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#do not reblog as st*rker
spooderboyandtincan · a year ago
Steve: I mean, what's so great about Tony anyways?!
Peter *appearing out of nowhere and preparing his power-point presentation with 200+ slides*: I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED!!!!
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queenofbloodmoons · a year ago
Someone tagged that Drabble as st*rker I’m gonna go fuckin’ feral
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whumphoarder · 2 years ago
hi so uh i was looking at a post you reblogged and all 9 posts recommended below were st****r posts.. i’ll submit the screenshots incase you want to block them but yeah ew
Hey! Thanks for the heads up, but I’m not really super militant about this topic. Like, I have no interest in st*rker and therefore I don’t reblog anything that I deem related to that ship, but if a marvel post I reblog also happens to also be reblogged by st*rker blogs... that’s kinda outside of my control, you know? So I don’t worry about it too much.
But I do appreciate you taking the time to let me know!
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mjscornerr · a year ago
hi! i saw ur art thing and I thought how adorable it would be to see bby peter in a pumpkin costume! no pressure tho! u totally dont have to! thanks so much!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
someone please keep bucky away from the shiny weapons
//do not reblog as st*rker pls//
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theeldritchbeesechurger · 10 months ago
alright its le pinned post
They/He/Void/Xe/Any Neopronouns
I dont give a fuck beyond please dont use she/her or if you do use it very rarely
My names are Alex and Ghost, probably gonna hoard more once i find some more i like
Gray Aroace
i like women and also pretty much everyone under the nonbinary umbrella
I am a minor!! creeps will be blocked.
AGAB, (Assigned gay at birth)
I'm an atheist
Please tag self harm and suicide posts, if its like a one note a day I'll reblog it but please tag
Reallly my whole blog is just swearing tw and caps tw. i do try and tag everything, but if i forget lemme know.
Im neurodivergent, probably autistic and maybe adhd so if i dont get your tone or what you mean, sorry, you might have to explain it to me.
You can always ask me to tag triggers/squicks!!
if i ever say anything thats offensive, (unless you try and tell me some shit about being offensive to TERFs or whatever), let me know asap and ill take it down
I wish all people who know my deadname a very forget it
MDT timezone
sideblogs- alex-save-for-later and alex-vent-blog
Chaotic Good
i adopted the chaos chirrens lmao
My birthday is November 12th
Fandoms: MCU, Supernatural, Sherlock, Riordanverse, Young Royals, Harry Potter (fuck jkr tho) and more i cant remeber rn
Stuff i tag
all of my original posts are "#original post" because im creative like that
me rbing and having conversations with people are "#alex talking to people"
#save and #save for later (usually ill rb this to my save sideblog as well)
#thanks for the ask! or just #ask for asks
theres more but i forgot
TERFS, SWERFS, truscum, any sort of transphobes
White/blue/all lives matter supporters‐ just anyone who doesn't support the black lives matter movement
Trump supporters
Antisemitic people
Pro-life/anti-choice people
"Super straights" just say your transphobic and then go fuck yourself
MAPS, or whatever the pedos are calling themselves
Fuck off if you ship any sort of pedophilic/incest ship, looking at you st*rker, th*rki, w*ncest, etc
If youre gonna try and force your religion onto me or anyone else
18+ blogs, youll be blocked on site anyways (some nsfw is fine but p*rn blogs go away)
descriptors you can use for me
Tumblr media
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dilfxstark · a year ago
types of marvel shippers: part two.
first part here.
iron husbands: pretty much the same dynamic as stucky but gets less than a third of the attention. they (rightfully so) see so much injustice here. james rupert “rhodey” rhodes deserves the nobel prize for dealing with tony’s bullshit for all these years. they probably call their friends things like “honeybear” or even “platypus”. lives for MIT-era fics of these two and rhodey taking a young tony under his wing. will point out that “give me back my rhodey” is the single Gayest line in the mcu and is so overlooked. they find a heartbreaking bittersweet satisfaction in how Worried tony was when rhodey got hurt in caw caw. lifelong best friend/love aesthetics. once again: james rupert “rhodey” rhodes deserves the best. “nebula is tony and rhodey’s child.”
clintbucky: comicscomicscomicscomicscomics. disaster duo yet somehow work so well. are very salty about the nonexistent interactions between clint and bucky in the mcu. hates the lack of mcu clint’s development and probably hates jeremy renner, too. “we deserved a deaf clint — the ableist fucks.” if they’re artists, they have to add Very Visible purple to clint’s outfit or just paint him purple entirely or have him wearing a shirt that says “I AM CLINT BARTON A.K.A HAWKEYE” or it’ll get reblogged and tagged as stucky.
clintasha: agrees with clintbucky shippers on disliking the lack of a character clint had in the mcu. their dream destination is probably budapest, hungary. thrives in 2012-centric fics with domestic!avengers but is still Not Over how canon-but-not-canon clintasha was in endgame. also still not over “your world in the balance, and you bargain for one man.” joins in with clintbucky shippers on most likely not liking renner. likely hate scarjo, too. they’d make the WORST P.A’s because you’d tell them to send an e-mail or something for you and they’d respond with “tell them yourself.”
samsteve: “oh captains, my captains.” the ones i’ve come across are genuinely so nice??? like. very seldom will you find a samsteve shipper/stan getting into ship wars with others. loves captain america(s). hates actual america lol. you’re walking with them and they always have to be on the Left side.
thunderiron: endgame made them Feel Things. like to think about how thor choked tony out in that one scene in aou (context doesn’t matter.)
carolrhodey: coommmiiicccsss neeerrrddddssss. replays that One Scene in endgame over and over again. if they’re into women, they may like the ones who could actually kill them with not much effort at all.
ironpanther: even though these two never actually Interacted in the mcu, they KNOW without a single damn doubt that tony would’ve married t’challa on the Spot so he could have brilliant shuri as his sister-in-law.
everstrange (agent everett ross x doctor strange): sherlock fans.
carolmaria: they should’ve been IT. will sympathize with tonyrhodey fans because their girls got the minimum attention when they had a similar dynamic to stucky. will defend captain marvel from the ignorant Kevins to their dying breath.
caroljess: 616 nerds.
ironfrost: probably has that scene from avengers memorized line-by-line. they know that loki and tony would’ve bonded if given the chance to if tony would’ve heard how loki mocks steve rogers. instant love. daddy issues. hates odin and howard stark.
thorki: honestly at this point of life, they ship it ironically???? likes to single out that they’re technically not related. it’s not incest. they just ignore how often they call each other “brother.” probably thinks stabbing is just as much of a physical show of affection as cuddling is. hates odin. loves frigga. sympathizes with hela. is still mad over how heimdall, an actual god-tier character, was killed off just like that. will cry about how thor had some of loki’s hair braided into his and freaked out over the idea of it getting cut partially because of that. has probably watched “the tragedy of loki of asgard” from ragnarok at least 1,875 times. the first ten minutes of infinity war never happened.
lokibruce: genuine question — do these people even exist? if you do, please hit me up and let me get to know you so i can add something here—
valcarol: idolizes brie larson and tessa thompson. feminist. will march right up to marvel hq and demand bisexual valkyrie. “thor is the protector of the lesbians.” can’t wait for love and thunder to come out. (ha. ‘come out.’ i think i’m funny.) likely has a crush on jane foster.
scope: has a micro fetish. “if hope van dyne murders me, do NOT prosecute her. she caught me slipping. that’s on ME.” scott is a disaster human. luis is a gem. will die for cassie lang. probably watched the first 15 or so minutes of ant-man and the wasp to get them through quarantine. have mixed feelings about hank pym, probably. if they’re into comics, they feel robbed on janet van dyne content. probably tried to get a job at baskin robbins. knows the significance of hope calling steve ‘cap’ during that final battle in endgame.
science husbands: nerds. just. nerds. “brucie bear”. adores rdj’s clear fondness of the science bros. also adore how quickly and easily tony and bruce got along in avengers. audibly aww’ed and likely clutched their chests when bruce automatically went for a hug in infinity war. thinks mark ruffalo is the absolute best and they’re right. enjoys thinking about how bruce wore tony’s clothes (and immediately recognized them as his) in ragnarok.
starmora: hates thanos with a burning passion. sympathizes with nebula. knows (rightfully so) that the gotg soundtracks were pretty much the best out of all the marvel movies. enjoys the rivalry between thor and peter quill. speaking of peter quill, he’s arguably the biggest Human Disaster in the mcu. gamora tops. cries over “i could care less whether you live or whether you die” to peter sacrificing the fate of the entire universe after finding out about vormir. will start singing and dancing to come and get your love if it plays in public. watches the opening scene to gotg 2 with baby groot dancing without a care in the world to mr. blue sky while actual chaos ensues in the background and is like “mood.” would probably make disaster parents. would threaten to eat their child if they misbehave. kinda just disasters in general. (love you guys)
brutasha: honestly don’t deserve the hate they get. they’re genuinely just. sweet people. might agree that maybe the ship was forced, they enjoy the dymanic anyway. the ship shouldn’t be hated on so much.
still not welcome in this circle and a ship that is rightfully blacklisted: st*rker.
tony x happiness (for once): *still ugly crying*
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weirdsideblog · a year ago
Untitled Vore Story, Part 2
Part 1   Part 3
I just reblogged Part 1 so it should be right there. Still for @whisperingphantasm . Still NOT ST*RKER
Tony would have liked to swallow Peter right then and there. He probably should have, and then they might be out of this mess by now, but Peter didn’t know it was safe and he didn’t want to do that to him unless there was really no other choice.
There might be no other choice now anyway. Tony cursed himself silently. Had he hidden Peter quickly and run like the wind, they might have just barely gotten away, but now there was nowhere to go with the men almost on top of them.
“Okay, change of plan,” Tony admitted to the tiny person in his hands. Maybe he could at least give him a bit of explanation. “It looks like we’re cornered here, so-“
There was no time.
“Trust me, kid.”
This was too much to ask and Tony knew it, but his other choice was to be captured along with a pocket-sized kid, and he could only imagine what might happen then. He slipped a startled Peter into his mouth the instant before the men rounded the corner.
He should gulp him and run, or try to punch his way out, or something, but he hesitated again. Peter had struggled when he put him in his mouth, but now he was holding so trustingly still, and Tony couldn’t do this to him.
He had to! But now there was a gun pointed at him and a “don’t try anything, Stark!” and they were out of options. He might have still tried something on the hunch that anyone trying to chase down Tony Stark wanted him alive at least a while longer, but “he” was two people now and that was too big a gamble. He raised his hands.
“Well that was easy,” said the man with the gun, evidently the leader.
Tony nudged Peter gently farther back in his mouth. As awful as it sounded, he needed to keep him calm until the last second and try to take him completely by surprise. Peter squirmed slightly, obviously not liking the close proximity to Tony’s throat, but there was nothing to be done about that.
“What happened to the kid?”
What had happened to the kid indeed. Tony stared them down, waiting for them to turn away.
“We should get out of here,” said one of the others, glancing over his shoulder like he expected Peter to jump out of hiding and attack them.
“Tie his hands,” said the leader to one of them. “You bring the car.”
They jumped to obey, distracted for the moment, and Tony swallowed.
Peter struggled, barely able to move in the tight squeeze around him, the feeling of frantic but constricted motion moving downward. Tony gulped again to speed him on his way and let out a little breath when he felt Peter’s struggles pass his collarbone. He looked around carefully. No one had seen.
Peter squeezed the rest of the way through Tony’s chest and slid heavily into his stomach, scrambling a little in a panic. Tony resisted the urge to put a hand over him. It helped that both his hands were now pinned behind his back.
He might have been able to break free even now, but he still couldn’t risk it with Peter, and he did nothing to stop the men from tying a gag over his mouth either.
“Mr. Stark?”
Tony cringed. The ability to “hear” whoever he was keeping safe, regardless of whether they should actually be audible, was a blessing, but in this case it was also a curse, as Tony was unable to respond to Peter’s frightened question. Peter called out for him again, with a distinct note of desperation in his voice, and Tony’s heart hurt.
“Over here.” The leader of the people who had kidnapped him- them- dragged Tony into an alcove, even more hidden from anyone who might happen by this forgotten alley. “You’re being awfully cooperative, Mr. Stark. My guy says he hit that kid with the ray, but if he’s wrong, and you’ve got someone ready to bail you out, we won’t hesitate.”
Tony felt a little rush of fear, even with Peter safely inside.
“Hey, Mr. Stark?” God, but he was scared. “No offense, but it’s really gross in here. Can you let me out soon?” Tony felt a little nudge. “Please?”
Peter’s voice quivered on the end, and Tony wanted nothing more than to huddle around him and promise he was safe and explain everything, but he could do no such thing. He tried to take slow breaths or slow his heartbeat down; at least that would make for a slightly more calming environment. Not that there was anything calming about being in someone’s stomach when you didn’t want to be, but he could try.
Tony almost flinched at an absolutely bizarre sensation. Peter’s weight was no longer holding still, almost cradled by his stomach, but climbing up. Tiny, ticklish little hands prodded at him, a little nauseatingly, as he apparently felt for a way out.
You’re safe, Tony thought at him. It’s okay, you’re safe, I’m protecting you.
He should have told Peter about this ahead of time. He should have explained it to him as a possibility, just on the remote chance they ever ended up in a situation like this. The conversation would have been awkward as hell, but it was better than this, better than Peter thinking Tony had simply eaten him.
“Just a normal day,” he could hear Peter muttering to himself. “Climbing around inside somebody’s stomach while we’re getting kidnapped. Happens all the time.”
Despite everything, Tony wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t, because the other of the men had brought the car (a dingy, unremarkable thing) around and they were pulling him toward it. He thought one more time about trying to make a break, but he couldn’t risk Peter.
They dragged him to the open trunk and stuffed him roughly inside, and he let out a grunt as he felt Peter lose his grip and tumble. Then he was shut in cramped darkness, feeling Peter’s panicked movements and still completely helpless to do anything even now that they were alone.
“Mr. Stark, help me!” Peter wailed. “Please, please, let me out, let me out!”
Tony’s chest ached. There had to be something he could do, anything to let Peter know he was safe. Because listening to Peter beg for his life was something Tony had never, ever wanted to hear, and the fact that Peter was begging him made it even worse. He was begging him for help and Tony couldn’t even answer.
He didn’t think Tony meant to hurt him, did he? Tony hoped not, although the alternative, a terrible mistake, was nearly as horrifying. Knowing Peter was safe, he still didn’t even want to think about that, and Peter didn’t know.
“I’m gonna die here...”
Tony’s heart shattered. He had to do something, but he couldn’t speak, he couldn’t even move his hands...
But he could hum! He started to hum the first song that came to mind, one that human-Jarvis used to hum while pretending he didn’t realize a young Tony was listening. It was a soothing sort of melody, but the most important part was that he could communicate that he was still paying attention, and that he was calm. That might help. At the very least, Peter could hear from him for the first time after being swallowed by him, and he’d at least be able to show he still cared.
He wasn’t prepared for Peter to start crying.
He couldn’t blame him, of course; Tony was pretty sure he might cry too if their places were reversed, but it certainly wasn’t helpful. He continued humming because that was all he knew to do, well aware that it was no good. If only he could hum a message somehow, then they might get somewhere…
Tony’s eyes went wide in the darkness. He could.
It was awkward trying to hum Morse code, but he got the hang of it quickly, spelling out over and over again: “safe, safe, safe, safe,” and vowing to keep going until he had some sign that Peter understood.
Peter pushed at him, but that wasn’t certain enough, so Tony kept humming: “safe.”
“Mr. Stark, what the heck do you mean safe?”
Tony could have laughed for joy if he wasn’t currently bound and gagged in the trunk of a car. Peter understood, they could communicate now, and he wouldn’t have to be afraid anymore. “Done before,” he spelled out in code.
“You can hear me?” Poor kid, he sounded so genuinely surprised, and so hopeful too, that he might not be completely cut off from the world, including the person who held his life in his hands.
“Mm-hm,” Tony replied. It was agony not to be able to explain more fully, but that would have to do.
“Okay. Um.” Peter hesitated. “I’m really not sure this is... Am I gonna die?”
Tony hurriedly hummed out a “no,” and he wished with all his heart that he could have given a hug or a reassuring pat on the shoulder as well, because heaven knew Peter needed it. He needed all the reassurance he could get, and Tony could still give so little. No kid, you’re not going to die, I promise you you’re safe. You’re with me.
Peter asked him where they were and if he might be let out any time soon, and Tony answered as well as he could.
“But I’m safe? Somehow?” Poor Peter still sounded so hesitant. Tony couldn’t blame him. A few minutes ago, he’d been fully convinced he was about to die.
“Okay.” Peter might have touched the wall of Tony’s stomach again, so gently that he could never be sure. “I’m really freaking out, like kind of about to go crazy, but I’m trusting you, okay?”
This kid. This amazing, amazing- Tony didn’t have the words- kid, who was still willing to trust him even in such a terrifying place. Peter had every reason to believe he was as good as dead- every reason, that was, except Tony’s word, which to him would seem to go against all logic. And still he chose to trust it.
“You’d let me know if I was actually gonna die, right?” Peter went on, definitely still scared. Again, Tony couldn’t blame him, but he wished he didn’t have to be. “Or you’d be freaking out too, probably. So it’s fine. I think.”
It was fine. Tony would make sure it was fine.
Part 3 coming soon-ish because we gotta have hugs after this, it’s very important
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spooderboyandtincan · a year ago
Peter: Mr. Stark? What month is it?
Tony: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Tony: Rhodey? What month is it?
Rhodey: There's a calendar
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incorrectlokiandpeter · 7 months ago
What is this blog about?
Well as said in the URL, this blog is an incorrect quotes blog. Specifically dedicated to Loki and Peter Parker. Mainly revolving around a chaotic friendship. As stated in the blogs description this does NOT mean a romantic relationship/ship between the two. For one, that’s not the point of the blog and two, Peter is a minor and Loki is an adult. So,, yeah its weird to actually ship them that way. But that aside I will randomly post incorrect quotes to this blog when the mood strikes, and remember that you’re all free to submit your own quotes in submissions! Just follow the submission guidelines.
Can I post art based on some of the quotes?
Of course! As long as you give credit! I’m always down to see what some of these dumbass quotes would look like drawn out- and I mean I’d draw them myself but admittedly I kinda suck at art.
Can I copy these quotes onto my own blog?
Reblog? Sure. Copy? I’d prefer if you didn’t. And anyway, half of the quotes I post aren’t original, I always tag them with #source to make that clear. If a post says #source: ??? know that the quote isn’t original I just don’t know where it came from originally. And when I tag them with #source: original then the quote I’ve probably thought of in like three seconds sksheje
My do not interact list is very simple. It consists of things that either trigger me or I just don’t want to see. So do NOT interact if you are: transmed, transcum, racists, sexists, ableists p-dophiles/map supporters, terfs, inc-st supporters/shippers, fuck off and block me you’re fucking disgusting- so that also means if you ship st*rker and th*rki do NOT interact. It’s p*dophilia and adopted siblings is still inc*st. Also s*lkie shippers aren't welcome here either.
Well,, I guess I could include a little something about me here. But don’t worry, I’ll keep it short.
Call me Cherri or Noodle, neither of which are my real names lmao. I use she/her pronouns and I'm a lesbian! Also can we take a minuet to talk about how hot MJ is like????? Huh????? Ok girl pop off????? She's so pretty WHAT—???
I am also a minor so please keep that in mind, I will never post anything NSFW on this account because that's not what this blog is and I am severely uncomfortable with it.
My marvel sideblog is @lesbianmj !!!
I know I don't post on this blog often since I'm mainly over on my main blog or my other incorrect quotes blog but I will start posting more quotes here and the purpose of this pinned post is in case y'all haven't seen my main incorrect quotes blog and have no idea where I am at times skshskshs
[Yes I copied my pinned post from @/incorrectpeterandbucky my main incorrect quotes blog so people who don't follow both have a better idea of my stuff about this blog and my DNI]
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incorrectpeterandbucky · 11 months ago
Updated FAQ
In the light of this blog hitting 700 followers (holy shit guys) I've decided to make an updated and far more detailed FAQ for the pinned post. And while I could've just casually updated the current pinned post Tumblr mobile sucks and if any other people use it you'll know of the troubles I have.
What is this blog about?
Well as said in the URL, this blog is an incorrect quotes blog. Specifically dedicated to Bucky Barnes and Peter Parker. Mainly revolving around a chaotic friendship the two share. As stated in the blogs description this does NOT mean a romantic relationship/ship between the two. For one, that's not the point of the blog and two, Peter is a minor and Bucky is an adult. So,, yeah its weird to actually ship them that way. But that aside I will randomly post incorrect quotes to this blog when the mood strikes, and remember that you're all free to submit your own quotes in submissions! Just follow the submission guidelines.
Can I post art based on some of the quotes?
Of course! As long as you give credit! I'm always down to see what some of these dumbass quotes would look like drawn out- and I mean I'd draw them myself but admittedly I kinda suck at art.
Can I copy these quotes onto my own blog?
Reblog? Sure. Copy? I'd prefer if you didn't. And anyway, half of the quotes I post aren't original, I always tag them with #source to make that clear. If a post says #source: ??? know that the quote isn't original I just don't know where it came from originally. And when I tag them with #source: original then the quote I've probably thought of in like three seconds sksheje
Posting schedule?
As you can probably tell I don't post quotes everyday - when I do it's very rare and I probably don't post for a couple of days afterwards. But I do schedule posts from time to time. I try to post new quotes as often as I can but I am a college student and I get caught up in a lot of work so sometimes I just can't find the time or braincells.
My do not interact list is very simple. It consists of the regular DNI things (racist, ableist, lgbtqphobic, antisemitic, inc*st & p*dophilla supporter/shipper), anti xenogender/mogai, nsfw blogs, pro-shippers/pro-fiction
So that also means if you ship st*rker and th*rki do NOT interact. It's p*dophilia and adopted siblings is still inc*st.
Stuff about me?
Well,, I guess I could include a little something about me here. But don't worry, I'll keep it short.
Call me Cherri or Noodle, neither of which are my real names lmao. I use she/her pronouns and I'm a lesbian! Also can we take a minuet to talk about how hot MJ is like????? Huh????? Ok girl pop off????? She's so pretty WHAT—???
I am also a minor so please keep that in mind, I will never post anything NSFW on this account because that's not what this blog is and I am severely uncomfortable with it.
My marvel sideblog is @lesbianmj !!!
One last thing
When I started out on this blog I wasn't expecting it to grow so quickly. And honestly I have no idea how it did- but thank you so much for your support for this blog dkdhsjs it really helps and you're all awesome! <3
Reblogs > likes !!!
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mjscornerr · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tony stark has a heart, chapter fourteen
by me on ao3 :-)
apologies for the long ass delay, but the far from home chapter is UP! featuring a lot of peter and tony hugs bc why not
and…until spider-man no way home comes out, this biodad tony fic is marked as complete! at least for now :,)
thank you all so much for the hits, kudos, likes, reblogs, bookmarks, all of it! i never would’ve guessed that this little fic would get 18k+ hits on ao3 and i’m super grateful to everyone who has read it!
//please do NOT reblog as st*rker//
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uglypastels · a year ago
3k writing challenge!!
Tumblr media
It’s been a while since I did one, but considering this is a pretty big deal of a milestone, I had to do it. I just hope people will join haha 
Just a quick note before the rules and such, it’s been a bit over two years since I started this blog. I know that I’m not as active now as I used to be (because of different reasons I don’t really wanna get into lol), but I appreciate all my followers and the support you all give so so much. So yeah. I love you guys <3 <3 
To join: 
Since this is a follower celebration, following this blog would be nice but  not like it’s a big deal. 
Like and reblog this post. 
Send me an ask with the prompt you want to write with and an emoji to use as a claim of the prompt + the person/character you will write for but that’s not really necessary.
Each prompt has 3 slots like this [] to fill… unless a lot of people want to join, then we’ll see.
I’m not gonna be fussy about word count lol. 
Fluff, smut, angst are all welcome 
You can write for whatever fandom you want.
BUT, when smut all characters should be 18+. Also no pairings like st*rker and the like. 
Use trigger warnings if there are any. 
Not a big deal but use [Read more] function, please. 
For an extra challenge, you could mix a trope, AU and quote for one massive prompt ;) (but you would only be signed up under one prompt)
DEADLINE: 18 December 
When you post your story please tag me and use the #pastel3kchallenge  > I will try to read and reblog everything asap but if I don’t please send me a dm or ask :)  > Don’t worry if you can’t make the deadline, just let me know :) 
You can interpret the prompts in any way you like! Be creative and, most importantly, have fun!!
Summer/holiday romance [💗] [💛] []
Penpals [🪐] [] []
There is only one bed [ 💍] [👻] []
One night stand [] [] []
Enemies <-> lovers [🍓] [] [] 
Online College classes [] [] []
Reunited Childhood friends [] [] []
Love triangle [] [] [] 
Locked/Snowed in [] [] [] 
Culture Shock [] [] []  
Demigod (Percy Jackson au) [🦆] [] []
Hogwarts student/Wizarding world au [💜] [🇦🇺] []
College student [] [] []
Monster (e.g. Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Demon) [🔥] [] []
Royals [🌒] [] []
Period piece (e.g. medieval, the 70’s, future) [] [] []
Bartender/Barista [] [] []
Tattoo artist [🦄] [] []
Detectives [] [] []
(post) Apocalypse [🍄] [] []
“Get away from them, (you bitch)!” [] [] []
“You can be my wingman anytime.” [] [] []
“Prove it.” [✨] [] []
“Oh, somebody stop me!” [ 🦊] [] []
“You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist.” [] [] []
“Is that all they said?” [💕] [] []
“We know each other. They’re a friend from work.” [ 🦔] [] []
“I could do this all day.” [] [] []
“Today I consider myself the luckiest person on the planet.” [] [] []
“We’ll always have (Paris).” [🧚‍♀️] [] []
tagging mutuals :) please join or at least boost, thank you 
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Tumblr media
Holiday gift for @sallyidss that she said i could post 💙
Here we have Peter and Bruce geeking out over something while Tony looks on in amused interest (and yes, Hulk and Bruce did give him that mug and he loves it)
Happy holidays to everyone! 
💚REBLOGS make my day!!!💚 My Commissions are OPEN!  St*rkers do NOT interact, this isn’t for you
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joyful-soul-collector · a year ago
“Uncle Ben… Uncle Ben was… I think he was good. He never hurt me like Aunt May did. But he never stopped her either. She hurt him too. He was scared. It got worse after he… was killed. She took it all out on me. No one was there to stop her, and her husband had just died. So she blamed me.”
“She shouldn’t have done that. It’s not your fault he died.”
“Yes it is. I was there, I was in the apartment when he died.”
“…Kid you told me he was killed when someone tried to mug him on the street.”
“I lied,” Peter said.
Tumblr media
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iam93percentstardust · a year ago
About Me
Hey y’all! I think it’s probably time that I make one of these so y’all can know a little bit about me and what I will and will not write.
So hi! I’m Alle. I’m a grad student in a STEM field but I try not to let that bleed over into whatever I’m writing. I’ve been writing for the MCU fandom for a little over a year and I’m having the time of my life!
A little bit you should know about me if you’re going to follow me:
My pronouns are she/her and I mostly identify as bisexual
I am a Tony Stark stan. He’s my favorite character and all of my MCU ships feature him in some way so if you’re here to hate on him, you’ve come to the wrong place
I don’t accept discourse on anything I write, whether that’s fic, meta, or anything else. I’m not interested in an argument and frankly I don’t have the time to care about that much hate. Trying to start an argument with me is the fastest way to get me to block something
This is an 18+ blog
I already know that if you’re on mobile, the links in the AU masterlist don’t work. That’s a tumblr bug and not something that I can fix. All AUs are on ao3 in the “1000 ways to fall in love” series so feel free to read them there
I have a kofi account here where I post a preview of upcoming fics a couple times a month
A little bit you should know about my writing:
I don’t accept concrit. I’ve written about this before (see posts here and here) but it somehow keeps coming up so please, don’t do it
If you’re interested in a sequel/companion piece to something I’ve already worked on, please feel free to contact me either through email (, tumblr, or kofi about a commission. Otherwise, the only times that I’ll write those are for fandom events like MTH, follower milestones like the 1000 Follower Celebration, or when I was already planning on writing one like Spoils of War or Bewitched Body and Soul
I only accept prompts if I’ve reblogged a prompt list
Alternatively, if if I’ve said that I’m asking for prompts not from a prompt list, then I’ll be accepting new ones for exactly 7 days following the request
I do accept 18+ prompts but please be aware, those tend to take me a little longer to write
My preferred ships: Stevetony, Winteriron, Stuckony
Ships I will occasionally write for when the mood strikes me: Thunderiron, Ironfalcon
Ships I will only write if I’m asking for rare pairs: Rhodeytony, Ironhawk, Ironagent, Ironpanther, Tony/any woman
Ships I will not write for under any circumstances so please stop asking: St*rker, Th*rki, St*cky, Tony/anyone not in the above list
Non-MCU ships that I’m happy to write for: Geraskier, Joenicky
Things I will not write: heavy angst, unhappy endings, abuse, non-con, genderbend, bathroom kinks
Thoughts on Superfamily: I will happily write Peter Parker as Steve or Tony’s kid as long as he has a sibling
Please don’t send me cheating prompts (I may occasionally write them but that needs to be my decision)
If you’re sending in an 18+ prompt: I prefer to write bottom/sub/omega Tony (see below)
Depending on the prompt, I may be willing to write something else (see these fics here and here) but that’s based on my interest level
I am always accepting asks about any of my fics or AUs
If you’re curious about whether I’ll write for a certain ship or prompt, please feel free to drop me an ask
I reserve the right to refuse or accept any prompt for any reason that may not be listed above
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