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#do i want takanashi to rail the man ten years older than him
touchmycoat · 2 months ago
like, do i want to see the proud young upstart run his mouth and get accidentally triggered by the unassuming yet secretly super experienced older bodyguard, throw a fit and quit his job, come scampering back under some guise of “I’m gonna figure out your secret and expose you and then we’ll see who’s boss hahaha,” scrutinize the older man’s every action for “research,” pretend like he totally doesn’t care and is absolutely above it all (but buys the older man strawberries, ‘cause he just happened to have extras, whatever), get told he obviously has incredible amounts of faith and respect for the older man, get told the older man respects him back, obsess after the older man suddenly quitting their brand new post-merger company, risk his entire career to seek out the older man and aggressively help the older man out all while rolling his eyes and telling the older man’s son that “this is all very hard to explain okay, stfu,” yell out Shimazaki Akira’s full name in a fit of desperation when he can’t find him on the job, save the older man’s life in a deeply emotional montage of team work and eye contact, and then end the start of season 2 by breaking up with his girlfriend explicitly for the sake of following Shimazaki into a life of risk?????????
yeah. the answer is yeah, i do.
in other news the best part of season 1′s b-cast was Suganuma + Takanashi’s wlw/mlm solidarity what the fuck happened to that Suganuma hates men that was canon don’t do her like this she would never date a fucko like Takanashi fuck off
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