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#do not critique this behaviour or else im considering it a personal attack
polarislex · 2 years ago
Listen up mother fuckers,
Yes, this is directed at you, hateful anons who seem to have no fucking life other than to attempt to make other people's lives miserable. The reasons behind it are a true mystery within itself, and I'm not here to dive into the whole 'why bully's bully' speech, because I like to believe y'all are at the point in your educational career to have heard the speech at least once in your god damn life.
Anyways, today's talk is going to have two main points; and while perhaps a majority of you actually won't read the whole thing, I applaud those that will. But more importantly, if you are one of those hateful anons (you'll see in a second who I am directing this at), and you think you can come to slither into my ask and try that shit on me, you'll be met with a few things.
1. Probably the support from my mutuals that are on here
2. Me giving 0 shits, and probably roasting you over your shit spelling
3. Achieving absolutely nothing but proving just how much of an immature piece of shit you truly are.
Again though, due to how you anon's have written your responses, I'm worried I am going to be using words a bit too big for you or even worse, proper spelling and grammar. But, it's okay. I believe in you!
So, my first point of the night:
As everyone knows, especially when you're in fandoms, certain tags go around to get everyone interacting with each other while also getting a chance to know your mutuals. One of these tags is the famous selfie tag; I chance for everyone to see what you look like, while also learning who has stolen your heart from whatever band!
Some people don't participate for various reasons; maybe they just don't the tag, perhaps they aren't feeling up to it, maybe they don't want their face on tumblr? I used to be the latter - I never, ever liked the idea of sharing what I looked like on tumblr, because I felt like it was less controlled than that of instagram and snap chat (and to be fair, I really only starting using tumblr heavily again within the past two years?)
That changed though once I become close friends with @sundaetae and got enough balls to share what I looked like.
Anyways, earlier tonight (or late last night, depending on when you read this), one of my best friends, @busted-aesthetic , decided to post her first selfie alongside her bias. And for some fucked up reason, people decided to slither onto anon and shit on her for absolutely no reason (to the anon's that didn't and instead, hyped the fuck out of her gorgeous face, I love you and respect you and y'all deserve a cake).
Now, I honest to God struggle with even attempting to make a reason for this. But then again, bullying, in general, makes my blood boil and any of my athletes know damn well the consequences if they are caught in such acts. Just as, in retrospect, making yourself anon really gives you zero power - you're seen as pathetic and weak as it is.
However, back to my best friend, Mel. I'm sure anyone that has been following has seen me reblog the anon hate she has received, pop off about it or what have you. Just as I am sure you have seen me reblog shit and have tagged her, giggling and laughing and what you. So, in case you still haven't put two and two together, Mel and I's relationship goes beyond just being mutuals. Perhaps I'm taking a step to say we are best friends, but after everything, I really like to think we are.
Yes, we may have only really been talking for a month and a bit at this point (maybe longer, I can't remember), but I think our bond is pretty damn strong. And more importantly, I think that we have a pretty good read on each other and because of our similarities, we actually do fit pretty well together.
So, as her best friend, I can fucking confirm that she is actually the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful friend you could ask for (but shhh, don't tell her I said that.) Her personality is wonderful, and I can't even begin to image life without her at this point, let alone not even talking to her (even if that is a simple morning in the morning or something like that). She's defiantly made is a bit easier when I deal with my low points, and I'd like to think I do the same with hers.
So, as just stated, Mel has a beauty from both the inside and the out. Don't even get me started on her true beauty - that women turns me, and 100% is the reason she's my daddy and could easily dom me (but then again, she has that personality and I'm rather weak lol) She so ridiculously gorgeous that i want to cry every time she sends me a selfie, especially on the days she does a bomb as make up look (leaving me weeping because im /shit/ at makeup).
And when I see my best friend getting all this undeserved hate, it boils my blood. It is one thing to fucking criticise her writing (though, y'all don't even know how to fucking properly give criticism so I'm really fucking stretching it here), but it is completely something else to go after someone for how they look.
Do you feel that low about yourself that targeting others makes it easier for you? Is it some sort of sick twisted way for you to get yourself off? Or are you just such a fucking scum that you can't even go a minute without trying to hurt someone?
Why don't you get your head out of your fucking ass, use that brain of yours (even if its the size of a walnut), and perhaps actually think (oof, a concept I know) before you type, let alone send? Why don't you realize that you sound nothing more then like a child whining because things aren't going their way, and is especially worse if you are actually a full grown adult. Why don't you realize that you being on anon means shit all and if anything, shows just how pathetic you truly are.
Or better yet, if you have nothing nice to say, don't fucking say it at all. I'm sorry if your momma or papa never taught you that, or if they did, I hope you aren't disappointing them then (because this sort of behaviour is extremely disappointing).
Now, onto my second point and boy, I'm pretty sure my blood pressure is at a very dangerous level right now.
For, you see, I had made a post about this not too long ago. And the fact that I am addressing it a second time within two weeks should really, really say something. Or, rather, make some people aware.
In case you could not tell, Park Jimin is my bias from BTS. He is my mochi, the beam of light every time I think of him, and takes up 85% of my library photos. He is everything I dream to be, personality-wise, while also making me wish I could be even a silver as talented or selfish.
However, while my boy is mostly surrounded by love and affection, he also seems to be the scapegoat to many of these so-called fans; seems to constantly be receiving hate, perhaps barely even getting a day without something being said. What's worse, is that hate targets the insecurities that he has expressed; digging the knife right into the soul, poison dripping from the tip to keep the words from escaping.
Now, just like I said before, I am NOT saying he is the only to receive hate. I understand perfectly well the troubles each member has had to face, and furthermore, the hate that they have received. With that being said, you can not admit that Jimin, perhaps, has faced the near worse of it. Or rather, his hate has been nothing but continuous since he debut, and perhaps even before that while he was still training.
And the fact that y'all still feel the need to say that he is ugly (pushing him to on those extreme diets to lose his 'fat', basically fucking starving himself to fit your ideals or to be considered 'beautiful', and further leaving himself so exhausted he constantly fainted in practice), or say that he is talentless (which, to someone who is a perfectionist, is the worse thing you can say; leaving him to stay late at the studio, constantly pushing himself to that brink of exhaustion to be /perfect/, unable to even appreciated any performance or music video because he is constantly critiquing himself to what he could have done 'better', even if it was utterly perfect, let alone with the fact that he is insecure about his voice and constantly compares himself to the others, despite having such a beautiful vocal range that is so different from the others and that is what makes it wonderful), is utterly disgusting and more importantly, so childish and old.
He sings like Angel. he literally can go from being the softest man alive to a man who soaks your panties in .2 seconds (making fucking straight men swoon, let alone making men and women, in general, do a double take when he's in the room). And more importantly, is the most selfish man I have ever seen. The way he cares for the members inspires me to be a better person while wishing he would take care of himself like that. And the fact that even if he makes one little mistake that may barely even be noticeable puts him into such a state, it makes me want to bundle him up in a blanket and hold him tight.
Oh, and to that one anon who said that 'jungkook could do so much better' (in reference to jikook), you are clearly on something else. Of course, we may never know if they are indeed together or if they just have such a close bond that leaves us speechless and stunned; but, the point is that sentence alone is just so...wrong on so many levels. Anyone would be lucky to date such a sweet and thoughtful guy like Jimin, and if Jungkook is the lucky bastard, then so be it.
And if they aren't dating, whoever either /could/ date are lucky in their own way.
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. And let me remind you - you fuck with my friends, you aren't getting a sweet girl who will give you a second chance. Just as if you decided to slither into my ask and 'attack' me, just be prepared for answers you probably won't like and more importantly, me not taking you seriously at all.
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