. Loudly enough that Baekhyun noticed. And laughed.
“Do you guys know each other or something?”
“Don’t be ridiculous.” You told him while giving Baekhyun your best version of a death stare, but he didn’t seem to care.
“Hello everyone I’m Mr. Byun, I’ll be your philosophies of life professor.” He said, starting the lecture with a fairly neutral look on his face, although you noticed him looking in your direction often, and smiling.
You had to admit, he was smart. Not that you were particularly surprised, he seemed fairly intelligent from the conversations you’d had with him at work, but granted those weren’t always the most intellectual conversations either. The way he explained what you had read in the book was both interesting and informative, but you couldn’t focus on him talk about Socrates when just two days earlier you had been grinding on him, and had even let him touch you. Especially when he looked like that now. Your whole body felt hot and you knew you were probably as red as a tomato. 
You tried your best to focus on what he was saying for the sake of your grade, but he wasn’t making it easier by the way he kept looking in your direction with that smile on his face. Now, often looking you directly in the eyes with the same intensity from the club. Only this time, while sounding incredibly, frustratingly, smart.
As much as you tried, you couldn’t focus. Not when you had to process the fact that Baekhyun was now your college professor, and knew way more about you and your life than you ever wanted him to. You were hit with the realization that he now also knew you’d lied to him about nearly everything.
You became painfully aware of how you looked compared to him. While he looked exquisite in his business-casual attire, you had barely rolled out of bed in time to throw your hair up in a messy top knot and apply some mascara. Your hoodie and leggings combo wasn’t your best either, and you started feeling more and more embarrassed by the second.
Every other time Baekhyun had seen you, you had been dressed in expensive lingerie with your hair and makeup done perfectly. You had always been the one in control of the situation. Now, you only felt small and underdressed.
After what felt like hours he finally ended the lecture. But he wasn’t done yet, not with you at least. And you could tell by the way he was staring at you, smile now gone and replaced with a much more serious  expression. As soon as he dismissed everyone to leave, you frantically started shoving your things in your bag, trying to get out of the room as quickly as possible but your hands were shaking so badly that you ended up fumbling and dropping most of what you’d been holding.
“Shit, shit, shit” you whispered to yourself as you desperately reached for your belongings, feeling Baekhyun’s eyes on you, but it was too late and right after you saw the last student leave the lecture hall, you heard your name.
“Y/n come here.”
Not really having the option to say no, you walked up to him, trying to look as annoyed as possible.
“You look cute like this, without the heels and everything. I like it.” He said, now smiling down at you. Despite the mocking feeling of the statement, his face was soft now, the smug smirk from earlier gone.
Baekhyun was absolutely thrilled. The girl he usually looked forward to seeing all week long was right in front of him now, within reach. And he’d get to you see you much more now as well. He had to keep himself from looking too happy since he knew you weren’t in nearly as good a mood as him.  
You’d never wanted to disappear as badly as you did in that moment. Here, Baekhyun was the one with all the power, and you despised it. He was the one all dressed up and making all the rules. You felt small and embarrassed, having little choice but to listen to whatever it is was he had to say to you. You hated the feeling.
“What do you want?”
“You lied to me.” His face didn’t look angry at all, just blank, void of any emotion.
“Why are you making me do this can I please just leave?” You asked, hoping he’d have some sympathy but you have no such luck.
No answer
“Baekhyun, please. Just let me go home and switch into a different section.” You look at him with pleading eyes, wanting this nightmare to be over.
His face hardened, now slightly annoyed.
“Professor Byun, and I’m afraid you’re stuck with me y/n. I’m the only one teaching this class this semester.”
“Well, fuck” You muttered, looking down at the floor. 
“Is that how you speak to your professors?” 
Your head snapped back up, and you narrowed your eyes at him.
“You know, y/n, I’m not mad that you lied to me. I should’ve assumed as much. After you told me your name and I saw it on the attendance sheet I had been hoping you’d been lying.” He still looked annoyed, but his face had softened a bit. 
“Oh fuck off Baekhyun”
Immediately his expression went sour again, jaw clenched and brown furrowed.
“Here it’s Mr. Byun. And don’t use that language with me again, I’m serious.”
“Why are you doing this?”
“What do you mean? I didn’t know you’d be here. It was just yesterday that I even realized your name was on my roll sheet.” 
He had a point. He couldn’t have planned this, you’d signed up for the class months ago and he didn’t even know your name until two nights ago.
“Why aren’t you freaking out then? Shouldn’t you be worried about having me in your class?”
He only let out a chuckle.
“Why would I be worried? As far as I’m concerned this only means I get to see you more often, which I’m fine with. And you need to pass this class to graduate on time, so shouldn’t you be glad you’re already friends with your professor?”
You knew it wasn’t what he intended, but the smile on his face felt like it was mocking you.
“Yeah. Friends.” You scoffed. “Can I go home now?”
“So this is your last class of the day?”
You internally cursed yourself for giving up that bit of information.
“Yeah. Now can I leave?”
“Well you’re not in a hurry are you? Since you don’t have anywhere to be after this.”
“Baekhyuuun” you whined “please, this sucks, just let me go home.”
He smiled, seemingly amused by you begging him.
“Okay. I’m not gonna make you stay any longer since you obviously don’t want to. But let me make it clear, I’m not gonna go easy on you here just because I like you. You still have to try.”
“Okay, that’s fine.” You reply, picking your bag up to leave, wondering what exactly he meant by like you. 
“I’m really looking forward to reading your essays by the way.”
He flashed you a smile as you finally turned to leave, and you hated yourself for not doing a better job at looking mad. As much as you hated to admit it, he had a damn beautiful smile.
“See you on Wednesday!” He shouted after you as you left the room. You didn’t respond.
When you arrived back at your apartment your mind started to fill with panicked thoughts. He wouldn’t come to the club anymore now would he? That meant having to try to mingle with strangers again, something you hated about your work. It also meant less money. It’s not often that customers bought hour long dances.
And what if he did show up again? How would you even act around him? Part of you wanted him to for the easy money, but you just couldn’t imagine grinding on your professor. Your face heated up just at the thought, especially since you knew he could look that good now. Would you even be able to give him a lap dance without losing your own mind?
You had trouble processing the fact that this was even able to happen. You’d  never thought to ask Baekhyun for his last name, and since it had been summer break he didn’t mention his job. The whole situation seemed bizarre. 
And what about class? Will he make it more difficult if he doesn’t get what he wants? 
No. Baekhyun isn’t like that, you tell yourself. As much as you disliked having him in a position of power over you, you’d gotten to know him well enough to know that he wouldn’t abuse it.
The more you’d gotten to know him the more you liked spending time with him rather than other customers, regardless of the money. And for good reason. The longer you knew Baekhyun, the more you realized he wasn’t like the other guys who came to the club. You could tell he was good, decent guy.
He was always there to see you, and only you. You had several other regulars, but none of them had any qualms about talking to and getting dances from other girls. Not that you minded, but you’d never seen Baekhyun even speak to another dancer.
He’s also just nice. The kind of nice that you don’t see in people often anymore. He was always incredibly respectful and would never do anything you weren’t comfortable with. Very few of the guys you came in contact with cared at all if they made you uncomfortable. They’d just assume that’s a part of the job for you.
Baekhyun was actually interesting to talk to as well. Since you’d met him at the beginning of summer, he usually told you about adventures he went on with his friends, most of whom you knew from the night they’d dragged him into the club.
They were a genuinely cool group of people. The one he was closest with, Chanyeol, was a music producer, another named Kyungsoo was an up and coming actor, and the one who’d introduced himself as Jongin was a professional dancer. Chanyeol had been the one to come with the idea of taking Baekhyun to the club in the first place. 
Baekhyun would tell you anecdotes from nights out he’d had with them during college, as well as other wild stories and you’d often find yourself laughing and smiling so hard your face hurt. Ever since your first night with him, you noticed how good he was at making the people around him feel at ease. He always knew what to say and when to make people laugh. 
Baekhyun was different from the other men at work because you liked being around him. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t find him attractive either. If you’d met him anywhere else, and he wasn’t your professor, you’d probably be more than willing to go on a date with him. 
But unfortunately that wasn’t the case.
You tore yourself out of your thoughts and realized how late it had gotten. Although it was only the first day, you already had homework you needed to start on. You spent the rest of the evening trying to be productive, but you couldn’t stop thinking about Baekhyun. How good he had looked, how attractive he sounded giving the lecture, how he wouldn’t stop looking at you. 
He was going to be much more present in your life now, whether you liked it or not.
Wednesday morning Baekhyun felt stupid for how excited he was to see you. He’d decided to get up early to work some exercise into his day, and hopefully clear his mind, but even as he took a shower and started getting ready to leave for work, he couldn’t get you out of his head. He’d decided to wear something a bit more casual and stylish, opting for a new pair of glasses, striped red t shirt, and cream slacks. He tried to make other excuses for why he wanted to look nice but in the back of his mind, he knew he wore it because he wanted to look good in front of you.
During the class before yours he noticed a female student in the first row chewing on the back of her pencil as she very intentionally leaned over her desk to grab a pen, putting her cleavage on display to him.
He only rolled his eyes, but he was pleased to see that his outfit was getting good reactions. He just hoped you’d like it.
When the class before yours left, Baekhyun felt his heart rate go up. What if you’d found a way to get out of his class? Would you even show up? Or if you did, would you just end up sitting as far from him as possible?
Usually he’d leave to go get a coffee during his break between giving lectures, but today he stayed in case you came early again. As the minutes went by students started to fill the lecture hall. Baekhyun couldn’t help but keep his eyes fixed on the door every time he heard it open, but he just kept seeing everyone but you. 
A minute before class started, you walked in and sat down in the second to last row.
Baekhyun felt his face light up as soon as saw you, only to immediately turn into a frown when he saw where you chose to sit down. It was as he’d suspected, you wanted to be as far away from his as possible. But at least you were there.
As Baekhyun started the lecture, he couldn’t help looking in your direction every few seconds. Even though you were in casual clothes without any fancy hairstyle or makeup, this was the version of you Baekhyun loved seeing the most. He was used to the perfected product you presented yourself as at your job, and he knew that wasn’t the real you. This was. You in leggings and a t shirt, your hair messily falling over your shoulders as you scribbled down notes. He could watch you like this all day. He noticed how your brows would furrow in confusion whenever he’d bring up a new concept, and how you chewed on your bottom lip when you were concentrating. Ever since he’d seen you like this on Monday, he couldn’t get enough. It was you, the real you.
He also noticed how you seemed to look everywhere in the room except for at him. You spent as much time as possible with your head down taking notes, even when there wasn’t much to write down. Other times your eyes would stay glued to the power point slides, or wander around the walls and ceilings. He understood why you weren’t exactly comfortable looking at him.
Despite being on the other side of the room, he was still able to pick up on little things. He noticed your leg bouncing, fingers tapping on the desk, and how much you would fidget when you weren’t writing notes.
He knew you were uncomfortable, and he hated it. He hated himself for being the reason. He wished there was something he could do or say that would make you enjoy being in his class more. Anything that would make you feel more at ease with him in this situation. If he wasn’t the only one teaching the class he wouldn’t have minded if you’d switched to a different professor, if it meant you were more comfortable. Of course he would’ve missed seeing you, but he also knew that was a selfish thought. He felt guilty that you had to be there and be uncomfortable because of him.
At the end of the lecture he gave the class their first proper assignment, a short essay analyzing Plato's “The Ring of Gyges”. It was an assignment he always gave at the very beginning of the semester, since it was a quite difficult read and gave him a good idea of how everyone would do in the class.
He was especially excited to see how you would do.
When class ended, you were the first one to leave and this time he didn’t stop you. He knew you wanted to leave and didn’t want to bother you again, still feeling slightly sorry for how late he’d kept you the first day. He’d only done it to try to reassure you about having him as your professor, but he hadn’t been expecting you to be as distressed about it as you were. In hindsight he realized he’d probably only made things more stressful for you.
Once the room was empty aside from him he packed up his things and left as well, hoping that you could become less anxious over time, and eventually, maybe even enjoy being in his class.
For now though, class had not been something for you to look forward to at all. You’d been dreading it ever since Monday afternoon.
That morning as you were getting ready, you tried to make yourself look a bit more presentable than you’d looked Monday, not wanting to live through the embarrassment of seeing Baekhyun look so nice while you were basically wearing pajamas again.
For the first half of your day you threw yourself into your other class work, successfully taking him off your mind for a while, but when your physics class ended and your next class was with him you felt yourself starting to panic.
You thought about skipping class, but you cared too much about your grade. You decided your best choice was to just get there as late as possible and sit as close to the door as you could so he wouldn’t be able to get you to stay after class again.
As you walked across campus you felt yourself get more and more nervous. Despite being there 20 minutes early and the room being open to sit down in, you sat down outside. As the minutes drew closer to class starting you felt your heart start to race and had trouble controlling your breathing. One minute before class was to start you got up, walked over to the door, and took a few deep breaths to calm yourself down a bit. You pushed open the door with shaky hands, and the second you could see into the room you notice Baekhyun's eyes on you, and his beautiful smile. You quickly looked down and hurried to the closest available seat in the back of the room, cringing at yourself.
As much as you wished you could, you couldn’t just ignore Baekhyun. He was the professor, you had to listen to him. But you had a hard time doing anything when he looked like he did. His shirt showed off his broad shoulders and he was wearing different glasses now too. He looked even better than he had on Monday. Had it not been for you already knowing him, you probably would’ve found him distracting for different reasons. You did everything you could not to look at him directly, knowing he’d catch you and see you blush. But who wouldn’t blush if he was staring at them while looking like that? You could tell some of the other girls in the class liked his outfit as well by the way they whispered to each other while shooting glances his way.
You wondered if maybe this was something he did often, if he liked starting things with students. If maybe his whole nice guy persona was fake and he really was just another scumbag.
But you soon realized that was just the bitterness speaking. You wouldn’t admit it to yourself but the thought of other girls trying to seduce him was bothering you. Baekhyun wasn’t a scumbag, not when he’d dedicated his life to teaching people about ethical issues and moral arguments.
As the class went on you couldn’t help but fidget and shift around in your seat. Even though you were avoiding looking at him, you knew his eyes were on you for much of the lecture. You’d figured it would be like this.
As it got closer and closer to the end of class you felt yourself get more and more panicked at the thought of him keeping you after again. You didn’t know what he could possibly keep you after for, but you didn’t want to stick around and find out, so as soon as he dismissed the class you nearly ran out without looking back.
“Hey, y/n!”
The sound of your name nearly gave you a heart attack, thinking it was Baekhyun who was going to force you to talk to him like this again but when you saw Lucas waving at you, you let out a relieved sigh.
“Hi Lucas.”
“I thought you’d come sit by me again today what happened?” He asked.
“Sorry about that, I was almost late today so I didn’t want to walk out there in front of the whole class” you said, hoping he wouldn’t see through your lie.
“Well I hope next time you’ll sit with me again.”
You managed to give him a small smile and nod, still a bit too frazzled over everything to want to talk to him.
“I have to get home, but I’ll se you Friday. Bye Lucas.” You waved at him as you went in the opposite direction.
You felt bad for not talking to him any longer, but you just weren’t in the right headspace.
On your walk home you felt weird. Had it really been that bad? Or were you just overreacting? Although he did look at you a lot Baekhyun seemed to teach the class as if everything was normal, more or less unaffected by your presence. He hadn’t seemed to mind your leaving either. Maybe he’d hadn’t planned to make you stay again. Maybe, it seemed, he was going to leave you be.
You knew Lucas would bother you about it if you didn’t sit with him again next time, but would you be okay to sit that close to the front again? Or even worse what if Lucas caught on that there was something going on between you and Baekhyun? He’d already seemed suspicious on the first day.
You decided your best course of action was to just do it and tough it out. All you needed to do was act like you did in all your other classes and everything would be fine right?
First however, you had to go home and face your roommate and tell her about this nightmare, having bottled it up until now. You weren’t exactly sure why you hadn’t told her right away. Maybe you felt strange about it since she had already told you you needed to keep him from getting any closer to you. Obviously that wasn’t going to be easy now.
As soon as you got home and put your things away you knocked on her door.
“YEAH?” You heard her yell through the door.
“Can I come in?”
“One second!”
A little while later the door opened.
“What’s up?”
“Can we have a girls night? I have some shit I need to tell you.”
You couldn’t remember the last time you saw Mia look so excited.
“You?? Have tea for ME??? Fuck yes!”
You thought about it, and this was pretty rare. 90% of the time she was the one unloading her boy problems on you, or any other kind of drama too for that matter. Not that you minded, that was just the dynamic you had gotten used to.
“Wanna order some food and put on a movie?” You asked.
Your food eventually arrived and you put on a chick flick you’ve both seen a thousand times.
“So?? Are you gonna tell me what’s going on or what?” She asked turning to you, obviously looking forward to whatever you were about to fill her in on.
You sighed.
“So my philosophy professor this semester...” You swallowed, now having trouble getting yourself to say it.
“I know this sounds fucking insane but, Baekhyun’s my philosophy professor.”
The look on her face told you everything you need to know. The two of you had known each other for so long that words weren’t needed.
“I don’t know how it happened either. I signed up for the class forever ago anyway, before I even met him at the club. Just a bizarre coincidence. And he’s the only one teaching it and I need the credit to graduate so I'm stuck.”
“Shit dude.”
“Yeah I know. He kept me after class Monday and it was a fucking nightmare.”
“What did he say?”
“Basically just that I’m stuck with him. He also called me out for lying about what university I go to at work. And he said he liked me better ‘like this’ whatever the hell that means”
“He’s like obsessed with you isn’t he? He’s probably over the moon that he has a way into your personal life now which really fucking sucks for you.” She had a point. “Do you think he’ll still come see you at work?”
“I honestly really don’t wanna think about that right now.”
“Be careful, y/n. A customer having a crush on you is one thing but having him in charge of your grade is another. What if he starts trying to make moves on you and you shoot him down? He could fuck up your GPA just to get back at you or something.”
“No.” You responded, perhaps a bit too quickly. “No, Baekhyun isn’t like that. He’s not a bad guy, and I don’t think he’ll try anything anyway.”
“I’m not sure of course but he’s also a lot older than us and this is his job, I can’t see him risking his livelihood just for me.”
“He’s a college professor who’s giving you a thousand dollars a week, how does he even have that kind of money anyway? No way he gets paid enough as a professor to be giving you that much. He either has some other source of income or you’re already making him broke.”
You felt stupid for not having considered that yet. How the hell was he giving you so much? She was right, unless he was secretly rich or something there was no way he could afford to give you so much money every week without fucking himself over. Your stomach started to churn with the idea of him possibly even putting himself in debt just for your Saturday nights together. He couldn’t be that stupid right?
She could tell how much the conversation was stressing you out at that point.
“Listen,” she said, grabbing your hand “you just need to get through the semester. You can handle 16 weeks, class with him will get less awkward, and hopefully he’s at least smart enough not to come see you at work anymore now.”
The thought of him not coming anymore wasn’t a good one either though. You made much more money when he was there, and in under 2 hours. Staying at the club until 3am with school going on now, only to take home less money wasn’t really a good option either.
“I don’t wanna see him there but I need his money.”
“You’ll find some other guy who’s rich and in love with you soon enough, don’t worry, it’ll all be fine.” She said, pulling you in for a hug.
You knew she was just trying to make you feel better, but realistically you weren’t going to find another guy like Baekhyun at work, Even if someone came along who gave you as much money as he did, they wouldn’t be as fun to talk to, or as respectful as him. Guys like that just don’t come to strip clubs. You still didn’t even fully understand why he did.
“Just think of him as another one of your professors. It might be tough at first, but I think if you can do that you’ll be okay.” 
“You’re right, I just need to get my shit together and not let him distract me.” 
“See? Of course I’m right.” She grinned, and you couldn’t help but smile back. 
Eventually the movie ended, and by then it was late enough for the two of you to get ready for bed.
Talking to your best friend about it had made you feel slightly better. At least whatever happened, she would be there for you to talk it out with. Baekhyun wasn’t a bad person or anything either, it was just the situation that was stressing you out. As long as you could get ahold of yourself enough to focus on his lectures and do well in the class, you’d be fine. 
You kept reassuring yourself as you closed your eyes, and for the first night that week you didn’t stare at your ceiling for hours worrying, you went right to sleep.
Next Chapter
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alphabet headcanons | d. kaminari
Tumblr media Tumblr media
next up for the alphabet headcanons is kaminari !! let’s see how many of the letters you guys chose for him :00
p.s: happy birthday kami i forced myself to get this done today just for u 😘😘
tags/warnings: fluff, smut (under the cut !!)
Tumblr media
∘₊✧ ─ fluff alphabet ─✧₊∘
A - Affection: How do they show their love for their s/o?
kaminari is a MASSIVE flirt but we already been knew that
honestly though, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a relationship with him
this boi will flirt with you as if he’s just fallen in love with you for the first time lmao
“hey,,, do you believe in love at first sight ?? or maybe i should walk by a second time ;))”
“denki,,,,,,, we’ve been dating for a year,,,, a YEAR,,,,,”
tbh his pick-up lines are kind of a hit or miss
but when they hit, they hit
“lowkey,,, your last name kinda sucks,,, ://”
“excuse me ??? wtf does that even mean-”
“maybe kaminari would be a better fit for you uwu”
“my last name is perfectly— waIT KJDKJFGH DID YOU JSUT-”
when he’s not telling the whole world how much of a simp he is, he likes showing his affection with a bunch of kisses
like this clingy mf will Not Let Go 
but he’s cute af when he drowns you in attention so he gets away with it akfkghjf
D - Date: What is a typical date with them like?
oh my god,,, dating kaminari never disappoints
seriously once you guys start dating for real you’ll never have to worry about a boring night ever again
dates with kaminari aren’t “oh let’s go see a romantic movie” or “let’s go to this fancy restaurant 30 miles from here”
they’re usually “who can pull off this diy parkour challenge with the least amount of bruises” or “watch how fuckin fast i can inhale this bread”
alright,,, i’m gonna expose him here okay,,,,
kaminari likes vlogging your dates lmao
they really make for some of the best memories bc date nights are usually when his crackhead energy is at its peak
“so,,,, would you like to explain to your audience why i’m driving you to the hospital ??”
“,,,,,,,, he thought he could cheat and avoid the blue shell by messing with the circuits 😒😒”
your sleep schedule is a little fucked because of him but you love him so it’s okay 🥰🥰
F - Future: How do they imagine their future with their s/o?
to be honest, kaminari’s more of a “living-in-the-moment” kinda guy
but at the same time he’s the kinda guy that’s already imagining what your kids might possibly look like akjdkjfgh
so it would be a lie to say he’s completely disregarded all thoughts about his future with you lmao
honestly ?? kaminari’s super stoked about what the future might hold for the two of you
tbh he doesn’t really have a clear or detailed idea of what exactly your future relationship may be like, but he sorta has an idea of what he’s looking forward to
he’s always wanted to be in the kind of relationship where everything is just chill and fun with no worries about overstepping boundaries because you know each other that well
and once he’s got that he’s pretty much satisfied !! he couldn’t ask for anything more
except maybe a gaming room but that can be arranged when you move in together 🤧🥴
Tumblr media
∘₊✧ ─ smut alphabet ─✧₊∘
D - Daring: How willing are they to take risks? Are they experimental or do they prefer to stick within their comfort zone?
it’s literally impossible to mention “kaminari denki” and “smut” in the same sentence without adding “daring” somewhere in the mix lmao
kaminari loves being experimental in the bedroom so i bet you he will try 99% of all the weird kinks you throw at him
most of them including the riskier ones 👀👄👀
honestly his favorite risks as of now would have to be accidental voyeurism and semi-exhibitionism 
like,,,, there’s just something so thrilling about always having to stay on high alert because you could get caught at any time
and the constant rush of adrenaline somehow makes the orgasm hit twice as hard
and somehow when he’s riled up like that his dirty talk is absolutely through the roof
“so noisy, baby,,, it’s almost like you want us to get caught~ is that right? you wanna tell the whole world who’s making you feel this good?”
if there one risk he isn’t willing to take, it’s one where you could seriously get hurt
so most forms of edge-play are off the bucket list
but if you really really beg him to, he will attempt asphyxiation or wax play
don’t be surprised if he stops every 10 seconds to ask if you’re ok though nfkgh
E - Experience: Is this their first time? Or do they have more experience under their belt?
ok,,,,, a part of me wants to say that kaminari has had a lot of experience
since he sometimes comes across as the kind of person who would have a lot of hookups in his early 20s
but like,,,,,, i’m just gonna be blunt alright
you’re his first,,, there’s a 90 percent chance that you’re his first
at least the first to get to actual intercourse 🤧
like i’m sure he’s played spin the bottle and 7 minutes in heaven multiple times, so he’s got a lot of experience with making out and getting into that mood
with both bois and gorls bc u know this dude is a raging bisexual lmao
but he hasn’t really gotten past that point
not until his first time with you that is 👀
it’s not hard to notice his lack of experience either
he starts to get a little nervous, and his movements are awkward as he panics over doing things right 
with time and practice he’ll get the hang of it !! and once he does he is absolutely unstoppable 
F - Fair: How fair are they with their s/o? How much of a tease are they?
most times ?? i’d say kaminari is pretty fair, but not necessarily because he just chooses to
he gets such a kick out of seeing you come undone that he literally does not have the patience to even bother teasing you kjskjdkjfgh
but when he wants to be a tease,,,, oh boy,,,,
he can be the worst
seriously,,, for someone with less experience than the average person his age he can be one bitch of a tease when he really tries
sometimes he’ll manage to control his impulse to get you off as quickly as he can and just drag your orgasm out for hours
just when you’re about to topple over the edge he just. stops.
“oh, were you gonna cum ?? my bad ;)”
“,,,, denki i sWEAR—”
but here’s a little secret for ya
just bc he can be a tease doesn’t mean he’s immune to being teased
make the slightest attempt to take over and kami will instantly become putty in your hands
and the way he begs you to stop teasing him is absolutely delicious
“(y/n) please,,, i said i was sorry,,, no more teasing pls :’((”
“hmm,, i don’t think you’re sorry just yet~”
O - Oral: Do they usually give or receive? How skilled are they?
if it wasn’t obvious from the previous letter, denki is the biggest switch alive
so that means he’s just as eager to give as he is to receive !!
like i said before, he’s not terribly skilled at first when it comes to giving, but man,,, can this boy learn
deadass the way his skill goes from 0 to 100 in the span of maybe a day can cause some severe whiplash 😳😳
denki absolutely loves eating you out and it really shows
even while his experience is still a little lacking, his pure enthusiasm is single-handedly enough to hit the right buttons
please ride his face. i promise you will not regret it ;))
as for receiving, you know ya boy is ready
regardless of whether he’s standing, sitting, or laying down, he will never say no to a good old-fashioned blowjob lmao
and whenever he’s the one receiving, he cannot take his eyes off of you
honestly idk what’s going on his mind but there’s just something about the way your lips curl around him that just drives him wild
sometimes he might get carried away and accidentally thrust into your mouth
but unless you tell him it’s okay he’ll apologize profusely akjkjfgh
start deepthroating him tho ??? boy is GONE
Q - Quirkplay: Have they tried it with their s/o? How did it go?
oh you guys knew this one was coming lmao
like come on you can’t tell me you’re gonna get dicked down by kaminari and not expect a little quirkplay from time to time 🥴
whew,,,,,, electrocution kink is jumping out today folks !!
tbh tho,,, the first time trying it out pro b a b ly could have gone a little smoother akjdjkg
he’s a little too scared of shocking you too hard and has trouble timing it well with his thrusts
needless to say it kinda flops the first time 💀
but the two of you agree to try again another day
and as time goes on and he becomes more comfortable with his quirk, the difference is insane
suddenly he has the ability to shoot out tiny amounts of voltage from his tongue when he’s giving you oral, and his timing is ridiculously on point
he can figure out when you’re just about to reach your orgasm, and he’ll give you the tiniest shock with his finger or his tongue to make it that much more powerful
and the cute little smirk he has when he sees you all fucked out can easily rile you up again for a second round 👀
V - Vocal: How loud are they?
this boy cannot shut up to save his LIFE
it literally does not matter if he’s on top or on the bottom, dom or sub, if you’re making him feel good he will Let You Know
the sounds he makes can vary though
when he’s the one in control, his moans are usually low and growly ?? is that the word i’m looking for ???
often times he’ll throw in praises about how you’re taking him so well or how cute you are
“shit, that’s it baby,,, you always know how to squeeze me just right~”
when he’s doing more taking than giving, that’s where his volume really comes in
his moans can range anywhere from quiet whimpers to full-blown cries that could legitimately put a pornstar to shame LMFAO
if he’s really getting it good, he’ll become a blubbering mess
he’ll still be trying to tell you how good you’re making him feel but absolutely none of it will be coherent
even after you guys are done he’s unconventionally loud for someone who’s just trying to catch his breath 🤧
“uh denki ??? you breathing okay ???”
“yeah,,, i’m good,,, just,,,,, tryna calm,, down,,,”
please get him some water kslkskjdfkg
Tumblr media
taglist in reply section !! send an ask/dm to be added !!
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Touch Me, Please [Starker Fic] Pt.3
Summary: Tony Stark has never told anyone that he’s still a virgin. He doesn’t want to sleep with people who only want him because of his outward persona. So instead, he hires an escort. Things get a little more heated than either of them had expected. Tags/Warnings: Escort!Peter, Virgin!Tony, nff, nsfw, sexual tension, teasing, Peter is 22, Tony is 53, oral sex, 69. Taglist: @starkerswonderland @staticwhispersinthedark @starkerprince @parkers-stark​ @bluestarker (let me know if you want to be added!)
Notes: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BEEN 2 MONTHS SINCE I POSTED FOR THIS I'M SO SORRY ABOUT THE WAIT Y'ALL!!! I come bearing good news though! This was supposed to have three parts, but the plot started living its own life and now we're definitely having a fourth part as well ehehehe. Hope y'all enjoy! -Kim
Read the fic here on AO3
Or click here to find the previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Peter knows he’s fucked. Absolutely, terribly, fucked.
And to be honest… Even that’s an understatement.
Peter clutches his coat tighter and fastens his pace. He’s snuck out of the enormous labyrinth that’s Tony’s home, and is now on his way to the bureau’s HQ. It’s still early in the morning, a little over 7 am, and Peter hopes to catch one of his managers before they start their meeting.
Peter made a grave mistake, and all he can do is spill it all out and pray that he can keep his job. He’s had unsafe sex with a customer. If there’s one thing that he should pay close attention to, it’s that. He never made a mistake like this before. However, with Tony, he completely threw his cool and composed sugar baby persona out the door; his mind lost to the wealthy man he only met last night. Tony may claim to be a virgin, which according to his eager yet sloppy techniques isn’t too hard to believe, but still. Peter shouldn’t have risked it.
He eyes the building in front of him and hesitates. He could just get a test done without his bosses knowing; play sick until he gets the results. But if they were to find out… He’d lose his job for sure. And contrary to popular belief, he’s not in the industry just for the money. He likes his career. 
In good faith, Peter steps forward and presses the doorbell.
Tony wakes up when a golden glow casts over his body. He smiles groggily. In his haze last night, he must’ve forgotten to close the curtains. He sighs and turns around, grabbing the sheets to tug them up a little higher. Slowly, the surroundings are getting to him. The distant sound of traffic rushing through the busy streets of NYC. The buzz of the elevator as it sweeps past his floor...
...and the complete lack of another human’s breath.
Tony swallows and his eyes flutter open. A harsh sting rips through his chest when he sees his bed is indeed empty.  “Peter?” He calls out, half-heartedly expecting an answer but not at all surprised when it stays dead silent.
It’s safe to say that the following days, Tony is in such a sour mood that his employees nearly cringe each time he walks across the room. He should’ve never hired an escort to have his first-ever sexual encounter with. The plan was destined to fail from the get-go, and it had. 
Tony turns around to find Pepper standing in the doorway of his private office. Pepper has been his personal assistant for years now, and he is aware that he wouldn’t survive a single day without her skills in his company. She’s seen his worst more often than not - and she doesn’t deserve to be the one to take his anger - but Tony can’t help but glare. “What?” “Jeez, they were right. You’re a fucking asshole today.” Pepper says calmly and raises her eyebrows as she closes the door behind her. Tony can feel some of the tension fade from his posture and he casts his eyes down.
“What happened?” She proceeds to ask. Tony shrugs. How could he tell her? “I did something stupid.” “I figured as much.” The PA places a stack of files onto his desk and sits down in the chair opposite of him. “Personal troubles, or Stark Industries-related?” “Personal.” “Ah, good. That’s one less of a worry.”
Tony glares again, but this time it’s more playful. Pepper smirks. “Gotcha,” she hums, seemingly pleased with herself. “Now, tell me what happened.” “I can’t.” “I’m sure you can, it’s-” “It’s too embarrassing, Pep. Please, I gotta deal with this by myself.” Pepper raises her eyebrow at his words and leans onto the wooden surface.  “Then deal with it before you drag Stark Industries into whatever it is.” She shoves the stack of paper forward and smiles faintly. “After you deal with these, of course.”
“Of course.”
It’s late in the evening, and Tony swirls the whiskey around in his glass. He finished the work right before dinnertime and decided to take the rest of the night off.
Deal with it.
Tony snorts. How could he? Peter left. It’s plain and simple that the kid didn’t want to stay. His pretty, sweet words had been nothing but lies and deception, and Tony feels like a goddamn fool for falling for the act. Peter is an escort. Pleasing people, telling them what they want to hear, it’s his job. Tony can’t blame him. He only blames himself.
Yet, it doesn’t keep him from grabbing his phone and navigating towards the escort website. He sniffs once, finding his way to the catalog. It should be easy to find Peter. Right? Tony scrolls down the list and frowns when he hits the bottom of the page. Mmh. He scrolls back up and sits a little more upright when he can’t seem to find Peter’s picture. He taps the search bar and types in his name.
No results found.
In a wave of panic, Tony types out the bureau’s number to contact them and waits anxiously. He has no intention of bothering Peter ever again, but now that it seems he vanished, it makes him feel strangely panicked. As if every link he had to the boy is simply gone. As if nothing ever happened.
Except something did happen.
“Good evening, this is Eva. How may I help you?” “Uhmm- Hi. It’s Mr. Stark. I’m, eh, I’m looking to book Peter again? He was here last night?” “Oh, I’m terribly sorry to inform you, sir, but I’m afraid Peter is temporarily unavailable. I could put you on the waiting list for when he returns?” “Please.”
And like a stupid idiot, he disconnects straight after. He sniffs and lowers his phone. He wonders if he just made another mistake.
Peter sucks at his teeth, his foot restlessly tapping onto the floor. He looks at his scheduled bookings and stares at the one empty spot. There’s only one client left to call, but Peter doesn’t know if he should. After a long tirade, and thankfully, a negative STD test, he’s back in the game and good to go. But, if he couldn’t keep himself together last time… He’s not sure if it’d be professional to go back to Tony.
Sweet, innocent, handsome Tony.
“Hey,” Harley pokes his head past Peter’s shoulder and grins. “I see you’re free tonight. My pal Dave is throwing a party at the Frizzles. Wanna come?” Peter rolls his eyes at his coworker and grins. “And get Dave to hopelessly flirt with me again? No, thank you.” “Oh, come on!” Harley throws his hands into the air in desperation. “Dave is your type!” “He’s not,” Peter grumbles, nearly shuddering at the idea. “Good fella, but no, not for me. Y’know I’m into rich old classy dudes. Heck, so are you!” “Hey, no need to attack me.” Harley lowers his bum on the edge of Peter’s desk and cocks his head. “You barely ever have a night off. Don’t you wanna have some fun? I’ll try and keep Dave off your back.” “Well…” Peter sighs and stares back at the empty spot in his schedule.
“I actually have a client.” “What do you mean?” “It’s the last free spot, and I have one more client to secure a booking with me. I just…” Harley frowns, his face displaying a sudden seriousness. “Peter, did this client hurt you?” “What? No!” “Then why are you looking all gloomy at the mere thought of that one client? Is he- Did he force you to not use protection? Peter, we can have him blacklisted, and-” “It’s not at all like that, please Harls, I promise.” “Then tell me why the fuck you’re so strange about it. You’re never strange around clients. Fuck ‘em, get them hooked for more and tadaa, that’s a healthy clientele, it’s how you taught me.”
Peter groans out loud in frustration and shoves his chair back a little, trying to distance himself from the scribbled down phone number at his desk. “I like him!” “What?” “I… I like him. Dammit. He’s really fucking different than the rest of them. I’ve only slept with him once, but he’s got me hooked, not the other way around.” “Then why’d he call us again? Eva told me he sounded pretty nervous.”
Peter’s face loses all color when Harley’s words crash down on him, crumbling the reality he’d build around himself. “No, no Harley, don’t enable me on this one. It’s bad luck. I shouldn’t do it.” Peter scrunches his nose. “Tell Dave I’ll be at the party.”
Harley simply grins, his eyes glimmering mischievously as if there’s something only he knows and Peter doesn’t. “Sure thing.”
It’s been two weeks since the damned party. Peter doesn’t feel any better about himself. As expected, Dave had followed him around all evening. Harley, traitor he is, was nowhere to be found. In the end, Peter couldn’t take it anymore, and he straight up told Dave he wasn’t interested. Thank god the lad took it pretty well, but it doesn’t make Peter feel any less shitty about it.
Peter really should just focus on his job and put his mind away from both Dave and Tony. It’s for the best. He sighs and stares at the next appointment on his list. The name is hidden, a feature they have for clients who are high in on their privacy. Peter sighs and grabs his car keys to go to the appointment. 
Tony’s tapping his foot anxiously while he tries not to stare at the elevator. It’s needless to say he’s not doing a very good job at doing so. Peter’s going to be here again. Oh, God. Tony can’t shake the feeling that maybe he shouldn’t have accepted the booking when Peter’s coworker called him.
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Californian Dream (Pt. 09 of 11)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Billy Hargrove X Reader
Word count: 2.9 K
Summary: Being part of one of the richest families of California doesn't mean you're happy. Your life is boring, and you're surrounded by meaningless people and their meaningless talk. Even during Summer, with the break you have from college, there's nothing good going on. Nothing but the new pool guy, Billy, the most handsome man you ever saw. You were successfully avoiding him, not wanting to act like an idiot in front of the guy until Billy accepts to be your date for a fancy gala you're forced to attend. The night was going well, even better when he sneaked you out to go to the beach. But a gang of criminals breaks into the party, kidnapping the heirs to the wealthiest families, which includes you. So, for your safety, your parents want you to stay with Billy, living in his apartment until the criminals are caught. And that could take weeks, maybe even months.
Warnings: Light violence
<- Previous part (08)
Next part (10)->
{Stranger Things Masterlist}
{Dacre Montgomery Masterlist}
For the third time today, you hit Jimmy with the fins as you walk by, pretending you didn't notice. He groans and you bite back a giggle. “If you do that again, I swear I'll fire you.” He sings songs, putting the price tags on the new regulators that got here today.
“You can't fire me. I'm very good at selling stuff.” Putting the fins on its place you turn to look at him.
“The Padawan always becomes stronger than the Master.” Crossing his arms, he squints his eyes. “I taught you everything you know, Lily flower.”
“Yup. And I mastered every single aspect into perfection.” Walking around the store, you make your way back to the counter, letting your hair down, running your fingers through it. “I'm a Jedi by now.”
“You're getting cocky. I think you're spending way too much time with Billy.”
“Well, we're living together and dating so...” You move to stay behind the counter, drumming your fingers on the wooden top. “I'd say that yes, we spend way too much time around each other but I wouldn't change a thing.”
“You're the only couple I know who started living together before even starting to date,” Jimmy says, finishing with the regulators and moving to the new swimsuits, starting to organize them by color and size.
“Yeah, it wasn't the conventional way but it worked, didn't it?” Biting your lip, you try to hold back the smile that always comes whenever you think or talk about Billy. It's been a month since it became official, and things have been going well. Very well. The life you had before is a distant memory you don't even visit it anymore. You're still watching the news here and there, some of your old friends were released and the investigators are getting somewhere. But the truth is that this your life. A real life for a change, where the days aren't pointless, and you do love the friends you have, people with who you don't have to watch your manners or think before saying something. You can laugh out loud and make a mess if you want.
“It did. Look, this is girl stuff, can't you–. These are different sizes but they look the same.”
Rolling your eyes, you walk over him, pushing him away. “They're different, Jimmy. You're clueless.” Looking through the bikinis, you take one off the hook. It's blue and pink, with black symmetrical lines all over it. “I really like this one.”
“It's nice. I bet Billy will like it.” He says in a sassy tone, and you roll your eyes again.
“Alright. Can you put this in the back for me? I'll buy it.” Handing him the piece, you focus on reorganizing everything, paying attention to the clients in case anyone needs help. You're humming a soft song when you feel someone approaching, so you turn on your heels to find a guy walking over the swimsuits. “Hello. Do you need anything?”
His lips break into a bright smile, which you respond with a small polite one. “Yes. I was wondering what tank I should get.”
“It depends. If it's just for recreational purposes, the one with atmospheric air.” You say, finishing with the bikinis and turning to give the guy some attention. “Come, let's check them.” Gesturing, you walk to the other side of the store, almost in the back where the tanks are.
“What's this Nitrox thing?” He asks, stepping closer to the tanks, his hand brushing on your thigh. You move away, but since he didn't seem to notice, you decide not to give it much thought. Probably just an accident.
“That's for long dives. It's a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.” Shrugging your shoulders, you lay a hand on a nearby tank. “But I assume it'll be just for fun so the atmospheric one will suffice.”
“You know a lot about this stuff.” His smile grows wider, and he gives you a little wink.
It makes you giggle. Is he trying to flirt? “I'm still learning.”
“What about... This one?” Stepping closer, he reaches out for a tank behind your back. You know what he's doing now, so you're quick to step aside before he can pin you against the wall.
Taking a deep breath, you roll your eyes. “Trimix. For depths beyond 130 feet. Which one will you take?”
“I could take two atmospheric tanks if you agree on coming with me for a... Recreational dive?”
“Nah, I don't think so.” He's not planning on buying it, so you make your way back to the counter. “First of all, I don't know how to swim. And second, I have a boyfriend.” Tapping on the counter a few times in a happy rhythm, you focus on the other customers around.
“And why haven't your boyfriend taught you how to swim yet?” He comes to the counter too, leaning on it, making you stand up straighter. “Or... Maybe he can't.” He giggles.
“Oh, he can.” You smirk. “He was a lifeguard during his time in Indiana.” As you speak, you see the man himself, walking closer, an eyebrow raised at the guy talking to you. Biting back a smile at his jealous face, you look at the guy again. “He's amazing, actually. Handsome, strong.” Raising your voice just enough for Billy to hear, you lean on the counter too. “But he's also kind and generous. Honest, trustworthy.”
“Sweetie, nobody is perfect so don't even try to make me believe he is.” The guy chuckles, raising an eyebrow.
“Oh, no. He's not perfect. Billy has problems with anger and he absolutely hates when guys try hit on me.” The moment you're done speaking, Billy touches the guy's shoulder, strongly pulling him away from the counter. “Hi, baby.” You say, giving Billy a bright smile.
“Billy, my dude.” The guy says, nervously stepping back, hands raised. “Didn't know the girl was with you, man.”
“Now you do, so back the hell off.” His thunder voice gets people's attention, but you don't even bother.
“Alright, alright.” He mutters, walking backward until he's in the middle of the store, where he finally turns around and leaves.
“Let me know if you want the atmospheric air tank!” You shout, laughing a little.
“Seriously, why the hell–” Billy starts, but his words fade when he looks at you.
Shrugging your shoulders, you giggle at his expression, leaning a little closer to him. “What?”
“Of course guys will hit on you.”
“Uhm... Care to explain it or am I supposed to guess?”
“You look good, that's it. And all this friendly act when you're working here. The kind smiles, politeness... Guys are stupid, they'll think you're interested.” When Billy leans over, you don't move away, a smirk coming to your lips when his face gets dangerously close.
“So... Are you calling yourself stupid?” You whisper, taking his bottom lip in between your teeth. Some people are starting, you're sure. They all know Billy around here, but it doesn't bother you.
“I was stupid. Now that I'm with you, I'm the smartest man on Earth.”
“Doesn't make much sense, Billy.”
“Doesn't have to.” He rolls his eyes, lips finally meeting yours.
“Hey, hey!” Jimmy exclaims from somewhere behind you. “You can take this home, alright? Remember rule number one? Not making out in work hours?”
“My work hours were done seven minutes ago so...” You snap, turning on your heels and waving at Jimmy. “See ya at the bonfire.”
“See ya, Lily flower.”
“Bye.” Muttering, you sigh at the name he calls you.
Walking hand in hand with Billy, you wonder when you'll be able to tell them the truth. It's tiring to hold on to this lie. It's the only thing left to open up about. That, and the fact that you're, well, rich. Sitting shotgun, you look at the people walking on the sidewalk, quietly thinking.
“Hey,” Billy calls. “Everything alright? Did that guy–”
“No, no.” You assure him, shaking your head. “If that idiot tried anything you'd know.”
“Then what's wrong?”
“It just sucks that they still think my name is Lily.” Running a hand through your hair, you sigh. “I'm (Y/N). And I'm afraid they'll be mad when I tell the truth about who I am, who my family is. I don't wanna lose them.”
“Princess, you're hiding your identity for a very good reason. They know about the kidnappings, I'm sure they'll understand when you tell them the truth.” Billy lays a hand on your thigh, and you stretch your arm to massage the back of his neck. “They're not like those pricks, they'll understand.”
“I hope so. I'm sick and tired of that Lily flower shit.”
“Yeah, I bet it sucks being named after my car.” He says, a smirk on his lips.
“What?” You breathe out, smiling. “Are you finally letting me name your car?” You basically jump on your seat, leaning over Billy to place kisses all over his cheek and jaw.
“Keep that up I might even let you name our future kids.”
His words make you stop, freezing, slowly moving back to your seat. Kids? Is he joking or something? Does Billy even want kids? And does he want them with you? This was never brought up before. Billy nervously moves in his seat, clearing his throat. “What?” It comes out almost a whisper.
“No, just... It just...”
“It's alright. I don't...” Billy enters the small parking lot beside the building, stoping on his usual spot. “Anyways, we still have to deal with things when I'm allowed home, so...” You step out of the car, a little flustered, walking side by side with him. “Until that happens we can just...”
“Yeah, we can wait until you break the news to your parents, then–”
“Yeah.” You cut him off, taking his hand. “We still have time since neither the police or the investigators seem to be anywhere close. So let's have fun now and talk about the future later.”
“Let's focus on the bonfire for now.”
“Beach party!” You exclaim, giggling when he pokes your side on a ticklish spot.
An hour later, you're at the beach, in a long skirt and blue top, talking about the most stupid things as the huge bonfire sends flames up to the sky. You're seated on a huge beach towel, eating burned marshmallows. The wind is fresh and the sky is still fading into the black for the night. Leaning against Billy, you giggle every time he places a kiss on your shoulder. There are way more people here than planned, but nobody seems to care. The music is loud, but the voices are louder. Over thirty people are either by the fire or playing on the water, and you've never felt this... Carefree. Or happy. The same people your parents despise so much, are now the best people you know. Just a bunch of kids having fun, not thinking too much, not overthinking their manners, or looking at others with judgmental eyes. This is easy, effortless.
“Billy!” Someone calls, waving their hand over the fire. “A little help with these coolers!”
“It's Austin.” He says, and you move a little to let him get up. “Finally some food and drinks.”
“Yeah, I'm thirsty.” You complain, turning your attention to Stacy as Billy walks away. “So. You and Jimmy. When is it happening?”
“Shhh.” She takes a look around before standing up and pulling you with her. “He doesn't make a move, so I'm starting to give up this idea,” she says when you're away from the others, near the deck of a small snack bar which is almost closing.
“You like him, and he likes you. What's missing?” You ask, not sure what else to do to help. Jimmy often comes to you for advice, and you do your best to push him into asking Stacy out. But after three weeks, it hasn't happened yet. But if it was a double date... “Oh! Gosh! It's so damn obvious!”
“What?” She giggles, pinching her eyebrows together.
“Double date. Saturday. Movie theater.” You say, winking at her. “You two are coming and leave the rest to me.”
Giving a little jump, Stacy pulls you into a hug. “You're the best. I can't believe I haven't come up with this idea myself but I'm so thankful you're my friend.”
“I'll get you two together.” Pulling away, you assure her. “It's a promise.”
“You're welcome.” Linking arms with her, you start making your way back to the fire. Your eyes find Billy in a distance, and you're just about to change direction when a girl walks over to him, arms immediately wrapping around his neck, her lips chasing his. You stop in your tracks, freezing, throat suddenly dry. Relief washes over you when Billy pushes her away before she can kiss him, holding both her arms when she tries approaching him again. “The audacity of that bitch.” Stacy mutters, and you nod.
“Why don't you go ahead, I'll... Go there.” Gesturing at the snack bar, you step back.
“It's alright. I'll just get something to drink.” You know the drinks just got here, but you don't care, you just need some time right now. Turning your back at her, you climb the few wooden steps that lead to the snack bar's small balcony, where some tables give the clients a view of the ocean, holding your skirt so it won't get into your way. When you get to the deck, you walk to the very back, where's dark since half the lights are already off.
You don't know why you're feeling so bad. Billy pushed her away, but still, you're... Angry. Stacy is right, the audacity of that bitch... But if she felt like she could do that, she was one of his many... Flings. And it kills you to imagine them together. Leaning over the wooden railing, you put both hands on your head, the wind messing with your hair.
“Hey, there.” Billy's voice reaches you and, taking a deep breath, you turn around with a half-smile.
“Stacy told me you saw Amanda grabbing me.” He starts, coming to stand beside you. “You know that–”
“Billy, I saw you pushing her. I'm not mad at you, I'm happy, I just...” Throwing your hands in the air, you sigh, letting them fall. “I just don't like the mental pictures I'm having about the two of you.”
“You're jealous.” He states, and when you look at him, he's trying to hold back a smile. “That's how you cope. You like to be alone. I like punching the guys in the face.”
You didn't want to, but you're chuckling anyways. “Yeah, I kinda noticed that.” Billy comes closer, pinning you against the railing and you wrap your arms around his neck.
“It'll take a while for people to believe I'm actually dating someone this time. But they'll get it, I promise.” He places a soft kiss on your lips. “Even if I have to shove away half the girls of California.”
“You're so cocky, did you know that?” You give him a light push, but you move alongside him, leaving the railing behind. “But it's okay. I just... I hope I won't... End up like one of them. Being pushed away.” With a low voice, you look down, the very thought of it breaking your heart a little.
“When you're falling asleep you have the habit of moving your feet,” Billy says, and the subject is so damn random you raise an eyebrow, staring back at him, shrugging your shoulders. “And you take deep breaths as you relax, and it means you snuggle closer to me every time. And almost every morning you find a way to hook a leg around me so I can stay a little longer.”
“You'll have to help me out here because I don't follow.” Furrowing your eyebrows, you cross your arms.
“I was never that intimate with anyone. And I never wanted to, that's why I never took any girls to my apartment.” Billy softly rubs your arms, and for some reason, your attention falls on the exposed part of his chest. The idiot doesn't seem to know what buttons are for... But you don't care. “But with you, I... I want this. And when the issue with your parents is over we will talk about what will come next and–”
“Oh my God!” Someone from inside the snack bar exclaims, turning the TV volume up. “They got them. The police got them.”
After exchanging a glance with Billy, you both rush inside, eyes on the TV. And yes, the police got them. The journalists show the commotion, an abandoned place, all wrecked, as the criminals are dragged out. And the hostages they still held. Soon enough everyone from the bonfire is here too, silently watching. You're relieved, of course, to know the people you grew up with are being released. But it means you'll have to face your parents, and finally make the changes in your life permanent. With a hand on your heart, you stare at the TV without paying much attention.
“Wanna get out of here?” Billy whispers on your ear, and you nod, following him out of the snack bar.
Guess you'll be talking about the future a lot sooner than you thought.
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piraticalarchive · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
okay so for everyone who hates big corporations and management who takes advantage of their employees.. this one’s for you. it’s long but .... i find it completely hilarious.
so a brief recap: amy got fired back in march from a huge international retailer, yes? when things first started like they were going south, i worked on really re establishing a relationship with my brother who is like one level below C-suite (cfo, ceo, etc etc) of that same company because i had an idea in mind. March rolls around, amy gets fired .. and I’m like .. okay. time to put this in motion. but stress and depression obviously took the motivation away from me, but i continued to keep that line of communication up with my brother. we started talking weekly, sometimes twice a week via an actual call. well, i’m finally feeling better .. so this week i finally put my plan in motion. here’s how it went
stage 1: i sent a text to my brother asking if i applied to the store in my area if i could use him as a reference. he said, of course but every store is hiring so i’d look at any store besides that one. (which is already fucking hilarious but i digress) ... so i call the store and one of the managers who sat in on amy’s firing answers when i ask to speak to someone involved in hiring (oh lucky day). I start off with “hi! I’m sorry to bother you, but I’ve been looking for a job thats a bit of a change of scenery and my brother is the *insert position name* and works in *insert headquarters location* and he recommended i give the company a try despite that I had a less than stellar experience last time”. And this manager FALLS OVER telling me they are hiring for so many positions blah blah blah and then at the end when i’m like “thanks for the information! I’m definitely going to apply!” she’s like “of course! I’ll give our hiring manager your information so she can pull it immediately. Whats your name?” and i give my name and suddenly its just dead fucking silent... because they know who I am and they know that I’m in a relationship with amy and that i know what they did. But she recovers and is like ‘can’t wait to see your application!’ .. so.. okay. stage 1 was a success. but then, enter...
unexpected event: the store manager himself calls me. Starts off with some small talk, finally gets around to saying ‘so I hear you’d like to come back and work for us? I was looking at your previous application and I didn’t see any mention of the relation you talked about when you called”. And I’m like “oh, yeah... I don’t like using stuff like that because I’d prefer to get in on my own merit  and skills and not by a family member’s position. Plus its like that show undercover boss, you know? I get to see what the place is like before they know. BUT given with what happened to amy, I was unsure if I’d even be considered without a reference like that” and he laughs nervously and is like “i totally get it. So did anyone know that you had a brother in that position?” and I’m like “oh i mentioned it once in passing to [amy’s manger] but I just said my brother was in corporate and there are a lot of levels so i think he just left it at that” and the store manager is like ‘haha yeah different levels but thats like ... its own level...” and we talk a little bit and he’s like “what made you want to come back?” and I’m like “like i mentioned before, the amy thing really threw me off. I was angry and the good thing about siblings is you don’t have to sugarcoat stuff. So I went to my brother and was like this is how you treat people?? are you kidding?? what about job security?? and i sent him the picture amy had snapped of her discharge papers where it listed the reason and he told me that, and everything else I yelled at him about,  wasn’t the company’s way and that the store had seriously violated something. So for one, I now know that isn’t actually something that should have happened and  two, i inadvertently brought this store to corporate’s attention and there are a lot of good people who work here, and they don’t deserve the consequences of that, so I want to help make it right” and he’s fucking sweating yall, I can hear it over the phone. and he’s like “fill out your application and put whatever you want down and we’ll call you and talk about positions and we can find a way to give you what you want” and I’m like “oh, don’t tell me that nick because your chair is looking awfully good right now” and he did a nervous laugh. SO, unexpected event made my plan even better. Then we get to:
Stage 2: I apply. I check literally every management position, including the one they fired amy from and also some hourly positions and put down ridiculous hours. I pass the manager test with flying colors and when it asks why i said i want to be a team trainer i wrote down ‘thanks to knowing the home office, i know how things should work and I want to help this store raise its position in the district and I know what policies aren’t being followed to help make that raise smoother.” I submitted the application, called the first manager I had spoken to and told her I had done so and she was like “I’m sure we’ll give you a call tomorrow!” ‘Tomorrow’ came and by 7 that night, they hadn’t contacted me. So I went to the ‘we’re hiring’ image they had posted on their facebook page like an hour previously and tagged my brother and was like ‘dude this is one of the positions at my store i was telling you about. think i could pull it off?” AND BAM ! they sent me a request for a phone interview at 8am the next morning. I scheduled my interview for later that afternoon at 2:45 and we enter Stage 3.
Stage 3: Amy and I go to the store to pick up a few things. It’s suddenly fucking spotless. There are no gaps in the shelves, the floor has been cleaned since the last time we were there (monday night and i called them tuesday and it is now white and shiny as hell) and they have the lights turned up all the way so you can actually see. EVERY FUCKING AISLE is perfect. Cat food? perfect. Funko pops? stacked and lined up perfectly. Video games? Filled. Clearance aisle? Perfect order. Like its super obvious they did a mad dash and tried to get the store in shape. So amy and I walk down every single aisle and point things out and kind of put our heads together and talk and I take out my phone and act like i’m texting etc .. basically we’re just fucking with people’s heads because the managers are nearby and they can see what we’re doing. 
Stage 4: So later we’re home and 2:45 comes and goes with NO word. No phone call, no email, no hey can we reschedule. they FORGOT about the interview. I’m dying because they’re making it even better and even easier to fuck with them. So I text my brother (who KNOWS my mental health has been in the trash) and I’m like “I filled out an application just to see and they set up an interview and blew me off. You were right .. not a great help when it comes to the blues” and he was like “yep...i’d look at literally any other store” and talked to me a bit more about it. He was irritated that they’d do that and kept saying they were on thin ice.  Finally at 5 they text me and they’re like “hey, this is the [insert store] and we’re sorry we missed your interview. I wanna apologize. Can we reschedule?” And I wait like an hour and a half (i was napping, i’ll admit it) but I respond with “I apologize for the late response, I had a prior commitment I had to take care of. Unfortunately, I reached out to someone [they know who it is. they know]  in the off chance I had misunderstood the process since I hadn’t heard from you guys and I was encouraged to pursue opportunities at other branches in the area. Thank you for the original consideration and I hope you have a great day!” and they waited until 11am the next day to reply back which I’m assuming is because they were waiting for the higher up management to return to the store.
Come to find out the managers are still basically pissing themselves and freaking out because not only did they a) fire someone against company policy and now know the people at the top know and b) drop the ball and forget to interview a family member of said people at the top ... I got to add salt in the wound one more time by mentioning that my brother dropped in a lot (he doesn’t) and that I’d love to show off the store since it’s such a huge part of the community and it was looking better than I’d ever seen it look. And that it would be nice because he’d get the real experience since it wasn’t a formal, announced visit .... but, of course, that he’s salary .. so the policy is that he’s always ‘at work’ and obligated to take note of things.
so basically, i feel justified. Six and a half months of careful planning and maneuvering was totally justified. 10/10, I’d do it again. Let this be a lesson that patience in planning vengeance is completely worth having and I hope I helped make the store better for employees who aren’t management by putting the fear of god into them with the idea that my brother or anyone else from his office can just drop the fuck in whenever they want with a totally casual visit that could still fuck the management over completely. This is a good week, mates .. a very good week. Am I petty? yes. Do i hate their guts and feel like it was an entertainment that was totally worth it given what they did to the love of my life? also yes.
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emachinescat · a year ago
Tumblr media
II've decided to watch MacGyver from the beginning (again), and I'm live tweeting the experience with every tweet tagged with #savemacgyver. I thought it would be fun to share my collected thoughts from the episodes on here as well.
My Thoughts on S1E3, "Awl"
You're not only going to make it to 30, Mac, but you're going to make it to season 6. #savemacgyver
I love that Jack's bucket list includes finishing the Harry Potter books. Guess he's not a one-trick pony after all with sci-fi. A healthy blend of science fiction and fantasy is just what the doctor ordered.
Dylan Thomas reference! That poem was written about the poet's own father, and is about how everyone, no matter who they are or what they stand for, fights against death in the end. He's begging his dad to "rage, rage against the dying of the light," to not give in to death so easily, to keep fighting. Just taught this poem, actually, so I'm vibing with this reference super hard. Though to be fair, I'd be vibing with it anyway. Love Dylan Thomas.
Oh my gosh, this is the one with the fire extinguisher and inflatable escape! I'd forgotten which episode that came from, but I see GIFs of it all over Tumblr. Poor Mac especially, that looks like it hurts. Why is Lucas Till so good at being whumped?!
Jack hugging the fire extinguisher: Iconic.
I'll never get tired of seeing that polar bear! Do we know if he has a name?
I cannot get over how small and excited Bozer is, not a care in the world except for his movie. It's exciting to think about what's to come for his character growth, though I do wish he wouldn't have to go through all the things he does. :(
Jack's conversations with his dad at the grave are just everything. And I feel cheated that we haven't gotten to see Mac have the same kind of conversations at Jack's grave (though I firmly believe it's a regular occurrence off-screen).
Seriously, the way he talks to his dad is so familiar, so comfortable, so natural. It's like Daddy Dalton is right there with him and it fills me with so many emotions that I can't even.
The smile on Jack's face and the pride in his voice when he talks about Mac to his dad is the purest thing ever.
Also, that's a big-ass tombstone Jack is leaning against.
"Hi, Mr. Dalton. How's... life?" MAC! 😂
I can't tell you how much I love it when other characters talk about how smart Mac is. "He's a genius..."
First mention of Mac's dad. It's sweet how invested Jack is in Mac rebuilding his relationship with his old man. Also, I really wish we would have gotten a flashback of Jack's dad at some point. He seems like such an amazing man.
"If I could have one more day to sit and talk to my dad instead of that hunk of rock, I'd do anything." Jaaaaaaack 😭😭😭
Good old Ralph Kastrati. Single-handedly the most annoying character in all of cable television. Y'all have no idea what you're getting into with this one, dream team.
"My mom dated a guy like that once." Ouch. I'm about to start a Riley Zinger Counter for each episode. Her comebacks are 🔥
It's not just his face, Jack. Everything about this dude is punchable. Especially the way he says "yo."
Ewwww tightie whities no thanks imma head hom now byyye
Mac just snatched that can right out of Jack's hand as he was about to take a drink. Classic.
If I didn't hate Ralph before (spoiler: I did), then I extra hate him for the foie gras comment.
Yes, Jack, "asshat" is the perfect descriptor for this guy.
Is Mac seriously about to just make him some noise-canceling headphones? Who am I kidding? Of course he is.
I need more of Mac punching people in the face. For science.
Poor Jack didn't get to punch the punch face.
🎵 Snipers gonna snipe, snipe, snipe, snipe, snipe 🎵
Between the foie gras and the calfskin, they are really making this guy so easy to hate just sayin'.
"As soon as you're done saving his life, I'm gonna kill him, you hear that, smart-ass? I'm already dressed for the funeral." 🤣🤣🤣🤣
"He's g-good. He just... got kinda shot." Is that the medical terminology, Mac?
Jack using country music as a form of torture 🤣
"You're going to be seeing Yelp stars if you don't shut up!"
Have I mentioned how much I love the music in this show?
"I don't wanna die listening to country music!"
I love how bossy and grabby Mac gets when he improvises.
Another belt grab! I can’t get over Jack trying to keep his crazy partner from falling out of the window – it gives me life!
Actually makes me wonder if he does it because Mac’s taken a tumble out of a car window before. *fanfic brain engaged*
“You know how I feel about your puns.” C’mon, Mac, pus are the greatest forms of humor, bar-pun. (Geddit?)
Mc made a C in biology? I’m not buying it.
Dwwwwwww the sounds of the surgery. No thanks.
Though I will say this is one of the coolest (albeit grossest) things Mac’s ever done on this show.
What the heck is with that elevator door? It took a whole 10 years to close! I wouldn’t trust it. (To be fair, I don’t trust any elevator, but that’s neither here nor there.)
Sir Bleeds-a-Lot lol
Riley stepping in and taking charge once again. No idea how these two functioned before she came along.
Some seriously cool MacGyverisms in this episode. The whole process of “killing” Ralph and bringing him back with office supplies is so OG MacGyver and it gives me all the warm fuzzies.
Ralph: “You’re not a scientist, you’re not a doctor. So how the hell do you know all this stuff?” Mac: “...I read a lot of books?” I love Mac so much.
“Now go die.” Lolololol
The moment with Ralph wanting to call his mom and grow the hell up is surprisingly genuine and heartbreaking. Character development for a character in only one episode, hello, is that you?
“He’s dead, but he’ll get better.” MacGyver, 2016
Riley’s comeback about Jack’s plan to take out six guys if Mac takes out two is another winner. (Riley: 2, Jack: 0) Still, I love the whole, “Sure it does [count as a plan]. First, I’ll take two. Then, I’ll take the other four.” This is why Mac is the plan guy, not Jack.
“Or I can take them all out.” Mac’s confidence = 🔥
I might need to start a Mac sass counter too. Jack: “You seriously want me to put this on my face?” Mac: “Only if you like breathing.”
Jack’s left fist getting jealous 🤣
They really liked choking Mac in the early episodes, didn’t they? Not that I’m complaining. Actually, why did that stop? That strangled, panicked cry of “JACK?!” is music to my fanfic writing, hurt/comfort obsessed, whump-loving soul.
That cough - it actually hurts me to hear it! They should have given us some more repercussions or aftercare for Mac breathing in that gas!
Ralph fell asleep. Of course.
“You know, it’s weird. I’m glad he’s alive… but I still want to kill him. 🤣 I’m with Jack on this one!
Ralph: “A fresh start. I could use one of those right?” Riley: “Or a whole new personality.” ZZZING!!! Riley: 1 million, the world: -10
Oh he did not just call Riley “little hottie.” I’m back to wanting to kill him, character development be darned. So diminutive, dehumanizing, and objectifying. This guy has more than won the douchebag lottery. Riley can more than stick up for herself, but still. The way he speaks to her here makes me feel all kinds of gross.
He just said “ya heard” unironically. Can we let Jack punch him now, please?
Jack offering to let Ralph keep the cash he lifted if he gets to punch him is great, but even better is Mac and Riley offering to chip in money for The Cause.
Oh, yeah, Bozer was in this episode. I’m excited for when he is utilized more!
Bozer’s monster Mac is nightmare fuel!
“A letter? That you put in the mail? It’s 2016.” Hey, as someone who has an actual, old-school type pen pal, step off, Jack.
Mac: “You just gonna watch?” Jack, offended: “Not anymore.” How is it Jack is like Mac’s dad but they also bicker like 5-year-olds? This relationship is so strange, so wonderful, and the heart of the show in so many ways. I love them.
Mac’s words of wisdom about the nature of life are actually super encouraging and exactly what I needed to hear today.
I’d forgotten how much I love this episode – t’s so fun! Although the Codex storyline in season 4 is probably my favorite plot-wise, coming back to these early episodes is like a breath of fresh air! Excellent, excellent episode with so much to offer!
What are your thoughts on "Awl?" I'd love to discuss! :)
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fizzysquish · a year ago
I'd really like to hear about your opinion on the ahit fandom if youre ok with sharing? love your writing by the way!!
Oh wow I actually didn't expect anyone to wanna know yifhfkhck
And thank you!
Alright this is.. Gonna be long and most likely have some spelling errors every now and then but bear with me.
Tw- talk of pedophilia, swear words
Tldr at the very bottom
The ahit fandom..
But also doesnt? Its kind of hard to explain. In general, if you just glance at the fandom it will either come across as pure or as a shit show. This fandom has some serious problems.
This fandom has a lot of drama happy people in it. Im not going to name names or anything, cause there's no point, but it does. A single scroll through the tags will tell you that much. And this isnt me saying 'people can't have opinions' or what have you. What im saying is that there are people in this fandom who live just to stir up drama and make others angry.
Or, in a lot of cases, instead of just saying a persons opinion, they'll swear up a storm and say they hate certain people or call certain types of fans 'the problem with the fandom' and like.. That just makes you sound like an asshole honestly. And it hurts people, too.
(And nobody can tell me it doesn't. Ive had to reassure too many venting and upset friends because of it. It hurts people.)
Also, because you know I have to mention this and it fits perfectly after this first paragraph- subcon. Snatcher.
I legitimately do not understand why some people hate snatcher so much. And I also cannot understand why some people will specifically target snatcher fans at times.
Snatcher is a big comfort character for a lot of people. Wether its for personal reasons (ex- mine is because of my own past dealing with abuse and trauma), or if its just because they make someone happy.
Snatcher is a comfort character, and the whole story surrounding subcon is so so interesting and fun to explore? And so what if people enjoy it? I can understand that it can get frustrating seeing so much of it, especially if you like something else, but that is no reason to target snatcher fans (or.. Any fans in general) and/or make people feel bad for having fun.
Fuck, thats how you make people leave the fandom entirely. I understand it can get frustrating, but just.. Try to be nicer? Try not to make people feel bad for having fun? Please?
And before anyone tells me "it's not about that!", i want to point out that I often see posts like "don't let the snatcher fans see this-" and other things along that.
If you want me to believe its not about that, prove it. Cause as far as i can tell, it certainly is.
(Also as a note- who cares is someones thirsty??? Like
Just block them and avoid if it bugs you so much?? It's not that hard dude)
Another serious thing to mention is the pedophilia in this fandom. Feel free to skip this part  if it makes you uncomfortable, but its something i need to talk about.
There are pedophiles in this fandom. Ive seen the art and the fics (no matter how many times i scrub my eyes, because its disgusting and horrible and just- eugh-). There are pedophiles here and its easy to come across them because they just.. Aren't afraid to post in main tags. People follow them. People support them. Granted, not everyone, and generally most people know to avoid em, but they're still there. They havent been kicked out or ostracized. And it disgusts me.
I know this whole paragraph could be argued that "that doesn't represent the fandom!" Or whatever but.. This is a younger audiences welcome game guys. Its advertised as 'the cutest 3d platformer!'. Kids can and do play this game.
There is pedophilia in this fandom, and i feel its important to mention.
Also, some people in this fandom just.. Suck. Plain and simple. Some people in this fandom are just genuine assholes. And said asshole just like harassing others and causing problems. There's a literal shit ton of drama and problems with this fandom, and honestly it's.. So dumb??
This is literally just a video game and people are just having fun. If there's a problem, treat it like a grown up and either ask the causes to stop and why, or block and move on. Simple.
Now lets move onto the good parts of this fandom, yeah?
First of all- there are some serious sweethearts and amazing people in this fandom. While there are some that suck, there are more that are actually just here for a good time and to make good content.
Ive met some of the nicest people ivs ever known thanks go this fandom. Ive created friends who I seriously consider family. And most people ive talked with or even just ran across have been pretty cool.
This fandom is also generally very welcoming to new people (minus the assholes), ive noticed. Some people get into it really easily just because eveyones generally friendly and supportive. Which is always great!
Also, the fanworks people in this fandom create. Can i just talk about how fucking talented people are??? Its pretty amazing to see how people create things for this fandom.
People will take the story that gears for breakfast showed and they'll run with it, and create these amazing au’s and stories and 'what ifs' from it. Its just.. So amazing to watch people use what we've been given just weaved it into something.
(And this isnt even going over the mods and the stories those create, which always amaze me.)
So with all that laid out, do i think the fandom good or bad?
...i think its both.
The fandom itself has some serious problems in it. It gets unnecessary drama nearly every other month or so for no reason. There are some truly disgusting people and some absolute assholes, but the majority of people are actually pleasant, fun to be around, and welcoming. As long as you be careful of who you follow and use critical thinking skills, its not so bad.
Im not going to lie to someone and say it's all honkey dory. In this fandom, you will inevitably interact with either a creep, an asshole, or both at some point. There is a likely chance that you will have your feelings hurt in some way in this fandom. Ive see it, ive heard about it, ive experienced it.
All that being said, if you curate your viewing, follow people that seem/are cool, and use the block feature (don't. Debate it, if youre unsure about someone just block em)... Its a very fun fandom filled with both heartfelt creations and memes, and has plenty of potential new friends.
So its both good and bad, yeah.
Fandom has lotsa issues but overall is fun, just make sure curate your experience for yourself and dont let what drama pops up or what assholes say get to you.
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barrysjumpsuit · a year ago
the dark side - jj maybank x shoupe’s daughter (ch. 3)
Tumblr media
w/c: 2.5k
warnings: underage drinking, mentions of other illicit activity, typos probably, but this is mostly just jj fluff
summary:  catherine shoupe has the perfect life. when she gets hired by heyward to run groceries, she has a new coworker - jj maybank. as the deputy’s daughter, she can’t help but hate him. but when jj decides to bring her to the dark side and woo her over, cat not only has to hide her activities from her father, but learn who her father really is.
a/n: i’ve been super busy and lacking inspo, so i knocked this out in about an hour and a half (and tbh i’m kinda proud of it).  this is definitely based on that time last week i drank 8 beers while swimming and was so drunk i fell off the dock then cried while making a pizza bc i started thinking about drew starkey  
side note, the tags weren’t working on the last two chapters, so if you could reblog this that would mean the world to me :)
get caught up on other chapters here! or check out my masterlist!
JJ’s words ate at Cat as she drove home. Leave it to JJ to put that foul taste in her mouth - was he trying to turn her against her own father? Or wanting her to come to the dark side with him?  Of course JJ didn’t like her dad. He was a troublemaker, flirting with all the punishments that were associated with breaking the law. 
Cat got home ten minutes later. Her dad was waiting up for her - it was later than she realized, and she was too caught up with JJ - and then flustered - to text him. “How’d it go?” he asked, seeing her face and pulling her into a hug.
“It was okay. I’m just tired,” she said quietly, her head pressed against her dad’s shoulder.
“You want any dinner?” he asked, and she shook her head. “Okay. Good night, sweetie.”
That night and all of the next day, she couldn’t stop thinking about what JJ had said to her.
Cat spent her day off with her best friend. They shopped before dropping their bags off at Cat’s, changing and going to the beach.
“Tell me about your new job,” Kya insisted, laying beside her. Her eyes were hidden by large, pink sunglasses, a smile plastered on her face.
“Well… it’s different, that’s for sure. I like spending most of my day on the water.” Cat threw an arm up to shield the sun so she could see her friend better. “The guys I work with keep it… interesting.”
“Heyward’s kid? What’s his name?”
“Pope. Yeah, I like him a lot. I usually work with either him or JJ.”
“Maybank?” Kya asked, pushing herself up slightly, and Cat nodded. “Woah, seriously? You haven’t killed each other yet?”
“Actually… we made up for everything last night. Got dinner and everything. He wanted to air everything out, and we had a good night.”
“You got dinner with JJ Maybank?” 
Cat sighed as her friend took off her sunglasses to look at her, her eyes wide. “Yes, Kya, why is that such a big deal?”
“You know he’s a total pothead, right? And his dad’s into all sorts of drugs.”
“Well, that’s a good thing I only work with him, then,” Cat responded cooly. “I just want to be friendly enough to make work not insufferable. I don’t care what he does in his free time.”
“Does your dad know?” Kya asked, and sat upright when Cat shook her head. “You’re kidding me, Cat.”
“He doesn’t need to know, he’d just worry.” Cat tried to ignore how worked up all of this made Kya. “Beside, I’ve made it clear to him I don’t want to get involved in anything he or his friends do.”
Kya sighed, laying back down beside her. “You better not. You’re the only friend I have that hasn’t gone all party mode.”
“That’s not gonna happen any time soon.” Cat tried to reassure her, but remembered JJ’s words. I’ll get you out of your bubble, he had said, a charming grin lighting up his face. Everything about JJ’s existence seemed effortless - he didn’t worry about what people thought about him, and didn’t particularly care for impressing people or following every single rule.
All throughout high school, like Kya had said, they lost friends until their once tight-knit friend group shrank to just the two of them. Everyone discovered alcohol, which was easily available at keggers and parties that seemed to happen almost every night. Some started smoking weed, others started doing harder stuff. People changed, and Cat knew that, but she didn’t like that type of change. Even if she did still want to be friends with those people, she knew it wouldn’t fly with her father, much less with Kya’s mother.
Kya Peterkin was the one person who had Cat’s back while they were growing up. Whenever their classmates adopted the we-hate-cops attitude, they were shunned together. They obeyed the same sets of rules, and since their parents worked so closely together, they were bound to become best friends as well. 
Sometimes, though, Cat wanted to break the rules. She was tired of being under the watchful, critical eye of her parents. Maybe JJ was what she needed - someone to be that person to get her out there. There was something about the way he spoke to her the other day, like he knew something she didn’t. About her, and about her dad. 
The next day, she worked with Pope. 
The day after, she worked with JJ.
It was the first time she actually enjoyed working with JJ. The talk they had eased the tension - JJ sat on the bow of the boat, his vape pinched between his lips, swinging his feet in the air while Cat slowed the boat as they approached the no wake zone. As she eased up to the dock to complete the last delivery of the day, JJ hopped off and tied the boat while Cat started readying the groceries.
Cat wanted to ask him, so, what are you doing tonight?, but she had been taught to never invite herself to things. Luckily, JJ seemed to read her mind, a cocky smile tugging on his lips as they loaded bags into the carts they would haul down the sandy paths to the McEvers’ house.
“You busy tonight?” he asked casually, passing groceries from the boat down to her. 
“Not at all,” she replied. 
“Wanna go for a boat ride?” 
“With who?”
“Me and my friends,” he replied, jumping down from the boat to be next to her. He had a red work shirt on, matching his backwards red hat. 
“What will be happening on said boat ride?” she asked, partly because she was curious and wanted confirmation, partly to annoy him.
“What, you turning into a cop?” JJ asked. “Your dad knows what we do, everyone on the island knows and everyone on the island does exactly what we do.”
“And what do you do?”
JJ raised his eyebrows before taking a hold of the handle of the cart. “Just a little booze cruise is all. Don’t worry, Pope’s the DD.”
“And you’re not worried I’ll rat you all out?” she asked, taking her own cart and starting to haul it down the path after him.
“No, because you would never let your father know you’re hanging out with me.”
JJ’s words and tone were cocky. Cat smiled, trying to wipe her expression blank as JJ turned to look at her, but failed. “Sure. I’ll come tonight.”
“You got a swimsuit on you?”
“I’ll have to run home and pick one up, just let me know where to meet you.”
JJ flashed her a thumbs up, and before long, they had completed their delivery. The rest of the shift was uneventful; they boated back to Heyward’s, ran through the closing procedures, and JJ told her how to get to John B’s house.
“Just come out back to the dock when you get there, we’ll be waiting on the boat,” he had told her. Cat quickly drove home, telling her dad she was going to treat herself to a night out at the movies, changing before driving south to the Cut.
Two cars were parked in front of John B’s house. Following JJ’s instructions, she walked around the side of the house, seeing the dock lit up with deck lights, hearing voices from a boat tied to the end.
The voices became hushed as she walked down the dock, and she saw someone shove JJ, while another threw a hat at him. As soon as she grew close enough to see JJ’s crew, Cat instantly regretted her decision of coming.
“Shoupe’s kid? Really, JJ?” she heard Kiara hiss, before plastering a big smile on her face. “Hey, Cat.”
She stopped hesitantly on the end of the dock. Just go back home, a voice inside her brain told her, and she was about to start back towards her car when JJ stood, grabbing her hand, pulling her onto the boat.
“Be nice, please,” he said in a sing-songy voice, knowing that Cat had overheard them. 
“Dude - really?” John B asked bluntly. He had dropped the hand holding a beer down in a subtle attempt to hide it.
“My lips are sealed.” Cat caught Kiara’s eye roll out of the corner of her vision, and Pope sighed, obviously disliking the conflict.
“Well, let’s go then,” John B said, tension still apparent in his voice. JJ nodded towards the back of the boat, and Pope moved to make room for her to sit.
“Want a drink, kitty Cat?” JJ asked, but before she could answer, Kiara was making a gagging sound and John B looked at him with wide eyes.
“The fuck you call her?” John B asked, and JJ grinned.
“Kitty Cat.”
“I thought I told you to never call me that ever again,” Cat said, leaning forward to look into the cooler. It was full of Pabst and White Claws. She started reaching for one of the latter, but hesitated.
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Pope said quietly, but Cat could feel everyone’s eyes on her.
She looked up to JJ, who shrugged. “The black cherry is my favorite,” he said.
“You admitted it! You like them!” Pope burst suddenly, pointing accusingly at JJ, who just shrugged before speaking.
“There ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws,” he claimed, pausing as Cat grabbed one of the black cherries. “Atta girl, Cat.”
She popped the top and took a sip. It was okay, the sharp taste and the carbonation causing her to make a face. The second drink was easier.
As John B pushed the throttle, the conversation died down as they made their way across the water. Cat sat against the back right side of the boat with Pope, while Kiara sat on the back left side, JJ going off to stand next to John B.
“You don’t have to let him pressure you into doing this, you know.”
Pope’s words were sudden, almost lost in the wind. Cat pressed her lips together into a small smile before looking at him and responding. “It’s been a long time coming.”
He smiled back at her, and Cat reverted her gaze to JJ. He still wore his work shirt and that backwards red hat, but had changed into a pair of tropical patterned board shorts and flip flops. Leaning over John B, one hand on the dash of the boat and one on the back of the seat, he was talking with a serious look on his face, and John B was sitting, his jaw set.
After twenty minutes, they reached what Pope informed her was their favorite place to swim and watch the sunset. She had finished her drink, a slight warmness filling her body. 
A lime White Claw was next up. It sat on the edge of the boat, half-drank, as they all jumped into the water, the setting sun coloring the water orange, as if it were on fire. Swimming up to the boat, she finished it, tossing the can back into the cooler.
“Atta girl,” JJ praised from out in the water, just his head and beer visible. She burped in response, giggling a little. “Help yourself to another, kitty Cat, you’re off tomorrow.”
She grabbed a lemon before swimming back out to the group. Pope, Kiara, and John B were deep into a discussion about the skunk ape of Florida, and if there was a North Carolina equivalent. As the evening progressed, they seemed to relax slightly at Cat’s presence. 
“You feeling okay?” JJ asked as she swam up to him, cradling a life jacket in one arm while she held her drink with the other. She nodded and he took a sip of his beer.
“Can I try it?” she asked.
“You never tasted a beer?” She shook her head, and JJ handed it towards her. “Don’t judge it off this one, JB has shitty taste.”
“Hey!” there was a protest from John B’s direction, and Cat made a face at the taste of the slightly warm beer.
“Why would you want to drink that?” she asked, handing it back to JJ. He shrugged and took another swig, tilting the bottom towards the sky before crushing it in his fist and throwing it back towards the boat, where it met the other cans with a clink.
Before long, it was dark, and the group swam back to the boat. “You feeling okay?” JJ asked as Kiara heaved herself up, Cat putting her empty can with all the other ones and nodded.
“I feel… fine.” Cat was kind of disappointed; she felt warm, a little fuzzy in her head, but other than that, not how she expected to feel.
“Wait until you’re in the boat,” John B said, watching as JJ heaved himself up. “Better yet, until we get to shore.” JJ yelped as John B pushed him up with a hand to his ass, and John B pushed himself in easily.
Cat tried to haul herself in, but couldn’t. John B chuckled, and he and JJ each took a hand, pulling her up, and as soon as she was sitting on the floor of the boat, she understood what John B had meant.
“Come on kitty Cat, to the bow,” JJ was saying, his hands in her armpits. He helped her to the front of the boat, which was open and flat. 
“Can you get my towel?” she asked, the evening breeze cold on her wet skin. She knew it would just get worse as they started the ride to shore. JJ left her on the bow as he went to the back of the boat for her towel, and she felt him lay it on her shoulders as he returned.
He sat down beside her, and they were silent as Pope pulled up the anchor and John B started up the boat. As they started moving, Cat was unsteady, and JJ chuckled as she had to plant her hands on the ground to keep herself from falling over into him. 
“How many you have? Three?”
“Four,” she said, holding up four fingers in his face. “One of each flavor.”
“And it’s your first time? You’re seasoned already. If only your dad could see you now.”
“Don’ talk about him,” Cat said, putting a finger to his lips, telling him to hush. “I don’t wanna think about it.”
JJ laughed again. “Okay, then, we won’t.” He put his hand on hers, gently rubbing it with his thumb.
If Cat wasn’t drunk she probably would have noticed the way John B raised his eyebrows, the way Kiara rolled her eyes, and the way that Pope smiled softly. She would have noticed the way he caught her as she swayed unsteadily when they hit a wake, how he brought her towel back up on her shoulder when it blew off. 
She probably would have noticed the way JJ looked at her, his eyes devouring every inch of her, his body relaxed for the first time in who knows how long.
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seere-mela · a year ago
Everything Right, And Everything Wrong, With TLOU2
Alternatively titled: i missed The Last Of Us Day because i didn’t know it was a thing so here have my belated 4k+ word contribution
and yes i know it’s not everything that just made a catchy title
Anyway. tl;dwr (too long; don’t wanna read):
Everything Right: The gameplay kill count (barring Everything Wrong item 1, see below) is exclusively fascists, religious maniacs, slavers, and zombies who aren’t even people anymore. They didn’t take the easy or predictable route with the story. As someone who grew up with a distinct lack of autonomy, I appreciate story telling that imparts a sense of helplessness to people who haven’t experienced that particular flavor of it and may not know it’s a real thing. I really fucking like that the only people shown to be anti LGBTQ+ are the religious cult and people born before Outbreak Day. Also, as far as I can tell, capitalism is dead. Hooray for that.
Everything Wrong: There are attack dogs. It’s directed by men. Conceptualized by men. Written by men. Designed by men. There are two — 2! — women listed on the top-of-the-page credits on the Wikipedia page. 11 names. 2 are women. This is a story about women. And there are two huge moments that are glaringly, jarringly out of character. These moments are driven by a male perspective of how characters “should” act under certain circumstances and certain storylines.
This is a story about two women and it’s obviously not written by or for women.
Full-length review under the cut.
Warning: It’s more stream of consciousness style than organized essay. Readable, with punctuation and shit, but not exactly linear. Also, lots of swearing. Spoilers too.
First of all, if you’ve spent much time in TLOU2 tags, you’ve probably run into the post that dives into how the point of the game isn’t just “vIoLeNCe iS bAD” and how it’s very much about loss and how choosing obsessive revenge wreaks havoc in someone’s life. If you haven’t read it, GO FUCKING READ IT. Worth every second you’ll spend on it. Mostly, I’m mentioning it here because I agree with every word and I won’t be touching on that point since they did such an amazing fucking job of covering it already. If you have read it, add it under my list of things the game did right.
The other reason I mention that post is because so many people like to criticize this game for “preaching violence is bad and revenge is bad while including a massive kill count and horrifically violent gameplay” and they don’t look any further. Personally, I think if that’s what you’re focusing on, you kinda missed the point. Let’s break down exactly who makes up that kill count, shall we?
WLF. Known fascists. Known torturers. We know they’re both of these things as early as right after Ellie and Dina escape from the school, from notes and first-hand dialogue overheard in the gas station. They shoot “trespassers” on site as if they fucking own everything in the entire city. The entire mission of the WLF has been an us vs them mentality. They are perpetually striving to “eradicate the enemy” — which is, conveniently, never the infected. They are known to hunt down deserters and cull members who don’t fully agree with Isaac’s methods and beliefs.
Seraphites. Religious cult. Highly intolerant. Highly restrictive culture/society. Also known torturers, since yes eviscerating people alive counts. Hanging people in a way that ensures slow asphyxiation also counts. They literally preach the message “if you don’t believe in our prophet EXACTLY the way we do and show that belief EXACTLY the way we do then you’re fucking dead and you’ll burn in hell for eternity and you’re not really a person to us”. hey look they’re Christians. Speaking as someone who grew up queer and nonbinary in a heavily conservative Christian household, I didn’t mind killing the Seraphites one bit. It also really doesn’t surprise me that they are the ONLY people who misgender and deadname Lev.
Rattlers. THEY ARE SLAVERS. Enough said.
Infected. Fucking zombies, yo. Not human anymore. And, seriously, if there’s even a scrap of awareness left in the infected, killing them is a fucking mercy.
That whole list, except the zombies which obviously aren’t actually real, is comprised of the types of people I have wanted to kill in the real world — but I know murder is wrong and my conscience would never let me actually do it. I don’t have a single fucking problem with the kill count in this game. Fuck, dude, it’s 2020 and slaughtering fascists and overly religious maniacs is most of what makes this game fun.
The dogs. The attack dogs and Nora are literally the only kills that require my participation that bother me. I fucking hate killing the dogs. I will never forgive Naughty Dog for putting them in the game. The only thing that makes it even semi ok is my hatred of people who create attack dogs in the first place. Training a dog to kill people defeats the whole fucking purpose of having a domesticated dog in the first place, and secondly how fucking dare anyone do that to a dog?? It’s fucking cruel. Dogs just want to love us and be loved in return. And SOME FUCKING PEOPLE teach them that the only way for them to be loved is if they attack other people. That’s fucking sick. I hate that attack dogs exist, both in real world and in game. I will always research Naughty Dog games before buying them in the future to make sure I don’t encounter this again.
About Nora...
Joel, Jesse, Manny, Yara — NONE of these deaths required player participation. The only one is Nora. And, well, Jordan, but he’s a dick and it was quick. So. Nora. I dread Nora’s death every playthrough because Ellie drags it out — it’s heavily implied (outright stated, even) that what the player takes part in is only the beginning. I don’t like torture. Fucking hate it, actually. I don’t like actively taking part in torture, even if it’s not a real person. Nora’s death hits hard every time and it’s not fucking deserved. The ONLY thing that makes that scene even remotely acceptable in my mind — note that I said “remotely” there and that it’s still not actually acceptable to me — is that Nora made the comment about Joel getting what he deserved. She’s a medic. A fucking medic. And she’s saying Joel deserved his slow death. Fuck her for that. Even if she was just saying to get Ellie to flinch. Fuck her for that. No one — and louder for the ones in the back, NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE LIKE THAT.
Moving on from the violence to other things the game did right.
I love that they took the not-safe, not-predicable route with the story. As someone who only knows the first game from online synopses, I was expecting a certain kind of sequel, you know? My SO bought the game (and hasn’t even played it lol just watched me play) and I hadn’t even heard about either game at that point. I did my research, because I’m that kind of person. I was expecting a continuation of the Joel and Ellie thing, like playing as Ellie and choosing how she fights, choosing your own dialogue options, choosing how your Ellie grew up, seeing Joel come to terms with his little girl not being a little girl anymore, that kind of thing. You know, typical video game plot. Typical role play pick your own hero shit.
I am so. fucking. glad. they didn’t go with that.
There’s enough of that shit available already. We have a metric shit ton of video games that allow us to pick our hero’s personality and morality and how they look (within limits, of course, it is one more fucking white dominated industry after all) and what we choose determines how the story ends. People buying video games have come to expect a certain level of autonomy. It’s part of what makes a game such effective (and often beneficial) escapism. I’m not dissing on those games. I play them and love them.
But I’m glad that there’s at least one that went, “nah, fuck that.”
Because for me, it’s only been the last few years of real life that I realized I can pick my own story, so to speak, that I could do what I wanted (while still being a responsible adult, chill) instead of always doing what I thought I had to do. Have you ever experienced that lack of autonomy, outside of TLOU2? Were any of you forced to go to church every week for years on end, despite hating every minute of it, despite knowing that if you showed your true face to these people they would hate you and spit on you and call you a demon? But guess what, it’s Sunday morning and you’re still living under “my house, my rules” bullshit and you’re pulling up to the parking lot and there’s only one available option: You’re going to walk through that door. You don’t want to. You know what’s waiting on the other side. But you’re going to walk through that fucking door because you don’t have a choice.
If you’ve never felt that particular brand of helplessness, you’re fucking lucky. And let’s be honest you’re privileged as fuck too.
There are those lucky and privileged few who grew up in accepting households. They grew up having their choices and their true selves respected and accepted. They never personally encountered a lack of autonomy.
And then along came TLOU2.
I love how the lack of autonomy is used in the game because it makes both Ellie and Abby a little bit more relatable to me, for different reasons. On Ellie’s end, I’ve been in her shoes most of my life. Knowing deep in my bones that what I’m about to do isn’t actually going to help in any way but I have to do it anyway. Can’t explain why and I’ll fucking snap at anyone who questions it or tells me not to. I just have to do the thing. Abby in the prologue has the same feel. And, then, the vibe changes when Abby is back in Seattle — specifically, it changes when she goes back for Yara and Lev. It’s more of a “I don’t really know what the fuck I’m doing, I just know I have to fucking do this because I won’t be able to live with myself if I don’t” mindset. Ellie, on the other hand, is still in the “this is the door in front of me and therefore it must be the only option and I have to go through it and I’ll fucking worry about how to live with myself later” mindset.
Someone, in a much better organized post, made the point that these two women are always on the same character arc, they just occupy different points on it. I agree 100%. I love that Ellie and Abby are essentially the same character but it’s not bad writing that made them that way — it’s actually really fucking good writing. They’re both badass women with snarky mouths hiding big hearts, they’re both capable of and willing to do horrific things — because they both grew up in this world where they had to do those things in order to survive. Even Dina — fucking Dina! sweet, tender hearted Dina! — tells Ellie that her first non-infected kill was at ten. FUCKING TEN YEARS OLD. Because some dude was coming at her mom. Yikes.
All right, while I have the brutality of the world and Ellie and Abby and Dina all together in my mind (and yours!), I suppose I’ll address this point: People are bitching about how the “lesbian couple got ripped apart” and how “oF CoURsE ThEY CoULdN’t HaVe A hApPY EnDInG” ... like, dude, really? Look at the fucking representation of Ellie and Dina compared to the straight relationship:
(Brief aside first: I always refer to Ellie and Dina’s relationship as sapphic because it’s never directly stated that Dina is a lesbian. Yes, it’s a common thing for gay men and women to date opposite sex partners until they figure themselves out or to pass as straight because it’s not safe and that a lot of them have kids so it’s entirely plausible that Dina is a lesbian — I’m just saying it’s never explicitly stated that Dina is NOT bi or pan, and therefore the relationship is sapphic in my mind)
Anyway. Comparison:
Ellie/Dina/Jesse. There’s no jealousy here. At all. Ok, fine, there’s that brief moment of insecurity on Ellie’s part when Dina is patching up Jesse’s leg in Seattle — but, the thing is, this is Ellie’s second relationship ever. And that one look is all the jealousy we ever see from any of these three. Jesse gets it — he had his time with Dina, it’s done, and she’s with Ellie now and he is completely chill with it. I fucking love Jesse for how gracefully he handles it. There’s no hard feelings to be had with this dude. I love how Dina is 100% for Ellie, no eyes for anyone else. I fucking love so much that there’s absolutely no conflicting-feelings-love-triangle-shit going on. Dina is now Jesse’s friend and she will always care about him, but she’s never going to fuck him again and it shows. And other than Ellie’s brief moment, she trusts Dina 100% and that fucking shows too!! Otherwise she wouldn’t have fucking left them alone. She never demands to know what happened while she was away or any of that shit. Ellie simply trusts Dina.
Abby/Owen/Mel. Uh, yeah. Yikes. Straight relationships are toxic af lol. There’s all the overdone tropes here: jealousy, cheating, woman vs woman, a guy who thinks he’s funny when he’s really just an asshole, there’s a cringe-inducing sex scene that borders on rape (it feels rape-y to me, idk it might just be that I really don’t fucking like Owen). Straight people better get their shit together and realize they don’t have to do this shit and we’re fucking tired of seeing it all the time.
One of these things is waaay healthier than the other. I fucking love the respect and care that went into how they portrayed Ellie and Dina’s relationship. I am here for this kind of representation. It follows the traditional first rule of storytelling: Show, Don’t Tell.
And as for the way Ellie and Dina ended? There’s a full-on rant about out of character moments coming up, and this does not make the list. I don’t have a problem with how Ellie/Dina ended. Would I have preferred something else? Yes, absolutely. But hey, it’s not like one of them got eaten by zombies. It’s not like societal pressure/condemnation wore them down until they cracked. It’s not like their families forced them apart or some shit. The relationship ended because Ellie left.
Tommy brought the info about Abby because he fucking knew Ellie wouldn’t be able to let it go. Ellie doesn’t yet viscerally understand that revenge does not equate to closure. She’s still in “I think this is what I have to do” mode. Tommy’s taking advantage. And Ellie is the one who chose to leave. Her relationship with Dina ends because she chooses to not let Abby go. That choice is perfectly in character and perfectly believable for her. Dina breaks my heart every fucking time when she says, “We have a family. She doesn’t get to be more important than that.” Honestly what comes to mind is the worn-out trope of the soldier going back to the war zone for “one last tour.” They don’t actually have to go, they can choose to stay with their family, but they’ve been brainwashed conditioned to think less of themselves if they don’t go. And of course there’s the wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/child/dog who the fuck ever begging them not to go because “those people you think you have to kill don’t get to be more important than us. Please tell me that this right here, your family, is more important to you than going back to hell.” Dina made the right call when she chose to not be there when Ellie got back. She made the right call for her. Because Ellie told her, in not so many words but loud and fucking clear when she walked away, that Dina and JJ were in fact not more important than killing Abby. There’s no fucking reason for Dina to passively accept that shit and still be there when IF Ellie ever comes back.
Ellie had every fucking opportunity to choose her happy ending — at least as happy on an ending as anyone in that world could have. She’s the one who chose otherwise. And yes that choice was 100% in character for her.
The deeply flawed characters are one of the best things about this game. I don’t agree with all the choices Ellie and Abby make, but most — MOST — of them are completely understandable. There’s a lot of brilliant and perfect writing in this game — and not even just for the main characters! All the characters are deeply human, fully fleshed out people, and it fucking shows. There’s multiple layers in every single interaction and it’s all complex and I fucking revel in that shit.
There are a couple times when I’m just sitting there watching and... it... feels very wrong, you know? You ever have one of those moments when you see a character do something and it feels like watching someone drag their fingers down piano strings? That feeling of complete and utter wrongness? There’s a couple of those moments in the game for me, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly where it came from until recently.
My SO bought me the book, The Art of The Last of Us Part II. It has brief commentary on the plot and storylines and shit. One such comment mentions how when Jesse and Ellie head out from the theater to fetch Tommy, that Ellie is “ready to leave Seattle now.” And.. um.. no. No, she really wasn’t. She wasn’t going to the aquarium to find Tommy, she was going to find Abby. Ellie is the one who insists that “the best way to help Tommy is to go after Abby.” Ellie is the one who points out to Tommy later that Abby gets to live and it’s visibly bothering her. Ellie is most certainly NOT ready to leave Seattle — she’s leaving because she knows Dina needs to get back to Jackson. She’s leaving because she thinks she has to and some little piece of her is probably resenting Dina for that.
I don’t like being the person who says a creator doesn’t know their own characters. But, uh, yeah, here I am.
There are a couple moments in which these creators obviously don’t know their characters.
Most storytellers worth their salt who are any good at all at what they do allow the characters to drive the story. Many, many people have spoken to their characters surprising them. It’s really fucking easy to tell when someone makes a plot or decides how a particular scene is going to go down and then forces their characters to play along.
DECISION NUMBER ONE: The way Joel died.
At this point in time, Abby has spent four years with the WLF. Four years of trespassers shot on sight mentality. Four years of seeing the same fucking mentality from the Seraphites. And then she goes to Jackson and runs into the horde and Tommy and Joel just... save her. No thank you needed, no payback expected other than helping them survive, and then they offer to escort everyone to Jackson to resupply. Well, Tommy does, at least. He is the more trusting of the two.
There’s a moment, when Abby first recognizes Joel, and she has this look on her face like, “what the utter fuck is happening right now.” I don’t think Abby would have drawn out his death after an introduction like that. I really fucking don’t. It just doesn’t vibe. I get that she’s been focused on killing this man for four fucking years, I get that it’s been her driving force for four fucking years — but after escaping a horde together, honestly, I think that would’ve earned Joel a simple bullet to the head in Abby’s mind.
Abby and other characters make comments that let the player know she’s worked in the torture rooms of the FOB. She’s one of Isaac’s favorites and that doesn’t happen without doing some nasty shit. But torturing someone right after they saved your ass?? That is whole ‘nother ball game. And it just doesn’t vibe. Not convinced? Consider: When else did we see someone save Abby’s ass? That’s right, Yara and Lev. Seraphites. The WLF’s sworn enemies — Abby’s sworn enemies. And look how she treats them afterward.
Obviously, yes, there’s a difference between two kids Abby didn’t know and the man she’s hated most for four years. BUT I fucking guarantee that the Seraphites/WLFs have left each other to the infected before. It’s probably a fucking strategy for both groups. And, again, Joel and Tommy saved her ass without hesitation.
I’m convinced Joel’s death scene was created purely for shock factor. There needed to be a “believable reason” or whatever for Ellie to hunt them down — BUT GUESS WHAT! If the ex-Firefly gang had knocked Tommy out and shot Joel and just left him there, nothing about the plot would have changed. Tommy would have seen the WLF patches that led them to Seattle. He would have had descriptions. Tommy and Ellie absolutely still would have gone to hunt them down. The torture was not. fucking. required.
IN CONCLUSION: It wasn’t Abby who tortured Joel. It was whoever made the decision for that scene to be the way it is.
DECISION NUMBER TWO: The final fight on the beach.
If you pay attention to the tension in Ellie’s hand when she finds Abby on the pillars, during that pause when she’s holding her knife and deciding whether or not to cut Abby down — there’s a moment when the tension leaves her hand and the knife point drops away from Abby.
IMPORTANT SHIT — here’s what we know in this moment. Ellie has been through and is still going through hell. She has severe PTSD. She has flashbacks. AND she’s been living with Dina and her Little Potato for a year. An entire relatively peaceful year. She’s just had a no good, horrible, long ass day. And there’s Abby right in front of her — emaciated, damn near unrecognizable Abby. And Abby still has Lev. Ellie looks at Abby and obviously wants to stab her right then and there — but then she fucking thinks about it. The knife drops.
Ellie cuts her down. That right there is the moment that Ellie got her fucking closure. That was the moment it clicked in Ellie’s head that revenge wouldn’t make anything better. That was the moment she fucking got it and was ready to let go.
That whole fight on the beach? Unnecessary. Extraneous. Useless. Fucking Bad Writing.
The entire confrontation at the end was the product of someone thinking “well we HaVe tO hAvE a DraMAtiC fIgHT aT tHe END otherwise it’s not a good story!!!” which is such. bullshit.
I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason Emaciated Abby is even a thing — it’s because some fucking man made the decision that there had to be an “even” fight between Abby and Ellie at the end because “this kind of story requires one” or whatever and no it really fucking doesn’t.
Every time I see Ellie hold a knife to Lev’s throat, I’m just sitting there shaking my head because I firmly believe Ellie would NOT fucking do that at this point in her arc. Not after living with a kid of her own for a year. Not after cutting Abby down. Not after slaughtering her way through the Rattler compound. Not after getting slapped in the face with how absolutely horrific Abby’s last couple months must have been.
I really wish, maybe even just in a playthrough+, that they would have given players the option to skip that last fight. But, I suppose, in order to do that they would’ve had to admit that it was a bad ending.
Both of those decisions, to me, have one thing in common: They are driven by a traditional male perspective. The actions taken in-game are actions that male characters traditionally take in stories like this. These decisions are made by people accustomed to writing male characters and male stories and male narratives.
I, for one, am sick of men insisting on creating women characters as if there’s no difference.
A cis person cannot speak for a trans person’s experience.
A hetero person cannot speak for anyone’s experience on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.
A neurotypical cannot speak for a neurodivergent experience.
Men, it has been proven time and time again, CANNOT speak for women.
When men create stories like this about women — and they refuse to let their characters drive the plot and insist on telling it the same way they would tell the same story about two men — it. fucking. shows.
A few more things I liked, to end on a positive note:
I love, really fucking love, that in this brutally violent, ultra-realistic horror game the closest they get to showing rape was that horrible sex scene with Abby and Owen. It’s mentioned that the Seraphite elders have a “tradition” of getting to pick child brides. But we are not forced to watch a full on rape scene. I am so fucking grateful that for once someone drew the fucking line.
Again, to reiterate this because I love it that much: I LOVE that the fucking religious cultists are the only ones who disrespect Lev. Everyone — even Asshole Owen! — everyone else is completely supportive of who he is. I also LOVE that Seth in Jackson (born before Outbreak Day) is the only other bigot in the entire game who casually hurls verbal hate crimes at people — and he’s the only one who gets kicked out of the party!! Everyone else who left afterward did so because it got fucking awkward. That’s actually kind of huge that Seth was the only one told to leave.
Overall, I love this game. I love the complexity, I love overgrown Seattle, I love that there’s bunnies and frogs and deer and bugs everywhere. I love listening to the storm that hits Seattle Day Three and I love that I get to listen to it twice — was very nice, since I got the game during summer.
One final thing to get off my chest: the theater confrontation.
By far the BEST thing about this confrontation is the timing of it. If Abby hadn’t just come out of a literal fucking war zone to find her friends and their dog slaughtered, it would not have gone down the way it did. See this, this fight was entirely in character for both women. Because one, yeah Ellie is a tough motherfucker to kill (Ellie has killed me more than any other boss in the game lol I hate her so fucking much in that part), and two, Abby goes absolutely feral on their asses. Because, again, she just came out of a fucking war zone to find her only remaining friends dead.
But then there’s Lev. He steps in when it matters — when Abby’s about to do something she won’t be able to fucking live with and he wants to know that she wouldn’t actually knowingly kill a pregnant woman. And I fucking love that Lev is already Abby’s reason to remember and hold on to her humanity. He steps in, and Abby remembers she isn’t really alone. Abby looks at him and she decides to walk away.
That decision that she makes — these are the people who killed all her friends and they’re right here and she’s already fucking won the fight but hey wait she still has family and he’s asking her to stop. So Abby stops. She walks away. She decides that her family is more important. It’s framed differently from Ellie’s choice, but it’s the same fucking options presented: Kill the person you’re dead set on killing and lose your family, or let it go and keep your family.
Abby lets it go.
And that is why if I had to fucking choose — I love both these women so much, I love both characters, I’ve always been a sucker for deeply flawed characters on redemption arcs — if I had to fucking choose between Ellie and Abby, I’d pick Abby. Just because she chose her family when it mattered.
Hey, congrats, you made it to the end. Go treat yourself to some cake or pie or something. You earned that shit.
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lesbianbuck · 2 years ago
for the reddie promps... some nsfw jealous richie pls
i’m always down for jealous richie. hope you like!
send me reddie prompts (sfw or nsfw!)
This is the third time in the last ten minutes that Eddie has giggled at his phone, and Richie is ready to explode.
“What’s so funny over there?”
They’re sprawled out on the couch in their apartment, a show on in the background that neither of them is really paying attention to. Their legs are tangled together just enough that it’s not weird between two best friends, and Richie’s been nursing the same beer for the last half hour.
Eddie looks up from his screen, meeting Richie’s gaze. “Oh, I’m talking to this guy from Tinder. His name’s Kevin.”
Richie can’t stop himself from rolling his eyes, taking a swig of his beer. He knew they were both gay guys in their twenties, and sure, Richie has a Tinder—but the thought of Eddie with some guy that isn’t him makes his blood boil. He’s pretty sure he’s loved Eddie since he learned how to breathe, and no other guy has the fucking right to flirt with Eddie when Richie has known him longer and doesn’t get to.
Eddie looks down at his phone and bites his lip, and Richie chugs the rest of his beer.
“Hey, Rich, I’m gonna head out for a few hours, okay?” Eddie moves to get up off the couch, and something ugly rears its head inside of Richie’s gut.
“Great. Have fun with Kevin.”
Eddie stops, standing in front of him. “Why do you always do this?”
“Do what? I told you to have fun.”
Eddie scoffs. “Oh, right, because that was completely genuine. Seriously, Rich, I don’t get it.” Eddie starts pacing between the couch and the coffee table, running a hand through his hair, and Richie’s brain says cute cute cute even though now is not the time for that. 
“Every guy I meet on Tinder you freak out over,” Eddie huffs. “You always get weird, and mad, and at first I thought you were just worried, but that’s clearly not the issue here.”
Richie scrapes at the label of his empty beer bottle, still seeing mild red at the thought of this Kevin putting his hands on Eddie, making him feel good, marking him up, making Eddie moan his name when he comes—
“—and I thought maybe, just maybe, it’s something else, and—what the fuck, dude, are you even listening?”
Richie snaps out of it, his jaw clenched in anger. In jealousy, a voice says, but he ignores it. 
“I just don’t think they’re good enough for you,” Richie says through gritted teeth. “You don’t know where their dicks have been.”
“Neither do you!” Eddie shrieks, pacing faster now. “You never ask about them! Do you know a single thing about anyone I’ve talked to you about? No!”
“Fine,” Richie snaps, launching himself off the couch and grabbing Eddie’s phone from his hand. “Let’s see what this Kevin guy looks like then.”
Eddie’s face goes pale, his hands suddenly darting out to reach for his phone. “Richie, no, wait—”
“No, I wanna know what Eddie Spaghetti’s type is,” Richie teases darkly, opening up the Tinder app and clicking over to the messages tab. “Tall, dark, and handsome? Or maybe twink for twink—”
Richie shuts up the second he sees the profile photos of the last five guys Eddie’s messaged.
They all have glasses and dark, curly hair.
Richie can’t breathe.
“I’m—I’m so sorry,” Eddie says softly, standing in front of him and staring down at his hands. “You weren’t supposed to know. I thought hooking up with—with other guys would help, but it didn’t, not when I only like guys who look like you, and—”
Eddie can’t finish his sentence because Richie is throwing his phone on the couch and kissing him, framing Eddie’s face with his hands and pouring twenty years of love into Eddie’s body as best as he can. Their lips slide together, Richie sucking on Eddie’s bottom lip and nipping at it as he pulls away, staring at Eddie’s bewildered expression.
“Richie, what—”
“I love you,” Richie breathes, not trusting himself to get the courage to say it if he waits any longer. “I fucking love you, and hearing about all those guys who got to do shit to you that I couldn’t, who got to kiss you and mark you and fuck you—”
“Richie,” Eddie moans desperately, clinging to his shirt. “Richie, I love you too, I—you—you want to fuck me?”
Richie smirks, sliding his hands down Eddie’s shoulders and sides until he gets to his ass, gripping it hard and pulling him so his legs are splayed over Richie’s thigh. Eddie’s mouth drops open, and Richie wants to devour him.
“Every goddamn day since ninth grade,” Richie rasps right into Eddie’s ear, and he feels Eddie twitch in his shorts, and it makes him so hard that he gets dizzy. Eddie moans, long and sweet, and Richie makes it his mission to make Eddie make that sound as frequently as possible. 
Eddie rakes his nails down Richie’s chest. “Then what the fuck are you waiting for?”
Richie growls, grabbing Eddie’s ass harder and biting his neck, sucking a mark too high to be covered by anything Eddie owns. Mine, he thinks, licking over the mark as Eddie whimpers. Mine and only mine.
“Tell Kevin that you have other plans tonight,” Richie seethes, nipping at Eddie’s jaw. “Tell him you’re getting fucked by a bigger dick.”
Eddie bucks hard over Richie’s thigh, his eyes squeezing shut. “Fuck.”
It’s easy from there to pick Eddie up and carry them to Richie’s room, laying Eddie down on the bed and grabbing condoms and lube from his dresser, flicking the bedside lamp on. No way in hell Richie is doing this in the dark. 
He pulls Eddie’s shirt off right away, throwing it somewhere and sucking a nipple into his mouth. He does the same to the other one when Eddie starts writhing, letting out tiny moans and whimpers that just make Richie harder.
He tugs his own shirt and boxers off, having forgone pants that evening all together, and Eddie’s eyes widen and he chokes on a breath.
“Rich, holy fuck. You weren’t kidding.”
Richie laughs, leans back down to kiss Eddie. “What, you a size queen, baby? Wanna show me how well you can take me?”
“Yes,” Eddie sighs, his face going red even as he pushes his ass up. “Take them off, take them off—”
Richie bites his neck playfully as he drags Eddie’s shorts and briefs down, rubbing his hand over Eddie’s cock. 
“Richie,” Eddie gasps, pushing his hips up. “Lower.”
“Mm, eager for the good stuff, huh, baby—oh, holy shit.”
Nestled perfectly between Eddie’s cheeks is a jeweled plug, the pink color perfectly suiting the flush of Eddie’s skin. If Richie had had any blood left in his brain, it’s all in his dick now, which twitches up closer to his stomach at the sight. 
“Oh, you little cockslut,” Richie breathes, checking Eddie’s face for any sign of discomfort. All he sees is his brows furrowed in pleasure. “You didn’t want to waste any time, did you?”
Richie twists and pulls at the plug, Eddie whining and pressing toward it. “You just wanted it so bad, didn’t care who it was from, huh?”
“You,” Eddie gasps as Richie pops the plug out, leaving him empty. “You, you, I want you—”
“Yeah you fucking do,” Richie growls, rolling a condom on and rubbing lube over himself. “Only me.”
“Only you,” Eddie echoes, and Richie slides in.
He fucks him slow and deep, dragging his teeth over any spot of Eddie’s skin he can reach, making sure to leave a mark every single time. Eddie is his, no one else can fucking look at him, and Richie rocks into him with hard thrusts right against Eddie’s prostate. 
When Eddie comes, it’s with Richie’s name on his lips, Richie’s cock in his ass, Richie’s hand roughly jerking him off, Richie, Richie, Richie. 
Because Eddie is Richie’s, and no one else’s.
(And Richie is Eddie’s, too, but they’ll save that for the pillow talk.)
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miraculouscataclyyysm · 2 years ago
Part 10
link to part 9
This part is about just one episode, it’s quite important to the au wich is why Iv given it it’s own part, basically, Lila becomes the peacock miraculous holder, this all takes place after feast but before the battle of the miraculous
Lila is at the Agreste mansion getting tutored by Adrian sins she’s so behind *eye roll* she sees Nathalie faint and Gabriel take the peacock brooch  away from her, she follows Gabriel and sees him go into his secret evil villain layer 
Later she goes up to him and straight-up says “I’d make a much better Mayura than Nathalie” Gabriel is taken back by this “ don’t try denying it, Also I know Adrian isn’t the most perceptive guy but you might wanna try hiding all of this a bit better” Gabriel would be losing his shit right now if he wasn’t so impressed by the girls confidence (Gabriel she literally just called your son and idiot and your impresses? Da fuck)
Gabriel being the stupid, evil, sadistic, terrible father that he agrees to partner with Lila and gives Lila the peace miraculous whenever she will be useful (because that’s gonna end well)
The first time he calls her in to fight she takes full advantage of the situation to cause havoc for the class, she creates a sentimonster version of Adrian, Gabriel pulls Adrian out of school for the day for a modelling gig to keep him occupied, when felix asks what’s going on Nathalie just says “Gabriel has decided to focus more on adrians career, after all hes the real Agreste heir, Gabriel needs to put in some more training time with him so you’ll be driven to school alone” felix just closes his eyes for a second to proses that verbal slap across the face and says “right, I’ll be off then” he decides to walk to school and pick Marinette up his way while Lila sends senti monster Adrian to class
Sentimonster Adrian then walks into the art room where Mari and Alix are helping out marc and nath, it starts off fine, but then at lilas command senti-Adrian switches and starts calling bath and marcs work creepy and disgusting “this isn’t art it’s basically a toned-down version of stalking? Do you really think any of Paris’s heroes wanna see your creepy drawings, this is just fan fictions...neither of you are anything special” Mari is taken back by the outburst, this doesn't seem like the Adrian she's grown to know, Alix, on the other hand, is already at boiling point “like you'd now anything about art Agreste, you have as much depth as a glass of water, and for your information ladybug as seen there comic and loves it, she even asked for a signs comply when it’s complete” “then she clearly has no taste just like i already suspected” that’s when Mari sees this can’t be Adrian “Adrian I think you should leave” once he’s gone she turns to the other three and says “I don’t think that’s Adrian guys” nath-“what do you mean? That sure as hell looked a lot like Adrian to me” Mari-“when has Adrian ever said anything remotely bad about anyone? Especially ladybug?” Marc-“she has a point...we should find Alya, see if she can send lb a warning about a possible Akuma” as there talking Alix slowly backs out of the room to transform
After leaving the art room senti Adrian *being pupeted by Lila* went off to hurt as many people as possible and successfully caused juleka, Alya and max to be akumatised, the key insults *by Lila* being:
To Alya-“the fact you call yourself a real journalist is a joke, your nothing more than a half baked gossip blogger using her so-called hero for attention” to Juleka-“your pathetic, your just a scared, sad, emo princess that’s obsessed with her best friend and has no real opinions for herself *evil chuckle* or her own voice, speak juleka...just speak” to max- “you wanna know why your always alone?” Max-“but I’m not alw” “I’m speaking max! You're always alone because nobody likes a know it all, you make all your friends feel less than, you hurt everyone you love, that’s why you’ll always be alone, forever”
Once she’s transforms lb gets a call from bunnix “finally! Iv been try to get ahold of you for 2 whole minutes lb! We have a possible akuma at dupont” “have you gotten ahold of chat?” B-“radio silence” lb-“this isn’t good” B-“don’t stress red we can Handel an Akuma by ourselves” lb-“I don’t think it’s an Akuma though...I think it’s a sentimonster”
After 5 more minutes of failed calls to chat Lb tracks down Felix and tells him he needs to transform “I can’t get ahold of chat Noir and we have a big issue on our hands” “but there isn’t an Akuma” “but there will be...I BELIVE there’s a sentimonster in the school parading around as your cousin Adrian Agreste” felix just rolls his eyes “of course there is” lb-“ felix there’s no time for your broodyness, so drop the dramatics for now and transform...chop chop”
Chat shows up halfway threw the fight “I’m so sorry bugaboo, I was stuck at the other side of Paris, I couldn’t get away from my civilian duties and faster” lb-“it’s fine chat, Renard Arctique and bunnix have lady wifi, Reflekta and know it all (‘know it all’ is Max’s akumatised name, he has the ability to know everyone’s biggest insecurities and uses it against them making it the only thing they can think about) I kneed you help tracking down the sentimonster before it cases any more akuma’s” Chat-what’s the sentimonster of?” “Adrian Agreste” *chats giving lb the biggest oh shit face* they hunt down senti Adrian and after a major fight with himself (hehe) Chat and lb manage to defeat it, then they join Renard and bunnix to finish off the akumas
Yeah she was defeated but lila calls it a successful day, she managed to cause 3 akumas without really lifting a finger or damaging her own rep and proved her usefulness to Gabriel, she calls that a win in her book
The next day when Adrian walks into class with Felix, all eyes are on him, he try’s to apologise to the class but lila runs up to him pushing Chloe out of the way to engulf Adrian in a tight hug *chloes fully red in the face with rage* Mari leaning over to whisper to felix “this should be good”
lila- “it’s okay Adrian we know it wasn’t you! You’d never say such hurtful things to us” alix-“you weren’t even at school yesterday lie-la” lila-“that’s because that THING attacked me on my way to class, calling me all sorts of horrible things, but lucky I’m professionaly trained in yoga and was able to comtrol my emotions, I just had to run home and send ladybug a warning obviously alix” felix- “you’ve been professionaly trained to control you’re emotions yet you e been akumatizes about 5 times...what a joke” lila glares at felix
Sensing tension Adrian interjects “I’m still sorry everyone, I hate that something looking exactly like me hurts any of you, I’d never wanna case anyone of you pain” Chloe gets up and pulls Adrian out of lila’s tight hold “it’s okay adrikins we know that your the sweetest person alive anyone who believed that impostor is utterly ridiculous ” felix grones and murmurs “I’m gonna be sick” Mari smirking “want me to get you a bag”
After sitting down Nino says “don’t worry dude your friends know you, I never had a doubt about it, the second I overheard what it said to Alya I knew that wasn’t you, you wouldn’t hurt anyone” “thanks Nino” “no thanks necessary here bro, if you wanna thank someone it should be Marinette” looking shocked Mari interrupts “what? No! No no no you seriously don’t have to say anything, I was just doing what anyone else would do” Felix looked at his girlfriend and gave her a soft smile
Felix-“it’s true Adrian, she’s the one that talked Nathaniel and marc down after your evil doppelgänger verbally attacked them, then she told them it couldn’t be the real you, because you wouldn’t hurt s fly *trademark Felix eyeroll* she even got everyone to spread the word around school and got word to lb, she was a total hero” Marinette looks at Felix with a small smile and slight blush, Adrian breaks the soft AF moment by saying “I don’t know what to say Marinette, thank you, thank you for having so much faith in me” Mari-“of course I have faith in you, I know you, Adrian, you’re good person” jokingly she giggles and says “a little dens (talking about Kagami) but you have a good heart...down to your core”
After school Nino and Mari join Felix and Adrian at the mansion and chill around playing video games...okay so Felix technically  Doesn’t play any of the games he just sits next to Mari and watches as she demolishes Nino and Adrian at every single game, he can’t help thinking how beautiful she looks when her smile is wide and toothy, her face is slightly pink from yelling with excitement and her eyes are wide and bright...she’s the definition of beautiful
Link to part 11
@lunar-wolf-warrior @bamagirl513 @persephonebutkore @charlietheepic7 @7-sage-7 @spicybelladonna @akana-sama @goggles-mcgee
Edit: link to art I made for this part
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ofstarsandvibranium · 3 years ago
From Left Field
Fandom: Marvel (Single Parent AU)
Pairing: Chubby!Bucky Barnes x Reader
As requested by anonymous: I just got back from taking my son to the park and I saw a guy there that reminded me of a chubby Bucky. Now I'm just imagining chubby Bucky falling for a mother. It would be the sweetest thing in the world and he would be such a wonderful stepdad! 
A/N: this is gonna be a 3 part series! that’s it! NO tags! (except for @cametobuyplums )
Tumblr media
You walked with Mason, his tiny hand in yours, as you approached the playground. He was your little mini me, the love of your life. Sure, things didn’t work out with his dad, your ex, but it didn’t matter. You loved Mason with all that you had. 
“Mommy?” the four year old looked up at you with curiosity. 
“Yeah, baby?” 
“Can I go on the slides?”
“Of course, Mase. C’mon!” you excitedly tugged him towards the slides and he followed you excitedly, his adorable giggle reaching your ears and bringing a big smile to your face. 
Bucky jogged around the park once more. This was, what, his sixth or seventh lap? He honestly wasn’t counting. He was exhausted but he needed to get rid of the weight he’s gained. He just-He just has to. 
With his headphones on and hoodie covering his head, he’s pushing through another lap. His body is aching and he’s sweating like crazy. You can do this, Bucky. You got this. He thinks to himself.
His eyes glance at the playground and then back on the path. But something catches his eye, better yet, someone. As he continues jogging by, he watches as you descend down a slide with a little boy on your lap. Your son perhaps. His giggles and the smile on your face causes him to smile at the sight. It’s a cute sight...a very cute one indeed. 
As if feeling his gaze on you, you look up and Bucky immediately looks away. He’s kind of happy that he’s so red and sweaty already, so you don’t know that his cheeks are actually heating up more from you catching him. 
Just pay attention on jogging, Bucky. 
About thirty minutes go by and you’re pushing Mason on the swings now. Every time he comes your way, you tickle him and he’s laughing as he swings away. 
“Stop it, mommy! It tickles!”
“That’s why I keep doing it!” you wiggle your fingers towards him and he squeals, trying to escape the torturous tickles. 
Rrring! Rrring! “Ice creeeaam!” a man with an ice cream cart yells. 
Mason’s eyes widen and he looks at you, “Ice cweam, mommy! Can we get ice cweam?!”
You chuckle at your excited little boy, “Of course, baby.” you help him off the swing and he bolts over to the ice cream cart, with you rushing after him. 
He’s bouncing excitedly as he looks at the options on the cart. Then he spots one, “Ninja Turtle! Ninja Turtle!”
“That’s what you want, buddy?” he nods and you smile at the man, “Hi. Can I get a ninja turtle and a choco taco please?” the man tells you the price and you hand him the money. He then gives you the Ninja Turtle popsicle and you open it, handing it off to mason.
“Mason, what do you say?”
“Tenk yooouu!” he says to the man and immediately chomps into the popsicle. You snort at your son’s savagery. As soon as Mason turns around, he bumps into someone and then drops his popsicle, “Oh no! Mommy!” 
You look up after putting away your wallet and rush over to Mason, “Oh sweetie, you gotta be careful!”
You look up and your eyes meet striking blue ones. You clear your throat and give a shy smile, “I’m sorry about my son,” you look at his hoodie and see a stain Mason’s popsicle left, “And your hoodie.”
The man gulps and shakes his head, “N-No, it’s, uh, it’s my fault.” he waves his phone in his hand, “Wasn’t looking.”
You shrugged, “Nonetheless, I’m sorry.” you run your hand through Mason’s hair, “Whaddaya say, buddy?”
Mason looks up at the man with teary eyes, “I’m sowwy, mister.”
The man crouches down to be eye level with your son, a soft smile on his lips, “Hey, it’s alright, buddy. It wasn’t your fault. It was mine. I wasn’t looking where I was going. What’s your name?” 
Your son rubs his eye, “Mason.”
The man nods and then looks down at the pavement to the now melting Ninja Turtle popsicle, “How ‘bout I get you a new one, Mason? Would you like that?”
You immediately step forward, “Oh! That’s alright! I could just-”
He shakes his head, “No, no. I’ll get him a new one since it’s my fault his is on the ground now.” he shoots you a smile and walks over to the ice cream man. You watch as he hands over the money and accepts the popsicle, thanking the man and heading back your way. 
You quickly take notice of the man’s handsome face, toned legs, and chubby stomach. He was quite the looker. 
He smiles widely and hands Mason the popsicle, “Here ya go, buddy!” 
Mason immediately smiles, snatching the frozen treat of out the man’s hand, “Thank you!”
You help him open it up and hand it back to him. Mason, once again, chomping into the popsicle. You snort and then look back at the man, “You really didn’t need to do that. Thank you...”
“Thank you, Bucky.”
He shrugged, “It’s no problem...”
“Oh! Y/N! Sorry, I’m Y/N!” you extend your hand out and he shakes it.
“Nice to meet you, Y/N. You and your husband are great parents. Mason’s a good kid.”
You nod, “Thanks, but I’m not married. Or dating. Just me and Mason, but it’s okay. The single parent thing ain’t all that bad. Staying at home eating mac and cheese and coloring on while your friends are out having fun on Friday nights? Great!” you exclaim sarcastically, making Bucky chuckle, “But seriously,” you rest your hand on Mason’s head, “I don’t really mind it. I love this lil’ booger to death.”
Bucky smiles fondly as Mason, who is in his own little world with just him and his Ninja Turtle popsicle, “Yeah. I don’t know you, but I could tell you’re doing a great job.”
“Thank you, Bucky.”
He then bites his lip in hesitation, suddenly rocking back and forth on his feet, “Um, sorry, if this is a bit random, but, uh, would you like to go out for coffee or lunch sometime? I just-I don’t know. I’d like to get to know you.”
“Oh, um,” you look down at Mason, who’s still not paying attention to anything but the popsicle and then at Bucky, “I’m not really looking to date right now, Bucky. My ex and I-”
Bucky shook his head, “No, no. It doesn’t even have to be a date or anything. We could just chat and get to know each other as friends. IF you’re comfortable with that.” he adds. 
You tilt your head to the side thinking about it and then you smile, “Yeah. Actually, I’ll take you up on that offer. I need more friends anyway.”
Bucky’s face lights up, “Great! Uh,” he pulls out his phone, “Shall we swap numbers?”
“Right! Of course!” you pull out your own phone, unlocking it and handing it to Bucky. With his in hand, you enter in your phone number and hand it back to him. You then accept yours after he’s done the same, “Well, thank you, again, Bucky for getting Mason a new popsicle.”
He shrugged, “Again, no problem.” he crouches down and looks at Mason, “Hey, Mason. It was nice meeting you. Can I get a high five?”
Mason smiles and high fives Bucky with a sticky green hand. You snicker as Bucky stands up and wipes his hand on his shorts, “Should’ve seen that comin’.”
You nod, “Yeah. You should’ve.” you then ask Mason, “What do you say to Bucky for the popsicle?”
“Tenk you, Bucky!”
“You’re welcome, Mason.” he nods at the four year old and then nods at you, “So just call or text me to let me know whenever you’re free. I’m free most afternoons, so any day should really be fine.”
“I’m usually free Friday through Sunday.”
“Alright, well, I guess I’ll check my schedule and get back to you.”
“I’ll be waiting,” you grin and watch as Bucky says good-bye to Mason one last time, giving a little wave. Mason waves, melted parts of his popsicle flying off. You snort, “Alright, buddy. After you finish your popsicle, we’re gonna go home and give you a bath, m’kay?”
“Okay, mommy!”
Bucky was practically skipping when he entered the apartment that he shared with his friend Sam. Sam easily took notice of Bucky’s good mood.
“What’s got you all happy and skippy?”
Bucky plops himself onto the couch beside Sam, “I got someone’s number today.”
Sam scoffed, “Dude, no way.”
“I’m serious! Her name is Y/N, she’s so beautiful, and she has a kid-”
Bucky smacked Sam on the head, “Don’t call her a MILF! That’s disgusting, man!”
Sam frowned as he rubbed his head, glaring at Bucky, “What, so you don’t wanna fuck her?”
He looked at him with disbelief, “Can you quit talking about her like that? And it’s not that I don’t-”
“So you did meet a MILF!”
“Sam, I’m warning you. Quit calling Y/N a MILF!”
“Fine! Okay! Jeez! Go on.” 
Bucky settled and got comfortable on couch, “As I was saying: I met Y/N at the park and I bumped into her son, Mason, and he dropped his popsicle. So I bought him a new one and her and I started talking and eventually, I got her number.”
“So you gonna ask her on a date?”
Bucky sighed, “It won’t be a date, per se, she’s not looking to be with anyone right now.”
Sam grimaced, “Yikes.”
“I know, but, I mean, I still wanna get to know her, ya know? She seemed really sweet, kind, a good mom. Her son’s really great too.”
Sam shook his head, “This sounds bad, man. I don’t think you should get caught up in some woman who’s not looking to date and has a kid. You’re just gonna end up getting hurt.”
“It’s not like that, Sam. She seems nice! And you said I needed to make new friends anyway!”
He shrugged, “Whatever, Bucky. I warned you.”
Two days later is when you got a text from Bucky in the late evening. 
Bucky: Hey, Y/N. It’s Bucky.
Bucky: Wait. You already knew that.
Bucky: Sorry, I’m dumb.
Bucky: Anyway, I’m texting you right now because I just got to work and looked at my schedule. I’m free next Friday and Saturday. Are either of those days okay with you?
You looked at the time and saw that it was nearing midnight. You were confused.
You: Wait. It’s midnight and you just got into work?
Bucky: Yeah. I’m a security guard Brooklyn Hospital. Graveyard shift.
You: Oh. That makes sense.
You: And Saturday is a better day for me to get a babysitter. So that day will work. 
Bucky: Great! How about we meet up Maximoff’s Cafe in Queens?
You: Actually, that’s perfect! One of my babysitters is from there, so I could probably just drop Mason off there!
Bucky: Awesome! I’ll see you then. ;)
“Why did I put a winky face?!” Bucky quietly hissed at himself from the check-in desk in the lobby. He meant to just put a regular smiley face, “Now she’s gonna think you’re trying to date her?!”
Thus began Bucky’s internal anxious monologue.
She said she wasn’t looking to date anyone, Bucky! You fucked up!
But maybe if she knows you’re interested, she’ll eventually change her mind about dating. Woo her. Make her swoon. Show her that you’re worthy for her and Mason.
Dude...no. Respect her decision to not being open to date right now! Just get to know her in a friendly way and that’s it! 
You: I’ll see you then! ;D
Oh shit...she put a winky face and an open mouth smiley face! She totally wants to bang you. 
Can you just..shut up?
I’m trying to help him get laid! Not many women like to go for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!
Low blow, man...low blow.
Bucky groans and lets his head fall onto the desk in frustration. 
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sp00kymulderr · a year ago
Hi, Jessica! It is I, master procrastinator who's totally not ignoring a pending essay and choosing to read fic instead, not at all, where did you hear that?
ANYWAYS, no regrets because you are such an amazing writer SO...
Firstly, that Untitled Marcus drabble made me soft 🥺🥺. I really loved how hesitant he was to express the love he so clearly feels, and how scared he is of losing Reader. The way he thinks about her is nothing short of adoring, and her feelings are obviously as strong as his. All in all, this couple makes for a very supportive and lovely pair and I wish them a life full of happiness and understanding together 😌.
"Wildflowers" is an adorable tale of a Reader in love and a lovely Ezra and I really enjoyed it. Him being so enchanted with nature on every planet was, well, adorable, and so was her being enamored with him. I'll be honest, I didn't trust the mysterious flowers at first and honestly thought they'd be dangerous in some way, but I was glad they weren't and these two could just enjoy each other's company without having to fight a murderous flower or something. And getting to see Ezra's POV was a delight, especially since we got to confirm that he is as taken with Reader as she is with him. Their kiss was really cute, and I could read Ezra waxing poetry about Reader forever.
And then we have "Zenith". I did not know I needed a fic like this, but I clearly did. Reader and Ezra's love here was just so fucking tender I almost died. Seriously, the kiss descriptions were beautiful (for lack of a more adoring word), and their conversation made me go 🥺🥺. We stan a couple who loves one another. 10/10, short and sweet, Winner of the Make Me Feel Soft In 600 Words Or Less Award.
And last but most definitely not least, we have the "San Valentín" series. "San Valentín" came into my house and murdered me. Seriously, you can't have a quickie in a supply closet full of unspoken tenderness and spoken playfulness and then end it with the reality shock of remembering these people are not in a relationship and probably shouldn't be. I'm starting to think YOU are the 'bastarda malvada'.
"Desiderium" leaves nothing to be desired. Also, RIP to Jason the CIA lackey, I'm sure you are a very cool dude and I hope you find someone, but Reader's heart is taken, I'm afraid. And also RIP Reader's confession plans. No judgement here, I'd also forgo any big admission plans if Javier Peña looked at me the way I'm imagining he looked at her. And I laughed a bit at Javi's obvious jealousy, I love this man. Aaaand RIP me when Reader actually confessed and Javi reacted like THAT. Smh, Javi, smh.
And then there's "Saudade". From the get go I DID NOT TRUST that title because you do not name a happy ending "Saudade", you just do not. Javi and Reader's awkward interactions were straight up painful, but what really hurt me was his continued rejection of her affections. Him coming to her place and telling her THAT was more than I expected, tbh. Very painful, I admit, but beautiful nonetheless. And a hopeful ending, which, again, is the best I could've expected given the title and actually makes a lot of sense for their relationship. In my heart these two are now (2020) happily married with two and a half dogs, just so you know.
And that's all for today, I do think.
(Also, not that this has to do anything with your writing, but I've noticed that your queue tag is "protomolequeue", so I must ask: do you watch one of my favorite shows ever "The Expanse"? And if so, how do you feel about the latest episode and the tears I shed while watching it?)
And as always, have a nice day! ~ 🍪
🍪 anon you are so incredible and you have made me once again so happy and excited and I’ve read this every single since you sent it (which is why it’s been sitting in my inbox without a response for so long, sorry!). Your encouragement and enthusiasm you share with writers on this website is truly such a beautiful thing and I just feel so so lucky that you would bless me with all these lovely words about my writing!
I don’t even know how to respond to your reviews but please know I am overwhelmed with love and I feel like I wanna write again which has not been the case for a while. And oh, now you’ve got me thinking of the unwritten part 4 of San Valentin where I finally let the couple MAYBE have some happiness hmmm....
And YES! The Expanse is my favourite show in the world it is literally my favourite thing to exist oh my goodness I’m always so excited to meet other fans - please come talk to me about it whenever as long as you don’t mind me waxing poetic about Bobbie Draper aka the queen of my heart. I know which episode you mean and yes I feel you there were a lot of tears and my heart is still breaking.
ANYWAY please know you are a wonder and an angel and I hope you have the loveliest possible day!
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captainmarvels · 2 years ago
where I lay down
Summary: Steve has one year left to get you to talk to him, and he doesn’t realize how much he loves the game until you let him win.
Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader
Steve Appreciation Week Day 7 Prompt: Song lyrics - “Living love in slow motion” - 18 by One Direction
Word Count: 2032
A/N: My final entry for Steve Appreciation Week! I loved writing for one of my favorite characters, and thank you to everyone who read my pieces! Hope y’all enjoy this last one x
Tumblr media
It was the first day of senior year, and the last thing on Steve’s mind was love.
This year was his last at Hawkins before moving on to bigger and brighter things - hopefully outside of Indiana - and he wasn’t going to let anything distract him from the ultimate dream: graduation.
Glancing down at the note in his hand, he made his way to his first class of the day - English Lit. 
Name tags were on each desk, and Steve wandered around the room trying to find his. Finally finding it on a desk in the back, close to the windows, he dropped his books on top of the laminate and sat down.
Glancing to his right, he saw a familiar face sitting next to him.
“Funny finding you here,” He whispered, his eyes concentrating on the writing across the chalkboard.
You snorted, saying nothing. 
“We’re doing this again?” He looked over at you, grinning cheekily as you kept looking straight ahead, avoiding his gaze. 
Ever since freshman year, you and Steve shared one class together, without fail. And somehow, you always ended up sitting next to each other, at one point or another. 
Every single time, Steve would try to provoke a response out of you, but you refused to give in. 
You knew “King” Steve, and you weren’t really up for his distracting antics during class. Thus, you never responded to his questions or whispered commentary during class discussions. 
Steve had made it a goal of his to get you to answer him at least once before graduation, and he was reminded of that as he settled back into his seat as the final bell rang.
Game on.
Just before the bell was supposed to ring, Steve slipped you a note, his gaze concentrated on the teacher’s lecture. Eyebrows raised in confusion, you flipped the scrap piece of paper open, keeping a straight face as you read his chicken scratch handwriting.
Shall we make a bet out of this ‘not answering me’ charade of yours? 
If I get so much as a LAUGH out of you, you have to come to one of my house parties. I need you to have a life out of school, dude. Deal?
As the bell started to ring, you scrawled your answer on the back of the paper, tossing it on Steve’s desk without a second glance. 
He picked it up and read your reply, a wide smile dawning on his lips as he made his way out of the room, tucking the piece of paper in his pocket.
Game on, Harrington.
Tumblr media
Steve made sure to get to class ten minutes before the bell, giving himself an ample amount of time to try and get a reaction out of you before class began.
And every day, without fail, you managed to keep a straight face and wired shut lips, your eyes not even sneaking a glance at the ever-frustrated Steve falling back in his seat in defeat. 
“How long can you keep this up?” He whispered to you, his eyes watching the teacher as they paced back and forth in the front of the room. He glanced over, and saw you were diligently doing your work, your eyes following the glide of your hand across the paper.
Shaking his head, he turned back to his own worksheet, an unstoppable smile spreading across his lips as he got to writing.
Tumblr media
It was February now, and Steve still had no luck when it came to you. 
Friday was Valentine’s Day, and that’s when an idea struck Steve.
Enlisting Dustin’s help, the two of them spent the whole night bringing Steve’s idea to life. All that was left was making sure it got you to laugh.
The clock struck 7:45, and the first warning bell rang out in the halls. Making his way to the classroom, Steve pulled out the green envelope that had your name written across it.
Setting it on your desk, he dropped his books on his desk and headed out to the bathroom. 
You walked in, handing in your homework to your teacher before moving on to your desk. Noticing the green envelope from afar, you glanced around the room, looking to see where Steve was.
Not here. Weird.
Placing your books on the desk, you pulled out the card nestled inside the envelope. You glanced up to see if Steve had walked in, but still, nothing.
On the front of the card was a pink dinosaur, smiling while surrounded by a bunch of doodled hearts. Opening it up, you found another version of the dinosaur holding a sign. It read “I’m en-Raptored by you!”. 
You bit your tongue back as you smiled at the Valentine’s card, shaking your head as you slipped it back inside the envelope.
Right then, Steve walked back into the room, and spotted the green stationary in your hand. He dashed across the room, almost tripping over his own two feet trying to get to his desk. 
You looked over at him, smiling dissipating as he met your gaze.
“Please tell me you didn’t open it yet,” he said, eyes wide as he waited for you to answer.
You said nothing as you merely opened up one of your books, and slipped the envelope in.
“Seriously? Nothing?” He groaned in frustration, the ringing bell drowning out his anguish as you turned back to face the board, trying your best to fight back the smile threatening to take over.
So close.
Tumblr media
Graduation was only a couple weeks away, and Steve was getting nowhere with you.
Every day, he showed up to class with a few jokes up his sleeve, and yet, nothing. 
At one point he questioned if you had a heart and a soul, which still earned him no response.
As he grew more and more desperate, you began to wonder if it was time to end his torment.
After all, it had been four years. Graduation was only weeks away, and you figured maybe it was time to make good use of Steve’s bet.
Another Friday morning, and Steve was about thirty seconds away from giving up.
But just one more time. It’s all or nothing, Steve thought to himself as he saw you walk in. Sitting up straighter in his seat, he ran a hand through his hair, focusing his gaze on the chalkboard as you took your seat next to him.
“Never seen you come in so close to the bell - you pick up some new friends at the bookstore last night?”
“No, but I’m sure you could do with some.” As Steve’s jaw dropped at hearing you fire back at him, you didn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing your facial expressions as he laughed, shaking his head.
“I thought I’d be dead before I heard you talk to me!” 
“When’s the party, Harrington? I need to get this over with,” You were focused on your planner, but you could feel Steve staring at you.
“You being serious? You’ll actually do it?”
You glanced over at him and nodded, smiling as you heard him congratulate himself on succeeding. 
“My place, 9:30pm, tomorrow night. Solid?” 
Tumblr media
The last thing on Steve’s mind as graduation loomed overhead was love.
And yet here he was, anxiously waiting on the edge of his seat for you to show up at the party.
The music was blaring, people were drinking, and all he could think about was how elated he was that he’d finally gotten something out of you. A smile and a sarcastic remark, all in one.
How lucky was he.
After all this time, and he’d finally won. Steve was still a little hazy as to why this made him feel so… content, but he pushed away the thought as he downed the last of his drink.
As he set down his cup, he heard the doorbell ring. 
Everything around him seemed to freeze in motion as he made his way to the door, his heartbeat loud in his ears.
On the other side of the door, he found you with a twelve pack of beer in one hand, a bag of chips in the other, and a flower tucked behind your ear.
“I come bearing gifts for King Steve,” You said loudly, gently shoving the twelve pack into Steve’s grasp as you walked into the foyer. 
“You know me so well!” He said, rushing to catch up to you as you threaded your way through the loud crowd of drunken classmates.
Propping yourself up on the kitchen island, you watched as Steve put away the beer in a cooler, his cheeks flushed red from the rising temperature of the growing crowd.
“C’mere,” He shouted over the loud music, taking your hand in his.
You didn’t protest, following him up the stairs, his grip tight as he tried not to lose you.
He pulled you into his bedroom, and for a moment, you almost started to panic.
“Harrington, what’re we doing-” 
“Here,” He pointed to the window opposite you. “Figured if we were finally gonna talk, we might as well do it where we can hear each other,”
Steve opened the window and stuck his leg out, gathering balance before sticking his hand out to you. 
“You scared of sitting on the roof or what?” You shook your head now, and took his hand.
Leaning right up against the ledge of his window, you finally sat down next to Steve, and handed him the bag of chips you had been holding this whole time.
“Is this my prize for winning the bet?” He asked, grinning when you rolled your eyes.
“Your prize for winning was me coming to this party, Harrington. The chips are my way of coping with the fact that I’m actually here now,” 
As the two of you each took a handful out of the bag and looked up at the starry night sky, your mind couldn’t help but wonder why Steve was so adamant about talking to you.
After all, it wasn’t like you’d ever said or done anything that could’ve piqued his interest.
Dropping the last chip in his mouth, Steve dusted off his hands on the sides of his jeans.
“You wanna know something?” he asked, his eyes still star gazing. 
“Sure,” You replied, poking a finger at the remaining chips in your palm.
“I can’t believe it took me almost seven months to get a smile out of you,” he chuckled softly, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips as he dropped his gaze from the sky. “I don’t even know why I cared so much,” he whispered, running a hand through his hair. 
“Because you just had to win, Steve,” You mumbled, laughing gently as you hugged your knees to your chest, resting your head on top. 
“It’s… it can’t be just that though, can it?” Steve sighed, brushing back a stray piece of hair off his cheek. 
“Well, what else could it be?”
You looked over at him, and he looked at you, and for a brief moment, everything around you; the sounds of drunk teenagers, insects, and blaring music ceased to exist as you looked at one another. 
As if you were mesmerized by each other. 
Without hesitation, you both leaned in, your eyes still focused on one another’s; Steve’s breath mixing with yours as your foreheads met, barely touching. 
“Living love in slow motion, are we?” You whispered breathlessly, your lips brushing against Steve’s as he laughed.
“Let me kiss you already,” He retorted, not letting you answer him as he finally pressed his lips against yours, his hands suddenly pressed to your cheeks, your hand resting on his chest.
You break away first, cheeks flushed with heat as you tried to catch your breath.
“By the way… you won in February. I… I just didn’t say anything because I thought you’d get bored of me,” You shrugged your shoulders, dropping your gaze from Steve’s as he just tilted his head.
“I could never get bored of you, sweetheart,” He said, cupping your cheek gingerly as he leaned in and gave you another kiss. “After all, the night is still wide open.”
Tumblr media
can’t tag everyone as i’m in a rush but here’s a few: 
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thealternateuniverse · 2 years ago
Word Count: 4413 
WARNINGS: smut, language and drugs 
If you wanted to be tagged please let me know. :))
"Baze pass me the joint!" I admit, I'm pretty drunk and I'll start to lose my shit any minute from now. My cousin Baze tag me along tonight, its suppose to be a boy's night out but nah I don't mind they can have their fun. I'm no stranger to them. We're in Andrei's house. These guys are my childhood friend, wrong they are my brothers and we're reunited after 4 years? I think. I've been in Ireland for too long and now I'm back to my roots. "Yo Y/N! Are Irish girls hot?" Slim asked and everyone starts laughing. I flip him off and chug down the vodka in my cup. I smoked the joint Baze handed me. Ah I miss these. Chill night with the gang. "Yo seriously. You look like them. What made you color your hair red? You look like a fuuucking idiot." Then Slim laughed sounding like a goat in labor. "Shut up fucker." My only response. I know they missed me that's why I'm their target tonight. And Slim is the leader of the pack. "Kells is on his way here." Rook said while looking at his phone. "Who's Kells?" Everyone fell silent as if I said something wrong. "What? Did I say something wrong?" Slim look at me in disbelief and laughed like a goat again. This dude is high I'm sure of that. "Really? You don't know who's Kells? Dang girl it's Colson." The fuck? Colson? Since when did he become Kells? Rook must have read my confusion.  "It' his screen name Machine Gun Kelly. Kells for short." I don't know if it's the alcohol or the shroom but I laugh so hard. "What the---- hahahaha as in Colson Baker is Machine Gun Kelly?" They look at me weirdly, like I'm some kind of alien. "Dude you don't know? He's famous." I shut up. Colson really made it. He is successful now. "What did Ireland do to you?" I just shook my head. I can't think of any comeback cause my head is somewhere in space and everything looks sharp. I guess the shroom is having it's effect on me. "What's up fuckers!" That deep voice vibrated all over the room. Colson. "Ayo man. Finally." The boys did their handshake until his eyes landed on me. "Y/N? What the fuck?! Dude you're here!" I got up from the couch and he embrace me in a tight bear hug. "Dude I fuckin miss you." I felt dizzy when he let go of me so I hold on to his arm. "You okay?" He holds my wrist and look at me. I nodded as a response. "Yeah." I sat down on the couch again, eyes felt heavy and mind flying somewhere. They converse about work, which I could not relate so I just listen and nods whenever they ask me something. "Yeah, why don't we talk about our Irish lady here." All eyes are on me again. "Seriously dude. We missed you. The good shit and such when you are here."
Back when we were bunch of idiots we used to hang at Ashleigh's place. She's the only one who has a decent home to stay and live in, and her mom was kind enough to let us stay especially Colson. "Yeah I missed you too." I drink from my cup and my gaze landed on Colson who is looking at me too. "What?" I asked, my brow raising. "Nothing. I'm just appreciating the changes." I shrug. My hair is red for a year and I'm planning to dye it black. "Whatever Colson."  I rolled my eyes while giggling. It was unintentional though.
We are all catching up. Especially me, since they missed the 4 years of my life and me missing the 4 hollywood glamour of their lives too. It's all sex drugs and rock and roll. I'm just hoping it won't get the best of them. "Daaaamn. We're really getting old. Next thing we knew Casie's walking down the aisle while Colson's crying." Colson almost choke on his drink after Baze said that. "Not happening Baze. No boys for my baby girl until I said so." Oh yeah Casie. Colson's daughter. That girl is turning to a lady and that will make Colson grow 10 years because of headache. The kid is beautiful and for sure boys will be chasing her. I wish she could spend more time with us whenever she's in Ireland. "Of course. Look at Y/N, we're so protective of her that 'til now she's single." I want to kick Dubo's shin for blurting out to everyone that I'm still single. "You're still single?" Colson asks. I can't help but blush, nothing's wrong about being single but talking about my romantic life with these idiots is like telling them that I shit in my pants and the teasing will never stop after that. "Well, it's our fault. We never let a guy come near you before. " Slim confessed. It didn't shock me though cause the guys who wanta to date me before told me that these idiots scared them or bribe them. Atleast I knew that they aren't men enough to be scared by my friends. "I don't mind though. I suck at dates." Through my peripheral, I see Colson smirked. I rolled my eyes at him. "And you have a bad taste when it comes to men." He added. I scoffed. If he only knew. Indeed I have bad taste.
We continue chatting and some of the guys are already drunk or high. I too is drunk. I stood up to went to the bathroom but everything seems spinning. With my high and drunken state I look for the bathroom. I found  it in a hallway to the kitchen but when I opened the door Baze is in there doing some porno. "Fuck. I'm sorry, don't mind me so proceed." I didn't wait for their answer and close the door. Damn I have to see that. I can't help but giggle, ironic I did that before too. I search for another available bathroom upstairs and I trip in every step. My body felt heavy so I crawled until I ended up in a room. Guest room I think? "Damn it." My vision is blurry but I managed to reach the bathroom and puked my brains out. "Fucking vodka." I wipe my mouth before puking again. Oh god, I never puke before. I felt a hand massaging my back and I turn to see who it is. Colson. "Alcohol is a bitch."
"Fuck. Y/N saw me fucking in the bathroom." Baze came from god knows where while zipping his pants a girl clinging on his arm. Mod Sun laughed. "That cousin of yours is hot." Baze threw his cup at Mod. "You're not hitting her." Y/N changed a lot, physically. I mean it's good maybe I'm not just used to since we haven't seen each other for 4 years.
I don't know why she left, everything was okay back then. But I guess it's better that we separate ways, look at us I made it to Hollywood, she's fine and we're all good. "Yo Colson! You're awfully quiet today." Actually I'm high already. Not drunk but high. I smoked two in the studio before getting here. "Nah. I'm good. Where's Y/N?" I search the room if there's any sign of Y/N. "Maybe she went into another bathroom, one with no one fucking." Everyone laughed even Baze at Drei's statement. "Seriously tho, you and Y/N are good?" This is the question I've been dreading. Me and Y/N are good but awkard so I'm avoiding their attention by remaining silent. "You know what. Stop dicking around and tell her what you feel." I was taken aback. How the hell did Slim knew when I didn't tell anyone about it. It's so hard to act cool whenever she's around. So I didn't tell anyone and it's better if it remains tgat way and I won't lose her.  "Tell her what?" Acting as if I don't know something will do me no good. Action speaks louder than words. "Go on Colson. Deny it, next thing you knew she already have someone who's not scared to admit his feelings." I clenched my jaw at the thought that Y/N is with someone who's not me, us. "Hell yeah, we got you bro." Rook taps my shoulder. I stood up from my seat and look for Y/N. I went upstairs and search each room for her and I found her on the left wing puking her guts out in a bathroom. I immediately attended her and rubs her back. When she's done she turns around and look at me with droopy eyes. "Alcohol is a bitch." She wipes her mouth and leans on the wall. "Goddamn I need a bed." Y/N close her eyes. The alcohol and weed must have hit on her. "Hey hey, stay with me, I'll put you to bed." I held her arm but she flinch. "Don't fucking touch me Colson. I wanna fucking beat you right now." Since she's drunk I didn't mind what she said. I grab her arm again but Y/N clung on my neck and buried her face on my chest. "I thought you wanna beat me?" I held her waist to support her weight cause she looks like she's about to melt. "Shut up. I hate you." Maybe it's just her drunk self hating me. Everyone's her enemy whenever she's drunk. "Why do you hate me?" I decided to ride along with her craziness. "Cause you're a fucking asshole?" She mumbled almost hakf asleep. "And you love this asshole?" I couldn't hide my smirk. She probably won't remember this tomorrow. "Of course I love you..........and Rookie, and Slim, and Baze, and Casie.....I love EST fam." She look up to me with a smirk. Damn, she played well. "How about me? I mean only me?" She freed herself and sat on the counter, I moved forward a bit so I can be in between her legs. Y/N leans her head on my chest again. "I hate you. But I hate that I don't hate you at all. I wish you would meet Chase." Who the fuck is Chase? Is he her boyfriend? Am I too late? The fuck the boys were right, I should've told her earlier. "Who's Chase?" I rub Y/N's back, soothing her. "He's.........I love him. But I wish you would love him too." My heart began to race and I am now confuse. I held her face and look at her straight in the eye. "Y/N, tell me who's Chase?" Her eyes are all droopy and red but managed to return the look I gave her. "He's your fucking son. Happy?" Suddenly I am the one whose high. Everything around blurred and Y/N's word echoes. He's your fucking son. I have another kid. I have another kid, with her. I had a fucking kid with her and I didn't knew. I didn't even knew something happened between us. "H-how? We didn't even....." A lot of questions are running in my head but  that's the only thing came out. I am loss for words right now. "Of course you don't remember. You were so doped up with drugs that you almost raped a fan but being the good friend I am I came to the rescue and....." I think I knew what happened next. "I had sex with you instead." I finish her sentence. "I can't fucking blame you because I was the one who's sober. And God..... why did I let it happened." I didn't expect my night to be like this especially she just got back from overseas. And her confession infuriates me. "Why did you not tell me?" I want to punch myself for doing that to her. I blow every fucking chance. I took a good thing and fuck it all up in one fucking night. "I fucking loved you asshole! We were both a fucking mess. I was with you during your worst, sex drugs, rock and roll, fame is getting on you then you got me pregnant, I wasn't ready and......How can we raise a child if we're like that?! One of us has to sober up so that we won't end up hurting ourselves and the child. Funny how one night can change life forever." Y/N broke down into tears. She fucking love me. She said she fucking love me. I wish she's sober right now cause I'm not believing what's happening. She went through all this alone and I hate myself for that. I was dicking around when she was suffering alone in that goddamn country. "I'm sorry Y/N.....I -I didn't knew." I wipe her tears and rubs her back while kissing her head. "It's my fault. I never told you." I hushed her, but tears still streaming down her face. I am so angry right now, to myself, to what happened. I feel like shit for being a dick. Now I have a son whose growing up not knowing his father. It's an awful situation cause I grew up without a mother too. I may be an asshole but I won't let a kid running around not knowing me especially if it's mine. "Let's get you to bed. You're drunk." I carried her out and brought her to my room. I laid Y/N on my bed and undress her after. As if I've never seen her naked before. I dress her with one of my shirts then cover her with a blanket. Kissing her head I left the room and went back downstairs. Everyone seems to chill now. "Yo dude. Is Y/N okay?" Baze asks. He was caught off guard when I lounge him and held the collar of his shirt. "Why the fuck you didn't tell me?!" Slim, Rook and Drei went to the rescue to ease the tension. "Ayo, Kells chill. What the fuck is going on?" Slim held me back while Drei is pulling Baze from my grasp. "Man. It was her decision, and I won't intervene on whatever's going on between you two. I didn't know how did you even got her pregnant when you were busy fucking around." My blood boils and Baze's words fuelled my anger. I was about to attack him again but Slim blocked me. "What the fuck Kells? You had a child? With Y/N?!" Everyone fell silent. "Yeah." Rook was the first one to speak. "No shit. How old is the child?" I don't want my son to estranged me, it was hard before when I had Casie. "Probably 3. Who else fucking knew? Could've told me I had another kid." I glared at Baze. "Ashleigh fucking knew." Baze answered. Damn it Ashleigh. "But she just found out when Y/N called before going back here." Didn't they even thought that it was my child who's growing up not knowing his father?! "Yeah. Whatever. Thanks for the info. Gotta go."
I grabbed my keys and left. I need to fucking think.
I woke up with wave of nausea. My head hurt like it was hit by a ton of bricks. I opened my eyes just tk realized I'm not in Baze's house and I'm not wearing my clothes. I couldn't even remember what happened last night. The last thing I remember was Colson helping me threw up. Guess this is his clothes I'm wearing base on it's size.
I look at the clock and it's 2 in the afternoon. Damn I was that passed out? I opened the closet searching for a sweatpants or short. Fuck that 6'4 height of his. I look like a sack. Blame my 5'8 height. I settled on his shorts because it's the only bottom I look human. I don't want parading around the house with only my panties on. I went downstairs to see if someone's here. Slim is in the kitchen looking like a bitch. Looks like he hadn't sleep yet. "Slim where is everyone?" Slim jumped a little, surprised by my presence. I giggled and I sat down to one of the chairs in the counter. He served me a plate of pasta which I heavenly feasted. "Out. With Colson." Had they sleep yet? "Where are they going?" I munch all in the plate while listening to Slim. "Out, having some quality time with his son." I choked on my food. I coughed, It feels like the pasta stucked in my throat and wants to go out in my nose. Slim handed me a water. "T-thanks. What do you mean son?" My heart started to hammer. "Oh? I thought Colson's the one who didn't knew he had a child. Seems like you forgot." I feel like all the Colors in my face drained. Impossible. I have blurted out everything last night! Stupid! Colson already knew. I won't get away this time. Slim taps my shoulder. "You know we're here for you Y/N."  Slim said sincerely. I sighed feeling guilty. I feel like a bitch for not telling Colson, he deserves to know, it's his right. "I was just so scared Slim. I didn't know what to do. I wasn't ready and I don't know how to raise a child." A tear fell. It's all out now. "You two should talk." Just in time the living room is filled with noise. They're here. Anxiety building up inside me, Colson is here and I don't know how to act. I heard the small giggles and that little voice of a child approaching. "Look who's hereeee..." Chase's blue orbs widened when he saw me. But I almost cry at the sight because Colson is carrying him. "Mumm..." Chase wiggled and Colson put him down. He ran towards me. "Baby......mommy missed you." I held Chase, embracing him in a tight hug while I gave him kisses. "Ash! Can you get Chase here first. Y/N and I, need to talk."
A shiver went down to my spine. This is it. And by the looks of it Colson is not happy, he keeps a neutral face except when he holds Chase. Ash went to here in the kitchen and took Chase. I gave her a reassuring smile and went back to the living room.
"In my room now." He didn't let me answer and immediately went to his room upstairs. I followed him. I got into his room and locked the door.
"Colson I'm so sorry I didn't tell you---" Colson turned to face me and his eyes is at it's darkest shade of blue.
"Take off your shirt now." My jaw dropped. I am confused, we are in a serious situation and he wants my shirt off? I followed his orders and take off my shirt exposing my bust in lacy bra. "I don't know what this is bu---" he didn't let me finish my sentence again. "Strip all your clothes." My eyes widened this time. "Colson what the fuck are you up to?!" Is he insane? "Are you going to do it? Or let me do the honor?" I gulp. He is serious. I strip all the remaining clothes leaving my underwears. Damn good thing I have everything lasered. "Do you know how frustrating all this is?" He moves forward. I move backward. I am so scared of him right now, excited at the same time I don't knkw if he's high or what. "Leaving without saying goodbye, showing up again after years and told me that we had a son." I keep moving backwards until I hit the wall, Colson trapping me with both arms. "You know how frustrating it is you left me hanging?" His fingers ran through my sides giving me shiver. He hooked one of his fingers to the strap of bra. He lowered his head on my ear. "You know how frustrating it is when I am fucking someone but it's your face I see." He whispered. I bit my lip from the sensation. "You are not getting away this time Y/N." He licks my ear and kisses my jaw reaching my lips. I respond to his kisses but Colson suddenly pulled away. What the fuck. "I don't forgive easily babe." He unbuckled his belt with one hand while the other was holding both of my wrist already. I was so drown in his charms that he already held my wrists.  He tied the belt around and held both of my hands up. "My rules." Colson dipped his head on my neck sucking it making sure it will leave marks after. I bit my lip hard, holding myself back not to let out a moan. "I am so angry that I want to fuck you so bad. So dirty." I clung both my arms to his neck initiating the kiss rubbing myself against him, being the fucktard he is he pulled away again. I can feel his boner poking to my stomach, that's it go hard for me asshole. "A-ah, what did I say? My rules. Now behave." Colson slammed me to the wall and kiss me hungrily, it wasn't gentle at all, seems like he's venting out all his anger. My lips will be swollen after this. I kissed him back with the same enthusiasm, it's my inner dominant self taking over. He grabs my ass lifting me and I gladly wrap my legs around his waist. "Bad huh. " He smacks my ass throwing me to his bed. "You're all talk Colson. Just fuck me." I don't know where my confidence came from but that made him smirk, grabbing my legs and pull me to the edge of the bed. I know I hit his ego and now he's more aggressive. I pulled him towards me, clinging on to his neck, kissing him passionately and less angry than earlier. He ripped my panties off and throw it god knows where the same aith my bra. "What the fuck! That was la perla!" He insert 2 of his finger making me gasp. "I can fucking buy you a hundred pair of those. Now moan." Biting my lip didn't help at all, I let out a slutty moan feeling his fingers inside me. "Damn look at that so wet for me." He trailed kisses from my thighs to my belly button adding speed to his pace. I rolled my eyes back from the sensation fuck his fingers feels good, I want them in all day. "God dammit you're mine." He kisses me again and lowering it to the valley of my breasts. "Did you feel like this when we did it Y/N?" He added another finger causing me to moan louder. "I----fuck it." He remove all his fingers. "Fuck give it to me Colson!" The bastard just smirked unbuttoning his pants and taking off his shirt. "Say it, or you won't getting this." He took off his pants leaving his ethika boxers, his XXX tattoo and boner peeking. I have the same tatto on my belly button. "Yes you fuck so good!" His eyes turned darker, taking off his boxers his dick sprang out in it's fullest hard form. My eyes glued to God's gift to women not believing it fit inside me years ago. "Give me a head sweetheart." I don't know but his words are like spells that makes me follow him. Colson moved forward, I grab his dick running my hands up ad down. I lick the tip of his dick which earned him a groan, falling his head back. I started to bob my head up and down, taking him all within my reach.  He grabs my hair guiding my head. "Fuck. You're doing good baby." Colson breaths heavily, he couldn't take it anymore he pulls me up and lay me down to bed placing himself above me. He kissed my head before kissing my lips feeling him entered me. I gasped. It was painful, it feels like giving birth. A tear rolled down my cheek but Colson was quick to kiss it away. "I got you baby." He let me adjust to his size before moving slowly. I moaned, not feeling pain but pleasure instead, making me scratch hard his back while my other hand grips his hair. Colson groaned speeding up his pace and my moans are getting louder. "Colson......oh my god. Don't stop." I arch my back and wrap my thighs around his waist tightly giving him more access. "Fuck Y/N you're so tight." Colson pulled out and I swear I wan't to cut his balls. He flip me off, now my ass is facing him. He entered me again without warning and it feels damn good in this position. I moaned out loud not giving a damn if somebody hears me. Colson gripped my waist tight continue slamming himself. We're both panting as our bodies slapped against each other, sweats dripping, and lust feeding us both. Colson knows what he's hitting and it made me see the heavens and galaxies. "Colson I'm c-cumming." I said through heavy breaths. He lowered himself and bit my earlobe. "Come for me baby." My walls clenched around him, tension building from my stomach until my orgasm hits. Colson didn't stop he speeds up instead and moments later he came, spilling his essence inside me. "Fuck." He lets out a groan while still inside me riding out his orgasm. We stayed in that position for a minute and laid beside me after. I moved and laid on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. "I'm sorry." I pressed a soft kiss of his jaw before kissing him on the lips. "I love you." I jolted up from the bed covering myself with a blanket. He just blurted out those 3 words. "Shit. Don't freak out." He also got up from the bed but only on the edge. "Fuck Y/N! I fucking love you okay? Since the day we stole a weed from your dad." I couldn't help but cry. I straddled Colson's lap and kissed him hard. "You asshole." Colson kissed me again his hands on my waist. "Round 2?" The bastard grins wiggling his eyebrows. "I fucking love you asshole even though you're the worst."
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ilbxllodellavita · 2 years ago
There’s Just Something About Him! - Big E (WWE) Imagine
Requested - Yes @bduchrnskei: Hey I love your work and I was wondering if you could write an imagine for big e (wwe) where the reader ends up teaming up with the new day and has to work with them for a little while and she starts to notice things about big e that she’d never noticed and starts to fall in love and the same with big e... and basically some cute shit. Thank you! And could you tag me in it thank you so much!
Warnings: None. Just pure fluff. Slight swearing but who tf cares?
Today is your first day of being part of the Smackdown roster after being called up from NXT. You walked into the building and took in the surroundings. As I looked around, you could feel tears rolling down your cheeks. Ever since you were little, you’ve always dreamed of being a WWE superstar. You would watch every single video WWE posted and try and copy each superstar’s move set. When you bursted onto the NXT scene as Lola Martinez, you were a nobody. It wasn’t until you had a feud with Bianca Belair that everyone believed in you. You made so many friends but you had to leave them behind because another opportunity was waiting. Now you’re here at Smackdown and it feels so surreal. 
“You’re finally here! So good to see you!” you hear a voice say. You turn around to be face to face with Stephanie McMahon and her husband Triple H beside her. Your breath gets caught in your throat when you spot them. They both give you a hug and you’re immediately taken to cloud 9. “Is this real?” you ask and they both laugh. “Oh, it’s real alright!” Triple H says. They lead you to the office where you get taken through what your character is and how your storylines will unfold. “So, here’s the plan. You’re gonna start off slow, okay? We won’t put you in the main picture just yet cause you still have a lot to work on to get to the main spotlight. We’ve decided to put you with a tag team and you can manage them as well as wrestle with them when a mixed tag team match is made. Does that sound good?” Stephanie asks. “Of course! That sounds amazing!” you reply. “Excellent! So the tag them you’ll be managing as well as pairing with is The New Day!” Triple H says. “Awesome! I can’t wait to start! Just one question. Is my name still gonna be the same or are you planning on changing it?” you ask. “You’ll still be Lola Martinez”, Stephanie says. “Sweet!” you happily say. “Thank you so much for this opportunity! I promise to not blow it!” you add as you shake the hands of your bosses. You leave the office and head to the women’s locker room. 
As you follow the path to the locker room, you meet some faces that you’ve always wanted to meet. “Lola! So good to meet you!” you hear Alexa Bliss say. “Hi Alexa! So good to meet you too!” You tell her about your gimmick and she smiles. “That’s so cool! In fact, the guys are just around the corner if you wanna introduce yourself to them!” she says and you smile. “Awesome! Thanks! Hope to see you around!” You continue to make your way around the corner and you spot the guys you’re managing and partnering with. You slowly make your way to them and they turn their heads towards you. “Hello! How can we help you?” Kofi asks you. “Hey guys! I’m Lola Martinez. I came from NXT and now I’m here on Smackdown. Steph and Triple H have made me your manager and I also get to wrestle alongside you guys!” you enthusiastically explain and their faces light up with excitement. “You’re Lola?! Oh my gosh it’s so good to finally meet you! We were told by Hunter that you were joining us!” Xavier shouts and shakes your hand so fast that after he let go, your hand felt numb. 
After managing and wrestling with the guys, you all became besties. They were like family to you and it was so heartwarming. Their enthusiasm and positivity were just joyful and amazing to be part of. There was a feeling of excitement running through when you wrestle with them and there was a feeling a safety when you travel together. There was also another feeling. A feeling you haven’t felt since your school years. This feeling was a crush. All the guys were sweet and friendly but you have more of a connection with Big E. He’s just so caring and so nice and just made sure you’re having fun and made sure you’re part of the Smackdown family. 
You kept your feelings to yourself in case he didn’t feel the same way. You head to the locker room after your tag team match with Big E against Sasha Banks and Scott Dawson of The Revival. You spot one of your besties that you have made, Carmella, in the corner of the locker room. “Hey Mella! Can we talk? I need some advice” you ask. “Sure Lola! What’s up?” You sit down and start explaining. “So, I’ve developed a crush on Big E. There’s just something about him that I love. He’s sweet, he’s kind and he makes me happy. I just don’t want to tell him in case I ruin my friendship with him and he doesn’t feel the same way. What should I do?” Carmella thinks for a moment and then turns to face me. “Just shoot your shot, girlie! If that’s how you feel, then you should tell him how you feel. You never know, you might just get your wish”, she says with a wink. “Just go find him and explain your feelings for him. I’m sure he’ll understand!” she adds. “Okay. Thanks for the advice! Appreciate it!” you reply and you head out to go and find E. 
You turn the corner and find E talking to Xavier. You stay behind storage equipment and quietly listen to their conversation. “She’s just so cute, man! Like, she’s the best! So friendly, so motivated and she makes us all happy! Should I tell her?” E explains to his best friend. “Dude, are you for real?! Go for it! Tell her how you feel! She might feel the same!” Xavier says and E nods. “Thanks, bro. Glad I can tell you cause Kofi might expose me and I kinda don’t need that”, Big E says. “Oh my god, he likes me?!” you say to yourself. You quickly turn around and run back to the womens’ locker room. You pretend to walk out of the room and you head back to where you originally were. You stop when you see Big E heading towards you. “Hey E!” you say as you go to embrace him. “Hey Lola!”
An awkward silence fell over the both of you. “So... I have to tell you something”, you say, rubbing your arm in nervousness. “Same here”, E says. “You go first”. E looks down and then back up. “Lola, I really like you. Like more than a friend like you”. You look away and then back at him. “Same here”. You both look at each other in shock. “Really?! No fucking way! Seriously?!” you both say in sync. You laugh at each other and you hug each other. “So, does this mean we’re together?” you ask. “I guess so! Let’s go and tell the boys”. You run over to Kofi and Xavier who are watching you two with confused looks. “WE’RE TOGETHER!” you both shout at the same time. “YES!” Xavier shouts. “So happy for you guys!” Kofi says happily. 
After Smackdown ends, you guys head to the car park and decide to celebrate at the hotel with take-out. You and E skip to the car, hand in hand and laughing till you cry. “This right here is what we have to deal with until we split”, Kofi says which causes Xavier to laugh. As long as you two were happy, Kofi and Xavier were happy too. 
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I got tagged...
...by @cookiesandpudding​ (thanks)
1. What do you prefer to be called name wise?
Some people call me the space cowboy Yeah Some call me the gangster of love Some people call me Maurice
But actually, don’t call me any of those things. “Gio” is okay to use. Also, it might seem a little odd but some people call me by my PSN (or at least the short versions which can be Lugaru or Garu). I’ve been thinking about changing my url lately since my current one no longer seems to fit as well as it used to.
2. When is your birthday?
I was born into the cold, one winter afternoon. I’ve been told that many aspects of my personality fit the whole Capricorn archetype. 3. Where do you live?
My true geographical home will forever be New Orleans. But I’ve recently moved about a 100 miles away, to another state. I’ve got to say, it’s no crescent city but it’s definitely got charm and stuff is cheap, so...
4. Three things you are doing right now.
I’m trying to do as absolutely little as possible. No, that’s not true. I spent almost a decade doing graphic design for a print & decal company but that was before the owner of the company’s alcohol consumption one day bled too far into his every day life and he decided to peacock around the office and production floor and sling faults at his workers who, just as I was, were completely confused about what he was talking about. Not as I was, they were complacent and I decided it was enough.
So what I have been doing is simple. (1) I’ve been sitting on my ass collecting all the unemployment insurance I’m due while (2) keeping my ears to the ground for possible employment in the future. I’m also keeping my eyes open to see what’s going on with COVID-19. Whatever happens there is going have a big impact over whether or not employers will be hiring. I could always try freelance but if employers aren’t hiring you can bet that freelance work is going to be even more scarce. (3) So I’ve been playing a lot of video games (3) to fill the space. Yes, Destiny 2 and now also Gran Turismo Sport.
On the horizon, I bought a MIDI controller and am going to be getting more into Fruity Loops. Not as complicated as I had imagined and not that different than the software I had previously used when I’d compose music.
I’m going to be buying a pro microphone and trying to get into voice work. Audio books, ads, whatever. I’ve lived the majority of my life (no kidding, since I was about 13) being told that I had a good voice for radio, announcement, that sort of thing. I’ve been on the radio. When I’d cover for the receptionist in my last job, I had to deal with callers pressing buttons on their phones because they honestly thought I was a recording.
5. Four fandoms that have really quipped your interest
Quipped? I do not think that word means what you think it means (I’m talking to you, OP). Piqued might be the right way to go here. None the less, I’ve never been much for specific fandoms. Yeah, I really enjoyed watching certain shows on television like Hannibal, The Expanse (yes, I know Belter), and other shows like Altered Carbon. I’m still a Destiny franchise fanboy. I reblog stuff that’s associated with the aforementioned enjoyed pursuits but I’m not really head over heals about anything at all. I guess... uh, well... I could say I enjoy pretty much anything sci-fi, dystopian, cyperpunk, etc. and dig the whole aesthetic. But that’s not really a fandom, right?
6. How’s the pandemic been treating you?
I really feel sorry for all the people out there. You humans really are such social creatures, aren’t you? Well, some of us humans aren’t quite that way. You’ve all seen the meme that reads “turns out my lifestyle is already called self-quarantine” haven’t you? I’m a bit of a misanthrope. I hate groups of people and I have a very strong dislike of individual people. Yeah, I know. I communicate with some of you. But that’s only because I’ve decided that you are good humans. And you communicate with me so either you’re very tolerant of my bullshit or you’ve decided that I am also a good human. Anyway... staying away from in-person social contact suits me very much.
Like I mentioned right up there (it was right under #4) I’m collecting unemployment insurance benefits which have been padded quite nicely by ol’ Uncle Sam. I’ve been doing very well for myself. Really. I might not be able to live like this forever but the money is good for right now. I’m way less stressed than I have been in a very long time. So to put my point across using bad song lyrics:
Just wanna be care free lately, yeah Just kicking up daisies Got one too many quarters in my pockets Count 'em like the four leaf clovers in my locket Untied laces, yeah Just tripping on daydreams
I don’t care at this point what happens to the economy. This whole business could get very political very soon. Socialism, capitalism, whatever. American money hasn’t been real since we stopped the gold standard in 1973. Since then, every single dollar you have earned or spent is actually worth nothing more than the paper it’s printed on. So ol’ Uncle Sam can keep on shelling it out and I’ll keep on collecting it. It’s all good until the bread lines form.
7. What’s a song you can’t stop listening to?
(OMG I love Dorohedoro)
I can’t stop listening to All is Lost by Black Sun Empire feat. Thomas Oliver & Youthstar. I’ve been into that old school sinister feel dead-light black sky dread jam jungle D&B stuff lately.
8. Recommend a movie.
Yeah, gonna always go with Blade Runner here. Or David Lynch’s Dune. Or the Sci-Fi channel’s Children of Dune. Dune is pretty cool. And so is Blade Runner. Believe it or not, the book called Blade Runner has nothing to do with the movie, which was based on the book called Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.
9 & 10. How old are you? School/Occupation/other?
It says in my url bio thing that I’m getting too old for this shit. But whatever. I’m in my early 40s. I’m emotionally mature. I am of above average intelligence but when it comes to my overall maturity level, I think it’s safe to say that I’m a bit of a dumbass. I sometimes still laugh at sophomoric humor. Okay, more than sometimes.
By trade, I do graphic design. Print media, billboards, corporate identity. I’m good at it. However, I can do a lot of different things. I’m good at a lot of different things. It’s a blessing and a curse.
11. Do you prefer hot or cold?
I prefer the cold. I prefer the dark. I have an auto-immune disorder and anything more than slight indirect exposure to sunlight makes feel me sick. And I’ve got what the local folks call “strong blood” so I can wear a t-shirt in freezing weather and feel fine while in the heat I get really fatigued very quickly.
12. Name one fact about you that others may not know
I used to be a preacher (protestant, even co-hosted a radio show) and I’m currently still an ordained minister but fuck that noise.
13. Are you shy?
Not at all. But I only have so much energy for social interaction especially when it comes to in-person stuff. So, I’m an extrovert until I run out of juice, then I become a very shy and extreme introvert.
14. Preferred Pronouns
You may address me as Your Imperial Grace. Seriously though, I’m a dude. Call me by whatever pronoun you want. Who cares. And... it’s funny that for such a long time society struggled to not be labeled as anything in celebration of individuality and now if you don’t have the right pronouns you’re cis-trash. Please excuse me for not being a demi-transdimensional-interspecies-ponykin.
15. Any pet peeves?
Almost everything is annoying to me in one way or the other. If I start typing it all out I wouldn’t be finished for a very long time.
16. What’s your favorite ‘dere ’ type?
Kuudere, but leaning more toward Dandere with a touch of Kamidere makes for an interesting character.
17. Rate your life
There’s no question about it, it’s a solid 5/7
18 & 19 What’s your main blog? Side blogs?
This is my only blog. I don’t have the time or energy for anything else that’s not already being used up.
20. Is there anything people need to know about you before getting to know you?
I’m low energy. Very low energy. Don’t expect much.
...unless I’ve been drinking. Booze amps me up and then I have tons of energy, right until I pass out.
I have been told that I come off as a bit intimidating to some people. I’ve also been told that I come off as being very dominant. Let me assure anyone reading this that is not my intention. I don’t have enough fucks to give or energy to spend on being that way. So if I seem that way, please ignore it. I might just be oblivious or just not giving a shit because I’m too tired.
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