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“It’s silly to try and compare someone’s pain to your own to see who had it worst. We all had our own struggles to overcome, what may seem like a small deal to you might not be the same for someone else. You shouldn’t really say that this person had it worse than the other one, it’s not your right to because we could never hope to understand feelings as strongly as that person in question felt at the time. Instead, try to practice compassion and empathy…” 


“So, with that out in the open! If you’ve been in a coma for over a year much like the champions of me Hylia, might I suggest joining my Napping Club? It’s fun, you see we get together, talk about our ten or more years of sleep and then take naps together!”  

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I was dumb enough to forget to print the original fics i’m beta'ing in both a readable font and on a readable colour so I’m stuck with seventeen pages of arial on white rather than montserrat on orange 🙃🙃

Eyes hurty brain mushy, losing my place several times and often typing things over and over again before realising what I’m doing (a big help for that was eventually using a piece of card to cover everything under the line i was on!)

That’s enough brain function for today, I will now turn to spinless mush on my bed :)

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