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i finally finished this piece after two days of working on it and i’m really happy with how it came out! i’m not very used to colored pencils so i was worried :”)

it’s for an au of my persona and it’s his past self and who he is now! (i’ll possibly go in more detail abt his story if you guys want!)

🌻please do not repost my art without my permission, reblogs always welcomed!🌻

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Letters to Apprentice part 20

You did it! You spoke for the first time today! You surprised me too! I was helping a customer when you snuck down the stairs. It wasn’t even just a word! It was a whole sentence! “Thank you! Come again!”

I’m sure the customer was very confused by my excitement. I know you were just mimicking what i always say to customers but it was a huge first step. I couldn’t be more proud of you.

I think i scared you with the sudden affection. You haven’t said anything since.

Parts 1  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12  13 14  15 16 17 18 19 20

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Week two of our weekly meeting!
To give you some concrete help in a tumultuos time (Stay home, wash your hands, be safe!) this week your reading is centered around what will bring you light right now. I know that those are scary, painful and tiring times, i also hope that i can bring a little moment of reflection, relief and comfort to you all.

While petitioning my Gods the strongest energies were the ones of the solar Gods and Goddesses of the Kemetic pantheon (Sekhmet and Hator were the strongest presences among them all, as well as Ra).
Apollon was there too to amplify any messages that i was channeling and downloading for you.

.How this work?
Take some deep, cleansing breaths, close your eyes and repeat the question: “What will bring me light, right now?” two to three times, concentrate on it, pour in this question all of your curiosity and be open to know the answer. Now open your eyes, look at the images and choose the one that speaks to you, be it an emotion, a memory, a sensation or pure intuition, follow it, the first image that capture your attention holds your message. Look for the numbers 1 to 4 and read you reading.

As always if you need more guidance, help, or if you want to propose new questions for the psychich reading, send me a message!

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DCA Stained Glass Memorial of the Royal Nine and the Curious Wanderer

NOTE: I made the stained glass of the Princesses and Alice like the statues of the villains in NRC.

Information - Each stained glass portrait of the princess are placed in the hallway of the main college building, lining the hallway with a plaque at the bottom describing their virtue represented. The students of DCA follow their example to become a true princess. The 10 dorms are built on their image and like the gemstones that you see on the boy’s uniform, the girls have them too but heart shaped. (Which is why I stick with 4 OCs for now XD)

Jasmine (Wittiness) - Using wits for their advantage and to solve problems

Belle (Loyalty & Intelligence) - Standing by someone’s side and never forgetting that knowledge is sharper than any sword.

Ariel (Freedom) - Don’t forget that you can’t be bound by anyone.

Aurora (Determination) - Never lose the drive to reach your dreams.

Cinderella (Hope) - Always know to keep being hopeful.

Snow White (Innocence) - Kindness and maybe a bit of naivety is charming.

Tiana (Diligence) - Hard work goes a long way.

Mulan (Honor & Bravery) - Find the courage to stand up against your fears and insecurities.

Pocahontas (Will & Wisdom) - Learn from others as how they learn from you.

Alice (Identity) - Alice is a special case, she represents young girls growing up finding their identity. And being true to yourself is a golden lesson in the academy so that’s why her stained glass is kept near the Futterwacken Dormitory built on the hill overlooking the other dormitories.

Art By Me (Used texturing and google images on gems / the frames are a trace of google image)

Do NOT Repost

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I will apparently do anything to avoid starting my online classes so here’s a Hawks drawing that somehow took me at max 2 hours! XOXOXO

Reblogs would be super duper helpful!!!<3
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Name: Holly Ebi

Nickname: Holls’

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Siblings: N/A

Parents: Charlie Ebi (Father), Aubrey Wells (Mother)

Orientation: Heterosexual

School/Year/Team: Haven Alumni/Old Team HENA

Aura: Red

Semblance: Bloom, a protective semblance that encloses Holly, or those she wishes to protect, in a large white barrier. She can extend it to a 12ft radius around her at maximum.

Weapon: Unknown

Emblem: Unknown

Personality: Discreet, Contemplative, Suave, Sensual, Heroic, Intense, Tough, Abrasive, Vindictive, Petty

Voice Actor: Eden Espinosa (Cassandra from Tangled)


  • Her Uncle was the late Clover Ebi.
  • Growing up hearing stories about the war and what happened to him, Holly develops feelings of resentment towards the Ironwood family and their hand in her uncles death. She and her family, though needing it, never fully deal with the trauma of his death and therefor give her a struggling start in life by adding a chip to her shoulder.
  • Holly grows up angry and bitter towards the pilars of Remnant, thinking herself just as expendable and replaceable as Clover.
  • After meeting Jace by dumb chance at a coffee shop in Atlas, she curses him internally for being an upstanding and handsome gentleman.
  • She briefly held a flame for him, but was quickly snuffed out when she found out he was engaged to Verona, a daughter of another person who was her enemy (and should be his as well).
  • Holly, after graduating Haven, makes the decision to undermine Jacin Ironwood, and by extension James, by creating her own intelligence and espionage agency. Her team often competes with Jace’s for jobs. Both organizations have been deemed on par with one another.
  • Holly has tried multiple times to seduce Jace in hopes of Verona finding out and divorcing him. He, however, is quite oblivious to the flirtatious manners of other women. As such, it’s been a more comical and sad attempt than anything.
  • Jet was invited to join her agency a few times, incentivized with a large pay raise. The final time was when he showed up to Holly’s place of business to have a “meeting”. No one is sure what happened in that room, but she has since stopped trying to take him from Jacin.
  • Jacin has asked her multiple times to drop the past and for them to join agencies to become one super conglomerate, even offering to buy her coffee when they run into one another. He also has apologized for his family’s misgivings and asks her every now and again if she’d like to be on friendly terms, though she denies each time. His unwavering kindness continues to chip away at Holly, which freightens her.
  • She has met reformed STRQ at a meeting a year after her spy agency started. She and Qrow got into an argument on the grounds of her uncle’s death, which ended with her snubbing his hand for peace.
  • The only positive relationship’s she has is with the other Ace Op’s kids. Her best friend is Theodora Bree, Harriet’s child. The group is all very close-knit as they’ve all grown up with one another since childhood.
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